***This profile only deals with the father of Hellstorm and Satana***

Real Name: Marduk Kurios

Identity/Class: Demon (class two)

Occupation: Currently unknown;
    former ruler of a division of Hell;
    posed as the president of Consolidated Electronics.

Group Membership: Hell-Lords (Beelzeboul, Lucifer, Mephisto, Murray, Olivier, Satannish, Thog);
   the Four, Hell, Incorporated; Satan (see comments), Six-Fingered Hand

Affiliations: Daimon Hellstrom imposter (pawn), Chapel of Dresden, Joshua Crow, "Hellverine", Mephisto, Red Right Hand, Gabriel Rosetti, Satannish, Soulfire, Souls of the Damned (and millions of others unnamed), Thog;
   formerly ruled a legion of demons (including Agathon, Allatou, Baphomet, Basilisk, Belial, Dame Aramanthe, Dansker, Nicholis Eblis, Exiter, Dryminextes, Inanna, Kthara, Maledril, Marglar, Nergal, Nightbeast, Sammael, Somnambulist, Zahgurim, Zannarth);
   formerly Brimstone (Jason Broderick, Wally Marcus, Dickie, Stix), Sabretooth (clone)
   possibly the Lords of the Splinter-Realms (Dormammu, D'Spayre, Haemovore Kings of the Outer Dark, Hedron the Faceted, High Seers of Nox, Brutus Klor, Malevolence/King of Pain, Molgotha, the Muranai, Phemous, Pluto, Siffror of the Lifeless, Skarabrous the Stalker, Thog, Umar, Viliven+ thousands)
   worshipped by Ambassat, Black School, Church of the Dark Father, Church of Lucifer, Anton Devine and others;
    Death gods (Hela, Pluto, and presumably
Ahpuch, Eriskegal, Seth, Yama)

Enemies: Armaziel and the forces of Heaven, Asura, Rich Corbett, Defenders, Harry Gotham, Hela, Hellcat, Hellstorm, Hercules, Michael Heron, LaVoisin, Stephen Loss, Mikaboshi, N'Garai, Possessor, Gabriel Rosetti, Sabretooth (clone), Silver Samurai, Tetragrammaton, Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett), Zeus;
    others not listed (see comments)

Known Relatives: Victoria Wingate Hellstrom (former wife), Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstrom/Son of Satan (son), Satana (daughter);
    Presumably reborn as child of LaVoisin and Hellstorm

Aliases: Adversary, Angel of Light, B.L. Zeebub, Black Halo, the Devil, Nicholis Eblis, Simon Garth (imposter), Miles Gorney, Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Flies, Lord of Lies, Lou, Master, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Hell, Satan, the Tempter, Trachos, possibly Lucifer and/or Witch Woman (see comments)

Base of Operations: A realm of Hell;
    formerly Fire Lake, in New England

First Appearance: (As Satan) Marvel Spotlight I#13 (January, 1974); (Satan named as Marduk Kurios) Hellstorm#16 (July, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Marduk is an immensely powerful demon, as would befit a ruler of Hell. on par with the likes of Mephisto, Satannish, and Thog. His powers were much greater within his own realm of Hell, than on Earth, or in other realms.

    Since being dethroned by Hellstorm, his powers are markedly reduced, though their limits remain unknown.

History: As all demons are notorious liars, the true origins of Marduk Kurios may never be known.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#8 (fb) - BTS? / Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual#2 (fb) - BTS?) - After Atum defeated the Elder Gods as Demogorge in the distant past, a great primeval concentration of pure evil energy was left behind. That energy eventually divided, giving birth to a number of demons, shaped and molded by the unconscious desires of their earliest human worshippers. These included Thog, Satannish, and Mephisto, at least.
    This represents one category of Class Two Demons (also included here are fallen/degenerated Gods and Angels).

See comments for a questionable alternative origin for Mephisto and some of the other Hell-Lords

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb) - BTS) - The demon Marduk Kurios came to rule a realm of Hell, presumably by defeating other demons.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb) - BTS) - "...the creature had been around long before human lips formed the word 'Satan,'  The Sumerians had a name for him.  The Sumerians; a people so ancient they could trace the lineage of their kings from before the Great <Biblical> Flood.  So ancient that they recorded the times when feuds in Hell were actually fought on earth.  Sumerians saw the creature win his tract of Hell in battle. In righteous fear of the awful things It did that day, they fell into worship of the beast. And they recorded his name well."

(Ghost Rider II#1 (fb) - BTS / Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb) - BTS / extrapolation) - Marduk Kurios was one of the many Hell-Lords who adopted the name of Satan, posing both as Lucifer and as the sole Devil ruling all of Hell.

(Ghost Rider II#77 (fb) - BTS) - 2000 years ago, Mephisto, noticing Zarathos' expanionist campaign, criticized Thog, Satan, and Satannish for not taking note of this.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#17 (fb)) - Approximately 200 years ago, the Somnambulist raised Satan in Jericho, Nevada. Satan slew 400 of the 500 residents and wrote a book with the bodies: one sentence inside the skull of each victim.
    Eventually, the Sorcerer Supreme (see comments) arrived, banished Satan back to Hell, and slew the Somnambulist. The Somnambulist was sent to Hell as well. Eventually, he sought to recover Satan's literary effort, but found that a monastery had been built on that site in Jericho, preventing his access.

(Punisher IV#1 (fb) - BTS) <approximately 40-50 years ago> - The other Hell-Lords teamed up against Olivier, whom they saw as overly ambitious, and they trapped him in the body of a human new-born child.

(Terror Inc.#5 (fb) - BTS) <approximately 30 years ago> - The Hell-Lords sought to create a son via a human woman, intending that this son would serve as a living battery drawing in the black energy (sin) of mankind, storing it up as a charge of pure evil. This would give the Hell-Lords the power to break through the walls of reality in force and lead to an unstoppable assault on man.

(Terror Inc.#3 (fb) - BTS) - The demon Beelzeboul, in human form, came to Earth, married, and impregnated the human Cassandra Drakonmegas.

(Terror Inc.#5 (fb) - BTS) - Upon finding proof of her husband's demonic nature, Cassandra stabbed him with a magical knife, banishing him back to Hell. Beelzeboul hit Cassandra, snapping her neck in the process. Despite her condition, Cassandra fought on to live at least a bit longer, until medics arrived and induced labor in her. Mikal Drakonmegas was born. The use of the mystic dagger, etc. prevented Mikal from gaining the darksoul that would have accomplished the demons' plot.

(Hellstorm#: Prince of Lies16, 18 (fb) - BTS) - The Hellstroms, throughout the generations were Satanists. Victoria was sold by her parents to the Chapel of Dresden, a group of occult psychopaths, once closely associated with Hitler. They sought to breed a new high priest and priestess: Half human, half hell--messiahs from the pit, to lead the Chapel into a new rulers of men. To this end, they magically altered in brutal fashion, tattooing her womb with Satanic symbols, making her suitable to mother these children, as well as perhaps drawing "Satan" to her.

