Real Name: Clea

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Dark Dimension) mystic

Occupation: Rebel leader;
former ruler of the Dark Dimension, apprentice to Sorcerer Supreme, aid at Memorial Metaphysical Institute

Group Membership: Defenders/Shieldmaidens (Elsa Bloodstone, Hippolyta, Misty Knight, Danielle Moonstar, Nova/Frankie Raye/Frances Hyatt, Ren, Annabelle Riggs, Valkyrie);
formerly Defenders (Devil-Slayer, Doctor Stephen Strange, Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, Hellcat, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Nighthawk, Power Man/Luke Cage, Red Guardian/Tania Belinsky, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde, Valkyrie/Samantha Parrington); Sibyls (Sibylla, Thaleia)

AffiliationsMurdoch Adams, Aged Genghis, Ancient One, Ann, David Anthony, Apalla, Apollo, Aragorn, Ardina, Asgardians of the Galaxy (Angela, Executioner/Skurge, Throg, Thunderstrike/Kevin Masterson, Urzuul), Avengers (Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Echo/Maya Lopez, Firebird, Firestar, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Jack of Hearts, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Photon/Monica Rambeau, Quasar/Wendell Vaughn, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Silverclaw, Starbrand/Brandy Selby, Stingray, Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Thor/Odinson, Triathlon, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man, Yellowjacket/Hank Pym), Sir Francis Bacon, Turhan Barim, Michael Barnett, Mr. Barrie, Dean Batiuk, Victoria Bentley, Dr. Charles Benton, Bertha, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Blade, Emil Blessing, Morgana Blessing, Regina Blessing, Blondine, Luann Bloom, Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm), Bucky (James Barnes), Bunnyhopper, Burhn, Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Count Carezzi, Julius Caesar, Imei Chang, Chris Claremont, Cleopatra, Duff Coogan, Nick Cromer, Daredevil (Matthew Murdock), Alvin Denton, Diana, Doctor Doom, Doctor Druid, Dollar Bill, Drax the Destroyer, Duron, Eldar, Elena, Eternity, Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, Thing), Felicia Farrow, Samuel Finch, Firelord, Flibbertigibbet, Jane Foster, Johnny Frames, Ben Franklin, Nick Fury, Gaea/Mother Nature/Earth Spirit, Galactus, Gamora, Ghost Rider (John Blaze), Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch/Noble Kale), Gonzah, Renee Goldenberg, Sheldon Goldenberg, Henry Gordon, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Pamela Hawley, Hercules (Heracles), Howard the Duck, Howling Commandos, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), Joanne, Jowath, Jennifer Kale, Joshua Kale, Rama Kaliph, Lalla, Ledge, Magik (Illyana Rasputina), Man-Thing, Mrs. Marmelstein, August Masters, Masters of the Mental Arts (Christopher Ganyrog, Romantic Objective Pamela, others), Merlin, Modahr, Moon Knight, Morbius the Living Vampire, Mori race, Mhuruuks/Outcasts, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Muuro, Myrra, Namorita, Sir Isaac Newton, Nobel/Paradox, Jack Norriss, Nova (Frankie Raye), O'Malley, Papa Hagg, Malicia Parrington, Reginald Parrington, Lord Phyffe, Pip the Troll, Rahl, Ral Rimba, Rellig, Rintrah, Richard Rory, Milton Rosenblum, Douglas Royce, Saftur, Sanderson, Satana, Scarlet Witch, Sepulchrave, Sharr, She-Hulk, Shelmerdine, Sid, Silver Fox (Bayan), Sister Celestia, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Alfeo Spinosa, Sputs (Oguot, Stalwag, others), Trish Starr, Starrett, Meredith Stead, Dr. Stephen Strange, Zelma Stranton, Straw Man, Synth, Jimaine Szardos, Margali Szardos, Thing, Thor (Eric Masterson), Tiboro, Topaz, Marcia Trent, Venom ("Flash" Thompson), Dorothy Walker, Warlock (Adam), Werewolf (Jack Russell), Amber Wilkins, Sara Wolfe, Tom Wolfe, Wolverine, Wong, Xhoohx, X-Man (Nate Grey), X-Men (Beast/Henry McCoy, Chamber/Jonothon Starsmore, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Robert Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey (aka. Phoenix), Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Professor X, Rogue/Anna Marie LeBeau, Synch/Everett Thomas, White Queen/Emma Frost, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett, Wolverine/Laura Kinney), Yellowjacket (Hank Pym);
formerly Marie LaVeau

EnemiesAggamon, A.I.M., Alaric, Arkon the Magnificent, Asti the All-Seeing, Baron Mordo, "Barrier", Basilisk, Sir Anthony Baskerville, "Aspects of Eternity", Beyonder, Bloodpack, Bounty Hunter, Cerberus, Cobalt Man (Ralph Roberts), Creators (Stygyro, others), Dagoth, Damballah, Dark-Crawler, Deimos, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange of Earth-5113, Doctor Stranger Yet, Stephanie Donal, Doombots, Doom Maidens (Anaconda, Aradnea, Echidna, Mindblast, Scorpia, Shriek, Titania, Zheng Bao Yu), Dormammu/Flyx, Dracula, Dream Weaver, Dykkors, Ebora, Echidna, Egghead, Enchantress (Amora), Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton), Executioner (mortal form), Eye-Killers, Fatalis, Fear-Lords (D'Spayre, Dweller-in-Darkness, Kkallakku, Lurking Unknown, Nightmare, Nox), Fem-Force, Fire-trolls, Foolkiller (Greg Hollis), Frost Giants, "Haunted Girl," Headmen (Chondu the Mystic, Arthur Nagan, Ruby Thursday), Hela, Hobgoblin (Jason Phillip Macendale), Horse, Ikonn, In-Betweener, Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Kkallakki, Krimonn the Power Prism, Marie LaVeau, Lectra, Caroline Le Fey, Livilla, Lords of the Golden Dragon (Chou, Sung, others), Ludi, James Mandarin, Mandrill, Mephisto/Satan, Mindless Ones, Mr. Rasputin, Mr. Raven, Murder Trolls, "Mystical Entity," N'Garai, Nebulon, Nicodemus, Nightmare, Ningal, Nobel, Professor Nobody, Null the Living Darkness, Orini, Pandemonium Axles, Peregrine Child, Petrifigon Sentries, Phobos, Ptolemy, Quicksand, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Roadkill, Satan (Marduk Kurious), Satannish, Serpent Men of Starkesboro, Shadowmen of Kaa-U, Shambler from the Sea, Shazanna, Shialmar the Shadowqueen, Shuma-Gorath, Silver Dagger, Six-Fingered Hand (Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Maya/Mephisto, Puishannt, Unnthinnk), Sky-Slavers, Sligguth, Slorioth, Sons of Satannish (Al, Asmodeus, Marduk, others), Sons of the Serpent, Splatt, Thanos, Thing from Earth-5113, Thog, Tiberius Exeter, the Three Mothers (Crawling, Crown, Wyrd), Trinity of Ashes, Arisen Tyrk/Harrison Turk/Lunatik/Nilffim Riders, Umar, Undying Ones, Unnameable, Verdelet, Viscount Krowler, "walking death gardens", Warbot, Xander, Xennus, Commander Wade, Mindy Williams, Yandroth, Yann-bat, Yann-slug, Mister Yuan, Zota;
Formerly Baron Blood (Victor Strange), Order (Doctor Stephen Strange, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner)

Known Relatives: Dr. Stephen Strange (husband), Orini (father), Umar (mother), Dormammu (uncle), Olnar (grandfather), Baron Blood (Victor Strange, brother-in-law), Sinifer (grandparent), G'uran, Oka'an (ancestors);
Sofia Strange (daughter, see comments)

Aliases: Mrs. Strange, the Supreme Adept, Rei, Sorcerix Clea, posed as Doctor Stephen Strange, posed as Orini, posed as Morbius

Base of Operations: Dark Dimension;
formerly Earth

First Appearance: (Seen) Strange Tales I#126/2 (November, 1964); (named) Strange Tales I#146/2 (July, 1966)


Clea can tap into various mystical forces by petitioning other-dimensional entities for aid, relying on her own mystic talents, and manipulating various mystic forces.

Clea is half-Faltinian and half Dark Dimension mortal, and can naturally fly and hover. Before coming to know Doctor Stephen Strange, Clea was only acquainted with the mystic forces in minor ways, but her potential increased as her training increased. Her powers increase and decrease based on her peace with herself, her energy levels, and her connection to her environment. Clea's mystic powers were greatest when she wore the Flames of Regency, the sign of the true ruler of the Dark Dimension which is reinforced by the denizens of the Dark Dimension believing in their ruler and weakens when that belief does so. Clea's powers have at times been shown to be greater in the Dark Dimension than they are on Earth.

Clea can exit her body in her astral form and travel outside it at the speed of thought. She can communicate with others telepathically, most notably to Doctor Strange due to their close bond. Clea can plant telepathic suggestions in the minds of others (at times briefly hypnotizing them), alter the memories of others, sense the psychic auras of others, determine when others are lying, see the astral forms of others, create psyche-spheres to block the telepathy of others, and astrally channel good spirits for limited astral effects. Clea can also project her mind or body through the timestream. Clea can combine her mind with Doctor Strange and others in order to increase mystic talent, and can extend force spheres from there. Clea is also a talented hypnotist. By casting a certain spell, Clea can awaken memories in the ego of another, allowing them to visualize events that they have not experienced, or creating illusions of others' memories in that person's mind; this spell can also awaken events from the past, however.

Clea can utilize weaver magic to disguise or reform her clothing or the clothing of others. As well, Clea can mystically transform her body and the body of others. Clea has transformed a man into a pig and guns into snakes. Clea has also conjured a rabbit, a leopard, an octopus, and a mystic warrior seemingly from thin air.

Clea can cast various spells due to her own mystic potential, including a spell of silence, the conjuring of mystic bolts, the masking of death, temporally banish others, project seismic bolts, form light-formed bindings, form a fire shield, cast an invisibility spell, reverse the effects of advanced aging, conjure a mystic fore field, generate frozen hail, generate a rain of flame, manipulate metal, translate other languages through an incantation, retard the progress of advancing flames, fire mystic flares, transfer magic power from one being to another, cast a spell of protection to limit the ability of others to attack her.

Clea can, to a limited extent, teleport herself and others to various locations and other dimensions, including the astral plane (to which she can travel physically). Clea has been shown to travel from Earth to the Dark Dimension and back rather easily at times, but has had challenges doing so at other times, depending, likely, on various mystical principles. Clea once cast a sympathy spell, drawing upon the power of multiple psyches and powering them with love.  Clea can channel pagan magic rituals and entreat earth spirits for aid. Clea once used the energies of the Silver Surfer to create the being Ardina. Certain demons are resistant to Clea's powers.

By petitioning extra-dimensional forces and entities, Clea can utilize various spells for specific effect. These spells have included the light of Nirvalon, the shield of the Seraphim, the rings of Raggador, the chains of Krakkan, the fangs of Farallah, the vipers of Valtorr, the winds of Watoomb, the flames of the Faltine, the cage of Dyzakk, and the bolts of bedevilment. Clea has even called upon the Vishanti to interrupt the intense meditation of Doctor Strange.

Clea has, at times, used mystic artifacts for various effects. She can manipulate Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation, Eye of Agamotto, Orb of Agamotto, and Purple Gem. Clea once used a heartstone, that allowed her to remain on Earth from the Dark Dimension while it was white and automatically pulling her back to the Dark Dimension when it turned dark. Clea has used mystic telling stones, allowing her to project messages and images to others. As Rei, Clea briefly wielded a casting rod, which could repel minor mystic attacks. Clea was briefly possessed by an  possessed an extradimensional energy that changed her into an energy form filled with hate.


(Doctor Strange II#72 (fb)) - Orini was the son of Olnar, who had once ruled the Dark Dimension before dying. After Olnar's death, the Faltinian Dormammu took control of the Dark Dimension, and Umar was his sister.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#22/2 (fb)) - Umar lusted after the mortal Orini and became pregnant.

(Doctor Strange II#72 (fb)) - Clea was born in the Dark Dimension to Orini and Umar.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#22/2 (fb)) - The experience of giving birth to Clea drove Umar mad and she turned against Dormammu, who banished her to another dimension. Orini raised Clea alone, never revealing to her who her mother was.

(Doctor Strange II#8 (fb)) - As a child, Clea and her family had been subject to every whim of Dormammu. She remained close to her father growing up, and worshipped both his actions and those of Dormammu, even though other children shunned her and her father rarely had anything to do with her.

(Strange Tales I#127/2 (fb) - BTS) - Dormammu held the dangerous Mindless Ones behind a mystic wall, ensuring his control of the Dark Dimension as no one dared fight against him for fear the wall would be dropped.

(Doctor Strange II#73 (fb) - BTS) - Clea was raised while Dormammu was in power and Umar was in far exile.

(Strange Tales I#126/2 (fb) - BTS) - Her father told her of an ancient Earth mystic who had once done battle with Dormammu.

(Captain America/Nick Fury: Otherworld War#1) <1944, October> - Though warned by Dormammu to not aid any outworlders, Clea took pity on the wounded Fury and his allies, the Howling Commandos. She directed them to their captive allies, and later watched them fight a deadly battle against Dormammu, his ally the human Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), and the Mindless Ones. For the first time, Clea began to believe that Dormammu may not be completely right about everything.

(Strange Tales I#126/2) - Clea quietly watched an Earth human battling many of Dormammu's followers and fighting his way through mystic traps. She was impressed by his good looks and bravery, wondering why he would keep fighting the face of such odds. When he prepared to approach Dormammu, she called out to him, warning him of the vast power of Dormammu, but he went on to fight nonetheless.

(Strange Tales I#127/2) - Clea again admonished the man to not proceed with the fight, explaining that if he won that life in the Dark Dimension could cease. She opened a mystical entrance and bid him to follow her, where she showed him the realm of the Mindless Ones. When they got too close to the beasts, they fled again and she explained to him about Dormammu's mystic wall. Dormammu soon apprehended Clea, keeping her in restraints. The man, Doctor Stephen Strange, saw her captured and asked for release, but Dormammu refused. Clea watched their long dangerous battle, knowing she was doomed if either won as Dormammu would punish her or the Mindless Ones would overwhelm her people. The mystic wall lowered as Dormammu focused on Strange and Clea noted them attacking. Strange had to aid Dormammu in getting the mystic wall back up. Dormammu was furious to be in Strange's debt. Strange demanded that Dormammu vow to never invade Earth and that he not harm Clea, and Dormammu agreed. Strange invited Clea to return to Earth with him, but she wanted to stay with her people. She bid him farewell, vowing to always remember him, and stated that she would never forget him. Strange left, never having learned her name.

(Strange Tales I#132/2) - Clea noticed Dormammu dark and brooding and she feared he was doing something against Strange. She asked Orini about it, but he simply silenced her concerns. 

(Strange Tales I#133/2) - Clea eavesdropped on Dormammu and learned that he'd allied with Earth's Baron Mordo to defeat Strange, and that Strange had fled to another dimension. Clea wished she could warn Strange, but knew no way to find him.

(Strange Tales I#134/2) - Still eavesdropping, Clea learned that Strange was back on Earth. She vowed to help him, and used a stolen device to weaken the wall holding the Mindless Ones, allowing them to go free. Dormammu was forced to draw his power away from Mordo to tend to the Mindless Ones, and Clea worried what would happen if Dormammu learned what she'd done. She later quietly returned the device.

(Strange Tales I#135/2 - BTS) - Dormammu learned that Clea had been the ones to set the Mindless Ones free.

(Strange Tales I#136/2) - Dormammu apprehended Clea, trapping her in a spell, vowing to make her watch Strange be destroyed.

(Strange Tales I#138/2) - Dormammu continued taunting Clea.

(Strange Tales I#139/2) - Dormammu forced Clea to watch as Strange and Mordo engaged in a massive battle. Though it seemed she and Strange were both doomed, Clea did not regret her actions. She watched in tears as Mordo grew close to victory, begging for more and more power from Dormammu. Eventually it appeared as if Mordo would be defeated, so Dormammu knocked Clea aside and entered the battle himself.

(Strange Tales I#140/2) - In a neutral dimension, Strange and Dormammu battled with the Ancient One and the rulers of other dimensions looking on. Clea watched, helpless, from the portal to the Dark Dimension. She was horrified when Mordo intervened, allowing Dormammu to win the battle.

(Strange Tales I#141/2) - Furious, Dormammu banished Mordo to another dimension, and Strange shocked them all by getting back up for more battle. Clea watched the battle with hope for Strange, but still worried what would happen to her when Dormammu returned for her punishment. Strange finally triumphed, and Dormammu promised never to invade the Earth. Back in the Dark Dimension, Dormammu contacted Strange and told him that Clea was to be punished. He banished her to another dimension as Strange watched her disappear.

(Strange Tales I#144/2 - BTS) - Strange and the Ancient One began actively searching for Clea across the dimensions.

(Strange Tales I#146/2) - Dormammu lured Strange into a trap by using Clea's voice to pull him across the dimensions. Dormammu tried destroying Eternity, the embodiment of the cosmos, but was defeated, allowing all those he had banished, including Mordo and Clea, to be freed. Clea thanked Strange and told him his debt was paid. She finally told him her name, but not why she'd been loyal to him. She turned to aid the others in electing a new ruler of the Dark Dimension and bid Strange farewell, feeling she'd see him again.

(Strange Tales I#147/2 - BTS) - Strange found himself thinking of Clea, admiring her form, and wondering if their fates were intertwined.

(Strange Tales I#150/2) - With Dormammu unable to restrain the Mindless Ones, they broke through the mystic wall and began rampaging across the Dark Dimension. Clea tried contacting Strange through a magic sphere, but a great psychic force stopped her. Umar reappeared from exile, however, and stopped the Mindless Ones herself.

(Strange Tales I#151/2) - Umar, desiring revenge on Strange for his defeat of Dormammu, cast Clea into another dimension, hurtling helplessly onward. Umar then projected Clea's fears to Strange so that he would rush to save her.

(Strange Tales I#152/2 - BTS) - Strange rushed to Clea's aid and battled many of Umar's spells.

(Strange Tales I#153/2 - BTS) - Strange defeated the Mindless Ones, thinking he was saving Clea, but it was only an illusion of Umar's.  

