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Real Name: Davy Jones

Identity/Class: Demon (throughout the ages to 19th century and modern era)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: Captain Redmond's crew

Affiliations: Captain Silas Redmond, Creech, Hooker

EnemiesNeptune, Dick Rogers, Freddy Sykes

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Astaroth, Beelzebub, Devil, Elimi, Lucifer, Satan

Base of Operations: Atlantic Ocean

First Appearance: (Text story) Journey into Mystery I#13 (December, 1953); (Seen) Journey into Mistery I#33/5 (April, 1956)

Powers/Abilities: Jones' magic powers were mostly related to sea life. He could live underwater as well as breathing air, and could also mutate people to live underwater with him. He had a certain degree of control over atmospheric events such as cloud formation, rain, wind, storms, lightnings and could even create hurricanes. The control he exerted over these events was not complete as he sometimes influenced these events subconsciously. Davy Jones was long-lived and was probably immortal. He could transform his appearance and his clothes.

History: (Journey into Mistery I#33/5) - Bored of living in his little old house under the sea without friends Davy Jones built a raft to look for company in the sea.
    It was a warm spring day in 1825 when Davy Jones met a pirate ship and was welcomed aboard by Captain Silas Redmond and his seconds-in-command, Hooker and Creech. Davy Jones didn't approve of pirates very much but remained aboard nonetheless.
    In the following weeks every time the pirates tried to assault or to run after a prey, the weather changed suddenly. Storms, winds and currents saved the other ships, striking against Redmond's ship. Even when Redmond or his men menaced Jones to be the one responsible for this black magic, thunderbolts and clouds answered to the menace.
    Finally Redmond couldn't bear it anymore and only drew his scimitar against Jones when a hurricane suddenly unleashed its fury on the pirate ship. Most part of the crew escaped on boats, but the captain had to remain on his ship. Davy Jones didn't want to harm anyone, so he saved Redmond, Hooker and Creech, taking them to his house under the sea.
    With his new friends he then played cards.

(Journey Into Unknown Worlds#36 - BTS) - Few years before the WWI, during a wild and dangerous sea storm by night, a sailor was scared that all of them would go down in Davy Jones' locker.

(Spellbound#28/4) - Davy Jones' multiple attempts to sink a small cargo schooner called Nancy captained by Dick Rogers were foiled by "the Old Man of the Sea", King Neptune.

(Journey into Mistery I#71/1 - BTS / Strange Tales I#72/2 - BTS) - In the 20th century Davy Jones and his beard were famous among sailors all over the world. They invoked him when they saw incredible things like a Roc or a ghost ship.

(Journey into Mystery I#13) - Three men adrift on the ocean with no hope of survival (Joseph Rusak, Theodore Standish, and Herbert Slade) met a devil claiming to be Davy Jones and were offered a contract to ensure their survival.
"We three - Joseph Rusak, Theodore Standish, and Herbert Slade adrift in a lifeboat and doomed to death, do for the right to live for a thousand years, hereby assign our souls to the devil, otherwise known as Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, Elimi, Astaroth, and Davy Jones. In faith where we afix our names below......."
Joseph Rusak was the only one not to sign the contract and was saved by a passing ship. His two companions dissappeared from life raft never to be seen again.

(Strange Tales I#98 - BTS) - Davy Jones' name was evoked by a sailor, who along with two others spotted the Flying Dutchman's ghost ship. The sailors boarded the ghost ship and looted it but were then cursed to become the new crew until a new evil crew would come and take their place.

(Adventure into Fear#10/3) - Davy Jones had gathered ummeasurable treasures in his locker underwater. He became a business man in the USA and had normal relationships as a normal man.

    One day Freddy Sykes, a burglar, heard Davy Jones talking about his entire wealth, that was in a locker. Sykes followed Jones and when they were alone in the fog of the docks, Sykes unsheathed his handgun and threatened Jones. Jones understood that Sykes was coldhearted, so he threw him into the water and carried down underwater. He transformed Sykes, who started breathing underwater. Then, wearing a crown, Jones told Sykes that he could not use his treasure, nor could he ever walk on dry land again. Before them stood an immense valley of gold and treasures and skulls and wreckage: Davy Jones' locker.

