steelserpentdavos-iftlv-profile.jpgsteelserpentdavos-iftlv11-front.jpgSTEEL SERPENT

Real Name: Davos

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (K'un-Lun) humanoid

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Immortal Weapons of the Seven Cities of Heavens (Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, Fat Cobra, Iron Fist, Prince of Orphans, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter)

AffiliationsCrane Mother and her daughters, Dragon-Kings of K'un-Lun, Hydra, Joy & Ward Meachum, the One (apparently merged with body of Wendell Rand), Shou-Lao the Undying, spider-creature, Terror Priests;
    formerly Hydra,
Lei Kung the Thunderer, Wendell Rand-K'ai, Xao, Y-Ti

EnemiesChaka (Robert Hao), Crane Mother and her daughters, Golden Tigers, Gork, the Hand, Hiromitsu, Hydra, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai), Lei Kung the Thunderer, Detective Li, Ward Meachum, Misty Knight, Junzo Muto, New York Police Department, Pei, Wendell Rand-K'ai, Orson Randall, Sparrow, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Colleen Wing, Y-Ti (Lord Tuan), Y-Ti (Nu-An);
    formerly Prince of Orphans, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, Xao

Known RelativesLei-Kung the Thunderer (father), Sparrow (step-sister)

Aliases: Steel Phoenix, Iron Fist;
    "Halloween" (insulting nickname used once(?) by Detective Li)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Shou Lao's cavern outside the city of K'un-Lun;

First Appearance:
    (Seen) Iron Fist I#1 (November, 1975);
    (Named as Steel Serpent) Marvel Team-Up I#63 (November, 1977);
    (Steel Phoenix)
Immortal Iron Fist#11 (January 2008)





Powers/Abilities: The Steel Serpent is a master of the martial arts of K'un-Lun, including those practiced millennia ago. His skills rival those of Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai) and he has several times bested Daniel in combat, though usually with the element of surprise on his side. He is exceptionally--though apparently not superhumanly--strong, fast, and agile, with lightning quick reflexes. He has proven capable to draining the power the Iron Fist (the energies of Shou-Lao) from its wielder by pressing his serpentine tattoo against the wielder's dragon tattoo. At least on one occasion he retained some fragment of Shou-Lao's power after the previous holder of the Iron Fist has reclaimed his power. At his full power he has weathered assaults from the superhumanly powerful Spider-Man, his reflexes and skills making him more than a match for Spider-Man.

    Davos also utilized the fiery energies of the Serpent's Sting, though that may be a function of the taloned gloves he wore at the time. When slain, Davos spirit is transferred into the Anomaly Gem alongside the spirits of all past Iron Fists. From there he can be resurrected under certain circumstances.

    As the Steel Phoenix, he had access to much greater power, drawn from the life forces of the daughter of the Crane Mother. This great enhanced his speed and strength. After his right hand hand was severed in combat, he could generate a fist out of his chi.


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White, formerly brown











(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) <Over thirty years ago> -The first born son of K'un-Lun's Lei Kung the Thunderer, Davos knew he'd been marked for greatness. He excelled under his father's training and he believed that one day he would prove worthy of gaining the ritual Iron Fist garb and the power.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8 (fb)) - Davos sparred with the recently arrived Wendell Rand under Lei Kung's supervision.

(Immortal Iron Fist#9 (fb)) - Davos defeated Wendell, and Wendell yielded to him.
    Later, Davos sat with the otherwise shunned Wendell, asking him to share his stories of New York.

    Sometime later, Wendell defeated Davos in combat, though Davos refused to yield until he was knocked unconscious. When Wendell later asked Davos if he had thrown the fight, perhaps out of pity, Davos assured him that he didn't and never would throw a fight. He demanded the best from Wendell and promised only the best from himself.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb) - BTS) - Wendell and Davos became close friends. Knowing each was vying for the chance to face Shou-Lao and become the Iron Fist, they told each other, "If it can't be me, let it be you," though neither was certain that he really meant that.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb) - BTS) - Wendell and Davos watched an older class of fighters' competition and saw one man earn the challenge of facing Shou-Lao. The dragon tore him to peaces. Both Davos and Wendell then realized it was possible they could lose.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb)) <Over thirty years ago> - A year later, Davos and Wendell competed in the final tournament of their class. While Wendell and Davos each cheered the other on, Wendell prayed he wouldn't have to face Davos, but he still studied Davos' moves and looked for flaws.
    Each eventually defeated their combatants in the semi-final contest to determine who would possess the right to face
the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying and gain the Iron Fist power

