Type: Alternate Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-398

Environment: Earth-like, Medieval world

Usual means of access: Magic (very specific magic, see first paragraph of history)

Dominant Life Form: Humans

Representatives: Gypsy Witch (Scarlet Witch) Kro, Mordred, Morgan LeFey, Osbert, The Queen's Vengeance (Arachne, Blackbird, Black Knight, Blacksmith, Chevalier, Circe, Daystar, Donar, Elementelle, Firemaiden, Ghost of Stone, Gigantus, Grimalkin, Gypsy Davy, Hercales, Iron Knight, Jade Giantess, Knave of hearts, Kreature, Lady Comet, Lady Magdalena, Lady Marvel, Liegeman, Longbow, Nubian Prince, Pixie, Priestess Selene, Quarryman,  Sea Lord, Serf, Sir Devilfish, Sir Fulminator, Sir MacHenery, Squire Justice, Star-Knight, Tsarina, Yeoman America), Willem

First Appearance: Avengers III#2 (February, 1998)

History: (Avengers III#2) - When the sorceress Morgan LeFey harnessed the power of the Asgardian Twilight sword, Norn stones, and the power of the Scarlet Witch, she succeeded in restructuring reality to the way she had always wished it to be: with her as the Queen, the Avengers as soldiers in her service, and her possessing incredible power. This was Earth-Morgan Conquest.

(Avengers III#2) - For an undetermined amount of time, Queen Morgan LeFey the first's  kingdom, which had its capital in Cornwall, England and was the capital of the entirety of the civilized world, had been at war with the Picts to the north. Under the service of Queen Morgan LeFey, fighting against the Picts, were the Queen's Vengeance (the Avengers in the new reality), an elite group of superheroes that served as soldiers under her majesty's service. All of her subjects loved Queen Morgan, or rather, they had to love her, because if they did not, they would rot in her dungeons. Donar the Mighty sensed that something was amiss in this new world, but he did not know what. He departed to his home in Asgard to discover what was truth and what was trickery. 

The Scarlet Witch was chained up in the Queen's dungeons, acting as a conduit for the spell that had restructured the Earth. For days, she reached out with her powers trying to contact Avengers and free them from the spell, and let their true personas emerge. She managed to awaken one of the soldiers in the Queen's Vengeance, Yeoman America (Captain America). Captain America managed to awaken Hawkeye, who in turn awakened Pixie (Wasp) and Daystar (Photon). The four of them tried to awaken Iron Knight (Iron Man), but he was far too immersed in Queen Morgan's spell, and attacked them. Soon, the rest of the Queen's Vengeance showed up, and though two of them were awakened, Squire Justice (Justice) and Star-Knight (Quasar), the others of the Queen's Vengeance attacked the six "traitors." Strongly outnumbered, the six reawakened Avengers, had the tide of battle turn against them until Donar (Thor) showed up, now aware of who he was. The seven of them escaped the Queen's Vengeance. Meanwhile, while reaching out across infinite for assistance, the Scarlet Witch brought Wonder Man back to life, and the two of them escaped the Queen's dungeons.

(Avengers III#3) - Kro, the ambassador from Deviant Lemuria, came to sue for peace between his empire and Queen Morgan's empire. Morgan, whose only concern was to find and recapture the Scarlet Witch, killed Kro and sent an image of herself to the escaped Avengers giving them until dawn to return the Scarlet Witch to her. Unbeknownst to her, they did not know where the Scarlet Witch was either, but they used this weakness to their advantage, and snuck into the Queen's castle disguised as Monks. However, they were quickly discovered by the Queen's Vengeance, who attacked the seven Avengers once again. The battle raged on until the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man showed up and challenged Queen Morgan. Wonder Man engaged Queen Morgan in combat, while Scarlet Witch poured her energies into Wonder Man. Morgan withdrew her energies from controlling the Queen's Vengeance, and they all awakened from the spell and remembered who they were. However, Queen Morgan had the upper hand against Wonder Man. All the Avengers lent their energy to Scarlet Witch, and after Morgan fired energy beams into the Avengers' ranks and injured Vision, Scarlet Witch unleashed an onslaught of power, defeated Morgan, and unmade the reality of Earth-Morgan Conquest, returning the world back to normal.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek and George Perez.