Comments: Created by Al Williamson (art) and an unknown writer.

Davy Jones did not seem evil. However, the criminals that met him received severe punishments.

It should be noted that Davy Jones is often viewed as being an evil spirit and another name for Satan. Historically and in media is believed to be the captain of the Flying Dutchman.

The book "American Folkore and Legend," mentions that the basis of the name Davy Jones seems to have come from a reference to the Biblical Jonah. The book "Mythologies and Legends" identifies him as the spirit of the sea who claimed sailors lost at sea. There was allegedly a 16th century publican named Davy Jones who imprisoned drunken sailors in a locker and press-ganged them to serve on ships. The name could also come from the patron saint of sailors - St. David.None of these is supported by any evidence - they are little more than guesses.

The first source of the use of the name comes from Tobias Smollett's The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle 1751:
"'By the Lord! Jack, you may say what you wool; but I'll be damned if it was not Davy Jones himself. I know him by his saucer eyes, his three rows of teeth, his horns and tail, and the blue smoke that came out of his nostrils. What does the blackguard hell's baby want with me? I'm sure I never committed murder, except in the way of my profession, nor wronged any man whatsomever since I first went to sea.' This same Davy Jones, according to the mythology of sailors, is the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep, and is often seen in various shapes, perching among the rigging on the eve of hurricanes, shipwrecks, and other disasters, to which a seafaring life is exposed; warning the devoted wretch of death and woe."

The first source that mentions Jones' locker is the 1803 Naval Chronicle:
"...seamen would have met a watery grave; or, to use a seaman's phrase, gone to Davy Jones's locker."

--Will U

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Davy Jones has no known connections to any other "Jones" character.

Freddy Sykes has no known connections to

Captain Redmond

Captain Silas Redmond was a normal human.

    He and his crew were pirates, who assaulted and looted ships for a living. When Redmond took Jones aboard, he was sure that he'd make him a pirate as well. Instead, the powers of Jones scared all the crew, and finally sunk the ship. Redmond, Hooker and Creech went to live under the sea with Davy Jones.

--Journey into Mistery I#33/5

Hooker and Creech

    Hooker and Creech were normal humans.

    As the rest of the crew, the two seconds-in-command realized that Davy Jones cold control storms and winds. They were convinced that he used black magic to protect the other ships.
    However, Davy Jones didn't want to harm anyone of the pirates, so he saved Hooker, Creech and Captain Redmond, who went to live with Davy Jones on the Ocean's floor.

--Journey into Mistery I#33/5

Freddy Sykes

    Freddy Sykes was a normal human.

    Sykes was a burglar. He usually robbed the more defensless and quiet people without any remorse.

    One night, after a theft went bad, Sykes fled to the Grand Central Station. In the crowd he overheard two men speaking about valuables. He heard that Mr. Jones had all his wealth in a very safe locker.

    Sykes followed Jones in order to rob him. When they arrived in a place with a thick, low fog, Sykes stopped Jones and ordered him to give him his treasure. That was his mistake. Jones pulled Sykes and himself into the water off the dock and beneath the sea. Sykes was drowning but Jones did something to him with a mere word, and Sykes discovered that he could breathe underwater. After a while Sykes was at the flank of Jones, who wore a crown and a mantle and showed him his locker. The treasures covered the ocean's floor: It was Davy Jones' locker.

--Journey into Mistery I#33/5

Davy Jones' locker

    In the 19th century Davy Jones' locker was probably empty, or contained only a few things. Everything he possessed was contained in a small hut on the ocean's floor.

    In the 20th century his treasure was enormous. It laid on the ocean's floor and lots of ships lay near it. Gold and jewels and othe preious objects covered the floor and he called everything his "locker". It was well protected because whoever saw his treasure could not return back home to tell about it.

--Adventure into Fear#10/3

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Journey into Mistery I#33/5, p2, pan6 (Hooker and Creech)
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Adventure into Fear#10/3, p5, pan5 (treasure)

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