Real Name: Allatou

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: servant of "Satan"

Group Membership: Member of the court of Satan

Affiliations: "Satan" (master), Mr. Carstairs (owner of grimoire bookstore, pawn), demon servants

Enemies: Hellstorm, Hellcat, West Coast Avengers, Master Pandemonium, Albert+Mary+Melissa Manners, Alan Crandall, and Wilfred Noble

Known Relatives: Nergal (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hell (specifically, a cavern within the realm formerly ruled by Kurios, currently ruled by Hellstorm); The Grimoire Book Shop (presumably in Los Angeles, California)

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight I#18 (October, 1974)

Powers: Allatou is a demon and is not necessarily vulnerable to aging, physical attacks, disease, etc. Her powers are derived from magic and will wax and wane depending on the amount of power she has accrued. She can possess and control others for extended periods of time, twisting a victim's appearance to mirror her own. She can also shift rapidly from host to host. It takes extreme effort, even from an accomplished exorcist such as Hellstrom, to exorcise her unwillingly from a host. Allatou can most easily possess a victim during moments of anguish, when the emotional shields are weakest.

Allatou possesses a number of other abilities, only a few of which have been observed. She can travel and bring others to and from her cavern in Hell. She can alter her density, making herself immaterial to pass through solid objects, or solid enough to be impervious to one of Hawkeye's blast arrows. She can bypass advanced detection systems. She possesses superhuman strength (@ Class 75), enabling her to cause upheavals in the ground by striking it, or to uproot a 25 foot section of rock whole.

Allatou also possessed a small army of demon servants to assist her in battle or in carrying out additional tasks for her.

History: (Marvel Spotlight I#18 (fb) ) - Little is known of the past of Allatou. She was a menial in the court of Satan. She sought to gain further power, or accomplish acts in order to raise her status within the court, possibly even becoming the bride of Satan.

(Marvel Spotlight I#18-19) - When first observed, she had possessed a teenage girl named Mary Manners, just after her father had slapped her in anger after discovering her making out with a guy he perceived as unworthy. Daimon Hellstrom, at the time known as the Son of Satan, observed the destruction of the house and dog of his friend Wilfred Noble, and tracked the demonic energy to the Manners' house. After learning the history he confronted and was attacked by the possessed form of Mary. Hellstrom managed to exorcise her, but she quickly possessed Mary's father, Albert. Hellstrom overpowered Albert, only to find Allatou now possessing Mary's mother, Melissa. Hellstrom eventually managed to trap Allatou in the form of the reporter Alan Crandall, and succeeded in forcing her to flee back to her realm in Hell by threatening to force her to live out the rest of her days as a mortal.


(West Coast Avengers II#13-14) - Allatou's activities over the next several years are unknown. She made an earthly base in the Grimoire Book Shop, making its owner, Mr. Carstairs, her pawn. She encountered Master Pandemonium, presumably in his search for his soul fragments, and came to be his enemy. She made efforts to accrue greater power in order to defend herself against him. When Dr. Henry Pym sought to learn more about the occult, in order to learn more about Master Pandemonium and his demon host, he happened into the Grimoire, where his investigation was overheard by Allatou. Mistakenly believing Pym was allied with Master Pandemonium, she followed him back to Avengers Compound and then brought forth an army of demon servants to capture him. The large number of demons drew the attention of Pandemonium's familiar, Azmodeus, and he joined the battle, both against Allatou and the West Coast Avengers who had arrived to assist Pym. Despite the interferences, Allatou succeeded in abducting Pym, along with Tigra (at the time trapped in her human form as Greer Nelson) back to her realm in Hell.

There Allatou quickly learned of her mistaken assumption about Pym's connection to Pandemonium, but was then again attacked by Master Pandemonium and the West Coast Avengers, who were brought to her realm by Hellstrom, now known as Hellstorm, and his wife, Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat. After a short battle, Allatou uprooted the section of rock her enemies were standing on, and cast it into the River of Death, where they drifted away, leaving her alone in her realm.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan.

Satan, as relates to Allatou, most likely represents Marduk Kurios, the true name of the father of Hellstorm, who frequently went by the name of Satan.

Allatou's relationship with her husband, Nergal, has not been defined. I'm certain, however, that there are no laws against bigamy in Hell. That statement has a certain irony to it.

The trip down the River of Death led Master Pandemonium and the group of heroes to the Land Within, where an encounter with the Cat People enabled Tigra to merge her human and feline aspects, resolving her personality problems. This encounter also gave Master Pandemonium the first of his five sought after soul fragments (which ended up actually being portions of Mephisto's soul).

In the All-New OHotMU Update#3 it was assumed that Allatou was an expelled aspect of Ereshkigal or that the goddess traded her Babylonian name and husband Nergal to her.

Marvel Spotlight I#18-19 (October-December, 1974) - Steve Gerber (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (#18) & Mike Esposito (#19) (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
West Coast Avengers II#13-14 (October-November, 1986) - Steve Englehart (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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