Pre-Modern era
(1960 to just prior to Fantastic Four I#1 (Marvel Time))

Off Earth existence only

Aaron the Sorcerer (xd pre-FF sorcerer) - by Spidermay

Able Chairs (Adam Able)

Abominable Snowman (Marvel monster character)

About Face (Daredevil story, virus)

Adam Able (pre-FF alien) - by Future

Adams, Bud (vampire, Ravencroft character) - by Chadman

Aerivar the 18th (Inhuman, Sky-Island king) - by Chadman

Agamotto (Vishanti, Doctor Strange character)

Aged Genghis (Dr. Strange character)

Agent Axis (WW2, Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

Agent Colby (First Line character) - by Norvo

Agent Groza (First Line character)

Ainsley-Jones, Katherine (vampire, Mortigan Goth foe)

Albert ?? (encountered Chondu the Mystic)

Alchem-Tech (virus, used by Nocturne)

Alice (Strange Tales)

"Monster" Ambassador (alien Supreme Council of Civilized Planets ambassador) - by Loki

alien champion (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

alligator (1960s, fought Monstrom)

Alma ?? (Flatiron's wife)

Amanda ?? (encountered Cyclops (monster), pre-FF)

Amber ?? (Dracula character)

Anders, Mrs. (wife of Alfred, Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Anders, Alfred (WWII soldier serving alongside Captain America)

Anderson, Wilhelmina (Jane Foster & Runa character)

Anne ?? (encountered Roc)

Antiquary (exiled Thieves Guild member, Gambit character)

Anubis of Earth-Shadowline (Doctor Zero foe)

Anuxa (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

"ape creatures" ("Twilight World" race)

Ape Man (Gruner, pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Aqhat (Annunaki god, Citizven V foe)

Aquaticons (Dr. Druid/Droom foe)

Architect (Elektra foe) - by Future

Arsenal (Avengers/Hulk foe(s) ) - by Stunner, Madison Carter & Prime Eternal (after retcon)

Ashton, George (Pandora character)

Asp (Living Mummy, Ms. Marvel character)

asteroid (new home of Victor Farrington)

atomic machine (mutated Bruttu)

atomic transmitter (caused Mekano to run amok)

August, Darla ("snow vampire")

Aunt May (Linda Brown's aunt)

Auto-Disintegrator (Zetora's gun)

Automatic Car Wash (1960s, run by con artist Rocky Baines)

Axis (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Azazel (Serayn-created artificial intelligence, Undying/Cable character)

"Bachman, Steve" (encountered Monster in the Cellar)

Baines, Rocky (1960s con artist, encountered Martian prisoner) - by Ron Fredricks

Baker, Sally (pre-modern, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Bard, Eli (Eliphas, vampiric Selene servant) - by Proto-Man

Barge, Hugo (Pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Barlow, Abel (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Barlow, Sam (created Melting Pot)

Baron Blood (John Falsworth, Invaders foe) - by Prime Eternal

Barstow, Clem (Ghost Rider (Blaze) foe) - by Don Campbell

Battle Wagon ("Road Warriors", First Line story)

Baxter, Joe (Ozamm)

Baxter, Mr. (Gigantus foe)

Bayan (Reed Richards story)

Beast Man (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Beelzeboul (Terror foe)

"Beings from Beyond" (ghosts)

Belasco (Otherplace, X-Men/New Mutants/Ka-Zar foe)

Bellis, Clodette (wife of Ernest)

Bellis, Ernest (cousin of Henry)

Bellis, Henry (grandson of Martin, Darla August victim)

Bellis, Martin (father of Martin, Darla August victim)

Bellis, Mary (daughter of Martin)

Bellis house (Bellis family, haunted by "snow vampire" Darla August)

Bellweather, Theresa (About Face)

Ben ?? (thug, beaten by "Fourth Man")

Bentley (Simon Drudd's partner)

Bentley, Edward (Scorpion foe)

Bentley, John (Tales to Astonish time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Bey, Jameel (First Line foe)

Biggotty, Horace Milton IV (Lilith--Daughter of Dracula character)

Biggotty, Horace Milton V (Lilith--Daughter of Dracula character)

Billy ?? (Inhumans character) - by Chadman

Billy ?? (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

Binder, Sam (encountered Monstro)

Black Axe (Marvel UK) - by Changeling

Black Bee (Spider-Man character) - by Ronald Byrd

Black Clock (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Black Fox (First Line member) - by Norvo

Blackjack (First Line member) - by Norvo

Black Marvel (Golden Age hero, Slingers character) - by Norvo

Blake (pre-FF character)

Blasco, Lawrence (1970s vampire)

Blaze, Barton (Johnny Blaze's father) - by Proto-Man

Blip (Blip race)

Blips (Marvel monster race)

Bloodstone Manor (Ulysses Bloodstone)

Bobby ?? (1960s, poor child, owned robot teddy bear)

Bombu (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Bootblack (1960s angel, punished Simon Sledge)

Boris (Doctor Doom's aide, Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

Bova (New Men, Avengers character)

Brad the Micronaut (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Bridges, Mrs. (Cassidy Keep employee) - by Proto-Man

Briggs, Tony (preteen boy, assisted in creation of Mechano)

Brother Steven (Children of the Night)

Brother Tode (Deviant, Eternals foe) - by Norvo

Brown, Linda (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Bruce ?? (Tales to Astonish, encountered Floating Head)

Bruiser (Mole Men foe)

Bruno ?? (William Cartwright's bodyguard)

Bucky (zombie Invaders)

Burgos, Carl (real life Timely/Marvel Comics artist, Human Torch ("Jim Hammond") ally) - by Proto-Man

Burke, Anne (Henry Burke's wife, Sserpo enemy)

Burke, Henry (Sserpo enemy)

Burke, Tom (werewolf, 1973)

Burton (encountered Zog)

Byelai, Odette (vampire, Dracula character)

Café Papillon (1960s cafe)

Calhoun, Joseph "Licorice" (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Callahan, "Big" Mike (Spider-Man character, Squid's father)

Cambers, Alynn (Thing character) - by Norvo

Candra (Externals, X-Men/Gambit character)

Captain (Stone Men)

Captain America of Earth-8160 (Jeff Mace, Gates of What If?)

Captain America of Earth-8160 (Jack Monroe, Gates of What If?)