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb) / Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#2 (fb) / Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb) / Terror Inc.#2(fb) ) - Satan came to Earth in search of a wife--seeking one to father his heir. Likely drawn to Victoria by the Chapel's magic, he took human form and seemingly seduced the innocent woman. They were soon married, and moved almost immediately to Fire Lake, Masschusetts.

A little more then one year later, she gave birth to their son, Daimon, at home, tended by strangers who served her husband.

When Daimon was a year and a half, his father began taking extended trips, leaving Daimon alone with Victoria.

Another year and a half later, they gave birth to their daughter, Satana.

The Chapel of Dresden's plans were brought to a halt six months after Satana's birth, when Stephen Loss located and exterminated them.

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb) / Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#2 (fb)) - Satana was definitely always daddy's little girl. For the first six years of her life she lived in their mansion on Fire Lake. Satan focused his efforts on Satana, who showed more interest in his teachings. Even as a toddler, Satana earned her father's affection by killing birds or other such behavior. Both Satana and Daimon were home schooled, as their father did not want them to be defiled by the townfolk.

    Victoria walked in on a ceremony in which Satana was sacrificing a cat for her father. At that point, Satan revealed his true presence to Victoria. She woke up screaming in a padded cell, and spent her remaining years clutching an ankh to protect her from her former husband. While locked away, Victoria wrote a diary for her son to read when he was old enough to understand it. However, Victoria had been driven quite mad by the realization of what she had done, and this caused her to create her own fantasy world in which she was not complicit in the creation of the dark messiah.
    The children were split up to be placed in homes.

(Marvel Preview#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - The car carrying Satana disappeared en route. It was never found, nor were the driver, the young nurse who was escorting her, nor Satana herself.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#19) - Satana was taken to her father's realm of Hell. She was schooled in the use of her demonic powers, some of which inherited while others he granted to her. Kurios caused Satana's soul to be bonded to a powerful demon known as the Basilisk

(Haunt of Horror#5 (fb) - BTS) - Satan presented Satana with her feline demonic familiar, Exiter.



(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Shortly after Daimon's twenty-first birthday, he inherited the Fire Lake mansion. Returning there, he discovered and read his mother's dairy, after which Satan then called to him ordering him to remove his chain of ankhs and to follow the stairs to the gateway of Hell. Satan offered him life eternal and power incarnate if he would join him. Satan then sent him back to think over his options.
    After hours of deliberation, Daimon decided that since Satan stood for the opposite of everything he believed in, he had no choice but to fight him. He then reopened the portal to Hell and made his way to the Netheranium mines, battling and destroying the demon that guarded the mines. Daimon enlisted the souls imprisoned in Hell to aid him against Satan's hordes, but then Satan himself arrived and commanded all others to stay out of the battle between he and his son. Daimon struggled, using his own hellfire against his father, but he seemed hopelessly outmatched. However, he managed to distract Satan by causing a piece of rock to fall towards him, and he used the distraction to steal Satan's trident, forged from Netheranium. Daimon then used the trident to summon the Demon-Steeds and their Satanic Chariot, while Satan was powerless to challenge the Netheranium trident. Daimon taunted his father as he escaped, telling him he now had the means to bring about his final destruction.
    Returning to Fire Lake, Daimon sealed the entrance to Hell with melted Netheranium.











(Haunt of Horror#2/8 (fb) - BTS / Haunt of Horror#4(fb)) - Seeking to test Satana's spirit and worth as the Devil's Daughter, he took the identity of human Miles Gorney, president of Consolidated Electronics. As Gorney, he gathered together a cabal of human sorcerers, allegedly to oppose and attempt to destroy Satana. These sorcerers posed as the Four, demons whom these same human sorcerers were to have been worshipping, with Gorney acting as the bull-headed Trachos.

(Haunt of Horror#2/8 (fb)) - The Four banished Satana and Zannarth from Hell. Zannarth was sent to a Netherworld and Satana was sent to Earth.







(Ghost Rider II#1) - Sam Silvercloud contacted Daimon, seeking his aid in exorcising the demon possessing his girlfriend, Linda Littletress. Before Daimon could arrive, "Satan" (see comments) took possession of Linda and escaped from her father's shack.

(Ghost Rider II#2) - Possessing Linda, the Witch Woman, "Satan" confronted the Ghost Rider (John Blaze), taking him to Hell, despite the distraction by "Big Daddy" Dawson and the Ruthless Raiders cycle gang. "Satan" prepared to execute the Ghost Rider, but the Son of Satan then arrived and challenged him.

(Marvel Spotlight I#12) - "Satan" tormented the Son of Satan with his two prisoners, Ghost Rider and Linda Littletrees, but the Son of Satan threatened him with his Netheranium trident, causing "Satan" to send an army of demons to attack him. The Son of Satan fought off all attackers until he heard "Satan" telling his minions not to let him reach the rock bridge, which Daimon remembered supported the roof of Hell itself. Fighting his way to the bridge, the Son of Satan threatened to shatter it and cause Hell to collapse on itself. Via this threat, he convinced "Satan" to release his two prisoners and allow them safe return to Earth. As soon as they had returned however, "Satan" set off a volcanic eruption, but the Son of Satan summoned his Demon-Steeds, carrying them all to safety once again.

(Haunt of Horror#2/6) - As part of his grand scheme, Gorney appeared to sacrifice himself to the Four, using Satana as his pawn. Satana, who believed the Four to be her true enemies, sent her entranced slave Rich Corbett to slay Gorney. With Gorney's apparent death, it appeared that the demonic Four granted the human cabal the power to seal off the portal to Hell to prevent Satana's return.

(Haunt of Horror#2/8 - BTS) - Satana journeyed to the Cave of the Seven Winds, from which she traveled to the Netherworld where she hoped to be able to access her father's Hell. En route, she encountered Zannarth, whom she coerced into assisting her in her efforts. The Four sent a Nightbeast against them, but Satana mesmerized it and enlisted it to her own service. They were ambushed by another team of demons, whom they overpowered before continuing their journey. The Nightbeast was apparently destroyed in this second assault.
    As they continued they found the corpse of Trachos, the former leader of the Four, seemingly killed by them for his failures.

(Haunt of Horror#4 - BTS) - Within the Netherworld, Satana and Zannarth were confronted by the remaining members of the Four. Zannarth was slain by Ellin, and Satana attempted to gain a brief respite by forcing the Four to see themselves as they truly were. However, rather than a momentary distraction, this caused the Four great agony, and they reverted to their human forms. Taking advantage of their weakness and surprise, Satana rapidly moved from one to another, kissing the three men and draining their souls.
    However, she was then confronted by the still living Trachos, who revealed himself to be none other than Miles Gorney. Laughing as he vanished, Gorney refused to answer any of Satana's questions. Nonetheless, she felt the barrier to Hell fade away.
    Satana headed back to Earth, sensing that there she would gain answers, and perhaps vengeance.

