Real Name: Kinyras (Nin-Agal is his Assyrian name)

Identity/Class: Mesopotamian Gods (Annunaki), degenerated into demon

Occupation: Former God of metal and smelting

Group Membership: Sumerian Gods

Affiliations: A cult which worshipped him in England;
Dweller-in-Darkness, Ludi;
Marcia Trent (pawn);
briefly inhabited the stone form of the Black Knight

Enemies: Murdoch Adams, Victoria Bentley, Clea, Dr. Strange, Lenore Wilkins

Known Relatives: Anu (father), Mami (mother),  Nusku, Nergal, Gibil (brothers)
Zarpandit, Ningal (sisters); Enlil, Hadad, Ninurta, Martu (half-brothers); Marduk (cousin);
Nanna, Shamash (nephews); Anunit, Aya, Damu (nieces)
Ningal referred to Ludi as his "demon-brother", but this is more likely a term of allegiance than relation.

Aliases: Kinyras, Kothar, Chusor, Hasammeli, Nin-Agal

Base of Operations: currently imprisoned within a block of mystic amber in an unknown location (most likely in a pocket dimension, or possibly with Castle Garrett, England);
formerly imprisoned within a block of lambent energy (apparently in a cave in Southern France);
formerly Dilmun (the realm of the Mesopotamian Gods);

First Appearance: Chamber of Chills#3/3 (March, 1973)


Powers: Ningal presumably possesses powers similar to those of a more physically oriented god, such as superhuman strength (Class 50), durability, etc., and immunity to the effects of disease and aging. He would also likely have some ability in weapon making, and the use of such weapons as well. How these abilities have been affected by his demon-degeneration is unknown. He does possess wings that enable him to fly.
In his only known appearance, his abilities were bolstered by the Dweller-in-Darkness, and they were greater than what a "lesser demon" such as himself should be able to possess. In this form, he possessed sufficient power to engage in direct battle with Dr. Strange' astral self. He could project bolts of bedevilment, inhabit, animate, and even reassemble inanimate objects, teleport, etc. However, like the Dweller and his creations, Ningal was vulnerable to the light of the Eye of Agamotto.
Ningal's physical strength was his primary asset while possessing the Black Knight statue.




History: (myth) Nin-Agal was the ancient smith-god of the ancient Mesopotamian Empire. Worshipped as Kinyras in Sumeria and on the isle of Cyprus, he was credited with building the palace for the gods and for creating the weapons that killed Yamm (Apsu), the mate of the female dragon Leviathan (Tiamat).

(Thor & Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica) - At some point Ningal was approached by Satan (Marduk Kurios), who tempted him with everlasting power. Ningal accepted the deal and was transformed into a demon.

(Chamber of Chills#3 (fb) ) - Archeologist Edward Trent found a statue of Ningal. The statue was placed int he British Museum, Edward disappeared and his daughter Marcia lost her shadow. The authorities had the statue walled up.

(Chamber of Chills#3) - Marcia convinced journalist Reginald Atkins to help break in the Brithish Museum and see if her father's body was walled up with the statue. They did so and the statue came to life and killed Atkins. Marcia revealed that she served Ningal.

(Dr. Strange II#37 (fb) - BTS) - In ancient Assyria, when Ningal was worshipped as a god, armies fell to their knees in blind supplication when Ningal performed such simple feats as spatial manipulation. Yet even then there were mystics, shamans, etc., men he despised for they would not bow before him. Ningal destroyed them for their blasphemy.

(Dr. Strange II#36 (fb) )-In (or near) the modern era, Ningal sought vengeance on Murdoch Adams for the defeat of his demon brother Ludi. After years of conflicts, Ningal slew Adams' lover, Lenore Wilkins. Adams tracked Ningal to a dank cave in Southern France, where he saw the demon preparing to perform some unholy rite on her. Murdoch used a mystic talisman in an effort to stop Ningal, and would up trapping himself as well. The two were "frozen within <a> block of lambent energy." They remained trapped within this block for a number of years.

(Dr. Strange II#35-37)-Ludi joined in an alliance with the Dweller-in-Darkness, who freed Ningal at his request. Ningal joined the Dweller as well, and was sent to attack Dr. Strange. Adams was freed as well, and he joined Dr. Strange and Clea on a flight to England to investigate Ningal's demon cult. Ningal attacked their plane, and Dr. Strange was forced to send his astral self to defend himself and the passengers. His powers amplified by the Dweller, Ningal held his own against Strange's astral self. Strange momentarily stunned Ningal with the light of the Amulet of Agamotto, but as Ningal prepared to rally against the assault, the Dweller teleported him back to the Halls of Fear. The Dweller claimed that he could physically destroy Strange any time he wished, but that he wanted to crush his spirit.
After they arrived in England, Murdoch went of with Marcia Trent, his fiance', who had become a servant on Ningal. She drugged him and prepared to kill him, but he used his talisman to ward off Ningal's influence. However, Marcia died from the trauma of the separation.
Meanwhile, Strange and Clea brought the petrified form of the Black Knight to Garrett Castle, his ancestral home. However, Ningal managed to possess the statue, and attacked them with it. Strange shattered the statue, assuming that would dispel Ningal, but Ningal easily reformed the statue and attacked them anew. After some struggle, Strange managed to weaken Ningal with "the all-consuming maelstrom of madness", and then removed him from the Black Knight's statue. Strange attempted to learn who had sent Ningal, but to no avail, and Strange left Ningal imprisoned in a block of mystic amber.






Comments: Adapted by Gardner Fox (writer) and Ernie Chua (artist).




All mythological info contributed by William Uchtman. The history listed prior to the Dr. Strange issues is for the God Nin-Agal. The demon Ningal claims to be this being, but this has not been definitively proven.
There is also another Ningal of Sumerian myth, but I chose the one that made more sense. Here's the other:

There are a large number of demons who claim to be Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Babylonian gods. Among these are Ba'al, Inanna, Lilith, Marduk, Ningal, Nergal, Ullikumis, and others. My guess is that they went without worshippers for so long that many of them began to prey on humans and degenerated into demons. Another possibility is that the demons are merely impersonating the gods, and the true gods' fates remain unknown.
I can't believe we haven't seen the original Tiamat yet (if we did, it was only as the carcass that held Lilith).
Eriskegal remains a Death Goddess, and Gilgamesh was apparently an Eternal.

The OHotMU Demon entry lists Ningal's first appearance as Chamber of Chills#4, and Ludi's as Dr. Strange II#35. They got them reversed.

I'll deal with the questions of Murdoch Adams in his own profile in the next week.

Lambent means softly bright or radiant.

Nergal has a paragraph in the Annunaki entry in All-New OHotMU Update#3.

Not to be confused with:

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