lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-face-usalyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-kick PRISCILLA LYONS

Real Name: Priscilla "Cilla" or "Pris" Lyons

Identity/Class: Human;
    US citizen with no criminal record;
    identities as Vagabond and Scourge secret

Occupation: Unrevealed;
    former would-be assassin and vigilante/adventurer

Group Membership: Formerly the Scourge of the Underworld organization;
    former partner of Nomad (Jack Monroe)

Affiliations: Armadillo (Antonio Rodriguez), Captain America (Steve Rogers; also as the Captain), D-Man/Demolition Man (Dennis Dunphy), Diamondback (Rachel Leighton), Falcon (Sam Wilson), Curtiss Jackson (aka Power Broker), K'Bali, M'Daka, Nomad (Jack Monroe), the Reverend Ned Nordstrom, Redwing (falcon), Sidewinder (Seth Voelker), USAgent (John Walker);
    formerly Bloodstain (aka Scourge), Caprice (aka Scourge; she may be considered somewhat of an ally, as Priscilla made sure she got to the hospital, where her life was saved), Domino (Dominic Dunsinane);
    formerly indirectly Angel (Tom Halloway)

Enemies: Black Racer (Ariana Saddiqi), Bloodstain, Bludgeon (Anthony Manning) CapriceDomino, Dr. Karl Malus, Mangler (Lucius O'Neil), Scourge of the Underworld, Scourge of the Underworld (Decker), two unidentified strength-augmented agents of Malus;
    although she spared the Matador (Manuel Eloganto), their relationship was pretty far from an alliance;
Angel (Tom Halloway), Slug (Ulysses X. Lugman), Viper (Ophelia Sarkissian) and the other Serpent Society members loyal to her (Copperhead/Davis Lawfers, Cottonmouth/Burchell Clemens, Fer-de-Lance/Teresa Vasquez, Puff Adder/Gordon Fraley, Slither/Aaron Solomon)lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-cost1

Known Relatives: Edward Lyons (father; see comments), Vivian Lyons (mother), Phil Lyons (brother, deceased)

Aliases: Formerly Lisa Winters, Scourge of the Underworld, Vagabond;
    "Babe," "Cilla" (from Nomad);
    "Pretty lady" (from D-Man);
    "Young lady" (from the Captain);
flag-waving meddler," "bimbo" (from Scourge);
    "woman," "dippy wannabe assassin" (from USAgent);
    the "rookie" (from Domino);
    "Girlie" (from Caprice);

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly an unidentified California warehouse base;
    formerly Dennis Dunphy (D-Man)'s home in
the mountains of Santa Monica, California;
    formerly an apartment or hotel in Miami, Florida;
    formerly Gary, Indiana (place of birth)

First Appearance: (Priscilla Lyons) Captain America I#325 (January, 1987);
Captain America I#336 (December, 1987);
USAgent I#1 (June, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Priscilla has no superhuman abilities.

    She is an athletic woman trained and highly-skilled in various forms of martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics and as an escape artist (breaking out of jail, safes, handcuffs and straitjackets). She can use many kinds of firearms proficiently, can disguise herself sufficiently to escape detection even by a similarly-trained Scourge operative; and has knowledge of several surveillance and eavesdropping techniques.

    She formerly used a van equipped with various forms of weaponry, disguise/costume kits, and surveillance equipment. Via a direct line, she could contact Scourge operation data expert Domino.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (see comments)
Hair: Reddish blonde

(Captain America I#325 (fb) - BTS) - When her younger brother, Phil, got involved with the Miami druglord (the Slug), her parents disowned him, but Priscilla began hitchhiking her way to Florida in hopes of helping Phil.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-face-cap325

(Captain America I#325 (fb)) <A month before the main story> - Priscilla encountered Jack Monroe (aka Nomad) in Kentucky when he stopped to pick her up on his motorcycle. Having lacked direction, Nomad considered that Florida sounded as good a place as any to work to build his crimefighting reputation, and he gave her a ride; he was impressed that his "cool looks" and "hot bike" did not intimidate her. 

    Eventually, Priscilla shared her reasons for traveling to Florida, and when he told her that rescues were one of his specialties (sharing his costumed identity with her), she was grateful. The two shared some level of romance.

(Captain America I#325 (fb) - BTS) - Priscilla told him to relay to Phil that he should come home and that "Dad forgives you and <we're> all worried about you." Jack told Priscilla he would stay in touch. 