(Strange Tales I#154/2) - Strange finally distracted Umar long enough to learn where Clea was located, but Umar sent forth a spell that would claim Clea's life before Strange could arrive.

(Strange Tales I#155/2) - Strange rushed forth and intercepted the spell, sending it back to Umar, who dissolved it. Clea was thrilled to see Strange, but she warned him to beware  Umar's power still and bid him to leave her behind. He decided to take her to Earth with him and took her through several dangerous dimensions on the journey back. They were briefly caught up in a road of repetition, which, unless broken, would trap them for eternity, but Strange shattered it. They passed through the realm of non-existence, having to wait for their true selves to catch up with them before they could proceed. Clea was terrified as the very ground trapped her, but Strange saved her with the Flames of the Faltine. Strange received mental help from the Ancient One, who formed a path back home for them. After passing through a deadly storm Umar had created, they finally made it and Clea fell, exhausted. The Ancient One ordered that the spell of vanishment be cast over Clea so that she could be truly safe from Umar. Clea vanished to an unknown place, beyond even Strange's ability to contact.

(Doctor Strange I#172 (fb)) - Clea landed in the Realm Unknown, a strange and dangerous dimension where no other mortals lived. She took refuge from the deadly demonic Dykkors that inhabited the area. When Dormammu surprisingly landed there, Clea saw him battling the Dykkors and, when he saw her, was felled by a blast from Dormammu.

(Doctor Strange I#171) - Strange, searching for Clea, implored Satannish to show him where Clea had been banished to. He summoned Victoria Bentley to use her as a familiar in order to cast the spell to search for Clea. He and Victoria entered the Unknown Realm. Dormammu captured Victoria as well and kept she and Clea hostage for Strange to try and rescue.

(Doctor Strange I#172) - Dormammu departed and Strange freed Victoria and Clea, who he embraced. She confessed that she'd prayed he'd come for her. Though Clea was frightened for him, Strange sent she and Victoria back through the dimensions, then went on to battle Dormammu, who'd united with Umar anew.

(Doctor Strange I#173) - As Clea and Victoria spiraled toward Earth, Clea was very worried that she wouldn't have the necessary mystic strength to protect them, but Strange conjured mystic bubbles to protect them. They landed in Strange's mansion, and Clea met Wong as she marveled that men on Earth walked on the ground constantly and not through the air. Clea bid Victoria not to tell Wong that Strange was in danger, not wanting Wong to worry, and Clea worked to comfort Wong. They were surprised to hear someone banging at the door, and Dr. Charles Benton, a former employer of Strange, burst in, demanding to wait there until Strange returned. Clea and Victoria, at Strange's mental suggestion, opened the Orb of Agamotto and used it to awaken a suggestion in Umar's mind that would free Strange from a trap Dormammu had placed him in. They then placed their hands on the Orb to add their powers to Umar's, giving her enough strength to free Strange. Strange returned to his mansion after defeating Dormammu, and asked Benton to leave.

(Doctor Strange I#174) - Realizing Clea could not return to the Dark Dimension as Dormammu was still free, Strange worked to help Clea acclimate to Earth life, though Clea worried that Strange was burdened by her. Wong bought Clea Earth clothes in a size seven, and Strange found her an apartment. As they walked, other humans scoffed at their strange clothing. Another man ridiculed them and Clea, disgusted, cast a spell that sent his truck briefly to another dimension. Several men moved towards them, and Strange rushed he and Clea into an alley, hiding, and altered the men's memories to not remember them. Strange explained the paranoia that many men had, then showed Clea her lodgings, which she approved of. Strange received a telegram from Wong and needed to rush off, but before he left Clea leaned in to kiss him, wanting to experience this strange Earth custom. Strange then walked away without a word.

(Doctor Strange I#175) - Strange and Clea went for a walk through Central Park, and Strange worried when Clea was rather quiet, but she explained that she merely took her fun very seriously. She found herself getting used to Earth but missing the Dark Dimension, missing flying and the uniqueness of the beings there. As Strange was ready to leave, Clea could not take it anymore and flew into the air, wanting to feel free. Strange bid her return to Earth with a spell, and she noticed how shocked other pedestrians were, leaving Strange to alter their memories again. Clea felt herself overcome with a weakness and Strange, worried about her, summoned a taxi tat took them toward Clea's apartment. Clea fell asleep, not knowing that Strange's astral form had left the cab to battle the Sons of Satannish (including Asmodeus and Marduk). Strange returned Clea home and her dizziness had passed, but she worried that her own powers were diminishing on Earth. As night fell, Clea felt alone and was shocked when Wong arrived, sent by Strange to take Clea to Strange's mansion as Strange worried Clea was still in danger. Though suspicious, Clea went with Wong and they were accosted on the streets by muggers. Clea hit one, Al, with a spell of temporal banishment, draining the last of her powers. As she fled from the others, noticing that Wong had disappeared, Asmodeus greeted her, pulling her into an alley and vowing to protect her. Clea never realized she'd been led into a trap, and that Wong and the muggers were of the Sons of the Satannish.

(Doctor Strange I#176) - Asmodeus took Clea to a place with others dressed like him, and she began to be suspicious and fearful. She did as Asmodeus suggested and looked into a mystic globe, thinking she'd see Strange there, and she was put under the mental thrall of the Sons. They ordered her to kill Strange and retrieve the Book of the Vishanti for them. At their bidding, she returned to Strange's mansion and told him she'd escaped. While Strange was on the phone, Clea grabbed a knife and tried to kill him, but he stopped her and held her with a spell. Strange kept her entranced and learned of the Sons' orders. Strange allowed Clea to retrieve the book and return it to the Sons' base in a cemetery, as he pursued her. The Sons captured Strange as well and Clea, mentally aware again, worried that they were doomed.

(Doctor Strange I#177) - The Sons banished Clea and Strange a savage dimension, stripping Strange of his artifacts before doing so. Strange cushioned their deadly fall with a spell, and Clea found herself wrapped up in a confining living entity that took her aloft. Strange managed to free her with the Eye of Agamotto, which was still with him even though his amulet had been taken away. They settled for a brief rest, but the nearby foliage attacked them and Strange moved to protect Clea, calling her his love for the first time. Clea watched, helpless and powerless, as Strange was ensnared by the deadly plant, his features beginning to mimic it, but Strange managed to use the Eye to retrieve his cloak of levitation, which he used to free himself. He revealed that he'd held much of his power at abeyance in the cloak to be used against the Sons. Strange cast a spell to return to Earth, but couldn't because Asmodeus was mimicking his form, so Strange made himself a new costume and completed the spell. Strange hugged Clea and sent her back to the Mansion so he could go finish Asmodeus, which he did.

(Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme I#5 (fb)) - Years ago, during their early courtship, Clea and Doctor Strange went to the Dark Dimension to hunt for mushrooms but fought off "walking death gardens" before meeting Sir Isaac Newton, a displaced Sorcerer Supreme. They aided Newton in fighting off Doombots for days until they freed the sorcerer Jowath, who then died himself. (see comments)

(Doctor Strange IV#25 (fb)) - Years ago, Clea (early on in her training) and Wong checked on Doctor Strange, who sensed danger, then he saw them transform into monstrous versions of themselves, Clea with long horns and wings. Strange defeated the “mystical entity” who had possessed the “Haunted Girl”, and Clea was left with no memory of the event.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#6 (fb)) - Strange and Clea attended a local show starring Verdelet, a vampire who used narcotics to drug his audience while he robbed them. When Strange shook off the effects of the drugs, Verdelet fled.

(Doctor Strange I#180) - On New Year's Eve, Strange went to pick Clea up for a date, and conjured a coat and hat for her when he thought her usual clothes unsuitable for snow. Clea marveled at the falling snow, and she told Strange not to cast a spell to keep her dry as she loved the snow. They took a cab to Times Square to watch the bells on the Allied Chemical tower chime in the new year. They met Strange's old friend Tom Wolfe, then just as the tower chimed, a man tried kissing Clea, causing Strange to cast a temporal displacement spell. The chimes ushered in an explosion and several prehistoric monsters, some dead, fell over the crowd, causing a vast panic. Clea waited while Strange went to the monsters, who Strange surmised had been sent to attack by Nightmare.

(Doctor Strange I#181) - Clea returned home to change, and Strange soon found her there. They went for a walk and Clea asked Strange to tell him about Nightmare. A man sought to mug them and Clea was going to hit him with a seismic bolt, but Strange cast a different spell that made the men think they'd drunk too much. They returned to Strange's mansion, where Wong greeted them, and Clea figured that Strange was leaving to handle Nightmare. The two of them embraced. Clea and Wong watched Strange be defeated by Nightmare in the Orb of Agamotto.

(Doctor Strange I#182) - Clea was shocked to see Strange defeated, and noticed the psychic shell he'd left behind still glowing, his only connection to Earth. She continued watching as Strange battled the deadly Juggernaut. They were briefly interrupted by the doorbell as a telegram was delivered to Strange. Strange finished his battle and returned to Earth, having aided the embodiment of Eternity. Strange hugged Clea and opened the telegram, discovering that Eternity had granted him a new identity to aid him, that of Dr. Stephen Sanders.

(Doctor Strange I#183 (fb)) - Clea, tearful, despaired over the constant danger she and Strange found themselves in, and Strange hugged and comforted her. Not to be comforted, Clea bid Strange change his clothing and remain with her, but he needed to depart to aid a friend.

(Marvel Feature I#2 - BTS) - Feeling that Strange was distancing himself and in need of a distraction, Wong called Clea to come and speak with him, despite her misgivings that Strange didn't want her around. Clea was shocked when the phone call suddenly cut off.

(Marvel Feature I#2) - Clea arrived at Strange's mansion to discover that Wong had been attacked and Strange had been kidnapped by strange robed men. Despite her diminished talents, she agreed to look into the Orb of Agamotto for aid.

(Marvel Feature I#2 - BTS) - >From the Orb, Clea learned that Strange's body was in Vermont, though she could not find his astral self. She decided to find Sub-Mariner and Hulk for help, and packed clothes for them to disguise themselves.

(Marvel Feature I#2) - Clea and Wong found the two allies, and they agreed to help find Strange. She helped Sub-Mariner dress in a suit, then used a bauble to hypnotize the Hulk into his Bruce Banner form. After Banner changed clothes, and they successfully moved past two cops, including Sid, the foursome took a bus to Rutland, Vermont, and Clea sensed Strange up Bald Mountain. They passed a bizarre Halloween parade on their way. Clea was distraught to see an image of Dormammu floating over the mountain. The robed men ran at them, and they were resistant to Clea's spells. While her allies battled them, Clea realized that Strange's astral form was hiding out in Wong's mind, and she helped to release it. As Strange defeated Dormammu, the mountain crashed over them, leaving Clea and Wong to be protected by Hulk and Sub-Mariner, and killing the robed men.

(Defenders I#5) - Clea felt uneasy around Valkyrie, Strange's new ally and housemate.

(Marvel Premiere I#5) - Clea, asleep in her apartment, was awakened by a strange premonition that she believed was from Umar that warned her Strange was in mortal danger, that the Shadowmen of Kaa-u had captured Strange's mentor the Ancient One, and that the Orb of Agamotto had been shattered. She rushed to his house to find him through the Orb of Agamotto. She arrived and told Wong of her dream, and they looked at the shards of the Orb, seeing Strange battling Sligguth in a labyrinth and the Ancient One being kidnapped. They rushed for the car to help Strange in Starkesboro, a small oceanside town.

(Marvel Premiere#6) - Wong and Clea rushed to Starkesboro in Strange's car and Clea felt a strange sense of foreboding. She and Wong met frantic youth Johnny Frames, who told them his girlfriend had become unwilling servant to Sligguth and Shuma-Gorath (now the mystic Ebora). They were attacked and captured by the ensorcelled citizens of Starkesboro, and the three of them were to be sacrificed to the Shambler from the Sea, horrifying Clea, but Strange and the Ancient One managed to free them. They learned that the Shambler had been planning to travel to England.

(Marvel Premiere#7) - Strange bid farewell to Clea and Wong as he traveled to England in order to investigate the Shambler's interest there, and they agreed to follow as quickly as they could. Strange traveled to Penmallow and met Henry Gordon and Blondine, whom he aided against the demonic Dagoth. As they drove into Penmallow, Clea realized that Strange was in imminent danger. She rushed to him, channeling the good spirits to awaken him from his trance, and Strange then defeated Dagoth. Then, with Blondine and Gordon, they moved toward the Witch House, which was possessed by Shuma-Gorath and began moving to attack them.

(Marvel Premiere#8) - As the allies repelled attacks from the walls, furniture, and thick slime, Clea tried using her spells to repel attacks, but was momentarily stunned by a blow from a candlestick to her head. They fled the house through a side door just before the house was destroyed. Strange said goodbye to Clea and Wong, and she worried about him facing the powerful Shuma-Gorath on his own.

(Marvel Premiere#9) - Strange mentally summoned Clea and Wong to aid him and they arrived as quickly as they could, following him to Stonehenge. Though they could not see Strange there, Clea sensed that Strange had been there. Clea was shocked to suddenly feel whole again for the first time since she had left the Dark Dimension, more aware of herself and mystically restored, and she somehow inherently knew that Strange was responsible as well as the mystic properties of Stonehenge itself. She then bid Wong to go back home with her, knowing that they would not be able to play a part in the large upcoming battle.

(Marvel Premiere#10) - Clea sensed Strange's mighty battle with Shuma-Gorath, which ended in the death of the Ancient One. Strange then became the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

(Marvel Premiere#12 (fb) - BTS) - Clea worried when Strange didn't return from his battle, so she combined her mystic powers and tracked him to the Mexican desert.

(Marvel Premiere#12) - Clea and Wong drove to Mexico and found Strange, shaking him out of a trance. He explained his new position and the fate of the Ancient One. Strange expressed his feelings of being overwhelmed with his new responsibilities, but embraced Clea and agreed to return home, and he cast a spell to transport them, casting a subsequent spell to return the rented vehicle to its owner. Later, Strange interrupted Clea's studies in the library and invited her to become his official disciple in the mystic arts. She initially wondered if he did so from love or pity, but he  put her concerns at ease and encouraged him to study more over the following days while he was out on another mission.

(Marvel Premiere#13) - While Clea studied, a blank page suddenly became covered in writing, a message of love from Strange from across the centuries. She was very shocked.

(Defenders I#7) - Clea and Wong greeted Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie, and Hawkeye to the mansion, and told them that Strange was gone.

(Defenders I#8) - Strange returned to the mansion, telling Clea and Wong that he was successful in his mission. He then moved to contact the Defenders to tell them.

(Giant-Size Defenders#1) - Clea helped Valkyrie understand the origins and actions of Strange, Hulk, and Sub-Mariner by creating illusions of their memories in Valkyrie's mind. Clea utilized a spell from the Book of the Vishanti to do so, and allowed Valkyrie to see the Hulk's battle against the army, the Sub-Mariner fighting Atlantean artillery, and Strange fight Mr. Rasputin, all events of years before. Clea did not realize, however, that the spell caused the past to live again, and Strange, Hulk, and Sub-Mariner were caught up in similar attacks. Clea finally realized that she was being used, involuntarily, as a focal point for these strange events, and she felt terrible when Strange had to stop her. He reminded her that a little knowledge can be a deadly thing.

(Doctor Strange II#1) - Clea approached Strange, seeking to shake him out of his self-introspection, though she told him she understood it. She summoned a rabbit out of a hat to make him smile, and convinced him to join her in the bedroom for a time. Later, while Strange slept, Clea tended to her small rabbit, thinking on Strange's great responsibilities. Clea was shocked when her rabbit suddenly grew to giant size, and she figured something had gone wrong with her conjuration spell (when it was really a spell from Silver Dagger that did it), but the rabbit burst through the window before she could act. Clea prepared to pursue it, but instead was mesmerized by Silver Dagger, who'd been waiting outside. After Silver Dagger subdued Wong, stabled Strange, and stole the Eye of Agamotto, he bid Clea to follow him back to his headquarters, where he worked to make her renounce all magic in order to truly join with him.

(Doctor Strange II#2) - Silver Dagger beheaded a mannequin of Strange to further weaken Clea's mental defenses. Clea, chained to the wall and in control of her mental faculties again, refused to believe the real Strange was dead and cowered slightly when Silver Dagger promised to change her mind about mysticism. Silver Dagger soon returned to Clea, telling her that Strange was alive but suffering a fate worse than death, being trapped in an unknown dimension. Silver Dagger vowed to work harder on Clea now.

(Doctor Strange II#4) - Clea began to succumb to Silver Dagger, her resistance weakening. 

(Doctor Strange II#5) - Silver Dagger continued working to lower Clea's defenses, telling her of his origins to prove him he wasn't mad. When Clea fell unconscious, he woke her up with water, determining that all of his torture and brainwashing was about to pay off. Strange, still bodiless, managed to animate the headless mannequin of Strange, which Silver Dagger hacked up with a knife. Clea sensed the real Strange, however, and touched the mannequin, allowing Strange's astral form to enter her body. They pooled their powers and managed to shatter Clea's chains. Then Clea hovered to safety, running towards Strange's mansion with Silver Dagger after her. She burst in, telling Wong what was happening, and transferred Strange's mind back to his body. Silver Dagger burst in, determined to slay Clea, and turned the Eye of Agamotto on them. Clea and Strange pooled their powers and managed to turn the Eye back on Silver Dagger, and the villain was pulled into Agamotto's realm. Clea embraced Strange, both of them exhausted.

(Marvel Two-In-One#6) - Clea and Strange prepared to take a subway with gathered crowd Duff Coogan, Nick Cromer, Alvin Denton, and Renee and Sheldon Goldenberg. The mysterious Sister Celestia was playing a hypnotic harmonica. Coogan grabbed the harmonica and pushed the girl on the tracks, leaving Strange to save her, but he chose to save the harmonica instead at Celestia's imploring, an act that shocked Clea. When the girl was hit, colorful sparks washed over the crowd. Clea was confused, and Strange determined that the harmonica was the source of the mystery. They rushed back to the mansion to find out, and Strange learned that the harmonica had mystic powers and that it gave those it had touched power to affect destiny. Strange rushed off to find the others from the crowd. Strange later returned, with the Thing, and learned from Clea that Valkyrie (secretly the disguised Enchantress) had come to retrieve the harmonica.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#6 (fb)) - Clea posed as Morbius to infiltrate the vampiric Bloodpack and find out who their leader was. She was approached by her old foe Verdelet, who ended up battling Clea, Strange, and Blade. Clea revealed herself and resisted Verdelet's efforts to seduce her. She then skewered him when he shifted to Varnae's form, but missed his heart and he was able to escape.

