Real Name: Tyler Meagher

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Former agent of the Firm, field commander of HEART

Group Membership: Formerly the Firm (Centurious, Stern, others), HEART (Luz Delgado, Mei Lin, Fiona McCormick, Denika Trevani)

Affiliations: Benytha, John Blaze, Cypress Hills Community Action Group (Mr. Crane, Harry Stein, Ms. Stratton, others), Deathwatch, HEART (Luz Delgado, Mei Lin, Fiona McCormick, Danika Trevani);
formerly the Firm (Stern, others)

Enemies: Lt. Michael Badilino, Blackout, Death Ninja, the Firm (Centurious, Stern, others), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Morlocks (Pixie, others), Myron, Suicide (Chris Daniels), X-Factor (Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Heart-1 (HEART communication handle), "Lady" (name called by Michael Badilino)

Base of Operations: Formerly HEART Corp. Building in New York, USA

First Appearance: (as Tyler Meagher): Ghost Rider III#8 (December, 1990);
(as Heart Attack): Ghost Rider III#35 (March, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Heart Attack could transform parts of her body in weapons. She had been seen to transform her fingers into metallic clawed fingers capable of generating intense energy, her arms into gigantic guns and could project an energy blade from her forearm. As part of her transformation, Heart Attack was given enhanced strength, reflexes and stamina. She also appeared to be bulletproof but whether that was due to her transformation or her body armor was unrevealed. While an agent of the Firm, Heart Attack carried a miniature chip capable of causing paralysis in Ghost Rider.

Height: 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: 135 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (see comments)

History: (Ghost Rider III#8 (fb) - BTS) - Tyler Meagher, field commander of the for-profit HEART organization, was contacted by the Cypress Hills Community Group, who wanted the help of Tyler's HEART group to rid their neighborhood of Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#8) - Tyler Meagher met with the Cypress Hills Community Action Group to discuss their terms. Mr. Crane, head of the Group, commented that Tyler's HEART group came highly recommended and Tyler quickly reminded him that if her group was to accept the contract, they would book no interference from the Community Action Group itself and member Harry Stein stood up to remind the Group that HEART would be carrying more firepower than the police and that their price was quite high. Meagher explained that HEART's terms were non-negotiable and a teary-eyed Mrs. Stratton exclaimed that perhaps HEART could find her missing daughter. Tyler announced that she would leave it up to the Group and ten minutes later, Tyler returned to her van and informed the other HEART agents that they were go for their mission to hunt Ghost Rider. Later that night, Tyler prepared the other members of HEART for a recon mission to determine what all Ghost Rider could do. She ordered the women not to engage and, after HEART had gathered data on Ghost Rider, Tyler announced that HEART would proceed by killing Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#9) - During a HEART field mission, Tyler Meagher contacted the other HEART from the HEART Corp. HQ and informed them all that their helmet cameras were working perfectly. She then informed them that motion detectors were picking up three individuals before she noticed heat sensors picking up activity beneath Cypress Hills Cemetary. She quickly ordered the HEART field agents to lock and load and be ready for engagement with Ghost Rider. When the nearby Danny Ketch transformed into Ghost Rider, Tyler immediately found the heat sensors going crazy and ordered HEART to intercept everyone present. After Ghost Rider seemingly disappeared, the HEART field agents reported back to Tyler, informing her of their failure to obtain Ghost Rider. An annoyed Tyler ordered HEART to fan out and search for the Spirit of Vengeance. When HEART tracked Ghost Rider to underground Morlock tunnels, Tyler joined the group in the field and ordered HEART to once again fan out and take down Ghost Rider quick and easy. Mei Lin soon informed Tyler that X-Factor was joining the fight and suggested "scragging" all of the heroes present as X-Factor shielded the children that had been kidnapped by the protective Morlocks. As Ghost Rider fought Blackout, who killed the Morlock Pixie, Tyler ordered HEART to retreat since the involvement of X-Factor and the Morlocks were not part of their planned scenario. Capturing Ghost Rider's motorcycle, Tyler and the other HEART members departed in a helicopter but the motorcycle soon erupted from the helicopter and returned to Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#10 (fb) - BTS) - Deathwatch contacted Tyler Meagher to inquire about their services.

(Ghost Rider III#10) - The phone rang at the HEART Building and Tyler had Luz Delgado answer it. She then told Luz that if the caller was the man who had called them earlier about their services, then she should tell him HEART accepted his offer. Luz then told Deathwatch that HEART accepted their offer and that the contracts would be drawn up immediately.

