18th Century
(and non Old West 19th Century)


Afari, Jamal (Blade's former mentor) - by Markus Raymond

Albert (Wolverine robot, Elsie Dee's partner)

Allison, James (Robert E. Howard creation, reincarnation of past heroes, Wyrm foe) - by Snood & Loki

Ancients (Lemurians; Serpent Crown characters)

Anubis of Earth-Shadowline (Doctor Zero foe)

Anuxa (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Aracne of Earth-19192 (Sea-Spider's ship)

Arcane Order of the Night (Spider-Man characters)

Architect (Elektra foe) - by Future

Armal, Francois (vampire slayer, King of the Vampires victim)

Assassin of Paris (19th century, serial killer)

Astra (first-generation Spaceknights of Galador)

Aurwel (Ancients)

Ayi (Dog Brother #1 character)

Azazel (Serayn-created artificial intelligence, Undying/Cable character)

Balance, Reston (Victorian era adventurer) - by Loki

Bard, Eli (Eliphas, vampiric Selene servant) - by Proto-Man

Barlow, Abel (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Barrymore, Mr. (Sir Baskerville servants, Sherlock Holmes character)

Barrymore, Mrs. (Sir Baskerville servants, Sherlock Holmes character)

Baskerville, Sir Henry (son of Sir Charles Baskerville, Sherlock Holmes character)

Bekkit (Ancients)

Biggotty, Horace Milton I (Lilith--Daughter of Dracula character)

Billy ?? (1859, Marauders member)

Black Axe (Marvel UK) - by Changeling

Black Knight (Sir William, Revolutionary war) - by Loki

Black Womb (Gambit character)

Blaine, Gideon (Werewolf character)

Blue Blaze (Golden Age hero) - by AvatarWarlord72

Bradley, Catherine (Doctor Nemesis' mother, early 20th X-Men character)

Bradley, Dr. Nicola (Doctor Nemesis' father, early 20th century X-Men character)

Brass Bishop (supernatural, Alpha Flight foe)

Brides of Dracula (lovers of Dracula) - by Prime Eternal

Bullseye (Matthew Murdock) of Earth-717

Cagliostro (Dracula character)

Candra (Externals, X-Men/Gambit character)

Captain Fate (Man-Thing foe)

Carpathian, Ambrose (Arcane Order of the Night)

Cartwright (Sherlock Holmes assistant)

Cassidy Keep (ancestral Cassidy family castle) - by Proto-Man

Centurious (Ghost Rider foe) - by Barry Reese

Change, Kendra (18th century vampire)

Chaos Mites (Skreet's race, Diableri creations) - by Donald Campbell

Charnel (Undead MC)

Chase, Zebediah (Old West-era robber, possessed by Ranaq) - by Proto-Man

Children of Judas (19th Century, Dracula characters)

Chthon (the Other, Elder God, author of the Darkhold) - by Patrick D Ryall

Clea (Dr. Strange's wife, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Cleito (Man-Thing character)

Clemens, Sir Patrick (18th century, Hellfire Club)

Cookie (Origin, 19th Century) - by Stunner

Cootie Tremble (1859, Marauders leader)

Cossack Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki possibly

Crane, Ichabod (18th century, literary character) - by Loki

Creech (pirate, encountered Davy Jones)

crew of the Serpent's Crown (Man-Thing foes)

Crystal Trapezohedron (Nyarlathotep creation)

Cult of the Third Moon (Werewolf by Night foes) - by Markus Raymond

Dalton, Amanda (18th century witch) - by Spidermay

Danny Demon (demon, 1940s comedy character) - by Grendel Prime

Davy Jones' locker (sunken ships & gold)

Daydreamer (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Dead (Marvel (Mark Holly) foe)

Deadly Ernest (Alpha Flight foe) - by Norvo

DeCade, Lenore (vampire, Dracula ally)

Decyst, Daniel (Hulk character) - by Caesar Godzillatron

Delta Nine (Atlantean clone)

"demon in the black robes" (Frankenstein monster foe)

Demons of Ashurado (Wolverine foes)

Destine, Florence (ClanDestine, older clairvoyant) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Garth (ClanDestine, deceased member) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Gracie (ClanDestine, X-Men character) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Lance (ClanDestine, deceased member) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Maurice (ClanDestine, alias Maurice Fortuit)