Captain America (drill instructor, Punisher character) - by Proto-Man

Captain America (zombie Invaders)

Captain Fate (Man-Thing foe)

Captain Hip (First Line character) - by Norvo

Captain Tim (Tim Mulrooney, Captain Wonder sidekick) - by Norvo

car/spaceship (Martian prison transport, taken by Rocky Baines)

Carmody, Mary (First Line character) - by Norvo

Carmody Institute (First Line HQ)

Carol ?? (1960s, owned Teddy)

Carstairs, Albert (Journey into Mystery)

Carter, Jim of Earth-5391 (great-grandfather of Speed Carter) - by ZuckyD1

Carter, John (Torr foe)

Carter, Tad (pre-modern era, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Cartwright, John (Titan foe)

Cartwright, Victor (Dragoom foe)

Cartwright, Victor (Lizard Men foe)

Cartwright, William (alien Four-Armed Men foe)

Casey ?? (encountered Shadow Man)

Cassandra 4 of Earth-21766 (NASA rocket, designed/stolen by Reed Richards) - by Proto-Man

Cassidy Keep (ancestral Cassidy family castle) - by Proto-Man

Cathy ?? (discovered "Twilight World")

Ceausescu, Ionel (First Line foe)

Centaurans (xt, pre-modern era)

Centurious (Ghost Rider foe) - by Barry Reese

Centurius (Conspiracy, Nick Fury/Bloodstone/Avengers character)

Chaos Mites (Skreet's race, Diableri creations) - by Donald Campbell

Charlie ?? (Gigantus foe)

Charlie ?? (encountered Chondu the Mystic)

Charnel (Undead MC)

"Chief" (pre-modern, Mallon's boss)

Children of the Night (Werewolf by Night foes) - by Markus Raymond

Chimera (Zuhn)

Chinook (Alpha Flight foe) - by Grendel Prime

Chip ?? (encountered "Speed Demon")

Chomen, Debra (vampire, Vampire Tales)

Chomen, George (vampire, Vampire Tales)

Chondu the Mystic (Headmen) - by Chadman

Christianson, Roberta (vampire, Dracula foe)

Chthon (the Other, Elder God, author of the Darkhold) - by Patrick D Ryall

Churchill Prep (Jason Thornehill school; Vampire Tales story)

Clarke, Walter (Cult of the Third Moon)

Claw of Bast (Reed Richards story)

Cleito (Man-Thing character)

Cliff ?? of Earth-21766 (NASA security guard circa 1961)

Collins, Dirk (Maaboo)

Colonel America (Project: Rebirth operative) - by David Lawrence

Colossus of Earth-60672 (super-computer) - by Prime Eternal

Comet (Champions of Xandar, Fantastic Four/Nova character) - by Norvo

Commander Hartnell (encountered Titano)

"Committee of prominent people" (Monstrollo foes)

Conrad, Lewis (Taboo foe)

Contrares, Anastasia (Fantastic Four character)

control panel (used to control "Isaac Nicholson's" robot teddy bear)

Conway, Sweeney (vampire, Vampire Tales character)

Cooke, Joe (pre-FF Merlin foe) - by John Kaminski

Cooper, Bill (Midnight Monster foe)

Cooper, Fred (Lizard Men foe)

Corby, Bud (1932-1973, resurrected by Mysterious Fan Boy)

Cosmic Radio (Zetora's radio)

Cosmic X-23 Spaceship (Zetora's spaceship)

court (banished Victor Farrington)

Cragstone, Jarvis (Scarecrow foe)

Craig (federal agent, caught Ozak)

Creature From the Black Bog (giant monster) - by Prime Eternal

crew of the Serpent's Crown (Man-Thing foes)

Creyton house (abandoned, used by Walter Phelps)

Crimebuster (Frank Moore, Champions of Xandar, Fantastic Four/Nova character) - by Norvo

Crimson Commando (Frank Bohannan, Freedom Force, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Cro ("Twilight World" inhabitant)

Cross, Lucas (Blade's father, Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond & Julien Vivé

Crusader (Thelius, Fantastic Four foe) - by Norvo

Cult of the Third Moon (Werewolf by Night foes) - by Markus Raymond

Cummings, Diana (film actress, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Cummings, John (Dimension of Doom)

Cunningham, Martin (vampire, Jason Thornehill enemy)

"Curtiss, Lance" (1960s sci-fi character) - by John Kaminski

Cyclops (Tales of Suspense monster) - by Madison Carter

Dare, Rossalyn (Squire's wife)

Dark Mairi of the Shore (Spider-Man character)

Dark Wind (Daredevil/Wolverine character)

Dawes, Harry (encountered Stone Men)

Dawkins, Morgan (vampire, Vampire Tales) possibly

Deadly Ernest (Alpha Flight foe) - by Norvo

Death Man (Mortus)

"Decoy-5" (Mister Justice character) - by Ron Fredricks

Decyst, Daniel (Hulk character) - by Caesar Godzillatron

Dematerializing Machine (invented by Duncan Sloan)

Destine, Florence (ClanDestine, older clairvoyant) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Gracie (ClanDestine, X-Men character) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Maurice (ClanDestine, alias Maurice Fortuit)

Deth (xt planet, Ozak's homeworld)

Dethan (metamorphs, Ozak's race)

Deveraux, Magrite (Banshee character) - by MarvellousLuke

Devil Rig (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Dexter, John (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Dherk (Ka-Zar character)

"Diesel of Doom!" (Clem Barstow's truck)

dimetrodon ("Twilight World")

Divine Wolf (Shu-Hu, K'un-Lun warrior)

Dixon, John of Earth-5106 (20th century, Space Squadron character)

Doctor John Dee (Elizabethan occultist and immortal) - by Loki

Dr. Domino (pre-FF mutate, Strange Tales) - by John Kaminski

Doctor Doom of Earth-21766 (Latverian despot, Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Druid (Anthony Ludgate Druid, former Avenger...first super hero of the Marvel Age) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Krause (Namor foe) - by Chadman

Dr. Smith (Journey into Mystery)

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, Iron Fist character) - by Minor Irritant

Dolly (xt child, 1960s Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Dolman, Gray (Spider-Man/Spider-Woman foe) - by Minor Irritant

Don Vischetti (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Donder, Jerry (vampire, 1975 AD)

Dracula (1430-modern era) - A literal MONSTER of a profile - by the Masters of the Obscure

Drago, Bull (Totem foe)

Dragonblood, Ulysses (Deviant, X-Force ally) - by Prime Eternal

Dragoom (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Droom (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Drothor (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Drudd, Simon (pre-FF scientist) - by Madison Carter

drug dealers (Texas Ranger Ghost Rider foes)

Duncan ?? (encountered Cyclops (monster), pre-FF)

Duncan, Fred (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Dutch (Jerry Donder's dog, 1970s)

D'Var (Shi'ar scout) - by Proto-Man

Dwane, Stephen (encountered Kusoom)

Earth-Crawlers (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Earth-62321 (alternate future Uranus planet) - by Proto-Man

Edward ?? of Earth-21766 (advisor to Pres. Ronald Reagan circa 1984) - by Proto-Man

