Real Name: Vlad Tepes Dracula

Identity/Class: Human vampire;
    15th century to modern era;
    Transylvanian citizen

Occupation: Lord of the Vampires;
    former prince of Transylvania and voivode /domnul (prince) of Wallachia

Citizenship: Formerly Transylvania and Wallachia

Group Membership: Intermittent leader of Earth's vampires
    former member of the
Legion of the Unliving

Affiliations: Lord of the Vampires;
    allied with or led: the
Belonging, Brides of Dracula, Children of Judas, Children of the Night, Legion of the Damned (civil war), Legion of the Damned (modern era), Legion of Doom, the Order of the Dragon;
    temporary master of the Darkholders;
    Lianda (transformed him into a vampire);
Varnae (transformed him into Lord of the Vampires);
Jamal Afari, Tara Algren, Andrea,
Angela, Asmodeus, Baron Blood (John Falsworth), Paul Beare (acquaintance), Blade (temporary/uneasy alliance), Charity Brown, Ruth Caulderon, Claverling, Lucas Cross, cult of human followers, Marguerita D'Alescio, David, Lenore Decade, Frankenstein Monster (as Adam; temporary/uneasy alliance), Bethany Flynn, Richard Grant, Harold H. Harold (occasional), Lord Henry (servant), John Hunyadi, Karlos (former servant), King Louis XVI, Hauptmann Rudolph Kriss (possessed by him), Lila, Lydia (former prisoner), Marlene McKenna, Marguerita, Marissa, Dr. Heirich Mortte, Murgo (forced alliance), Jasper O'Conner (slave), Cecile Parker (slave), Postmortem, Aurora Rabinowitz, Raynee, Renfield, Made Rogers, Professor Gregor Smirnoff, Comte St. Germaine, Anabelle St. John, Ilsa Strangeway, Beverly Switzler, Horatio Toombs (slave), Rachel Van Helsing (after transforming her into a vampire), Henri Verne, Carl Von Harbou (former servant), Daphne Von Wilkinson, Shiela Whittier, Zaveria, unidentified carriage driver;
    possibly Diablo (see "Other Comments");
    temporary alliances of convenience:
Blade (Eric Brooks), Elsa Bloodstone (temporary/uneasy alliance), Defenders (Dr. Strange, Clea, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Nighthawk, the Son of Satan [aka Hellstorm], Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), Excalibur (Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Kitty Pryde, Amanda Sefton [aka Daytripper]), Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos ("Izzy" Cohen, Dino Manelli, Gabe Jones, "Dum-Dum" Dugan, Eric Koenig, "Reb" Ralston, "Pinky" Pinkerton), X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett/Logan);
    formerly Alexander Gordski (former lackey), Grandmaster (temporary master), Helen Purvis, Sif, Storm (Ororo Munroe, only when under supernatural duress), Carla Spelvin, numerous unidentified members of a Natchez, Mississippi vampire coven




"Once Bitten" (Bitten and/or vamped by him):

Jamal Afari, Tara Algren, Alonzo, Edna Appleton, Emily Arthurs, Lucas Bane, Baron Blood, Giorgia Bathory, Sarah Beauregard, Louis Belski, Lord Benitio, Mary Jo Bentley, Bessie the Hellcow (possibly), Bettina, Blade, Ryan Birks, Lucas Brand, Colleen Brown, Odette Byelai, Beverly Carpenter, Rosella Carson, Cartwright, Lt. Chapel, Roberta Christianson, Captain and Marianne Cutlass, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Catherine, Chu, Clark, Crew of the ship Demeter, Count Marcos de la Triana, Amber Drey, Du Monte, Augustus and Florence Ebers, Bethany Flynn, Beverly Gable, Jean Garver, Giuseppe, Betty Gold, Gordon, Buckley Grainger, Elizabeth and Quincy Harker, Edith Harker, Suze Harlow, Harold H. Harold, Jennifer Hobarth, Howard the Duck, Jean, Julie, Katerina, Elvira Kaufman, Marie Komph, Maria Kroner, Elizabeth Langley, Ursula Lensky, Lila, Liza, Lupescu, Marianne, Mary, Louisa Morelli, Morgo, Angelica and Laurie Neal, Adri Nital, Jasper O'Conner, Mr. Owens, Cecile Parker, Maria Patrelli, Audra Pennington, Helen Purvis, Anna Reynolds, Louisa Russoff, Lorenza Safina, Sarah, Henry Sage, Sif, Andrea Simmons, Hamilton Slade of Clan Akkaba, Carla Spelvin, Connie Stewart, Storm (Ororo Monroe), Lyza Strang, Dr. Strange, Ilsa Strangway, Mr. Swales, Tituba, Lord and Elianne Turac, Rachel van Helsing, Lord Vargas, Velanna, Lord von Roon, Isabel Vortok, Mrs. Vryslaw, Alice Weinburg, Lucy Westenra, Wong;
    numerous unidentified members of a Natchez, Mississippi vampire coven





Enemies: Aamshed, Jamal Afari, Goodman Alden, Benjamin Solomon Alomii, Angel, Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Asmodeus, Dr. James Lloyd Barrett, Giorgia Bathory, Nathan Beauregard, Belasco and his demons, Louis Belski, Benitio of Bologna, Bessie the Hellcow, Bible John, Blade, Blood Countess, Elsa Bloodstone, Ulysses Bloodstone, Father Nicholas Bordia, Lucas Brand, Francis Leroy "Cowboy" Brown, Jacob Buckner, Paul Butterworth, Cagliostro, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Anthony "Whisperer" Cavelli, Lt. Chapel, Inspector Chelm, Roberta Christianson, Clan Akkaba, Duncan Corley, Cristina's uncle, Joshiah Dawn, Death Man, Defenders (Dr. Strange, Clea, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Nighthawk, the Son of Satan [Hellstorm], and Valkyrie); Randolph Dering, Hellyn DeVill, Marie DeVoe, Devil's Heart, Nick Diablo and his gang, Dimensional Man, Dr. Druid, Doctor Strange, Doctor Sun, Frank Drake, Helene and Jacques DuBois, DuMonte, Durenyi, Father and Sister Marie Eisner, Enclave, David Eshcol, Faceless Man, Frederick Ferguson, Father Vergilius Flotsky, Father William, Jason Faust, Enzo Ferrarra, The Forever Man, Frankenstein Monster, Kate Fraser, Frenchman, Lou Garver, Gaston, Generation X (Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, Skin, Synch), Gladys, Golden Angel, Inspector Judiah Golem, Gordski, Clifton Graves, Ludwig Gruber, Gruner, Corker Haller, Hans, Johnathan Harker, Quincy Harker, Harold H. Harold, Mr. Haskell, Robert Hellsgaard, Dr. Hennessy, Jimmy Hodges, Howard the Duck, Hulk (Bruce Banner), John and the Baron Hunyadi, Jackson, Orji Jones, Juno, Solomon Kane, Katinka, Hannibal King, Melanie and Paul Knight, Baron Korda, Kubbard, Lala, Marie LaVeau, Anton Levka, Lilith, Anton Lupeski, Joe Don Mahoney, Mike Mallony, the Marshal, Mason, Dr. Alice Joyce Maxfield, Anna+Jacque+Peter McDonald, Azu M'Dammen, Arnie Milsap, Mockingbird, Mohammed the Conqueror, Montesi family, Montpelier, Baron (Karl) Mordo, Morgo, Mortuus Invitus, Sultan Murad II, Musenda, Frank Neal, the N'Garai, Torgo Nia, Father Nicholas, Night Terror, Nimrod, Taj Nital, Noelle, Nosferatu, Nosferati vampires, Orphelus, Ozymandias, Puishannt, Helen Purvis, Radu the Handsome (usurped Dracula's throne backed by the Turks), Anton Rizzoli, Baron Grigori Russoff, SAFE (Strategic Action For Emergencies), Saint, Colonel Saint Johns, Satan, Scarlet Witch, Scotsman, Charles and John Seward, Skinnee Shore, Seymour "Simian" Simms, Lord Singleton, Six-Fingered Hand, Sandra Sommers, Carla Spelvin, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Jack Starsmore, Steppin' Razor, Gorna Storski, Archibald and Lyza Strang, Ogun Strong, Lee Switzler, Tamsin, Lucas Telling-Stone, Vlad Tepulus, Thor, Aaron Thorne, Topaz, Noah Tremayne, Lord Turac, Elianne Turac, the Turkish Empire, Angie Turner, Abraham van Helsing, Rache van Helsing, Rachel van Helsing, Vargas of Spain, Varnae, Frank von Frankenstein, Carl von Harbou, von Roon of Prussia, Count Vryslaw, Werewolf (Jack Russell), Warbird (Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers; attempted victim, escaped), Michiyo Watanabe, Wong, X-Men (Colossus, Cyclops, Sprite [Shadow Cat], Wolverine, and Nightcrawler), Y'Bsgloth, Y'Garon, Y'Griarth, and Zofia;
    rival vampire clans
    numerous unidentified members of a Natchez, Mississippi vampire coven

Known Relatives: Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Elder, father, deceased), Mircea, Radu the Handsome (brothers, deceased); Prince Basarab the Great (first ruler of Wallachia/ancestor), Prince Mircea the Old (grandfather), Stephen Bathory (Prince of Transylvania, cousin); Zofia (first wife, deceased), Lilith (daughter by Zofia); Maria (second wife, deceased), Vlad Tepulus (son by Maria, deceased), Frank Drake (descendent of Dracula by Vlad Tepulus); Domini (third wife), Janus/Golden Angel (son by Domini)

Aliases: Count Dracula, the Devil, Doctor Vlad, Domnul of Wallachia, Dragon, Drake, Justin Drake, Father Death, the Impaler, Knight of the Undead, Lord of the Damned, Lord of the Undead, Lord of the Vampires, Prince of Darkness, Prince of the Undead, Vlad the Impaler, Vladimir Tepesch, Kaziglu Bey (the Impaler Prince-This was a name given to him by Turkish warriors upon encountering the forests of impaled victims Dracula littered his kingdom with)

Place of Birth: Schassburg, Transylvania (now Sighisoara, Romania)

Base of Operations:
Real World
Turgoviste (in what is now modern day Romania) was his capitol during his reign as ruler of Wallachia;
Fortress Poenari - sometimes referred to (among other places) as Castle Dracula - which was built by slave labor on the backs of those boyars who had allowed so many previous princes of Wallachia to be slain and overthrown.
Marvel Universe
    Castle Dracula (I) - Southern Transylvania near Snagov, ancestral home
    Castle Dracula (II) - Borgo Pass; inherited by Frank Drake
    Castle Dracula (III) - London, usurped from Sheila Wittier, formerly Castle Dunwick, destroyed by explosion of Quincy Harker's wheelchair, since rebuilt;
    Otherwise mobile; Also has various former bases of operation in London, Paris, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C.
    Active from mid-15th Century to the modern era

> Education: Tutored by finest instructors of the 15th century; extensively self-taught

First Appearance: (Historical) Dracula by Bram Stoker, published by Constable (1897);
    (Atlas) Suspense#7 (March 1951)
    First mentioned in the Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four I#30 (September, 1964);
    First true appearance: Tomb of Dracula I#1 (April, 1972)



Powers/Abilities: Dracula's intelligence is above normal, and he was tutored by some of the finest instructors of the 15th Century. Since this time period, he has adapted well to new knowledge and technology that has developed over the following centuries. He is also a good hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman and highly trained in 15th Century arts of warfare as well as being a master military strategist.

Besides these abilities, Dracula possesses many powers due to his vampirism. Dracula has the mental abilities to control victims he has bitten, temporarily mesmerize any human with his gaze, command mice, rats, bats, and wolves, and mystically summon thunderstorms.

Aside from these attributes, Dracula possesses all the conventional powers of a vampire, but to a far greater extent than any other, except, perhaps Varnae. He can transform himself into a bat (of normal or human size), a wolf, and all or parts of his body into mist while retaining his intelligence. Dracula cannot be killed or permanently injured by most conventional means; he ignores most physical attacks, regenerating damaged or lost tissue quite quickly. He not only has superhuman speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes but strength, as well, allowing him to lift (press) one ton. In addition, his powers have been, on occasion, greatly amplified or some of his weaknesses have been circumvented through magical sources, such as by the spells cast via the Darkholders.

    Dracula has occasionally utilized items of magical (or other) power to enhance his own abilities and/or the abilities of others. Among these was the Pendant of Paracelsus.




Weaknesses: As just mentioned, Dracula has a number of limitations like other vampires, as well. For one, Dracula must drink blood to survive, becoming physically weakened and through prolonged deprivation. Weapons of silver damage Dracula normally.

A combined variant of Dracula's blood dependency and weakness to silver happened when Dracula was impregnated with many minute particles of silver sometime after 1875, which weakened him, causing him to age rapidly whenever he went a considerable time without ingesting sufficient blood. Consuming enough blood restored him to normal. By the start of the 20th Century, he had recovered from this weakness.

Physical contact with other things causes damage or death to a vampire, as well. For instance, direct sunlight burns vampires to the touch. Wood, such as from a stake, when pierced through the heart kills a vampire. As the vampire slowly dies in this manner, it cannot remove the wooden object due to unspecified circumstances (See Comments).

Dracula can be held at bay or physically damaged by the religious symbol of the Christian crucifix. In addition to the religious symbol of the Christian cross, any religious symbol that the holder believes in strongly enough might be effective. For example, Kitty Pryde's Star of David burnt him. The strength of the belief was much more important than the size of the religious symbol: Dracula laughed off a cross made by Wolverine, an atheist, but was sorely pained by one held by Nightcrawler, a fervent Christian.

Many of Dracula's weaknesses vary under given circumstances (and, more accurately, the writer's interpretation/memory/etc.). For example, vampires do not cast reflections. Also, they cannot enter a house unless first invited. Often, normal bullets pass through him, causing no harm, whatsoever. However, a hunter once shot him out of the sky while in bat form. The rule of not entering without permission is often broken, for instance. In one issue, Dracula could be held at bay for several feet by a cross. In another, he physically grabs a cross out of a man's hand (though it burns him to do so) and throws it across the room--saying only the crucifix can kill him.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black

Dracula was born in 1430 in Schassburg, Transylvania (now Sighisoara, Romania), the second son of Vlad Dracul, aka Vlad the Elder, who later became both prince and Voivode (warlord) of Wallachia.

(Tomb of Dracula II#2 (fb)) [1444]- The young Vlad rode to Turkey alongside his father and his younger brother, Radu, to discuss policies of peace between the Magyars and the Ottoman Empire. They were ambushed and captured by soldiers of Sultan Murad II, who then took the two sons hostage, to force Vlad the Elder to adopt policies which favored Turkey. For five years, they remained prisoners, suffering much torture and humiliation--during which time Radu died, and Vlad the Elder (and his eldest son, Mircea) was killed by his own advisors (led by John Hunyadi) for his support of Turkey (see comments).
    It was in the Turkish prison that Vlad learned his lessons in cruelty.



(Tomb of Dracula II#2 (fb)) [1448]- Vlad escaped imprisonment and returned to his home, taking the title as Voivode of Wallachia after ousting the Danestis.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1449]- Fearing the Transylvanians who had slain his father, Vlad fled to Moldavia.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1451]- Vlad returned to Transylvania, throwing himself on the mercy of John Hunyadi-- who schooled him in the arts of war.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2/Tomb of Dracula I#60 (fb))- Vlad married Zofia, a Hungarian noblewoman, which had been arranged by his father--Dracula hated Zofia.

(Tomb of Dracula I#60 (fb)) - Vlad expressed his hatred for Zofia, both physically and mentally abusing her--even going so far as to romance other women while Zofia was locked in the closet of the same room.

(Tomb of Dracula II#5 (fb1))- Vlad forced Zofia, and the infant Lilith, to dine with him, overlooking the scene of a recent impaling.

(Giant-Size Chillers#1 (fb))- One year after their marriage, Vlad stripped Zofia of her royal standing and gave her one night to leave the castle with her belongings and Lilith. Zofia gave Lilith to an elderly gypsy, Gretchin, paying her to care for her, and then killed herself.



(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1456]- With Hunyadi's help, Dracula again became Prince of Wallachia. Dracula was opposed by the unfriendly new Sultan, Mohammed the Conqueror.

(Tomb of Dracula II#2(fb))- There he ordered the impalement of all those involved in his father's assassination--earning him the title of Vlad the Impaler. His second act was ordering a massed assault on the hordes of Turkey.

(Doctor Strange III#37)- Frank Von Frankenstein--one of the fanatical band known as the Teutonic knights--converted the "heathens" of eastern Europe at the point of a crimsoned sword. He had many such "triumphs" of religious frenzy over reason...but he was most fiercely resisted by Vlad Tepes. Ultimately the Transylvanian tasted the sweet wine of victory, and Frank and the German knights were impaled on stakes, as was Vlad Tepes' wont.






(Dracula Lives#2-3, Bizarre Adventures#33/4) <1459> - Varnae, the first vampire, became weary of his existence, and decided to set up a successor: Vlad Tepes. Prodded on by strange dreams sent by Varnae (which Vlad took as prophetic visions), Vlad led the forces of Transylvania in fighting off the third Turkish invasion, with the help of his aid Claverling. However, Varnae had deceived Vlad with the dreams he sent, so that Vlad lost the battle.