Like the recently discussed Earth-Forever Yesterday reality, the world "created" by Morgan would appear to be an altered present. Rather than creating an alternate timeline, she instead altered reality on Earth-616 so that it was more in line with how she wished it to be. See the Earth-Forever Yesterday for further discussion on this. At any rate, it would appear (due to their "memories" of how life was before the changes) that the characters would indeed be the altered Earth-616 versions, rather than an other dimensional counterparts. However, as with virtually all diverging realities, it would seem likely that in at least one alternate timeline, the Avengers were unable to restore their own timeline, and Earth-Morgan may well persist in that reality.

The Queen's Vengeance are the Avengers in Morgan's world. Their names have been changed, but their powers are the same, and their appearance is very much alike. The following is a key to tell who is who between the Avengers and the Queen's Vengeance. 

Arachne = Spider-Woman (Carpenter)
Blackbird =Falcon (Wilson)
Black Knight = Black Knight (Whitman)
Blacksmith = Rage
Chevalier = Swordsman (Javert)
Daystar = Photon (Rambeau)
Donar the Mighty = Thor (Asgardian)
Elementelle = Crystal
Falconer = Darkhawk
Firemaiden = Firebird
Ghost of Stone (aka Manikin) = Vision (synthozoid)
Gigantus = Hank Pym/Giant-Man
Grimalikin = Tigra
Gypsy Davy = Quicksilver
Gypsy Witch = Scarlet Witch
Heracles = Hercules
Iron Knight = Iron Man (Stark)
Jade Giantess = She-Hulk (Walters)
Knave of Hearts = Starfox
Kreature = Beast (McCoy)
Lady Comet = Firestar
Lady Magdalena = Magdalene
Lady Marvel = Carol Danvers/Binary/Warbird
Liegeman = USAgent
Longbow = Hawkeye (Barton)
Nubian Prince = Black Panther (T'Challa)
Pixie = Wasp
Priestess Selene (aka Priestess) = Moondragon
Quarryman = Sandman (Baker)
Sea Lord = Namor
Serf = D-Man
Sir Devilfish = Stingray
Sir Fulminator = Living Lightning
Sir MacHinery = Machine Man
Sorceress (aka Circe) = Sersi
Squire Justice = Justice/Vance Astrovik
Star-Knight = Quasar (Vaughn)
Tsarina = Black Widow (Romanoff)
Yeoman America = Captain America (Rogers)


Clarifications: Not to be confused with: 

The Queen's Vengeance

The Queen's Vengeance was Queen Morgan's elite army of superheroes in her service. They enforced her law, fought the Picts to the South, and made the Queen's subjects fear the Queen through their strict enforcing of her laws. Due to the call of the Scarlet Witch, Yeoman America (Captain America) awoke from the spell of Morgan LeFey and realized who he really was. He was able to awaken the few members of the Vengeance who had the strongest connection to the Avengers, such as Longbow (Hawkeye), Daystar ( Photon), Pixie (Wasp), Star-Knight (Quasar), and Squire Justice (Justice). However, when they tried to awaken Iron Knight (Iron Man), he attacked them. At the sound of the battle, the rest of the Queen's Vengeance arrived and fought the six awakened Avengers. The numbers of the Queen's Vengeance allowed the Vengeance to gain the upper-hand until Donar the Mighty (Thor) showed up, who had also awakened on his own when he found their was no Asgard in this world. Under cover of a flash of lightning which Thor provided, the Avengers escaped. The Vengeance fought the seven Avengers again when they snuck into the castle, but the battle was ended when Morgan withdrew her power she was using to control the Vengeance in order to fight Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch. The Vengeance then lent their power to the Scarlet Witch, who defeated Morgan LeFey and restored reality to its normal state.
See comments above for a key of the names of the members of the Queen's Vengeance and the Avengers they correspond to. 



Avengers III#2-3 (March-April, 1998) - Kurt Busiek (writer), George Perez (penciler), Al Vey (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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