Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Demon (Class Three) (active between Distant Past to modern era)

Occupation: Power source for an unnamed comet

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: caretaking automaton, Silver Surfer, Survivor, White Raven, every living thing in the universe

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: an unnamed comet that was mobile throughout the universe;
     Distant Past to modern era

First Appearance: Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1 (June, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: The Elder Demon possessed superhuman strength (class 100?) and invulnerability. His body was filled with enough energy to power an entire civilization, and he could project this energy in the form of destructive eye-beams.

History: (Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1 (fb) - BTS) - <untold millennia ago> The Elder Demon was trapped in a crystal by an unnamed alien race and used to power their city, which was located at the heart of a comet.

(Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1) - Thanos and Galactus both desired the power source of the comet, never guessing that it was actually the Elder Demon. Thanos dispatched White Raven to claim it, and Galactus sent Silver Surfer for the same purpose. White Raven ended up breaking the crystal, releasing the Demon. The Demon destroyed a caretaking automaton, the last remnant of the race that had imprisoned him. He announced that he would make every living being in the universe pay for his imprisonment. The Demon easily bested the Surfer, but was destroyed when Raven impaled him with her spaceship and set it to self-destruct.

Comments: Created by Stan Ron Marz & Claudio Castellini.

The Elder Demon shrugged off the power cosmic, but was destroyed by an exploding spaceship? White Raven explained that the machine's explosion caused a chain reaction that used the Demon's own energy to consume him. I don't buy it. The Elder Demon's still out there somewhere.

The alien race that imprisoned the Elder Demon may or may not have a connection to the alien race known as the Deonists, given their similar methods of operation.--Kyle


The Elder Demon has known connection to:

caretaking automaton

Created to guard the Elder Demon and provide companionship for the Survivor. It could project energy blasts from its' eyes. The automaton performed it's duty for millennia before it was destroyed by the Elder Demon.

--Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1 (fb)-BTS (1







The last member of his race. Untold ages ago his race captured the Elder Demon in a crystal and used him to power their utopia, a civilization formed in the heart of a comet. When the rest of his race chose to die, the Survivor was given the responsibility of safeguarding the Elder Demon. Millennia later the Silver Surfer found the Survivor, and asked him for the crystal. The Survivor gladly handed it over, but was suddenly shot down from behind by White Raven. As he lay dying in the Surfer's arms the Survivor made it clear that he was grateful for the release of death.

--Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1 (fb) - BTS (1





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