(Haunt of Horror#5/4 (fb)) - Satana gave her ally, Michael Heron, the Azshiran, a ring that could protect him from any demon born of Satan.

(Haunt of Horror#5/4) - Continuing her search for Gorney, Satana was confronted by the demon Agathon, who showed her that Gorney had captured Heron and cut off his hand. Agathon blasted Satana unconscious and then brought her before Gorney. Awakening, Satana impaled Agathon on one of Gorney's structures and then took out Gorney's servants with the aid of Heron, who was mortally wounded in the process. Satana recognized Gorney as her father, Satan, as no one else could have injured a man wearing the Azshiran.
    Satan revealed that everything involving the Four had been just a test to prove Satana's power and loyalty, but she turned her back on him by allowing Heron to die without her consuming his soul. Furious, Satan banished her to Earth until the time of her death.

(Marvel Team-Up I#32 - BTS) - The demon Dryminextes, one of Satan's court, sought to curry favor by destroying Daimon, though he ultimately was defeated by Daimon and the Human Torch.

(Son of Satan#2 (fb) - BTS) - A pair of Satan's demons attempted to possess Raphael Zoran; however, Zoran's psychic powers instead enabled him to dominate the demons, leaving them stuck in his body and subject to his will.

(Son of Satan#3 (fb) - BTS) - Zoran, now the Possessor, was driven mad by the uncontrolled power unleashed from the demons inside him. He regained his senses after an unknown period of time, and found himself outside of the mansion at Fire Lake. Zoran entered the mansion, and made it his own. As he recovered his strength, he read the diaries of Victoria Wingate Hellstrom, and learned of the true nature and history of the mansion. Zoran decided to test Hellstrom to see if the stories were true, and if they were, to use him to become the Lord of Hell.

(Son of Satan#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Possessor defaced the Fire Lake mansion.

(Son of Satan#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Possessor invaded Hell, tormenting the demons he encountered there.

(Son of Satan#1) - When Daimon invaded Hell, believing Satan's demon-servants to have defaced his Fire Lake mansion, Satan confronted him, telling Daimon that the perpetrator was still in the mansion. Satan was prepared to propose a truce that they might unite against their common foe, but after Daimon accused him of lying and struck out with a hellfire blast, Satan banished him from Hell.

(Son of Satan#3) - Drawing on Daimon's darksoul's power, the Possessor fired a blast towards the portal to Hell, causing an explosion as well as summoning Satan to Earth to confront him. When Satan challenged him, the Possessor instead teleported away, using the Fire Lake portal to arrive in Hell and swiftly take command of it. Satan followed him there, preparing to battle him for control of Hell, but Daimon, knowing that the Possessor could only control Daimon's Darksoul while it was contained within Daimon, had let loose the Darksoul into both himself and the Possessor. The Darksoul destroyed the Possessor from the inside before he could realize it, and he collapsed into a mindless heap before Daimon and his father.
    When Daimon revealed that he had saved his father, Satan cursed him, sealing the gateways between Hell and Earth until the day Satan chose to return, which he claimed would be the day he slew Daimon.

(Son of Satan#8) - On Christmas Eve, Satan was tormented by dreams which culminated in Daimon rejecting him once again. As Christmas Eve passed, Satan's servant Belial awakened him; Satan commented that the struggle with Daimon would always go one.

(Marvel Fanfare I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Satan's agent Nicholis Eblis signed the band the Bronx Bombers, transforming them into Brimstone, who sacrificed roadies and groupies for their dark lord.

(Champions of Los Angeles#1-3 - BTS) - Along with Mephisto, Satan appeared as one of the demons (and possibly Death Gods) with which Pluto was allied in order to coerce Zeus' compliance with the forced marriages of Hercules to Hippolyta and Venus to Ares. However, Zeus eventually withdrew his cooperation when he was convinced that Pluto may have promised the death of Zeus to those demons in order to gain their alliances.

(Marvel Team-Up I#81 - BTS) - In death, Satana was returned to her father's realm of Hell.

(Defenders I#92 - BTS) - The fabric of reality was badly stretched when Eternity's other selves nearly destroyed the Multiverse.

(Defenders I#93 - BTS) - Dr. Strange teleported the Defenders to London as part of a battle against Nebulon. This taxed the already stretched barriers to the realms of Hell even further.

(Defenders I#99 (fb) - BTS) - Some of the major demons of Hell, Mephisto, Satan, Satannish, and Thog decided that by forcing Strange to continue teleporting about the globe, they could shatter the barriers between Hell and Earth and merge the two realms. To this end, Mephisto took the form of the lesser demon Maya, and gathered five other lesser demons (Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Puishannt, Unnthinnk) to his side. The major demons told the lesser demons portions of their plan, and led them to believe that they would gain worlds to rule. Maya and the six demons named their coalition the Six-Fingered Hand (see comments).

(Defenders I#94-98) - The Six-Fingered Hand's Avarrish, Puishannt, Fashima, Hyppokri, and Unnthinnk possessed Hellcat, the vampire Gordski, rock singer Asmodeus Jones, would-be Messiah David Kessler, and the Man-Thing, forcing Dr. Strange to teleport the Defenders repeatedly across the planet to oppose their plots, weakening the dimensional barriers with each transport. Eventually the Defenders used the Nexus of Realities to travel to the Six-Fingered Hand's realm to confront the demons.

(Defenders I#99 (fb) - BTS) - The Defenders' tampering with the Nexus served as the final insult to the dimensional walls, allowing the Hell-Lords to open a multitude of gateways to Earth and to send their legions pouring onto Earth.

(Defenders I#99) - Satan summoned Patsy (Hellcat) to his realm of Hell.

(Defenders I#99 (fb) - BTS) - Satan transformed Patsy into the demonic form she had taken while possessed by Avarrish, and she became Satan's pawn.

(Defenders I#99) - After Mephisto withdrew the Hell-Lords' support from the Six-Fingered Hand and the demons dwindled into nothing, Mephisto revealed the Hell-Lords' involvement and showed the Defenders the fate of Earth.

(Defenders I#100) - The four Hell-lords revealed how they had manipulated Strange and the Defenders enabling them to initiate the merging of Earth and their realms of Hell. Satan revealed the demonic Hellcat and claimed to be her true father, having used her as a backup plan in case both Satana and Daimon failed him.
    The rest of the Defenders--except Daimon, who stayed behind along with Patsy and Satan--were sent to oppose the other Hell-Lords: the heroes needed to unleash the light in darkness' heart or the Hell-Lords would permanently transform Earth to mirror their own realms of Hell. While the others were gone, Satan tormented Daimon with having fallen in love with Patsy (allegedly his sister). Ultimately the Defenders achieved some level of victory against the other Hell-Lords, finding a light in darkness' heart, but not the light. Furious at the manipulation, Daimon overpowered the demonic Hellcat and then challenged Satan to single combat. Daimon was no match for Satan, so Strange and the others channeled their energies into Daimon's demonic darksoul, granting it free reign. Nonetheless, even the fully demonic Daimon fell before Satan, but when it came time to kill Daimon, Satan relented, claiming he could not kill the one he loved. By this, the Defenders achieved true victory by unleashing THE light in darkness' heart.
    However, Daimon, now fully given over to his darksoul, realized that he could not return to Earth, and he elected to remain in Hell with Satan. Restoring Patsy to normal, Satan returned the Earth to normal as he and Daimon departed, leaving the Defenders to wonder if reclaiming his son had not been Satan's goal all along:

Perhaps I was not interested in taking Earth at all--perhaps my primary aim all along was the reclamation of my child! Perhaps Miss Walker is not by daughter, but a pawn used to further my ends--in her union with Avarrish simply releasing the evil latent in all beings--and granting it control of her psyche...and my perhaps my secondary goal was to force you noble heroes to attempt to gain victory through deceit--by going back on your honor--by employing my methods!
But then again--perhaps the Lord of Lies has constructed this entire explanation in order to conceal his own humiliation--the shame of forfeiting total mastery of humanity. Ah...perhaps...perhaps...perhaps! But none of you will ever really know!