(Defenders I#21) - Clea and Strange consoled Valkyrie, and then let in a frantic Hulk.

(Doctor Strange II#6) - Clea and Strange, under a spell of illusion, traveled to Central Park, where the giant bunny Clea had transformed was being kept. Strange was determined to restore the rabbit to its original size, though Clea wanted to leave it there cared for and in a cage. Strange charged Clea with restoring the rabbit's size, and she shocked Strange by releasing her astral form, leaving Strange to catch her body. She restored the rabbit's size and returned to her body, laughing at Strange's sternness. A heroin addict (Horse) came begging for money, causing Clea to feel sorry for him. Then a seemingly harmless woman bumped into Strange, revealing herself to be Umar, revealed that the addict was her servant and that he was meant to awaken memories of Strange, and pulled them into the Dark Dimension. Umar had her demons attack them, and Strange defeated the demons as he revealed to Clea that he'd had thoughts of the evil in the Dark Dimension. Strange then dispersed Umar and returned them to Earth. He and Clea immediately returned to his mansion where he wondered if Umar's appearance meant Dormammu's return. He tried using the Orb of Agamotto to discover this, but Umar blocked the Orb. Strange bid Clea to return with him to the Dark Dimension, but Clea refused, unwilling to tell Strange why. She kissed him farewell. Clea soon went on a walk to clear her mind, wondering if she should have told Strange of her secret. Clea was shocked by a misty vision of a woman calling herself Mother Nature, bidding Clea to help her, and Clea agreed. Clea returned to Strange's mansion and told Wong that she would be going on a mission in her astral form and that it had nothing to do with Strange. Clea's astral form traveled deep beneath the Earth and she fought to stay focused, knowing she could be in mystic danger and that danger lurked ahead. She was shocked when the Earth spirit bid her to flee and revealed she thought Clea would go to Strange for help and not try to help herself. Too late, however, Clea was attacked by demons that she was unable to fight off, and was quickly surrounded by lava and heat that burned her ectoplasmic form. She was even more shocked when Dormammu revealed himself.

(Doctor Strange II#7) - Clea, unwilling to seek aid from Doctor Strange, sought out other mystics for aid against Dormammu, made mental contact with the Genghis. Knowing his wisdom was hidden beneath senility, she ignored his ramblings about Dormammu's worshippers. Breaking contact, she thus missed his statement that Dormammu's servitors were amassing outside of Doctor Strange's Sanctum.

(Doctor Strange II#8) - As Orini and Dormammu's demons gathered around them, Clea told Strange that she couldn't fight back, then learned that Strange was powerless. Clea manipulated Strange's Cloak of Levitation, lifting them out of harm's way, and revealed that Umar's attack was a feint to take Strange away from Dormammu on Earth. Though Strange wanted to meditate, Clea was distracted by a doll she had played with as a child, and was caught up in memories of her youth. Strange bid Clea to take him to Orini to see if he would aid them against Dormammu, but Clea did not believe he would. Then Clea received another summons from the Earth spirit, who bid her to help as soon as possible. Clea entreated Orini for aid, but he cast her away, so she returned to Strange. Strange determined that Clea could utilize pagan magic through her connection to the earth spirit, since she wasn't yet powerful enough to entreat the entities Strange did for magic. A small girl saw them and ran for help, and Clea let her go because the girl reminded her of herself as a child. She then stole into her childhood home, overcome by memories, and retrieved ribbons and a flask of water, leaving just before Orini found her. She and Strange tied the ribbons around their heads, drew a circle on the ground, poured the water in it, and prayed to the earth spirits for aid. After their emotions rose to the proper state, Strange tossed the Eye of Agamotto into the circle, and they felt the circle rise to meet them and fill Strange with power as Clea stepped inside. Strange hovered to the Mindless Ones in order to use them as golems for the magic. As Dormammu's demons approached, Clea rushed away with them in pursuit, in order to keep them from finding Strange. She ran in front of the G'uranthic Guardian, and was felled by its searching blast. Just as Clea would have likely been killed, Strange channeled magic to save her and instead filled her with its stored magic, including Strange's. She channeled bolts of bedevilment at the pursuing demons, shocked at the amount of power within her. She used a shield to block her father's mystic attempt to slay her, then held him off with the Flames of the Faltine. By touching her forehead to his, Clea returned Strange's power to him and her power levels were restored. She returned to Earth with Strange, throwing her old doll to the ground as she wanted to leave her connections to the past behind.

(Doctor Strange II#9) - Strange and Clea returned home just as the earth spirit told Clea that Dormammu now walked in Arizona. Wong told them that the mystics Clea had contacted, including Turhan Barin, Count Carezzi, Rama Kaliph, and Lord Phyffe, were waiting downstairs. Strange greeted them, but told them that only Clea could aid him against Dormammu as she was so close to him, then Clea and Strange immediately left for Arizona. While they traveled, Umar absorbed Dormammu's power and grew to giant size. Clea and Strange attacked, and Orini attacked Clea anew, though Strange took over attacking Orini, who was receiving power from Umar. Clea watched the deadly battle, then rushed to Strange with a secret plan. He put Orini in the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, then, at Clea's bidding, transferred most of his mystic power to Clea. Strange, outclassed, confronted Umar while Clea rushed to the center of the Earth again. Clea cast a spell, calling upon Zom and Oshtur, and freed Gaea from her prison. Clea then rushed to Earth again and returned Strange's power to him. They fought against Umar together and, with Gaea's aid, defeated her. They then repelled Dormammu, again with Gaea's aid. Orini was freed, and he took Umar's form back to the Dark Dimension, not wanting to forgive Clea still.

(Marvel Team-Up I#35) - Clea checked in on Strange, who was distressed and who rushed off, telling Clea that she had reminded him of his responsibilities.

(Defenders I#22) - When Valkyrie brought Elena, a woman from the slums to Strange's mansion with her baby, Clea and Hulk played with the child while the Defenders decided to take action against the slum owners.

(Defenders I#23) - With Elena and the baby still visiting, the Defenders were shocked when Yellowjacket arrived with a captured Son of the Serpent. The Defenders questioned him, then discovered Jack Norriss, Valkyrie's estranged husband, listening at the window. While watching television, Clea and the others were shocked when the Sons renewed their attack on the city, and the Defenders rushed off to confront them, though Clea remained behind.

(Defenders I#24) - Hulk returned to the mansion and told Clea, Norriss, and Wong that the Defenders had been captured. Clea agreed to try and contact other former Defenders for help. Using the Orb of Agamotto, she made contact with Son of Satan and Daredevil before falling over, strained. Hulk and Wong rushed to her aid, and she recovered quickly. The two allies and Power Man soon arrived, brutally questioned the captured Son, and rushed off to aid the Defenders when Elena came in the room screaming about the danger the Defenders were in. They all saw Valkyrie threatened by the Sons on national television. Clea agreed to keep trying to contact Strange.

(Defenders I#25) - Clea monitored the Defenders' progress through the Orb, trying still to contact Strange. Though she was unsuccessful, the Defenders soon resolved their battle.

(Doctor Strange II#10) - Clea surprised Strange by flipping his cape over his head, but he grew angry and chastised her. Clea grew defensive, but Strange said he spoke to her as disciple not as lover. She told Strange that everything with her was personal, however, and kissed him, though she was soon interrupted by the sky seemingly crashing down on them, and learned Eternity was coming to Strange for aid. Before civilians could panic, Strange bid Eternity's form depart, and Clea was bid to remain behind as Strange departed on a mission.

(Doctor Strange II#11) - Clea informed Kaliph about Strange's battle with Eternity, wondering if Kaliph could help, but Kaliph said that no man but Strange knew of Eternity. As Clea wondered why Strange had left her behind, she was summoned by Phyffe that Mordo had escaped from the upper room where Strange had kept him captive, and Clea learned that it was true. Unable to wait, Clea meditated to find Strange and screamed when she sensed the danger he was in.

(Doctor Strange II#12) - Clea continued trying to make mental contact with Strange, but he pushed her from his thoughts to focus on his difficult battle. Later, Clea heard Strange implore her for aid as he was finding himself helpless in a battle against Mordo and the fate of the world rested on it. Clea rushed to aid him and Mordo froze her in place, making her unable to act. Within minutes, the world was destroyed.

(Doctor Strange II#13) - Eternity recreated the Earth, making exact copies of everyone just as they were before the Earth was destroyed. The only exception was Strange, who had survived the initial destruction. No mortals except Strange were given the knowledge of the Earth's destruction and reconstruction.

(Howard the Duck I#8) - With Strange, Clea bid farewell to the visiting Howard the Duck.

(Defenders I#39) - Clea sat with the Defenders (including Nighthawk, Power Man, and new teammate Red Guardian (Tania Belinsky)) while Strange looked for clues about the Defenders' current enemies. Wong showed in Jack Norriss, who was angry about being kept in the dark about various things. Clea traveled with her friends to the prison where Valkyrie had been interned. She created a blinding light to distract the police while the Defenders quelled a prison riot.

(Defenders I#40) - The Defenders greeted Valkyrie when she was released from jail, and Clea gave Valkyrie a gift, a new costume she had created for her. Clea was later present when the Defenders prepared for battle.

(Defenders I#41) - While Clea was relaxing with Hulk, Norriss, Red Guardian, and Valkyrie, she received a strange mental communication and transported her allies (sans Norriss) to the American southwest, where Strange was battling a strange demonic horde. Clea worked, telepathically, to free Strange and Nighthawk, combing her life force with theirs in order to free them from a mystic cube. The Defenders banished the villainous Shazanna to her home dimension, freeing Strange's friends David Anthony and Trish Starr and their people.

(Defenders I#43) - Clea supervised a medical machine that combined the minds of Red Guardian to the villain Cobalt Man in an attempt to aid Cobalt Man's condition. She explained the machine to Nighthawk, Power Man, and Valkyrie. They learned that Egghead had been manipulating Cobalt Man. When Egghead rushed in, Cobalt Man exploded, seemingly killing both villains.

(Defenders I#44 - BTS) - When Strange went missing, Clea entered a mystic trance to try and find him. Even the Hulk's rampage through the mansion didn't awaken her.

(Defenders I#45) - Clea awakened just as Valkyrie entered the room. She discovered that Strange had been corrupted by the Star of Capistan and turned into the Red Rajah. She traveled with Valkyrie, Red Guardian, and new ally Hellcat to attack him, and discovered that Hulk, Power Man, and Nighthawk were under his thrall. Clea snuck up on Rajah while the heroines distracted him and worked to reawaken Strange's mind. After a lengthy and exhausting telepathic battle, she succeeded. Strange explained to Clea how the gem had taken control of him. He later quit the Defenders.

(Defenders I#47) - Clea went to visit Strange and was surprised to see Valkyrie there. At Valkyrie's request, Clea switched the enchantment on Valkyrie's sword so that it would clothe her in her new costume when her sword was drawn. While she was at it, she made some mystic adjustments to Valkyrie's costume. Jack Norriss and Moon Knight arrived seeking aid against some villains, and Valkyrie left to aid them.

(Defenders I#49) - At Moon Knight's request, Clea mentally summoned Valkyrie and Hellcat to aid him.

(Doctor Strange II#15) - Clea was surprised to see that Strange had returned to the mansion without telling her. She tried to blow it off, showing him how she'd improved in magic by conjuring a leopard, but Strange was heavy-hearted and not to be comforted. He told her he was struggling with a personal matter, causing Clea to wonder why he could not share things with her. Strange rushed off to answer the door and James Mandarin entered, slitting his own throat. Strange tended to Mandarin, rushing past Kaliph and Phyffe. Clea confided her doubts in Wong, who made excuses for Strange, and Clea wondered if Strange even loved her. Later, Strange told Clea of her death and rebirth, causing her to panic and faint. Meanwhile, Satan (Mephisto) used Mandarin to infiltrate Strange's mansion.

(Doctor Strange II#16) - Strange and Clea were beset by a vision from Satan, who drove Strange briefly mad with knowledge of Eternity's actions. Strange leapt at Clea to attack, briefly thinking she was Dracula, but Satan spirited Clea away to Hell instead. Strange pursued her there, and Clea was forced to watch as Satan toyed with Strange. Strange, however, managed to rescue Clea, and taught her that Satan only had power over them if they granted it. He confided in her, telling her that he was over his personal challenges.

(Doctor Strange Annual I#1 (fb)) - Clea approached Strange, frustrated by the distance between them. Strange claimed that it was his responsibilities as Sorcerer Supreme that were keeping him aloof, but Clea disagreed, reminding him that he needed time to himself in order to succeed well.

(Doctor Strange II#17) - Clea and Strange tracked down James Mandarin, who'd tried stealing several valuable texts from Strange. Strange retrieved the texts and then banished Mandarin with no memory of his affront. One of the texts, Sir Frances Bacon's New Atlantis, sparked a discussion of American origins. After bidding farewell to Kaliph and Phyffe, Strange taught Clea about time travel and took her to England in the year 1618, where they adopted illusions of local disguises. They sought out Bacon himself, told him they were adepts interested in his works, and were invited to Bacon's home that evening for a gathering of mystics. Clea questioned Strange more about his interest in this time when they were accosted by seeming muggers (who were in actuality minions of the evil Stygyro). In dispelling the villains, Strange impressed Clea with his swordplay, and she knew he had full confidence back. They met Bacon and his fellow allies, and stood for two full minutes while the mystics determined the true character of Clea and Strange. Bacon gave them a copy of his manuscript of new Atlantis, and they looked it over, discussing its ideas and importance. When the villains and Stygyro attacked again, Strange and Clea pooled their powers to repel them, but Stygyro managed to escape with half of the manuscript. Strange apologized to Bacon when he arrived, but Bacon revealed that this had been part of his plan. Clea finally understood why Bacon was important to American history.

(Doctor Strange II#18) - Clea and Strange bid farewell to Bacon, then traveled forward in time to England in 1775, where Strange wanted to meet Benjamin Franklin, and he explained to Clea Franklin's significance to American history. They boarded a ship, briefly worrying that they'd seen Stygyro aboard. They met Franklin and Clea was quickly overcome by Franklin's charm, and she learned that Bacon had referred to her in his secret writings. A storm broke out and a sea serpent attacked the small ship, killing six men before it departed. Strange also saw Stygyro on the ship, but the villain disappeared once again, and Strange and Clea searched the entire ship for him. While they searched, Clea asked Strange if he loved her and Strange stated that he did, but that he could never give all of himself to her. They woke Franklin up to aid in their search and Stygyro attacked anew. The ship looked as if it would fall into a hole in the ocean, so Strange went to confront Stygyro, sealing Clea in their cabin with Franklin and charging her to protect him at all costs. While Strange defeated Stygyro, Clea and Franklin drank wine and flirted. Franklin seemed to try and seduce Clea, but she rushed to aid Strange when she sensed he needed her, and helped guide him back to the s hip. She awkwardly tried to explain what she'd been busy doing.

(Doctor Strange II#19) - Strange was made to believe by Stygyro that Clea and Franklin had had a love affair and that they'd planned to be married and toyed with his other doubts until Strange exposed the illusions.

(West Coast Avengers II#30) - Clea continued flirting with Franklin until Strange returned.

(Doctor Strange II#19) - Strange returned to Clea and Franklin in Philadelphia, where they'd been waiting for him for hours. Strange and Clea prepared to leave, and Franklin bid Clea a flirtatious farewell. Clea asked Strange what he was keeping from her, but he refused to tell her yet, and they were both soon caught up in a vision of vast death over the Earth. Even Clea seemed to die for a moment before the Ancient One, from his place of rest, revealed it had all been a test and offered Strange a place at his side. Strange declined, and he and Clea returned home. Due to this denial, however, Strange was stripped of his talents and role of sorcerer supreme.

(Doctor Strange II#20) - A message directed Clea and Strange to the Roman wing of the Museum of Natural History. He wondered who could possibly know who he was, and Clea noted that Strange had been edgy of late. As Clea admired the Roman work, they were shocked to see the statues come to life and attack them with mystic abilities. Strange managed to block most of the attacks, but they managed to capture Clea and entomb her briefly in a mummy case in the Egyptian section. Strange soon found her unconscious, and fought Xander, who was behind the attack. Clea awoke and couldn't remember who she was (not knowing she had been enchanted by Xander), when a night watchman questioned her. Clea was arrested and booked by cops O'Malley and Ann, and locked up with inmate Bertha. Clea quickly grew frustrated and mystically manipulated metal to hold Bertha, burst through the prison wall, and transformed a beggar into a pig when he asked her for money. The police came after Clea and she threatened them.

(Doctor Strange Annual I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Clea was captured by Lectra, the empress of the other-dimensional Phaseworld, and kept in stasis.

(Doctor Strange Annual I#1) - Lectra manipulated Strange to Phaseworld, seeking to make him her consort, but Phaseworld and Lectra were both destroyed.

(Doctor Strange II#22) - Clea returned to Earth, still under the effect of Xander's spell, and Strange rushed to find her. She was surrounded by police once again and, feeling threatened, changed their guns to snakes. She then made the surrounding crowd bow to her. She felt a desire to kill the humans, but tried to fight against it and wondered where her powers came form. She generated winds to hold the crowd back and summoned a deadly octopus to terrorize them. When Strange approached, Clea was filled with hatred towards him and summoned a swordsman to battle him. Strange soon realized that the octopus and the swordsman were absorbing power from the crowd, and so he teleported them away. Strange defeated the swordsman, then revealed to Clea her name and his connection to her, trying to cast a spell to release her mind, but she savagely attacked him, restraining him with a spell. Strange entered her mind in his astral form, freezing Clea in a moment of time, and managed to destroy the mental influence Xander had over her. Clea, finally freed, didn't remember any of the ordeal, and Strange altered the memories of the gathered crowd. Clea never sensed the nearby Apalla watching them.