(X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1 (fb)) - Dracula's troops actually drove off the wave of Turks, but were then slaughtered by Apocalypse's Riders of the Dark. Apocalypse himself took down Dracula.

(Dracula Lives#2-3, Bizarre Adventures#33/4) - The warlord Turac, with Turac's ally Baron Korda watching, had Dracula spared, hoping that they could use him to control Transylvania. Turac had the gravely injured Vlad taken to a gypsy, Lianda, who had legendary healing prowess. Lianda, however, was a vampire, and her "healing powers" were used on Vlad.


Dracula the Vampire

Dracula only realized his powers after Turac killed his wife, Maria: Turac and his men having previously sexually assaulted her. Dracula broke free form his bonds too late to save her, but did bite and slay Turac and most of his guards. Leaving them for dead, Dracula, realized he was no longer a fit father and dropped off his young son Vlad to be raised by gypsies. It was then that Dracula was confronted by vampires sent by Varnae, who brought the Impaler to a special ordeal which Varnae arranged to determine Vlad's fitness to become new ruler of the vampires. Vlad fought Nimrod, whom Varnae had directed to pretend to be ruler of the Earth's vampires, and managed to destroy both Nimrod and Lala, a vampiress. Just then, however, a group of priests raided the vampire gathering, led by the uncle of a girl named Cristina. They destroyed Dracula-his first destruction as a vampire.

Despite Dracula being destroyed so soon after first becoming a vampire, Varnae remained firm in his decision to groom Vlad Tepes as his successor. Varnae contrived to resurrect Dracula with the blood of Cristina, before this time a virgin, shed upon penetration after intercourse with one of Varnae's minions, Serge. The returned Dracula thanked Cristina for her inadvertent assistance. Horrified, Cristina returned to her uncle, but Varnae had already slain him. Serge took on his true, vampiric form, but Dracula killed him. Varnae then, despite Dracula's resistance, fed Vlad his blood, making him the monarch of the undead. Varnae put Vlad in a coffin to protect him from the sun and the first vampire destroyed himself by willingly walking into the day.

(Giant-Size Chillers#1 (fb))- Vlad began to feed upon gypsies, blaming them for what he had become; among those he killed was Arni, the daughter of the gypsy Gretchen. In retaliation, Gretchen transformed Lilith into a vampiress with special powers, and sent her out to destroy her father.

(Dracula Lives#4/8, Doctor Strange III#15/2) [1459]- Dracula returned to Castle Dracula, where he slew Anton Levka, who had usurped his castle and his holdings. He was then confronted by Father Bordia, a devil-worshipping vampire in the guise of a Catholic priest. Dracula overpowered and staked Bordia, and then found a romantic interest in Zaveria, a woman whose husband had been slain by the Turks. Sifting through Borgia's possessions, Dracula discovered a disturbing fact: a spell to destroy vampires existed within the parchments of the Darkhold--the Montesi Formula. Fearful of the Montesi Formula, Dracula took hostage the wife of the reputedly greatest thief on Earth, Murgo. For the sake of his wife, Murgo complied with Dracula's demand to filch the Darkhold from the Vatican library, a holy place where even the Lord of the Vampires could not tread. However, Murgo was ambushed and slain by the sorcerer Cagliostro, who took the dark tome for himself. Dracula slew Murgo's wife for her husband's failure, and he vowed hatred undying on Cagliostro for his actions.

(Tomb of Dracula II#2) [1459]- Dracula invited Sultan Murad II to Castle Dracula, where he gained his revenge. The Brides of Dracula vamped Murad's soldiers, and Dracula put the bite on Murad, before tossing his corpse to his assembled troops outside.


(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - It was around this time that Dracula, without the proper basis for doing so, assumed the title of Count. He remained in his Castle in South Transylvania for over a century.

(Dracula Lives#12/3) <1465>- Dracula was visited by emissaries of various countries -- Vargas of Spain, von Roon of Prussia, and Benitio of Bologna -- who on behalf of their respective lords, asked Dracula and his followers to stay out of those countries. Dracula and his vampirizes then descended on the emissaries, apparently vampirizing them. 

    Dracula then decided to visit their realms and beyond. Eventually, he grew bored and returned to Transylvania, but in his journeys, he had bitten and killed the sister of a man named Hans, who sought vengeance. Hans nearly died from frostbite in his long trek to Transylvania, and was nursed back to health by Rache van Helsing. The two fell in love, but eventually Hans went after Dracula, and was slain by him. 

    Rache, pregnant with Hans' child vowed that her unborn son and all of his descendents would face and eventually destroy Dracula--starting the long of enmity between the van Helsings and Dracula.

(Dracula Lives#13/3) [1471] - Dracula fought off an attempt by the Magyars to steal some of his serfs. One of the serfs, Giorgia Bathory, became obsessed with Dracula after he saved her from being ravaged, but he had no interest in her. Dracula confronted Baron Hunyadi--one of the younger sons of John Hunyadi--whom he believed to be responsible for the attack and threatened to kill him should he ever try something similar again. Giorgia, insane with jealousy, made an alliance with Hunyadi and tried to stake Dracula during the daylight hours, but her obsession with him caused her to wait too long, and he awoke, bit and slew her. Dracula then freed his serfs, to end this problem, and abdicated his rule.

Dracula in the 16th Century

(Tomb of Dracula I#60(fb, BTS)) [1553]- As Vlad Tepulus grew to adulthood, the gypsies taught him to hate his father, Dracula. He tried multiple times to slay Dracula before Dracula finally slew him instead.

BTS- Dracula encountered and put the bite on Rosella Carson, taking her to live in Castle Dracula.

(Dracula Lives#3/3) - The Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane came to Transylvania in search of Rosella Carson. Kane was nearly overcome when attacked by a pack of wolves, but Dracula intervened and saved him. Later, Kane was accosted by and slew the vampiric Rosella, and then battled Dracula. Kane defeated Dracula in a swordfight, but ultimately had to use a handful of silver coins to incapacitate him before preparing to behead him. However, Dracula called in Kane's debt for his life, and Kane allowed him to live.

(Fantastic Four III#36 - BTS) -  Dracula encountered Diablo.

(Savage Sword of Conan#26/3 (fb)) - Dracula seduced and took possession of a girl named Julka. Her father Franz, a priest, went after Dracula and was slain by him. Julka's mother locked the windows and placed garlic to ward off Dracula from her other daughter, Morgit, but the mother died of a heart attack after seeing Dracula outside the windows.

(Savage Sword of Conan#26/3) - Guilt over not destroying Dracula ate at Solomon Kane as he continued to hear news of Dracula's activities; he returned to Transylvania to put things right. He met up with and was joined by Morgit. Kane came prepared, armed with a wooden sword, garlic, and other weapons, but Dracula, at the full height of his powers, toyed with him. He disarmed Solomon and knocked his sword into the fire. Kane retrieved his sword and hurled it at Dracula, who turned to mist and allowed it to pass through him, into the impaled corpse of Morgit's father. However, when Dracula returned to "human" form, the flames leapt onto his cape. Dracula called up a wind to put out the flame and divest Kane of his garlic. Dracula had Kane at his mercy, but Kane had one last weapon, his most potent defense of all. Kane prayed to the Lord, and Dracula's winds lifted the impaled, burning corpse's arms into the air, forming a blazing cross. Weakened and distracted, Dracula fell victim to Kane, who retrieved his sharpened cross from Morgit and staked the vampire.
However, it was mere hours later that a group of hungry travelers passed by the castle, saw the jeweled cross stuck in the skeleton's chest, and thought they might want it for themselves...
(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2)- This was at least the second "death" of the vampire Dracula.

(Dracula Lives#12) [1597]- From Snagov, a village near Castle Dracula, a man named Durenyi accepted payment to destroy Dracula. Durenyi was forced to flee from Dracula, but he learned of his weaknesses to sunlight and the cross and stole Dracula's diary--all of which he sold to the people of Snagov for a large sum of money. Dracula eventually had his revenge, slaying Durenyi, but his diary had already been sold and shipped to unknown parts of England.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2)- It was at this point that Dracula moved from his castle near Snagov to the castle near the Borgo Pass, where he remained for nearly four centuries. However, as others began to learn of his weaknesses, he began to travel more to find prey.

(Blade III#11 (fb)) <chronology uncertain> - At some point, Dracula salted the Earth around his castle to protect it from certain magics.



Dracula in the 17th Century

(Dracula Lives#4/3) [1606]- Dracula encountered Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess, seeking to force her to become his vampiric servant. However, her practice of bathing in the blood of virgins had made her immune to his control, and she instead proposed an alliance. She then betrayed him, trapping him in his coffin by covering it in garlic. Dracula escaped by becoming mist, and then turned her journals in to the authorities, causing her to be arrested and walled up within her own castle. Dracula confronted her within her cell and drained away the blood that had kept her young--aging her to death in seconds.

(Tomb of Dracula I#52(fb)/Tomb of Dracula II#2)- Dracula began to spend increasing amounts of time away from Transylvania, often for decades. He eventually became ruler of a province of Spain, until he was beset by a demon (in actuality the time traveling Golden Angel, associated with the spirit of his later son, Janus).


(Dracula Lives#1/2) [1691] - Tiring of his wanton Brides, Dracula magically or spiritually connected with the American woman Charity Brown in Salem, Massachusetts. Dracula placed his sign upon her (a bat over her left bosom) and began his long trek to her. However, a man whose advances she had spurned, Goodman Alden, accused her of witchcraft, and she was hung just before he arrived. Dracula slew Alden, and then made a slave woman from the West Indies, Tituba, a vampire, and his servant.

(Dracula Lives#1/2/Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1692]- After having waited a year to allow the people to forget, Dracula had Tituba unleash his vengeance on the town of Salem. Tituba turned a number of others into vampires as well, thus precipitating the Salem witch trials.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2)- Dracula's contact with Charity represented the first time he felt love for another woman since Maria. This affected his future relationships with his female victims--making them less predatory and more sensual.

(Giant-Size Man-Thing#5/2 (fb))- At approximately this time, a familiar looking vampire came to a Swiss town. All the doors and windows of the village were locked, and the vampire sated himself on the cow's blood instead. The cow returned three days later as Bessie the Hellcow and followed its murderer's trail for years until its final destruction.

Dracula in the 18th Century

(Dracula Lives#7/3/Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - Hellyn deVill led her band of pirates one hundred miles inland, to Castle Dracula, where they stole the Dracula Pendant, a valuable item, which had great sentimental value to the Vampire Lord--being a locket of his beloved wife, Maria. Dracula tracked them back to their ship, overpowered the pirates, retook the pendant, exposed Hellyn as a witch hag, and left her to the mercy of her crew.

(Tomb of Dracula II#4/3 (fb)) [1750]- In Germany, Dracula was captured and staked by Father Eisner, although Dracula terrified the priest so much that he had a heart attack. Eisner's adopted ward, Marie, pulled the stake from Dracula and, holding him at bay with a cross, made a deal to become a vampire if he would save Father Eisner. Dracula instead tore out Father Eisner's heart. Marie again drove off Dracula with a cross, but Dracula told her that one day she would beg him to give her life.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1762]- Under the combined threats of the Turks and Catherine the Great's Russian rule, Dracula relocated to France.

    In addition, shortly after Dracula's departure, Baron Grigori Russoff took over part of his domain.

(Dracula Lives#3/7 (fb)) [1769]- In France, Dracula destroyed a stone gargoyle animated by its sculptor Jacques DuBois using a magical fluid given to him by Cagliostro. Dracula found DuBois and hurled him into a boiling cauldron.

(Dracula Lives#5/4) [1775]- Dracula was beset by assassins sent by Cagliostro. He slew the assassins after learning who sent them. He then traveled to the court of King Louis XVI and offered him a small chest of gems and requested a position as one of his advisors. Cagliostro had Dracula's servant killed, and Dracula responded by vamping Cagliostro's wife, Lorenza Serafina.
    During this encounter, Dracula surmised that Cagliostro no longer possessed the Darkhold.

(Marvel Fanfare I#42/2) [1784]- Seeking to renew her immortality formula, Marie LaVeau sent Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, back in time where she met Cagliostro and Dracula. She attempted to steal a blood sample from Dracula while he was in his daytime trance, but he awakened and she narrowly escaped with her life--and only a small bite from him.

(Dracula Lives#6/5) [July 14, 1789]- Dracula was captured in an ambush arranged by Montplier, an agent of Cagliostro. However, when the lower class stormed the Bastille, Dracula was unwittingly freed, and he escaped. King Louis attempted to convince Dracula to aid in keeping order in France, but Dracula turned him down with disdain and left France.

(Marvel Team-Up II#7 (fb)) [1794]- In Austria, Dracula vamped Henry Sage and his whole family.


(Werewolf by Night I#15 (fb)) [1795]- Dracula, having returned to Transylvania, encountered Grigori Russoff, and threatened him in order to force him to kneel to his power. Russoff refused, and soon after Dracula vamped Louisa Russoff, his wife. In return, Grigori put a stake to Dracula during the daylight hours. Russoff adorned Dracula's coffin with balls of garlic and threw it into the Danube river, then went to work destroying Dracula's mementos. In the process, Russoff found and freed a young woman, Lydia, who turned out to be a werewolf and attacked him, turning him into a werewolf as well. This curse followed Russoff's descendents, down to Jack and Lissa Russell.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - After being revived and retaking Castle Dracula, Dracula created defenses, such as the "Pit of Death."




Dracula in the 19th Century

(Dracula Lives#10) [10/12-15/1809]- In Transylvania, Dracula bit/killed a blind woman, Velanna. When her husband, Lupescu, found her and staked her, he was arrested for murder. After escaping, Lupescu sought vengeance on Dracula at his castle, but was cast into "The Pit of Death", where he was confronted by the Brides of Dracula, including their newest member, Velanna.

(Dracula Lives#11) [10/15/1809] - Lupescu held the Brides at bay with a crucifix and staked them all. He then arranged their bodies into a giant cross, so that Dracula couldn't remove the stakes. His vengeance complete, Lupescu surrendered to Dracula, taunting him to visit the Brides as Dracula bit/slew him.

(Tomb of Dracula II#4/3) [1823] - In Germany, Dracula sought out Sister Marie Eisner, on her deathbed, seventy years after their last encounter, offering her eternal life--as a vampire. She defied him to the end.

(Dracula Lives#9/2) - Dracula vamped a young woman. Her husband, Count Vryslaw, kept her imprisoned in his castle, alive on animal blood.

(Dracula Lives#9/2) - Twenty years later, Count Vryslaw was forced to begin killing human women when his wife began refusing anything but human blood. Reports of "vampire slayings" attracted the attention of Dracula. Unable to harm Dracula, Vryslaw began to have a heart attack. He elected to shoot a bow into his wife's heart, destroying her, as he himself died, preventing Dracula from having either of them.

(Thor I#333 (fb) - BTS) [1845] - Dracula attended the premiere of Wagner's Tannhauser in Dresden, Germany.

BTS - Dracula met the American girl, Anabelle St. John, and was enchanted by her.

(Nightstalkers#11 (fb)) - Dracula killed a woman named Suze Harlow in a place south of the Mason-Dixon line. Her death traumatized her father Jeb. Rather later, Hydra would examine Suzie's body to create Bloodstorm.

(Dracula Lives#3/5 (fb)) - At some point before 1862, Dracula had the Children of Judas abduct the wife of Abraham van Helsing, a Dutch professor who was the descendant of Rache van Helsing. Van Helsing had only recently inherited land in the Balkans. Van Helsing confronted Dracula at an infernal ceremony, but could do nothing to stop him. Only the arrival of soldiers and priests saved the Netherlander. Van Helsing's wife returned as a vampiress three days later, but her husband destroyed her.

(Tomb of Dracula I#30 (fb)) [1862] - Lyza Strang convinced Dracula to slay her husband, Archibald, guaranteeing that Otto von Bismarck would become minister president of the German states. She then betrayed Dracula and had him ambushed and staked. Dracula, however, eventually recovered and vamped her.

(Tomb of Dracula II#6 (fb)) [8/29/1862] - In order to be reunited with Anabelle, who had returned to the US, Dracula purchased the frigate Raven and directed its crew to take him to Savannah, Georgia.

(Tomb of Dracula II#6) [9/13/1862] - Dracula rode the frigate Raven to Georgia, slaying seaman Jacob Buckner in the process, when he tried to steal from him. In Georgia, he met with the merchant Nathan Beauregard, whose servant, Bessie, he took a small drink from. Not liking Beauregard, he supped from his wife Sarah, and then killed Nathan, when he intruded on them. Dracula was reunited with Anabelle, and vowed to save her family from the Union army if she returned to Transylvania with him. He then entranced a legion of 99 Confederate soldiers, his Legion of the Damned, and aided by a group of rats, snakes, bats, and other vermin, he slew the Union forces. However, Anabelle's father recognized Dracula for what he was, and had him ambushed and staked. Anabelle honored her vow to Dracula, and found Dracula, removed the stake, and returned to Transylvania with him.