(Captain America I#325 (fb) - BTS) - Nomad learned of the Slug's involvement and he went undercover on the Slug's yacht, which remained just outside the U.S territorial limit. 

(Captain America I#325 - BTS) - Jack located Phil and relayed Priscilla's message to him, but Phil angrily argued that he was very happy with his situation and warned Jack that if he did anything lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-phoneto jeopardize his job, he would blow the whistle on him.

(Captain America I#325) - After having not heard from Jack in three weeks, Priscilla sent a message to Captain America via his hotline, which relayed to him that Nomad was in danger and gave him Priscilla's contact phone number (see comments).

(Captain America I#325 - BTS) - Having reported Jack to the Slug, Phil agreed to help the Slug's men "teach him a lesson," and he feigned agreeing to go home to get Nomad to lower his guard and then drugged him with heroin. The Slug's men then threw Jack overboard. 

(Captain America I#325 (fb) - BTS) - Jack retained enough wits to use his pants as a flotation device.

(Captain America I#325 (fb) - BTS) - Captain America met with Priscilla, who knew enough details about Jack to convince Cap her request was legitimate, and she told him what she knew of the Slug's yacht. 

(Captain America I#325 - BTS) - Fortunately picked up by Captain America in a rented motorboat, Nomad ultimately set the yacht aflame and punched down Phil when he tried to defend the Slug. Phil and many of the Slug's henchmen escaped in a ferry and in Captain America's motorboat, while Captain America and Nomad leapt to safety, and the Slug escaped, although he floated helplessly.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-nomcyc

(USAgent#2 (fb) - BTS) - Giving up on Phil, Priscilla latched onto Nomad. 

(Captain America I#336 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Priscilla adopted the costumed identity of Vagabond, wearing a domino mask, and serving as the partner of Nomad, although she had no real combat training. 
    Nomad considered her his "steady babe."

(Captain America I#340 (fb) - BTS) - Priscilla asked Jack to teach her some fighting moves, but she became frustrated as he never seemed to have the time to teach him anything.

(Captain America I#336 (fb) - BTS) - After Steve Rogers went into hiding after surrendering his shield and Captain America identity to the US government, Dennis Dunphy (aka Demolition Man and D-Man) contacted Nomad and the Falcon, hoping Cap's former partners could help find him. 

(Captain America I#336) - Arriving at D-Man's house in the mountains of California's Santa Monica on the back of Nomad's motorcycle, Priscilla was immediately impressed with his house. D-Man soon met them, introduced himself, and invited them into his home. Priscilla told him she went by Vagabond, and he complimented this as a nice name. As Vagabond asked how he could afford such a large place and D-Man explained that it was not through super-heroics but through his career in professional wrestling, Nomad was silently angered and jealous.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-cost1face

    Despite D-Man's assurance that he knew and respected Nomad experience with Cap, Nomad continued to question him, although after the similarly-invited Falcon showed up, he eased up a little. Vagabond complimented Falcon on his bird, Redwing, although the Falcon advised her not to flatter him, as he had a big enough ego already. Vagabond remained silent as Nomad agreed to help locate Steve Rogers.

(Captain America I#337) - Vagabond rode behind Nomad on his motorcycle into Washington state, and she remained on the surface as they located Cap's van, which had fallen into a chasm caused by Brother Nature. She subsequently stood by Nomad as he mocked D-Man's efforts to retrieve the van, although she silently wished he would give D-Man a break. After D-Man threw the van up to the surface, Vagabond was shocked that he was that strong, although Nomad called him a show-off.

    When Nomad wondered how much time they should waste waiting for Cap, D-Man noted that Cap valued the van highly and would certainly return for it, but Nomad derided his having only worked with Cap on a single case. As the men discussed matters, Vagabond went inside the van to take a nap. She remained asleep while Cap (now going by the alias of the Captain after having surrendered his Captain America identity to the US government) returned and they started driving away. Cap -- not recognizing her from their encounter in Miami -- asked who she was, and the Falcon told him she went by Vagabond and that she did not any any powers or special training, but that Jack just liked having her around. 

    After they traveled to Las Vegas in response to a report of a Serpent Squad assault, Cap instructed the "young lady" that until she demonstrated to him that she was combat ready, she would have to remain out of action; she accepted this.