Effigy (First Line member) - by Norvo

"Electrans" (pre-FF xd race) - by John Kaminski

electric sword of Jim Fitzpatrick (Eternal Brain story)

Ellen (Sorcerer's mother)

Emil ?? (Children of the Night)

Emperor of Mongolia (Eternal Brain foe) - by Norvo

Eric ?? (Lucius Farnsworth enemy)

Eternal Brain (First Line member) - by Norvo

Ethel ?? (Monsteroso character)

Ethel ?? (encountered Chondu the Mystic)

Evans, Alice (Leslie's wife)

Evans, Leslie (Groot foe)

Everett, Bill (real life Timely/Marvel Comics artist, Human Torch ("Jim Hammond") ally) - by Proto-Man

Explorers' Club (group of adventurers)

Eye of Bast (Reed Richards story)

Fabius, Emerich (Duncan Sloan victim)

Farnsworth, Craig (Promise, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Farnsworth, Lucius (horror character) - by Prime Eternal

Farnsworth, Vincent (Tales of Suspense character, mutant) - by John Kaminski

Farrington, Victor (encountered Centauran)

Father Time (Elder of the Universe, Captain America foe) - by Proto-Man

Ferman, Troy (werewolf foe, hunter @ 1973)

"figment"/Khlog (Dr. Strange foe)

Fillardi, Pete (Sleepy Hollow resident) - by Proto-Man

Fin Fang Foom (Dragon Lord, Iron Man foe) - by Madison Carter

Firefall (First Line member) - by Norvo

First Line (1950s to pre-modern era heroes) - by Norvo

Fisher, Ambrose (Montclair's attorney)

Fitch, Emil (Marak foe)

Fitzpatrick, Jim (First Line character) - by Norvo

Fixer (Roscoe Sweeny, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Flatiron (First Line member) - by Norvo

Fleming, Paul (encountered Mummex)

Fletcher, Henry (encountered "The Watcher")

Floating Head (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Flying Fox (Black Fox's vehicle)

Fontanelle (Black Womb's daughter, Gambit character)

Fooh (K'un-Lun scientist, Iron Fist character)

force field gun (used by Insect Man's son)

Forever Man (Captain America and Avengers foe)

Forgotten One (Gilgamesh, Eternals & Avengers member) - by Prime Eternal

Four-Armed Men (xt, 1960s invaders) - by Ron Fredricks

Four Winds (Elektra foes) - by Future

"Fourth Man" (1960s, living statue) - by Ron Fredricks

Fox, Charlie (encountered "Howler")

Foxhole (Black Fox hideout)

Frank ?? (Moomba foe)

Frank (First Line character) - by Ron Fredricks possibly Frankenstein's Monster

Friedan, Betty of Earth-21766 (feminist author/icon, Invisible Woman ally) - by Proto-Man

Frog-Man (Strange Tales) - by Future

Fu Manchu (the greatest fiend the world has ever known, Shang-Chi's father) - by Prime Eternal

Gadfly (First Line character) - by Norvo

Gage, Les (television newscaster, impersonated by Ozak)

Galvez, Alfonso (Duncan Sloan victim)

Gammus (pre-FF alien/cyborg) - by John Kaminski

Gargantus (1960s, carnival gorilla, encountered by Victor Phillips)

Gargantus (aquatic Marvel Monster) - by Prime Eternal

Gargoyle (Strange Tales) - by Future

Garlick, Greg (ghost, Great Lakes Avengers ally) - by Proto-Man

Garnett, Frank (romance character)

Garnett, Mark (encountered Rro)

Garnett, Martha (Mark's wife)

Gaul, Volan (vampire, Vampire Tales)

Geist (Wolverine foe)

Genie (transformed Freddy Sykes)

Genie (pre-FF, served and later trapped Mike Morgan) - by Ron Fredricks

Ghost of Grismore Castle (pre-modern ghost) - by Spidermay

Ghost Tiger (Night Raven foe) - by LV

giant diamond (formerly owned by Manoo)

Giant from Outer Space of Earth-59594 (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

giant white bird ("Twilight World")

Gigantus - by Prime Eternal

Glob (pre-FF alien invader) - by Grendel Prime

Gloria ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

Godzilla (Night Raven foe)

Golden Grenadier (unpublished Marvel UK title, 1950s British hero) - by Loki

Goliath (Gigantus)

Gomdulla (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Gomurr the Ancient (Juggernaut/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Gorak (pre-FF character) - by Future

Gordon, Tom (romance character)

Gorgilla (Marvel Monster, Fin Fang Four member) - by Norvo

Gorgolla (Marvel Monster, Stonians) - by MarvellousLuke

"Gorilla from Outer Space" (1960s, encountered by Mike Mullins)

Gor-Kill (Marvel Monster, Tales of Suspense) - by Madison Carter

Gorko (Tales to Astonish#55)

Gorman, Cleve (Frank Castle war foe)

Gorosaur (Mento foe)

Grant, Richard Thomas (Broadway Project)

green mist (dimensional portal to "Twilight World")

Green Thing (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Grimstone, Horace (vampire, Vampire Tales) possibly

Grismore Castle (haunted castle)

Groff of Earth-62321 (Uranian criminal) - by Proto-Man

Grogg (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Groot (Marvel Monster) - by Prime Eternal, Madison Carter, Donald Campbell & MarvellousLuke

Gross, Bobby (Bizarre Adventures, haunted by sister) - by Markus Raymond

Gross, Lillian (Bobby Gross' mother)

Gross, Milton (Bobby Gross' father)

"Gross, Roberta" (Bobby Gross' sister)

Grottu (Marvel monster)

Grozick, Igor (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Gruber (Journey into Mystery)

Gruff, Gorgi (Adam Able foe)

Gruto (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Gus ?? (student at Churchill Prep, Jason Thornehill character)

Haag (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Hadley, Wally (Tales to Astonish)

Hall, Clinton (Broadway Project)

Hamilton, Dr. Jerome (Blind Justice, Scientists Guild/Three X's/Enclave member)

Hampton, Fred (real-life African-American activist) - by Proto-Man

Hanson, Bart (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

Harold (Journey into Mystery)

Harper, Dan (Pandora character)

Harper, Joe (Xemnu the Titan foe)

Harper, Paul (1960s, discovered "Twilight World")

Harris, Sam (pre-FF character)

Harris, Steel (Nick Fury foe) - by John Kaminski

Hartnell, David (Stonians foe)

Hathaway, Jacob "Hath" (Monster Hunters associate, archivist)

Hathaway, Stanley (pre-modern era Explorers' Club associate)

Hawking, Stephen (famous English physicist and astronomer) - by MarvellousLuke

Heart of Candra (gem imbued with essence of Candra's real heart)