(Tomb of Dracula I#52 (fb)/Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1870] - Dracula invaded Vienna, timing his coup to coincide with the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war. His vampire legions easily overcame all opposition and occupied Vienna. However, as he entered the Imperial Palace, he was again confronted by the horrible demon (a time traveling Golden Angel/Janus), and he fled in terror.

(Tomb of Dracula I#48 (fb)) [1875] - When Captain Cutlass looted a French ship, he unwittingly attempted to plunder Dracula's riches, and was bitten by him, right in front of his three year old daughter, Marianne.

(Ghost Rider II#48 (fb) - BTS) - At around this time, Dracula bit a man named Cartwright, who eventually had a great-great grandson who became a vampire named Dalton.

(Journey Into Unknown Worlds#29) [1879] - Phineas Kroner slew his daughter's suitors, who were too poor for him, seeking instead a man of royal blood. Finally Kroner found a suitor that met his approval, and brought to Maria the handsome, rich--Count Dracula. This was one of those horror tales, and Kroner obviously had no idea who Dracula was.

(Dracula Lives#13) [1875-1890] - A retired American Marshal, hired and sent by another American who sought vengeance on Dracula for slaying his son, traveled to Castle Dracula, and slew him with a shotgun full of silver buckshot.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - Dracula was resurrected years later, but the many minute particles of silver weakened him, causing him to age rapidly whenever he went a considerable time without ingesting sufficient blood.

Adaptation of Stoker's Dracula

(Dracula Lives#5, 6/7) [5/3/1890] - Summoned under the pretense of helping Dracula acquire land in England, Johnathan Harker traveled to Castle Dracula. He was brought by horse and carriage, by a man who may have been an aged Dracula. Dracula was intrigued by a picture of Harker's fiancé, Mina Murray, in a locket.
(DracL#6/7, 7/4) [5/5/1890] - Dracula was overcome by bloodlust when Harker cut himself, but was fended off by the cross on his necklace. Harker found himself trapped in Dracula's castle and saw Dracula scale down the sheer rock wall, head-first. Harker was nearly vamped by the Brides of Dracula, until Dracula himself stopped them.
(DracL#7/4) [5/8, 9/1890] - Dracula had Harker draft a series of sequentially dated letters telling his friends he was all right, then intercepted two letters Harker tried to sneak out.
(DracL#8/5) [5/28/1890] - When Harker insisted he be allowed to leave immediately (as the date of his final letter approached), Dracula opened the door to him--a pack of snarling wolves awaited him on the outside, and he decided to stay.
(DracL#8/5) [5/29/1890] - Harker found Dracula in his coffin within the tower. Harker sought to kill him with a shovel, but the stare of Dracula caused him to strike only a glancing blow.
(DracL#10/3) [7/6-8/6/1890] - Dracula stowed away on the ship Demeter to London, slaughtering the crew along the way. Upon arriving in Whitby, Dracula escaped the boat in the form of a wolf.
(DracL#11/3) [8/10-11/1890] - Dracula began to prey on the people of Whitby, including the elderly Mr. Swales, and Lucy Westenra, the friend of Mina Murray.
(DracL#11/3) [8/21/1890] - An inmate at Stamford Asylum for the Insane, Renfield, began to discuss his new master, just before he escaped, the grate to his prison was ripped out by some superhuman force. Dr. John Seward found Renfield and returned him to the asylum, as Dracula watched from the shadows.
(Legion of Monsters#1/4) [8/24/1890] - As Dracula's visits progressively weakened Lucy Westenra, Dr. Seward (her former suitor) summoned Dr. Abraham van Helsing to examine her. Van Helsing kept her alive with transfusions and garlic to prevent further attacks--he obviously suspected the truth about the nature of said attacks. However, she took a turn for the worse when her mother removed the "horrible, strong-smelling flowers."

(Stoker's Dracula#2) [9/17/1890] - Van Helsing, recognizing the mark of the vampire, tried to save Lucy, but Dracula continued to visit her room, gaining entry as a wolf, and slaying Lucy's household. Lucy ultimately perished, returning as a vampire. Eventually, Van Helsing destroyed the vampiric Lucy.
(Stoker's Dracula#3) [9/20-10/1/1890] - Jonathan Harker had returned to England and married Mina, but Dracula began to visit Mina himself, and she slowly fell under his thrall, even as Van Helsing led Harker, Seward, Quincy Morris and Arthur Holmwood to search out Dracula's spare boxes of earth. Dracula brought Mina with him to visit Renfield in his cell, and Renfield turned on him, causing Dracula to kill him. Renfield's dying words alerted Van Helsing to Mina's danger, and he arrived in time to drive Dracula away from Mina with a communion wafer and crucifixes.
(Stoker's Dracula#4) [10/1-11/6/1890] - Van Helsing and his allies managed to surprise Dracula at one of the hiding places for his boxes of earth, but he escaped from them. In order to track Dracula, Van Helsing used Mina's connection to the vampire in order to discern his movements. Van Helsing pursued Dracula back to Transylvania. Quincy Morris and Jonathan Harker, armed with knives, impaled Dracula through the heart and apparently decapitated him. Seeing his body evaporate, they left, assuming him to be destroyed.
BTS - However, since the knives they used were not made of wood or silver, they did not hurt Dracula as they thought. Instead, Dracula, using his ability to turn into mist, tricked them into thinking that they had destroyed him, and when they left, he returned to corporeal form.

(Dracula Lives#1/6) [late 1800s] - In Vienna, Dracula sought a cure or an end to his vampirism from the scientist Du Monte. However, Du Monte was a fraud, and he sent Dracula on a mission to steal some research papers--in the process of which he slew the scientist who might have helped him. Du Monte attempted to kill Dracula and then study his corpse, but Dracula vamped him instead.

(Dracula Lives#12 - BTS) [1896] - Dracula's diary, stolen and transported from Snagov three centuries earlier, made it into the hands of Bram Stoker, who decided to write a novel based on it.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1897] - Bram Stoker's novel was published.

(Dracula Lives#2/4) [11/6/1897??] - Dracula, a bolt from Van Helsing's crossbow in his side, wrote a letter accusing Stoker of lying, Harker of being addled on opium, and Van Helsing being descended from a family of magicians with a long-running enmity with Dracula's family. This letter also revealed his plan to leave another vampire in his place, to be staked by the vampire hunters. In addition, the letter contained a curse that whosoever first found it would be victims of his vampire legions, the Children of the Night. The letter was not found until centuries later, by two American journalists, Mark Cordier and David Frazier, who investigated Castle Dracula after the events of the Tomb of Dracula I#1--and did indeed fall victim to its curse.

(Tomb of Dracula I#1 (fb)/Tomb of Dracula I#2 - BTS) - Van Helsing traced Dracula back to his castle, due to the assistance of a young boy named Carl Von Harbou. Although Von Harbou served Dracula, he decided to betray his master to Van Helsing. Finding Dracula in his coffin, Van Helsing drove a stake through Dracula's heart.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - Dracula's body was found by an unidentified person, who, lacking the knowledge to insure his eternal death, placed the body in a coffin, placed the coffin in a cave, and had an immense stone placed over the mouth of a cave--larger than even a vampire's prodigious strength could move.

(Frankenstein Monster#7-9) [1898] - Under the guise of bringing the monster to the last living Frankenstein, a gypsy woman, Marguerita, had him open the cave and pry open the giant tomb. However, instead of the last Frankenstein, the tomb contained Dracula. Marguerita revealed herself to be a vampire, and removed the stake from Dracula, resurrecting him. The monster slew Marguerita, and after an inconclusive struggle Dracula (weak after his period of...death), fled to refuel. The monster caught up to Dracula, used a cross to prevent him from entering his coffin as the sun came up, and then staked the weakened vampire lord. Frankenstein: 1, Dracula: 0

(X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking vengeance on Apocalypse for his assault centuries before, Dracula began vamping members of London's Clan Akkaba, the descendents of Apocalypse. One of the Clan, Jack Starsmore (apparently, part of the local constabulary) investigated the killings and burnt off the Clan Akkaba tattoos from the first four victims before they were discovered, but the fifth one's tattoo was discovered. The most fit of the Clan, Hamilton Slade, went to seek out the killer himself, but instead was vamped by Dracula. Following Slade's disappearance, the Clan awakened Apocalypse.

(X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#2 (fb)) - Abraham van Helsing, drawn by the nature of the "killings," tracked down Jack Starsmore and revealed Dracula's involvement. Starsmore brought van Helsing to meet Apocalypse and the rest of the Clan. Having had some past experience with an Egyptian race of vampires, Apocalypse believed van Helsing and agreed to accompany him to the morgue. There they were confronted by the now fully vampirized Clan Akkaba members, whom they destroyed.
    Meanwhile, Slade brought Dracula to Alexandria House, Clan Akkaba's base, and instructed his mother, Margaret Slade, to come meet his new guest.

(X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#3 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula vamped the rest of Clan Akkaba, with the exception of Margaret Slade, plus Jack Starsmore and Frederick Ferguson, who had accompanied Apocalypse.

(X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#3 (fb)) - Slade and the rest of the vampirized Clan Akkaba ambushed Apocalypse, van Helsing, Jack Starsmore, and Frederick Ferguson as they returned to Clan Akkaba. Ferguson teleported himself and his allies to safety; the vampires soon tracked them down and attacked again, but the vampires were destroyed by the dawn of the new day. Apocalypse, however, was bitten by one of the vampires during the conflict. Dracula returned to his Transylvanian Castle and awaited the arrival of Hamilton & Margaret Slade.

(X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#4 (fb)) - Dracula drained the blood of a helpless woman victim right in front of the Slades, then criticized Hamilton for failing to slay his false god. When Margaret insulted Dracula for his statement, Hamilton tore her throat out. As Apocalypse, van Helsing, Jack Starsmore, and Frederick Ferguson approached, Dracula sent his human and vampire legions after them. Via his vampire bite, Dracula tracked down and his foes, sending rats, bats, and wolves against them. As their underlings fought, Apocalypse confronted Dracula in his castle, but the vampire bite rendered Apocalypse susceptible to Dracula's control. Dracula prepared to vamp Apocalypse, but then van Helsing threw holy water in Dracula's face. Apocalypse took advantage of Dracula's weakness, skewering him through the heart and then decapitating him. However, Apocalypse refused to follow van Helsing's orders any further and left the body without a permanent stake in its heart or without burning its body.

(Tomb of Dracula I#20 (fb)/Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) [1899] - Dracula slew Abraham van Helsing.

Dracula in the 20th Century

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#17) [1900] - By this point, Dracula had recovered from the aging weakness caused by the silver buckshot.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - With both England and Transylvania on alert against him, Dracula transported himself to Spain.

(Tomb of Dracula I#48 (fb)) [1903] - In Madrid, Dracula again encountered Marianne Cutlass, who had been caring for (and containing) her vampire father. When Dracula assaulted Marianne, her father broke free and tried to save her, and Dracula staked him.

(Dracula Lives#9/5) [1903] - In Madrid, Death itself, in the guise of Carlos Muerte, sought to destroy Dracula for preventing souls from passing on--and succeeded by mobilizing a mob to ambush him.

(Dracula Lives#9/5) [1903] - A few months later, a pair of grave robbers pulled the stake from Dracula, reviving him. Dracula bit and slew the two men, and then found those who had slain him and turned them his vampire slaves. He led them against Muerte in San Cristo, but had neglected the time difference between the areas, and both he and his small army were incinerated by the rising son. However, as he died, Dracula called to one of his other vampire servants, who placed his ashes on his native soil, reviving him again. Muerte revealed himself to be Death, and then conceded defeat--calling a temporary truce.

(Invaders I#9 (fb)) - Prior to World War I, Dracula was visited in his crypt by John Falsworth, who had designs on taking control of Dracula to use him as a weapon. Instead, Dracula took control of him, and transformed him into a vampire. He then sent him back to England as Baron Blood to wreak havoc there.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - It is during the chaos of World War I that Dracula most likely slew Jonathan Harker.

(Tomb of Dracula II#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during the 1920s the vampire-lord Dracula boarded the ship of Captain Ryan Birks. Over time, Dracula presumably drank the blood of and/or slew most, if not all, of the crew. Bitten, Birks was tied to the ship's steering gear; nonetheless, his body obeyed Dracula's commands.

(Tomb of Dracula II#4) - Under Dracula's direction, Birks directed the ship towards a lighthouse on Harrow's Point, on the coast of Maine. Approaching land, the ship crashed against rocks, and Dracula traveled to land on his own power, leaving Birks behind, apparently with a broken neck.

(Tomb of Dracula II#4 (fb)) - Dracula enthralled and drank from a young girl, Angelica Neal, who lived with her family in a light house on the coast of Maine. When they prevented him from reaching her, he bit and slew her mother, Laurie. Frank Neal, following advice from a doctor, who might have been Quincy Harker, eventually drove off Dracula using a cross symbol painted with blood on the lighthouse light.

(Punisher VII#14 (fb)) [1923] - Dracula took the fight to the duo of Ulysses Bloodstone and Hellsgaard, who had been slaying monsters and vampires. Dracula threw the armored Hellsgaard through a portal into Limbo.

(Dracula Lives#8/2) [1926] - In Rome, Dracula made an enemy of gangster Nick Diablo, who put out several hits against him. Dracula vamped each of the hitmen, including Maria Petrella, Alonzo, and Giuseppe, as well as Nick's girlfriend, Luisa Morelli, and then sent them all after him: they vamped him.

(Tomb of Dracula I#48(fb)) [1926] - In Rome, Dracula encountered Marianne Cutlass once again, and vamped her husband, Count Marcos de la Triana. Heartbroken, Marianne waited in her car until her husband returned to her and made her a vampire as well.

(Giant-Size Dracula#5) [late 1920s/early 1930s?] - In Marseilles, Dracula encountered a man known only as the Frenchman, a government agent. The Frenchman discovered that Dracula was controlling his superior, and wounded Dracula, causing the vampire to pursue him across the country for a month. Their battle culminated in a zeppelin, which crashed and exploded when Dracula bit/slew the pilot. The Frenchman leapt to safety before the explosion and survived, but Dracula was nowhere to be seen.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2) - Quincy Harker, son of Jonathan, had by this time grown to manhood and organized an extensive task force dedicated to destroying Dracula. This may be the reason he headed to the USA.

(Giant-Size Dracula#4) [1934] - Dracula bit/slew several people on his ocean cruise to the USA, during which he met Beverly Carpenter. In America, he was drawn to Devil's Lake, North Dakota, where he encountered and opposed the Devil's Heart.

(Marvel Comics Presents#77-79) [July, 1942] - Dracula found his human gypsy servants were being destroyed by the Nazis; he retaliated by joining forces with Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos against Nazi forces in Transylvania, even after the Commandos learnt who and what he was. Before departing, Percival "Pinky" Pinkerton vowed to inform Dr. Abraham Van Helsing of Dracula's whereabouts. Dracula welcomed such a challenge.

(Dracula Lives#2/5 - BTS) [1944] - Nazis, led by Hauptmann Rudolph Kriss, set up a base in Castle Dracula. When vampire killings began, Kriss, suspecting one of them to be the vampire, had all of the gypsies slain. Ultimately, his second-in-command, Leutnan Willi Hanson, correctly determined that Kriss was the vampire--though he himself knew it not--and staked him. Hanson suspected that the spirit of Dracula had possessed the man--this is further verified by the text piece in Tomb of Dracula II#3/2.

(Tomb of Dracula I#33 (fb)) [1945] - Dracula attacked Quincy and Elizabeth Harker at the opera. Both survived, although Elizabeth was nearly drained of blood.

(Doctor Strange III#8/2) - Dracula attacked a female villager near Castle Mordo in Transylvania, but was driven off by Baron (Karl) Mordo, who wanted to use her himself as a human sacrifice.

(Suspense#7) [1951] - A man named Tartoff talking to a person whom he believed to be horror writer Sandor Xavier, explained that Dracula had preyed on his family for years. Tartoff somehow believed that if Dracula had not managed to take his blood that night, Dracula would be destroyed forever. Just before dawn, Tartoff handed "Xavier" his wooden stake-- but "Xavier" was in fact Dracula...

(Avengers I#187 (fb, BTS), Amazing Spider-Man Annual#22 (BTS), Web of Spider-Man Annual#4 (BTS), Doctor Strange III#9/2) -
    At some point between 1930 and 1958, Dracula began to observe the lycanthropy-stricken
Gregor Russoff, correctly believing him to possess the Darkhold as part of his effort to cure himself. Dracula watched behind the scenes many events at Wundagore; he saw events unfold as Russoff summoned Chthon, who was driven off by the Knights of Wundagore, and then a second time by Russoff, aided by Magnus.

(Tomb of Dracula I#20 (fb2)) - Dracula slew Rachel van Helsing's parents when she was nine years old. Quincy Harker showed up and drove Dracula off before he could vamp young Rachel as well.

(Tomb of Dracula I#30 (fb)) - Dracula slew Paul Knight after he had killed his wife during a heated argument. He was quite surprised at the rage of their blind toddler, Melanie.

(Dracula Lives#5/5 (text)) - In Tarnington, Dracula sought the power of the demons Ypsilloth and Ryg, which had been buried beneath the Jennings Mill forty years before. He was thwarted by a man named Mason. In the process, he bit and briefly manipulated Lucas Bane.