(Captain America I#338 (fb) - BTS) - As the police arrived -- with Cap suspecting they would be arrested as they were acting without sanction -- Nomad told Vagabond to make herself scarce. 

(Captain America I#338 - BTS) - Later, while they were imprisoned, Nomad considered that he almost wished he had not told her to leave, as he sure could appreciate some "creature comforts" at the moment.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-bubble

(Captain America I#339) - With Cap and the others having been released, Vagabond napped on a flight chartered by D-Man, which Cap re-directed to Kansas to deal with the threat of Famine (Autumn Rolfson). 

(Captain America I#339 - BTS) - Vagabond remained on the ship as the Falcon flew out and the other heroes sky-dived to the ground and drove off Famine, although both Nomad and the Falcon were weakened by her strength/energy/body mass-draining powers.

(USAgent#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, D-Man told Vagabond how he had undergone the Power Broker's strength augmentation process.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-throwdman

(Captain America I#340 (fb) - BTS) - Frustrated with Jack's not teaching her, Vagabond asked D-Man to teach her some wrestling moves. As he started to do so, however, Nomad arrived and assumed that D-Man was trying to romance her (see comments).

(Captain America I#340) - As Nomad threatened D-Man, Vagabond backed up D-Man's explanation, and she noted her frustration that he never had time to teach her. The conflict was broken up when Cap returned.

    When a breakout at the Vault maximum security prison in the Rocky Mountains, Cap instructed Vagabond to remain in the van while he and the others went after the escapees. She listened to music to escape the monotony.

(Captain America I#340 (fb) - BTS) - When the escaped Armadillo approached the van, presumably intending to at least steal the van, Vagabond talked him down, convincing him of the shame of what he was going to do. She had Armadillo get in the back of the van while she drove to find one of the heroes.

(Captain America I#340) - Vagabond approached Cap after he had subdued Mr. Hyde, revealing she had convinced Armadillo to give up. Armadillo told Cap how nice she had been to him.

(Captain America I#342 (fb) - BTS) - Vagabond and the group returned to D-Man's Santa Monica house, and Vagabond designed a new costume.

(Captain America I#342 (fb) - BTS) - Vagabond convinced D-Man to teach her some wrestling moves, despite -- or perhaps in spite of -- the previous conflict with Nomad.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-cost2face

(Captain America I#342) - Vagabond successfully threw D-Man, but he quickly recovered -- answering her query by reminding her that he used to do this for a living -- and then he caught her as she tried to get a scissors lock around his neck. Noting that he had seen that one coming, he then dropped on top of her and challenged her to wiggle out from under his body mass; when she began tickling him, he noted that that was not a legitimate wrestling move, although it did get him to back away. Walking out of the house and observing this, Nomad was furious, and he nailed D-Man in the head with one of his stun discs. 

    Vagabond asked Nomad what was the matter with him and tried again to explain that D-Man was only teaching her some wrestling moves, and she reminded him that Nomad had promised to do this ever since they hooked but had never gotten around to it. Nomad told her he would show her some fighting moves and went after D-Man again, ignoring D-Man's efforts to talk him down, until Vagabond told him he needed to cool off and shoved him into the pool. 

    Nomad mocked D-Man for letting a "chick" do his fighting for him, and he started to tell Priscilla that they were <presumably through>, but they were interrupted by the arrival of a Wakandan ship. Priscilla wondered if it was a UFO until the Captain then came out and met up with the Wakanda pilots, K'Bali and M'Daka, who gave him a new, Vibranium shield.

    Vagabond subsequently accompanied Cap, D-Man, Falcon (and Redwing, and Nomad aboard the Wakandan ship in response to a distress call from Diamondback of the Serpent Slyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-bracerociety (the Viper was leading an uprising and takeover of the group). Falcon noticed the silence between "the lovebirds" and wondered what was wrong. 

    When they met up with Diamondback, Vagabond silently noted, "Ick. What color's her hair? Eggplant?" Cap then instructed Vagabond to accompany the poisoned Sidewinder to the hospital while the rest stormed the Serpent Citadel. Vagabond reluctantly agreed.

    When Black Racer caught up to and broke into the ambulance en route to the hospital, she ignored Vagabond, unlatched the gurney, and pushed out with it. Leaping atop Black Racer while noting the ambulance had to be going 60 miles an hour, Vagabond tickled Black Racer, making her let go of the gurney and then causing her to take the brunt of the fall.

