Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, magic-user

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Zahgurim (object of worship/would-be consort)

Enemies: Jaine Cutter, Hellstorm;
"Dust" Johannsen, Obeahman, Avram Siegel, "a minor enemy of Dr. Strange" (victims),
Jakita Wegener (near victim)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Zahgurim's servant

Base of Operations: Currently unknown (presumably some branch of Hell);
    formerly Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Hellstorm#12 (March, 1994)


Powers/Abilities: "The Armorer" is equipped with a pair of "Sumerian Ritual Execution Blades" which can carve through most forms of matter and energy (including magic). In addition, he clothed himself in the viscera (internal organs) of sorcerers. Since the bodies of sorcerers are resistant to magic, this, combined with power granted from Zahgurim, granted him a high degree of imperviousness to magical attack. He likely possessed some degree of superhuman strength and durability, but this was not clearly detailed. His power (coupled with the fear/surprise caused by his appearance (a naked man wrapped in human guts)), as well as his ferocity, enabled him to easily overpower even relatively experienced sorcerers. Even Hellstorm, who at the time had the powers associated with regency of his father's realm of Hell, lacked  the power to overcome his defenses. Jaine Cutter, who had also been armored by Zahgurim, proved able to damage his armor.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 285 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

History: The history of the man known only as Zahgurim's servant is unknown.

(Hellstorm#13(fb)-BTS) - Zahgurim entered into an arrangement with an unnamed worshipper, who sought to carve his symbol across the island of Manhattan, by slaying and making armor from the bodies of sorcerers. This action, if completed, would consign the souls of every man, woman, and child to Hell, under Zahgurim's dominion. In return for this gift, the worshipper would wed Zahgurim (see comments).

BTS-"The Armorer" kills his first victim, on Broom Street, in downtown Manhattan. After killing an unnamed sorcerer, he takes some of the sorcerer's organs to build his own magical body armor. He repeats this with each of his foes.

BTS-Second victim, near the junction of Lafayette and Houston.

BTS-Third victim, around the West 40th Street and the Avenue of the Americas.

BTS-Fourth victim, Emenyea N'Krumah, the Obeahman, in an alley behind east 57th and 2nd Avenue.

(Hellstorm#12)-Avram Siegel, a friend of Emeneya, visits the site of his grisly murder, and becomes "the Armorer" 's fifth victim. Siegel's death draws the attention of his friend, Hellstorm. Hellstorm forces a policeman to share all of his knowledge on Avram's death and the series of similar murders. Hellstorm investigates further and learns of Zahgurim's involvement.

(Hellstorm#13)-"The Armorer" slays his sixth victim, Dust Johannsen, in Central Park.
Hellstorm learns of the network of the Occultist Anton Devine, and through him and his ally, Jaine Cutter, discovers "the Armorer" 's plot.

(Hellstorm#14)-Seventh victim, "a minor adversary of Dr. Strange", loses his sternum, windpipe, and shoulderblades to a sudden hail of knives, on Eighth Avenue and 125th Street.
On Riverside Drive and West 133rd Street, "the Armorer" attacks Jakita Wegener. Despite her power and experience, he easily throws off her assaults, breaks her shields, and prepares to kill her. Hellstorm arrives in timely fashion, along with Jaine Cutter, and saves Jakita, blasting "the Armorer" away from her. Jaine Cutter attacked Zahgurim's servant, using her own Zahgurim-spawned powers to rip several holes in his organ-armor. "The Armorer" drove her off with a Sumerian Ritual Execution Blade to the face, but Hellstorm then channeled natural electricity from a nearby telephone pole into the demon-worshipper, destroying his armor. Hellstorm then blasted him with his full "Lord of Hell" power, mortally wounding him. With his last breath, the assassin attempted to reveal his true name, but Hellstorm told him it didn't matter--that he was less than dirt--and then killed him. Hellstorm suspected they'd find a good use for "the Armorer" in Hell.





Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.

    Quoth Zahgurim's servant, "By dawn, I'll be Zahgurim's consort. None of that unnatural stuff. Demon's can change their gender at will. I hate that unnatural stuff. Mind you, I hate natural stuff, too. Hate everything, really."

    While Avram Siegel had some knowledge of the occult, I'm not sure that he qualified as a magician/sorcerer. Nonetheless, "the Armorer" slew him and took his guts to add to his own armor.

"A minor enemy of Dr. Strange"--presumably, but not necessarily, this is a human sorcerer. I think both those considered living and dead are fair game, since death means next to nothing in the MU. Any character considered living at the time of this story, who has not appeared since, would be given first priority. Likely suspects include:
Aleister Kane (not really a foe)
Nicodemus - I vote for this guy!
One of Mordo's minions
Sir Baskerville
One of the Sons of Satannish (perhaps Marduk)
Turhan Barim and Count Carezzi (I can't remember if they were foes)
Let me know who else you think would be a good candidate.

p.s. This story, "Red Miracles" was very, very, very good. The stories by Ellis and Manco, and to a slightly lesser degree, their predecessors, are extremely well written and entertaining.

The Armorer has an entry in Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities.


The Armorer has no known connection to:

Hellstorm#12, p1, pan1 (Armorer body shot)
Hellstorm#14, p1, pan1 (Armorer second body shot)

Hellstorm#12-13 (March-April, 1994) - Warren Ellis (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Marie Javins (editor)
Hellstorm#14 (May, 1994) - Warren Ellis (writer), Peter Gross (artist), Marie Javins (editor)

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