(Dracula Lives#6/4 (text)) - Dracula traveled to the medical research facility in Brass Monkey, New Mexico, where he bit a prostitute, Jennifer Hobarth, and used her as a contact to gain aid in breaking into the hospital blood bank. He had no sooner entered the vault--and found the packed red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma, which were useless to him--when he was located by Father Vergilius Flotsky, an aging priest who had been on his trail. Dracula fled to the streets and escaped, taking nurse Marie De Voe--the fiancé of Dr. James Lloyd Barrett--with him.

(Dracula Lives#7/2 (text)) - Hobarth, Barrett, and Flotsky managed to hold off Dracula long enough that he had to flee as dawn arrived. Barrett located Dracula's coffin and took it and Dracula for medical research, but their car was hit by two drunken rednecks. The car was not discovered until dusk...

(Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb)) - Dracula encountered Orphelus, who tricked Dracula into bringing him to the immortality granting Pool of Blood, only to destroy it--intending to destroy Dracula as well. Dracula narrowly escaped the destruction of the Pool.

(Marvel Preview#3 (fb)) - Dracula encountered Jamal Afari, who was later the mentor to Blade.

(Marvel Preview#3 (fb) - BTS)) - Dracula later stalked Jamal Afari down and killed him, transforming him into a vampire. Blade was forced to kill his mentor as a result, and swore to one day destroy Dracula.

(Tomb of Dracula I#60 (fb)) - In Paris, Lilith began following Dracula, stopping him from taking in victims by taking those he stalked first. She carried this threat out for five days, eventually following him to London, where he impaled her on one the spikes on the gate outside Big Ben.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/2 - BTS) [1968] - Dracula traveled to the Far East.

(Tomb of Dracula I#29 (fb)) - In India, Dracula and a legion of vampires attacked the village of Taj Nital, vamping his son, Adri, and slashed Taj's throat, rendering him mute. Dracula was driven off by Rachel van Helsing.

(Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb) - BTS) - About this time he also slew a young Scotsman.

(Tomb of Dracula I#30 (fb)) [1968?] - In China, Blade and his band of Vampire Hunters (Orji Jones, Ogun Strong, Azu, and Musenda) posed as allies of Dracula and then staked him. The stake was removed by his servant, Kuai Hua, and her handmaidens.

(Blade III#11 (fb)) - Dracula slew Orji Jones, Ogun Strong, and Azu, then departed, noting how easily he could have killed Blade and demanded that Blade would similarly spare him in the future.
    Musenda was nearly slain and assumed dead by both Blade and Dracula.

(Dracula Lives#1 (fb)) - Learning of Jackson Kubbard (a man claiming to be the reincarnation of Cagliostro) while in London, Dracula had his coffin shipped to Manhattan to investigate.

(Dracula Lives#1) - In Manhattan, he learned Jackson Kubbard was a fraud. He also met Made Rogers, a member of Kubbard's Mysticology Cult, and suffered from withdrawal after unwittingly consuming the blood of a drug addict.

(Dracula Lives#2/7 (fb)) - Marie Laveau had her servant, Gaston, remove Dracula's coffin and bring it to New Orleans.

(Dracula Lives#2/7) - After Dracula vamped a girl in a New Orleans cemetery, Laveau magically drew him to her. She managed to hold Dracula at bay long enough to obtain a sample of his blood for her immortality serum. She then proposed an alliance, but he refused, because she had bound him by force.

(Dracula Lives#3/7) - Arriving in Paris, Dracula was attacked by Hélène DuBois, great-great granddaughter of Jacques DuBois. He defeated her, but was then attacked by the stone gargoyle, now animated by Jacques' spirit. Dracula led the Gargoyle to fly after him and caused it to shatter against the Eiffel Tower.

(Dracula Lives#5/8) - Dracula was aboard an airplane from Hollywood to New York, when a terrorist/madman tried to hijack the plane and fly it into the sunrise. Dracula attacked the man, who set off the bomb and crashed the plane. Dracula then bit the man and left him to be disintegrated by a sunrise.

(Dracula Lives#7) [1/12-15/1974] - Dracula left Boston and went to Washington, DC, after Richard Grant, one of the leaders of his East Coast followers was killed. Dracula avenged his death by biting and killing Mildred Wilson, who had killed Grant and all those involved with the Broadway Project. The intro of the story referred to the killer as the "Death Man."

(Dracula Lives#8) - In Manhattan, Dracula was wounded by the splintered nightstick of patrolman Lou Garver. Dracula bit/killed his wife, Jean, as punishment, but was again driven off by Garver.

(Dracula Lives#9) - Garver staked his wife, and was mistakenly charged with her murder. Dracula sought to recover artifacts stolen from his castle by Anton Rizzoli, but was driven off a cross-wielding Rizzoli. The thief then sold the item at an auction, and they were bought by Ursula Lensky, a woman obsessed with Dracula. Dracula then vamped her, and sent her off to finish off Rizzoli. After she did so, she was staked by Graver, who had had her followed-- he vowed to dedicate his life to destroying Dracula for killing his wife.

(Dracula Lives#8/3 (text)) - Dracula vamped Roberta Christianson, a CIA pilot(?), who continued to fight him even after she became a vampire. Ultimately, she crashed her own plane, in an effort to destroy him. He escaped the crash, though she did not: He allowed her this final death, acknowledging her as a worthy foe.

(Dracula Lives#9/4) - In Crayton, Illinois, Dracula tried to vamp Joe Don Mahoney, but fled after Mahoney's friends showed up. He then vamped Julie, despite the efforts of her boyfriend, Jimmy Hodges.

(Dracula Lives#13/2) - In Paris, Dracula met an American girl, Mary, who had left her country after being dumped by a series of men. Desperate for his love, she willingly became a vampire, but when he, too, left her, she impaled herself on a stake.

(Marvel Preview#12/4 (fb)) - On a Tuesday around 11:30 PM, Dracula attacked a woman named Andrea Simmons in her apartment. Her body was missing.

(Marvel Preview#12/4) - The policeman investigated the murder. A Lieutenant Chapel spoke with Simmons' boyfriend James Nagle at the apartment. Simmons returned to her apartment, now a vampiress. She slew Nagle, but Chapel grabbed some swizzle sticks to make an impromptu cross. Breaking wood to make stakes, he punctured the hearts of Simmons and Nagle. Dracula, however, dropped in. Realizing he had not the power to attack Dracula, Chapel implaed his own heart with a stake. Dracula removed the stake and bit Chapel who returned as a vampire.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3/5) - Over the period of a few months, Dracula met and eventually vamped an artist named Amber. As she began to complete her transformation into a vampire, she painted a picture of a crucifix, incinerating herself in the process.

(Tomb of Dracula II#4) - Dracula drank from a young girl, entertaining her with stories about Angelica.

(Tomb of Dracula II#5/2) - Dracula vamped the ballerina Odette Byelai. She attempted to maintain her dance for as long as she could, but she eventually staked herself as her dance and soul continued to dwindle.

(Tomb of Dracula II#1 (fb)) - Seeking the power of the Yazdi Gem, Dracula attacked and killed a possessor of one of its fragments, Augustus Ebers. However, the power of the gem allowed Ebers to survive the death of his body, and Dracula was unable to remove the gem set into the ring from Ebers' finger.

(Dr. Strange III#8/2) - In Varf Mandra, Baron Mordo stopped Dracula from preying on a peasant woman, telling him that the villagers there may only be cattle, but they were his cattle. Dracula, not wishing to engage a sorcerer over something so easily replaced, agreed to leave that section of Transylvania to Mordo, but warned him not to be caught after Sundown beyond the Borgo pass.

(Doctor Strange III#9/2) - After Russoff's death, Dracula lost contact with the Darkhold, as it was sent to California to Russoff's wife.  

(Tomb of Dracula I#40(fb)) - On Rachel van Helsing's sixteenth Birthday, Dracula visited and seduced her, overcoming her will and forcing her to drop her crucifix. Again, Quincy Harker arrived and saved her life.

(Captain America I#253 (fb) - BTS) - While in England, Dracula had one of his human lackeys, Dr. Jacob Cromwell, locate the corpse of Baron Blood and remove the stake from it. Blood was reformed, made Cromwell his first new victim, and subsequently posed as Cromwell to fit into modern society.

(Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb)) [1969/1972-topical?] - The Scotsman, father of a man slain by Dracula four years before, staked Dracula in Castle Dracula, at the cost of his own life. Dracula tumbled into his own Pit of Death.

(Before the Fantastic Four: The Storms#1-3) - Dracula, still on the stake, mentally sent his agent, Comte. St. Germaine, to the USA to obtain the Amulet of Zarathos, hoping its power could resurrect him and enhance his powers. St. Germaine was foiled by the young Johnny and Sue Storm. Why the frick didn't Drac just summon St. Germaine to his castle to remove the stake???

Dracula in the Modern Era

(Tomb of Dracula I#1) - Frank Drake went with his friend Clifton Graves and lover Jean to Transylvania to inspect the castle Drake inherited-- Castle Dracula. While there, Graves stumbled onto the remains of Dracula from his battle with the Scotsman. He foolishly removed the stake, reviving Dracula. Dracula threw Graves into the Pit of Death. Dracula vamped Jean, leaving Drake in sorrow.

(Tomb of Dracula I#2) - Drake hired a lackey from the town to aid him in removing Dracula's coffin, and also freeing Graves. Meanwhile Dracula forced Von Harbou, now an adult, to fix him up, and then slew Von Harbou for his boyhood betrayal. Drake sold various goods from the castle to gain funds, and then headed off to London. Jean, now Dracula's slave, followed, and managed to enthrall Graves. However, though Dracula himself confronted Drake, he had to flee with the sun, and Jean was staked and disintegrated.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#3) - Rachel Van Helsing, Taj Nital, and Frank Drake stole Dracula's coffin from him, hoping it would hinder him in some way.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#4) - The appropriately named Ilsa Strangway offered Dracula an escape route if he turned her into a vampire so that she could regain her former, younger appearance. He accepted, but neither party received quite what they wanted: Dracula despised the escape route when he learnt that it was safe travel to the past through her magical mirror, while being a vampire did not rejuvenate Ilsa.

In the end, Ilsa asked Rachel Van Helsing to end her existence, and Dracula found that he must accept the mirror trip to avoid capture. So he did, being followed by Taj through the mirror into what, according to Ilsa, isn't the past, but a realm of monsters.

(Tomb of Dracula I#5) - Dracula used the Black Mirror to return to the 19th century to prevent his staking at the hands of Van Helsing. He arrived too late, but still decided to slay Van Helsing. However, Rachel Van Helsing and Taj also time-traveled back, and saved Abraham Van Helsing. Dracula's lackey Lenore could not stop them. All parties returned to their present.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#6) - Dracula, Lenore, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake and Taj all returned to the 20th century. Lenore was killed by an crossbow bolt meant for Dracula. Rachel and Frank Drake are trapped by Dracula and rescued by Randolph Dering, the "Moorlands Monster".

(Tomb Of Dracula I#7) - Returning to England, Dracula went after a young woman, but was driven off by her crucifix--all the while unaware that she was Edith Harker, the daughter of his enemy, Quincy. Dracula mesmerized a large group of children to serve as his Legion of Doom. Her then bit/slew Buckley Grainger outside of Harker's mansion, fought the assembled Vampire Hunters, and then drew them back to his Castle. He duped them into staking a corpse made up to look like him and then ambushed the group. He was forced to flee when Harker nailed him with a poison dart, but as he did he set his Legion of Doom on them.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#8) - Dracula met Dr. Heirich Mortte (a vampire himself) for help with the poisoned dart Quincy Harker used on him. He briefly attempted to raise an army of artificially-created vampires, but was stopped by Dr. Mortte, who died in the process.

(Tomb of Dracula I#9 (fb)) - Dracula attempted to feed off some children to regain his strength, but they easily eluded him in his weakened state. He was found by a motorcycle gang, who attempted to rob him. And threw him into a river.

(Tomb of Dracula I#9) - He was found there by villagers from Littlepool, and took the alias of "Drake" amongst them. He befriended David and his lover Andrea, and drove away the vampires Corker Haller and Gladys, although exposing himself as a vampire in the process. As Father William gathered mobs to hunt down and kill Haller and Gladys, Dracula made his exit.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#10) - Traveling aboard a ship with Clifton Graves (now his servant), Dracula was attacked by Blade. To evade him, he blew up the ship, seemingly killing Graves.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#11) - Dracula hunted down the motorcycle gang that had hounded him, and made its leader Lucas Brand into a vampire.

(Tomb of Dracula I#12) - Immediately after his murder of Elizabeth Langley, Harker's men confronted Dracula. However, Dracula managed to abduct Edith Harker. Using her as bait, he lured his enemies into a confrontation at a booby-trapped mansion. Dracula did not succeed in destroying them, and fled. Quincy destroyed Edith after he saw her vampirized.

(Tomb of Dracula I#13) - Dracula prevented Skinnee Shore, murderer of college coeds, from killing Cecile Parker-- but then bit her, making her a slave. Dracula took in a boxing match (!) but then left for a small town. However, a Mr. Haskell who served as an agent of Harker spotted Dracula in bat form. Harker's band encountered a slave of Dracula named Jasper O' Conner. They found Dracula, and Blade managed to slay him. However, just before Blade stuck his dagger in, Dracula had activated some of his slaves in the town to come to his aid...

(Tomb of Dracula I#14) - Dracula's slaves broke in and stole his body, but his hypnosis wore off, and they left his body in disgust. The preacher Josiah Dawn happened by, and took Dracula's corpse as a sign. Dawn decided that God had left Dracula as an example of the power of faith; by removing Blade's dagger in front of a crowded revival meeting, Dawn demonstrated the power of their faith as they all brandished crosses in Dracula's face. Dracula, despite the arrival of Harker's band, used his lightning powers to defeat Dawn, and fled.

(Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb)) - Dracula, in bat form, was shot out of the sky by a hunter, whom he then slew.

(Tomb of Dracula I#15 (fb)) - Dracula vamped a woman just after she had been shot by her cheating husband. Three days later, she interrupted his affairs and put the bite on him.

(Tomb of Dracula I#15) - Dracula spent some time at his memoirs, recollecting several past events of his life.

(Hulk Monster-Size Special#1/4) - Staying at his castle in Romania, Dracula found himself under attack from villagers who besieged him with flamethrowers and guns. But just when Dracula screamed to the townsfolk to leave him be, they where surprised by the arrival of the Hulk. The locals opened fire on the green giant, but the machinegun's bullets just bounced off his emerald skin, a feat Dracula was in awe of. Dracula instantly leapt from the window and drifted down to the ground, landing behind the newly arrived behemoth. The creature's back was to him as it continued to shout defiantly until the last of the villagers had fled. Dracula then bid Hulk welcome, bowing gracefully and extending every grace to the behemoth, believing him to be a fellow "monster" whose strength he could use for his own. Dracula offered him sanctuary in his castle. After failing to hypnotize the Hulk Dracula showed him to his room. During the night, the Hulk changed to Bruce Banner. The next morning, Banner ran into one of Dracula's brides who offered him to dine with them. Surprised to see Banner instead of the Hulk, Dracula understood they were one and the same. Dracula offered to keep Banner safe if he, as the Hulk would stand beside him in battle. But Banner wouldn't hear of it and wanted to leave. Dracula once more tried to hypnotize Banner but to no effect. The bride had enough of Banner and, consumed by her bloodlust, sank her teeth into Banner's throat. However, Dracula quickly yanked Banner (already sufficiently agitated he'd begun to transform in the Hulk) clear of her as he shoved her away. Dracula was enraged that his bride went against his orders, but even more surprised when Hulk's gamma-infused blood transformed the bride into a light-green vampire. The bride, now gunning for Dracula, stabbed him in the shoulder with a stake. Dracula quickly yanked the deadly projectile out and stabbed his bride in the chest. After which her skin burned away and her skeleton clattered to the floor. Next Dracula focused his attention on the Hulk, although the green giant had enough of the entire drama and slammed both fists on the floor. Part of the fragile, old castle around them. Dracula was forced to transform into a bat to maneuver his way through the falling debris. Once the smoke cleared, the Hulk took off leaving Dracula in the ruins of the castle that had withstood assaults from enemies over centuries.

(Avengers I#118) - Dracula was among several superhumans who faced the monsters created by Dormammu as he began to merge earth with the Dark Dimension. Dormammu was ultimately defeated by the Avengers.

(Tomb of Dracula I#16) - Dracula observed as the revenant Duncan Corley slew two tomb-robbers at Highgate Cemetary. Incensed, as he intended to drink the blood of the grave-robbers, Dracula had his slave Horation Toombs cover up all evidence of the incident. Dracula attacked Marie Komph on London Bridge, and again encountered Duncan Corley. Returning to Highgate, he saw that he had encountered Corley at the grave of Paul Beare, an old acquaintance. Dracula had another encounter with Corley at Beare House, and Inspector Chelm explained to Dracula why Corley became a revevant. Namely, Beare upset Corley's grave, since Beare, for astrological reasons, had his corpse buried in what was originally Corley's grave. Dracula resolved to bury Corley properly.