(Captain America I#345 (fb) - BTS) - After Sidewinder recovered, Vagabond convinced him to teleport her to rescue Nomad and D-Man (as well as Diamondback) who had been imprisoned by the Commission on Superhuman Affairs.

(Captain America I#345) - As Sidewinder teleported himself and Vagabond into the prison cell, Nomad told Vagabond that she had some apologizing to do before things were OK with them. However, when D-Man noted that Cap would not want them to escape and decided to stay, Vagabond agreed with him, and Nomad angrily accused her of siding with and having been lusting after him from the start. Nomad left the "two dimbulbs" behind as he teleported away with Sidewinder. Silently considering that she wished things had not had to end that way with Nomad, Vagabond also admitted to herself that he was right about how she had had her eye on D-Man (see comments). lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-grieve

    Just before teleporting away, Sidewinder told Vagabond that he had enjoyed her company and told her that if she ever wanted to make some real money to give him a call, and she replied, "Sure."

(Captain America I#345 (fb) - BTS) - Nomad went to a bar and proceeded to get drunk and then contact Cap.

(Captain America I#345 - BTS) - After learning of D-Man and Vagabond's fate from Nomad, the Captain figured that the Commission was holding them to get to him, and he resolved to turn himself in to negotiate their release.

(USAgent#2 (fb) - BTS) - Phil Lyons died of an alleged drug overdose. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-seated

(USAgent#2 (fb)) - Priscilla went home for Phil's funeral. Though she had her suspicions about foul play, she couldn't prove anything, and  guilt over having been adventuring with super-heroes and having left her brother to his own fate made her angry. She became obsessed with avenging Phil and making pay those who had made the life of crime so seductive. However, she realized that by herself and without powers she would most likely only get herself killed.

(USAgent I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Recalling D-Man telling her the source of his strength augmentation, Priscilla sought out Curtiss Jackson in hopes of gaining strength augmentation for herself.

(Captain America I#358/2) - Priscilla met with Curtiss Jackson at his San Fernando Valley estate. 

(Captain America I#358/2) <10:29 PM> - Priscilla nervously declined Jackson's offer of a drink, after which the lights went out as the power was cut by the Scourge of the Underworld, who had come to assassinate Jackson. After Scourge threatened him via Walkie-Talkie, Jackson used a dedicated power source and contact line to contact General Lewis Haywerth of the Commission on Superhuman Activities.

(Captain America I#358/2 - BTS) - Haywerth contacted the USAgent and sent him to rescue Jackson.

(Captain America I#359/2) <11:11 PM> - Jackson led Priscilla into his bedroom and urged her to get into his bed; when she hesitated, he explained that it was an elevator via which they could escape whoever was coming for him. The panel closing over the elevator had not quite shut a minute later as Scourge ran by; seeing it, he rushed over and fired through the panel, and Jackson urged Priscilla to hug the wall to avoid being shot. In another minute, they reached the bottom, and Jackson instructed to follow him as he rushed down the tunnel to his experimental laboratory, which was very secure. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-undersuit

(Captain America I#359/2 (fb) - BTS) - Scourge followed them down the elevator shaft.

(Captain America I#359/2 - BTS) <11:18 PM> Following the sound of muffled gunfire, USAgent dropped down the elevator shaft and was soon fired upon by Scourge.

(Captain America I#360/2) <11:21 PM> - After they entered the laboratory, Jackson sealed the vault door and turned on the lights, and Priscilla recognized the place as a facility where he strength-augmented subjects. He answered her query as to why he had never undergone strength augmentation as because of the element of risk. He then advised they wait and pray the doors were strong enough to keep out their pursuer. 

    After Scourge dropped the ceiling on USAgent, Priscilla and Jackson watched helplessly as Scourge planted and detonated an explosive on the vault door at 11:41pm.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-vscourge2

(Captain America I#361/2) - With the outer door blown, Scourge prepared some more plastic explosives for the inner door. Explaining that he was accepting a 50% chance of being horribly mutated vs. virtually 100% chance of dying otherwise, Jackson hooked himself into the strength-augmentation device. At 11:45 PM, he instructed Priscilla to turn the dials of to maximum, dismissing her concerns whether that was wise. At 11:47 PM, as Scourge blasted through the inner door, Jackson offered her anything she wanted if she could stall Scourge to give the process time to finish. 