Helen ?? (Thorg foe)

Hellbilly (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Hell-Driver (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

He-Who-Summons (Watcher, High Tribunal) - by Patrick D Ryall & Donald Campbell

Hicks, Bill of Earth-21766 (comedian, David Letterman guest) - by Proto-Man

High Priest (encountered Gomdulla)

Hobbs, Ben (Journey into Mystery, possible scarecrow) - by Ron Fredricks

home of Carla and Gerry Thornehill (New England, Vampire Tales story)

Honky Tonk zombies (Hellbilly foes)

Hopkins, George B. (creator of Mechano)

"Howler" (Tales of Suspense monster) - by John Kaminski

Howler (First Line foe)

Hua, Kuai (Dracula servant)

Hudson, Charles (Monstrollo character)

Hugo, Edvard (First Line character) - by Norvo

Hulk (Albert Poole, pre-FF character) - by Prime Eternal

Hulk (Glop, pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Human Torch of Earth-8160 (Jim Hammond, Defenders)

Human Torch (zombie Invaders)

Hunk (Totem foe)

Hunt, Ashley (time traveler, 1960s) - by Ron Fredricks

Hunter, John (pre-FF character)

hunting cabin of Troy Ferman (@ 1973, werewolf hunter)

hunting trophy of Troy Ferman (@ 1972-1973)

Huntingcut, Josiah (Broadway Project)

Hyena (Henry Mortonson, Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Hypno-Creature (Dimension of Doom)

Ice Box Bob (Johnny Blaze foe) - by Markus Raymond

Ice-Monster (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

idols of Kraa (Wabuzi tribe)

Ignatius Rex (Green Thing foe)

"Impossible Spaceship" (1960s, Strange Tales alien) - by Ron Fredricks

Indigo, Odysseus (Deviant, Damocles Foundation CEO) - by Prime Eternal

Infra-Red Machine (Strange Tales)

Insect Man (Marvel Monster, subterranean insectoid scientist) - by Markus Raymond

insectoid race (subterranean species)

Invaders (alien race) - by Future

Invaders (Martian movie characters) - by Future

Invaders (zombies, First Line foes)

Iquitos (M'Gumbu's stribe)

Iron Cross (Helmut Gruler, Invaders/Thunderbolts character)

Jaffe, Professor David (Queen ally, Spider-Man foe)

Jameson, "Old Man" (Daily Bugle, World War II)

Jaxon, Jerry (Omega Flight member) - by John Kaminski

Jeremy ?? (Hydropolis, Hulk character)

Jim ?? (Carol's husband, she owned Teddy)

Joe ?? (Adventures of Terror character) - by Spaceknight

John ?? (encountered Roc)

John ?? (ally of Creature From the Black Bog)

John ?? (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

Johnny ?? (encountered Scarecrow)

Johnson, Burt (1975 Chicago, pimp/vampire killer)

Johnson, Cal (son of Frank Johnson)

Johnson, Frank (Zzutak creator/foe)

Johnson, Walter (TV newscaster, exposed Meeks)

Jones, Albert "Slow-Motion" (Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Jones, Billy (encountered Manoo)

Jones, Cathy (1960s, played with xt child Dolly)

Jones, Gullivar (Warrior of Mars, 1 billion BC) - by Grendel Prime

Jones, Orji (Blade ally, Dracula foe)

Jones, Dr. Ricardo of Earth-21766 (NASA astro-biologist, jealous Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Jones, Timothy (1960s, Cathy's father, found Dolly)

Jordan (1960s ghost hunter) - by John Kaminski

Juggernaut (first avatar of Cyttorak) - by Proto-Man

Juggernaut (Jin Taiko, Cyttorak avatar) - by Proto-Man

Juhasz, Andras (vampire, Vampire Tales) - by Loki

Jupiterians (Sserpo enemies)

Kaa (Warlord Kaa)

Kale, Dante (Dan Ketch/Johnny Blaze ancestor, Ghost Rider character) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Destin (17th century, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch ancestor) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Magdelena (17th century, Johnny Blaze/Dan Ketch ancestor) - by Proto-Man

Kale, Naomi (mother of Dan Ketch & Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider character)

Kale, Noble (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch's spirit of vengeance) - by Proto-Man

Kaluu (Doctor Strange/Mighty Avengers character) - by Markus Raymond

Kane, Eric (pre-FF, Lizard Men) - by John Kaminski

Kane, Roderick of Earth-62192 (would-be conqueror from the 51st century) - by AvatarWarlord72

Karindu, Omar (Dr. Strange character)

Karthon the Questor (Namor character)

Kartu Kon (Astonishing character, alien) - by John Kaminski

Katu (Moomba foe)

Katyusha (First Line member) - by Norvo

Kawa (African tribe, encountered Monsteroso)

Kenwell, Marcia (Monsters Unleashed/Cockroach Conspiracy character)

Khadijah (First Line character) - by Norvo

Khafre (Reed Richards story)

Khlog (Strange Tales III character)

Khonshu (Egyptian God)

Khordes (satyr, Man-Thing character)

Kimura, Asano (Wolverine character)

Kit ?? (Churchill Prep student, Jason Thornehill character)

Kleinfeldt, Lorna (Silver Sable character) - by Spidermay

Kole, Max (drummer, cursed by Madame Grimm)

Konak, Karlos (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Kopnik, Franz (Mordoo character)

Korilla (alien invader, Journey into Mystery) - by Grendel Prime

Korumbu ("helped" Hugo Barge)

Korya (Skrull, First Line foe) - Norvo

Kraa the Unhuman (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Kraggoom (1960s smoke-like alien monster) - by Prime Eternal

Kragoo (Journey into Mystery) - by Madison Carter

Krass, Roger (Creatures on the Loose character) - by Sammy7D

Krills (xt race, pre-FF era) - by John Kaminski

Kristall Starrer (Johnny Blaze foe) - by Markus Raymond

Krogg (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Krumhauen, Luther (Journey into Mystery)

Kuhn (Journey into Mystery)

Kunga (1960s, Journey into Mystery alien "gorilla") - by Ron Fredricks

Kusoom (Pretender, pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

"Kyrkalin" (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

Laddie (1960s, Frank Miller's dog)

"Lagoon Creature of Rising Sun" (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

"Langenscheidt", Hans (Gustav "Schultz" victim)

Lao-Tse the Mystic (Reed Richards story)

La Roc, Pierre (1960s criminal, encountered living statues) - by Ron Fredricks

La Rocca, Joseph (Don Vischetti's right-hand)

Larry ?? (Diana Cummings' agent, romance character)

Laura ?? (encountered Gruto)

Lectronn (Marvel Age) - by Monzo - maybe ??