(Defenders I#101) - Daimon sat at Satan's knees, learning the lessons of the damned.

(Defenders I#104 (fb) - BTS) - As part of a several months long ordeal, Satan sent Daimon to the desert of Arizona to purge the remaining humanity from his soul.

(Defenders I#104) - The exhausted Daimon collapsed on the desert sand, begging Satan to let him return to him in Hell, but Satan mocked him, indicating he had not yet purified himself.

(Defenders I#105) - Satan traveled to the Arizona desert and forced Daimon to prove that he had purged his humanity by sacrificing a baby to him, but Daimon was unable to go through with it. Satan saved Daimon from punishment at the hands of the irate demon Maledril, but then told Daimon he had to choose. He then put Daimon through a Satanic crucifixion, but Daimon refused to complete the ceremony. Back in Hell, when Daimon told Satan that he had chosen humanity over his Satanic heritage, Satan called his choice a wise one, revealing that just as he had numerous faces and identities (showing his classic Satan image alongside Thog, Satannish, and Mephisto), he has has within him an opposite face, showing Daimon a brilliant light and convincing him that he also contained within him the aspect of the divine. Satan told Daimon that he loved him and then banished him from Hell, telling Daimon that he made him sick and simultaneously causing this last memory to fade from his uncomprehending mind.








(Defenders I#111) - When Patsy Walker sought to learn the truth about her parentage, Satan confronted her in the guise of Nicholis Eblis, a retired professor of theology, who offered her lodging at his boarding house. Soon after, he revealed himself to be a demon, prompting her to brutally assault him and causing her demonic form to resurface. Patsy regained control and stopped herself from killing Eblis, who then revealed himself as Satan and told Patsy she has avoided permanently losing her soul to him by resisting her dark impulses. As a reward for her inner strength, Satan then took Patsy on a surreal journey where he revealed to her his differing aspects (this time including Asmodeus). He confirmed himself not to be the fallen angel Lucifer, but rather to have taken the role of Satan from the bible. Telling Patsy of his connection to the divine, Satan thanked her for teaching Daimon of love, and he repaid her by sending her on the path to find her true father, Joshua Walker. However, he reminded her that with his debt repaid, when next they met, he would resume his role as the prince of evil, and she would be just another worthless mortal sow.














(Marvel Fanfare I#9) - When Eblis failed to sacrifice Wally Marcus to maintain the contract with Brimstone, Satan appeared and brought him back to Hell for punishment.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#3 (fb)) - Daimon collapsed in agony, and he began to die without his Darksoul. Patsy used the the Grimorium Verum to summon Satan, telling him that if Daimon died the the game would be over and that there would be no one to challenge him, to test his power. Satan agreed to restore Daimon only if she would break the seal around her protective pentagram. Satan promised Patsy would not be harmed, but also told her to ask herself whether Daimon would do the same thing for her. Patsy broke the seal, and Satan restored the Darksoul to Daimon, and Daimon screamed in agony as it coursed through his body like an infernal cancer. Reborn as the Son of Satan, Daimon tried to hide face from Patsy, but she saw his true visage and was driven mad.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#17 (fb) - BTS) - The Somnabulist freed himself from Satan's slavery via manipulating sociopath Ervil Allred into reassembling his "book," but Hellstorm foiled the Somnabulist's plot, destroying both Allred and the Somnabulist. However, "a destroyed slave of the devil never completely dies. They spend millennia in a corroded husk, cleaning out the mass toilets of Hell, waiting to be reconstituted."

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#1 (fb) - BTS) - "Satan" (Daimon's father) promised the power of Daimon Hellstrom's darksoul to the demon that had previously impersonated Daimon if he would aid him in a plot.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#1) - Hellstorm encountered and destroyed the imposter, leading to a verbal confrontation with his father.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#4 - BTS, 5) - Satan discovered that one of his minor demons had manipulated pieces of a chess game, which represented a plot which Satan had been slowly manipulating for decades. The demon's manipulations upset the carefully balanced plot, and Satan sentenced it to five millennia of licking flaming bile out of the Netheranium latrines while Satan could then conceive of a more suitably severe torment. Satan then went to confer with the game's other player (presumably a high-ranking figure in Heaven).

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#8 (fb) - BTS) - Satan spoke to the Reverend Joshua Crow, posing as God, and granting him visions of innocent souls trapped in Hell. He told Crow that the power to release them was in Crow's hands--and charged him with the task of rescuing them from the eternal fires, and giving them a second chance. Crow followed the instructions of the voice and went to New York. From there he began to use his power to summon these souls from Hell and placed them in the bodies of people in a seemingly hopeless comatose state. Although he hinted as if he were resurrecting the souls of the comatose victims, he knew he was bringing souls from Hell. However, he believed he was harrowing Hell, just as Christ had done, bringing God's mercy to the Damned.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#8 (fb) - BTS) - Crow performed five such "resurrections" over the following three weeks: These were repentant former Nazi soldier Joseph Gerhardt in the body of Nicholas; Lisa, a lesbian inside the body of another Lisa; repentant, but still deviant child molester Mr. Wilson; an unnamed sociopath; and Satana, who took the body of a woman named Julia.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#7 - BTS) - Crow resurrected Nikki, a hedonist drug-addict in the body of Kim Porter.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#8 - BTS) - The spirits of the sociopath and Mr. Wilson were destroyed, and Satana's existence remained unknown, but Daimon promised to bring Joseph, Lisa, and Niki to Heaven.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#9 - BTS) - As Daimon tried to bring the three Souls of the Damned across Purgatorius--a "demilitarized zone" in which neither Angels nor demons were allowed--Satan broke the truce by sending a legion of demons to attack them. Daimon was forced to grant his Darksoul ascendance in order to combat the demons, and his body mirrored the changes in his spirit, taking on a more demonic appearance. As he drove off the demons, he completely forgot the reason he had come there, and the voices of the three Souls of the Damned forced him to claw his way back towards sanity.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#11) - Hellstorm was cast down to Hell after assisting some escaped damned souls enter into the gates of Heaven. There he met Simon Garth, whose body walked the Earth as the Zombie. Garth explained the various levels and realms of Hell:

    Hell is about animalistic lusts, primitive instincts. Passions, obsessions, and madness. It collects those devoured by their own hungers, consumed by potent emotions. The insane, the violent, and the driven. It's from primal psychic chaos that Hell and its masters drew their power. Fear. Hatred. Rage. Suffering, in particular, because it's easiest to maintain over long periods of time--though some are allowed to pursue their pleasures if they are powerful enough. Their is no divine judgment, no weighing of a soul's intrinsic good or evil. There is no justice here. It's an inherently archaic world, ruled by disorder and violence. In some regions, serial murderers rut with succubi while sinless accountants--whose only passion was for numbers--hang by fishhooks through their eyes for eternity.
    The Damned come to Hell utterly by propaganda. Long ago, a bargain was struck between Heaven and Hell to divide up the supply of human souls according to texture and flavor. Over many generations, humans were conditioned to believe their fate after death was predetermined by their actions on Earth. Those who've been properly indoctrinated will docilely line up for Hell--like lambs to the slaughter. It is not the Devil who judges mankind. Not God who damns them for eternity. It is themselves.

Hellstorm eventually figured out that he was not Garth at all, but his own father, "Satan."

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb) ) - This time, however, Daimon/Hellstorm held the cards in their eternal struggle. Daimon had learned of his father's true name and nature from a witch named LaVoisin. Knowing the true name and/or symbol of a thing is one of the greatest powers of all magic, and would allow you to control that thing. Hellstorm revealed his knowledge to his father, called him "Marduk Kurios", etched his symbol in Hellfire, and then summarily dispatched the demon. As a result, Hellstorm inherited the Black Halo, the mark of regency, and took over his father's power and dominion of his realm of Hell.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16 (fb) ) - Daimon spoke to his father's attendants, convincing them to keep Satan's death a secret, and he returned to Earth with no one the wiser. The rest of Hell noted only that Satan's rule had gone lax. Some of them, such as Zahgurim and Inanna, sought to claim pieces of Earth for themselves.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#21) - There's evidence that Satan would be reborn through LaVoisin, who had been impregnated by Daimon (crazy demon-magic...).

(Witches#1 (fb) - BTS) - His powers at their low ebb and seeking to lower his competition, Satan made plans to unleash the Hellphyr to slaughter the magic users on Earth.

(Witches#1) - Posing a Lou, caretaker of a collection of rare books in the New York Library, Satan led Andrew Kale to the Tome of Zhered-Na, knowing that his contact with the book would unleash the Hellphyr.

(Witches#2) - As Lou, Satan watched with amusement as the Hellphyr slew the minor magician Illusion.

(Witches#3) - As Lou, Satan visited Andrew Kale, encouraging his permanent transformation into the Hellphyr.

(Witches#4) - As Jennifer Kale, Satana, and Topaz arrived to oppose the Hellphyr, Satan revealed his presence and the fact that he had orchestrated the whole thing. Satan offered her a chance to rule alongside him if she allowed the Hellphyr to destroy all magic-users on Earth, but she turned her back on him and helped destroy the Hellphyr.

Satan apparently regained control over a section of Hell at some point

(Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 - BTS) - Satana cast the soul of Jason Silence down to Hell as her monthly tithe to her father.

(Wolverine IV#12 (fb) ) - Summoned in the form of a serpent the Devil made an alliance with the Red Right Hand to open the gates of Hell for them to send Wolverine's soul to him. He made sure they knew he expected to be eventually be paid for his service.

(Wolverine IV#5/2 (fb) - BTS) - Mystique lured Wolverine into a trap of the Red Right Hand. Their leader summoned a demon from Hell to take over Wolverine's body and send Wolverine's soul to Hell.

(Wolverine: Road to Hell#1) - Sitting on his corpse throne the Devil watched Wolverine's soul fall further and further down to Hell.

(Wolverine IV#1) - Wolverine was held by a group of demons while the Devil told him how all the depraved acts he committed on a daily basis had become boring to him. He hoped he could finally enjoy it again with Wolverine.

(Wolverine IV#2) - The Devil watched Wolverine fight the souls of his victims including numerous members of the Hand, Hydra, Hellfire Club, Strikeforce X, Yakuza, soldiers of various conflicts, other lowlifes and enemies including Amir, Cyber, Lord Shingen, Roddy McLeish, Ogun, Omega Red, Shredder, Ethan Warren and Xorn (Kuan-Yin Xorn). The Devil thanked him for sending so many souls his way over the years while he waited for Wolverine to break and scream in agony, but Wolverine wouldn't break. Angered by that the Devil assured Wolverine that eventually every king, warlord or would-be conqueror broke and even Sabretooth (actually a clone), whose chain the Devil was holding. Wolverine wouldn't break so the Devil had Mariko brought in to show Wolverine what she had learned. On the Devil's order Mariko whipped Wolverine and begged him to give in until he finally screamed. The Devil had a goood laugh when it finally happened.

(Wolverine IV#3) - The Devil watched his mindless pet Sabretooth fight Wolverine. The Devil promised to Wolverine he would train him like Sabretooth and how much he enjoyed Wolverine's scream from earlier. Wolverine stayed stubborn and wouldn't give in so the Devil had the recently slain Silver Samurai brought in, cut off his head and smashed his body while the Samurai told Wolverine how his enemies were killing everyone connected to him on Earth. The Devil tossed away the Samurai's head and asked Wolverine if he would prefer spending eternity like the Samurai by cutting Wolverine's soul in pieces with the soulcutter sword. Wolverine spit in the Devil's face and in return got his ear cut off by the Devil. He took the ear and ordered one of his underlings to feed it to something and then nail Wolverine to a wall for a few thousand years. When Wolverine escaped being nailed to a cross the Devil heard the souls screaming when Wolverine attacked the Devil's underlings. The Devil had enough of Wolverine and faced Wolverine one on one.

(Wolverine IV#4) - During their battle Wolverine managed to cut the Devil's cheek with his claws, showing everyone that even the Devil could bleed. They kept fighting until the Devil had beaten him to the ground and was going to condemn his soul to the depths of oblivion until the end of time. But the Devil's weakness in fighting Wolverine gave the other demons the courage to defy their master and topple him. The Devil fought them until Wolverine nailed him to a wall with his bone claws. While other demons fought over the Devil's soulcutter sword the Devil freed one of his arms and called for Sabretooth to aid him, but Sabretooth turned on him.

(Wolverine IV#5) - The Devil watched in shock as Wolverine cut apart Sabretooth's soul with the soulcutter sword and as holder of the soulcutter sword was accepted by the other demons as the ruler of Hell, but Wolverine had no interest to rule Hell and tossed the sword into the demon crowd. Wolverine fled Hell, but the Devil was sure he would crawl back once the Red Right Hand was through with him.