    Stripping down to her Vagabond undersuit and stockings and considering that she didn't want to die, not without knowing <what?>, Priscilla begged Scourge not to shoot, noting that she was an innocent bystander, having only come to inquire about strength augmentation. Scourge raised his gun and then asked the meaning of her "provocative garb" and if Jackson had forced her to <presumably at least wear that if not perform something sexual>. She stopped herself from answering no and instead said yes, leading Scourge to lower his weapon and put off determining her fitness to live for a minute, when he had taken care of Jackson. 

(Captain America I#362/2 (fb) - BTS) - Priscilla fled as soon as Scourge left her.

(Captain America I#362/2 - BTS) <11:49 PM> - Scourge shot the literally musclebound and virtually Power Broker. 

(Captain America I#362/2 (fb) - BTS) - Hearing gunfire, Priscilla doubled back. 

(Captain America I#362/2) - Rather than ascertain Jackson's death, Scourge rushed back to deal with the flag-waving meddler, and he confronted Priscilla just as the USAgent reached the laboratory. Mistaking USAagent for the Captain (as he wore the same costume that Rogers had as the Captain), Scourge grabbed Priscilla and put his gun to her head, warning him to stay back or he would remove the face of "Jackson's bimbo." As USAgent told Scourge he would kill him if he slew the woman but that he may not if Scourge spared her, Priscilla announced that she was not Jackson's bimbo as she simultaneously punched his gun upward, away from her face and kicked a leg back into his crotch. At USAgent's instruction, Priscilla ducked, and USAgent dropped Scourge with his shield at 11:52 PM. As USAgent leapt atop Scourge, Priscilla recognized that he was not Captain America, but she wondered who he was.

(Captain America I#362/2 (fb) - BTS) - USAgent called an ambulance for the over-augmented Power Broker, whose dense muscles had saved him from death at Scourge's hands, and then escorted Priscilla out of the labyrinth sub-basement. 

(Captain America I#362/2 - BTS) - As USAgent flew away with Scourge, another Scourge fatally shot the fallen Scourge.

(USAgent I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Caprice of the Scourge program began observing Priscilla, considering her a potential candidate for the Scourge program.

(Captain America I#363/2) - The next morning, as Priscilla -- wearing a jacket over her undersuit -- had a brunch sandwich and malted at Doc's Diner in Los Angeles, she was confronted by Bludgeon and Mangler, a pair of strength-augmented operatives sent by Dr. Karl Malus to bring her in. After Bludgeon told her his employer wanted a word with her in his limousine outside, she managed to vault over Bludgeon's shoulder and run out the door, only to be grabbed by another of Malus' strength-augmented operatives. She futilely stomped on that agent's foot before a fourth agent joined that operative, Bludgeon, and Mangler in bringing her to Malus' limo. 

    After Malus explained his connection to Jackson in Power Broker, Inc., Priscilla explained what had happened to Jackson. Needing files and perhaps other materials locked within Jackson's safe, which could only be opened with his fingerprints, and needing an inconspicuous agent to approach Jackson who was under police surveillance, Malus gave Priscilla an epidermold, with which she could capture Jackson's fingerprints and from which he could make a glove. He then offered her the choice of helping him and either gaining free strength augmentation or just freedom vs. refusing and having his agents rip her limbs off. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-vmalus

(Captain America I#362/2 (fb) - BTS) - Priscilla agreed to Malus' demands, and he placed a bracelet on her wrist with both a built-in homing device, a microphone, and a remotely-detonated explosive.

(Captain America I#363/2) - An hour later, Priscilla entered LA County General Hospital. After she showed identification to the police, Jackson agreed to see her. Despite Jackson being a criminal, Priscilla felt that he had treated her well, and she felt bad about betraying him. She responded to his question of why she had come to see him by telling him she thought he could use a friend.

(Captain America I#364/2) - Jackson could not feel as Priscilla squeezed his fingers into the epidermold. She asked if if there was no way to reverse the power-augmentation process, and he said there was not, at least without his top "brain-boy," who had not gotten in touch with him. After Jackson told her to leave, as he didn't need anyone's pity, she gave him her address; she considered writing a note to tip Jackson off to Malus' plans, but she feared that a vocal response from him would be heard by Malus. 

    Considering that Malus might kill her after getting what he wanted, Priscilla told him she had obtained the prints but threatened to destroy them unless he met with her alone in the hospital's lobby. 