(Doctor Strange II#24) - Clea monitored, through the Orb of Agamotto, Strange's progress in finding those behind his recent trials, the Creators. Clea was very shocked when Apalla came in and demanded to see Strange, then disappeared when she learned where Strange was. Wong and Clea wondered who Apalla was and why they'd felt so compelled to follow her instructions. Strange and Apalla fought the Creators, and most of the world was remade in a random fashion as the Creators usurped the place of the stars in the heavens.

(Doctor Strange II#25 (fb)) - Clea and Wong watched Strange's defeat, and she cast a globe of protection over she and Wong to stop them from being remade.

(Doctor Strange II#25) - Strange crashed to Earth, and Clea and Wong rushed to aid him. Strange took his allies to a place of safety and told them of what had happened, blaming himself for the loss. He turned the Eye of Agamotto on himself and discovered that he'd been possessed by a small demon from the Quadriverse, then decided to return home, where they found a mad world of animal-men in a chaotic environment. Strange tried to disguise the three of them as lion-headed beings but the transformed humans saw through the disguises. After viewing the state of the city for a time, they went to Strange's mansion and Strange told them of his plan to wage war on the stars. Clea shrieked when an alternate version of Doctor Strange, the warthog headed Doctor Stranger Yet, walked in. Clea and Strange worked together to defeat Stranger Yet, and Strange implored the Ancient One for help.

(Doctor Strange II#26) - Strange probed Stranger Yet's mind and learned that there was a powerful mystic presence behind the Creators called the In-Betweener. Strange went to find the remade Ancient One, and while he was gone, Clea blocked Stranger Yet from sending out a telepathic call for help. Strange found the ancient One and the two of them went to battle the In-Betweener.

(Doctor Strange II#27) - Clea and Wong were shocked when the form of the Ancient One entered the mansion, and he told them of Strange's ongoing battle.

(Doctor Strange II#28) - Clea and Wong watched, helplessly, as the Ancient One showed them Strange's battle against the In-Betweener in the Orb of Agamotto. For a moment, the entity toyed with their perceptions, making them think Strange was bound in the mansion. At the crucial moment of the battle, Clea and the Ancient One pooled their mystic talents into the Orb to strengthen Strange. Strange managed to win the battle and restore the natural state of Earth. When he returned to Earth, exhausted, Clea embraced him. They watched the Ancient One return to his place in the stars. Strange reclaimed his position of Sorcerer Supreme.

(Defenders I#53) - While having tea, Clea talked to Valkyrie about the frustrations of college registration and having to live alone for long periods of time. She mystically cleaned up after them.

(Ghost Rider II#30) - While Clea was out shopping with Wong, she sensed a mystic attack on Strange and rushed off to address it, with a spiral of eldritch energy around her startling the mortals there. At Strange's mansion, a police officer tried to keep her outside so she tossed him aside mystically then passed through the barrier around the mansion, where she witnessed Dormammu influencing the demonic Ghost Rider to kill Strange. The villains were distracted and Strange escaped his body in his astral form and entered  Ghost Rider's mind to try and free him from Dormammu's influence. Strange stirred as Ghost Rider moved to attack him. Clea rushed forward to aid him, shocked to learn it was the mind of Johnny Blaze in Strange's form.

(Ghost Rider II#31) - Before Clea could react, Ghost Rider punched her aside. She watched helplessly as Ghost Rider battled Blaze in Strange's form. In time, Strange was able to drive Dormammu's influence away and the minds traveled back to the proper bodies. Ghost Rider was then attacked by the Bounty Hunter and rushed off to battle.

(Defenders I#57) - As Clea ruminated on how lonely she was with Strange in the Quadriverse, she was shocked by the house suffering a great vibration. Hulk and Valkyrie rushed through the door with her to investigate, and they found an Advanced Ideas Mechanics Warbot there to capture the Hulk. Clea turned the Flames of the Faltine on the robot, but it was reflected back at her and she was knocked out. Later, the Defenders returned with allies Ms. Marvel and Michael Barnett, whose memories Clea altered. Clea asked Ms. Marvel about her mystical connections to Strange.

(Doctor Strange II#29) - Clea and Strange enjoyed a brief romantic evening together before being interrupted by a phone call from Yellowjacket (Hank Pym), and then a visit from Nighthawk, who needed Strange's help in investigating a mystery. Clea wanted to go with Strange, but he left too soon. Clea was angry with Strange for not respecting her as his disciple, and vowed to talk to him about it soon.

(Doctor Strange II#30) - Clea found that Strange had left on another investigation without her, so she tracked him down at the police station, but Strange dismissed her. She slammed the door, furious. Strange followed Clea and apologized, telling her he'd been remiss with her. He hugged her and asked her forgiveness, which she granted. They were both quickly overwhelmed in a mystic attack. She leapt behind Strange without fear and cast a light in the dark tunnel they were in, finding Strange overwhelmed by a sewer monster. Clea grew frightened when surrounded, unintentionally letting her fear power the monster. Strange bid Clea to calm herself and she struggled to do so as she batted the creature back from surrounding her. Their mystic attacks unsuccessful, they used a combined astral attack instead and easily defeated the creature. Clea returned to her body, feeling very drained. They then fought back against two possessed mortal men, including Mr. Morton. Strange altered their memories and led them out of the tunnels. Neither of them realized that the Dweller in Darkness had been behind the attack.

(Doctor Strange II#31) - Clea rose to Strange's defense when he was helpless against the attack of the mystic Alaric, who wielded the deadly Sword of Kamuu. She hurled the flames of the Faltine at him, but he sent them back at her and then caught her up in a mystic illusion, promising to make her his queen one day. Strange and Sub-Mariner managed to defeat Alaric, and Clea conjured the cage of Dyzakk to hold Alaric forever, then embraced Strange.

(Doctor Strange II#32) - Strange and Clea bid farewell to Sub-Mariner, then, at her insistence, headed in for much needed rest. Much later, Clea checked in on Strange, who was setting up mirrors for a rite of renewal. Clea, not scared of danger, helped Strange accomplish the delicate spell, and she marveled that his images in the mirrors seemed to be frozen there. They were both shocked when a bird attacked them from nowhere, even pushing past Clea's Seraphimic shield. She wondered if their protection spell had failed and sought comfort from Strange.

(Doctor Strange II#33) - Strange and Clea were shocked when Strange's four-armed images from the mirrors came to life and attacked them, and determined that the mystic attacks must be coming from within. Clea was nearly strangled by mystic coils and then restrained by the icy tendrils of Ikthalon as she found her own magic ineffective. Strange freed Clea, shocked at her seeming lack of talent, then banished the images to the Purple dimension. Clea then faded away, screaming and dying, but she then reappeared in her bed, distraught and noticing her powers gone. She thought the entire battle nothing more than a dream. Strange contacted Nightmare and learned that he was not behind the attacks. Clea screamed out in frustration about being manipulated continually, and Strange helped her stoke her resolve. They were later visited by a  woman named Barbie Robb, who tried lulling them to sleep with a long oration. Strange feigned defeat until he learned she was the Dream Weaver and behind the attacks. He wiped her memories and sent her home, telling Clea they still didn't know of the foe behind it all.

(Avengers Annual#8) - Clea and Strange were contacted by the Avengers in their quest to destroy Krimonn the host of the Power Prism.

(Marvel Team-Up I#76) - When Clea checked in on Strange, he refused to confide in her, and she grew upset until he apologized. Later, she checked in on him and they were both attacked by strange demonic tendrils from the Orb of Agamotto. Clea was pulled inside the Orb when they both found their magic was ineffective, and she felt her soul being stolen as she did so. While Wong tended to her body, Strange, Spider-Man, and Ms. Marvel came into the Orb's dimension after her, using the help of the vampiric Marie LaVeau. They found Clea's soul the captive of Silver Dagger, who was threatening to burn her at the stake.

(Marvel Team-Up I#77) - Clea's soul was corrupted, transforming her into a deadly energy form that had vast control over magic. When Strange found her, she attacked him with the intent to kill, firing bolts of bedevilment and easily breaking through his shields. Just as Strange was nearly overwhelmed, holding back much of his magic so as not to harm Clea, Marie LaVeau placed thoughts from Spider-Man's subconscious into Clea's brain, distracting her. Strange finally managed to trap Clea and free her from the evil influence. Silver Dagger was defeated and Clea embraced Strange as they thanked LaVeau for her aid.

(Marvel Team-Up I#80) - Clea was horrified when Strange was transformed into a wolf-like demon after being possessed by one of the Basilisk's demons.

(Marvel Team-Up I#81) - Clea and Satana probed the Orb of Agamotto to find the whereabouts of Wong and Spider-Man, then Satana teleported them back to the mansion. After Clea questioned Satana about the truth of her origins, she watched as they prepared to save Strange from his werewolf state. After the deadly battle, Clea and Wong rushed in to find Strange recovered and with little memory of the event, and Satana seemingly dead.

(Doctor Strange II#34 - BTS) - Wong reported to Strange that Clea would join him in bed after she finished her studies. Strange worried that Clea was growing confused about his dual role as teacher and lover.

(Doctor Strange II#35) - Clea and Strange helped Captain America and Iron Man mystically reassemble the broken statue of the Black Knight. Strange worried when the ebony blade appeared with the statue and he and Clea left to investigate. Despite fleeing crowds, Clea and Strange revealed themselves to battle a large entity who'd been secretly powered by the Dweller in Darkness. When Clea was nearly overcome in smoke, she generated a bright light that made the creature shy away, and it was soon defeated. As the creature faded away, it was replaced by the demonic Ludi. The demon was resistant to their spells, but Clea tossed the Black Knight's sword to Strange and Ludi was defeated, freeing the human host he'd taken on.

(Doctor Strange II#36 (fb)) - Strange and Clea returned home to find Murdoch Adams, who knew Strange as Sanders. After Strange explained his connections to Eternity and Adams shared his origins, Strange and Clea agreed to travel to England to investigate the demon Ningal, and took the Black Knight's statue with them to return to the Black Knight's home.

(Doctor Strange II#36) - A storm surrounded the plane and Strange battled Ningal astrally, leaving Clea to explain what was happening to Adams. Clea checked on the statue, then watched Strange finish his battle. In England, they met Murdoch's fiancée, Marcia Trent, and they noted that due to demonic interference in her past, Marcia cast no shadow. Clea and Strange traveled to the Black Knight's home and met Victoria Bentley. Clea found herself annoyed with Victoria's flirtations with Strange. Clea and Strange worked to establish telepathic contact with the Black Knight (who was supposedly still in the 12th century), but they were interrupted by Ningal possessing the Black Knight statue and Victoria unconscious in his arms.

(Doctor Strange II#37) - Strange blew the statue apart and comforted Victoria, which annoyed Clea again. Just as Clea prepared to talk to Strange about it, the statue reformed itself and began bashing through Strange's hastily erected shields. Ningal ripped out the floor from under them and Strange rushed forth to do battle, ordering Clea to watch over Victoria. Clea, frustrated, agreed to do so. When Victoria wished to help Strange, Victoria placed a spell of silence over her. Strange defeated the demon and Clea rushed to his side. They wondered who was behind all the attacks, still unaware of the Dweller. Strange walked away, asking Clea to leave him while he thought.

(Defenders I#53/2) - While walking, Clea was held up by a mugger. She knocked him aside with a blast and he shot at her, though she blocked the bullet with a shield, destroyed his gun, then tossed him aside with a blast. The mugger than rose in the air and knocked her out with a mystic attack. Clea awoke in a strange mansion and the man revealed himself as Nicodemus, and told her of his plans to drain her mystic powers into himself and attack Strange with them. He chained Clea to the floor and drained her power before letting her free. He pulled her close in an embrace, but Clea grabbed a statuette and knocked Nicodemus out with it. She then called Strange for help.

(Marvel Fanfare I#5 (fb) - BTS) - After Clea's battle with Nicodemus, Strange erased the enemy's memories and they confiscated his magical equipment.

(Defenders I#119 (fb)) - Clea informed Strange that the Hulk had arrived and they let him in, not realizing he was being mind-controlled by Yandroth, who inhabited the body of Stephanie Donal. Yandroth took control of Clea, Hellcat, Nighthawk, and Valkyrie as well, and captured Strange. Strange's astral form and the Sub-Mariner did battle with the Defenders. Clea tried conjuring spells against Strange, but he shrugged them off until Yandroth was defeated.

(Doctor Strange II#38) - Back in New York, Clea desired to have some fun and to help Strange relax and confide in her. Donning an uncomfortable green dress, Clea used a mystic bolt to enter his study and summoned the Vishanti to interrupt his meditation. Though he was initially angry with her, Clea laughed at Strange then reminded him that he hadn't spent any time with her, and informed him that Wong was out on an errand. They spent hours walking and reconnecting, then went dancing at Hell's Bells, where Clea thought the music was too loud. She met Strange's neighbor, Sara Wolfe, and her date Douglas Royce. They were all shocked when Royce was discovered murdered outside. Hours later, Clea brought Strange tea and encouraged him to take a break from his duties. Clea and Strange mystically traveled to Inwood Park, which impressed Clea with its beauty, and found Royce's killers, the Eye-Killers, who Clea thought were regular super villains. Strange shielded them, and Clea found herself weakening, her life force being drained. Strange soon managed to defeat the Eye-killers by sending them to another dimension. They returned home and found Wong still gone, but met Strange's friend Alfeo Spinosa, who brought news of Baron Mordo's crimes. Clea wondered how Spinosa got into Strange's house.

(Doctor Strange II#39) - Strange, Clea, and Spinosa rushed upstairs to where Mordo was supposed to be and discovered Mordo was gone, having tricked them. Clea and Spinosa noted how Strange immediately blamed himself. Clea offered Strange a kiss and hug to make him feel better, and he accepted after initially refusing. Strange and Spinosa left for Paris to find Mordo, but Clea remained behind to find Wong. She learned from Wong's diary that he had left to visit a childhood friend, Sung, and left to find him. Thought many in Chinatown were reluctant to help her, Clea found Sung, who lied and told her Wong had not been there. Clea panicked when she saw Dormammu's wraiths rushing through a wall in pursuit of her. Wondering where they had come from, she fled into Sara Wolfe and asked for help. They noticed Sung's men chasing them and escaped in a cab, though the wraiths still chased them until they arrived home. Clea cast a spell to keep Sara there, then used the Orb of Agamotto to find Wong, who she saw was a prisoner. After being unsuccessful in contacting Strange, Clea decided to take action. She explained her powers to Sara, who took them in stride, then cast a spell to transform her form into Sara's and Sara's into hers. After they switched clothes, Clea (looking like Sara) departed and the wraiths did not pursue her.

(Doctor Strange II#40) - Back in her natural form in upstate New York, Clea tracked Wong on horseback, frustrated that she hadn't learned to drive a car yet. As she snuck up on the house, she was hit with a stun blast and knocked unconscious, rolling painfully down the hill.

(Doctor Strange II#43 (fb)) - Clea was taken captive by the Lords of the Golden Dragon and reunited with Wong. They were both forced to pass through a Black Mirror, Clea drugged and unable to fight back. On horseback, they were to be taken to the ruler of the alternate dimension, Shialmar the Shadowqueen and learned they were taken captive to be used as hostages. After a day, a group of rebels, including Bayan and Duron, freed Clea and Wong, killing Shialmar's warriors, but Wong and others were recaptured by Shialmar's Sky-Slavers. Over the following weeks, they lived in the wilderness, fighting against the forces of Shialmar. She was unable to learn Wong's fate, realizing that Shialmar was a powerful sorceress. Clea learned that she fought on the side of those who had previously ruled the land and sought to overthrow Shialmar, and that they followed the wizard king Silver Fox (who was secretly Bayan). She also learned that Shialmar served the demonic N'Garai.

(Doctor Strange II#42) - Strange tracked Clea's astral projections and was taken captive. He was shocked to see Clea, dressed in purple, standing by the brigands who appeared ready to kill him.

(Doctor Strange II#43) - When she realized who Strange was, Clea shouted at Duron and Bayan to stop fighting. Though Strange attacked back, Clea called out to him and they embraced. Clea explained to Strange what had happened to her and learned that only a few days had passed on Earth. Strange comforted Clea for a time, then they moved as a group to attack Shialmar's city. They attacked a group of soldiers, Clea defeating one with a brick, then donned their costumes to sneak into the prison. They soon found Wong, using Bayan's mysticism to do so. They were attacked by living gargoyles and Clea found herself overwhelmed, unable to hold them back with a Seraphamic shield and causing Strange to come to her aid. She was distraught that she couldn't fight for herself. They learned that Bayan was Silver Fox, and, with Wong, returned to the rebel camp. Wong then explained his ancestor's connections to Shialmar.

(Doctor Strange II#44) - After learning more of Wong's ancestor, the rebels were attacked by Shialmar, who turned corpses into living gargoyles to attack the others. While Strange battled Shialmar, Clea and the others defeated the gargoyles, Clea using the rings of Raggador to do so. One gargoyle grabbed her, turning her arm to stone, but it returned to normal when Wong and Silver Fox came to her aid. Strange and Wong defeated Shialmar, but Strange lay depleted due to his exposure to the powers of the N'Garai. At Strange's request, Clea used the Eye of Agamotto and discovered that he was not tainted. They kissed passionately and watched Shialmar pass on.

(Defenders I#70) - Clea tried to check in with Strange just as he and the Hulk were leaving on a mission.

(Defenders I#71) - Clea agreed to help the Defenders, wondering if she would be able to join the team herself and become a valuable teammate. Wong let her know they had arrived, and Hellcat, Nighthawk, and Valkyrie escorted three captive Lunatiks and a captive Harrison Turk in, and Clea learned that they were all versions of Arisen Tyrk, an extradimensional sorcerer. Clea determined that more of Tyrk's soul resided in the dimension of Tunnelworld, and she figured that enough of the soul pieces together would allow them to reconstitute the whole. Clea formed a mystic gateway and they entered Tunnelworld, bidding Wong farewell. They met some of the local Sputs, and Clea cast a translation incantation to allow them to communicate. The Sputs, Oguot and Stalwag, revealed that they were on the run from the deadly Unnameable and his Nilffim Riders. The Riders attacked and Clea fond them resistant to her mystic bolts. On the verge of panic, Clea was brought down when a spear grazed her, and she wondered if the dimension was interfering with her thoughts. They were overwhelmed before Strange and Hulk arrived to aid them, but the aspects of Tyrk, Hellcat, and Valkyrie were all gone.

