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Real Name: Daniel "Dan" Lyons

Identity/Class: Human (World War II, post-WW II, pre-modern to modern era)

Occupation: Retired; formerly adventurer

Group Membership: Mentor of the Slingers (Dusk/Cassie St. Commons, Hornet/Eddie McDonough, Prodigy/Richard Gilmore, Ricochet/Johnny Gallo)

Affiliations: Black Feet Indians tribe (Man-To, Running Elk), Black Widow (Claire Voyant), Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Captain Terror (Dan Kane), Pat Casey, Mr. Chisholm, Destroyer (Roger Aubrey), Dr. Eisenburg, Invaders (Bucky/James Barnes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Toro/Thomas Raymond), Jerry Madden, Mighty Avengers (Iron Man/Tony Stark, Ms.Marvel/Carol Danvers, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Kate Nash, New Avengers (Luke Cage, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/James Howlett), Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs), Vision (Aarkus)
formerly Mephisto

Enemies: Asbestos Lady (Victoria Murdock), gangsters (Al, Frani/Vannie, Moe, Steve, unrevealed others), Grinner (Dr. Weemes), "Longnails" Legarva, Maggia, Nazis (von Boden, Fritz Schultz), Order of the Hood (the Hood, and others), Mr. Ridley, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Super-Axis (Master Man/Wilhelm Lohmer, Warrior Woman/Julia Koenig, U-Man/Meranno), "Vool-Kan" (Buka), Zeitgeist
formerly Vormund (Markus Ettlinger)

Known Relatives: James Lyons (deceased), Malcolm Lyons (grandfather), unrevealed grandmother

Aliases: Marvel

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
formerly Atlas Films, the Timely Motion Picture Studio, New Jersey
formerly the Black Feet Idian tribe, California

First Appearance: Mystic Comics I#5 (March, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: As a young man he was trained for years by his father to pass the ritual tests of the Black Feet Indians. In his prime, the Black Marvel possessed above average strength, speed and stamina, as well as uncanny archery skills. He regained most if not all of these abilities when he struck a deal with Mephisto, who granted him the potential of a much younger man.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray, formerly brown


(Mystic Comics I#5/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dan's father was once saved by the Black Feet Indians under unrevealed circumstances. As a result, his father befriended the tribe's chieftain Man-To.

(Mystic Comics I#6/4 (text-story) - BTS) - Apparently considered one of their own, Dan's father secretly started preparing his son for many years to face and overcome the arduous rituals the Black Feet force on whoever wishes to lead them.

(Mystic Comics I#5/1 (fb)) - Looking for a way to repay the tribe for saving his father, Dan saw an opportunity when he heard the current chieftain was at death's door. When all the tribesmen had failed to complete the tests, Dan asked and was granted permission by the chief to try as well. He swam faster than the salmon, ran faster than the deer, caught arrows in mid-air, and killed a grizzly bear with his two hands, proving himself the sole winner. As successor to the Black Feet Indian tribe's chief he received the black mantle of the new marvel, the traditional garb of the indians.

(Mystic Comics I#5/1 - BTS) - Because of unrevealed reasons, Dan eventually left the tribe and returned to Los Angeles to battle evil and injustice wherever he encountered it as the Black Marvel.

(Mystic Comics I#5/1) - The Black Marvel swung into action when several gangsters broke into an electricity plant to destroy the generators in an attempt to create a citywide blackout. This was meant as a diversion, allowing other mafioso to rob an armory. The gangsters had already killed several workers before Black Marvel learned of their true purprose. He raced to prevent the robbery, which he managed to do in the nick of time by keeping the robbers occupied long enough for the authorities to arrive.

