Membership: Mr. Bressack (advisor to Choate), Lt.Col.Jody Choate (Steel), Marea (Demon) and cult (Skinny (Loose Screw)), Dixon+5 soldiers, McDonald (Lime), Monteiro (Taco Bell), Railsback (Brew), Gen.Selbert (Brass), Zahner (Corndog)

Affiliations: Freedom Science Studies Institute (Ivory Tower, research base), President Ronald Reagan (?, Hail)+United States Government (covert directors)

Enemies: Mikhail Gorbachev (the Grape, target); Man-Thing+Mickey Ditillo (Rodent), Lyssa, Sen.Wilbur Wycombe (Bacon), Sen. Miller (heads of congressional investigation)

Base of Operations: Freedom Science Studies Institute, Northern California; also Demon's shack in , on the Man-Thing's swamp

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#1/2 (September, 1988)

History: Project: Glamor was apparently a covert operation of certain high ranking members of the United States Government, apparently including the President. Its apparent goal was to recreate the variant of the Super-Soldier Serum (the Juice) that had been originally created by Dr. Theodore Sallis, who unbeknownst to them was transformed into the Man-Thing by it. The plan was to create an army of powerful superhuman warriors for use by the US military. A short term goal was to send an army of the warriors to the USSR to assassinate Mikhail Gorbachev, who was its leader at the time. It was funded by money from Latverian arms sales, which was placed in a Swiss Bank Account and then channeled through guerillas and drug-dealers in Columbia. Drugs purchased in Columbia were sold through members of a satanic cult in Florida.

United States Senate hearings were directed at high ranking members of the Project, including Gen. Selbert (Brass) and Lt. Col. Jody Choate (Steel). Choate ultimately took the entire blame for the illicit sale of arms and drugs in order to clear the other project members.

The research base was the Freedom Science Studies Institute (FSSI), where the serum was developed. Test subjects were abducted by members of the satanic cult, led by Skinny, in the guise of human sacrifice. The subjects were shipped to the FSSI for experimentation. Failed experiments were disposed of in the swamp by the cult's base.

US senator Wycombe discovered evidence of its project, became a test subject, and died. After a number of failed attempts, all resulting in death of the test subjects, Railsback (aka Brew), the former head scientist, became its next test subject, under McDonald (aka Lime), the new head scientist. Railsback was the first success, surviving the process, and being mutated into a hideous, armored form. Choate then volunteered himself and five others to become super soldiers.

The cult-leader, Demon, came to worship the Man-Thing and attempted to sever her ties to the Project. This resulted in a series of escalating attacks by the government and ultimately the supers soldiers in an attempt to kill her and destroy all evidence of their activities. Dr. Railsback, seeking revenge for his mutation, broke free from FSSI and flew to the cult base where he attacked the other Project members. Virtually all of the remaining Project members were killed in these attacks, by other Project members, by Demon, or by the Man-Thing.

The activities of the Project were ultimately exposed by reporter Mickey Ditillio, whose girlfriend, Lyssa, was killed by the Project, and he himself narrowly survived capture by them. A single super-soldier, Dixon, survived the final battle and flew a plane to the USSR in an effort to complete the mission and kill the Grape.

COMMENTS: Created by Steve Gerber and Tom Sutton.

This story was written around the same time as the Iran/Contra scandal, and certainly has a topical and satirical slant to it. The motivation behind the assassination of Gorbachev was that he was perceived as more popular than Reagan, which was deemed unsatisfactory.

The majority of characters have their own entries in the Appendix.

images: (without ads)
Marvel Comics Presents#12, p12, pan6 (Project: Glamor super soldiers)

#4, p12, pan2 (Mr. Bressack)
#12, p16, pan5 (super soldiers on their way to crush the Grape)

Other appearances:
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Marvel Comics Presents#12 (February, 1988) - Steve Gerber (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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