Destine, Sherlock (ClanDestine, deceased member) - by Proto-Man

DeVille, Hellyn (18th Century, Dracula character)

Devil Who Dares of Earth-717

Dherk (Ka-Zar character)

Dippel, Konrad (Konrad von Frankenstein, 17th century)

Di Varni, Roxanne (18th century, Louis Stark ancestor)

Di Varni, Vincent (18th century, Louis Stark ancestor)

Doctor John Dee (Elizabethan occultist and immortal) - by Loki

Dog (Origin series, Wolverine foe, 19th Century) - by Stunner

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, predecessor)

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, Iron Fist character) - by Minor Irritant

Dolman, Gray (Spider-Man/Spider-Woman foe) - by Minor Irritant

Douglas, Howard (18th century vampire)

Dracula (1430-modern era) - A literal MONSTER of a profile-by the Masters of the Obscure

Dracula Pendant (picture of Maria)

DuBois, Jacques (1769, Dracula foe)

Einstein, Albert (famous theoretical physicist) - by Loki

Eisner, Marie (18th and 19th Centuries, Dracula character)

Eisner, father (18th Century, Dracula character)

Elektra of Earth-717

Elsie-Dee (robot, Albert ally, Wolverine character)

Emperor (Fantastic Four foe)

Evelyn ?? (18th century, jealous of a witch)

Femme Qui N'est Pas Visable of Earth-13277 (Suzette, les Quatres Fantastiques)

Followers of Ashurado (Wolverine foes)

Forever Man (Captain America/Avengers foe)

Forgotten One (Gilgamesh, Eternals/Avengers member) - by Prime Eternal

Four Winds (Elektra foes) - by Future

Frankenstein, Alphonse (18th century, Victor's father)

Frankenstein, Caroline (18th century, Victor's mother)

Frankland, Mr. (Sir Baskerville neighbor, Sherlock Holmes character)

Frog-Man (Strange Tales) - by Future

Frost, Deacon (Blade/Hannibal King foe) - by Markus Raymond & Snood

Garokk the Petrified Man (Ka-Zar/X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (Ideaverse: A Christmas Carol, Deadpool of Earth-12101 victim) - by Loki

Giant Shogun of Earth-717

Gilded Lily (Alpha Flight foe)

Giganto (Atlantean monster)

Gomurr the Ancient (Juggernaut/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Gordon, James (19th century undead)

Gorgolla (Marvel Monster, Stonians) - by MarvellousLuke

Green Terror (3 X's foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Grey, Charles (18th Century Hellfire Club)

Grotesquerie of Earth-13277 (les Quatres Fantastiques)

Gulliver (encountered the Little People)

Haines, Albert (Paul Haines' great-grandfather)

Haines, Cedric (Paul Haines' great-great grandfather)

Haines' ancestral home (New England, 18th century to 1950s)

Hana (Wolverine foe)

Hand of Earth-717

Harold ?? (18th Century Hellfire Club)

Hawke, Maura (pirate)

Haynes, Jeremy (18th century vampire)

Heart Devourer (vampire from Russian folklore)

Heart of Candra (gem imbued with essence of Candra's real heart)

Hellfire Club mansion (18th century, Lady Grey)

Henrietta (18th century freighter ship, transported Kendra Change)

He-Who-Summons (Watcher, High Tribunal) - by Patrick D Ryall & Donald Campbell

Highnote (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Hitler, Adolf (That Nazi Guy) - by Prime Eternal

Holmes, Sherlock (legendary detective) - by Loki

Hooker (pirate, encountered Davy Jones)

Horhaga Brothers (vampires, 1930s) - by Markus Raymond

Hound of the Baskervilles (Stapleton's Hound, Sherlock Holmes foe)

Howlett, Elizabeth (John's wife, Wolverine's mother)

Howlett, John (Origin, 19th Century) - by Stunner

"Hulk" (Revolutionary War, Marvel Calendar character) - by Loki

Hunter in Darkness (Wolverine character)

"Hunters in Darkness" (hidden race, Wolverine foes)

Hypnotist (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by Grendel Prime

Inspector Lestrade (Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes character)

Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler, Invaders/Thunderbolts character)

Jailer (Inhuman, Black Bolt foe) - by Chadman

Jarvis (Lady Grey's servant)

Javelin (Darin, first-generation Spaceknight of Galador)

Jeanie of Earth-13277 (les Quatres Fantastiques)

Jenkins, Melissa (vampire) - by Spidermay

Jhandark (Ancients)

"Jill the Ripper" of Earth-8459 (alternate Jack the Ripper, Pete Wisdom foe) - by Chadman

John ?? (18th Century Hellfire Club)

Jones, Davy (demon of the sea) - by Spidermay

Katan (xt, Feruvians)

Khordes (satyr, Man-Thing character)

King of Earth-18136 (T'Challa, Old West gunslinger, former Exiles member) - by Proto-Man

King of the Vampires (vampire lord, 19th century) - by Markus Raymond

Kite (component of Charnel, 19th Century)

Kleinenshvitz, Elsbeth (Hilliard Zemo's love)

Knoblach, Gertrude (wife of Hans Knoblach)

Knoblach, Hans (17th-18th century, father of Clarity & Finality)

Kraggoom (1960s smoke-like alien monster) - by Prime Eternal

Kravadka, Casimir (would-be conqueror, mad scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

Kyral (Atlantean)

Lady Diana (18th century, Hellfire Club)

Lady Grey (18th Century, Hellfire Club)

LaVeau, Marie (Witch Queen of New Orleans)

Lei Kung the Thunderer (Iron Fist character)

Lenore (Frankenstein monster character)

Leprechauns under the quicksand (Tales to Astonish characters) - by Ron Fredricks

Les Quatres Fantastiques of Earth-13277 (pre-revolutionary French protectors) - by Loki

Little People (Strange Tales characters) - by Spidermay

Logan, Thomas (Origin series, 19th Century)

Lord Molyneux (head of San Francisco Hellfire Club ca. 1906)

Lord Ruthven (vampire)

Lucifer (the fallen angel, Ghost Rider (Blaze) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Lydia (werewolf)

Lyons, Laura (Sir Henry Baskerville's daughter, Sherlock Holmes character)

"Magic Bullet" (Vârcolac item)

Mahdi (Indian revolutionary) - by Grendel Prime

Mana (Wolverine character)

Marauders (1859, Apocalypse/Mister Sinister agents) - by MarvellousLuke

Marcosa, Belaric (19th Century, Werewolf foe)

Marvel (Victorian era, Mark Holly's great-great grandfather)

Master Izo (former member of Hand and Chaste, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

"Matthew" (19th Century, Eleanor Grey's brother)

Mbonga (early 20th century, Tarzan foe)

McCord, Woodrow Sr. (Woodrow's father)

Men on the Wall (early 20th century anti-alien force)

Messenger, Tobias (Promise, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Mindsinger (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Mister Lao (lung dragon adviser to the Atlas Foundation) - by Proto-Man

Mr. Pitt (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

"Mittens" (19th century, possessed cat)

Moby Dick (Giganto)

Monsieur Elastique of Earth-13277 (Roget, les Quatres Fantastiques)

Monstro the Mighty (son of Ares) - by Loki

Montesi, Luciano (18th century custodian of the Darkhold) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Mortimer, Dr. James (Sherlock Holmes character)

Mother (Atlantean/Pangean robot, Ka-Zar foe)

Naga (Namor character)

Nebulos (extradimensional mystic, Dr. Strange foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Negus, Solomon (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Nelson, Foggy of Earth-717

Neptune (Olympian God) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal, Snood & Will U

Norcross, Dr. James (stole Bell of Ikonn)

Nyarlathotep (ancient demon) - by AvatarWarlord72

O'Hara, Rose (Origin, Wolverine character) - by Stunner

Old Devil of Earth-717

"Old" Joseph (highwayman, Howard Douglas rival)

The One (repository of the knowledge of the Watchers, Fantastic Force/Fantastic Four character) - by Donald Campbell

Ora (19th century, Dracula victim)

Ordo Draconum (holy order, Daredevil characters) - by Chadman & Markus Raymond

O'Reilly, Eveline (Abraham van Helsing's daughter, Dracula character) - by MarvellousLuke