(Chaos War: Chaos King#1/3) - Satan (presumably a merged version of various Hell-lords including Marduk Kurios and Lucifer) sat on his throne surrouned by the damned and many other powerful beings with connections to Hell including Belasco, Blackheart, Ghost Rider (Blaze), Hela, Hellstorm, Master Pandemonium, Pandemonia, Satannish and Sisyphus. He faced Mikaboshi and his army during their attack on Hell. He tried to reason with Mikaboshi at first, but they couldn't find any common ground with Mikaboshi's plan to destroy everything. Hela realized Hell was lost and fled while Satan sent his son Hellstorm back to Earth to prepare the mortals for Mikaboshi, then faced Mikaboshi himself after absorbing as much power as he could from the damned. Mikaboshi consumed the energies from Satan's body, leaving behind an empty husk he took with him on his way out of Hell to the mortal plane.

(Wolverine IV#12) - In the form of a serpent the Devil followed Wolverine through the Red Right Hand's base and watched Wolverine slaughter the Mongrels, secretly Wolverine's children serving the Red Right Hand. The serpent had a good chuckle while Wolverine closed in on the Red Right Hand.

(Wolverine IV#14 - BTS) - The souls of the members of the Red Right Hand ended up in Hell after committing suicide to rob Wolverine of a chance to take revenge upon them after he slew the Mongrels.

(Journey Into Mystery I#627 (fb)) - Marduk Kurios taunted Mephisto at the Devil's Advocacy meeting comprising various demons and powerful entities (including Mephisto, Blackheart, Shuma-Gorath, Dormammu and Cyttorak), who had come together to discuss the threat of the Asgardian fear god, the Serpent.

more Satan!


Comments: Satan, the father of the Son of Satan, as the literal/Biblical Satan, adapted/created by Gary Friedrich and Tom Sutton.
    Son of Satan's father as a collective of all of the Hell-Lords concept by J.M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin, and Joe Sinnott...and backed up by Rafael Nieves.
    Son of Satan's father as Lucifer by Chris Claremont and others.
    Son of Satan's father named as Mephisto by Glenn Herdling, Peter Sanderson, and Murray Ward, with Mark Gruenwald and Tom Brevoort.
    Son of Satan's father as Beelzeboul by D. G. Chichester and Jorge Zafino.
    Son of Satan's father as Marduk Kurios by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.
    Son of Satan's father as Satannish by Steve Englehart.

I'm sure there are Conan references to Marduk as well. I just don't know where to look for them.
Per Degaton points out that Marduk is referenced (his name is taken in vain) in Conan the Buccaneer, by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter. This is used word for word in its adaptation in the MU, in Savage Sword of Conan#40. Sigurd of Vanaheim, marooned on island, encounters Conan and exclaims, "Now, by the claws of Nergal and the guts of Marduk, mate, ye be a goodly sight to look on!"
    This dates Marduk to at least 10, 000 BC, during the Hyborian Era.

    The chronology of the Six-Fingered Hand is odd, as the group was active before the events of Defenders#92-93, but Mephisto claimed that it was the events of Defenders I#93--where Strange teleported the heroes to London--that inspired the Hell-Lords to create the Six-Fingered Hand. Magical conundrum? Who knows.

    In case you didn't know, the word "Satan" is a Hebrew word, meaning "adversary."

    Satan references knowledge of Merlin and his demon, clear references to DC's demon Etrigan.

    Note: While Satannish and Dormammu refuted the primeval energy origin of Satannish and some of the Hell-Lords, that origin is believed by Mephisto and Mephista (or at least they pretended to believe it, as Satannish would have to have been doing at the time). In addition, Rintrah read pretty much the same origin from one of Dr. Strange's magical texts, possibly the Book of the Vishanti, which would give that origin a lot of support.

In Silver Surfer III#45, Mephisto described a different origin to Thanos:

Interestingly, if Marduk is the Satan in the Hellstorm stories, then I'd cast my vote that the "God" seen in that series is actually Enlil (Dagon).

Thanks to Per Degaton, Prime Eternal, and others for helping to assemble the "in-progress" list of undefined Satan/Devil appearances below

Satan (Marduk Kurios) has an entry in Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Other Monstrosities.

It is unclear whether Marduk Kurios has any known connection to

Lots of demons have claimed to be Satan.

see also Demons and the MASTER LIST entry on demons for a more complete list

SATAN - undefined and other

There are literally dozens of issues containing a non-descript Satan, or Devil, or similar lord of Hell, such as Asmodiar (active in the age of Camelot, as seen Marvel Preview#22 (Summer, 1980)) and the Beast of the Hand. Some of these appearances may well have been Marduk Kurios, and many of them may have been Mephisto or other demons trying to capitalize on the name. Satan's appearances in Dracula were later confirmed as Mephisto.

Satan in Ghost Rider and Son of Satan


Satan Worshippers


Who the devil is in Ghost Rider II#1-2/Marvel Spotlight I#12?

The Ghost Rider Satan is almost uniformly Mephisto, though the appearance in Ghost Rider II#1-2 and Marvel Spotlight I#12 is confusing. The initial stories appeared to intend them to be the same being, as both the Ghost Rider and the Son of Satan believe they are fighting "their Satan" in these issues.

Satan Worshippers (In addition to the ones defined above as worshippers of Satan/Kurios)

I'd guess most worshippers just thought there was one Devil/Satan and figured they were worshipping that being. However, given that there are many of these, and they often actually invoked Satan for power (And received it), there has to be at least one demon associated with them. I am also NOT including ones for which Mephisto or another being is known to be the object of worship.

Aelfric, the Mad Monk, @ 1149 A.D., was originally described as a Satan worshipper, but that's just because Chthon hadn't been developed in Marvel Comics yet.
--Werewolf by Night I#3 (January, 1973)

Bordia (vampire, Dracula foe) @ 1459 A.D.; just which Satan (or Lucifer as he also mentioned) Bordia worshipped is unclear. He may actually have worshipped Chthon and merely thought him to be Satan.
--Dracula Lives#4 (January, 1974)

Anton Lupeski and his Church of Satan likely worshipped Mephisto, since the stories took place in Dracula...

The specific object of worship of the Children of Satan is undefined. They were also affiliated with a minor Nilrac.

Brotherhood of Baal
 - These guys had no definite connection to any of the Mesopotamian Gods, and actually attempted to summon Satan. Who they were after is unknown, but they wished to use the demon's power to transfer the Frankenstein Monster's mind into an more normal body
--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#2 (October, 1974)

Left-Hand Path (Asmodeus, Chaldor, Morning Star)
--Moon Knight I#29 (March, 1983)

Demon (Marea)
At some point she organized a cult of satan worshippers. The drug addictions of numerous members brought her into contact with agents of Project: Glamor
--Marvel Comics Presents#3 (October, 1988)


"The Devil" of the Elder Earth - demon, tricked Argon into following his hound into Hell and then captured him, released Chane
 --Savage Sword of Conan#64/3

Defenders#111 has Marduk Kurios saying that the Satan in Dr. Strange II#16 was a "personal devil that each human drags behind him like a second shadow".
--Per Degaton

Baron von Staler made a deal with the Devil, and both were encountered by Solomon Kane @ 1570 A.D.