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - The next day, Davos battled Wendell before Tuan (aka Tu-An), then Y-Ti, the August Personage in Jade, ruler of K'un-Lun.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb)) - Ten minutes into the match, Davos let a devastating kick past him defenses. Though he normally would have allowed his friend a fraction of a second to recover, this battle was too important, and Wendell pressed the advantage, drop-kicking Davos to the ground. When Davos refused to yield, Wendell was forced to strike him again.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - As Davos refused to yield, even when badly beaten, Y-Ti declared victory for Wendell; but Davos accused Y-Ti of playing favorites towards his son (Tu-An had made Wendell part of his house). Lei Kung commanded Davos silence and sent him from the room. Collapsing to the ground, Davos told Wendell he should have killed him.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Furious at what he saw as a betrayal from his friend, his father, and his ruler, that night Davos trekked towards Shou-Lao's cavern, challenging the dragon, who soon appeared.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb)) - Awed by the dragon's presence, Davos felt doubt, realizing this was not a fight he should be fighting.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Shou-Lao drew first blood, marking Davos with a scar over his left eye, but Davos knew the dragon's secret. He used his body to block the power from Shou-Lao's heart, but he couldn't hold on long enough--the pain was too great.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb)) - Davos told Shou-Lou to take his life and be done with it.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - The dragon looked at him a moment, contempt in its great, golden eyes, and then it was gone, not finding him worthy of killing.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung found Davos weeping in the snow.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb)) - Y-Ti, Wendell, and the Terror Priests followed shortly behind Lei Kung, who asked Davos what he had done, reminding him that this was not meant for him. When Wendell asked Davos if he was alright, Davos spat blood in his face and stared at him with sheer hatred.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung took Davos home without a word.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) / Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb)) - Wendell did not challenge Shou-Lao, instead, remembering warnings from Orson Randall, as well as Davos' defeat, he turned his back on the challenge.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb)) - Wendell came to Davos to discuss his actions, and Davos laughed at him and called him a coward. Wendell struck Davos, and the two fought savagely. Seeing the stark hatred in his former friend, Wendell darted out a window and rushed toward the portal to Earth, denying Davos' instructions to stay and fight.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Tuan banished Davos to Earth until the end of time for his sacrilege.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) - BTS / Power Man/Iron Fist#75 (fb)) - Wendell traveled to Earth, as well, leaving K'un-Lun behind.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Tuan eventually died and was succeeded by Wendell's brother. Davos waited, watched, and planned as Wendell sired a son and was killed by Harold Meachum, and his son, Daniel, became Iron Fist. Davos plotted to steal the Iron Fist power for himself after Daniel returned to Earth. 

(Iron Fist I#1) - At New York's Kennedy/JFK Airport, Colleen Wing fled from her captors (including Gamal Hassan, a citizen of Halwan under the control of Master Khan) at an airport, and she literally ran into Davos. As she struggled to untangle herself from him, she tore open his shirt and glimpsed his serpent tattoo. Telling her that there were some things a body shouldn't see (if that body wanted to stay alive), he dropped her with paired shoulder chops (presumably some sort of nerve pinch). When Hassan's men demanded Davos turn Wing over to them he did so happily, but when they considered killing him b/c he was a witness to their crimes, he told Hassan that a lot of his men would die if he tried, and so they let him go. Davos then called Ward Meachum, telling him he knew what his brother had done in the Himalayas 11 years ago (killing Wendell Rand-K'ai). He told Meachum he didn't want money, only information: the Iron Fist.

(Iron Fist I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Davos apparently came to stay with the Meachums, employed by Joy Meachum. Ward Meachum saw him as"sponging of their fortune" (as Ward saw it).

(Iron Fist I#4) - Davos was with Ward and Joy Meachum as they watched a building collapse on Iron Fist during his battle with Radion. Davos told them that he could feel that Iron Fist had survived due to his connection to the energies of Shou-Lao. Davos promised that Iron Fist would not die until Davos himself killed him.