Orphan (estraterrestrial creature) - by Markus Raymond

Orphelus (Dracula character)

Owl of Earth-717

Pandora (Pilgrims Rock, 175h century ship, brought to Negative Zone, Fantastic Four story)

Papa Jambo (Brother Voodoo character) - by Julien Vivé

Parrish, Esther (ca. 1882, Undying host)

Patch (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Patience Drew (17th or 18th Century, Namor character) - by Markus Raymond

Perkins (Sir Baskerville employee, Sherlock Holmes character)

Picts (distant past humans, Kull/Conan/Bran Mak Morn characters) - by Wolfram Bane & Snood

Pixiu (Heroes for Hire foe) - by Proto-Man

Planner (Sgt. Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Pluto (Olympian God) - by Chadman & Will U

Price, John (Catherine Bradley's father)

Price, Mary (Catherine Bradley's mother)

Professor James Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes foe)

Pyscatos (Ancients)

Rainbow Serpent (Aboriginal god of fertility)

Redek, Gary (She-Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Redmond, John (18th century, loved a witch)

Redmond, Silas (pirate, encountered Davy Jones)

Red Wolf (Wildrun)

Reeves, Duncan (Deathlok character, Civil War)

Remus (Wolverine character) - by Markus Raymond

Resurrection Altar (Wakanda, Black Panther stories) - by Markus Raymond

Rusoff, Grigori (Werewolf great, great, great, grandfather)

Ryuki (Wolverine foe)

Sage, Henry (Blade/Spider-Man foe)

St. John, Anabelle (Dracula character, Civil War, 1862)

Salome (San Francisco Hellfire Club @ 1906)

Screamer (first-generation Spaceknights of Galador)

Selden (Notting Hill Murderer, Hound of the Baskervilles victim)

Sensational Mademoiselle (19th century telepath)

Serpent's Crown (Captain Fate's ship)

Shaw, Cornelius (1861-1915, Esau's father, Sebastian Shaw ancestor)

Shaw-Worthington, Elizabeth (18th century, Sebastian Shaw ancestor)

Shisengumi (Wolverine foes)

Shosei Order (Wolverine characters)

Shuri of Earth-18136 (King's sister)

Sidai (Dog Brother #1 character)

Sise-Neg of Earth-74113 (31st century, Doctor Strange foe)

Skreet (Lunatik/Thanos character) - by Markus Raymond

Slave of Souls (Thing character) - by Proto-Man

Smitty (Origin, Wolverine character) - by Stunner

Snowsnake (vampire, Dracula's bodyguard, Legion of the Unliving)

So-Ki (Boxer Rebellion character) - by Grendel Prime

Sorrow (Man-Thing character)

Spirit Banner of Temujin (Atlas Foundation artifact) - by Proto-Man

Splice (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Spliny (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Stafford, Eben (early 20th century, Men on the Wall member)

Stang, Lucas (Emily's great-grandfather, Ranaq enemy) - by Proto-Man

Stapleton, Beryl (Jack's wife, Sherlock Holmes character)

Stapleton, Jack (secretly a Baskerville, Sherlock Holmes foe)

Stick of Earth-717

Stones of Merlin (Merlin creations, owned by Doctor Doom) - by Donald Campbell

Styx, Sapphire (Wolverine/X-Men foe) - by Markus Raymond

Summers, Daniel (19th century, Cyclops ancestor) - by MarvellousLuke

Tar (X-Men character) - by Norvo

T'Chaka of Earth-18136 (Erik Magnus victim)

Thallo (Atlantean king)

That Which Endures (Avengers foes)

Thor, John (Marvel horror) - by Grendel Prime

Tiger Jani (ca. 1860s, Iron Fist (Bei Bang-Wen) foe) - by Grendel Prime

tomb of Garaz (ancient prison of Garaz, near Great Wall of China)

Treach, Amos (Krogg victim)

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

unidentified carriage driver (18th century, worked for a merchant)

unidentified later male owner (19th century, Black Mirror)

unidentified merchant (18th century, Jeremy Haynes victim)

unidentified rabbit (Heart Devourer victim)

unidentified villager who found Ora (19th century Transylvania)

unidentified villagers (19th century Transylvania)

unidentified witch (18th century, Salem)

unidentified woodsman (Heart Devourer victim)