Lei Kung the Thunderer (Iron Fist character)

Lester, John (Raffington sheriff, aided Martian migrant Nardo)

Lewis, Dr. Thomas (Broadway Project)

Liberty Girl (First Line member) - by Norvo

Linus (Thorg foe)

Lisa ?? (servant of Mary Bellis)

Lisle (vampire, Dracula character)

Lithodia Rexians (pre-FF aliens) - by Madison Carter

Living Shadow (Warlord Kaa)

"living statues" (encountered Mike Rugger)

living wax statues (1960s, encountered by Pierre La Roc)

Lizard Men (Deviants, Monster Hunter foes) - by Prime Eternal

Lobo (Red Wolf/Thomas Thunderhead companion)

Logan of Earth-65 (Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy foe) - by Minor Irritant

Lo-Karr (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Loop (Black Cat character) - by Spidermay

Lord Tuan (K'un-Lun, Iron Fist character)

Lou ?? (encountered Krills)

Lubischt, Dr. Franz (Nazi, Genesis Coalition)

Lucas, Esther (Luke Cage's mother) - by Proto-Man

Lucifer (the fallen angel, Ghost Rider (Blaze) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Lumpkin, Willie (Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

"Lurkers" (Doctor Druid foes) - by Ron Fredricks

Lynwood, "Benton" (encountered "Electrans")

Maaboo (Pre-FF Monster) - by Future

Madame Grimm (pre-modern sorceress) - by Ron Fredricks

"Magic Bullet" (Vârcolac item)

Magneto (no, not him--a pre-Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Magnum, Moses (Avengers, Black Panther, Deathlok, Power Man, X-Men foe)

Major Ford (Tales to Astonish)

Major Carlson (doctor, Avengers ally) - by Prime Eternal

Makka (xt, Aquila Centurius, Strange Tales) - by Ron Fredricks

Mako (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Mallon (pre-modern store detective, vanished) - by Ron Fredricks

Man from the 5th Dimension (pre-FF alien, Stan Lee/Steve Ditko foe) - by John Kaminski

Man in the Rat Hole (Worm Man)

Manoo (pre-FF alien) - by Ron Fredricks

Marak (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Markas (used Drothor-mask)

Markham, Harry (Strange Tales character) - by Spidermay

Marlowe, Bret (Haag foe)

Marlowe, Lily (ca. 1975, turned by Lawrence Blasco)

Marsh, Henry (Vincent Farnsworth foe)

Marshall, John (encountered Molitis Microbe)

Marshall, Paul (pre-FF monster)

Marshall, Victor (Marvel monster hero) - by Prime Eternal

Martha ?? (Journey into Mystery)

Martha (ally of Creature From the Black Bog)

Martians (alien race) - by Future

"Martian Flying Saucer" (1960s, Tales of Suspense alien) - by Ron Fredricks

Martian Who Stole a City (Marvel monster character) - possibly not Earth-616

Martian Who Walks Among Us (Strange Tales) - by Future

Mason, Jake (Bombu foe)

Master Izo (former member of Hand and Chaste, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Master Khan (Power Man, Iron Fist, and Namor foe)

Master of Matrix Eight (Matrix Eight)

masters in the Soviet Union (Igor Grozick superiors)

Matrix Eight (Captain America foes)

McClary, Calvin (Franklin Pierce National Bank manager, Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

McFleet, Pete (1960s businessman, loved spreadsheets)

McGee, Ralph (Night Raven foe)

McGee, Vinnie (Night Raven foe)

McGak, Big Monk (encountered Mister Zero)

McGowan, R.R. (Raffington citizen, employed Martian migrant Nardo)

M'Dammen, Azu (Blade ally, Dracula foe)

Meachum, Harold (Iron Fist foe)

Mechano (1960s giant robot) - by Ron Fredricks

Meeks (xt, alternate Earth invaders) - by Ron Fredricks

Melting Pot (pre-FF sci-fi item) - by John Kaminski

Mento (Strange Tales character) - by John Kaminski

Messenger, Tobias (Promise, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

M'Gumbu (pre-FF sorcerer) - by Future

Midnight Monster - by Ben Peberdy, Spaceknight

Miller, Bill (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Miller, Frank (1960s, feared plotting dogs) - by Ron Fredricks

Missing Link (Pre-FF Monster) - by Future

Mrs. Hadley (Tales to Astonish)

Mr. Jordan (Black Clock, Journey into Mystery)

Mr. Hadley (Tales to Astonish)

Mister Howard (ghost) - by Future

Mister Justice (First Line member) - by Norvo

Mister Lang (Tales to Astonish character)

Mister Lao (lung dragon adviser to the Atlas Foundation) - by Proto-Man

Mr. P (Tales of Suspense character) - by John Kaminski

Mr. Pitt (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

Mr. Vanderbanks (New York banker, Hedy De Vine character) - by Loki

Mr. Vort (pre-FF character)

Mister Zero (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Mitchell, Dan (encountered Gruto)

Mole Men (pre-FF) - by Future

Molitis Microbe (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Molten Man-Thing - by the Prime Eternal

Monsieur Khruul (Mantis uncle)

Monster (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Monster (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Monster (At My Window) (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Monster (Escapes) (pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

Monster in the Cellar (Tales of Suspense monster) - by John Kaminski

"Monster Men" (alien invaders, Korilla)

Monster That Walked Like A Man (Gigantus)

Monsteroso (Marvel Monster)

Monsteroso (micro-monster) - by Prime Eternal

Monsters of Bald Mountain (Marvel monster character)

Monstro (pre-FF monster) - by John Kaminski

Monstro (pre-FF monster) - by John Kaminski

Monstrollo (Marvel Monster) - by Loki

Monstrom (Marvel monster character)

Montclair, Beauregard IV (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Moomba (pre-Marvel monster) - by Sammy7D

Moorg (Marvel horror character) - by Grendel Prime

Mordoo (pre-FF sorcerer) - by Future

"Morgan, Anne" (xt, Four-Armed Men)

Morgan, Joe (criminal, transported to Earth-62321) - by Proto-Man

Morgan, Mike (encountered a genie, pre-FF) - by Ron Fredricks

Morlak, Maris (Enclave)

Morph (First Line member) - by Norvo

Morrison, Henry (encountered Kartu Kon)

Morton, Jack (Sorcerer's father)

Morton, Tom (Sorcerer's uncle)

Mortus (Dracula foe)

Mother (Atlantean/Pangean robot, Ka-Zar foe)

mountain lion (1960s, slain by Teddy)

Mullins, Mike (1960s, Tales of Suspense character, encountered alien gorilla) - by Ron Fredricks