(Tomb of Dracula I#17/Tomb of Dracula II#3) - Dracula again fought Blade, and defeated him by mesmerizing him, then biting him, not realizing Blade was immune. In Versailles, Austria, he contacted his ally Henri Verne, and with his aid, stowed away on a train set for Transylvania. During his trip, he became embroiled in another fight with Drake and Van Helsing, and fought off Granet and Ludwig Gruber, who mistook him for an agent of Dr. Sun.
    Aboard the train, Dracula bit and supped from Anna Reynolds, however, he was forced to leave before consuming all of her blood when Drake and Van Helsing closed in on him.

(Tomb of Dracula I#18) - Dracula encountered Jack Russell, the Werewolf, and his mystic companion Topaz. Dracula attempted to make a meal of Topaz, but was fought off by the Werewolf.

(Werewolf By Night I#15) - Dracula again fought the Werewolf, and nearly defeated him when Topaz offered him the Darkhold as a trade for Russell's life. Dracula accepted, but Van Helsing then stole the Darkhold from him. Desperate, Dracula chased after the helicopter.

(Tomb of Dracula I#19 (fb)) - Dracula fought his away aboard Van Helsing's helicopter, and threw her pilot out to his death. Neither one being able to pilot the craft, they crashed into the Transylvanian Alps.

(Tomb of Dracula I#19) - Dracula and Van Helsing were forced to look out for one another in the Alps for a time, but finally turned on each other, just as Drake arrived to rescue Van Helsing. They left Dracula in the snow.

(Dr. Strange III#9/2) - Having recovered the Darkhold from Rachel when her helicopter crashed, Dracula found himself unable to destroy it and instead tossed it into the snow in the Alpines, figuring that no one would ever find it.

(Tomb of Dracula I#20) - Hunted from the sky by Drake and Van Helsing, Dracula hid inside a cave, where he was captured by Clifton Graves, now working for Dr. Sun. He slew Sun's assistant Morgo, and Graves was accidentally killed by Van Helsing as she and Drake arrived.

(Tomb of Dracula I#21) - Now confronted by Dr. Sun himself, and his vampire ally Lucas Brand, Dracula fought Brand, and lost; part of his strength was siphoned into Brand, but when Brand turned on Dr. Sun, Dr. Sun destroyed him.

(Tomb of Dracula I#22) - Escaping into Kamenka, Moldavia, Russia, Dracula found himself set against the vampire Gorna Storski, who refused to acknowledge Dracula's authority. Dracula fought and destroyed him for this.

(Giant-Size Spider-Man#1) - For his own reasons, Dracula set after Dr. A.J. Maxfield to destroy the vaccine the doctor had created, but mistakenly assumed Maxfield was a man, and almost killed someone else instead. Dracula very narrowly encountered the super-hero Spider-Man in the course of his actions, and killed former Maggia crimelord Anthony Cavelli and several of his henchmen on the Atlantic cruise ship, before flying away in bat form.

(Giant-Size Chillers#1) - Returning to London, Dracula took possession of a castle owned by Sheila Whittier. He had intended to drive her out, but finding that she had been repeatedly tortured by Lord Henry, one of his own servants, he became her "protector". He also encountered his daughter Lilith again, and the two briefly skirmished.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#23) - Dracula found that Sheila was haunted by the ghost of her father, and destroyed the idol which bound her father's spirit to the castle.

(Giant-Size Dracula#2) - In Rutherton, England, Dracula investigated a series of murders for which he (or another vampire) had been accused. This brought him into conflict with the demon Y'Garon and those under his control. Dracula knocked Y'Garon back through a magical Sa'arpool (portal to a race of demonic beings), which shut behind him. Dracula erased Kate Fraser's memory of Y'Garon's involvement.

(Tomb of Dracula I#24 (fb)) - Dracula attempted to feed off the exotic dancer Trudy, but she drove him off with a crucifix.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#24) - Dracula again fought Blade, a friend of Trudy's, although he managed to conceal his identity from him.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#25) - Dracula encountered the vampire detective Hannibal King for the first time, as King investigated a murder Dracula was involved in.

(Giant-Size Dracula#3) - Dracula fought, defeated, and vamped Elianne Turac. During this struggle, he mesmerized and controlled Ruth Caulderon to become his pawn.

(Dr. Strange III#9/2) - Dracula's vampire servants informed him that Giuseppi Montesi had uncovered the lost Montesi formula, and so he went to the Vatican

(Dracula Lives#6) - Dracula traveled to Rome, hoping to slay Giuseppi Montesi, the only one who knew the secret of the Montesi formula. Under great pain, Dracula followed him into the Vatican, where he destroyed the written formula and killed Montesi. However, as he died, Montesi revealed that he had sent a copy to Quincy Harker.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#26-28) - Dracula, Sheila Whittier, and David Eshcol searched together for the mystic artifact the Chimera, which ran them afoul of Dr. Sun. Dr. Sun assaulted them with mental images, but Dracula was able to overcome them, and slew another of Dr. Sun's men. He then attempted to claim the Chimera, but Sheila, sickened by him, shattered it against a wall.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#29) - Angered by Sheila's actions, Dracula fed off Beverly Gable. Eshcol attempted to destroy Dracula in his coffin, but was overpowered and killed. Dracula returned to Shiela, attempting to entice her back to him, but she threw herself from a window rather than be with him.

(Captain America I#253 (fb) - BTS) <chronology uncertain> - While in England, Dracula had one of his human lackeys, Dr. Cromwell, located the corpse of Baron Blood and remove the stake from it. Blood was reformed, made Cromwell his first new victim, and subsequently posed as Cromwell to fit into modern society.

(Vampire Tales#8/4, 9 - BTS - Marvel Preview#3) - Blade fought against the Legion of the Damned, who were eventually revealed to be pawns of Dracula.

(Tomb of Dracula I#30) - Dracula reflected on the passing of Sheila Whittier, and recalled several of his struggles from the past.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#31) - Inspector Chelm and Quincy Harker saved Lord Singleton from Dracula's revenge for refusing to obey his demands. Dracula learnt that his powers were being drained somehow, leading to his death in a few weeks.

(Dracula Lives#4) - In Hollywood, California, Dracula vamped Louis Belski, an aging hack of an actor who had convinced himself that he actually was Dracula. He also vamped Liza, a director's assistant. 

(Tomb Of Dracula I#32-33) - Quincy baited Dracula into his mansion with information about the cause of his power loss. He succeeded, but learnt that Rachel Van Helsing was trapped by two of Dracula's female vampire allies. Harker decided that he could not let Rachel Van Helsing die, and freed Dracula, whose power loss was likely to kill him shortly.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#34) - Dracula learned that Dr. Sun was behind his power loss, found and nearly killed Inspector Chelm, and was observed unknowingly by Deacon Frost. Dracula contacted businesswoman Daphne Von Wilkinson to assist him in obtaining fresh blood.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#35) - Von Wilkinson attempted to manipulate Dracula into a vengeance mission in exchange for information about Dr. Sun's whereabouts, but after obtaining what he needed, Dracula unleashed all the men he had fed on upon her.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#36 (fb)) - Dracula went on a rampage at an airport, and ultimately chose to steal a U.S. Air Force craft, controlling its pilot. He had the pilot bring him to Boston, and escaped from the soldiers who awaited him upon arrival.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#37) - Reporter/aspiring horror writer Harold H. Harold decided to write a vampire interview story, and ended up rescuing Dracula from his weakened state. It was apparently sheer luck of the draw that brought the two in contact with each other.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#38) - Dracula's life was saved through a rescue affected by Harold H. Harold and Aurora Rabinowitz, using stolen blood from a hospital.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#39) - Dr. Sun and his henchman Juno actually destroyed Dracula, staking him with a silver spike.

(Marvels: Eye of the Camera#3 - BTS) - The Daily Globe published an article called "Monsters on the Prowl" in their Sunday supplement. Along with the piece, a map of the US was printed, listing sightings of several infamous monsters, including Dracula.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#40-42) - The vampire hunters, desperate to defeat Dr. Sun, stole Dracula's ashes from his headquarters, and searched for a means to resurrect him. Aurora, despondent over Dracula's death, cried into the urn containing the ashes, thus resurrecting Dracula (because of the folklore that a virgin's tears could revive a vampire). He first made a meal of Cynthia Cullen, then attacked Dr. Sun with the reluctant aid of Blade. He finally destroyed Dr. Sun, ending their conflict.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#43) - Boston Bugle reporter Paul Butterworth followed a lead from Harold H. Harold and became aware of Blade and Harker's hunt for Dracula. His aid to the vampire hunters made him the focus of Dracula's vengeance, but sunrise saved him from Dracula's attack.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#44) - A chance encounter with Dr. Strange's loyal servant, Wong, lead to a confrontation between Dracula and the Sorcerer Supreme. During their fight, Strange forced Dracula to relive his final fight against the Turks and his subsequent transformation into a vampire. Dracula eventually hypnotizes Dr. Strange and bites him, announcing his turning into a vampire in three days' time.

(Dr. Strange II#14) - Unknown to Dracula, Dr. Strange was no stranger to death and escaped the Lord of Vampires by seperating his astral self from his body just before death. Dracula tries to slay the newly arisen vampiric Dr. Strange. As they fought, Dracula unwittingly gave Strange the key to his defeat and the Sorcerer Supreme called upon, "Tetragrammaton, Jehovah! O Great Unmanifest, hear my plea!" Strange's very touch seared Dracula and in a burst of light, as Strange's own vampiric form was wracked with pain, the Lord of Vampires was burnt into a desiccated corpse. Strange summoned Wong back from his temporary exile in a pocket dimension and by the combination in him of both Dracula's evil and the Hebrew God's purity, cleansed them both of Dracula's taint (a feat Strange admitted he could never perform twice).

(Tomb of Dracula I#45 (fb)) - Realizing that, power for power, Strange would overwhelm him, Dracula resorted to deceit by combining his ability to turn to mist with his mesmerism. Dracula turned his flesh only to mist, exposing his bone, and made Strange think he was seeing ash, rather than mist. Thus Dracula only duped Strange into thinking him to have been destroyed.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#45-46) - After Strange left, Dracula reformed. Then, claiming to be Satan, he stopped Anton Lupeski from sacrificing Domini. He took control of the cult and married Domini.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#47) - In conversation with his wife Domini, Dracula recalled some of his schemes of conquest in times past and a mysterious character who stopped them (the Golden Angel/Janus). Dracula declared his intention to conquer more by charisma than by military might for the time being, while Domini tried to talk him out of his lust for power, to no avail.

(Tomb of Dracula I#48) - Marianne Cutlass de la Triana, her vampire husband having been killed days before by Blade, begged Dracula to destroy her. He did.

(Tomb of Dracula I#49) - Dracula was abducted into the subconscious of Angie Turner, a romantic woman who believed Dracula would be the sensitive man she had read about in fiction; the shock of seeing his true nature released her from her coma, setting Dracula free.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#50) - Anton Lupeski conducted a group mystical ritual to forcefully teleport the Silver Surfer to the vicinity and brainwash him into fighting Dracula. He was successful, and a confused, ill-motivated Surfer fought Dracula for a while. His will weakened, the Surfer failed to stop Dracula at first. After awhile, he renewed his resolve and went after Dracula in his house, but a look into Domini's eyes (while she explained that Dracula doesn't need to be punished) and another in the direction of the portrait of Jesus are enough to convince him to let Dracula be. When questioned, Domini said that she believes that Surfer saw a glimpse of the future in her eyes.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#51) - Dracula recruited new followers for he and Lupeski's cult, using the allure of the vampire. He was attacked by Blade, who had become a vampire, and staked him, seemingly destroyed him.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#52) - Dracula fought the Golden Angel, believing it to be a servant of Satan. He seemed to kill it by impaling it, but its energy led back to the church where Dracula made his home, and upon entry, he saw that the eyes in the portrait of Jesus were glowing.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#53) - Dracula sent one of his vampires to spy upon Lupeski, believing that Lupeski might be planning to double cross him.

(Ms. Marvel#14) - During a foggy evening in Boston, Dracula descended upon the alter ego of the super-heroine Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers; Dracula probably increased the obscurity of the fog with his power, as well. Hearing Dracula's nearing footsteps, Danvers ran into an open area, transformed into Ms. Marvel, and flew away, avoiding an encounter with the Vampire Lord and remaining oblivious to her stalker.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#54) - Dracula's son Janus was born, leading to a one-night truce with the vampire hunters, astonished that Dracula had actually fathered a child.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#55) - Dracula and Domini confirmed their love for another, while Domini investigated Lupeski's loyalties.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#57) - Dracula encountered Gideon Smith, a man whose life was fated to be ended by Dracula. Dracula nearly fed upon him, but the vampire hunters drove him off. Smith was petrified by the encounter.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#59) - Dracula vamped schoolteacher Emily Arthurs. Anton Lupeski allied himself with the vampire hunters and betrayed Dracula, resulting in the unintentional killing of infant Janus. Dracula slew Lupeski for this.

(Tomb of Dracula I#60) - Anguished over Janus' death, Dracula reflected upon his family, and how he had made enemies of his own kin, from Vlad to Lilith.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#61) - Domini successfully attempted a Dark Ritual with the purpose of resurrecting Janus. Ironically enough, Dracula was worried about the corruption this ritual might bring to the child and opposed her. The end result was that Janus was indeed resurrected, and aged to maturity, when the Golden Angel entity merged with him.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#62-63) - Dracula fought Janus upon Satan's Hill, as the Devil himself attempted to force them to destroy each other. Dracula defied Satan, and was taken to Hell by him for punishment.

(Tomb of Dracula I#64) - For bringing Janus into the world, Satan punished Dracula by stripping him of his vampirism.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#65) - Rachel Van Helsing followed Dracula for a while, uncertain whether she should attempt to kill him or not. She finally decided to let him go and returned to the Drak Pack. They failed to reach any solid conclusions, but saw a tv news report that captured the now-mortal Dracula on camera (quite a thrill for Quincy Harker) and realized that Dracula didn't really know how to live as a mortal in modern times. Dracula reached the same conclusion, decided to become vampiric again, and elected his daughter Lilith as the one to bring him back to the vampiric state. While Dracula hijacked a small plane to go after Lilith, Francis Leroy "Cowboy" Brown was contracted by the father of Dracula victim Mary Jo Bentley to avenge his late daughter by killing Dracula.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#66) - Non-vampiric Dracula fought Francis Leroy "Cowboy" Brown.

(Tomb of Dracula I#67) - Dracula found Lilith, and asked her to vampirize him, but she refused. He resolved to find another vampire to perform the task.

(Tomb of Dracula I#68) - Dracula sought out a once-loyal vampire, Marissa to vampirize him, but she was now loyal to Torgo, and refused. Brought down by all sides, Dracula called upon God to save him-- at which point, Satan appeared, pleased to see the depths Dracula had sunk to. Saying that now neither heaven nor hell would have him, Satan restored his vampirism.

(Tomb of Dracula I#69) - Still pursued by his fellow vampires, Dracula fled to a farmhouse where three children awaited the return of their mother. Unable to feed on them due to their crosses, Dracula finally protected them against the vampires which pursued him, wielded a crucifix in his hands (burning his flesh in the process) to drive them out.

(Tomb Of Dracula I#70) - Dracula successfully fought Torgo, the vampire who had inherited his position as Lord of Vampires to regain his reign over all vampires. After destroying him, he returned to Castle Dracula, where Quincy Harker appeared, and fought him. Quincy staked Dracula with a silver spoke, and was about to decapitate him when a bomb he had armed before the fight went off, destroying the castle.

(Tomb of Dracula II#1) - Five years after Dracula had slain her husband, Florence Ebers removed Harker's spoke from Dracula, reviving him. She sought to use the power of the Yazdi Gem to resurrect her husband, Augustus, in Dracula's body. However, Augustus sought the power of the Gem for himself alone and turned against both Florence and Dracula. She shattered the gem, crushing herself and Augustus, and Dracula narrowly escaped. In addition, Dracula vamped quite a few people after his revival. He bit Betty Gold, but she survived. Sandra Sommers narrowly escaped a bite from him on several occassions.

(Tomb of Dracula II#2) - Dracula was summoned to aid Angela, a psychic, and became caught up in a plot involving the Dimensional Man, the Enclave, and a demon named Asmodeus. The leader of the Enclave, Damien, sent the Dimensional Man after Dracula, who was nearly destroyed by him. Dracula was saved when the Dimensional Man sacrificed himself to stop Asmodeus.

(Tomb of Dracula II#3) - Jacque McDonald, the youthful daughter of Anna Reynolds McDonald, somehow established a connection with Dracula after being injured--a result of receiving a blood transfusion from her mother, who had been bitten by Dracula years before. This connection caused her to drain Dracula's strength from a distance, no matter how much blood he consumed, all the while Jacque became more and more possessed by his evil spirit. Finally, Jacque expelled the essence of Dracula from her, returning both of them to "normal." In the process, Dracula bit/slew Colleen Brown, Connie Stewart, Edna Appleton, Alice Weinburg, and Marianne.