I recall a story reprinted in Adventures Into Fear where a Japanese man makes a deal in the 1930's or 1940's with a "Mister Black" to stay out of the military as Mister Black doctors the man's medical reports so he can be 4-F. This man, however, still dies in Hiroshima. While Mister Black may have been intended to be Satan (though I would prefer he be Mara or some figure from Shinto), he was never named as such.

He appeared in the GA Black Widow, Captain America, Fiery Mask, Venus, and Vision.
    Hurricane/Mercury fought with Kro, who posed as Pluto and the Devil.

BLACK WIDOW (Claire Voyant) - World War II, heroine, spirit medium driven by demon "Satan" to lay a curse on a family--Mystic Comics#4

 In "Hades," a demon identified as "the Devil," claiming to have put Hitler "in charge of things," grew disgusted at a report of Hitler's failure at the Russian front. The Devil's confidant, a woman called Madam Satan, suggested that Attila the Hun be relieved of his duties tormenting enslaved souls to replace Hitler; the Devil agreed, and Madam Satan brought Attila with her to Germany to meet with Hitler. Hitler, recognizing Madam Satan, was obsequicious at first but balked at the notion of surrendering power; however, Madam Satan reminded him that he had sold his soul to the Devil and bullied him into cooperation. Demonstrating her power, Madam Satan used a supernatural atomizer to transform two of Hitler's flunkies into stone. The Destroyer, having observed the arrival of Madam Satan and Attila from outside Hitler's stronghold, was moved to action by the sight of the spray's power. He broke into Hitler's office, manhandled Hitler, and fought Attila until Madam Satan managed to transform him into stone; Attila demonstrated to Hitler that heat would break the stone spell, freeing one of his petrified flunkies. Hitler had the petrified Destroyer placed as a table decoration at a banquet for his officers, but after they had fallen asleep following their carousal, the heat from a cigar partially freed the Destroyer, enabling him to move to a fireplace and be completely restored. Madam Satan and Attila the Hun both responded to his revival, but the Destroyer knocked the atomizer from Madam Satan's hand and kicked Attila into the fireplace, resulting in his return to "Hades." Madam Satan, not wishing to confront the Destroyer alone, followed Attila into the flames. The Destroyer recovered the atomizer and petrified several Nazi soldiers who were responding to the activity, then pursued a panic-stricken Hitler with the intent to petrify him. However, after the Destroyer had chased Hitler outside, a bomb dropped from an Allied air raid put a stop to his pursuit, and Hitler avoided being transformed into a statue. The Destroyer then destroyed the atomizer lest it be misused.
--All-Winners Comics#8/5

Stories involving Stalin, Heinrich Himmler (and probably Hitler), Lizzy Borden, and Lucretia Bordia likely deal with Satannish.

Venus was confronted by the Son of Satan, who was in love with her, and attempted to romance her. When she spurned him, he unleashed catastrophes upon the earth, including a flood and typhoon. With the aid of Apollo, Venus was able to undo the flood, and finally halted the typhoon by agreeing to be with the Son of Satan. However, she then called upon Apollo to imprison him, and Apollo sent him flying into space.
--Venus#10 (1950)

(Journey into Mystery#7 (April, 1953)) - An unidentified devil-like character met the alcoholic, deadbeat, wife-beater Mac Taggert (yes, his last name was specifically given as Taggert, and Mac was his first name) at an unidentified bar. While Mac didn't have the money to get a drink, and the bartender did not trust him to pay on credit, the unidentified "man" offered to let the man drink for free from his bottle of "Old Nick." As he got drunk, Mac wished earnestly he could spend his whole life high as a kite; later, while Mac's wife questioned where he was, a kite bearing Mac's face and crying for help floated in vain over the city, rising higher and higher. Observing this, the "man" from the bar removed his hat to wipe his brow, revealing a pair of demonic horns.
    Sorry about the scan; it was from Marvel Masterworks, and I couldn't get good contact with the far right edge of the demon image panel by the book's spine. The white patch on the back of his head is a scanning artifact.
    For my money, this guy looked a bit like Nicholis Eblis, who was also an aspect of Satan/Kurios.
    --Thanks to John Holstein for pointing out this reference; he thought the character was reminiscent of Mephisto from Journey into Mystery#627 (November, 2011)

"He Walked Through Walls" in Tales to Astonish I#26 - unidentified Satan-like demon

(Haunt of Horror#3/8) <September, 1974?> - In Hell, Satan announced to Judas that he was expecting the arrival of Death, who had become tired of its existence and had come to challenge Satan. Satan dispatched his demons to stop Death, correctly realizing that they had little hope of succeeding. Death quickly slaughtered the demon troupe and others barring its path and continued its descent into Hell, but Satan prepared his Crystal of Torment, into which was compressed countless billions of damned souls. Death confronted Satan, wishing to end its existence, but Satan realized even he could not grapple with death. Instead, he hurled the Crystal of Torment at Death; as this was exactly what it had wanted, Death used its scythe to cleave the Crystal, releasing all of the souls it contained. The concentration of life within the souls negated Death's existence, at which point Satan realized that not only had he relinquished all of the souls in his domain, he had destroyed the means by which he would acquire any further souls. Too late, Satan realized that Judas had betrayed him and tricked him into destroying his kingdom, to which Judas replied, "We are all creatures of habit, M'Lord!"
    Death committed suicide and Satan repented!

(Haunt of Horror#4/5) <August 24, 1974> - Gabriel and Desadia traveled to London for an exorcism involving Mr. Chesterton, a Satanist. While en-route, the demon attempted to possess Gabriel, but between the cross on his chest and his own will, he fought it off. The demon then possessed the pilot and forced him to strangle himself, but Gabriel flew the plane to safety. The demon took control of Desadia, but he was able to drive it out by shocking her with a hard slap across the face. They eventually tracked Chesterton to Stonehenge, from which he was leading a black mass. When Gabriel confronted the demon, who claimed to be Satan, it had taken control of Chesterton, and it slew the rest of the Satanists and mocked their worship. Gabriel used the power of his love to force the demon out, but it left Chesterton a corpse.

Black Baron gained powers from a deal with an unspecified devil. He references Lucifer at one point, but Lucifer is a term often used interchangeably with Satan.
--Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain Weekly #235 (August 10, 1977)

Copperhead (Lawrence Chesney) was sent back to Earth after his death to recruit souls for an unnamed demon (@ Daredevil/Spider-Man#1-4), though this was after Kurios' death at Hellstorm's hands

Lord Phyffe
(Doctor Strange II#16) - Phyffe volunteered to perform an exorcism to free Strange from the clutches of Satan, but lacked confidence.

(Monsters Unleashed#5/2) - In the 1500's Peter Snubb allegedly received a belt from Satan to help him turn into a wolf.

