Real Name: Jakita Wegener

Identity/Class: Human(?), magic user

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Jaine Cutter, Hellstorm

Enemies: Zahgurim, Armorer/Zahgurim's servant

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Hellstorm#14 (May, 1994)


Powers: Magical abilities, including mindscans, force fields, teleportation, and projection of energy blasts ("snowform deathblow"). If human, she appears to be albino.

History: Jakita Wegener's past history is unknown. She may or may not be human, and the source of her training and abilities is unrevealed.
She exists in a cold war with other "Karcists" (sorcerers/magicians?), which are played out over years, slowly and formally, like chess. She has extensive experience in magical combat.




(Hellstorm#14)-Walking down Riverside Drive and West 133rd Street, Jakita felt a targeting sweep evaluate her. She soon found herself confronted by "the Armorer", who sought to kill her and use her body parts for magical armor, as part of a plot to grant the demon Zahgurim control over all of the souls in Manhattan. She formed a shield, projected a blast, and planned to teleport to safety, but "the Armorer" shrugged off her attack and shredded her shield as if it were nothing. Fortunately, Hellstorm arrived in time to save her.


Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Peter Gross.

Per Robert London:
"Doesn't the Ellis-written Planetary have a main character named "Jakita Wagner"? I doubt this is a coincidence: could the man create TWO characters named "Jakita" randomly?  I'd be interested in hearing whether that name holds some signifigance."--I personally don't know. Anyone have any info to share?

Loki confirmed this! Follow the link to learn more about Jakita Wagner.


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Hellstorm#14, p12, pan1 (main image)
 pan2 (head shot)
 pan4 (powers)

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