Mummex (pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

Munch, Heinrich (Thing Called IT creator/host)

Musenda (Blade ally)

Mustin, Gus (Power Pack character) - by Markus Raymond

Nacht, Adelmo (Nazi, father of Axl Nacht/Gotteskrieger)

Naga (Namor character)

Namor the Sub-Mariner (zombie Invaders)

Namora (Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, Namora's cousin, Agents of Atlas member) - by MarvellousLuke

Nardo (pre-modern, Martian migrant) - by Ron Fredricks

Neanderthal tribe ("Twilight World")

"Neat" Pete Sligo (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Nebulos (extradimensional mystic, Dr. Strange foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Negus, Solomon (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Neptune (Olympian God) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal, Snood & Will U

"Nicholson, Isaac" (1960s, thieving inventor) - by Ron Fredricks

Nightingale (First Line member) - by Norvo

Ninja (Iron Fist foe)

Nocturne (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Norton, Otis (encounterd Ghost of Grismore Castle)

nuclear test (mutated Scarecrow)

Nurse Stanton (Churchill Prep, Jason Thornehill character)

O'Connor, Henry (Ghost Rider (Blaze) character) - by Proto-Man

Octo-Monster (Lizard Men)

Ol' Bailey (oak tree near Churchill Prep, Vampire Tales story)

Olddan, Miles (Asp ally)

old geezer (Black Clock, Journey into Mystery)

"Old Man" (Cloak's "precursor", Shadow (Larry Cranston) homage)

old worker (Harry Markham employee)

The One (repository of the knowledge of the Watchers, Fantastic Force/Fantastic Four character) - by Donald Campbell

The One (K'un-Lun robot, Iron Fist foe)

Oog (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Ordo Draconum (holy order, Daredevil characters) - by Chadman & Markus Raymond

O'Reilly, Eveline (Abraham van Helsing's daughter, Dracula character) - by MarvellousLuke

Orogo (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Orphan (estraterrestrial creature) - by Markus Raymond

Orphelus (Dracula character)

Orrgo (Defenders foe, pre-Marvel monster)

Orrgo/Khlog (Strange Tales III character)

"Outer Space Object" (Journey into Mystery story)

Oxbow (First Line member) - by Norvo

Professor Henry Oxton (archeologist, Azazel foe, Cable story)

Ozak (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski & Ron Fredricks

Ozamm (pre-FF monster) - by Future

pain (alien substance, created the Glob)

Pandora (greek myth)

Pandora (Pilgrims Rock, 175h century ship, brought to Negative Zone, Fantastic Four story)

Parker, Joe (encountered Chondu the Mystic)

Parmenter, Anne (Bill's wife)

Parmenter, Bill (encountered Gargantus)

Parmenter, Dan (encountered Gargantus, Bill's father)

Passim, Eddie (Daredevil character)

Patch (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

"Patient in Room 3D" (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Paul ?? (encountered Gomdulla)

Peacekeeper (Daredevil character)

Peg-Leg Martin (Eternal Brain foe)

pencil (xt, used by "Lance Curtiss")

Persuader (Ernest Evans, Cloak & Dagger character)

Peterson (principal of Churchill Prep, Jason Thornehill character)

Petrovich, Ivan (Black Widow character) - by Chadman

Pharaoh (Dr. John Redfield's cat)

Phelps, Filbert (1960s time traveler, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Phelps, Walter (time traveler, Tales of Suspense) - by Ron Fredricks

Phelps, Willy (1960s, time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Phil ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

Phil ?? (Monsteroso character)

Phillips, Ice (Nam, Punisher character) - by Per Degaton

Phillips, Victor (1960s, Tales of Suspense character turned gorilla) - by Ron Fredricks

Pixie (First Line member) - by Norvo

Pizer (Excalibur character...mentioned anyway) - by Ronald Byrd

Pluto (Olympian God) - by Chadman & Will U

Pook, Alfred (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Poole, Albert (pre-FF character) - by Prime Eternal

Poole, Elias (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Positron (First Line member) - by Norvo

the professor (Sporr creator)

Professor Ace (helped Brad the Micronaut)

Professor Barnes (1960s, Paul Harper's teacher)

Professor Berger (Azazel foe, Cable story)

Professor Dark (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Professor Kroft (Earth scientist, killed while accompanying the alien Zo into the sun)

Professor Serak (scientist, U.S. military)

Proto-Goblin (Nels van Adder)

pteranodon ("Twilight World")

Purple Gang (1970s, Captain Hip foes) - by Ron Fredricks

python (Kraa the Unhuman enemy)

Queen (Strange Tales)

Queen (Ana Soria, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Questers (Namor characters)

Quogg (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

radar outpost (Canada, invaded by Krills)

Rainbow Serpent (Aboriginal god of fertility)

rain control device (Journey into Mystery)

Ramsey, Paul (Torr foe)

Rand'Kai, Wendell (Iron Fist's father)

Rapunzel (First Line member) - by Norvo

rat (Worm Man foe)

Rawlings, Cedric (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

"ray machine" (fake used against Midnight Monster)

Rebound (First Line member) - by Norvo

Redek, Gary (She-Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Redfield, Dr. John (scientist, Frank Miller's friend)

Red Guardian (Alexi Shostakov, Avengers foe) - by Chadman

Redneck Smokie vampires (Devil Rig/Hell-Driver foes)

Red Skull (zombie, First Line foe)

Red Wolf of the 1970s (Thomas Thunderhead)

Reflex (First Line member) - by Norvo

Remus (Wolverine character) - by Markus Raymond

Rheinhardt, Martin (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Richards, Ted (Mr. Fantastic's uncle) - by Proto-Man

Riggio, Tony (Don Vischetti's bodyguard)

Riot-Act (First Line characer) - by Norvo

"Road Warriors" (Mister Justice foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Robertson, Bob (Spragg foe)

Robinson, Lucy (Promise, X-Men character) - by Norvo

robot laborers (Robot X enemies)

robot teddy bear (1960s, invented by "Isaac Nicholson")

Robot X (Amazing Adventures/Doc Samson character) - by Prime Eternal

rocket ship (Eternal Brain vehicle)

Rocky Mountains Hideaway (First Line HQ)

Rocs (monster birds, Sinbad foes) - by Madison Carter

Rodgers, Paul (Scorpion foe)

Rogers, Hank (Tales to Astonish, encountered Floating Head)

Rommbu (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Roth, Arnold (Captain America character) - by Norvo

Roxxon (A big evil corporation!) - by SQUEAK

Rro (pre-FF Marvel Monster) - by Markus Raymond

Rudolfo (Dr. Doom foe)

Rugger, Mike (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Rumor (First Line foe) - by Norvo