(Ghost Rider III#14 - BTS) - Deathwatch phoned Tyler Meagher and told her to have HEART ready at a moment's notice, as the bait had been set and Ghost Rider would come to them.

(Ghost Rider III#15) - When Ghost Rider disappeared from the HEART trackers, Tyler ordered Denika Trevani and Luz Delgado to obtain any motorcycle in the vicinity of Ghost Rider's disappearance, unaware that Ghost Rider had transformed back into Danny Ketch. Tyler ordered the two HEART agents not to use their guns against civilians while obtaining Ghost Rider's motorcycle and after five motorcycles were confiscated, Deathwatch phoned Tyler and commended HEART of their thoroughness. He then suggested that perhaps he could acquire HEART on a permanent retainer and Tyler replied that perhaps he could. Deathwatch then invited Tyler to meet with him that evening to discuss the matter but Tyler took a rain check on the meeting, as she personally wanted to take down Ghost Rider herself in Central Park. Deathwatch quickly told Meagher that is was not necessary for her to take down Ghost Rider herself but Meagher exclaimed that she would rather finish the job that she was commissioned to do and wanted to see Ghost Rider destroyed for the murders he had supposedly committed. Deathwatch then ordered Tyler not to interfere with the events in Central Park that night, prompting Tyler to ask why not. Upon hearing that Deathwatch's agent Blackout had committed the murders, Tyler denounced Deathwatch and ordered Luz Delgado and Denika Trevani to escape Deathwatch by any means necessary. Escaping via helicopter, HEART soon noticed a flash in Central Park and asked Tyler to land the helicopter in the Park. Arriving during a threeway battle between Ghost Rider, Blackout and John Blaze, Tyler Meagher blasted Ghost Rider in the back and quickly ordered the rest of HEART to convene on her location. Ghost Rider instead obliterated her gun with a punch and left to focus on Blackout, who taunted as John Blaze and Tyler Meagher inched their way towards Ghost Rider. Tyler managed to shoot Blackout in the arm, causing him to drop his hostage, allowing Ghost Rider to grab Blackout. Blaze then fired his shotgun into Blackout's face, horribly disfiguring Blackout. Ghost Rider then departed as Tyler helped reunite the hostage Benytha with her mother.

(Ghost Rider III#33) - Tyler Meagher was chewing out Luz Delgado for losing her temper on the job when the HEART Building's motion detectors went off. While Tyler suspected it was just pigeons on the roof again, Luz agreed to check it out since she was security chief that month but an explosion soon rocked the HEART Building, killing Luz and prompting Tyler to announce the attack to all HEART agents. The attack continued as the other HEART agents arrived to help defend the building. As the other HEART agents were wiped out, the attackers revealed themselves as Firm agents and demanded Tyler's surrender, claiming that they only wanted Ghost Rider. Once HEART had been destroyed, the Firm agents reported back to their leader Stern that all agents except Tyler had been neutralized. Stern commended the agents on their job and ordered them to bring Tyler to him, suggesting they he could give her life a new direction better suited to the Firm's needs.

(Ghost Rider III#37 (fb) - BTS) - The Firm's leader Stern tampered with Tyler Meagher's mind, manipulating her into believing that Ghost Rider had killed her HEART teammates as part of his plan to use her against Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider III#35 (fb) - BTS) - The Firm transformed Tyler Meagher into the cybernetic killing machine called Heart Attack, providing her weapons and augmenting her strength, reflexes and stamina. They then tasked her with capturing Ghost Rider, living or dead, for study. One of the weapons that the Firm provided was a small chip that Heart Attack could affix to Ghost Rider to cause temporary paralysis. After they informed her of the chip's usage, Heart Attack promised to bring Ghost Rider back to the Firm for dissection.