(Defenders I#72) - Clea felt responsible for her allies' loss, but Strange assured her the Defenders were accustomed to danger. They soon found their allies and recaptured the Tyrk aspects. Strange determined that the Tyrk aspects and much of Tunnelworld was under the direct influence of the Unnameable, and that the Nilffim Riders were also aspects of Tyrk. On the backs of the Nilffim, the heroes flew to a place of mystic power through a deadly storm and battled monsters along the way.

(Defenders I#73) - The heroes and the Tyrk aspects approached the citadel of Tunnelworld's sorcerer supreme, Xhoohx. As they walked to the citadel, the storm started anew and they were surrounded by beasts again. At Strange's suggestion, Clea did not use her powers on the beasts, informed that the Unnameable was trying to influence her. They soon made it out of the storm and into the citadel, where Xhoohx agreed to aid them as long as he could. Xhoohx and Strange worked together to cast a complex spell that restored all the Tyrk aspects into Arisen Tyrk once again, and Tyrk immediately attacked them, though Xhoohx managed to defeat him. Their battle completed, they returned to Earth, and Clea listened to some of Hellcat's Oldies music.

(Defenders I#74) - At the Defenders headquarters, Clea, Hellcat, and Valkyrie shared funny stories about men until Nighthawk and his lawyer, Milton Rosenblum, arrived with the announcement that Nighthawk must quit the Defenders due to legal concerns, then the men quickly departed. Clea felt terrible for her friend. Hours later, the three women were still talking, this time in the meeting room, and they were shocked when Dollar Bill, Ledge, Richard Rory, and Amber Wilkins arrived with the deadly Foolkiller. Foolkiller was amicable until her determined they were all fools and drew his gun.

(Defenders I#75) - Foolkiller held Dollar Bill hostage and made demands, and Valkyrie encouraged Clea not to do anything else.  He made them all sit down while he tried to explain his motives. Soon Foolkiller opened fire on them, hitting Valkyrie and downing the roof on them before Clea could act. Clea was knocked out by falling debris. Valkyrie carried Clea's form outside while the headquarters burned. When she awoke, she retarded the progress of the flames while the fire trucks arrived. Foolkiller was defeated and Nighthawk soon arrived, horrified at what had happened. As Clea watched, the Defenders were disbanded and Hulk and Nighthawk left furiously. 

(Defenders I#78) - Strange, Hulk, and Sub-Mariner returned to Tunnelworld to battle the Unnameable, but Strange asked Clea to remain behind. Clea felt useless and wondered if she could join the Defenders.

(Defenders I#80) - At Strange's mansion, Clea tended to Aragorn while everyone else was away. Not wanting to feel despairing or useless, Clea rode Aragorn above the city to clear her head.

(Defenders I#84) - At Strange's mansion, Clea sat with Valkyrie and Hellcat when Strange returned from Tunnelworld. She embraced Strange, thrilled he was safe. The women told Strange that the three of them were forming a new Defenders team.

(Doctor Strange II#45) - Though a few minutes late, Clea, wearing a purple dress joined Doctor Strange for lunch at the Plaza Hotel. They enjoyed each other's company, and Clea heard of Strange's struggles with the Daily Globe, a newspaper that sought to publish entries on Strange's life. When Strange sought to comfort Clea, she pulled away from him furiously and ran out into traffic, briefly disgusted by the state of Earth before Strange caught up to her. They hugged tightly until she calmed, then they walked through Central Park while she explained that she'd given up everything for Strange and yet felt as if she was a burden for him, not progressing quickly enough. She told him that she could no longer be his disciple but would remain his lover. Strange told her that her doubts were normal and asked her to not make her final decision yet. After a carriage ride home, they found reporter Starrett pounding on Strange's door saying that his employee, Sanderson, was missing inside. Clea investigated, trying to find Wong or Sara (who'd been hired by Strange as his business manager) and was attacked by the N'Garai's Demon in the Dark, who had Sara, Wong, and Sanderson in its tentacles. Clea blasted the creature, but Strange had to rescue her with the Fangs of Farallah, increasing her self-doubt. Strange chided her and they formed the Fangs of Farallah together, but it was ineffective. Clea worried that the others would die because Strange saved her, and they were quickly attacked by the three, who'd been transformed by the Demon into warriors. When mystic attacks proved unsuccessful, Clea tried summoning Wong's sword and using the Chains of Krakkan against Wong, she then severed one of the Demon's tentacles, saving Strange. While Strange's astral form rushed off, Clea defended his body, holding the Demon and his thralls off with spell after spell. Sara knocked Clea down, but Strange used a spell to banish the demon and rescue the others. Clea and Strange embraced, and she agreed to remain his disciple.

(Doctor Strange II#46) - Overtaken by an urge to vacation in Rome, Clea convinced Strange to fly there with her, though he hated airports. Clea laughed when Strange's amulet set off the metal detector. On the plane, Clea was overtaken in a vision of the Sibyls, learning of a sect of seeresses in ancient Rome, including Sibylla and the Sibyls she trained over the centuries, all overseen by the gods Apollo and Diana. The last Sibyl, the mad Thaleia, was sealed upon the throne until the time when a third Sybil would join them to fight against a deadly threat. Through the vision, Sibylla told Clea that she was the third Sibyl. Clea awakened, having slept the entire flight. When they deboarded, they were attacked by Roman centurians, who teleported Clea and Strange to Mt.Gaurus, where the Sibyls were housed. They entered the hall, beset by images of attacking Romans, and found Thaleia and Sibylla, who explained that the hall was a nexus point and that they would soon be attacked by Livilla and her soldiers (including the wizard Xennus and Tiberius Exeter) from an alternate Earth. Clea agreed to join the Sibyls in defending the Earth. She took her place on a throne and a mystical triad was formed, causing Clea's eyes to glow. While Strange battled Xennus, Clea was overcome with power, and the Sibyls pushed forth the energies of the gods to repel the invaders. Clea successfully resisted Xennus' attempts to control her, and the world was saved. Clea turned down Sibylla's offer to remain in Rome and she and Strange departed.

(Doctor Strange II#46/2) - Still in Rome, Clea tried to get Strange to swim with her but he refused. She conjured up her swimsuit and jumped in the ocean, splashing Strange with water when she saw him brooding. He surprised her by conjuring a water elemental for her to swim with, then again when he stopped her fun with another spell, telling her it was time to return home for work.

(Defenders I#85) - Clea attended a planning session with the Defenders, Black Panther, Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Sub-Mariner to plan on taking down the villainous Mandrill. Sub-Mariner and Black Panther nearly came to blows before Strange intervened and Sub-Mariner left. Clea offered to show Hulk a place to rest, then returned to the meeting. They put their plan in action and attacked Mandrill and Fem-Force in Frenchtown, New Jersey. Clea cast mystic flares to disorient Fem-Force and knocked another down with a mystic blast. Clea saved Valkyrie from a deadly fall, on the back of Aragorn, and mentally contacted Strange for help for Hellcat and Black Panther. The battle was successful in destroying Mandrill's connection to Wakandan technology, but the Mandrill remained free.

(Marvel Fanfare I#5) - Clea, dressed in a see-through golden gown, comforted Strange when he couldn't sleep, as he'd sensed a dark presence, and took him back to bed. They were disrupted when a small girl pounded on the door and collapsed inside when Strange answered. They tended to her and realized that she'd had her mystic energy drained. Rather than accompany Strange on his quest to find the source of the disturbance, Clea followed a hunch and looked at Nicodemus' church. Suspecting a trap, she conjured a teleportation spell before entering, then a Seraphimic shield when the trap was sprung. Before the church could explode and kill her, Clea teleported to safety to the astral plane. She returned to Strange's mansion and found Wong unconscious and Strange's voice speaking through the young girl, imploring her with clues on how to defeat Nicodemus before the girl collapsed. Clea grabbed Nicodemus' book of enchantments, trying to piece together Strange's clues, and checked in on Strange's battle through the Orb of Agamotto. Reasoning that Nicodemus only saw magic as a tool and not a state of being, she moved to the roof to attack. When the astral forms of Strange and Nicodemus passed above her, she cast the transferal spell she'd learned from the book and sent all of Strange's power into Nicodemus, who was quickly overwhelmed and came crashing to Earth. Clea transferred all the power back to  Strange, who saw the child returned home. Strange decided to leave Nicodemus with his memories, determining that the man had learned his lesson. Clea embraced Strange in love.

(Marvel Fanfare I#8) - Meredith Stead rushed to Strange, Clea, and Wong for help as her man, James Mandarin, had cast a spell that opened to the realm of Dark-Crawler, who swiftly pulled the four of them captive in his realm. There, Mandarin led a monstrous force against them, though Stead convinced Mandarin to turn against Dark-Crawler. They soon managed to defeat Dark-Crawler and returned home.

(Defenders I#89) - Clea comforted Hellcat about the death of her mother, Dorothy Walker, as Valkyrie, Hulk, and Nighthawk stood by in Strange's mansion. At Hellcat's request, Clea mystically restored Valkyrie's costume to her original one.

(Defenders I#92) - Clea marveled at the Hulk's childlike play with action figures, though Strange reminded her of how deadly the Hulk could be. Clea sat to play with Hulk while Strange talked to Nighthawk, but they were all appalled when they briefly blinked out of existence more than once. Strange contacted Eternity and learned that the being was in danger of discorporating due to aspects of himself, which he had infused in human bodies, were refusing to return to him. The Defenders (including Son of Satan) investigated the aspects while Strange and Clea, with other Earth mystics, used their mystic influence to bolster Eternity until things were solved. Strange commended Nighthawk for his bravery in the battle.

(Defenders I#93) - Clea relaxed with the Defenders, enjoying ice cream and idle chatter, until Nighthawk fell over unconscious. Strange determined that his fall was mystic in nature, and tried to infuse his life force to keep him alive. Strange told Nighthawk that he would be paralyzed, and Clea pitied her friend. Wong brought them news from television that the Sub-Mariner was invading the surface world, and Clea and Wong remained behind to watch over Nighthawk while the Defenders resolved the situation.

(Defenders I#94) - Strange contacted Clea, who offered to help him in his mission, but he asked her to continue tending to Nighthawk. Clea was shocked and frightened when she found him gone and saw someone streaking past the window.

(Defenders I#95) - With new teammate Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), the Defenders discussed the threat of the demon Avarrish just before the vampire lord, Dracula, leapt through the window, attacking. They quickly subdued him and learned that he'd been sent to them as part of a plot from the Six-Fingered Hand (to which Avarrish belonged). The Defenders further investigated, but Clea remained behind.

(Defenders I#98) - Clea and Wong's meditations were interrupted by a telephone call just before the Defenders (including Devil-Slayer) returned from a mission, teleporting in. They left on another mission almost immediately.

(Defenders I#99 (fb)) - Clea received a mental summons that she believed was from Strange, and she summoned Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Sub-Mariner to the mansion for him. It turned out to be a trap from the Six-Fingered Hand (Avarrish, Hyppokri, Maya/Mephisto, Puishannt, Unnthinnk), who started transforming Citrusville, Florida into a Hell on Earth.

(Defenders I#98) - The Defenders (Devil-Slayer, Strange, Gargoyle, Son of Satan, Valkyrie) soon saw their allies captured, held under force bubbles.

(Defenders I#99) - Clea watched helplessly as the demons of the Hand taunted the heroes, and Clea told Strange how they were captured. Strange tried to free his four friends, but the bubbles merely made the four captives scream in pain. Gargoyle released the four captive heroes from their bubbles just in time to aid the Defenders against the possessed citizens of Citrusville, who soon faded away, and the demonic Hand members started reducing in size. The combined heroes were all shocked to learn that Maya was actually Mephisto, lord of Hell, who told the heroes that he'd been manipulating them for weeks. Mephisto put the heroes in another sphere and flew them to New York, where other Hell-lords Satan (Marduk Kurious), Satannish, and Thog stood in a devastated city, Nighthawk and a transformed Hellcat standing by them.

(Defenders I#100) - The Hell-lords revealed that they'd been behind the Six-Fingered Hand all along, and that they planned to take over the Earth. Satan shocked the heroes when he claimed that Hellcat was his true daughter. The heroes agreed to fight in separate competitions, knowing that if they won the Hell-lords would leave Earth but if they lost the Hell-lords would get the Earth. Clea, Silver Surfer, and Valkyrie were tossed into empty space, leaving them to wonder what was going on. Mephisto appeared before them and stated that they were all beings in world's not their own and that their fate was to be nothing. Silver Surfer and Valkyrie tried attacking Mephisto, but he proved to be immaterial. Clea turned inward, realizing that Earth did not feel like home. Mephisto tried comforting her, stating that if she gave him her soul, he would make her the ruler of the Dark Dimension and make even Strange subservient to her. He tempted Silver Surfer and Valkyrie with similar things, but he ended up awakening their true passions in their hearts, allowing them to harm him. Silver Surfer hit him with a blast, then Clea mystically bound him. They worked together to knock Mephisto aside, and the trio rushed to an open doorway to leave the dimension, but it closed, and the three of them seemed to cease existing. They reawakened back on Earth with all the other heroes, who'd been through similar experiences, and Clea watched Son of Satan battled Hellcat, then Satan directly. The other heroes all pooled their energies through Strange, who used the combined power to strengthen Son of Satan. In order to end the battle, however, Son of Satan agreed to return with Satan to the true Hell. Hellcat was restored and New York was returned to normal.

(Defenders I#101) - The Defenders returned to the mansion and regrouped. Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and Nighthawk swiftly left while Clea and the others watched, followed by Hellcat, Gargoyle, and Valkyrie. Clea encouraged Strange to join her in enjoying the beauty of the world alongside Silver Surfer, and they went for a brief flight, though Devil-Slayer remained behind. Silver Surfer took them to a small village in Africa where they took time to rejoice with the people there. Strange felt relaxed and confided in Clea. They danced through the air, lights flashing around them, and kissed, surprising the people watching. They flew over more of the land, noting the joy in every human heart as they traveled, and returned to New York feeling charged. Clea was later with the Defenders when they welcomed Devil-Slayer back.

(Marvel Team-Up I#111 (fb) - BTS) - Several of the Defenders (Clea, Devil-Slayer, Strange, Hulk, Gargoyle, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie) were captured by the Serpent-Men and kept in stasis. They had some of their number pose as the Defenders, and tried to manipulate Spider-Man into aiding them.

(Marvel Team-Up I#111) - Spider-Man was not fooled, and he managed to free the Defenders. They united against the Serpent-Men and banished them form the Earth-dimension.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Death of Captain Marvel#1) - Clea attended the funeral of Captain Mar-Vell on Titan.

(Defenders I#102) - Clea tried mystically deciphering the cause of Nighthawk's paralysis, and attempted unsuccessfully to cure him, with Gargoyle to help her. She then explained to Nighthawk's  nurse, Luann Bloom, the mystic attempts to cure him as Nighthawk had been paralyzed due to the long ago acts of the villain Nebulon. She told Nighthawk she would try weekly to help him. She felt inspired by Nighthawk and tried to talk to Gargoyle about this, surprised when she found her friend gone. Clea later telepathically informed Nighthawk that she had deciphered the cause of his paralysis was due to a psychic attack from Mindy Williams, who was at the institution Nighthawk was investigating. She offered to aid him or to summon the Defenders if needed. Clea monitored Nighthawk's battle against Mindy from afar and, when she saw him in mortal danger, she telepathically awakened Mindy's love for Nighthawk, causing her to stop her attack. She later explained this to Nighthawk, who was furious over the actions of August Masters, who'd been manipulating Mindy.

(Man-Thing I#11) - Thog, possessing John Daltry, captured and imprisoned several mystics, including Strange, Clea, Jennifer and Joshua Kale, Margali and Jimaine Szardos, and Chris Claremont, and imprisoned them in Sominus. Death, working under the alias John Kowalski, used Man-Thing to defeat Thog and free them.

(Defenders I#103 (fb) - BTS) - Clea grew concerned when Gargoyle didn't return. She spent a week in meditation trying to find him, but his powers naturally blocked her mysticism. With Strange gone, she contacted Devil-Slayer for help finding him.

(Defenders I#103) - Devil-Slayer and Clea, her powers bolstered by her ally's sixth sense, found Gargoyle being mugged. Clea mystically transported the criminals to the police station with telepathic suggestions to have them turn themselves in. She then embraced Gargoyle, telling her friend she'd missed him. She telepathically summoned Hellcat, Nighthawk, and Valkyrie to aid Gargoyle, though Nighthawk turned her down. Gargoyle explained his origins in Christiansboro, Virginia, and Devil-Slayer transported the five of them there to investigate. They split up to search for why the town was deserted, Clea going with Valkyrie. They sensed a darkness and picked up a small cat, who attacked Valkyrie just before the glass around them shattered and large hands grasped at them and everything plunged into darkness. Clea woke up in a cemetery with Valkyrie and Hellcat and the demonic Null the Living Darkness revealed himself to them and explained his bizarre origins. He sent the people of Christiansboro against them. When Gargoyle joined them, Clea told him of Null and revealed that her mystic powers were useless against him. Gargoyle managed to defeat Null himself. The people of Christiansboro were freed and Clea embraced Gargoyle again.

(Doctor Strange II#54) - Clea and Strange walked through the park, enjoying each other and using magic to retrieve a child's balloon. Tim Alpert rushed to them for aid, and Strange, bypassing demons and mystic blocks, discovered that Alpert had been influenced by P.B. Wallace into joining a Cult of Decay and Alpert felt as if he was losing  his mind. Clea went to police detective Blumkenin to gather more information on cults and reported back to Strange, who determined that their real villain was Tiboro, who was posing as Wallace. Clea and Strange battled the cult, wielding various spells, then Strange managed to defeat Tiboro himself. After Strange erased the violent memories of the cult members, Clea suggested to Strange that he grow his moustache longer to match that of one of the cult members. Strange agreed to do so.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#6 (fb) ) - While Strange was out in his astral form, Clea guarded his body against the attacking Verdelet, who was possessing the form of Ghost Rider. Clea protected Strange's body with a shield while the minds of Strange and John Blaze fought Verdelet. When the vampire was distracted, she impaled him with the Atlantean Dreamwave staff, killing him for good.