(All-Winners Comics I#1/2) - Dan went for a stroll with friends Pat Casey and Kate Nash. Along the way, the friends discussed the worrying rise of the dreaded Order of the Hood. The criminal brotherhood had robbed three banks within a month's time. This prompted Pat to wonder why the Black Marvel wasn't on their case yet. This indirectly motivated Dan, who immediately decided to spring into action, after changing into his Black Marvel gear in a nearby alley. He then made his way to the Star Reserve Bank, which he knew was expecting a shipment of gold that day, making the bank a tempting target. His hunch was proven right: he spotted Order members headed for the bank. Dan swiftly dealt with them, leaving the unconscious criminals for the authorities. However, this made him an enemy of the Order of the Hood, who decided the Black Marvel had to be dealt with. The Order managed to capture the Black Marvel by carefully laying a trap for him, taking the hero to their secret hideout. When Marvel woke up, he was met by the Hood himself who explained how they would kill Marvel by burning him to death with a ray machine. He even planned to broadcast the murder on television, so the Americans could see their might. As soon as he was put in the ray machine, the Black Marvel was clever enough to use the generated heat to burn his bonds. With his hands free, he was able to break out of the machine and take the fight to the Order. Marvel followed the Hood as he fled the premises, heading for a mountain top. The Black Marvel gave chase and soon their conflict caused a landslide which caught them both by surprise. The Black Marvel managed to rescue himself, but the Hood apparently wasn't as lucky and was presumed deceased.

(Mystic Comics I#6/3) - The Black Marvel appeared on the campus of Bronston University to protect Doctor Eisenburg, a German who escaped from the Nazi regime. That very day, three German students who supported the Nazi cause assaulted the professor. The Black Marvel showed up and dealt with the students by throwing them in the campus pool. But that very night, the professor was stabbed to death in his sleep. The authorities tried to round up his assailants, but one of the students, Volk, was nowhere to be found which made him the prime suspect. During the hunt for Volk, the Black Marvel rescued a middle aged man that was knocked out by accident. After bringing the man to the hospital, they learned the man was suffering from amnesia. The Black Marvel had his suspicions about the amnesiac and tried to test the man by shouting "achtung" (German for "attention"). The man immediate rose to attention, clicking his heels like a soldier. However, at the sound of the word "Eisenburg", the amnesiac collapsed. This led the Black Marvel to deduce the man was Von Boden, a Gestapo agent responsible for killing Eisenburg. During that night, another mystery man appeared and tried to kill the amnesiac Von Boden. The Black Marvel defeated the man and he, by accident, fell out of the building to his death. The assaillant was identified as Gestapo saboteur Fritz Schultz. Later still, Volk was captured. He denied killing the doctor, which led the Black Marvel to believe the amnesiac was the one true killer. The Black Marvel then set a trap for the amnesiac Von Boden, which ultimately resulted in him being revealed as the true killer. In the battle that followed, the Black Marvel defeated the gestapo agent.

(Mystic Comics I#7/9) - The Black Marvel became aware of the curious case of one Doctor Weemes, who while searching for a cure for pneumonia had created a serum that turned him into the monstrous Grinner. As the proverbial Hyde to Weemes' Doctor Jekyll, the transformed brute had gathered several bloodthirsty underworld types who he led on a crime spree. After one of their heists, the Black Marvel managed to track them down and attacked. As the Grinner escaped in his car, Marvel used his exceptional speed to pursue him all the way to Dr. Weemes' house. But when the Black Marvel knocked on the door and was met by an unassuming Weemes, the hero figured he'd made an error and left. However, when he ran into the Grinner again, he chased the villain to the Weemes' mansion once more. This prompted the Black Marvel to enter the house through a cellar window. He discovered the Grinner's lab and was soon confronted by him. Grinner hit Marvel on the head, but the outraged, unstable villain lost control, slipped and hit his head on the hard walls of the stone cellar. The blow killed him on impact.

(Mystic Comics I#8/1) - The Black Marvel made his way to South Africa after several miners unearthed a special diamond that caused everyone who touched it to die. A group of criminals hoped to get their hands on the gem and paid the local witch doctor Buka to scare all locals away. Buka preyed on the local superstition that the Earth-god Vool-Kan had put a curse on the diamond. With the grounds now deserted, the criminals made their way to collect the diamond but were stopped by the Black Marvel. After defeating the criminals, the Black Marvel was hit with a poisoned dart courtesy of a nearby group of cannibals. The savages captured the Black Marvel and brought him to Buka who planned to make a feast of the hero. But when the Black Marvel awoke, he fought off the cannibals and even dealt with three ferocious lions, killing them with a single spear. After returning to the mining company, he saw how the current mine-owner Mr. Chrisholm was about to sell his diamond mine to Mr. Ridley who had been behind the entire Vool-Kan plot. He was stopped just by the Black Marvel who knocked the villain unconscious. Wanting to expose the scheme, Marvel unmasked the Earth-god Vool-Kan as Buka. Furthermore, he revealed that the lethal diamond was actually a rock covered in a poisonous substance. Thankful that the masked hero had rescued his company, Chisholm wanted to reward the Black Marvel but he declined, declaring that seeing justice served was all he needed.