The Runway Bar of Earth-21766 (NYC bar owned/operated by Tony)

Russell Jr. (Flatiron's son)

Russoff, Gregor (Werewolf father) - by Loki

Ryking, Dr. Alexander (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Rypel (Hydropolis, Hulk foe)

Sablinova, Ernst (Silver Sable's father) - by Minor Irritant

sabre-tooth tiger ("Twilight World")

Sage, Henry (Blade/Spider-Man foe)

Sally ?? of Earth-21766 (Ben Grimm's former fiancee) - by Proto-Man

Salt, Henry (Journey into Mystery)

Sam ?? (handyman of Mary Bellis)

Sandman (pre-Marvel Monster) - by Madison Carter

Sara ?? (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

Sara ?? (encountered Mummex)

Scalphunter (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Scarecrow (Marvel Monster, Strange Tales) - by Ron Fredricks

Sceptre of Bast (Reed Richards story)

"Schultz", Gustav (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Scimitar (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Scorpio (Jake Fury, Zodiac Cartel and LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Scorpion (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Scott, Lucy (encountered Aaron the Sorcerer)

Scythe (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Sgt. Mason (U.S. Army, caught by Insect Man)

Serpent's Crown (Captain fate's ship)

Shadow King (X-Men foe)

Shadow Man (pre-FF creature) - by John Kaminski

Shagg (Sphinx-like robot) - by Madison Carter

Shaw, Jacob (Sebastian Shaw's father)

Shinski, Wladyslav (Enclave)

Shocky Dan (1960s Hydra agent, Winter Soldier foe) - by Chadman

Shzzzllzzzthzz (Blip)

Sidney, Wally (clothier, Howard the Duck foe)

Sidney Land Conservative Clothiers (Wally Sidney's store, Howard the Duck story)

Si-Fan (Fu Manchu's minions) - by Prime Eternal

Silent Fox (Keewazi chief, Wyatt Wingfoot's grandfather) - by Prime Eternal

Simmons, Det. Benny (Heroes for Hire character) - by Proto-Man

Simon ?? (1960s, Ben Hobbs' nephew)

Simple Simon (Night Raven character) - by LV

Simpson, Abigail (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Skipper (Anuxa foe)

Skreet (Lunatik/Thanos character) - by Markus Raymond

sky-hook (Jupiterians, used against Sserpo)

Slade (Battlin' Jack Murdock foe) - by Chadman

Slave of Souls (Thing character) - by Proto-Man

Sledge (Deviant, X-Force ally) - by Prime Eternal

Sledge, Simon (1960s, ruthless businessman) - by Ron Fredricks

Sloan, Duncan (Strange Worlds character) - by John Kaminski

Smith, Albert (owned Scarecrow, Martha's husband)

Smith, Gracie (Promise, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Smith, Martha (owned Scarecrow, Albert's wife)

Smithville Thunderbolt (Spider-Man character)

Smyth, Dennis (Dracula character)

Solar-Electromagnetic Instrument (Gorgolla device)

Sorcerer (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Sorcerer (pre-FF character) - by Future

Sorcerers (three enemies of Aaron the Sorcerer)

Sorrow (Man-Thing character)

spaceship (Centaurans, pre-modern)

Spade (thug, beaten by "Fourth Man")

"Speed Demon" (pre-modern speedster) - by Ron Fredricks

Spirit Banner of Temujin (Atlas Foundation artifact) - by Proto-Man

Sporr (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Spot (Zetora foe)

Spragg the Living Hill (Marvel Monster, She-Hulk foe)

Spy who cannot be Caught (Worm Man)

Squire (First Line member)

Sserpo (pre-FF Marvel Monster) - by Ron Fredricks

Stalwart, Vincent (Duncan Sloan victim)

Star of Capistan (Defenders power item)

Statue of Liberty (opposed Undersea Giants)

Steel Serpent (Davos, Iron Fist/Spider-Man foe)

Sternberg, Berthold (Infinity Formula developer, Nick Fury character) - by John Kaminski

Steuben, Katrina (Mordoo's lover)

Stick (the Chaste, Daredevil/Elektra character) - by Chadman

Stone Men (pre-FF aliens) - by Madison Carter

Stoner, Rick (SHIELD director)

Stones of Merlin (Merlin creations, owned by Doctor Doom) - by Donald Campbell

Stonewall (Hamilton Louis, Freedom Force, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Stonians (Gorgolla's race) - by Prime Eternal

Strong, Ogun (Blade ally, Dracula foe)

Styx, Sapphire (Wolverine/X-Men foe) - by Markus Raymond

Sue ?? (encountered Scarecrow)

Sunshine (First Line character) - by Norvo

Super Sabre (Fletcher Martin, Freedom Force, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Swarm (Fritz von Meyer, Spider-Man/Champions foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Sykes, Fredd (1960, criminal turned genie) - by Prime Eternal

Synraith (X-Men/Clan Destine foe)

Szkorbec, Miklos (Dracula character)

Tabby (cat, mutated by Victor Avery)

Taboo (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Tabor (pet of Insect Man's son)

Takiguchi, Dr. Yuriko (Godzilla Squad/X-Club member)

Tar (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Taylor, Frank (alien champion foe)

Teddy (1960s toy) - by Ron Fredricks

"Tele-phony" (pre-FF micro-alien) - by John Kaminski

Templar (First Line member) - by Norvo

Terror (Laslo Pevely, Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Texas Ranger Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

That Which Endures (Avengers foes)

"Them" (pre-FF aliens) - by Future

Thing Called IT (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Thing in the Box (Pandora ally)

Thing in Cell 13 (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Thorg (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Thornehill, Carla (Jason's mother, vampire, Vampire Tales character)

Thornehill, Gerry (Jason's father, possible vampire, Vampire Tales character)

Thornehill, Jason (adopted by Martin Cunningham, Vampire Tales character)

Thule (Cloak & Dagger foe)

Tim ?? (Mary Mahajan romantic interest circa 1960s)

Time Sphere (Centaurans, pre-modern)

Titan (Avengers foe) - by Grendel Prime

Titano (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

tomb of Garaz (ancient prison of Garaz, near Great Wall of China)

Tony ?? of Earth-21766 (owner/operator of Runway Bar, longtime friend of Ben Grimm) - by Proto-Man

Torr (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Totem (Strange Tales) - by Prime Eternal

tranquil-gas (used by Insect Man)

Tree (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Trull the Unhuman (pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

Trunk of Arcana (Cynthia von Doom)

turpentine (used to destroy the Glob)

Tutaku (Journey into Mystery)

"Twilight World" (1960s, prehistory world) - by Ron Fredricks

2-D Men (Dimension of Doom)