(Ghost Rider III#35) - Heart Attack led an ambush on Lt. Michael Badilino with an agent of the Firm. Not revealing who she was working for and demanding everything Badilino had on Ghost Rider, Heart Attack threatened to peel the skin from Badilino's body until Badilino's phone rang. Ordering Badilino to answer as if nothing was wrong and ordering her Firm agent subordinate to turn the speaker on, Heart Attack learned that Ghost Rider had been located in the Village. Heart Attack then announced that she had all the information she needed and Badilino announced that he also did. He then shot Heart Attack point blank in the chest and leapt out the window. Unfazed by the gunshot, Heart Attack yelled that she would not have actually killed Badilino and that she only wanted Ghost Rider for what he did to her and everyone, unaware that Badilino had actually flipped onto the ledge above and was thinking how Heart Attack had now made his hit list. She then made her way to the Village, where she joined in the battle against Ghost Rider and his enemies Death Ninja and Suicide. Transforming her arms into giant guns, Heart Attack prepared to shoot Ghost Rider but her gun was chopped in half by the Death Ninja, who wanted to kill Ghost Rider himself. Blowing a hole through Death Ninja, Heart Attack then recounted her origins to Ghost Rider, who claimed he had no desire to kill anyone, but Heart Attack removed her mask and revealed her identity of Tyler Meagher, claiming that Ghost Rider had ordered the slaughter of her entire HEART team. She then affixed the chip to Ghost Rider to paralyze him and prepared to kill him with an energy blade but Suicide jumped in, claiming that Ghost Rider was the only one who could kill him. Heart Attack then stabbed Suicide before noticing that Lt. Michael Badilino and the scientist Myron had arrived with a gigantic, experimental weapon. Realizing that couldn't end well, Heart Attack blasted her way through the ground to escape, promising to return, just before Badilino fired the weapon.

(Ghost Rider III#37) - Suspecting that Ghost Rider would return to Cypress Hills Cemetary, Heart Attack attacked the waiting Ghost Rider with an immense, two-handed gun, destroying a tombstone in front of Ghost Rider. Demanding answers as to why he was being attacked, Ghost Rider leapt at Heart Attack, taking several blasts before destroying her gun and partially shattering her mask. Heart Attack admitted that the Firm wanted to do to Ghost Rider what they had done to her: take him apart and rebuild him to kill for them. Having failed in her objective to capture Ghost Rider, Heart Attack demanded Ghost Rider release her when Firm agents arrived on the scene, claiming that they would kill both Ghost Rider and herself. When Ghost Rider took several shots from the Firm agents, Heart Attack realized that the Firm's leader Stern had manipulated her against Ghost Rider and recalled how it was the Firm itself that had killed her HEART teammates. Now determined to make Stern pay for turning her into a killer, Heart Attack escaped the battle and later arrived at the Firm's Evergreen Hospital during the Firm's battle with Ghost Rider, announcing that whatever Ghost Rider did to Stern was not enough. Finding the Firm under attack by Centurious, who had been backing Stern, Heart Attack witnessed Centurious absorbing the souls of Stern and the other Firm agents and exclaimed that Stern was hers. Noticing Heart Attack's "fresh soul with an aura of purity and righteousness," Centurious' tendrils wrapped around Heart Attack and somehow pulled her through the video screen he had been using to communicate with Stern. Despite Heart Attack's attempts to fight back, Centurious commented that perhaps something could be done with Heart Attack.

(Civil War Battle Damage Report - BTS) - Apparently surviving her attack from Centurious, Heart Attack was researched by then-new SHIELD Director Tony Stark, who considered her a potential recruit for the Fifty-State Initiative program.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira.

Poor Tyler Meagher. Granted, as the leader of HEART, she was kind of a jerk at times but she always seemed like she tried to not kill such as when she ordered the other HEART agents not to use their guns when obtaining motorcycles from civilians. She then got manipulated by the Firm and just when she realized what was going on and was ready to fix her life, Centurious absorbed her. Who knows what Centurious did to her? Since the Civil War Battle Damage Report showed that Tony considered her a potential recruit so perhaps she eventually broke away from Centurious and managed to become somewhat of a heroine (or at least, a vigilante). I've always thought the Heart Attack costume was a cool color scheme and I'd love to see her show back up somewhere!

Tyler Meagher's hair was brown before she showed up as Heart Attack. The hair on Heart Attack's costume was red but it was unrevealed if that hair was just part of the costume or if her actual hair had been dyed red.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Heart Attack has no KNOWN connections to:

images: (without ads)
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Ghost Rider III#35, p17, pan4-5 (Heart Attack removing mask, headshot)
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Ghost Rider III#15, p16-17, pan3 (Tyler Meagher in HEART battle armor with gun)
Ghost Rider III#33, p11, pan2 (Tyler Meagher in later HEART battle armor)
Marvel Universe 1993 trading cards, Heart Attack trading card (Heart Attack trading card art)

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