Real Name: Pixil

Identity/Class: Class II demon technology user

Occupation: Follower of Lilith, spreading a computer virus

Group Membership: Lilin

Affiliations: Lilith, Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Enemies: Ars Magna;
formerly Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Known Relatives: Lilith (mother), Lilin (brethren)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Cess

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3 (early December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Intangibility, Morphing, Energy Blasts, total control over the Cess and anything in it, transforming any matter into energy and bringing it into the Cess through a computer or similar interfaces


(Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3 (fb) ) - Lilith sent her son Pixil into the cyber realm to infect the planets electronic arteries with the Dark Mist. He sought to conquer the whole domain and lost his demon soul by doing it.


(Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3) - Pixil dragged the Scarlet Witch through the Strange Attractor in the West Coast Avengers HQ into the cyber realm only known as the Cess. He welcomed her there and told her to save her strength as it was needed later. He told her his background and explained his plan to spread the contagion he began here over the whole cyberspace with her probability-warping powers. Scarlet Witch tried to fight Pixil, but he was too powerful in the Cess. He told her to cooperate or he would delete the protective shield around her and download her essence into the Cess. Scarlet Witch got free and attacked Pixil directly. He wasn't impressed and began to download her into the Cess, but suddenly something was behind them. Pixil thought it was a trick of Scarlet Witch, but it wasn't. He released Scarlet Witch from his grip and they both stood before their new enemy.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#144/4) - Pixil and Scarlet Witch stood before their new enemy, and Pixil attacked the being. He wasn't impressed when the creature turned into human forms and ridiculed it. Pixil thought it was defeated, but the creature learned from the attacks, and Pixil lost control over the Cess and became a prisoner of the creature together with Scarlet Witch. The creature told Pixil and Scarlet Witch its history. Pixil was in danger of being accessed and destroyed by the creature Ars Magna, but Scarlet Witch attacked Ars Magna. Pixil saw the signal of a hacker and worked together with the Scarlet Witch to get free. They tried to get to the signal, but Pixil was reached by Ars Magna and dragged back into it, while the Scarlet Witch got away through the signal.

Comments: Created by Cefn Ridout & Charles Adlard

Pixil was most likely destroyed by Ars Magna.

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Profile by Markus Raymond

Pixil should not be confused with:

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The Cess

The Cess is the place in the cyberspace where all lost and deleted files waited for a purpose. It was built around the sleeping Ars Magna. Pixil was the master of this domain and the self-proclaimed saviour of it. The Cess became a part of Ars Magna, when it awoke.

The picture on the right shows the Cess (background), the Scarlet Witch (in the middle) and tentacles of Pixil (things attacking Scarlet Witch).

--Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3 (Marvel Comics Presents I#143/3-144/4






Marvel Comics Presents I#143, barcode side, p4, pan1 (main image)
Marvel Comics Presents I#143, barcode side, p4, pan2 (Pixil old face)
Marvel Comics Presents I#143, barcode side, p2-3, pan1 (The Cess)

Marvel Comics Presents I#143-144 (December, 1993) - Cefn Ridout (writer), Charles Adlard (artist), Richard Ashford (editor)

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