(Doctor Strange II#47) - Strange tested Clea's ability to fully conjure the rings of Raggador, distracting her with the mists of Morpheus, which she successfully dispelled with the Winds of Watoomb while maintain the rings. However, when Strange sent the crimson bands of Cytorrak forward, Clea was overwhelmed, the rings dissipated, and she was caught up in a mystic backlash from which she swiftly recovered. She cried, thinking she'd failed, but Strange commended her abilities and gave her a grimoire in which to record her own spells, officially beginning the second phase of her training. Later, Clea and Strange both sensed a mystic disturbance and, using the Orb of Agamotto, tracked it to Norcross, North Carolina, though the entity tried to block their tracking. They flew to Norcross, and Clea had to stall the stewardess while Strange astrally investigated the threat, returning just before the stewardess was prepared to call the police. Clea and Strange tried convincing Dean Batiuk to evacuate the campus where the threat was located, then they rushed to hold off attacking students who were under the influence of the enemy, who was soon revealed to be Ikonn. Clea wondered at the strangeness of their foe. As Strange battled Ikonn, Clea kept his human thralls mesmerized, protecting them from harm. Though she was nearly overwhelmed, Strange repelled Ikonn and things returned to normal.

(Doctor Strange II#48) - Strange told Clea of a bank robbery he'd thwarted and a strange woman who'd been able to see his astral projection, and she worked to comfort him with humor. Determined to celebrate, she made popcorn, but was shocked when Brother Voodoo entered through the fireplace, telling them of the enemy of Damballah. Strange exorcised Damballah from Voodoo, then departed to handle the demon, leaving Clea to tend to Voodoo. After comforting Voodoo, Clea sensed Damballah's return and conjured a Seraphamic shield to protect she, Voodoo, and Wong, though she was soon overwhelmed. Strange managed to defeat Damballah from afar with his cloak and amulet, then banished him with a blinding spell.

(Doctor Strange II#49) - Strange and Clea traveled astrally through a few dimensions in a tantric exercise that Clea loved, leaving her wanting to do it again, but Strange insisted that she get back to studying. Later, she felt a mystic summons and checked with Sara to see where Strange was, but he was still out. Clea went to the Orb of Agamotto to find the source of the summons and was shocked to see four of her former allies from the Dark Dimension contacting her. They informed her that Dormammu had disappeared and Umar was weakened, and they desired Clea to return and lead them. She angrily reminded them of their refusal to stand against Dormammu previously and refused to aid them this time.

(Doctor Strange II#50) - Clea was surprised to see that Strange had a caller, Morgana Blessing. Strange explained that Mordo had tried attacking Strange through Morgana, and that Morgana seemed to have some sorcerous tendencies. He and Morgana moved to another room to study, leaving Clea with thoughts of the secrets they kept from each other. When a cat emerged from Morgana's bag, Clea picked up and was caught, with Wong, in a spell when the cat transformed to Mordo. Strange and Mordo had a mystic battle, then Mordo grabbed Clea and Morgana and teleported away. They arrived in London in the early 1940s, and Mordo allied with Viscount Krowler and Sir Anthony Baskerville, who themselves were allied with Dormammu in an attempt to rule the world. Clea was kept unconscious.

(Doctor Strange II#51) - Still unconscious, Clea was held to the side while Dormammu possessed Krowler and Mordo possessed Morgana. Strange and his allies Nick Fury, Pamela Hawley, and others, gathered for a large battle. Dormammu began absorbing the power from destruction that would allow him to enter the Earth dimension. Sensing what was happening, Clea wielded a sympathy spell and mystically connected the psyches of Fury, Hawley, and Morgana through Strange, and enhanced the spell with the love Fury and Hawley felt for each other and the love that Blessing felt for Strange. With this added power, Strange was able to reject Dormammu and Mordo, defeating the villains. Clea felt ashamed at having to be rescued again, despite Strange's words of praise to her. Clea, however, felt overwhelmed at the love that Blessing felt for Strange, wondering if her own love for him even compared.

(Doctor Strange II#52) - Back in modern times, Clea watched as Strange tended to Morgana's injuries, and she told Strange about the contact initiated form the Dark Dimension and how she felt Morgana's love made hers paler. Strange tried to comfort her, but they were interrupted by Dr. Samuel Finch and Morgana's parents, Emil and Regina, who'd come to check on her. Clea left, telling Strange she'd talk to him later.

(Doctor Strange II#53) - After walking, Clea returned home in tears. Sara asked Clea what was wrong, and Clea told Sara of Morgana's great love for Strange. Clea went to meditate on what she should do. She decided to leave and return to the Dark Dimension, not willing to deny Strange the chance to experience such deep love. She packed her things and bid farewell to Strange when he returned. Despite Strange's pleas for her to stay, Clea mystically departed, resigning her discipleship and professing her love for Strange as she departed.

(Doctor Strange II#58 (fb) - BTS) - Clea joined the rebellion in the Dark Dimension and agreed to lead them. They established a hidden base in the zone of the Mindless Ones, protected from those creatures by a mystic dome.

(Doctor Strange II#58) - Clea silenced the bickering of Modahr with another of the rebellion. She told the others she had come up with a plan to dethrone Umar.

(Doctor Strange II#67) - Clea sent Rahl to capture Asti the All-Seeing, then Rahl fled back, reporting that Umar would be even more furious. Clea required Rahl to give a password of "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" before he could get back in the mystic dome. She continued with her plans.

(Doctor Strange II#69) - Clea delivered a brief extradimensional warning to Strange that Umar thought him behind the rebellion and planned to attack him. Meanwhile, in another ploy, two of the rebels (including Synth) feigned capture and their mind shields proved to be too strong for Umar to break. Umar ordered the captain of her guard, Orini, to throw the rebels to the Mindless Ones, but Rahl pushed Orini through the barrier as well. Clea cast an illusion of the Mindless Ones attacking Orini, causing Umar's guards to think him dead. Then Orini was brought before her. When he awoke, she told him they needed to talk.

(Doctor Strange II#71) - Clea tried probing Orini's mind, but he actively rebuked her and his mind shields blocked her. Meanwhile, a group of rebels, led by Synth, had an altercation with Umar's guards and were aided in defeating them by Dr. Strange, who was disguised as an outcast. They returned and reported this to Clea, using their ally Saftur for help in returning. After Clea discussed strategy with Synth and Rahl, Strange revealed himself and explained that he was there to help. He and Clea embraced.

(Doctor Strange II#72) - Clea greeted Rahl, Strange, and others when they successfully returned from stealing Umar's tributes, stolen life forces that she used to power herself. She embraced Strange and explained the bizarre passwords they'd been using. She held a meeting with Rahl, Myrra, Synth, Burhn, and others to review their progress, and grew slightly defensive when the others questioned her inability to break Orini's blocks. Strange and Rahl agreed to try it. They were successful and learned not only of Umar's battle plans, but discovered that Umar was Clea's mother as well. Clea was shocked, and angrily refused to consider ruling the Dark Dimension herself when her forces suggested it. Clea sent Rahl, Strange, and others to steal power crystals from a caravan on its way to Umar, then she went to confront Orini. He furiously tried to strike her.

(Doctor Strange II#73 (fb) - BTS) - Clea stopped Orini and knocked him out. She then mystically switched their appearances.

(Doctor Strange II#72) - "Orini" carried "Clea" back to Umar, stating the rebellion was over.

(Doctor Strange II#73) - "Clea" was placed in a containment unit while Umar announced the capture to the realm through a mystic broadcast. "Orini" learned the rebels had been captured and imprisoned. When she sensed Strange approaching, Clea mystically blocked Umar from knowing until Asti the All-Seeing delivered the news to her. Umar turned to "Clea" furiously, then Clea let the disguises melt and stood revealed. She conjured a series of spells, battling mystically with Umar, and used Umar's magic stone to broadcast their fight to the entire dimension, a fact Umar was not aware of. Umar drained the barrier of the Mindless Ones, unleashing them on the people, to get more power against Clea, and the realm learned Clea was Umar's daughter. Strange and Rahl came to help Clea against Umar, but Clea told them to leave and that she had the battle contained. Shortly, Umar began to weaken as the people began to believe in her less. Clea successfully defeated Umar and the flames of regency appeared around her head for all to see.

(Doctor Strange II#74) - Clea waved from  her tower to the masses who cheered for her. She invited Strange to stand with her, but he was getting a haircut and claimed that she deserved the sole honor. The barber spoke, then cringed because he had not asked permission, but Clea told him that he could now speak freely. Clea and Strange then viewed Umar and Orini, locked in stasis spells, and she conveyed her regrets that her parents were evil. They cast a spell together that sent the two in stasis to eternal banishment. Clea invited Strange to remain as her consort and kissed him, but they were interrupted by a mysterious pair of spying eyes that quickly fled (Clea never learned they belonged to the Beyonder). Strange turned down Clea's offer, telling her they would both find new love, and Rahl entered just then.

(Strange Tales II#1/2) - Clea responded to a mystic summons from Strange. She saw Strange with Topaz, an empath who was chiding Strange for letting Clea go. Topaz forced their hands together, but Strange's pain at his lost love flashed outward. Strange told Clea that he had loved her once, but that he had to now shut himself off from all emotion in order to do his job. Clea admitted to Strange that he'd pushed her away and that was why she left. Both Clea and Topaz encouraged Strange to love Clea again and to not give in to despair. Though he reached for her, he turned away, saying that he couldn't.

(Strange Tales II#2/2) - Clea explained to Topaz that she had perhaps expected more out of Strange than he was prepared to give. When Strange returned from checking the roof (it was raining hard outside), Topaz encouraged Strange again to embrace his emotions, but he refused. With nothing left to be said, Clea departed, inviting Strange to visit her any time.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#2) - Clea responded to a call for aid from Strange, whose body had been taken over by Dormammu. She attacked Dormammu, who initially thought she was Umar. Dormammu prepared to unleash a mighty spell against Clea and Strange, but Topaz rushed forth and drove Dormammu out of Strange's body while Clean and Strange kept him distracted. Strange (who now had an eye patch) and Clea embraced while Topaz tended to a rat that had briefly been a form for Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#3) - Clea listened as Strange confessed he'd finally discovered the importance of love. She told Strange that her duties, which had become more overwhelming as she discovered their vastness, to the Dark Dimension and Strange's to the universe kept distracting them from their love. To aid Strange, she cast a spell that cleaned his house.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#3 - BTS) - Strange and Clea took two rings that were one, artifacts from the Dark Dimension, and donned them on their ring fingers to signify their commitment, knowing no man would perform the wedding for an extra-dimensional sorceress. Their rings connected them mystically as well, and were often magically invisible.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#20/4) - Clea listened to pleas between Sepulchrave and Shelmerdine, settling their petty dispute with a harsh word. Her head aching, Clea went for a walk. She doubted her ability to rule the Dark Dimension, knowing that her people were used to tyranny not freedom, and she knew that she couldn't force peace with her power as Dormammu and Umar had. Clea walked aimlessly through very portals and found herself in an unfamiliar pocket dimension. Clea commanded a mysterious door to open and found herself in a strange garden. She forced open a mystic force bubble and found a dragon that Dormammu had placed there to guard something secret. The dragon attacked Clea, immune to her powers and her flames of regency. Clea struggled to remember a spell Strange had taught her and she managed to banish the dragon. She then saw that the thing Dormammu had hidden was a beautiful flower. She retrieved it, wondering if it had special powers or if Dormammu had simply been afraid of its beauty. (This creature has been referred to as the "Barrier".)