(Captain America I#364/2 - BTS) - Although Bludgeon advised that they just blow her up, Malus told him that he needed what was in Jackson's vault and -- holding up a syringe containing a sedative -- noted that he could handle one "uppity female."

(Captain America I#364/2) - Priscilla met with Malus, telling him to throw her the key, but he told her it would detonate if anyone but him unlocked it. After she told him the epidermold was hidden, he unlocked and removed the bracelet, after which he followed her into the ladies room to get the epidermold. As she handed it to him, he grabbed her wrist and announced his intention to put her to sleep, but she swiftly switched hands, used the epidermold to block the needle, and then used a strike to the neck to knock him out. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-guntrain

    Injecting him with whatever was in the syringe -- and hoping it was a sedative -- Priscilla put the bracelet on his wrist, drug him into a stall, and then flushed the key, after which she rushed out and told the nurse at the desk that there was a man passed out next to a needle in the ladies room. As she sneaked past Malus' limo, Bludgeon and Mangler decided that the commotion they had heard warranted their going in after Malus. Priscilla then called <presumably Avengers Compound>, spoke with USAgent, told him what happened, and noted that Malus and his associates were at the LA County Hospital. Additionally, she crushed the epidermold, destroying its copies of Jackson's fingerprints.

(USAgent I#2 (fb)) - Wishing to get out of town, Priscilla went to the LA bus station, where she was contacted by Caprice, who claimed to be a talent scout of sorts and told her that she had the right stuff to get into this special superhero training program. After some convincing, Priscilla agreed to accompany Caprice, and she eventually learned that this was the Scourge program. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-surveil

    After hearing the terms of the program, Priscilla, desperate to get some valuable training so she could avenge Phil's death, agreed to them, and she was taken to a warehouse where she met a trainer (presumably Bloodstain), whose name she never learned. She considered him to be the best fighter she had ever seen besides Captain America.

    For 12 hours a day for six months, Priscilla was privately tutored in various martial arts; she learned to shoot all types of firearms; she was taught surveillance and eavesdropping techniques; she learned how to escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, jail cells, and safes; and she was schooled in the art of disguise. For her first outdoor exercise, she successfully followed another Scourge (Decker?) for 24 hours without being detected. During that time, she witnessed Scourge murder "some poor slob <she> never heard of."

(USAgent I#1 (fb) - BTS) - As her first assignment as Scourge, Priscilla was remotely assigned and informed by Domino to locate and take down Manuel Eloganto, the former Daredevil foe known as the Matador.

(USAgent I#2) - As Scourge, Priscilla confronted Manuel Eloganto in Los Angeles and prepared to kill him, but after hearing how Eloganto had been clean for years and was the only one to take care of his sister's children while she worked and with the children present, she refused to kill him and instead fled. Racing downstairs, she collided with a woman who may have been Manuel's sister and then returned to her van and took off. When Domino contacted her for a status update, she shot the radio. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-scourgefull

(USAgent I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Another Scourge ("Decker") shot out the tires of Priscilla's van, and she fled into a bar in Melrose. 

(USAgent I#1 - BTS) - Priscilla subsequently called Avengers Compound for help, anonymously noting that she was being pursued by someone, possibly Scourge. USAgent picked up the call and agreed to meet her a bar in Melrose, giving her a code to confirm it was him.

(USAgent I#1) - Priscilla recognized the costumed USAgent and accepted his password; he failed to recognize her as the woman he had met before. She argued against his advice in departing, noting that Scourge would not attack her in a public place and jeopardize innocents. Appreciating she knew a lot about the organization, USAgent questioned her, and she claimed to be Lisa Winters, the twin sister of the super-villain Mysteria, and that Scourge had mistaken her for Mysteria. Suspecting there was more to the story and knowing how the Scourges worked, USAgent had Priscilla stay inside while he used an inflatable doll -- which Hawkeye had given him as prank -- to feign flying away with her in his skycycle.

(USAgent I#1 - BTS) - As USAgent took off, Scourge ("Decker") shot the USAgent's "passenger" in the back, and USAgent identified and pursued this Scourge, who ultimately escaped him. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-scourgeface

    USAgent subsequently led Priscilla out of the bar and up the ladder of a waiting Avengers quinjet, piloted by Wonderman. After she argued that if USAgent hadn't seen a body that the Scourge would be after her, otherwise they would send others after her, USAgent realized the only way she could know all this was if she was a Scourge herself. Confronted with this information, Priscilla admitted it, but she assured him that she had never killed anyone and that chickening out on her first assignment was why she was being targeted now.