(Tomb of Dracula II#5) - In his partially rebuilt castle, Dracula denounced and slew his Brides. Shortly thereafter, he was confronted by his daughter, Lilith, who tried to kill him. Dracula slew her lover, Viktor Benzel, and then bared his chest to her, challenging him to slay her. He taunted her as she learned that the same spell which granted her immunity to many of the vampiric weaknesses, also made her unable to physically slay him herself.

(Marvel: Shadows+Light#1/2) - Dracula had the corpse of Blade's mother exhumed, brought to Castle Dracula, and revived her in a vampire state. Blade traced her and traveled to the Castle alongside Father Nicholas. Dracula slew Father Nicholas and then confronted Blade-- a scream was heard as the Castle was enveloped in darkness.

(Howard the Duck II#5) - Dracula attacked Howard the Duck in Cleveland, thinking him a short person in a duck suit. As Dracula found eating the blood of non-humans repugnant, he could not stand Howard's blood. Howard, on the other hand, began wandering around in a state in which he mimicked Dracula, attacking other ducks. However, eventually Howard returned to his normal state of mind, preventing Dracula from making good on an attempt to bite Beverly Switzer, who arrived with Harold H. Harold, the latter having renewed his search for Dracula. When Howard the Duck managed to impale Dracula with a piece of a fence, the vampire offered Harold the story of a lifetime if he removed the makeshift stake. Harold foolishly accepted Dracula's offer, only to die under the fangs of Dracula. Dracula, embarrassed by his encounter with Howard the Duck, flew away.

(Defenders I#95 - BTS) - While sleeping within Castle Dracula, the Vampire Lord was possessed by demons of the Six-Fingered Hand.

(Defenders I#95) - Under demonic influence, Dracula journeyed to Greenwich Village, New York, crashed into Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium, and battled Strange and the Defenders. Outnumbered and in a demonic daze, Dracula was easily overwhelmed. The heroes consulted the Orb of Agamotto to ascertain the origin of the Undead Lord's erratic behavior.

(Defenders I#95 - BTS - (Orb of Agamotto)) - Hoping to gain leadership over Earth's vampires in Dracula's absence, the Vampire Lord's lackey Gordski made a pact with the demon Puishannt for personal power in exchange for the aid from the legion of vampires on Earth.

After the Son of Satan performed an exorcism upon Dracula, an uneasy alliance was formed to restore Dracula to his rightful position, and he and the Defenders were teleported outside Castle Dracula. Following a fierce struggle, Dracula disappeared per the instructions of Hellstrom, so the Son of Satan could cast a spell that would supernaturally raise the sun which ultimately destroyed the rebelling vampiric force, including Puishannts host, Gordski. Without a host, Puishannt fled the physical plane.

(Uncanny X-Men#159) - After dropping off her teammate Kitty Pryde with her parents, the X-Man Storm was attacked on her way home and admitted to the emergency room with slash wounds on her throat near the jugular vein. Released against doctor's orders, Storm returns to Misty Knight and Harmony Young's apartment where Dracula's seduction of her begins. Days later, Kitty returned to find the dispirited X Men keeping watch over Storm who they say has lost her will to live. Frightened, Kitty went to Ororo's room and after noticing all the usual signs (aversion to sunlight and the Star of David on her necklace, anemia, strange dreams) suspected that her friend has been attacked by a vampire. That night Ororo opened the window and admits her new lover...Dracula. Ready to complete Storm's transformation into a vampire, Dracula was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Kitty, demonstrating his immunity to the cross if the wielder does not believe, only to be stopped short from killing the girl by her Star of David. The X-Men tracked Storm and Dracula to Belvedere Castle in Central Park where they confronted the Lord of the Vampires. Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler battled Dracula and his horde or rats and wild dogs while Kitty consecrated Dracula and Storm's coffins with holy water, making them useless. Storm confronted Kitty, intending to transform her as well, but through her love for her adoptive "daughter" she broke Dracula's hold over her. Storm stopped Dracula from slaying the other subdued X-Men by a sneak attack. Dracula and Storm battled in the skies above New York, crashing through the windows of the Top of the Park restaraunt, fifty stories above Columbus Circle. Gradually, the battle turned against Storm as Dracula brought all his hard-won experience against his mutant consort. His hold over her broken, Dracula could not force her to submit and so took a hostage, but ultimately Storm's courage and integrity convinced him to release his grip on both his hostage and her as his vampiric thrall. He then departed in his humanoid chiropterran form.

(X-Men Annual#6 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula killed and transformed Rachel Van Helsing, descendant of his long-time foe Abraham Van Helsing, into his vampire slave. After this, he learned Van Helsing had hidden the Drakhold in an English castle placed upon the hallowed ground of Pendarrow Hill.

(X-Men Annual#6) - Through the circumstances of their previous meeting, Dracula made the X-Men member Storm his slave once more, as well. As Dracula had done centuries before with Murgo, the Prince of Darkness enlisted Storm to steal the Darkhold, taking himself and his slaves to Pendarrow Castle to collect it. Unknown to them, Dracula's daughter Lilith had possessed Kitty Pryde and Colossus. Under Lilith's power, they prevented Storm from obtaining the Darkhold.

Having returned to Dracula, Storm regained her senses just as he was preparing to proselytize her into a vampire, but she was saved by the entrance of the remaining X-Men: Cyclops, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler. The Lilith-led Kitty and Colossus also appeared along with the Darkhold, and a three-way confrontation ensued: Rachel and Dracula vs. the Lilith-dominated duo of Colossus and Sprite vs. the remaining X-Men. After converting Wolverine to his side, Dracula began to dissipate as a result of Kitty reading the Montesi formula aloud. Nightcrawler stopped the possessed Kitty from finishing the incantation, as he knew it would forfeit her soul and consign it to evil. Lilith then physically revealed herself to all present by altering Kitty's form into her own. Once recovered, Dracula struck Lilith in anger and began to talk about destroying the X-Men for his own safety. During mid-rant, Dracula was speared by a demoralized Rachel Van Helsing through the heart, and the Vampire Lord was reduced to a skeleton shortly thereafter. Following a rapid retreat, Dracula's ocean-side castle tumbled into the sea, Wolverine eased Rachel into her final, desired death, and Lilith's spirit left Kitty's body.

(Thor I#332-333) - Searching for more power, Dracula surveyed his current haunt within the Chicago area, detecting the Asgardian goddess Sif in the process. While Thor was distracted fighting and destroying several vampires, Dracula ensorcelled and bit Sif, gaining the power he sought within her blood. After interrogating one of Dracula's human followers, Thor learned of Dracula and Sif's location. Knowing their position, Thor confronted the newly invigorated Dracula, but the Vampire Lord's new power began to fade, the Asgardian blood being incompatible with his undead form, and he was defeated. Before Thor could permanently destroy him, Dracula was mystically teleported to New York by his human followers. With Dracula vanquished, Sif regained her senses.

(Doctor Strange II#59-60) - Dracula took command of the Darkholders cult, gaining even greater powers from them, including being purged of most of his limitations such as sunlight. He had them raise him an army of vagrants and thugs with which to storm Avengers Mansion, in an attempt to recover the Darkhold. He was opposed by Dr. Strange, Hannibal King, the Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel. Dr. Strange managed to teleport the Darkhold away, to Castle Mordo in Transylvania, thus temporarily stalling Dracula's plans.

(Doctor Strange II#61-62) - Dracula followed the trail to Castle Mordo, and easily shrugged off Blade, Hannibal King, Frank Drake and Wong, who were aiding Dr. Strange in protecting the Darkhold. Finally, he faced Dr. Strange himself, but Strange wielded the Darkhold against Dracula, casting the Montesi Formula to destroy all vampires on earth's plane; Dracula was reduced to ash, seemingly destroyed permanently.

(Avengers Annual#16) - Dracula was brought back to life by the Grandmaster to serve as a member of his Legion of the Unliving. He was charged with preventing the Avengers from defusing the Grandmaster's "Life-Bombs", each of which could destroy 1/5th of the universe. Dracula was opposed by Dr. Druid, whom he defeated, and went on to face Mockingbird as her teammate Iron Man attempted to defuse the Life-Bomb. Mockingbird's struggle with Dracula distracted Iron Man long enough for the bomb to explode.

(Vision and the Scarlet Witch II#5) - Dracula was one of several deceased villains who assaulted the Scarlet Witch while she was in the land of the dead.

(Tomb of Dracula III#1-4) - A demon going by the name Asmodeus, having recently awakened from a period of dormancy, manipulated events to resurrect the Lord of the Undead. Confused over the absence of Dracula's remains from his castle (where they lay when Asmodeus last observed the Earth), Asmodeus searched for a year until he found the vampire's soul. He then replaced the soul, and the remains at the site of his previous death, again skewered by Quincy Harker's silver spoke.
Dracula was revived through the efforts of Professor Gregor Smirnoff, accessing the power of Asmodeus. Through Smirnoff, Dracula managed to tap the psychic power of 666 students associated with the cult, the Belonging. He was opposed by Frank Drake, Blade, Katinka, and Inspector Judiah Golem. After being wounded by his enemies, Dracula was eventually overcome by the spirits of the dead passing though him, and he exploded. In the course of these adventures, he vamped a number of young women, including Lila, a former member of the Belonging.
Each time I read this series, or review it for a profile, I notice something new. In the 3rd and 2nd from last panels from the end of Tomb of Dracula#4, as Katinka makes contact with Judiah Golem, Dracula himself can be clearly seen wrapped in her curtains, and then fading away to mist. Whether this was artistic license, or it just meant that Dracula was not really destroyed at all. Maybe it was only his spirit, which had to search the world for a form to inhabit--as it eventually did in the form created by the temporary merging of Frank Drake and Hannibal King from Nightstalkers#18 and Blade#1-3--see comments

(OHotMU Marvel Knights 2005/Nightstalkers#18 - BTS) - An explosion fused Frank Drake and Hannibal King with Bloodstorm into a new Dracula.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#1 - BTS) - A monsterous version of Dracula appeared to the psychic Bible John in a vision, in which the vampire had decimated New York City.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#1) - A journalist, Tara Algren explored the explosion that killed Hannibal King and Frank Drake in Rhode Island. In the remains she found the reborn Dracula.

BTS- Dracula bit Tara, turning her into a vampire

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#2) - Tara's girlfriend, Bethany Flynn was summoned to a bar where Dracula and his new subject awaited. Dracula turned Bethany into a vampire as well. Blade and Bible John arrived and confronted Tepes, only to be defeated by him. Dracula bit Blade.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#3) - Dracula discovered that Blade was immune to vampire bites. Aaron Thorne and his lackey Angel arrived and teamed up with Blade to attack the one-time Lord of the Undead. Dracula and Throne were defeated when Bible John diverted running water onto them. (Running water being a folkloric bane of vampires)

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#8 - BTS) - Frank Drake and Hannibal King were revealed to be being held within Dracula's body.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#10 - BTS) - Another vision of the decimated-by-Dracula New York shows a "human" Dracula with eyes with two-colors. (One eye is blue, the other brown.)

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#10) - Dracula with Tara and Bethany attending him, was keeping an eye on Blade's activities, who just stopped Dracula's lackey Postmortem.

(OHotMU Horror 2005/OHotMU Marvel Knights 2005 - BTS) - Blade and his future counterpart Crossbow worked together to free Frank Drake and Hannibal King. The spirit of the real Dracula took possession of the monster and displaced Hannibal King and Frank Drake. All three of them were restored to their original form.

(Beyond#4 (fb)) - Dracula was part of a group, including Coldblood, Darkhawk, Deathlok (Michael Collins), Photon (Monica Rambeau), Sleepwalker, Terror, and Wonder Man summoned to Battleworld by the Stranger (posing as the Beyonder) to fight to the death that he might understand how humanity might be defeated in the future. Ultimately Deathlok brokered a deal with the "Beyonder" that allowed them all to return to Earth while he stayed on Battleworld.

(Spider-Man Team-Up#6/2) - Dracula created Raynee to be his companion. The true nature of her existence was revealed to her by Dr. Strange and Spider-Man, who drove off Dracula.

(Dracula: Lord of the Undead#1-3) - Dracula learned that his original mansion in Southern Transylvania had been ransacked, and his possessions stolen. He eventually tracked them down and recovered them, but was merely taking the bait for a trap. Dracula was infected with a virus, designed by Charles Seward, the great-grandson of his old enemy John Seward, who was under the control of Lilith. This virus made it impossible to consume human blood, but also turned out to be lethal and highly infectious to living people. Dracula ultimately cured himself by drinking Seward's blood, which had been used in developing the virus. In the course of these adventures, Dracula bit/slew Isabel Vortok (a Transylvanian barmaid) and Audra Pennington, who had purchased Dracula's possessions from Lilith's agents and attempted to auction them off.

(Generation X/Dracula 1998 Annual) - Dracula invaded the Xavier School at Massachusetts Academy, seeking to manipulate Chamber into becoming a vampire by promising to restore his face. Chamber and the Gen X'ers drove him off.

(X-Men: Soul Killer, Chapter 5 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula ambushed Carla Spelvin outside a nightclub and drained her life's blood all at once.

(X-Men: Soul Killer, Chapter 5 (fb) - BTS) - Only after Carla's transformation did Dracula speak to her.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 1 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula had a coven of vampires, which included Helen Purvis and Carla Spelvin, in Natchez, Mississippi.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 1 (fb) - BTS / X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 5 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula sensed Belasco's usurping one of his covens, but other matters distracted him from following up on this.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 5 (fb) - BTS) - Sensing Belasco's plot involving the N'Garai, Dracula realized he needed allies to urgently oppose this threat, allies who could not be easily controlled by Belasco and who had previously defeated the demon sorcerer; he also desired a sorcerous ally.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 2 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula briefly possessed Amanda Sefton and communicated with Nightcrawler at the Edinburgh Open; though refusing to divulge his identity initially, he arranged for Nightcrawler, along with Amanda, Colossus, and Kitty Pryde, to meet with him at their base and to have their aircraft ready.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 2 (fb) - BTS) - Nightcrawler reasoned Amanda's possessor's identity.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 5 (fb)) - At Excalibur's Muir Island base, Dracula met with the four, revealing Belasco's threat, and establishing an uneasy and temporary alliance against the demon sorcerer. To earn their trust, Dracula swore on his honor as Domnul of Wallachia, Knight of the Dragon, and King of the Undead to be their faithful comrade until Belasco's defeat. Not fully trusting his allies, however, Dracula refused to tell them their destination until they were airborne.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 7 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula revealed they were heading to Natchez, Mississippi,

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 7) - Aboard the Midnight Runner, Amanda appreciated Dracula's sense of timing, as they would arrive in Natchez just after sunset.

    Mesmerizing the others not to notice him as long as he did nothing threatening, Dracula spoke with Amanda, convincing her to use a mystic talisman (an oval golden pendant; allegedly created by and containing a simulacrum of the mind of alchemist Paracelsus - pg. 97-102) to enhance her powers so she could locate Belasco. He projected an image of a pentagram on which to focus, and recited the lines of the spell (learned from the Darkhold, "among other places"); however, though influenced by the amulet, Amanda stopped herself before invoking the likes of Thog and Shuma-Gorath, and she called on the Vishanti, ultimately breaking the spell.
    His attempts to convince her that the risk was worth it failing, Dracula reclaimed the pendant, after which they were confronted by Belasco's astral self.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 9) - After Dracula refused an alliance with Belasco and to rule by his side as satraps of the N'Garai, Belasco transported a monstrous N'Garai creature atop the Midnight Runner.

    Dracula, Colossus, and Nightcrawler battled and eventually destroyed the creature, but they were cast from the ship when it abruptly dissolved.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 10) - Arriving in Natchez, Dracula confonted Arnie Milsap and others attacking Storm, ultimately sparing Milsap at Storm's insistence. He attempted to vampirize Storm, who was still partially amnesiac following an encounter with the Helen Purvis-possessed Rogue, but a crucifix-wielding Nightcrawler arrived in time to persuade him to stop and to swear an alliance with the X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine) as well until Belasco's defeat.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 11) - As Excalibur and the X-Men met up, Dracula and the others shared their information on Belasco and his associates. Amanda determined that Belasco had created a spell that caused friction and hostility amongst the heroes.

(X-Men: Soul Killer Chapter 12) - In the form of a wolf to improve his senses and avoid detection, Dracula joined Kitty Pryde, Storm, and Wolverine in invading a SAFE base. Therein, Dracula subdued a guard and planned to partake of his blood to control him for future use, but backed down when Wolverine threatened to forcibly stop him even at risk of drawing the other guards' attention. Hacking into SAFE's files, they realized there were likely two "Rogues" in action, and they made plans to capture the imposter (a Belasco-mutated Carla Spelvin).