Tyler, Bobby (Journey into Mystery character) - by Future

Typhoon (First Line foe) - by Norvo

tyrannosaur ("Twilight World")

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Ulvar (Gigantus "foe")

Ulysses Bloodstone (Marvel monster hunter

Uncle Ben (Linda Brown's uncle)

Undersea Giants (pre-FF race) - by John Kaminski

Undying (xt race, Serayn creations, Cable foes)

unidentified (xt, Monstrollo foes)

unidentified agent (Worm Man employer)

unidentified alien (encountered by "Lance Curtiss")

unidentified aliens (encountered Gustav "Schultz")

unidentified American city (visited by Makka, Strange Tales)

unidentified archaeologist (encountered Shagg)

unidentified escaped Martian prisoners (1960s, encountered by Rocky Baines)

unidentified spirit (encountered by Jordan)

unidentified chief (Totem user & foe)

unidentified criminal (Tales to Astonish)

unidentified criminal gang (used Floating Head)

unidentified Dethan ruler (ruler of Deth, sent Ozak to Earth)

unidentified dog (impersonated by Ozak)

unidentified dreamer (Tales to Astonish)

unidentified Earthman (encountered "Tele-phony")

unidentified extraterrestrial criminal (Manoo foe)

unidentified extraterrestrial invaders (Mechano foes)

unidentified group of scientists (encountered "Impossible Spaceship")

unidentified hunters (1960s, hunted Kunga)

unidentified man with a fly-swatter (pre-FF, encountered Zogg)

unidentified painter (encountered/created the Glob)

unidentified pilot (encountered Lithodia Rexians)

unidentified police detectives (1960s, hunted Victor Phillips)

unidentified prisoner (Journey into Mystery character)

unidentified radar operator (encountered Krills)

unidentified reporter (interviewed Lem Whipple)

unidentified R'Zahnian leader (Zamu's superior, Doctor Druid foe)

unidentified scientist (created Lo-Karr)

unidentified scientist (encountered/created the Glob)

unidentified scientists and generals (encountered "Martian Flying Saucer")

unidentified seeress (encountered by Dr. Domino)

unidentified senator (Monstrollo foe)

unidentified sheriff (1960s, encountered Ben Hobbs)

unidentified soldiers (encountered "Impossible Spaceship")

unidentified subterranean city (home of Insect Man)

unidentified teacher (encountered Kraa the Unhuman)

unidentified townspeople (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

unidentified toy store manager (1960s, sold robot teddy bear)

unidentified wealthy toy store patrons (1960s, clients of toy store manager)

unidentified witness (neighbor of Carla and Gerry Thornehill, Vampire Tales)

unidentified zoo official (1960s, tricked by Mike Mullins)

Uranians of Earth-62321 (Strange Tales story) - by Proto-Man

Vail, Horace (Raffington citizen, hated Martian migrant Nardo)

Valeria ?? (Dr. Doom character)

Van Doom, Ludwig

Van Nuys, professor (Reed Richards story)

Vârcolac (Werewolf by Night foe) - by Markus Raymond

Venus (Olympian Goddess)

Venusian (Strange Tales)

Virgil, Al (vampire, 1975)

Vischetti, Salvatore (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Vogez, Hans (The Thing in Cell 13 foe)

von Doom, Cynthia (Dr. Doom's mother)

von Doom, Werner (Dr. Doom's father)

Voodoo King (Journey into Mystery story) - by Future

Voodoo Tribe (Voodoo King)

Voyager (Marvel UK, Frontier Comics)

Vulcan (First Line member) - by Norvo

Wabuzi tribe (Kraa the Unhuman's tribe)

Walkabout (First Line member) - by Norvo

Warlord Kaa (Hulk foe)

Warren, Ethan (Wolverine foe)

Warren, John (Zetora foe)

"The Watcher" (pre-FF alien, Amazing Adventures) - by John Kaminski

Weed (mutated plant, Lucius Farnsworth foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Weems, Wilbur (encountered a ghost)

"weird old geezer" (Strange Tales character)

Welsh Dragon (Pete Wisdom/Thor foe) - by Markus Raymond

Whelton, Austin (werewolf, @ 1973)

Whipple, Lem (pre-FF character)

Whisper (Karl Reifschneider, Magneto foe) - by Markus Raymond

White (friend of "Fourth Man")

White Ghost of Earth-4011 (John Howlett Jr.)

Wilkes, Charles (Maaboo)

Williamson, Mr. (Mortus' father)

Willowby (Harry Markham employee)

Wingfoot, Will (Wyatt Wingfoot's father) - by Donald Campbell

"wizard" (Ancient Egypt, Thing foe)

Wolf (Ghost Rider/Blaze character) - by Markus Raymond

Wolfington, Derek (astronaut, mind merged with Kraggoom)

Wolfsblade (Vârcolac item)

"Wolfseye" (Vârcolac item)

Wolverine (James Howlett)

Woodward, Bob (First Line character)

Worm Man (Strange Tales character) - by John Kaminski

X, the Thing That Lived (Marvel Monster, Alpha Flight/Big Hero 6 foe) - by Prime Eternal

Xavier, Brian (Professor X's father) - by MarvellousLuke

Xemnu the Titan (Kirby monster, Hulk/She-Hulk foe) - by Madison Carter

Xoorr (Mole Men)

"X2" (Robot X creation)

Xxirys (controlled by Frank Johnson, Zzutak's enemy)

Yeti (Inhumans, First Line)

Yucoya-Tzin (Zzutak controller)

Yü-Ti (Iron Fist's uncle, son of Tuan)

Zafina (First Line character) - by Norvo

Zankor (First Line character) - by Norvo

Zawandi of Earth-21766 (Wakandan, wife of Franklin Richards) - by Proto-Man

Zetora (pre-FF Martian) - by Ron Fredricks & Future

Zeus (Olympian God)

Zo (xt, explorer from Attalia) - by Prime Eternal

Zota, Carlo (Enclave)

Zzutak - by Prime Eternal

strictly off-Earth existence (as far as we know)

caretaking automaton (Silver Surfer character)

couple (Wax People)

Damballah (spawn of Set)

Elder Demon (Silver Surfer foe) - by Future

Monsteroso (Marvel monster character)

night watchman (Wax People)

police officer (Wax People)

Set (Elder God) - by Per Degaton and Snood

Shadowqueen (Dr. Strange foe)

Shou-Lao the Undying (Iron Fist character) - EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL

Survivor (Silver Surfer character)

Wax Mannequins (Wax People)

Wax People (pre-FF characters) - by Future

Yankee Clipper (First Line member) - by Norvo

Zamora, Darius (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Zamu (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Zendu (Tales to Astonish)

Zog (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Zogg (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

Zuhn (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Zuka (pre-FF character)


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