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#15 (fb) - BTS) - Clea, wanting to know if things were really over between Strange and Morgana, disguised herself as Strange and showed up at Morgana's doorstep. She mystically prepared Morgana's subconscious so that she wouldn't be shocked by Strange being alive. As Strange, Clea greeted Morgana and told her about the marriage, then told Morgana he was leaving for a time. When Morgana noticed Strange's hands weren't shaking, Clea felt guilty and returned to the Dark Dimension, fixing Morgana's memories so she would not remember this interchange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#3) - The next morning, Strange and Clea showed their rings to Sara, Wong, and Imei, then Sara rushed off to work. Strange moved to tend to his duties, and Clea bid him farewell, returning to the Dark Dimension.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#5) - After hours of trying, Clea managed to contact Strange, appearing to him in a mirror. She let him know that she had sensed a deadly sorcerous evil from his past. She told him that something was blocking her from traveling to Earth before her communication was disrupted.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Mindless Ones broke free in the Dark Dimension, and Clea led her forces to oppose them and drive them back.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#11 - BTS) - Strange tried to reach Clea, but Rahl told him that Clea was busy with her battle.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#12) - Clea tried "calling" Strange back a few days later, after Rahl told her of Strange's message, and she told Rintrah, Strange's new disciple, that she could not aid Strange against the Enchantress and Executioner until her battle with the Mindless Ones was complete. Later on, she arrived to help Strange and drove the Enchantress back with a mighty wind. Though Enchantress wasn't initially frightened, Clea quickly overwhelmed her with her power, enhanced by the Flames of Regency, conjuring several spells, including the Fangs of Farallah. Strange then disposed of the mortal form of the Executioner that the Enchantress had enchanted. Strange flew up to Clea. After they greeted, they embraced and expressed their love.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#13) - Clea listened to Strange's recent challenges with the Enchantress, the Hobgoblin, and his brother Victor, who was a vampire. She learned that if Strange revived his brother, it would be as a vampire. Clea empathized with her husband, then greeted Sara and Morgana, who were visiting. Morgana gave Strange a puppy as a peace offering for having published a book about Strange when she thought he was dead, and Imei took it for a walk. They were all shocked when the house quaked, and Clea was knocked out by falling debris. Arkon entered, determined to kidnap and marry Clea. Arkon grabbed her and deposited her on a nearby roof, though Strange quickly pursued them. To protect human life, Strange agreed to a physical fight. When Clea awoke, she used magic to mask Strange's life signs, and feigned unconsciousness until Arkon reunited with Enchantress, who proved to be behind the battle. Strange arose, shocking Arkon, and Clea revealed her powers, sending Arkon back to his dimension with a spell. Strange laughed as Clea had saved him twice, but she assured him they were equal. They disarmed Arkon's energy bolts, then decided to focus on curing Victor.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#14) - Clea and Strange returned to his mansion, and Morgana rushed to hug him. After Morgana left, Clea reminded Strange of how she'd once stepped aside for Morgana and promised to never be that stupid again. She convinced Strange to go upstairs with him, and the two of them enjoyed an intimate time together. Clea awoke to see faeries looking down on them and greeted them, but she was shocked by Morbius the Living Vampire standing in the window. knocked him from the window with an energy bolt, and Strange awoke to tell her that was a friend of his. Strange retrieved Morbius while Clea dressed, and Strange told her of Morbius' curse. Morbius explained his origins, and told them that he'd been attacked by Marie LaVeau, and that Strange's attempts to wipe out all vampires had been unsuccessful because Strange had preserved his brother's life. In addition, Strange learned that he might be responsible for Victor being a vampire in  the first place, that LaVeau had sent Victor to Strange, and that he may turn others into vampires. They went to investigate and found Morgana with a vampire bite on her neck.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#15) - Morgana, having lost a little blood, recovered and hugged Strange for comfort, annoying Clea. Morbius, Wong, and Rintrah discussed with them the theft of the Darkhold by Victor, the motives of LaVeau, and Victor's remaining humanity. Strange mesmerized Morgana when she appeared to have a mental connection to Victor, and learned of "his" former meeting with her, forcing Clea to confess her duplicity. Morgana was relieved that her rivalry with Clea was out in the open and expressed her desire to win Strange, who ignored them and teleported all but Wong to find Victor. Using Morgana's connection, they found LaVeau and Victor, who was using the name Baron Blood, and a fight broke out. LaVeau fired an enchanted shot of lead that grazed Clea and made her hate the first person she saw, in this case Strange. Using words of hate, Clea lashed out at Strange with several destructive spells until he knocked her to the ground with a blast, restoring her own faculties. LaVeau and Victor managed to escape with the Darkhold.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#16) - As Clea was still under the effects of the hate spell, Strange had to keep her under a sleep spell. He then sent her back to the Dark Dimension, trusting her to Rahl's care.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#22 (fb)) - Dormammu reconstituted in the Dark Dimension and slowly gathered power, turning the sky dark again.. He released the Mindless Ones to attack Earth, then mesmerized Clea from afar, subverting her will.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#21) - Strange, after fighting off an invasion of the Mindless Ones on Earth, rushed to the Dark Dimension to check on Clea. She sat quietly until Strange touched her, and then fell unconscious in a blast. Dormammu then revealed himself.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#22) - Dormammu released Clea from her trance and she immediately moved to attack him, shocked he was there and in control of her Flames of Regency, and surprised to see Strange nearby. She begged Dormammu to kill her but to spare Stephen and the Dark Dimension. Dormammu summoned Umar and Orini back from exile, casting Orini aside in his containment unit and uniting with Umar in power. Then, at Umar's request, cast the Exorcism of Transferal on Clea and Strange, causing them to occupy each other's bodies simultaneously, looking as though they were climbing out of the other's mouths. In great pain and feeling weak, they were cast into another dimension and worked to free themselves. Clea asserted her will and released the Eye of Agamotto from Strange's amulet, and they used it to spirit Umar away to them just as Dormammu had tried to wipe her out of existence for betraying them.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#23) - When she saw Strange and Clea, Umar briefly considered harming Strange, but revealed that she didn't want to harm Clea in the process, and so restored them in to their original forms instead. She learned Clea had saved her, and told Clea that they had much in common before departing. Strange then transported he and Clea to his mansion and they found Wong, Rintrah, and Imei unconscious and Sara imprisoned in Mordo's mystic cell. They rushed outside to find Mordo battling an invading Dormammu, who was unleashing the darkness of the Dark Dimension onto Earth. They stopped Mordo from falling then rushed up to face Dormammu, who appeared as a giant above the Earth and though Clea's powers were severely weakened. They quickly found themselves overwhelmed by a mystic whirlpool, which Strange stopped. At Clea's suggestion, they tried taking the fight to Dormammu himself, conjuring a Seraphimic shield to block Dormammu's spells. They dissolved the shields and unleashed their full combined might on Dormammu. Just as victory seemed sure, Mordo turned on them and knocked them out, agreeing to join Dormammu and act as his agent on Earth. Dormammu drew Strange and Clea back to the Dark Dimension with him.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#24) - With Rahl, the Mhuruuks, and others watching, Dormammu held Strange and Clea captive in front of the G'uranthic Guardian. Clea shouted that she was the rightful ruler, but Dormammu was not phased and he converted all of the Mhuruuks into mystic energy, absorbing them into the Guardian, then he cast Rahl and the others away in a flash. Clea was surprised when Strange kept verbally antagonizing Dormammu, then turned the Guardian on them to drain all of their mystic energies. Clea, now powerless, despaired, and quickly noticed that Strange was silent, determining that he had sent his will into the Guardian itself. While Dormammu focused on Earth, Strange animated the Guardian against him and brought its power of mystic might forward. Clea watched, helpless, and vowing to never be helpless again. Just before the Guardian fell, Strange restored he and Clea's powers to them, and they launched themselves into battle against Dormammu again, avoiding his vast Dark Crystals. They were all shocked when Umar and Mordo appeared to fight against Dormammu as well, joining with Strange and Clea against him. Furious, Dormammu vowed to destroy the Dark Dimension completely. Concerned for her people, Clea wanted to surrender, and threatened to do so herself when her three allies refused. Umar proposed a plan: that she and Mordo be given rulership of the Dark Dimension and Dormammu be granted rulership over a sub-realm. Clea agreed to abdicate her throne if her people lived, and Umar agreed, casting Dormammu into the realm of the Mindless Ones. Clea bid Umar farewell, promising to never return to the Dark Dimension unless invited or unless Umar became a tyrant again. Clea returned to Earth with Strange and gloried at the light shining there.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#26 (fb) - BTS) - Clea took time to adjust to her loss of the Dark Dimension and connection to Umar, but was still distant when she returned to Strange's mansion.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#26) - Not to be comforted by Strange, Clea was distant as Topaz rushed in, claiming to be possessed by the demon Ullikummis. Strange asked to speak to Clea alone, and Wong, Topaz, and Rintrah left. Despite Clea's protestations, Strange cast a sleep spell over her, unwilling to put her in harm's way while he didn't know the full extent of her powers.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#29) - 24 hours later, Strange checked in on Clea to make sure she was still sleeping.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30) - Another day later, Clea woke up furious and approached Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#32 (fb)) - Clea was furious with Strange and refused to listen to his explanation or apology. She held his off with a spell and departed, telling him she wasn't even sure if she wanted to stay involved with him. Rintrah, Baron Blood, and Topaz watched her leave.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#32) - When Clea heard about an earthquake hours later, she went back to check on Strange and found him in battle with the Silver Dagger. She used a mystic blast to destroy the villain's magic dagger, and was then drained. She watched as Strange and Silver Dagger had a vicious mystical fight that ended with Silver Dagger being trapped in the dimension of Agamotto. Strange and Clea embraced, apologizing and forgiving each other, and Strange promised not to use anymore sleep spells. He asked Clea to aid him in the world's battle against Thanos, which had led to half of the world's population disappearing.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#33) - As Strange was acting as a mystic anchor for several heroes who were fighting Thanos across the universe, he was caught up in a maelstrom that made him disappear in the timestream. Ignoring Pip the Troll's warnings, Clea jumped in the maelstrom with Strange to aid him, though he was initially angry at her for doing so. They combined their powers to enter the timestream again and discovered themselves in ancient Egypt at the Lighthouse of Pharos. Clea, relying on Strange's knowledge, followed him to what they thought was the burning library of Alexandria, but they later discovered it was only a warehouse. Seeking mystic knowledge, they flew over the rebellious forces of Ptolemy fighting against the Romans. They entered the palace and met Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, who Clea knew of from watching a movie about them, and Clea was shocked to learn that Strange had met them before (though they did not know it as that meeting was in Strange's past and their future). They found the true library and discovered a spell in a scroll of the Vishanti that would take them home, but Zota the sorcerer attacked and trapped Clea in the Mirror of Mysteries. Zota threatened to destroy the mirror unless the scroll was surrendered, and cracked it to prove his point. Clea begged Strange to sacrifice her, but Strange surrendered the scroll, knowing an enchantment upon it would defeat Zota. Clea was freed and Strange cast a spell to return them to the modern day, using fellow mystic Doctor Druid as their anchor to return.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#34) - Clea, Strange, and Druid combined their powers to pull the Scarlet Witch across space, from where Thanos had tried to kill her, while Pip and Rintrah watched. Strange showed them a pane of broken glass shards which had once been Thor and a statue of Dr. Doom, their allies against Thanos and both of whom Thanos had transformed into their present states. Strange and Druid departed to restore Doom to his natural state and left the others behind to work on restoring Thor.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#35) - Strange and Druid returned, but the others hadn't made any progress on Thor, who they all agreed was likely not the true Thor. Strange, Clea, and the Scarlet Witch moved via spell to the Asgardian Ginnungagap to restore Thor, leaving the others behind at the mansion. They arrived surprisingly in Hel and were attacked by the three-headed Cerberus, who was zapped by Clea and Strange to stop from eating the Scarlet Witch. Hela revealed herself and threatened to keep them there. While Strange attacked Hela, Clea blocked Cerberus with a fire-shield. Hela soon agreed to let the trio pass on to Niflheim. Clea worried about the vast mystic strength Strange was having to use as he worked to restore Thor. Both Frost Giants and Fire-trolls approached in anger and attacked, not wanting Thor to be restored. Clea held them off with a rain of fire on the Frost Giants and pelting icy hail on the Fire-trolls, then conjured a mystic force field to block their return fire. The Scarlet Witch managed to reconstitute Thor, who helped them repel their enemies. Strange retrieved Firelord and Drax the Destroyer (both found by Pip and Rintrah) and left them with Thor to be summoned in the coming battle with Thanos. Clea wondered if their small force, including Hulk and Warlock, would be enough to defeat Thanos.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#36) - Though only a few remembered the victory against Thanos (including Clea), many of Strange's friends gathered to toast him, and Clea rewarded him with a kiss while they hovered. They watched Victor and Morgana depart, bid farewell to Druid and the Scarlet Witch, and rejoiced at the announcement of Wong and Imei's set wedding date. Gamora and Pip arrived unexpectedly, seeking help against Warlock, who now possessed the Infinity Gems. Strange tended to the challenge then returned with only seconds having passed. He put his mystic artifacts back in their places and rejoined the party.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#38 (fb) - BTS) - To acclimate better to Earth life, Clea agreed to take a job at the Memorial Metaphysical Institute, where she would help test others for genuine psychic powers and work with Sara.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#38 (fb)) - Sara and Clea were working with client Joanne when Mr. Barrie interrupted them, claiming he was having a terrible nightmare. Clea tried consoling him when she saw a seeming dimensional aperture in the room, which frightened Barrie and caused him to jump to his death, but Clea caught him in a mystic sphere, saving his life. They rushed to tell Strange, and Clea saw two more such daymares on the way back, noting that Sara could not see them.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#38) - Clea and Sara interrupted Strange and Rintrah's training session to tell him what happened, Clea using a spell to restore her mystic costume. Strange wondered why the Orb of Agamotto hadn't warned him of this, but instead went downstairs to check the news for any signs. They turned on the TV and found a horror station on, with a network show starring Roadkill and Splatt, recent horror sensations. They were shocked when Roadkill and Splatt came out of the screen, knocked down Strange, resisted Clea's spells, and fled through the wall. They were then shocked to find themselves in Nightmare's realm. They moved to attack Nightmare, but Clea and Rintrah were held back by the demons Nightmare conjured until Strange pulled them away in a mystic whirlwind; Clea had to inform Rintrah they hadn't beaten the demons themselves. After Strange briefly fought Nightmare, they returned home and heard a challenge from Skirra Korvus, the owner of the horror TV station, for Strange to appear at the station. Strange decided to do so before checking on his talismans, and invited Clea to come with him. They flew invisibly to the station where the secretary Ms. Marmelstein showed them in to Korvus, who Clea hit with a mystic spell when she sensed there was more to him and Korvus was revealed as the Straw Man, one of the Fear-Lords who had betrayed them. They were then attacked by the Lurking Unknown, who set the Straw Man on fire, seemingly killing him. Clea felt despair at the loss, and Strange exposed the demonic D'Spayre nearby as well, though D'Spayre then departed. Clea bound the Lurking Unknown in light bonds, figuring that he couldn't harm her since she wasn't very frightened of him, but he punched her aside and knocked her out briefly. Strange fought the villain, aided by more magic attacks from Clea and the Lurking Unknown was defeated and vanished. Strange vowed that he and Clea would defeat the other Fear-Lords.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#39) - Strange returned to his mansion with a surviving painting of the Straw Man, but Clea found herself wondering about the Dark Dimension and how it was faring, and she briefly discussed it with Sara and Rintrah. Wong and Imei pointed out that night had descended over the city, and he, Rintrah, and Clea rushed out to help people from being harmed. Strange managed to banish the darkness just as Nox attacked them, summoning her sons Phobos and Deimos to aid her, and the fear-eating Kkallakki of Kkallakku attacked as well. Clea and Rintrah turned to fight Phobos and Deimos, but they were quickly overwhelmed with fear, while Strange defeated the Kkallakki. Nox prepared to kill Clea with the soul-eating Sword of Night, but Strange charged she and Rintrah with mystical confidence (after blocking the sword with shields) and they quickly defeated Phobos and Deimos. They avoided Nox's Tendrils of Night, and Nox fled when faced with the Eye of Agamotto's light. Clea tended to Rintrah, who had a broken rib. After disposing of reporter Felicia Farrow, and Strange finally tended to his artifacts, realizing that the Dweller in Darkness had blocked them. Wong and Imei were overcome with overpowering nightmares and Strange awoke them, realizing much of humanity was in danger of similar attacks. Through the Orb, they watched Nightmare and the Dweller in Darkness go to war, their forces quickly overwhelming each other, but they united to capture Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#40) - Unable to help Strange and filled with hope, Clea was shocked when Daredevil (Matt Murdock) entered, having been summoned by Strange to the mansion. At Strange's mental suggestion, Daredevil summoned the Straw Man through the painting. The three of them and Rintrah, now able to enter the dimension where Strange was being held, attacked, by Clea and Rintrah were quickly overcome with waves of despair from D'Spayre, who'd usurped control of the Fear-Lords' plots. Clea couldn't watch as D'Spayre tried making Strange kill himself, but Strange overcame D'Spayre and held him in the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, which Clea fortified with the Flames of the Faltine. Clea comforted Daredevil, who was feeling helpless, and mourned the Straw Man's loss during the battle. The heroes soon returned home.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#41) - Clea and Strange were shocked from their sleep by an attack from Wolverine, who'd been possessed by the Undying Ones and brought in the mansion through the N'Garai's Sa'arpool in the basement. Wolverine could not sense Clea, who stayed out of the fight at Strange's suggestion and brought Strange a silver dagger (reasoning it would free Wolverine of possession), allowing Strange to triumph. Clea tended to one of the sprites who'd been knocked down by Wolverine, then agreed to remain in the mansion as Strange's familiar while he and Wolverine entered the dimension of the Undying Ones to close all the Sa'arpools on Earth and stop the Undying Ones' planned invasion. She hovered and meditated while Wong and Imei looked on, helping a victorious Strange and Wolverine return when they were successful. The trio retired for a drink.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual II#2/5 (fb) - BTS) - Clea checked in and found that Umar and Mordo had started a new tyranny. She vowed to put a stop to it.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual II#2/5) - While Clea was taking a bath, she was shocked to see a small Faltinian appear in front of her. He introduced himself as Flyx and explained that he needed her help in solving a complex family feud in the Faltinian home dimension. Clea agreed to help Flyx if Flyx would aid her in liberating the Dark Dimension. Flyx agreed, though he encouraged Clea to do so quickly. Clea mystically dressed herself and told Flyx that she refused to involve Strange, as she wanted to show her people that she could aid them without him. They then decided to ask some of the lords of other dimensions for help, and transported themselves to the Purple Dimension to implore Aggamon for help. They fought their way past Aggamon's guards, then asked him for help. Aggamon refused, but offered to let Clea search his realm for powerful gems to help her. He took her to a gem storage, then imprisoned her within a large purple gem, taking back the Purple Gem Clea had brought with her. The gem began quickly aging Clea and Flyx until Clea called upon mystical entities to restore their age. Flyx then, using almost all of his power, freed them from the gem in an explosion that destroyed much of Aggamon's realm. Aggamon threatened Clea anew, but she convinced him to let them go free, making Aggamon promise to give her weapons when she asked for them, and to not tell anyone else of her plans.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#42) - Clea returned to Strange's mansion with Flyx and was shocked to see Nova, herald of Galactus, there. Clea was initially jealous, but apologized, claiming she was preoccupied. They learned that Eternity was in danger and that Galactus was seeking Strange's aid, but Nova refused to answer more questions and destroyed much of the living room in an angry fiery burst. Clea and Strange calmed her down, and Strange restored the damage to the house. Clea pulled Strange aside to tell him of her concern for the Dark Dimension, but Galactus arrived just them and pulled the roof off the house. Clea and Rintrah rushed out to see what was happening, expressing their fear of Galactus, and Clea assured Flyx they would leave soon. When Galactus turned him powers on the buildings around them, Clea and Rintrah tried to attack, but couldn't, so they instead worked to save civilians from crashing debris, remaining invisible from sight. They then worked to breach Galactus' energy barrier to attack him, though Galactus relinquished his attack when Strange agreed to go with him. Strange kissed Clea goodbye, causing her to worry because she wondered if he thought he would be coming back. Not willing to wait and worry, Clea said goodbye to Rintrah and departed through a portal with Flyx to investigate the Dark Dimension.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#43 (fb) - BTS) - Clea and Flyx found the Dark Dimension overwhelmed with darkness, and determined they would need allies to investigate what had happened.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#43) - Seeking to recruit Rintrah, Clea and Flyx returned to Strange's mansion, stopping mysterious tentacles from the Orb of Agamotto from overwhelming Rintrah. She told Rintrah and Sara of what had happened, and learned that Rintrah would not join them, so they moved to ask Tiboro of the Sixth Dimension for help.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#48) - Clea, Flyx, Tiboro, and five other unnamed sorceress allies attacked Umar and Mordo in the Dark Dimension, determined to overthrow them for their tyrannical actions as leaders. Umar conceded, but realized that Flyx was Dormammu in disguise. Dormammu absorbed Umar and Mordo into himself and resumed control of the Dark Dimension.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#50 (fb) - BTS) - Dormammu sent Clea's allies reeling, imprisoned the dwellers of the Dark Dimension, and kept Clea captive, as a trap for Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#67 (fb) - BTS) - Dormammu asserted control of the Mindless Ones and allowed them to wreak havoc on the Dark Dimension. He killed anyone but Clea who had a shred of mystic power, and placed many of the denizens into prison camps, where they were brutalized.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49) - Clea managed to contact Strange long enough to warn him about Dormammu, not knowing Strange was severely weakened.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#50) - Strange summoned aid from the Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Ghost Rider, and they attacked Dormammu's forces. Meanwhile, Dormammu, mad with power and in a giant six-armed form, ridiculed Clea, who remained defiant and spit in his face, causing Dormammu to hang her upside-down over a fiery pit. Silver Surfer freed Clea and they released her human allies together. They then joined Hulk and Strange against Dormammu and defeated him. Dormammu departed, vowing revenge. After Strange tended to Ghost Rider, who'd been wounded, Clea told him she planned to help her people in rebuilding the Dark Dimension, and they bid farewell.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#67 (fb) - BTS) - Clea saw the Dark Dimension enter a state of civil war, the world in anarchy as seven warring factions plundered the landscape each trying to gain control. Clea sought to restore order and found several who would follow her. The war was a result of the mighty War of Seven Spheres.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual II#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Different groups of rebels united under Clea, who they referred to as the Supreme Adept, in an attempt to restore order to the Dark Dimension. Several supernatural factions, including Dormammu, Slorioth, Fatalis, and the Trinity of Ashes, all started vying for power in the Dark Dimension. Dormammu established a large citadel and killed many mystics remaining in the Dark Dimension, including Muuro. Clea sought to appeal to Doctor Strange for help, but found that all the usual interdimensional pathways that she utilized around Tal-Chatale were blocked. She realized the only way to Earth would be through Dormammu's personal Portal of Passage in his citadel. She put together a complex plot to arrive there, knowing that if she revealed herself or used her mystic talents Dormammu would find her, and also knowing her plan would cause others to die. Clea posed as a young man, Rei, and joined one band of freedom fighters led by Ral Rimba and including Lalla and Sharr. As Rei, Clea used a casting rod in battle, The fighters' ranks were all but decimated in a battle at the Gorge of Transubstantiation, where Ral Rimba and all but six of the fighters were killed. Lalla took the lead.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual II#4/2) - Lalla led the others across the battle fields, and received a message form Clea through her telling stone that told them to storm Dormammu's citadel to rescue Muuro. Clea knew Muuro was dead, but wanted to create a sufficient distraction to allow her access to the Portal and that would not raise Dormammu's suspicions. She continued to play up Rei's enthusiasm. Clea ordered others of her forces to create a distraction on other battlefields that would weaken Dormammu's forces at the citadel. Lalla ordered Sharr and Rei to sneak in the citadel, and then she and the others were killed in battle with the forces. Sharr saved Rei from a nearly deadly attack of the Petrifigon Sentries. Rei and Sharr ran through the citadel with Dormammu's forces on their heels, and Rei tried taking Sharr into Dormammu's personal chambers, but Sharr rushed forward to Muuro's cell. Clea revealed herself to Sharr and rushed to his chamber, knowing she had only moments to act before Dormammu would come after her. She blocked the passage with the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, explained to Sharr her plan, then rushed through the portal, leaving Sharr to defend himself and knowing that he would likely die.  

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#67 (fb)) - Clea convinced her followers, including Nobel and Sharr, that she should try and get Strange for help, though Nobel believed that they should look to Dormammu to instill order in them. Clea completed a transtep jump to Earth, with a white heartstone around her neck that would turn black when she was required to return to the Dark Dimension. Sharr sacrificed his life to safeguard her journey.