(X-Men: Soul Killer: Chapter 13) - Wolverine correctly prediced that Rogue Carla might next attack a hospital, and he spotted her and shared the location with the others; however, just then SAFE agents located and assaulted the various X-Men groups and Dracula. Alongside Nigthcrawler, Dracula took out a number of SAFE hovercrafts.draculav-xmen-soulkiller-ch16.jpg

    After Storm captured Rogue Carla, Storm arranged a cease-fire, and Dracula convinced them to accept a truce if he could prove "Rogue" was an imposter. He then grasped and awakened Carla, who futilely struggled against him, and then forced her, despite Belasco's enchantments, to painfully transform back into Carla's form. Dracula then insisted Carla reveal her master's location, but Carla -- having recovered from her surprise and weakness -- defiantly refused, and Belasco's enchantments resisted Dracula's efforts to mentally force her. With Dracula continuing to use his powers of coercion, Jean Grey broke through Carla's shields, but Belasco then caused Rogue Carla to explode. Warned by Jean, Dracula shoved Carla away, and Jean contained the explosion in a telekinetic bubble.

(X-Men: Soul Killer: Chapter 14) - Via combining their affinities for the disrupted weather, psychic energy, and magic, the X-Men narrowed down the location of Belasco's sanctuary (a deconsecrated church), and Dracula joined the X-Men in investigating. Attempting to approach Belasco in mist form, Dracula was forcibly and painfully reverted back to solid form and attacked by Belasco's demons. Eventually overcoming his attackers, Dracula staked a few of the Belasco-controlled vampires and helped Kitty and others against the demons.

(X-Men: Soul Killer: Chapter 15) - Dracula and Kitty defended Amanda against demons, but once the X-Men had defeated Belasco and banished the N'Garai masters, he considered his vow of allegience for that conflict concluded. He then announced his intent to make Storm his vampire bride.

(X-Men: Soul Killer: Chapter 16) - Dracula overpowered Kitty, Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine, before Amanda teleported to the sun-drenched Sahara desert and left him there.

(Bloodstone#1) - Elsa Bloodstone was transported by a magic lamp to a cemetery in Bosnia. There she spotted a vampire tearing through a group of masked men. When she cried out at the vampire's massacring the men, he heard her and turned around. Recognizing her as a Bloodstone, he asked her if she really believed this cowardly trap could finish the likes of Dracula?

(Bloodstone#2) - Dracula revealed that he could tell Elsa is a Bloodstone by her smell, and asked where Ulysses Bloodstone was. He admits to being saddened when Elsa informed him her father is dead, feeling that all the strangeness is dying out of the world. Further discussion cleared up his misapprehension that Elsa was behind the men who attacked him, but he still tried to attack her. The Bloodstone she wore around her neck repelled him with a blast of energy, and before he could fully recover from this she began hitting him. He soon obtained the upper hand however, but the distraction she had caused allowed more of the mysterious masked men to sneak up on him and run him through with a silver stake. Dracula fell to the ground, his flesh melting from his bones. Her work done, Elsa was transported back to England by the Lamp.

(Bloodstone#4) - Pursuing a group of vampires who violated her home and kidnapped Barnabus, one of her friends, Elsa Bloodstone and her allies (including Adam, the Frankenstein Monster) use the magic Lamp to transport themselves to their enemies' headquarters. There, Dracula and a number of other vampires were being held captive in an old missile silo by Nosferatu, an ancient vampire at least as old as Atlantis, and head of the misshapen Noferati line. The Nosferti line is so old that only the most vital human blood could sustain them; however victims of Hemoralgic fevers such as Ebola had shown themselves to be suitable donors. Exposing the world to such illnesses could wipe out humanity and the Nosferati's food supply, so they were now experimenting with using pure blood vampires as hosts for diseases in order to create a supply of immortal blood donors. Elsa and her allies stormed the room as the captured vampires, sealed in airtight caskets, were one by one exposed to the virus. Adam headed for the silo doors, up the top of the room, planning to open the shutters and flood the room with sunlight. Meanwhile Nosferatu was turned mortal again by drinking Elsa's magically enhanced blood, and being ten thousand years old he swiftly turned to dust. Dracula and Barnabus were freed by Elsa, but faced the rest of the Nosferati horde. Dracula flew upwards, dropping his cloak behind him for Barnabus to use as a shield, and lent his strength to Adam's; together the two of them managed to let in enough daylight to kill all the Nosferati, as well as the infected vampire captives. Dracula departed immediately after the shutters close once more; as Adam said: "I don't think he's the sociable type."

(Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (fb) - BTS) - From within his Transylvanian castle, Dracula prepared himself for the Ritual of Ascendance, which would grant him vast power. Weakened during the incubation period, Dracula surrounded himself by armies of vampires across the world. In addition to the conventional ("Varnaean") vampires, these included the AdzeCharniputra, Yiki Onna.
    Learning of this ritual, Noah van Helsing (actually Noah Tremayne, adopted son of August van Helsing) organized a band of vampire hunters to try to destroy Dracula in his weakened state before he could complete the ritual. These hunters included Benjamin Solomon Alomii, Divinity Drake, Enzo Ferrarra, Lucas Telling-Stone, and Michiyo Watanabe.

(Tomb of Dracula IV#1) - From within his castle, Dracula was able to sense as Blade joined Noah's vampire hunters. Blade's partial vampiric status allowed Dracula to monitor the vampire-hunters' every move.

(Tomb of Dracula IV#2) - As Noah's band took a plane heading towards Dracula's castle, the vampire-lord sent two hordes of vampires after them.

(Tomb of Dracula IV#3) - Dracula consumed Kuyuk, lord of the Charniputra, when his brethren failed to stop Noah's band. A group of Yoki Onna captured Noah, bringing him to Dracula, who revealed his knowledge of his true heritage before allowing his vampire servants to feast on him.

(Tomb of Dracula IV#4) - As the vampire hunters continued to be weeded out by the vampire hordes attacking them, Dracula exercised his influence on Divinity Drake, an apparent half-breed vampire, bringing her to his castle. Blade arrived soon after, and Dracula sent Deacon Frost after him, but Blade destroyed Frost. Dracula then immobilized Blade, announced that Divinity would become his bride, and completed the Ritual, assuming immense size and power. Dracula reached forward, claiming Divinity as his bride, but she then turned the tables on him, entering his mind and revealing herself to actually be Aamshed, the Sumerian sorceress who had created the Ritual millennia ago. Having created a supernatural lodestone to attract the souls of those slain by vampires over the last two thousand years, Aamshed unleashed those souls on Dracula, their purity setting him on fire. Whether needed or not, Blade then leapt forward, plunging a stake into Dracula's chest. As the vampire lord was consumed by the souls, the residual energy spread throughout the castle and the surrounding countryside, consuming the vampires there as well.

(Blade III#11 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula utilized the Espil Shade to reanimate Jamal Afari in order to locate an unidentified amulet that would grant a vampire immunity to all normal forms of destruction.

(Blade III#10 (fb)) - Dracula met with Jamal Afari in a school's basement, where they searched for an amulet.

(Blade III#1) - Blade defeated the vampiric Spider-Man (in Blade III#10 it was revealed that Afari bit him and not Dracula, like we had originally assumed), noting that his body's radiation would prevent him from being turned into a full vampire. Dracula confronted Blade who swiftly incapacitated him with a wooden stake to the heart. A division of SHIELD serving Lucas Cross stole Dracula's body, and Blade blew up that entire helicarrier. A fragment of the stake containing Dracula's DNA was claimed by Cross to fulfill a prophecy involving "Vlad's remains."

(Blade III#12) - Dracula confronted Blade outside his Transylvanian (Borgo Pass or Snagov? - doesn't seem like any writers know there was more than one castle). Castle attempted to force Blade to fulfill an unidentified prophecy, threatening to destroy Blade and then Jamal Afari when Blade refused him. As Blade tried to stop Dracula from harming Afari, the vial containing "Vlad's remains" crashed to the ground, fulfilling the prophecy and reanimating all vampires Blade had ever destroyed. Invoking the time he had let Blade live, Dracula then took to the air and departed.

(Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1/2) - As Lilith completed a feeding, Dracula confronted her, having killed her human familiars, Noelle & Tamsin. Dracula proposed a truce with Lilith alleging to wish to consolidate the vampire clans under his rule. In reality, he knew that his proposal would lead her to slaughter the leaders of the vampire clans.
    As Dracula met with the vampire clan leaders, Lilith appeared and slaughtered them all. After she departed, Dracula revealed to a surviving but wounded clan leader that he had orchestrated this for his own benefit, as it left him without rivals and without blame but made Lilith many enemies. He then destroyed the surviving clan leader.

(Dark Reign Files) - Quasimodo researched Dracula for Norman Osborn.

(Ghost Rider VI#33 - BTS) - Deacon and Blackout considered him as a possible agent in their fight against Ghost Rider (Blaze).

Comments: Created by Bram Stoker, first mentioned by Stan Lee, adapted to the MU by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan.
    Dracula was first mentioned in the MU in Fantastic Four I#30 - As the FF approached Diablo's Castle, in Transylvania, Johnny Storm noted that the odd stone carvings at its entrance gave the place an eerie cast, and that it would scare even Dracula.

Dracula himself and his powers

Dracula assumed the title of Count after becoming a vampire--without legal basis for doing so. A Count is a title of nobility, equivalent to a British Earl, and is, I believe, conferred only on a hereditary basis, as being descended from royalty. Baron->Viscount->Count/Earl->Marquess->Duke->Prince->King
--Snood--I'm less than one eighth English and don't get none of that royalty jazz, but figured it out from a dictionary.

Despite what the above image says, Radu was Dracula's younger brother, not his older brother, as confirmed here: http://www.donlinke.com/drakula/vlad.htm

It's a likely assumption that following many of his "deaths" over the years, that he is revived by one of his Brides or other vampires or human servants under his control.

Vampire bites over the years, which caused a weakness to light to Quincy Harker, may also have granted him and some of the other Vampire Hunters, such as Rachel van Helsing, an extended lifespan, making the dates of their flashbacks quite possibly accurate, rather than topical. Or, they are topical, and at some point, Quincy's going to be ret-conned as the grandson of John Harker, etc.
In the 2002 Blade series--who knows if that's Earth-616 continuity or not--Blade's become really hard to keep track of since the movies--he revealed himself to have been born in 1929. I personally like that idea, but take it for what you will...

Another side-note; there occurs several instances where Dracula has been impaled, but though the stake has not completely penetrated his heart and he still shows the ability to move and talk for minutes before he starts to decompose (for example, in his battle with the Scotsman, he was impaled, then threw the Scotsman into the Pit of Death and walked to his coffin) yet Dracula does not pull the stake out of his heart. If one considers that he could throw a 200 pound man around as easily as one would fling a pillow while he had a stake in his heart, one would think he had enough strength to pull a stake out of his heart. Presumably, similar to the rule about being invited in, vampires cannot pull the stake out due to some sort of mystical limitation. As to why Chthon made it that way, I do not know. This limitation may also prevent Dracula from directing commanding another vampire or other thrall from removing the stake while Dracula has it in him, though Dracula probably can set up a delayed effect command for contingency situations at any time before he gets staked.
    This may be why he could not summon the Comte St. Germaine to pull the stake from him.
    I think it was in Tomb of Dracula#50 (the same issue featuring the Silver Surfer) that Rachel Van Helsing managed to put a wooden arrow close to Dracula's heart.  A few panels later, Drac could talk and move, but claimed that the arrow was too close to his heart for him to remove.  He asked a traitorous ally of him to do that for him.--
Luis Dantas

    Uncanny X Men#159 also causes one to possibly have to reassess Dracula's  strength rating. In this issue he easily catches a punch from Colossus in his super-strong organic steel form and then tosses the X Man away through  several trees like a rag doll. Unless he was coupling his grappling with Colossus with some unspecified hypnotic attack Dracula would have to be  significantly stronger than previously estimated to pull off a stunt like this.
Or, since the X-Men stories almost immediately preceded Thor#332+333 and Dr. Strange#59-62, it may be that he was already gaining power from the Darkholders--Snood.

    Chris Claremont wasn't the first writer to extrapolate the weakness of vampires to crosses into that for other holy symbols. In Tomb of Dracula I#27, David Eschol, an Yeshiva student, kept Dracula at bay and burn him with a Star of David

    Another odd side-note; Storm presented an interesting case among people Dracula has bitten, as she began to show vampiric traits that usually do not show up until after death and revival as a vampiress while still alive. Also, Storm managed to be cured of all vampiric traits without destroying Dracula. Possibly, this occurred due to Storm's special link to the Earth, since the power behind vampires ultimately derives from Chthon, who was one of the first ethereal lifeforms on Earth and the "brother" of Gaea.
    She did  not actually die so perhaps she merely drank Dracula's blood and thus attained  some vampiric attributes, but without further nightly transfusions until she died and then rose again to kill on her own she merely reverted to normal?--
Greg O
    --The same thing happened to Sif in Thor#332+333, except she was affected more rapidly initially, and then fought it off rapidly and completely later. Since neither Sif nor Storm ever actually died from his blood-drinking, they didn't ever actually become a vampire, but just took on some of his traits. Perhaps these were early affects of his Darkhold enhanced power, as seen in the Thor issues and the following Dr. Strange issues--Snood.

    Greg O pointed out that the wolves that attacked Solomon Kane and were fought off by Dracula appeared to actually be werewolves, as one of them was seen in human form after being knocked unconscious or killed. He wondered whether Dracula controlled werewolves or kept them as pets. In Werewolf by Night I#15, it is revealed that he kept another werewolf, Lydia, imprisoned in Castle Dracula. He could not control her, and he certainly couldn't control Jack Russell when the two fought.
    Dracula claimed to have raised the wolves which attacked Solomon Kane from cubs. As they walked away only one of the them (impaled upon one of Kane's swords) was revealed to have actually been human - - whether this was a true werewolf or not remains up in the air as neither of Kane's sword w as forged from silver at the time and this is generally acknowledged as the only means by which a werewolf can be slain. However, something supernatural was definitely going on--Greg O.


Dracula's post-Montesi Formula resurrection

The explosion in Nightstalkers#18 that killed Hannibal King and Frank Drake had an odd effect, according to the letters page of Blade I#10; the Dracula that arose from the explosion's wreckage in Blade I#1 was actually a composite being consisting of Frank Drake (Dracula's descendent) and Hannibal King (a vampire). The two's significant aspects were melded together in the explosion to create the new Dracula, who possessed none of the original's memories. Blade I#10 was the final issue of the series, and the first part of a story called "Dracula Untombed". The planned issues 11 and 12 would have revealed the above.
However, Hannibal King has been seen seperately since, in Blade: Cresecent City Blues, where he revealed Drake was also alive, and the original Dracula showed up in Spider-Man Team Up#6. The Dracula in Spider-Man Team Up#6 had memories of fighting Dr. Strange previously and was taken to be the real deal. This means that the merged King-Drake Dracula seems to have been forgotten about and the Dracula in the short lived Blade series is now being taken as the original.
My explanation for all this is that after Blade I#10, the composite Dracula was broken apart somehow and resulted in 3 components: Hannibal King, the badly injured Frank Drake, and the original Dracula, returned to (un)life through the merging and splitting of both his bloods. Similar to Snood's explaining of the Marduk fiasco, this isn't canon, but it is the closest we are probably going to get to anything resembling continuity. Dracula's real spirit was added to this explanation which was confirmed in OHotMU Horror 2005 and further explained by adding Bloodstorm to the mix in OHotMU Marvel Knights 2005.


    Dracula was born in either November or December of 1431 His early education was in the hands of his mother - either a Transylvanian noblewoman or a Moldavian princess - until he came of an age where his father began to train him in the arts of war. After one of his father's defeats at the hands of the Turks Dracula and his brother Radu the Handsome were among a tribute of Wallachian boys sent as hostages and tokens of good will to be trained as members of the elite Turkish Janissaries. While they were held hostage in Adrianople their father was murdered and their elder brother buried alive by treacherous boyars (1447). Dracula was later unleashed upon Wallachia with Turkish backing as their candidate for the Wallachian throne (1448) but his brief reign was quickly ended by John Hunyadi and he was forced to flee to Moldavia.

    In 1451 during the chaos following the assassination of Prince Bodgan, Dracula was forced to flee from his exile in Moldavia and seek refuge with his former enemy, John Hunyadi the White Knight of Hungary. This was to Hunyadi's benefit since his current puppet ruler of Wallachia, Vladislav II, had betrayed him and gone over to the Turks. Dracula, ever the cunning politician, swore allegiance to Hunyadi and was awarded his father's old Transylvanian duchies of Faragas and Almas in return for swearing to oust Vladislav II from power as soon as the opportunity arose.

    In 1456, true to his word, Dracula invaded Wallachia while Hunyadi attacked Turkish Serbia. Hunyadi died at the Battle of Belgrade, but Dracula was successful in slaying Vladislav II and retaking the Wallachian throne. Without Hunyadi's backing however, his long term rule was in a precarious position with the nearby conquest hungry Turks breathing down his neck.

    In 1461 Sultan Mohammed II the Conqueror, responsible for the final fall of Constantinople and far from squeamish himself, halted his forces and returned to Constantinople after being sickened by the sight of the "Forest of the Impaled", twenty thousand impaled corpses displayed outside of Dracula's capital, Tirgoviste. He later turned over the campaign to destroy Dracula to one of his subordinates.

    Dracula ruled Wallachia until 1462, all the while pursuing his own campaign against the Turks with some success. Ultimately, getting no help from his titular overlord Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary and John Hunyadi's son, and overwhelmed by the Turkish force's vastly superior numbers and resources, Dracula fled to Fortress Poernari (Castle Dracula) and then after the suicide of his wife (not sure how this jives with the Marvel version) back to Transylvania.

