Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Caretaker of a group of Morlocks

Group Membership: Morlocks

Affiliations: Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale);
    Alex, Bertram, Missy, Orlando, Tim, others (Morlocks);
    Pauline Stratton, several others ("rescued" children)

Enemies: Blackout (Lilin), H.E.A.R.T. (Humans Engaging All Racial Terrorism; Luz Delgado, Mei Lin, Fiona McCormick, Tyler Meagher, Denika Trevani), Masque, X-Factor (Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey))

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Caverns beneath Cypress Hills' Salem Fields Cemetery;
    presumably formerly the Morlock Tunnels

First Appearance:
(Behind-the-scenes):  Ghost Rider III#8 (December, 1990)
(Named and seen):      Ghost Rider III#9 (January, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Pixie had a fairy-like appearance, with antennae and butterfly wings, but it is unclear whether she had empathic powers, could fly, or possessed any superhuman powers whatsoever. Her right leg was misshapen.

(Ghost Rider III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Pixie was one of the Morlocks.

(Ghost Rider III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Pixie's right leg was deformed by Masque when she opposed him.

(Ghost Rider III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Masque used his powers to deform a number of normal humans (who may have been Morlocks already, see comments). Pixie came to be a maternal figure and/or leader to this group, who dwelled in the caverns beneath Cypress Hills' Salem Fields Cemetery.

(Ghost Rider III#9 (fb) - BTS) - When Masque planned to start using his powers to disfigure children of the surface, Pixie instructed her Morlock allies to abduct children so that they could keep them protected from Masque.

(Ghost Rider III#8 - BTS) - Ghost Rider came to Cypress Hills to investigate the disappearances, incorrectly assuming them to have been caused by his enemy Blackout. There he fought Missy and Alex, who both escaped.

(Ghost Rider III#9) - Returning to the cemetery, Ghost Rider encountered and battled Blackout as well as the mercenaries of HEART, but one of the Morlocks led him into the catacombs beneath the cemetery, telling him they could take him to the children; however, their entry was observed by Blackout. The Morlocks promised Ghost Rider that the children were safe. Because the night was ending, Ghost Rider had to leave so that Dan Ketch could take care of his daily life, but Ghost Rider returned to the catacombs the following night. Bertram happily led Ghost Rider to Pixie, who showed him the children and explained why they were kidnapping them. However, their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of HEART, X-Factor, and Blackout, who had tracked the missing children and/or Ghost Rider there. While the heroes were distracted with senseless in-fighting, Blackout went after Pixie. Ghost Rider tried to stop him, but Blackout dodged his attack, grabbed Pixie, and tore her throat open with her teeth. As the catacombs began to collapse, Pixie used the last of her fading strength to beg Ghost Rider to save the children over going after Blackout.
    Ghost Rider summoned his motorcycle and used it to send the children to the surface while he attacked Blackout. The tunnels collapsed on the two as they fought, but the children (and at least Bertram) made it to the surface. X-Factor promised to return the kids to their parents.
    Both Ghost Rider and Blackout survived the collapse.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Javier Saltares, and Mark Texeira.

    While Pixie's allies were normal humans before being disfigured, the fact that Pixie mentioned them and then said that Masque planned to start on the children of the surface made it seem like her allies were Morlocks to begin with. Maybe.
    HOWEVER, the two from the first issue, Missy and Alex, had superhuman powers, so I'd guess that they were mutants. Maybe!

The Morlocks' profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#7 revealed that Bertram, Orlando and Tim were homeless people transformed by Masque while Alex.

I was going to name Missy as "Sister Smash," but since none of them save Pixie had codenames, I decided to bag it.

The story is fairly hard to follow, but I think I've gotten it.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:



    The brother or sister (familial or just a close bond) of Missy, he was a mutant due to the presence of actual super-powers.

    Alex assaulted Ghost Rider to force him to release Missy, mistaking him for Masque or an agent of Masque.


    Alex was an amorphous, blob-like creature, able to engulf and smother others.


    --Ghost Rider III#8










    A human vagrant mutated by Masque, Bertram happily led Ghost Rider to Pixie and the children, and afterwards he spoke highly to X-Factor of Ghost Rider saving them (despite the fact that the others (Blackout, HEART, X-Factor) all followed Ghost Rider's trail to Pixie.


    He did not demonstrate superhuman powers.


 --Ghost Rider III#9







   The sister (familial or just a close bond) of Alex, she (yes, she) was a mutant due to the presence of actual super-powers.


    She was in the process of kidnapping a young girl to take her to Pixie when Ghost Rider arrived and attacked her. She mistook Ghost Rider for an agent of Masque and fought him, but she had to call on Alex to help her escape his chain.


    Besides being large and having 4 arms, she was superhumanly strong (Class 25+) and had at least two extra eyes on her forehead.


--Ghost Rider III#8









Orlando and Tim

    A pair of human vagrants mutated by Masque, they were the ones who initially brought Ghost Rider into the catacombs and told them that the children were safe.


    Mackie stories are often vague and mysterious, and it is entirely possible that these two are actually Missy and Alex, but they were very friendly to Ghost Rider off the bat, as opposed to attacking him, so I think they are two other characters. At any rate, they saw Blackout in action and figured he was as bad as Masque. Since Ghost Rider fought Blackout, they figured Ghost Rider must be a good guy.


--Ghost Rider III#9







images: Not counting ads
Ghost Rider III#8, p20 (Missy
        p21, panel 1 & 4 (Alex)
    #9, p8, panel 3 (Orlando and Tim)
        p15, panel 4 & 6 (Pixie)
        p22, panel 2 (Bertram)

Ghost Rider III#8 (December, 1990) - Howard Mackie (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Mark Texeira (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Ghost Rider III#9 (January, 1991) - Howard Mackie (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Mark Texeira & Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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