Real Name: Ars Magna

Identity/Class: Manifestation of Ramon Lull's knowledge

Occupation: Divine the mind of God by charting the patterns of Nature

Group Membership: none

Affiliations: Ramon Lull (creator)

Enemies: Pixil, Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Great Art (translation of its name)

Base of Operations: The Cess;
    formerly nameless limbo (13th Century - pre-modern era)

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#143/3 (early December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: It was changeable in form, earned knowledge from everything and even took it from living beings by accessing them

(MCP#144/4 fb): Ars Magna was created by Ramon Lull in the 13th century. It was created to divine the mind of God by charting the patterns of Nature through Logica, Astrologia, Tarot and other principles, both manifest and transcendent. Ars Magna, the knowledge of Ramon Lull, languished in an unknown dark hold for millennia after the death of its creator, Lull. It was swaddled in the discarded currency of the information age known as the Cess.

(MCP#143/3): Ars Magna awoke through the power of the Scarlet Witch and interrupted the attack of Pixil against her.

(MCP#144/4): Ars Magna attacked the arrogant Pixil, who thought he had defeated it, when Ars Magna turned into human forms. Ars Magna learned from the actions of his foe and changed its form into a more aggressive and monstrous version. Pixil and his attacks were no match for Ars Magna anymore, and it caught Pixil and Scarlet Witch. Ars Magna connected itself to their minds and showed them its history. It told them how it was awakened by the power of the Scarlet Witch and how its hunger for more knowledge was awoken too. Meanwhile, the Cess became a part of Ars Magna, who wanted to access Pixil first, but Scarlet Witch and Pixil were able to free themselves. Ars Magna tried to swallow them, but it only got Pixil with its tentacles. The Scarlet Witch got away through a hacker signal.


Comments: Created by Cefn Ridout & Charles Adlard

It wasn't said how Ars Magna wanted to access his victims, but I assume that it was able to just absorb them.

Some basic info on Lull:
    Circa 1235 he was born on Majorca. He became famous for his teaching only referred to as the "Great Art" or "Ars Magna" by his followers. In the year 1316 he was stoned in Bougie in Algeria by an angry mob on one of his many missionary trips. His teaching wasn't forgotten, and many people continued to work with the concepts of Ars Magna.

There are many sources on the internet (or a library) where you can find out more about Ramon Lull and his teaching known as Ars Magna.

by Markus Raymond

Ars Magna should not be confused with:

Ramon Lull should not be confused with:

Ramon Lull

Ramon Lull was an alchemist, philosopher and magus in the 13th century. He created Ars Magna to divine the mind of God by charting the patterns of Nature through known principles. He devised a living art on methodical thought through Ars Magna and found the stairway to heaven and the path to hell. He was condemned to death and died without his dignity and his knowledge, stoned by an angry mob.

--Marvel Comics Presents#144/4 (fb)




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