(Iron Fist I#8) – When Joy Meachum asked Davos to investigate her uncle’s shady business dealings, Davos reminded her that he wasn’t her errand boy, after which she reminded him that he promised to serve her in return for her help in killing Iron Fist. Later that day, at the Meachum Building, Davos acted as Joy Meachum’s bodyguard during her meeting with Daniel Rand, a meeting that was interrupted by the crimelord Chaka and his Golden Tigers.

(Iron Fist I#9 (fb)) – Davos protected Joy Meachum from the Golden Tigers and got her to safety, while Chaka himself was dealing with Iron Fist.

(Iron Fist I#13) - Davos broke into Ward Meachum's house, overpowered his guards, and threatened Meachum into withdrawing completely from the affairs of Meachum, Inc. -- in essence, Ward was to disappear or die. With that, Davos declared his debt to Joy Meachum paid in full and once again swore to kill Iron Fist.

(Iron Fist I#14 (fb)) - Steel Serpent ambushed Iron Fist as he headed home through a New York alley. Davos struck from behind and then--unphased by Iron Fist's kick--struck him in the face and then bear hugged him, touching their tattoos together and draining the power of Shou-Lao from Iron Fist. Desperate, Iron Fist broke free but was left so weak he could barely stand. Standing in the shadows so that only his tattoo could be seen, Davos called Iron Fist by his full name, Daniel Rand-K'ai, indicating his knowledge of K'un-Lun, and then told Iron Fist that he was his executioner.


(Iron Fist I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Davos then laughed and walked away.

(Iron Fist I#15) - As Iron Fist fought off men trying to hijack a Rand-Meachum shipment, the Steel Serpent struck again, kicking him from behind, then punching him to the ground. Iron Fist kicked him back (recognizing his attackers' style as being from K'un-Lun), but Davos again bear hugged him, draining more of the power of Shou-Lao before releasing him. Davos told Iron Fist that Iron Fist's life was his for the taking, and that he would take the Iron Fist, which Daniel's father had denied Davos.

(Marvel Team-Up I#63) - Steel Serpent left a not on Danny Rand's door: "Daniel Rand-K'ai, called Iron Fist, under the laws and traditions of K'un-Lun, I challenge you to single combat, unto death. signed Steel Serpent" Iron Fist appeared at the appointed place on the bluff overlooking the Hudson Parkway and the river, and the Steel Serpent met him there. Iron Fist was surprised that it was not Lei-Kung who met him, and Davos revealed himself to be LEi-Kung's son. Davos further revealed that Wendell Rand-K'ai and Y-Ti had driven him from K'un-Lun before Daniel had been born. The two battled, and this time Iron Fist held his own. However, Spider-Man who had followed Iron Fist there leapt into the fray, hoping to help Iron Fist. Instead, the Steel Serpent caught his foot and used him as a club to knock Iron Fist to the ground. Iron Fist leapt to the attack again, but Davos ducked under his assault and bear hugged him again, this time draining the full power of Shou-Lao from him. Davos intended to slay the unconscious Iron Fist to prevent him from ever attempting to retake the power, but Misty Knight appeared and used an energy blaster to drive off the Steel Serpent.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64) - Wendell reminisced on his disgraceful exile from K'un-Lun and his eventual claiming of the Iron Fist power while he approached the hospital holding Daniel Rand-K'ai, intending to kill him. He was torn from his flashback by Spider-Man, but the Steel Serpent stood up to Spider-Man's punches, delivering several blows in return. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing soon joined the fight, but when Spider-Man tried to web of Davos, he instead caught Colleen's sheathed sword, enabling the Serpent to fight off his attackers. As Spider-Man pursued him, the Steel Serpent struck back with the Iron Fist power repeatedly, eventually cornering Spider-Man. Iron Fist then appeared and challenged the Steel Serpent to a rematch. This time, the Serpent relied entirely on raw power, neglecting his fighting skills, but even so he proved an even match for the weakened Iron Fist (Daniel Rand). Colleen convinced Misty and Spider-Man to stay out of the fight and allow Danny to keep his honor, but soon Davos began to glow. As he had not been keeping the Iron Fist power in check, and so the power had begun to build up in him. When the power finally began to turn on Davos, he had not the will to hold it back, and it began to feed upon him. Danny bear hugged Davos, trying to take the Iron Fist power back before it could slay Davos. Danny successfully reclaimed the power, but Davos was consumed by it.