(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#67) - Clea appeared in Greenwich Village and was shocked at how different things looked and to find that Strange's mansion was gone. She disguised her appearance, though she thought the new styles distasteful and refused to mimic a tongue ring. In a local bar, the Hate-Ball, Clea played a game of pool against a man while probing he and his friends for information about Strange's whereabouts, and learned that a Professor Nobody had said Strange was a faceless vigilante now. She won the pool game and required the men to take her to Nobody. As they walked, she asked the newsstand attendant, Mr. Yuan, if he had seen Strange, but he didn't recognize her and wouldn't answer. The three men pushed Clea into an alley and drew knives, and she held them off with mystic bonds that she filled with the garbage in the alley. As she left the alley, she was tripped by Nobody, who told her that the sorceress Salomé had been split into composite beings and that Salomé had become the Sorceress Supreme. Clea reverted to her true form and focused on her inner connection to Strange, manifesting in another dimension where Strange had moved his sanctum. She embraced him and quickly discovered, through a mind-meld, that he was only the "good" aspects of Strange, and that he had intentionally divided the other parts of his nature out of himself and into different forms. Clea was overwhelmed with this news, and told Strange that she needed him whole to help her. She realized that he needed this trial in order to progress, and professed her love for him. Strange turned towards artifacts he had collected and told Clea that she had given him inspiration. Clea told Strange she knew he would help her when he could, and, her heartstone turning black, returned to the Dark Dimension.

(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#73) - Faced with no other options, Clea agreed with Nobel's decision to ally with Dormammu, but only under strict negotiations. Though she doubted her decision, she realized there were no other options for the Dark Dimension to find peace. With Nobel and their other young followers, Clea passed through the battle scarred Sarebbe Wastelands to meet with the negotiators. Nobel shot a Rellig, giving them a little bit to eat. Clea used her family flag, given to her by Orini, on a pole to guide them. They approached a magic dampening field, which was provided by the alien negotiators, the Mori, and Clea was nervous about giving up her magic for the negotiations, but Nobel assured her that he was prepared to protect her. Dormammu entered with the leader of his forces, Commander Wade, and Dormammu, sans magic, appeared as a burnt corpse. He arrogantly stated that he would enter the treaty, but grew furious when Clea called him partner. He ripped out Wade's spine and threw it at Clea, but instead impaled Nobel, who apologized to Clea for letting her down. While Dormammu attacked the aliens, who dissolved the magic field, Clea tried tending to Nobel's injuries, but her followers made her run, even leaving her flag behind. They fled up the nearby mountain, only six of them surviving, as Dormammu summoned Mindless Ones to pursue them.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#75) - Cornered in the mountains by Dormammu and his Mindless Ones, Clea watched over the dying Nobel. She tried to protect herself and the last three soldiers with small mystic shields from the attacking Mindless Ones until they suddenly stopped their attacks. Dormmammu stepped forward to kill Clea personally and after only one blow she on the ground and at his mercy. Noble's corpse rose from the ground, as it had been combined with the defeated Strange, to form the being Paradox. He saved Clea from Dormammu and flew her to a safer place. She immediately trusted Paradox because his magic reminded her of Doctor Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#78) - Clea ordered Paradox to knock down an enemy structure and her soldiers rushed to fight, but Clea still sensed a store of magical power. Paradox offered to rush forward, though Clea told him to let her and that she wasn't a child still. She sensed Kronik, Dormammu's former telepathic advisor, under the Earth in a mystic bubble and she unearthed him. Kronik offered to join Clea's side and Clea asked why she should trust him. Kronik told Clea that the fallout from the War of the Seven Spheres was mutating many of the Dark Dimension's denizens, creating deadly mutated mystics who were killing many. Kronik claimed that the mutants had killed him family and that he could aid Clea against them. Clea wondered what to do, though Paradox encouraged her to kill Kronik.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#83) - Clea led her forces, including Paradox, against a deadly force of the Mindless Ones, who'd been marshaled by Dormammu against them. They forced the Mindless Ones into a narrow mountain pass, where they could only pass through one at a time, allowing Clea and the others to deal with them more easily.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#4) - Clea visited Madripoor during Prince Baran's tourism boost.

(Order I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Clea and her forces holed up in a mountainous headquarters, where they were protected from mystic attacks. They kept the war against Dormammu going.

(Order I#3) - Under the direction of the mystic Papa Hagg, Defenders Nighthawk, Hellcat, and Valkyrie (Samantha Parrington) sought out Namorita, She-Hulk, and Clea to aid them against their power-mad former allies, Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Sub-Mariner, who were referring to themselves as the Order and seeking to take over the world. As Clea was arguing with General Eldar about the ongoing war, she was shocked to see Hellcat, Namorita, Nighthawk, She-Hulk, and Valkyrie appear in their headquarters. Clea ordered her ally, Gonzah, to stand down and introduced the intruders as her friends. Clea apologized to her friends and told them she couldn't abandon the war to aid them. She also expressed her bitterness at Strange for not coming to help her. Hellcat promised that if Clea would help them in their fight against the Order, the Defenders, including Strange, would come back and help her win the war against Dormammu. With that promise, Clea agreed to help. They returned to Papa Hagg, who told them they also needed a female counterpart from the Silver Surfer.

(Order I#4) - Clea waited patiently at Defenders' headquarters, watching her allies antics with the computer-programmed Bunnyhopper and Valkyrie's parents, Reginald and Malicia Parrington. Papa Hagg returned and planned to send the Defenders against the Order to take a rib from the Silver Surfer and create a female version of him. They infiltrated the Order's headquarters, on the floating former Sky-Island. Clea cast a spell to disguise them from Strange's mystic perceptions, confident it was enough as Strange had traded the Eye of Agamotto for the lesser Star of Capistan. Though Clea was reluctant, they snuck into the Surfer's quarters, and they held him down while Clea used a mystic knife to pierce the Surfer's skin just where Hagg had told them to. She then cast a spell, calling on Umar, Hecate, Demeter, and Apalla to use Surfer's power and created their new ally, Ardina. Strange, Hulk, and Sub-Mariner surrounded them, and initiated attack. Clea implored the masked Strange to remember their marriage, but Strange considered Clea a betrayer. Clea punched Strange, disgusted with his actions and his willingness to harm his former teammates. Strange caught them up in a spell and sent them to another dimension.

(Order I#5) - Clea and her allies landed in the dimension of Yann, with Nighthawk and Hellcat severely wounded. They looked over the land, fought off a Yann-snail and a Yann-bat, and Clea moved her allies to safety with a hover-spell. As a volcano exploded, they saved some civilians from the lava and met the Masters of the Mental Arts, including Christopher Ganyrog and Romantic Objective Pamela. They learned that Yann was in danger from the Order's actions as well, and Hellcat figured out that Yandroth was behind it all. As Hellcat and Nighthawk had their injuries tended to, they learned more of why the Order was the way it was and Yandroth's plans to destroy Yann and rule Earth. Clea was sure to point out that the Order were still ultimately responsible for their own actions, however. On Earth, the Order engaged in a massive battle with dozens of Earth heroes, a battle that would allow Yandroth to accomplish his goals.

(Order I#6) - Clea and her allies returned to Earth and worked to stop the battle between the heroes and the Order. Clea feared they were too late. Clea, Ardina, She-Hulk, and Namorita implored the Order to listen to them and stop their fight but they attacked. Silver Surfer attacked Ardina, but Clea stopped him with the Winds of Watoomb. The women continued the battle, careful not to directly attack and only to defend themselves. The Masters of the Mental Arts then arrived to help the women. As the battle continued raging, Papa Hagg joined the women, who were being pursued by the Order. Papa Hagg was shot down and the women jumped in front of the Order, letting bolts from the heroes pass through them (due to an enchantment from Hagg) and hit their male counterparts. This allowed their rational sides to awake and the Order refused to continue fighting, defeating Yandroth once and for all. The battle over, Clea agreed to attend a brief party with Papa Hagg and the others to rest up.

(Defenders III#4) - When Dormammu briefly remade the Earth in his image, he appointed a twisted alternate version of Doctor Strange to a position of power. This Strange tortured Clea brutally, and was shocked when she still defied him and promised to take him down, though her retorts were weak. Clea wept for this Strange, and he angrily ordered an alternate version of the Thing to cut out her tongue. True reality was soon restored.

(New Avengers I#53) - The Eye of Agamotto appeared to Clea as it considered her a possible replacement for Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.

(Fearless Defenders#6) - Clea joined Hellcat and Black Cat on an adventure against an unidentified entity.

(Fearless Defenders#7) - After ensorcelling murder trolls to turn against their master Dormammu, Clea aided Valkyrie in her request to return Annabelle Riggs to life. They entered Valhalla, and Clea bonded the two women together so they'd share one form, trading places.

(Fearless Defenders#9) - Clea sought out Doctor Strange and found him dallying with other women, breaking her heart. The Defenders (Valkyrie, Clea, Misty Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, Moonstar, Warrior Woman) battled the Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton), Quicksand, and the Headmen (Arthur Nagan, Chondu the Mystic, and Ruby Thursday, who were seeking to reanimate some ancient entities who'd taken form in statues, called the Pandemonium Axles, hired by Caroline Le Fey to do so. Chondu's head was on a massive mechanical snake-like body. To defeat the Axles, the women were joined by Iron Fist, Werewolf, Hercules, X-Man, Venom, Cannonball, and Doctor Strange. Valkyrie's switching back to Annabelle Riggs put a damper on her love life with Venom. After the fight, Clea asked Doctor Strange for a divorce.

(Fearless Defenders#11) - Clea and Misty Knight questioned Enchantress about her connections to Caroline Le Fey.

(Fearless Defenders#12) - Clea and Misty Knight recruited Nova (Frances Hyatt) before attacking the Doom Maidens (Anaconda, Aradnea, Mindblast, Scorpia, Shriek, Titania, Zheng Bao Yu), Caroline le Fay, and Mr. Raven. During the battle, Clea's magic countered Aradnea. Caroline le Fay disappeared, and Nova absorbed all her remaining magical energy.

(Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme I#12) - Clea was among many sorcerers summoned by Merlin to the Beaches of Nevermore to help the Ancient One and the Sorcerers Supreme break through a magical barrier.

(Doctor Strange IV#385) – Clea felt her magic being pulled from her by Loki, who used the Exile of Singhsoon spell.

(Dr. Strange IV#389) – Strange had dinner with Clea and told her of his recent adventures. She helped him realize his feelings for Zelma Stanton before leaving.

(Doctor Strange: Damnation#4 – BTS) – Doctor Strange considered Clea as a member of his new Midnight Sons team.

(Asgardians of the Galaxy#4 (fb) ) - Clea met with Valkyrie, who was still sharing a body with Annabelle Riggs, and Clea complimented her clothing choices. Valkyrie asked Clea if she would look into separating her form from Annabelle's, and Clea agreed.

(Asgardians of the Galaxy#9 (fb) - BTS) - Clea sensed that Valkyrie had died, and she realized that Annabelle Riggs still had a chance to live if she could be saved in time.

(Asgardians of the Galaxy#9) - Clea summoned Ren Kimura, needing her emotional connection to Annabelle to find her. The Asgardians of the Galaxy chose to accompany her, though Angela and Urzuul stayed behind. Clea took the group back in time, tapping into the energies of Executioner's axe to do so, and they landed in the pocket-realm where Valkyrie and Annabelle existed when not on Earth. They battled undead warriors and returned Annabelle to Earth.

(Doctor Strange V#17) - In order to save all of reality, Doctor Strange had to rewrite existence. He hoped to settle down with Clea, who remained in the Dark Dimension battling the Mindless Ones, but Mephisto called in a favor and removed knowledge of Doctor Strange from Clea's mind completely. Just before she forgot him, Clea admitted that she had hoped for another chance with Doctor Strange.

(Death of Doctor Strange#3 (fb) - BTS) – When Doctor Strange was killed on Earth, Clea suddenly had all her memories back, and she deeply grieved her loss.

(Death of Doctor Strange#2 (fb) - BTS) - Clea learned that Aggamon, Dagoth, Tiboro, Umar, and others had fled their realms for Earth, and then she sensed that the Three Mothers were coming after her, seeking magical beings to feed to their Peregrine Child.

(Death of Doctor Strange#2) - Clea fled to Earth and found a younger version of Doctor Strange from the past had come forward to solve his murder. Clea told Wong about the outer realms, then the Three Mothers attacked at the same moment the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel) arrived. The Three Mothers defeated the Avengers then departed.

(Death of Doctor Strange#3) - At Avengers Mountain, Clea presented to the Avengers and Wong about the Peregrine Child and the Three Mothers. Jane Foster reported that Strange's hands and soul had both been taken, which prevented a new Sorcerer Supreme from being selected. Clea sent out her familiar spirit, Flibbertigibbet, to look for clues, then she opened up to the younger Strange about her grief, briefly kissing him before Flibbertigibet returned, having tracked the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation to Castle Mordo. Clea, Doctor Strange, and Wong attacked Castle Mordo and found Mordo and Kaecilius.

(Death of Doctor Strange#4) - Mordo claimed he'd been framed for the murder, and Clea and the others believed him, then headed back to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange revealed who had killed him and put together a plan with Clea, Wong, and Magik. They soon travelled to Umar's stronghold in Antarctica, called New Umarria, and met with Umar, Tiboro, Kaecilius, Baron Mordo, and Aggamon. Strange revealed Kaecilius to be the killer.

(Death of Doctor Strange#5) - The younger Doctor Strange cast a spell that replaced Kaecilius' form with that of the modern Doctor Strange. As the Avengers and X-Men arrived to battle the Three Mothers and the Peregrine Child, the five Sorcerers Supreme (including Clea, Doctor Strange, Magik, Aggamon, and Tiboro) worked together to cast a spell that banished their foes. Doctor Strange was reclaimed by Death, but he asked Clea to serve in his stead, leaving her his Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Strange was beset by a vision of Clea in Doctor Strange II#55, in which a pin-up of Clea also appears. Clea appeared on the cover of New Avengers: Illuminati#5, but not in the issue. In Strange Tales II#10, Ghaszaszh Nyirh posed as Clea, and was briefly trapped in her form.  A pinup of Clea appears in the back of Doctor Strange Annual III#3. Strange, in his alias as Vincent Stevens, had a cat named Clea.

Clea appeared on the cover of New Avengers#51.

Thanks to SQUEAK, Snood (there is a pair of names!) and Markus Raymond, for their help with some missing issues.

Thanks to John McDonagh for providing the following summary from William Rotsler's Nightmare book: "Clea examined Doctor Strange's copy of the Necronomicon. Later, she joined Dr. Strange on a case as he encountered several people manipulated by Nightmare. Nightmare had been manipulating the dreams of an actress (who offered Strange the role of Merlin in a Camelot film), boxer, sniper, and a televangelist. Nightmare's interaction with the waking world had apparently started his control of his dream realm to slip, so he hatched a plot using a televangelist to merge his dream realm with the waking world. Clea was swept up into Nightmare's realm (which in this case had an odd realm where the Shadow and Sherlock Holmes flew biplanes against King Kong)."

John also reports that Clea's name was taken from a series called the Alexandria Quartet

Thanks to an interview with Sofia Strange creator Jason Henderson, found here, it is revealed that Sofia was indeed intended to be the daughter of Strange and Clea. In the original plans, Doctor Strange never knew Sofia existed, and Clea sent her and her nanny Vesper to Earth to protect Sofia from Dormammu. A scene written but cut from the published issue had Doctor Strange sense Sofia's presence on Earth when she used her magic. As this is all unpublished, though, it remains unverified as canon.
--Madison Carter

In Hulk III#10 (April, 2009), Clea and a masked Doctor Strange are seen battling Mindless Ones and Clea is apparently lost to them. Strange is then pulled forward in time to battle the Offenders. It seems clear that this is an alternate Earth that this Strange hailed from.

It is difficult to know the exact placement of the flashback from Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme I#5.

Clea has entries in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#2, Master Edition#18 and Women of Marvel 2005.

In Doctor Strange IV#387-388, Mephisto cast a spell on a possessed Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), making her look like Clea, in order to trick Dr. Strange, then Strange later saw a vision of Clea in the nether-realms.

Profile by Chadman.

Clea has no known connections to

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Defenders III#4 (December, 2005) - JM DeMatteis, Keith Giffen (writers), Kevin Maguire (penciler/inker), Andy Schmidt (editor)
New Avengers I#53 (July, 2009) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Billy Tan (pencils), Matt Banning (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Fearless Defenders#5-7 (2013) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Will Sliney (penciler/inker), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Fearless Defenders#9 (November, 2013) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Will Sliney (penciler/inker), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Fearless Defenders#11-12 (January-February, 2014) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Will Sliney (penciler/inker), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme I#5 (April, 2017) - Robbie Thompson (writer), Nathan Stockman (artist), Nick Lowe (editor)
Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme I#12 (November, 2017) - Robbie Thompson (writer), Nathan Stockman (artist), Darren Shan (editor)
Doctor Strange IV#25 (November, 2017) - John Barber (writer), Kevin Nowlan, Scott Hanna, Dexter Vines, Mark Morales, Terry Pallot, Tom Palmer, Dan Brown (artists), Nick Lowe (editor)
Doctor Strange IV#385 (April, 2018) – Donny Cates (writer), Gabriel Hernandez Walta (artist), Nick Lowe (editor)
Doctor Strange IV#388 (June, 2018) – (Donny Cates (writer), Niko Henrichon (Artist), Nick Lowe (editor)
Doctor Strange: Damnation#4 (June, 2018) – Don Cates, Nick Spencer (writers), Rod Reis, Szymon Kudranski (inkers), Nick Lowe (editor)
Asgardians of the Galaxy#4 (February, 2019) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Matteo Lolli, Natacha Bustos (pencilers), Luca Maresca (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Asgardians of the Galaxy#9 (July, 2019) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Paolo Villanelli (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Doctor Strange V#17 (November, 2019) - Mark Waid (writer), Barry Kitson (penciler), Scott Koblish (inker), Nick Lowe (editor) Death of Doctor Strange#2-5 (December, 2021 - March, 2022) - Jed MacKay (writer), Lee Garbett (artist), Darren Shan (editor)

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