Membership: None named; there with 13 members

Purpose: servants of Dracula

Affiliations: Dracula

Enemies: Abraham van Helsing and Elisabeth van Helsing; the people of Wallachia

Base of Operations: Bistritz, Wallachia, @ mid to late 19th Century

First Appearance: Dracula Lives#3/5 (October, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: The Children of Judas were vampires, and as such had the standard powers and weaknesses, including superhuman strength and durability, physical transformation, the need to consume human blood, weakness to sunlight and religious icons, etc.
    The Children of Judas all had deep, blood-red hair. They hunted the mountains, pulling down unwary travelers, killing them and marking their corpses with three X's, the price of blood: the number of coins Judas received for his master's life.

History: The origin of the Children of Judas is unknown.

(Dracula Lives#3/5 (fb)) <February 2, 1876--see comments>
    Abraham and Elisabeth van Helsing traveled to Bistritz to investigate his newly inherited title of the Baron of Bistritz. While van Helsing was out drinking some wine with his lawyers and looking through some ancient artifacts, the Children of Judas stormed the van Helsing's new manor, slaughtered the servants, and abducted Elisabeth. Abraham returned too late to save her, but did manage to track the coven to their Black Mass in a small clearing in the woods. As this was his first encounter with vampires, van Helsing was ill-prepared to face the coven. When he saw his wife, chained naked and helpless to a granite alter, he rushed the group, shotgun in hand, and ordered them to stop. Dracula instructed the coven to continue and sent one of its number towards van Helsing. Abraham shot the vampire, blowing it halfway across the clearing, but was startled when it rose and came after him, despite the large hole in its chest. Nonetheless, van Helsing continued to fire his gun, then to use it as a club in a vain effort to rescue his wife, who disappeared under the fangs of the coven.
    Van Helsing would have died himself, but then a group of soldiers and priests arrived, using crosses and whitethorn pikes to slaughter several of the Children of Judas, and to drive off the rest. Dracula vanished as well. However, Elisabeth was already dead. Van Helsing waited the three days to see his wife rise again, now a vampire, and then destroyed her in the appropriate manner. These events drove him to pursue the destruction of Dracula and his ilk for the rest of his life.

COMMENTS: Created by Chris Claremont.

This story was told only in text, and so there are no images available.

Per Degaton tells me that van Helsing did not mention the Children of Judas in either Bram Stoker's Dracula, or in any of the movie adaptations, despite the way it might seem from reading this story and its captions.
    Also, per his entry on Abraham van Helsing: Dracula Lives#3 featured a prose text story "I Was Once a Gentle Man..." by Chris Claremont which detailed the origin of Van Helsing. Once again, Claremont slightly ran afoul of Dracula continuity, as the story is told in the from of a diary entry by Van Helsing dated February 5, 1876-- with Van Helsing noting that his wife died a few days ago. Tomb of Dracula I#30ís Bismarck story makes it clear that Van Helsing had become a vampire hunter by the 1860ís,as the story took place in 1862. However, other than the date (you try getting the year right after destroying your wife, who had returned as a vampire, you wouldnít remember what year it was AD, or after the Hegira) I see no serious reason to exclude this text story. Hell, Night Ravenís entry mostly deals with text stories!

Perhaps then the above story should have taken place in 1856?

In Blade III#12 a prophecy was fulfilled that brought back all vampires that ever died. This most likely included the deceased members of the Children of Judas as well. We'll have to wait if they resurface.
--Markus Raymond

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Dracula Lives#3/5 (October, 1973) - Chris Claremont (writer), Roy Thomas (editor)

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