(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - With his physical death, Davos' spirit was cast into a realm accessed via the Anomaly Gem alongside the spirits of the dead Iron Fists of the past. After years trapped there, Davos had been driven nearly mad. However, from the past Iron Fists Davos had also learned secrets of the K'un-Lun fighting technique--and several other things--far beyond his previous skills. Davos somehow enlisted the Elder of the Universe known as the Contemplator to manipulate Daniel Rand-K'ai to gather the fragments of the Anomaly Gem, which would release Davos so that they could again face each other to determine which of them more deserved to hold the power of the Iron Fist.

(Marvel Comics Presents#125/4(fb), 125/4-132/4 - all BTS) - Daniel found himself unable to summon the Iron Fist power, and the Contemplator manipulated him into gathering the fragments of the Anomaly Gem, which would allegedly restore his power.

(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - While "within" the Gem, Davos allegedly saw Daniel's doubts and fears.

(Iron Fist II#1) - In the Himalayan mountains by the portal to K'un-Lun, Daniel joined the last pieces of the Anomaly Gem, which shattered anew, releasing Davos who revealed the Contemplator's duplicity. Davos then demanded trial by combat for possession of the sacred Iron Fist, promising to kill Daniel once he had claimed his power. After a short battle, Davos again managed to bear hug Daniel and drain the power of Shou-Lao from him.

(Iron Fist II#1) - Davos left Daniel's seemingly lifeless body behind and crossed the invisible path into K'un-Lun.

(Iron Fist II#1) - Davos confronted his father, calling himself as Iron Fist and telling Lei-Kung that he would be K'un-Lun's new leader. When Lei-Kung tried to tell him that the cosmic Contemplator would not have wanted him to be Iron Fist, Davos insisted that he leave the city or be killed. Shortly thereafter Lei-Kung met with the weak yet recovered Daniel, telling him of Davos' actions and requesting his help.

(Iron Fist II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Y-Ti welcomed Davos, recognizing him as the people's protector.

(Iron Fist II#2) - Lei-Kung led Daniel--along with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing--to K'un-Lun, and Daniel convinced Y-Ti to arrange a meeting with Davos. Daniel challenged him to combat for the Iron Fist power, and Davos appeared, promising Daniel's death yet again. Daniel surprised Davos with a powerful kick, and Davos countered by summoning his Serpent's Sting. Daniel dodged the assault and the two parried back and forth for some time. Davos summoned the Iron Fist to use against Daniel, but Daniel dodged this attack as well and then delivered several blows to Davos, stunning him and allowing Daniel to grasp him and reclaim Shou-Lao's power. Y-Ti proclaimed that custom dictated that Daniel slay his fallen opponent, but Daniel refused, striving to prove a good example to the people of K'un-Lun.
    As Davos was again exiled from K'un-Lun, Lei-Kung attempted to make amends with him, but Davos swatted away his hand, telling him that he would continue to follow his own path to a greater place, a greater destiny.




(New Warriors II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Davos was somehow captured by the Hand.

(New Warriors II#5) - The Hand's young leader, Junzo Muto--under the guidance of his teacher, Hiromitsu, drained Davos' portion of the power of the Iron Fist.

(Immortal Iron Fist#1 (fb) - BTS / Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb) - BTS) - Davos was restored by the Crane Mother, promising to locate and destroy the renegade Iron Fist Orson Randall in return. His power was further enhanced via the consumption of the life forces of the Crane Mother's daughters.

(Immortal Iron Fist#1 (fb) - BTS) - Davos allied with Hydra against Iron Fist in a plot to obtain Rand-Meachum's Randrapid train to build a tunnel through the K'un-Lun mountains.

(Immortal Iron Fist#1) - Davos located Randall in an opium den in Bangkok, Thailand and reported this to the Crane Mother, who sent a pair of her daughters to investigate.

(Immortal Iron Fist#2 - BTS) - Agents of Davos, posing as NYPD, picked up Randall as he arrived in a US airport, but Randall determined the truth and broke free.

(Immortal Iron Fist#3) - Davos met with Xao, spokesman for Hydra's front company, Wai-Go, expressing his displeasure at Hydra's failure. After slaying a Hydra agent who had failed to engage Iron Fist, Davos sent other agents to bring in both Orson Randall and Daniel Rand.

