Real Name: Marea (last named unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human, magic-user or mutant?

Occupation: Cult-Leader, former Drug Distributer

Group Membership: Leader of Satanic Cult (Pixie, Skinny, Sprung)

Affiliations: Mickey Ditillio, Man-Thing
former agent of Project: Glamor (especially connected to Monteiro, Lloyd Zahner)

Enemies: Harris (Selbert's agent), Project: Glamor (especially Selbert, Lloyd Zahner)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a house in the swamps of Casgata, Florida

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#1/2 (mentioned, 1988), Marvel Comics Presents#3/2 (fully seen, October, 1988)

Powers: Demon possessed limited psychic powers. These made her a charismatic figure, able to manipulate others with relative ease. She possessed limited empathic powers, enabling her to gain insight into the thought processes of the enigmatic Man-Thing.

History: Marea's past is unrevealed. At some point she organized a cult of satan worshippers. The drug addictions of numerous members brought her into contact with agents of Project: Glamor, who wished to sell Columbian drugs and use the profit to finance the development of a variant of the super soldier serum. Under the code-name "Demon," she became the distributor of the Project's drugs. Her cult also was used to perform kidnappings meant to appear as ritual sacrifice, which actually obtained victims for the testing of the experimental serum. Skinny, a member of the cult, acted as director of these Project activities.

However, shortly after senate committees began investigations of the Project, Marea encountered the Man-Thing, who had been injured by contact with a failed super soldier. Believing the Man-Thing to be the demon she worshipped, Marea brought it into the swamp water where it successfully recovered from its injuries. She even managed to achieve a mental rapport with the nearly mindless creature.

When Marea announced that she wished to sever ties with the Project, agents Zahner (aka Corndog) and Monteiro (aka Taco Bell) attempted to force her to continue. Zahner fled from the Man-Thing, but Monteiro was captured. Monteiro soon fell under Marea's spell, and remained with her. Zahner and his men attempted to destroy Marea and her cult. Both Skinny and Monteiro were killed in this assault. Zahner was burnt by the Man-thing, and subsequently was nearly killed when the other mercenaries blew up Demon's shack, and the Man-Thing as well. Pixie and Sprung were killed in the explosion. Zahner convinced to reveal evidence against the Project by Mickey Ditillio (aka Rodent), an investigative reporter. While Demon and Zahner were giving details to Ditillio, Selbert (aka Brass), a high ranking member of the Project located them. Selbert's agent, Harris, shot Marea and took her out into the swamp to dispose of her body. Marea recovered and beat Harris over the head before collapsing into the swamp, where her body rested on top of the reforming Man-Thing. It appears that she died, although this was not conclusively shown.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Tom Sutton.

Demon has no relation to:

Pixie is not to be confused with


Demon's Cult

--Marvel Comics Presents#2/2 (MCP#2/2, 7/2

--Marvel Comics Presents#7/2 (MCP#7/2-9/2

--Marvel Comics Presents#8/2 (MCP#8/2-9/2







images: (without ads)
Marvel Comics Presents#4, p15, pan7 (main image)

#7, p10, pan7 (Skinny)
#8, p16, pan2 (Pixie & Sprung)

Other appearances:
Marvel Comics Presents#2 (September, 1988) - Steve Gerber (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Terry Kavanagh & Michael Higgins (editors)
Marvel Comics Presents#4-5 (October, 1988) - Steve Gerber (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
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Marvel Comics Presents#12 (February, 1988) - Steve Gerber (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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