(Mystic Comics I#9/6) - Looking for a way to take down crime boss "Longnails" Legarva, the Black Marvel shadowed him for some time. During this, he saw that Jerry Madden was released from prison. Madden obtained a job as a bank attendant and was later threatened by Legarva who hoped to use Madden to gain entrance to the bank's vault. Just when Longnail's men tried to capture Madden in an attempt to "persuade" him, he was rescued by the Black Marvel who came crashing in and defeated the crime boss' cronies. Legarva however had no plans of letting Madden go and this time managed to capture him. Longnails took Madden's work clothes and, dressed as a bank teller, went into the vault unnoticed to steal a large amount of money, even killed one of the bank assistants who caught wise. When the local authorities came to arrest Madden, the Black Marvel tried to convince the police Longnails was responsible, but to no avail. The hero then refocused his efforts to track down the crime boss. After a heated battle on a motorboat, the Black Marvel was victorious. Jerry Madden was released as soon as the Black Marvel turned Longnails in.

(Marvels#1 (fb)) - In late 1942, Black Marvel was active in World War II. He accompanied a large number of super heroes (Black Widow, Blazing Skull, Destroyer, Thunderer, the Vision and the Invaders) in an attack behind the lines on the European theatre. They pulled off a surprise air raid on a Nazi stronghold, dropping in from the air.

(Avengers/Invaders#10, 12) - In 1943, the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) came into possession of the Cosmic Cube, which led to the creation of divergent reality-93198. In this timeline, Black Marvel was one of the many superheroes who were killed and impaled on a massive wall. The same Cube was later recovered by soldier Paul Anselm who used it to resurrect the heroes. The heroes, including Black Marvel, combined their efforts with the Invaders and time-displaced Avengers to battle the forces of the Red Skull. When the Skull was defeated, the Cube was used to wipe the heroes' memories of the entire event.

(The Twelve: Spearhead) - In 1945, the Black Marvel returned to Europe to assist the United States military in the final months of war against the Nazis.

(The Twelve#1) - On April 25, 1945 just about every superhero fighting on the side of the Allies came to Berlin in preparation for a major and final invasion.

(Marvel Knights - Spider-Man#9 (fb)) - Black Marvel returned to the United States after the war ended in 1945. Back home, he captured the Asbestos Lady and tied her to a chair for the local police officers to find.

(Slingers#3 (fb) - BTS) - In the late 1940s, Black Marvel suffered a tragedy while trying to save lives during a fire at New York's Grand Royale Hotel. Even though he managed to rescue a lot of people, he couldn't prevent the demise of a considerable number. Thoroughly demoralized, the Marvel apparently retired soon after.

(Slingers#3 (fb)) - Shortly after the events of the Grand Royale burning down, a movie was made about the event called The Black Marvel Strikes!, which depicted him as an infallible hero and downplayed the lives that were lost.

(Captain America I#442) - Now an old man, Dan was reunited with Captain America at a reunion party for wartime superheroes thrown in Cap's honor. In reality, the celebration was actually a trap set by the hero killer Zeitgeist. Thinking German superhero Vormund to be Captain America's killer, Dan was among the old timers who attacked him. They later assisted him in defeating Zeitgeist.

(Slingers#2 - BTS) - Over the years, Lyons obsessed over the film and his failure, becoming determined to recreate the conditions of the fire, all in a determined attempt to redeem himself. He felt the need for a second chance at success, hoping for the gratitude and adoration he longed for.

(Slingers#11 (fb)) - Mephisto appeared before the aged Dan Lyons, offering to restore his lost youth, health and vigor, even allowing him to become the Black Marvel again. In addition, Mephisto offered Lyons to create his own team of superheroes, using costumes briefly utilized and abandoned by Spider-Man. He gave these costumes to four teenagers he had selected Cassie St. Commons (Dusk), Eddie McDonough (Hornet), Ritchie Gilmore (Prodigy) and Johnny Gallo (Ricochet) who, together, formed the Slingers.

(Slingers#1) - Dan was quietly drawing some sketches of his students when he watched the evening news which headlined with the death of Dusk during the Slingers' training. Moments later, Prodigy entered his quarters to inform him the "Slingers" had just rescued a man from the train tracks.

