Real Name: Wilbur Wycombe

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Test subject for Project: Glamor
formerly: US Senator (Democratic Senator from California)

Group Membership: Project: Glamor;
    formerly US Senate

AffiliationsMickey Ditillio, Senator Miller

Enemies: Project: Glamor (especially Jody Choate, Nurse Goren, Dr. Railsback, General Selbert, Skinny, Lloyd Zahner)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bacon

Base of OperationsFreedom Science Studies Institute in California;
    formerly Georgetown in Washington, D.C.;
    formerly California

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#2/2 (mid September, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: After his mutation he possessed superhuman strength until he exploded.


(Marvel Comics Presents#2/2) - Senator Wycombe led the interrogation of General Selbert for the Congress about connection to the Latverian government, profitable anti-drug activities in Columbia, the Freedom Science Studies Institute and Project: Glamor. Wycombe got answers to any question except about Project: Glamor as Selbert denied any knowledge about it. Wycombe stopped questioning Selbert, but plans were already set in motion by Jody Choate to get rid of Wycombe. Some hours later Wycombe was at home talking to Mickey Ditillio via phone about Ted Sallis' super-soldier experiments and the connection to Project: Glamor. Suddenly Skinny broke through the window, knocked Wycombe out and kidnapped him. Wycombe was brought to Florida were Zahner took him over from Skinny.

(Marvel Comics Presents#3/2) - Zahner brought Wycombe to the Freedom Science Studies Institute were Railsback immediately started to inject him his version of Ted Sallis' super-soldier formula. Wycombe started to mutate and Railsback thought that they had finally succeeded.

(Marvel Comics Presents#4/2) - Wycombe mutated further and Railsback was still sure about his success, but suddenly Wycombe broke free and destroyed everything around him in agony. Wycombe killed Nurse Goren and then exploded.

(Marvel Comics Presents#5/2) - Wycombe's corpse was removed and Railsback informed Selbert about the failure. Railsback's new partner McDonald examined Wycombe's corpse and found out the flaw in Railsback's formula.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Tom Sutton.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Wilbur Wycombe has no known connection to:

Senator Miller has no known connection to:

Senator Miller

(Marvel Comics Presents#2/2) - Miller was present when Senator Wycombe interrogated General Selbert.

(Marvel Comics Presents#3/2) - Ditillio met with Miller in Washington and Miller talked with him about Wycombe's kidnapping and not having any information himself about Project: Glamor. Miller asked Ditillio to be careful and not write anything about Project: Glamor after Wycombe had already died.

(Marvel Comics Presents#5/2) - Miller took over Wycombe's investigations about Project: Glamor and led the interrogation of Jody Choate for the Congress.

(Marvel Comics Presents#7/2) - Senator Miller learned from Choate that Project: Glamor acted without permission from the president, CIA or NSA. Choate didn't help Miller any further and denied to know who the people behind the codenames were that Miller presented to him.

(Marvel Comics Presents#8/2) - Miller didn't learn as much from Choate as he wanted to, but Miller had to release Choate as a witness and adjourned the meeting until two in the afternoon.

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Marvel Comics Presents#8 (December, 1988) - Steve Gerber (writer), Tom Sutton (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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