(Immortal Iron Fist#4) - Slaughtering a group of Hydra agents in a training session, Davos then took out two whole legions of Hydra agents and destroyed a Mechagorgon. He then contacted the Crane Mother, asking for a dozen or more daughters to allow him to reach his power's peak to stop his foes. Crane Mother agreed to the request.

(Immortal Iron Fist#5) - Crane Mother sent over a dozen daughters to Steel Serpent, along with the warning that if he failed they would consume his immortal soul.

(Immortal Iron Fist#5 - BTS) - Davos led Hydra agents and Crane daughters to Daniel Rand's apartment.

(Immortal Iron Fist#5) - Davos and his agents greeted Orson Randall and Daniel Rand when they arrived at the latter's apartment.

(Immortal Iron Fist#6) - Maintaining his power by consuming the Crane daughters' life forces, Davos eventually attacked Orson Randall, who let Davos kill him so he wouldn't have to keep running. Randall gave Rand his chi, enabling him to drive off Davos, who vowed to face him again in the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8) - Davos contacted Xao and delivered a message to Jeryn Hogath, warning him that his mother would be further harmed if he did not complete the Randrapid train on schedule.
    Later, Davos was present in the Heart of Heaven as
Y-Ti introduced Iron Fist to the other immortal warriors who would be present at the tournament. Y-Ti and the Crane Mother prevented Iron Fist from attacking Davos.

(Immortal Iron Fist#9) - Orphan bet on Fat Cobra defeating Iron Fist in a wager against the Prince of Orphans, a wager he won.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10) - Davos declined a drinking contest with Fat Cobra (or possibly of just allowing Cobra to bed twenty Crane women during the drinking contest).

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb) - BTS) - Davos absorbed power from the Crane Mother's daughters.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11) - Renaming himself Steel Phoenix, Davos entered into combat with Tiger's Beautiful Daughter. After she twice wounded him, he stabbed at her eyes and narrowly missed, but left himself open for her to take off his right hand with one of her fans. When she called him a bully and a sad little tyrant, he forged an energy fist and struck her with his Steel Phoenix blow, dropping her. After he savagely struck her again, she tried to yield, but he refused to accept it, preparing to strike her again. Lei Kung stopped the fight, announcing Davos as victor.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12) - As the Prince of Orphans prepared to face Fat Cobra in battle, the Prince of Orphans stated that seeing the fire in violence unleashed by Davos had made him eager to face it himself. He asked permission to face Davos instead of Fat Cobra, and Davos, correcting him that his title was Steel Phoenix, accepted. Davos warned the Prince of Orphans that he would not go easy on him due to his age and venerated status, and the Prince told him to shut up and called him a child. Davos struck savagely, but the Prince passed through his blow in immaterial form and then struck Davos repeatedly but remaining unable to be touched. The Prince of Orphans reminded him that this was a tournament with rules, and he then caught Davos as he collapsed and taught him about having a code.
    Unconscious, Davos was unable to yield, but the Prince of Orphans announced his defeat.
    Later, Lei Kung visited Davos as he recovered in bed, checking on him, but Davos (speaking with a broken jaw or just a very swollen tongue) claimed to be fine. Lei Kung reminded him that there would soon be violence in K'un-Lun and asked him whose side he would stand on. Davos responded, "...the same side I'm always on. Mine. Now leave me to heal."

(Immortal Iron Fist#13) - A bandaged Davos, bereft of his right hand, sat at the table with the other immortal weapons (Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother#1, Fat Cobra, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter), but apart from them all. The Prince of Orphans appeared and told them of a plot to destroy K'un-Lun, which would also destroy the other six realms as they were all joined with the Heart of Heaven. Davos accused him of lying and rushed off and confronted Lei Kung, telling him that the Crane Mother and Xao only wanted to destroy the Iron Fist, not all of K'un-Lun or the other Cities of Heaven. Lei Kung threw Davos a spear and sparred with him as they argued, and Lei Kung told Davos that both Xao and the Crane Mother were using and betraying him. Lei Kung dropped Davos and told him he needed to join with him to save K'un-Lun, but Davos was too furious to accept this just then.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14) - As Xao and Hydra invaded K'un-Lun, Davos observed Y-Ti (Nu-An) rushing in the other direction, followed him to the Randall Gate, and dropped him, denouncing him as always having been a worm. He then saw that Orson Randall's daughter and Lei-Kung's Army of Thunder had defeated Nu-An's Terror Priests. Hydra agents then rushed through the Gate and, realizing that they had come to destroy K'un-Lun, and he joined the Army of Thunder in fighting them off, making another energy fist for the battle. The battle carried into the battle between the other immortal weapons and Hydra, and Davos helped defeat Hydra.

