Further clarifications on certain characters:

AVENGERs OF THE 1950s: In the Avengers Forever limited series they were seemingly ret-conned out of existence. However, in a personal communication with Kurt Busiek (on Avengers Message Board), he specifically stated that he did not wipe the Avengers of the 1950s from existence. One alternate timeline containing them was wiped out. The group may well have existed in the mainstream past, but they just weren't called the Avengers. He suggested the name: "The G-Men"



DEATH's HEAD-time travel makes this confusing. I don't use a time suffix (ie. 2020), because both Death's Heads from the future spent time there. This is the system I use (I'll also try to refer to them by their other identities)

A frequent source of confusion/contention, even amongst the writers for the Appendix:

GHOST RIDER-based on current description (as of 9/13/01, and since I don't want to try to keep changing all the files every time there's a ret-con), I use the following system. However, in most cases, I'll refer to the human host/alter ego as well.

Ghost Rider/Kale-refers to the character featured in Ghost Rider (third series). Formed from the spirit of Noble Kale. There are supposed to have been numerous hosts throughout the ages, only a few of whom are known.

Ghost Rider of the West is referred to as the Phantom Rider (in the Appendix, anyway), and has also been known as the Night Rider, among others aliases.

Ghost Rider/Blaze/Zarathos, is the combined form of Zarathos and Johnny Blaze. He was the star of the Ghost Rider (second series) comic, @ Marvel Spotlight I#1
Blaze has since appeared as the Ghost Rider again, apparently bonded once again to Zarathos, @ Ghost Rider IV#1 (Hammer Lane).
Parrish may actually have briefly been the predecessor to Blaze in this union.

Ghost Rider/Vengeance, Mike Badalino, who briefly took the name when Dan Ketch was believed to be dead, @ Ghost Rider III#47

Ghost Rider 2099 1.0, a computer program that believed itself to be the mind of Zero Cochraine, @ GR2099#1

Ghost Rider 2099 2.0, the actual mind of Cochraine, which didn't gain control of the Ghost Rider robot until later, @ GR2099#25.


SATAN - in Marvel Comics, numerous characters have claimed to be the biblical Satan, and it is difficult to distinguish which is which. In addition, other sources have claimed that the various major demons (Baphomet, Mephisto, Satannish, Thog, etc.) are a manifestation of Satan. Whenever possible, I try to count them by their other name. For example:

    Satan, when referring to the Son of Satan/Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstorm, and Satana, should refer to the demon who was ultimately named as Marduk Kurios, in the Hellstorm series. As confirmed in the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia, in the more recent Hellcat series, Hellstorm duped Hellcat into believing he was actually the son of Satannish. See the Marduk profile for the tirade from Hell on this subject).

    Satan, when referring to Johnny Blaze, Zarathos, and their union as Ghost Rider (see above), should refer to Mephisto, who was shown to be behind their transformation.

    -- Satan has also been described along the lines of "Call me Legion, for we are many." Lots of demons have claimed to be Satan. In addition to Mephisto and Marduk Kurios, Thog and Satannish have been described as aspects of Satan in some stories. However, I would have thought that a separate, single demon was the one who impregnated Victoria Wingate Hellstrom. It is possible that that demon was a composite of two or more demons, including Marduk and Satannish.

see also Demons and the MASTER LIST entry on demons for a more complete list

SCOURGE-lost of different versions and individuals within versions:

For the others, a more simple clarification is possible

Serpent Men



Star of Bethlehem

VIETNAM "WAR" in the Marvel Universe - see also these comments from the Punisher characters page

Wise Men (of the Biblical account)

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