(USAgent I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Priscilla led USAgent to the site in which she had been trained as Scourge. He told her to wait in the car as he investigated.

(USAgent I#2) - As USAgent found the place empty, Priscilla entered with a pistol, figuring he might need back-up, leading him to chide her, noting he needed her alive for the Scourge investigation. He then instructed her to help him scour the place for clues or evidence. 

    Fifteen unproductive minutes later, they departed, and she waited in the car as USAgent caught a beat up a criminal stealing one of his hubcaps. At USAgent's insistence to hear her story from the start, she detailed her history, and he appreciated their shared history.

(USAgent I#1 - BTS) - Domino informed Scourge ("Decker") that "the rookie" (Priscilla) and USAgent had been detected at Training Site seven.

(USAgent I#2) - Learning that Priscilla had been operating out of a van as Scourge, USAgent had her take him to it. After finding it essentially untouched, he had her contact Domino via the vehicle's automatic dial and tell him that she wanted to come in and be given another chance. He instructed her to stay there and he would send a man to pick her up.

(USAgent I#2 (fb) - BTS) - USAgent and Priscilla propped a dummy of her in her van's front seat, making it appear she had fallen asleep there.

(USAgent I#2) - Scourge ("Decker") arrived 30 minutes later, and, after seemingly finding her asleep in the front seat, he fired multiple shots into the target. USAgent then attacked this Scourge, and after Scourge attempted to hit him with his van and USAgent assaulted him in the van, Priscilla -- having followed them in her car -- shot out the van's tires, causing it to wreck. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-knee

    Figuring another Scourge could be coming after them soon, USAgent dumped Scourge ("Decker") in the car and had her drive him to the house of his recent associate Reverend Niles Nordstrom. Telling Nordstrom that this man was a serial killer, USAgent had him locked in the cellar, and he instructed Priscilla to stay there and guard him. He told her that he was going to try to impersonate Scourge and try to get closer to Domino.

(USAgent I#2 - BTS) - Sent to pick up "Scourge," Caprice recognized that USAgent was not him despite his disguise and she shot him with a tranquilizer.

(USAgent I#3) - Reverend Nordstrom brought Priscilla some food, and she confirmed the prisoner to be a serial killer and shared that he had tried to kill her. When Nordstrom asked if they were going to keep him imprisoned without food or water, Priscilla informed him that they were not opening the door under any circumstances. 

(USAgent I#3 - BTS) - Via memory regression techniques for four hours, Caprice and Bloodstain gained information that allowed Domino to learn USAgent's true identity. They made him at least partially believe that Bloodstain was his brother, Mike Walker, long believed dead, and that "Operation Scourge" was a CIA-backed organization. Bloodstain further told USAgent that they were not seeking to kill Priscilla, but rather just to fake her death, just like the US government had done with him. 

(USAgent I#3) - With USAgent absent for 12 hours, Priscilla wondered why he had not reported in, but Rev. Nordstrom worried about their prisoner and his lack of food. When Scourge claimed to be starving and asked for something to eat, Priscilla told him to shut up. After Scourge tried to convince Nordstrom that they could get in trouble for holding him illegally, Priscilla asked him to tell them about all of the people he had killed, and when he refused, she advised him that she would be a lot more inclined to get him a glass of water or a crust of bread if he cooperated. lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-shoot

(USAgent I#4) - Having only left her post twice to use the facilities and not having heard anything from the prisoner in some time, Priscilla greeted the returning USAgent, who then instructed her to lock the door behind him while he interrogated the prisoner. After USAgent had gotten all of the information he could, he had Priscilla unlock the door and prepare to move the "Decker."

(USAgent I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Having followed USAgent to Nordstrom's house, Bloodstain disabled the ignition in USAgent's car.

(USAgent I#4) - As Priscilla found the vehicle refused to start, Bloodstain, as Scourge, confronted them at gunpoint and demanded their prisoner. As USAgent battled Bloodstain, Priscilla tried to escape with "Decker," but was then confronted at gunpoint by Caprice, also in Scourge uniform. When USAgent asked why they were threatening an innocent, Caprice became distracted with the argument, and Priscilla nailed her with a dropkick to the face and followed up with a knee to the gut.