    After the battle, Davos approached Lei Kung, telling him that the Crane Mother had cut him off from his chi source and that he was Steel Phoenix no more. He admitted his crimes, including giving Lei Kung's journals to the Crane Mother, allying with Xao and Hydra, and killing Orson Randall, and accepting what punishment Lei Kung had to offer. Lei Kung brought Davos back to the city and later took him to the cavern of Shou-Lao where he instructed him to watch over and protect the dragon, which would soon be reborn for her egg, until the time she no longer needed such aid. Lei Kung told him he would spend his solitary time in consolation, hopefully punishing himself for his crimes and eventually finding some solace.

(Immortal Iron Fist#18 (fb) - BTS) - Watching the Shou-Lao embryo intently for several hours, Davos noted how it was moving.

(Immortal Iron Fist#18) - When Lei Kung visited Shou Lao's cave, Davos noted the recent movement and wondered if it meant that it would be hatching soon, but Lei Kung clarified that it was moving because it sensed a disturbance and knew that something (specifically the Ch'i-Lin) wanted to devour it. Noting that the rumors were true, Davos vowed that he would allow no one to pass through the doors to the chamber, after which Lei Kung informed him that the devourer would pass through the heart of the Iron Fist itself. When Davos voiced that they should warn Daniel, Lei Kung further explained how the Ch'i-Lin sought out and slew every Iron Fist except one <Orson Randall> ..."it is their destiny, and cannot be changed."

(Immortal Iron Fist#20 (fb) - BTS) - Davos was among the warriors gathered by Lei Kung to stand before the door to Shou-Lao's cave in preparation for the arrival of the Ch'i-Lin.

(Immortal Iron Fist#20) - After Iron Fist defeated the Ch'i-Lin, Lei Kung told everyone to stand down.

    Davos asked his father why he had not warned Daniel, and Lei Kung answered that it would not have made a difference, and questioned whether knowing how one would die would affect the choices one makes in life.

    Noting that the Ch'i-Lin was a force of nature, a method of balancing the scales of the universe, he further explained that Daniel had only postponed his fate; he clarified that the Ch'i-Lin could only feed on the unhatched egg, and the egg began to hatch. steelserpentdavos-iif-rifle.jpg

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung discovered Nu-An's secret papers, which detailed a list of good people Nu-An had had exiled to the Eighth City, which has formerly been a prison for the monsters, demons, and criminals that had plagued K'un-Lun in the past.steelserpentdavos-iif-face.jpg

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 (fb)) - Lei Kung reviewed the banishments with Davos.

    When Davos decided that he would go to the Eighth City to free their brothers and sisters, Lei Kung told him no, as there was something else he needed Davos to do.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 (fb) - BTS) - Suspecting that Quan Yaozu, the first Iron Fist, still survived in the Eighth City, Lei Kung felt that the people of K'un-Lun would be supremely disheartened to learn how their former ruler(s) had treated their heroes. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung sent Davos, via the Randall Gate, to Rand-Meachum to ask Iron Fist and the other Immortal Weapons to go to the Eighth City to rescue those unjustly imprisoned there.

    He believed the Immortal Weapons would be able to enter the Eighth City and make it back out again, despite it having been a one-way gate.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung instructed Davos to wait outside the gate to the Eighth City, armed with a rifle, and slay Quan Yaozu if/when he emerged so the people of K'un-Lun would not be confronted with this secret shame.

(Immortal Iron Fist#22) - Davos discussed the freeing of the prisoners with Iron Fist, who was already planning on going, and the Immortal Weapons traveled to the Eighth City soon after.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26) - Though Davos shot Quan Yaozu, Daniel fought off Davos long enough to allow Quan Yaozu to heal himself and stab Davos through his upper back.

    Inspired by Daniel's belief that K'un-Lun was ready to hear the truth -- or that perhaps it didn't deserve to go on -- Quan ceased the fighting.

