Real Name: Lloyd Zahner

Identity/Class: Human, conventional weaponry user

Occupation: Mercenary, employee of General Selbert (Brass)

Group Membership: Formerly Project: Glamor

Affiliations: Demon, Mickey Ditillio, Former partner of Monteiro (Taco Bell)

Enemies: Lt. Col. Jody Choate (Steel), Man-Thing, Project: Glamor, Selbert, Wilbur Wycombe

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Corndog

Base of Operations: Casagata, Florida

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#1/2 (September, 1988)

Powers: None. Zahner has had some training in armed and unarmed combat, probably in the US military. He had a handprint shaped scar on his face after his encounter with the Man-Thing.

History: Zahner, under the codename Corndog, was employed by Project: Glamor, an operation dedicated to recreating the supers soldier serum (aka Juice) originally created by Dr. Theodore Sallis. Zahner was partnered alongside Monteiro (aka Taco Bell) and acted both to transport illicit drugs (the sale of which helped to fund the Project) and abduct victims to be used as test subjects for the Project.

Monteiro and Zahner were called in to bring down a dying super soldier in the swamps outside Casagata, and they were nearly killed by it and the Man-Thing. Zahner delivered the next victim/test subject, Senator Wilbur Wycombe to The Freedom Science Studies Institute in Northern California. Monteiro and Zahner were then sent to silence reporter Mickey Ditillio (aka Rodent), who was investigating the Project. They captured him when he arrived in Casagata, but he managed to escape them and flee into the swamps. At that time, Demon III, the leader of the satanic cult that also served the Project, believing she had found her demonic master in the Man-thing attempted to sever ties with the Project. Monteiro and Zahner attempted to convince her otherwise, but Zahner was forced to flee by the Man-Thing, and Monteiro was captured by the cult. When Zahner returned with another group of mercenaries to take down Demon and her allies, Monteiro was deemed expendable, and killed in the initial assault. Zahner had a handprint burned into his face by the Man-Thing. While he was stunned from the injury, he realized that he, too, had been deemed expendable, when other agents of Selbert (aka Brass) bombed Demon's shack.

Zahner and Demon, as well as Ditillio, who had been recaptured by another member of Demon's cult survived the explosion. Ditillio convinced them both that they owed no loyalty to Selbert, and they gave him their information on the Project. Selbert learned of this and personally traveled to Casagata with another agent, Harris. However, as Selbert threatened them, Railsback (aka Brew), former researcher and then subject of the serum, arrived and slew both Selbert and Harris. As Zahner and Ditillio fled, they encountered Jody Choate (aka Steel), another high ranking member of the Project, who had subjected himself and six other loyal soldiers to the serum. Choate killed Zahner and Ditillio's girlfriend Lyssa by smashing their faces together.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Tom Sutton.


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Marvel Comics Presents#2, p15, pan5 (head shot)

Other appearances:
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Marvel Comics Presents#12 (February, 1988) - Steve Gerber (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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