Real Name: Zahgurim

Identity/Class: Demon (Class Two)

Occupation: Armorer to Satan

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Satan/Marduk Kurios;
The Armorer"/unnamed servant, Jaine Cutter (empowered by him)

Enemies: Jaine Cutter, Hellstorm;
"Dust" Johannsen, Obeahman, Avram Siegel, "a minor enemy of Dr. Strange" (victims of his servant),
Jakita Wegener (near victim)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Satan's Armorer

Base of Operations: unnamed branch of the dimensions of Hell

First Appearance: Hellstorm#12 (March, 1994)

Powers: Zahgurim is a demon and is presumably immune to disease and the effects of aging. His primary ability is the formation of various types of magical armor. He enjoys bartering for human souls, not because he consumes them himself, but because they're worth a lot in Hell, and he can gain much by trading them to other demons.
Like many other demons, Zahgurim can change gender at will--at least that's what his worshipper believed.
Like many demons, Zahgurim can travel to Earth by accessing and possessing a human, although the circumstances required for this to occur are unknown. He can manipulate the appearance of his host at will, changing it into a duplicate of his own form. He may or may not have full access to his own abilities while inhabiting a host.

History: Unrevealed. Zahgurim is a Class Two demon, meaning it apparently originates from or is associated with Earth, but comes from a much later time period than the Elder Gods, such as Chthon, Gaea, and Set.

(HellSt#13(fb)-BTS)-In exchange for the souls of seven policemen, Zahgurim granted magical armor to Jaine Cutter. This armor was derived from minerals panned from the river Styx, in Hell.

BTS-Zahgurim entered into an arrangement with an unnamed worshipper, who sought to carve his symbol across the island of Manhattan, by slaying and making armor from the bodies of sorcerers. This action, if completed, would consign the souls of every man, woman, and child to Hell, under Zahgurim's dominion. In return for this gift, the worshipper would wed Zahgurim.

(HellSt#12)-Zahgurim inspected his worshipper's handiwork. His scent was detected by Hellstorm, who forced him to appear. When Hellstorm commanded he stop the actions of his servant, "the Armorer", Zahgurim attacked him. Hellstorm, having recently gained the power derived from regency of Hell, overpowered the demon. Zahgurim managed to escape back to Hell, taunting Daimon that he would never find his servant in time.

(HellSt#13-BTS)-"The Armorer" continued his slaughter across Manhattan.

(HellSt#14)-After Hellstorm and Jaine Cutter killed "the Armorer", Zahgurim appeared and attempted to take vengeance on them. Jaine skewered him through the chest with her talons (which were Zahgurim's own creation), and Daimon unleashed his full power on him, blowing his head off.




Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.

    The issues by Ellis and Manco mark one of my favorite series in Marvel ever.

    Given that this story was written by Ellis, just a few months before he named Satan (Hellstorm's father) as Marduk Kurios, I think it's safe to ASSume that Zahgurim's Satan is meant to represent Kurios as well.

    Zahgurim is a demon, and was very likely inhabiting a host when "killed" by Hellstorm. He could easily make a return, but it would only be worth it if it were done by Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, or someone equally evil/twisted.

The Mesopotamian God Marduk has been referred to as Zahgurim. No known connections exist between Marduk (or anyone else who has used that alias) and the demon Zahgurim.

Hellstorm#12-13 (March-April, 1994) - Warren Ellis (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Marie Javins (editor)
Hellstorm#14 (May, 1994) - Warren Ellis (writer), Peter Gross (artist), Marie Javins (editor)

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