    Meanwhile, having stunned USAgent, Bloodstain then apparently fatally shot Decker and attempted to take out Priscilla, but she spun to dodge the bullet, which hit Caprice in the shoulder. Rolling Caprice on top of her to use as a shield, Priscilla grabbed the gun from Caprice's ankle holster and fired back, nailing him in the abdomen. 

    Bloodstain then fled, and Priscilla explained what had happened to the recovering agent and unmasked the Scourge by her as Caprice, who begged Priscilla not to leave her. USAgent instructed her to go inside, call an ambulance, and get a blanket or a sheet to cover "Decker" and Caprice so they could bring them inside. 

    Inside Nordstrom's house, Priscilla watched outside through the window as USAgent tried to arrange a meeting with Bloodstain and then pressured Caprice for information on how to find Domino. When the ambulance arrived, USAgent told Priscilla to go with Caprice.

(USAgent I#4 - BTS) - USAgent tracked down Domino and then forced him to lead him to the head of the Scourge program, the aged Thomas Halloway, formerly the early to mid-20th century's heroic Angel. 

    In the ensuing battle, both Domino and Bloodstain apparently perished, while USAgent took a shot to the shoulder.

(USAgent I#4) - A few hours later, Priscilla and Rev. Nordstrom visited the injured USAagent, noting that Caprice was expected to recover and she commented that the man behind the whole Scourge had program turned out to be a fallen angel, a term she noted applied to her and the USAgent to some degree.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report Appendix) - During his tenure as Director of SHIELD, Tony Stark considered Vagabond a potential recruit for the 50-State-Initiative.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary, and John Beatty.lyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-cost2-masterlyons-priscilla-vagabond-scourge-cost2-master-pencils

    There was apparently a Vagabond entry planned for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition, but the series must have been cancelled before it could be done. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe team's Roger Ott located pencils (left) for that profile and provided them to me, along with a version of the frontal/main image that he colored and inked (right).

    As D-Man was later revealed to be homosexual, it puts a different spin on Nomad's animosity towards him for his perception of Dunphy "trying to put the moves" on his girl.

    In Captain America I#364/2, Vagabond noted that she was using everything she had learned from Nomad nd D-Man in her strike against Malus. As Nomad had never taught her any moves, presumably she meant what she had learned from watching him in combat. 

    It was a common back-story for Scourge of the Underworld's to claim to have been the sibling of a super-villain or -hero, so Priscilla had presumably been given such a story to use in the event of her capture...with the information likely originating from Domino.

    Priscilla was revealed to have been from Gary, Indiana in the first USAgent series. Her parents' names were first revealed, as far as I can tell, in the Priscilla Lyons profile in the Captain America: America's Avenger handbook. On the latter subject, Priscilla had specifically told Nomad to tell her brother, Phil, that "Dad forgives you." However, at Phil's funeral, Priscilla is seen comforting only her mother...unless her father was the priest seen standing by the grave. It makes me wonder if her father is still alive. See Phil Lyon's profile for that image.

    Her eyes were clearly blue in her first appearance, but they were often shown as green; perhaps she sometimes wore colorized lenses, or perhaps it was the lighting, or simply an art error

    An ally of big name characters like Captain America, Falcon, Nomad, and USAgent, as well as Sidewinder, leader of the Serpent Society and Curtiss Jackson/Power Broker, and an enemy of Karl Malus and the Scourge program, with proficiency in armed and unarmed combat, disguise, surveilance, and more? How has she gone nearly 30 years (or, it will be 30 in 2023) without an appearance (beyond the OHotMU referencing her in Civil War Battle Damage Report, and her OHotMU profile)? Such potential?

    At the time of Captain America I#325, her phone number was (305) 555-6907...while the story took place before the age of cell phones, the sliding timescale makes it pretty much a certainty that she had a cell phone. However, as 305 is a Miami area code, either she had an existing Miami phone number from before she went wherever she was before heading back for Phil; or she got a new phone with a Miami number; or she was just using the phone from her hotel or apartment, which is most likely.

    Thanks to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe team's Chris Buchner for providing the credits for Captain America: America's Avenger; and to Loki for providing individual scans from that profile and from the one in Update '89 while I was away from home; and to Roger Ott for sending the unused pencil image planned for the Master Edition and inking and coloring the frontal image.

Profile by Snood.

Priscilla Lyons
should be distinguished from:

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