(Slingers#2) - Dan once again watched the old movie The Black Marvel Strikes!.

(Slingers#3) - Lyons was entranced by The Black Marvel Strikes!, watching it at Atlas Film Studio. Though he'd watched the film about a thousand times before, he still wondered how it would end. When two children broke into the old and seemingly abandoned studio, Dan heard the noise they made and dressed up as the Black Marvel. He hid in the shadows until the children, scared by the rickety old place, ran away. Sometime later, Prodigy returned to the Atlas Film studio, telling Dan of Ricochet and Hornet's apparent deaths in the tunnels under the Grand Royale. Lauded by the Black Marvel for his apparent lack of emotion toward his inadequate teammates demise, Prodigy leapt away to prepare for the tasks ahead of him as he knew the Grand Royale would re-open it's doors again.

(Slingers#4 (fb) - BTS) - Ready to make sure history would repeat itself, the Black Marvel had filled the Grand Royale's building with explosives.

(Slingers#4) - Dan entered the newly restored Grand Royale on opening night in his civil identity, making sure he was present when the explosions went off and the building was on fire. Dan sought a secluded area to change into his costume. Dressed as the Black Marvel, he sprang to action, announcing himself to the panicked crowd and convinced to save everybody. However, Ricochet and Hornet had begun to suspect something was wrong with their mentor and had also made way for the hotel. Lost in his fantasies of renewed praise and gratitude, Lyons eventually got confused by all the panic, allowing Ricochet to take him out. Although the Marvel had failed to reclaim his heroism, the Slingers faired better, eventually saving everyone in the building.

(Slingers#10) - Lyons was taken to a hospital. There he was confronted by Mephisto, who posed as a doctor. The lord of darkness told Dan his end was very near. Lyons then died, allowing Mephisto to take his soul, imprisoning it within a crystal in Hell. He then sent demons in the forms of various superheroes to lure the Slingers into Hell.

(Slingers#11) - Explaining Lyons' fate to the Slingers, Mephisto offered to release their mentor if they would all forgive him for manipulating them. The Slingers were still harboring hostile feelings towards Lyons, which allowed Mephisto to split them up, all the while taunting them with various personal demons. They eventually managed to recollect themselves, which forced Mephisto to send a horde of demons against them.

(Slingers#12) - After they fought off the demon horde, Mephisto offered the Slingers the choice of either departing or staying to save Lyons. Ultimately, the Slingers stayed and gave up the equipment and costumes supplied by Lyons through the Hell-lord. After even refusing to accept Mephisto's answers to their various mysteries, they managed to free Dan's spirit before returning to Earth.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and Al Gabriele (artist).

Dan's full name, Daniel was revealed in his origin issue in Mystic Comics I#5, Mystic Comics I#6/4 was a text story that retold Dan's origin, Mystic Comics I#5 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes I#15 (1968).

Mystic Comics I#5/5 was a text story that told the tale of Dan's grandparents who travelled to California in the year of 1849 when Zachary Taylor had discovered gold in the mountains of California. Dan's grandfather Malcolm was a printer who decided to move his family to this land of riches, he was joined by his wife and son James who was one year old. However during their voyage the convoy was attacked by a tribe of Comanche Indians. When all seemed lost the group of travelers were rescued by an Indian riding a black horse, his face painted with a black dye. When the Comanche Indians were driven off the man revealed he was part of Black Feet Indians and left the travelers. Malcolm Lyons proclaimed they'd been saved by a Black Marvel.

In Captain America I#442, Dan recalls how he met Captain America in 1942. This might line up with his recorded assault on a Nazi stronghold in Marvels#1.

In the Real World a White-Tailed Deer can run 35 mph, Usain Bolt has run 27.44 mph in the 100 meter sprint and in the Marvel Universe Super-Soldier Serum enhanced Captain America can run 30 mph and Heart-Shaped Herb enhanced Black Panther can run 35 mph (source for both is Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe I#2(2/83)). A Grizzly Bear can lift 500kg (1102.31 lbs.). The Blackfoot Indian tests for Black Marvel seemed designed to find a superhuman.

Dan received profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe HC#1 2008.

Thanks to Loki/Stuart for the Handbook image.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Black Marvel has no known connections to

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