Membership: Carolyn, Madame Laera, Nilrac

Purpose: Satanic cult/demon-worship (see comments)

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Whatever demon they worshipped

Enemies: Michael Morbius

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#1 (October 1973)


Madame Laera
History: Nothing is known of their past existence. The living vampire known as Morbius was befriended by a woman named Carolyn, who was a member of a satanic cult known as the Children of Satan. In order to help Morbius in his search for his lost lover Martine Bancroft, Carolyn brought him to the fortune teller named Madame Laera. Gazing within her crystal ball, Morbius saw the image of Martine dead; stabbed with several knives. Enraged, he hurled the ball away, shattering it. The demon Nilrac was released from the ball and promptly attacked Morbius. Morbius was overpowered until he managed to catch Nilrac off guard and rip out his throat. Unable to find any consumable blood from the demon's neck, Morbius then put the bite on Madame Laera, draining her life away. Carolyn, impressively loyal to her friend Madame Laera, was impressed by Morbius's vampiric nature and allowed him to stay with her for the night before he fled to continue his quest.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos. Perhaps some mind expanding drugs were involved in the writing of this story? It came from the era when satanic cults

    At any rate, Madame Laera presumably did not become a's difficult to figure out who did. Also, how can you tell if a demon is permanently destroyed? Either could potentially return, but it's extremely unlikely anyone has the interest to do so.

    The Children of Satan, especially Nilrac, may well have been connected with Marduk Kurios or Mephisto. Then again, they might not. See SATAN in our clarifications page for further speculation.

The Children of the Satan should be distinguished from:

Nilrac possessed superhuman strength and durability of an unknown level. He could generate madness within his victims.

Vampire Tales#1, pg. 8, panel 1 Carolyn, upper body)
        pg. 9, panel 3 (Madame Laera)
        pg. 10, panel 4-6 (Nilrac)

Vampire Tales I#1 (1973) - Steve Gerber (writer), Pablo Marcos (artist), Roy Thomas (editor)

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