(Monsters Unleashed#3/3) - A sorceress summoned Satan around 1935 while invoking the tomes of Alhazred.

Conan Saga#50 (Solomon Kane story) Satan's Sanctuary

Adventures Into Terror#1
Adventures Into Terror#4
Adventures Into Terror#13
Infantino, C / Kane (?) Dec/52 B-144 Don't Try To Outsmart The Devil! 8 pages
Adventures Into Terror#14
Adventures Into Terror#29
"The Faceless Ones" (reprinted in Adventure Into Fear#25).

Adventures Into Weird Worlds#10
    Bill Everett Satan story (Reprinted in Alter Ego#46)
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 13
    Rico, Don  Dec/52 B-293 You Devil, You! 4 pages
Adventures Into Weird Worlds#15
Adventures Into Weird Worlds#17
     "Gentlemen of the Jury"
    "Tough Guy"
Adventures Into Weird Worlds#21
Adventures Into Weird Worlds#23
Adventures Into Weird Worlds#28

All Winners Comics#8
All-Select Comics#1

Ayers, Dick  Feb/55 F-330 (?) The Devil-Man! 5 pages


Bible Tales For Young Folk#3: shows temptation of Jesus

Captain America Comics#21
Captain America Comics#53

Chamber of Chills#5

Combat Kelly#20?

Creatures on the Loose#24

Daring Mystery Comics#6
Fiery Mask story by Simon and Kirby

Journey Into Mystery#13
Journey Into Mystery#17
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#7
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#19
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#16?
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#17
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#19
Jun-53 "Beelzebub" (C-633) 5
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#22?
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#33
Journey Into Unknown Worlds#34
Journey Into Mystery#70
Journey Into Mystery#15 - possibly reprints Bill Everett story
Man Comics#10
Sale, Robert Q. Oct/51 8556 The Demon Of Devil's Island 6 pages
Marvel Mystery Comics#27
Marvel Mystery Comics#34
Marvel Mystery Comics#35

Marvel Tales#14?
Marvel Tales#96
Sekowsky / ?  June/50 324 Don't Shake Hands With the Devil! 6 pages
Marvel Tales#98
Krigstein, Bernie  Dec/50 7625 A Man Named Satan 6 pages
Marvel Tales#114
Marvel Tales#105
Marvel Tales#111
    Maneely, Joe Feb/53 B-383 The Man Who Searched For Satan! 4 pages
Marvel Tales#114
Marvel Tales#117
Marvel Tales#118

Masters of Terror#1 (as Malik Tous)

Mystery Tales#57?
Mystery Tales#15

Ayers, Dick Jan/55 F-165 The Man Who Killed the Devil! 5 pages


Strange Tales#11
Reinman, Paul Oct/52 B-079 The Devil and Donald Webster 7 pages
Strange Tales#16
Strange Tales#76
Strange Tales#20

Suspense#20 (He Waits in the Dark), features Stalin (although this might've been Satannish; see comments above)

Tales of Suspense I#23 "Going Down," a rare post-Atlas Satan appearance (mind you, it's only as a horn-headed silhouette in the final panel).

Tower of Shadows#4

Uncanny Tales#1
Reinman, Paul June/52 A-109 Satan and Sammy Snodgrass 6 pages
Uncanny Tales#3
Uncanny Tales#17
Uncanny Tales#18
Uncanny Tales#20
Uncanny Tales#24 or 26 or 28?

USA Comics#5

Roth / ? May/50 7231 CH 1 : A Pact With The Devil! (7 pages)
Roth / Rule  July/50 7466 CH 1 : The Devil Strikes! (5 pages)

Where Monsters Dwell#28
Where Monsters Dwell#18

    Everett, Bill Mar/54 D-888 Satan Is Waitin' 4 pages

    I remember a story where a man hired an assassin to kill his brother. They agreed to meet at a costume party. The assassin said he would dress as a devil. The man met a figure dressed as a devil, with a long robe covering the lower half of his body. He got into a carriage with this devil-dressed figure. When the carriage hit a bump, the robe was moved aside, and the man saw that underneath the man had hoofs for feet..........
--Per Degaton
   Marvel Tales I#105 (February, 1952)--Gammatotem

Actually, it seems that after the comics code came in, Satan took a powder as far as Atlas went.

Some further possibilities based on a "DEVIL" search (excluding Devil-Dog Dugan):

Ayers, Dick BATTLE * 56 Feb/58 M-990 The Red Devils
Strike 5 pages
Ayers, Dick BATTLEFRONT 17 Mar/54 E-023 The Sea Devil
Strikes 6 pages
Henkel, Vern (?) Casey - Crime Photographer 1 Aug/49
5757 CCP : Death And The Daredevils! 14 pages
Powell, Bob HUMAN TORCH 36 Apr/54 E-139 The Devil Octopus 5 pages
Roth, Werner LORNA, THE JUNGLE QUEEN 5 Feb/54 D-211 Devil Fang 5 pages
Wolverton, Basil MYSTIC * 4 Sept/51 8677 The Devil Birds 6 pages
DiPreta, Tony MYSTIC * 18 Mar/53 B-930 The Russian Devil 5 pages
Berg, Dave NAVY ACTION 7 Aug/55 G-119 Demo Devil-Dogs! 5 pages
Pike, Jay Scott RUGGED ACTION 2 Feb/55 F-271 Devil Bat 6 pages
Maneely & ? THE GUNHAWK 12 Nov/50 7598 Devil Horse! 6 pages
Keller, Jack TWO - GUN KID 42 June/58 O-016 Trouble In Devil's Gap! 4 pages
Reinman, Paul UNCANNY TALES 12 Sept/53 C-800 Devil's Island 5 pages
Shores / Rule WILD WESTERN 50 July/56 H-050 Devil Dust! 5 pages

Wolverine IV#1, p22 (main image)
Defenders I#100, p6, panel 2 (Hellcat on lap)
    #105, p5, panel 3 (hoof + tail form)
    #111 cover
Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#11, last page (multi-headed form)
Witches#4, p7, pan4
Wolverine IV#12, p17, pan4 (serpent form)
Chaos War: Chaos King#1, p26-27 top left (Satan vs. Mikaboshi)

Ghost Rider II#1 (September, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Tom Sutton (pencils), Syd Shores (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Ghost Rider II#2 (October, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Jim Mooney (pencils), Syd Shores (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Marvel Spotlight I#12 (October, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Marvel Spotlight I#13 (January, 1974) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Haunt of Horror II#2 (July, 1974) - Gerry Conway (writer), Pablo Marcos (Story 6) & Enrique Romero (Story 8) (artist), Roy Thomas (editor)
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Son of Satan#3 (April, 1976) - John Warner (writer), Sonny Trinidad (artist), Marv Wolfman (editor)
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Son of Satan#8 (February, 1977) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Russ Heath & John Romita (artists), Archie Goodwin (editor)
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   Story 2: Jason Aaron (writer), Jason Latour (artist), Jeanine Schaefer & Jody Leheup (editors)
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