Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, conventional weapons user

Occupation: Assassin, Trainer

Affiliations: Scourge of the Underworld (Angel (Tom Halloway), Caprice (Scourge I-6),

Domino (Dominic Dunsinane), Scourge I-V);

Enemy of Priscilla Lyons (Scourge V), Scourge IV, and US Agent

Known Relatives: None...?

Aliases: Mike Walker, Scourge VII

Base of Operations: Scourge Central, a warehouse outside of Los Angeles, California, USA

Appearances: USAgent#3 (August, 1993); (4(fb), 3, 4

Powers: None. Bloodstain is a master of armed and unarmed combat, combat training, disguise, and espionage. Like all Scourge's his preferred weapon is the gun that fires exploding bullets. He did seem to recover quickly for the gunshot wound to the abdomen, indicating perhaps that he had superhuman physical abilities.

History: Unfortunately, next to nothing is known about the man known only as Bloodstain. He became affiliated with Ton Halloway, who had previously been the late 1930s and early 1940s hero known as the original Angel. The two men, along with Domino I, formed the backbone of the Scourge organization, dedicated to eliminating the plague of costumed villains. Bloodstain served to train the would-be candidates to become Scourge agents.

When the newest Scourge inductee, Priscilla Lyons, turned her back on the program, she went to the USAgent for help. USAgent attempted to infiltrate the organization by posing as Scourge IV, the agent who had been sent to assassinate Lyons, but had instead been defeated and captured. USAgent was captured by Caprice, and between her interrogation techniques and Domino's knowledge database, they determined his true identity. Seeing in the USAgent an excellent potential Scourge agent, Domino had Bloodstain pose as USAgent's brother Mike, who was believed to have been killed in an overseas war. Bloodstain, as Mike, broke the USAgent out and attempted to recruit him.

USAgent was uncertain whether to believe Bloodstain or not, and said he needed some time to think. Bloodstain let him go, knowing he would lead him back to both of the previous Scourges, whom he needed to terminate. Dresses in Scourge costumes, Bloodstain and Caprice ambushed USAgent as he attempted to transport the two Scourges. Bloodstain succeeded in killing Scourge IV, but his bullet intended for Lyons instead hit Caprice as the two women struggled. Bloodstain took a shot in the side from Lyons and fled.

USAgent forced the wounded Caprice to reveal the location of Domino, whom USAgent then forced to lead him to the head of Scourge, Halloway himself. Bloodstain posed as Halloway's nurse and then shot USAgent in the arm. In the course of their struggle, Domino was crushed by a broken statue. Bloodstain was apparently killed when he fired numerous shots at USAgent, which ricocheted off of his shield back at him.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and W. C. Wyman.

Despite the fact that Bloodstain and Domino set up the plan to dupe USAgent into thinking Bloodstain was Mike Walker, there may be some truth in it. Bloodstain had an odd reaction when he learned USAgent's parents' names were Caleb and Emily. There were a few other, more subtle things. It left an ambiguous feeling.

Clarifications:Scourge refers to the program (and its agents) instituted by the Angel to assassinate superhuman criminals. I refer to its agents by a number following the name of the group, ie. Bloodstain was Scourge VII. This group should be distinguished from:

Scourge, commander McHeath, who assassinated Cell Combattre, @ Marvel Fanfare I#28

Scourge, Jack Monroe, @ Thunderbolts#34

Scourge, team of mercenary assassins, @ Wolverine II#154

Scourge 8162, a murderer of criminals, patterned after mercy, @ Dragon's Claws#6

Scourge of the Araknoids, the Bane of a race of spider-people, @ Knights of Pendragon II#6

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