    There occur several interesting anecdotes about the historical Dracula Vlad Tepes, which, while as yet undepicted in the Marvel Universe, lend color to the fearsome quality of this tyrant, the Slobodan Milosevic of his day. (You can't call him the Adolf Hitler of his day because Hitler did not kill Muslims.)

    As an example of the fear in which Dracula was held, and the obedience that  was given to his laws, Dracula had a gold goblet placed in a public square. His citizens were free to drink from the cup, but no one was allowed to take  it out of the square. No one did.
    A merchant, thinking his goods were in no danger due to Dracula's relentless enforcement of the law once left his money outside all night, thinking that it would be safe. Some of his money was stolen and the man went to Dracula, who issued a proclamation that the money would be returned or the city would be razed to the ground. That night Dracula had the missing money, plus one extra coin, secretly returned to the merchant. The next morning the merchant found his money returned to him and counted it. He told Dracula and wisely mentioned the extra coin. Dracula told him the thief had been caught and would, of course, be impaled. Further, if the merchant hadn't mentioned the extra coin, he would have been impaled as well.

    While a captive of the King of Hungary, perhaps to be used as political leverage against those in power in Wallachia, Dracula lived in a mansion with his new wife (possibly the King's sister). One night, a thief broke into Dracula's home and a Hungarian captain followed him in order to arrest him. Dracula discovered the men in his home, but instead of killing the thief, killed the officer instead. He killed the officer because he was a gentleman and should have known better than to enter a home uninvited. (ominous foreshadowing here of Dracula's ultimate fate as a vampire).--all of the above history by Greg O

    1575 - (Historical/Legend) Sometime after Dracula became a vampire, he visited Castle Sarvar in Austria-Hungary, home of his distant relative by marriage, Countess Elizabeth Bathory. She had fled the castle with one of her lovers upon hearing her husband, "The Black Hero" Ferencz Nadasdy, was returning home. Dracula ends up returning her home on horseback. (This assumes the stranger in black in her history was Dracula.)--Will U

        In Tomb of Dracula II#3/2, it is speculated that the event that caused Dracula to appear at the court of King Louis and become an advisor to the King was the notorious Affair of the Diamond Necklace, in which a member of the court, the Comtesse de la Motte, duped Cardinal Rohan into purchasing a fabulously expensive diamond necklace for her under the pretense that it is for Marie Antoinette, the queen. When Rohan was unable to meet payments for the necklace, the jewelers from whom it was bought confronted the queen directly. Instead of hushing up the scandal, Louis had Rohan imprisoned and tried. Rohan was acquitted on all counts, yet he was deprived of his holdings and exiled, showing the despotic and insecure nature of Louis' rule

You can also get the straight dope on Dracula at: The Straight Dope! http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a2_131.html


    Both Giant-Size Chillers#1 and Tomb of Dracula II#5 tell the story that Vlad the Elder died a year after Dracula and Zofia's marriage. However, the detailed history of Dracula from Tomb of Dracula II#2, which is reaffirmed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, states that Vlad the Elder (and his eldest son, Mircea) was killed by his own advisors (led by John Hunyadi) for his support of Turkey while Dracula was a prisoner of Murad II. Dracula was not married until after being freed and becoming the Voivode (ruler) of Wallachia. So, there is a breakdown somewhere.
    It makes sense to me that Dracula would not have inherited the castle and the rule until after his father's death, so it seems more likely that Vlad the Elder was already dead when the marriage took place. Dracula's arranged marriage can be explained as part of a familial and/or political agreement, and the length of the agreement was for one year. Dracula may have been referring to the vow as his last ties to his father when he told Zofia that his father had died, or he was just misquoted.
    The issue is not detailed/clarified, as Lilith's entry in the OHotMU still described her parents' marriage as it was told in GS Chillers, but the above explanation seems to make the most sense to me. Anyone else have any light to shed?

    There's almost nothing to tie most of the Dracula Lives stories into the modern era. The Zombie, Marie LaVeau, etc...any of these characters could have been around in the pre-Marvel era. If there's nothing to tie the issue to the modern era, I placed them in the pre-modern era, perhaps around the date of publication: 1973-1974, give or take a decade or two.
    I've done the same for any flashback or magazine story not having definite ties to the modern era. Even those with ties to the modern era are only so due to a single in narration, footnote, or a minor character appearance. Nonetheless, it's ret-con to move them to any other time period other than the modern era, so I'll leave that to some writer...

    The stories in Dracula Lives, as well as the extensive history narrative from Tomb of Dracula II#3/2 dated the beginning of Dracula and Cagliostro's enmity began in the latter half of the 18th Century. Dracula (and the Darkhold)'s history from Dr. Strange III#15/2 established it as having occurred much earlier, in the 15th Century. See the Cagliostro profile, where I speculate that this might have been a time traveling adventure of Cagliostro.
    In addition, Dr. Strange III#15/2 names their 1775 struggle as their last recorded battle. Dracula Lives shows the two indirectly opposing each other up until 1789 during the storm of the Bastille. Perhaps this is their last actual physical battle, but they continued to oppose each other as late as 1789, as seen in Dracula Lives#6, and Marvel Fanfare I#42/2.

    Dr. Strange#15/2 has the Darkhold in the Vatican, a place so holy that Dracula could not tread, and Dracula is forced to send an agent to retrieve it for him. While that story took place @ 1459, it was published about two decades after the story in Dracula Lives#6/1, in which Dracula did indeed enter the Vatican (in the modern era), although not without great pains. It is unclear what set of circumstances prevented or allowed his entrance in either case.

    I'm not sure where to put it, but there should definitely be a BTS meeting between Dracula and Ulysses Bloodstone, as revealed in the Bloodstone limited series--probably sometime late twentieth century as he still remembers Bloodstone's smell (but given his immortality at what point in history we can't say for sure).  Actually Drac must have met him sometime not too long ago or have had enough meetings over the centuries for him to know of Bloodstone's immortality, otherwise he wouldn't have assumed he was still alive.
    Dracula's encounter(s) with Ulysses Bloodstone could have occurred anywhere between Dracula's birth @ 1430, and shortly into the modern era when Bloodstone was laid to rest.
Punisher VII#14 shows a confrontation between Dracula and Ulysses Bloodstone (with Hellsgaard) somewhere around 1913, but Dracula suggests that they have fought before then.
---Grendel Prime

    One story which brought in special problems with dating was Dracula Lives#3/5, the story of Dracula and the Children of Judas vampirizing van Helsing's wife. In a diary, van Helsing states this happened in 1876, but since van Helsing slew Lyza Strang in 1862, this could not work. One could assume that the shock of destroying his own spouse caused van Helsing's pen to slip.

    The chronology of Dracula's observing the battle between Chthon and the High Evolutionary is a bit complicated, since as the Scarlet Witch was shown being born the same night that the High Evolutionary vanquished Chthon, the event is locked into the sliding timescale. Obviously it must have taken place some good amount of time well before the modern era.

    Definitely out of continuity, however, is Marvel Graphic Novel#25: Dracula: A Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares, by Jon J. Muth, @ 1986. It seems to be a retelling of Stoker's novels, but involves Lucy Seward (daughter of John Seward) and Mina van Helsing, and has a much different outcome. Nice artwork, though.

    The Atlas Dracula stories are bit uncertain vis a vis Earth-616 continuity. The only one too objectionable, however, is Mystic#17 (February 1953). In it, an immoral psychiatrist named Denby meets an aristocrat with an inferiority complex due to his not living up to his father's reputation. Denby uses hypnosis to treat the man's feelings of inadequacy, but belatedly discovers that he is dealing with the son of Dracula. Since none of Dracula' sons in the Earth-616 stories could fit this story, it has been left to comments.

As for Dracula's other son in the above story. He could have been created by a Mystic Ritual, like the one that impregnated Domini (the mother of Dracula's other son Janus). If Dracula's son was created without his permission it could explain why they don't get along or perhaps his 1953 son is too bloodthirsty or a disappointment to Dracula in some other way.

    As pointed out by Prime Eternal, the 1879 tale "Of Royal Blood" is from Journey Into Unknown Worlds#29 (July, 1954). It's reprinted in Dracula Lives#4/5, which is where I read it.

    There's no mention of a date in the Tomb of Dracula Magazine story of Angelica, but they do have some sort of Model T looking car, so I placed it in the late 1920s. Who knows?

    An offhand reference to crossbows in Dracula Lives#9/2 mentioned Rachel van Helsing. However, that one seemed to be more of a nature to either promote Tomb of Dracula, or to familiarize the situation to readers of that title.

    We never saw Blade's mother after Deacon Frost bit/slew her (resulting in the creation of Blade). She should have become a vampire, and then would most likely have been staked by someone like Jamal Afari. Frost sometimes created vampiric doppelgangers, as well, but that's neither here nor there. I guess she was mostly likely staked through the heart by someone, and Dracula just had the stake removed.

A few more thoughts from John McDonagh:


    Most of the fill-in information is drawn from TOMB OF DRACULA II#3/2--an out of his career compiled by Peter Gillis: An excellent resource--highly recommended.

    Contrary to common misconception (as noted even in Tomb of Dracula II#3/2), Solomon Kane does not have the honor of destroying the vampirized Dracula first. Instead, Cristina's uncle and the other priests in 1459 did that. As noted above, Dracula came back through a particularly sick method that time...that Varnae comes across as one particulary devious and depraved disciple of Chthon.

    I've read that it was Dracula who rendered the Frankenstein monster mute back at the end of the 19th Century. It was not actually Dracula who did so, but Carmen, another vampire, who did so by biting his larynx, in between his first two encounters with the vampire lord.

    Dracula Lives#1/6 (1973) was the first mentioned of the Daywalker/Sunwalker formula, brought up in later issues, such as Vampire Tales#8, 9, Marvel Preview#3, and MTU II#7. This serum may or may not be connected to the formula/process used on Baron Blood to allow him to survive in daylight.

According to Fantastic Four III#36, Diablo claims to have encountered and learned the secrets of eternal life from Dracula after being driven from Spain.

That's interesting, seeing how Diablo was born in 9th Century Spain, while Dracula didn't get his powers until the 15th Century.
I guess Diablo had to wait 6 centuries to learn how to extend his lifespan?
Plus, what did Dracula know about extending human life beyond vamping them?
Dracula's not pictured in that issue, but rather Diablo taunts the girl from the Order of Deacons. I'm thus listing the info in the comments, rather than the history. If and when it occurred is anyone's guess. 

Per John McDonagh, Satan's appearances in Tomb of Dracula was actually Mephisto. This is confirmed by three things:

  1. Dracula's OHOTMUDE designates Mephisto as having posed as Satan
  2. Mephisto's later use of Dracula in Defenders I#95.
    That one's a little dicey, since "Satan" (Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstorm's father) was in that/those issues as well--Snood.
  3. Topaz was with Dracula in Hell in that story in Tomb of Dracula#64 when Satan stripped Dracula of his powers. Topaz was later freed from Hell in Doctor Strange-from Mephisto's Hell. Topaz appeared in Doctor Strange II#75-81 in the 1980's, she was in Mephisto's Hell. This was born out by Topaz's OHOTMU Update '89 entry.

    Turkish Prison...always reminds me of the movie Airplane. Now that's comedy!

    And speaking of comedy, no, no definitive evidence exists that the vampire who brought Bessie the Hellcow into Chthon's darkness was Dracula, but for the sake of comprehensiveness, the story appears here.

    On another comedic note, in the Bloodstones series, when Drac goes to aid Adam, the Frankenstein Monster, Adam mentions that "all we need now is Abbott and Costello and it'll be just like old times"- I am assuming this is just his joke referring to the well-known movie Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1949), starring Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein Monster and Bela Lugosi in his last film appearance as Dracula, rather than a genuine reference to a behind the scenes adventure involving the four individuals. But you never know. (Note: despite the title, Victor Frankenstein did not appear in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.)--Loki

If searching for back issues, you will not find Dracula Lives#5. There's no issue number on the cover of March, 1974, and on the inside, it's listed as Volume 2, No. 1.

Dracula Lives Annual#1 presented no new stories, but rather reprinted a number of his early 15-17th century adventures, including his transformation into a vampire and becoming the Lord of Vampires, from Dracula Lives#2+3.

Also, Marvel: Shadows and Light#1 (February, 1997), featuring Wolverine and Dracula on the cover, should not be mistaken for Shadows and Light#1 (February, 1998), which features the Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, and the Black Widow on the cover--or vice-versa.

The Invaders#9 flashback is also referenced ) in an issue of the Stern/Byrne run of Captain America I, @#254+255 (featuring Baron Blood). Frank Robbins work is reproduced virtually panel for panel by John Byrne.

(What If...? II#24) - On another alternate quantum level of reality Dracula defeated the X-Men, killing them and then transforming them into vampires. However, an unexpected result was Wolverine manifested the indomitable will associated with potential Lords of the Vampires and was not subservient to Dracula's will. The two battled for supremacy and by virtue of his extra mutant abilities and adamantium claws Wolverine proved victorious, decapitating Dracula and then stuff his mouth with garlic before completely destroying his remains. (Personally I find the idea of Wolverine, even a vampire Wolverine, defeating Dracula kind of insulting)--Greg O
--A variant form of this reality was seen in What If? II#37.

Incidentally, Stoker mentioned Thor in the novel: "But Arthur never faltered. He looked like a figure of Thor as his untrembling arm rose and fell, driving deeper and deeper the mercy-bearing stake... His face was set, and high duty seemed to shine through it; the sight of it gave of courage, so that our voices seemed to ring through the little vault" (Chapter 16)

Dracula's real world organization, the Order of the Dragon had two special costumes they often wore to denote members of their brotherhood: clothes of red surmounted by a black cape (symbolizing the blood of Christ and the mourning black worn to commemorate his death on Palm Sunday) or green clothes (or green scale armor) and a red cloak (to symbolize the dragon's scales and again, Christ's blood). 

Marvel Classic Comics#9 did an abridged adaptation of the original Stoker novel.

More from John McDonagh:

And comments on that from Luis:

"The Dracula Book," by Donald F. Glut includes a thorough segment on comic book appearances, as does Glut's similar "The Frankenstein Legend" and "Classic Movie Monsters." 

This Dracula story in Marvel Preview#12 is an homage to the novel Laura, in which an investigator sees a picture of a woman, falls in love with her-and the woman turns out not to be dead.
--Per Degaton

Several of the Tomb of Dracula (volume one) synopses were made with the assistance of Dr. Mike Rickard's site:
Tomb of Dracula Issue Guide.
We greatly appreciate the use of his information and recommend you check out his site.

Dracula's name appears in Lawbreakers Always Lose#4 (October, 1948) "The Lair Of The Bat".

At the end of Ka-Zar the Savage#34 (October, 1984) there is a back-up story that has Ka-Zar going to the Land of Cancelled Heroes. There is a ton of cameos from chacters whose books were cancelled including Dracula.
--Paradox Factor

Profile by Per Degaton, Prime Eternal, Greg O'Driscoll, Jim Sharpe, Kyle Smith, Nick Hill, the Squid, Loki, Luis Olavo Dantas, Will U, Continental Op, and Snood! Welcome to Rome-- it wasn't built in a day! Hulk Monster-Size Special & Marvels: Eye of the Camera updte by MarvellousLuke. Continuity help by Daron Jensen.

Dracula should be distinguished from:

Giorgia Bathory, allied with Baron Hunyadi against Dracula, @ Dracula Lives#13, has no known connection to:

The title Brides of Dracula refers to the the vampire women who served Dracula, often taking residence at his castle. They are not literally his brides, and should thus be distinguished from:

Allesandro di Cagliostro, the seventeenth century Italian sorcerer, @ Dracula Lives#1, 5/2, should not be confused with:

Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, now Photon, should not be confused with:

Captain and Marianne Cutlass, @ Tomb of Dracula I#48, have no known connection to:

Children of the Night, names for various human, vampire, and animal servants of Dracula, @ Bram Stoker's Dracula, I believe, should be distinguished from:

Comte St. Germaine, the agent of Dracula, @ Before the Fantastic Four: The Storms#1, would not seem to be connected to:

Lilith, the Daughter of Dracula, was named after, but otherwise unconnected to:

Carlos Muerte, the alias taken by the manifestation of Death @ Dracula Lives#9/5, has no known connection to:

Radu the Handsome has no known connection to:

--in Tomb of Dracula I#62-69: Mephisto (see comments)

Lyza Strang, who aided Otto von Bismarck, @ Tomb of Dracula I#30 should not be confused with:

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Before the Fantastic Four: The Storms#2 (January, 2001) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Charles Adlard (artist), Bobbie Chase (editor)
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Hulk Monster-Size Special#1/4 (December, 2008) - Peter David (writer), Gabriel Hardman (pencils), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Dark Reign Files (February, 2009) - Michael Hoskin & various others (writer), Jeff Youngquist (editor)
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Punisher VII#14 (April, 2010) - Rick Remender, Tony Moore & Dan Brereton (art), Sebastian Girner (editor)

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