Ulysses Bloodstone (monster hunter)

Van Helsing, Abraham (Dracula foe)

Vârcolac (Werewolf by Night foe) - by Markus Raymond

Varney the Vampire (17th-18th century)

Voyager (Marvel UK, Frontier Comics)

Waters, David (18th century, Neptune's son) - by Grendel Prime

Watson, Dr. John (Sherlock Holmes' friend & biographer)

Wickshire, Edmund (Geoffrey's evil brother)

Wickshire, Geoffrey (encountered Leprechauns under the quicksand)

Wildrun (Anachronauts)

"wizard" (Ancient Egypt, Thing foe)

Wolf (Ghost Rider/Blaze character) - by Markus Raymond

Wolfsblade (Vârcolac item)

"Wolfseye" (Vârcolac item)

Wolverine (James Howlett)

Worthington, Wallace (American Revolutionary War hero, Hellfire Club foe)

Zemo, Hackett (6th Baron Zemo) - by Markus Raymond

Zemo, Hartwig (7th Baron Zemo) - by Markus Raymond

Zemo, Hilliard (8th Baron Zemo) - by Markus Raymond

Zemo, Hobart (10th Baron Zemo) - by Markus Raymond

Zemo, Hoffman (9th Baron Zemo) - by Markus Raymond

Zemo, Isla (Hartwig's wife)

Zeus (Olympian God)

Alternate dimensions, planets, etc.

Admiral Gyrich of Earth-66881 (slave trader, Blackbeard foe)

Barnes, "Becky" of Earth-66881 (Blackbeard's first mate, Exiles ally)

Blackbeard (temporally divergent Thing (Ben Grimm) counterpart, active on Earth-66881) - by Proto-Man

caretaking automaton (Silver Surfer character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL 

Cassius of Earth-66881 (Blackbeard's crew, former slave turned spy)

Castiglione, "Frankie" of Earth-61158 (murdered son of the Punisher of the Opera) - by Proto-Man

Castiglione, "Lisa" of Earth-61158 (murdered daughter of the Punisher of the Opera) - by Proto-Man

Castiglione, Marie of Earth-61158 (murdered opera singer) - by Proto-Man

Christine ?? of Earth-61158 (jealous rival of opera singer Marie Castiglione) - by Proto-Man

Damballah (spawn of Set)

Elder Demon (Silver Surfer foe) - by Future - EXTRA TERRESTRIAL

Hammerhand (first-generation Spaceknight, Rom character)

Janus of Ultraverse (Rune foe) - by Markus Raymond

Juggernautical of Earth-66881 (armored Admiral Gyrich ally, Blackbeard/Exiles foe)

Knight, Capt. Mercedes of Earth-66881 (pirate captain of the Misty ship, Exiles ally) - by Proto-Man

Les Gars of Earth-61158 (Paris, France gang circa 1800s) - by Proto-Man

Lincoln, Abraham of Earth-Lincoln not Killed (Avengers West Coast story)

Logan of Earth-65 (Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy foe) - by Minor Irritant

Lord Tuan (K'un-Lun, Iron Fist character) - EXTRA DIMENSIONAL

Misty of Earth-66881 (sailing ship captained by Mercedes Knight)

Punisher of the Opera of Earth-61158 (Castiglione, avenger of his family circa 1800s Paris) - by Proto-Man

Raoul ?? of Earth-61158 (Paris, France murderer circa 1800s) - by Proto-Man

Scarlet Falcon of Earth-66881 (Capt. Sam Wilson, pirate, Exiles ally) - by Proto-Man

Sea-Spider of Earth-19192 (swashbuckling hero) - by Proto-Man

Set (Elder God) - by Per Degaton and Snood - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL

Shadowqueen (Dr. Strange foe)

Shield of Earth-66881 (sailing ship belonging to Admiral Gyrich)

Shou-Lao the Undying (Iron Fist character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL

Spinster of Earth-93191 (18th century, French Revolution spy) - by Proto-Man

Survivor (Silver Surfer character) - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL

White Ghost of Earth-4011 (John Howlett Jr.)

Xavier, Dr. James of Earth-92131 (Professor X great-great grandfather, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by Zuckyd1

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