    Davos agreed to bring Quan and his people -- after their time in a veritable Hell, the innocent and the guilty could no longer be separated -- to K'un-Lun.steelserpentdavos-iftlv3 - suit & hard mask - profile

    Davos stood by as Lei Kung and Quan met, bowed to show their respect, and apparently each had a chance to explain their actions and to make peace with each other.steelserpentdavos-iftlv2 - with terror priests

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2 (fb)) - While Lei Kung/Yu-Ti prepared for the ritual of immortality, the Steel Serpent -- backed by a group of Terror Priests -- confronted the Thunderer ("Sparrow") and Pei in the cave holding Shou-Lao's egg.

    Surprising the Thunderer, Davos told her that it was time for the progenitor to step aside so that a descendant may step forward, "Death of a father is life for the son."

    As she warned Davos that he had already been given a second chance and would not get another, the Thunderer sent Pei away and then attacked the Terror Priests.

    Davos assured her that, even in K'un-Lun, the rivers must flow and replenish, and told her he had previously believed that their father had granted a woman her station to humble him, but now knew that it was a challenge.

    Apparently via machinery abilities granted by the One, Davos grabbed her from behind and raised her into the air; telling her the disgust in his eyes was the last thing she would ever see, he tore out her eyes.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3) - Davos led a group of Terror Priests to the hospital where Pei was being treated.

    They were met there by a group of Crane women, and in the ensuing battle between his forces and theirs, Davos entered Pei's room, but found it empty.

    One of Crane Mother's daughters attacked him, but he swiftly struck her down and ordered the others to find Pei.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5) - Davos located Pei after she and Brenda Meachum had defeated a spider-creature sent after them.

    Davos taunted them, noting it was amusing to watch women pretending to be men, and then demanded Pei return that which was his. Brenda instructed Pei to flee.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb) - BTS) - Brenda was unable to stop the Steel Dragon and the Terror Monks from getting past her and pursuing Pei, who tripped and dropped what she had taken, the egg of Shou-Lao, which cracked and released the infant dragon.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#6) - After Pei had befriended the young dragon and named it "Gork," based on the noise it made, Davos caught up to them, grabbed Gork by the neck, and hurled it against a brick wall. He then offered her a place of some importance in the coming kingdom, as long as she would kneel before him.

steel_serpent-davos-iftlv6.jpgsteel_serpent-davos-iftlv6-energy    Meanwhile, Det. Li and his men aimed their weapons at Davos; when he taunted the officers, noting they were like ants, keeping after him no matter how many he stepped on, they opened fire, raining bullets into him for several seconds.

    Though pained, Davos then drained the officers' life forces, restoring himself and killing all of the officers except Li.

    Davos later met with the One, who asked him how you judge a man's power, and he answered that power was taking what you want; the One countered that true power came in letting go, but that true power must be applied. The One then shared his plan to turn Manhattan into new K'un-Lun.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7) - Within Rand Tower, Davos attended a meeting of the One, the Terror Priests, and apparently the Crane mother and a number of her Crane women (although it really looked more like the ruler of the realm of the Bride of Nine Spiders)  and/or a bunch of the Crane women with the board Rand Inc., in which the One sought the Egg of Shou-Lao. When Mr. Miller denounced the One's authority and expressed his frustration with this waste of time, the One had Davos show him out...the window.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#9) - As Sparrow and Iron Fist arrived in Rand Tower,  fought their way past a group of women (Crane women?), and engaged a group of Terror Priests, Davos confronted them. As Davos mocked having taken her eyes, Iron Fist punched him out, despite his hands having not yet fully healed. After Sparrow sent Iron Fist away to find the One, Davos mocked that she could not hide behind her boyfriend anymore, but she defiantly motioned him forward with a challenge to battle.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#9 - BTS) - Iron Fist subsequently located and accessed the batteries holding K'un-Lun's chi.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#10) - As Davos fought Sparrow, the One drained the chi through Iron Fist and began to open dimensional portals between the realms of life and death. As Sparrow wondered what the strange rumbling was, Davos told her " is the glorious beginning...and when I take my place beside him, perhaps you will finally recognize my worth." However, rather than summoning Heather Rand, Zhu Rong was summoned.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11) - After Zhu-Rong defeated the One, Davos realized the situation was dire. He ordered activation of the Randall gate and noted that they were getting out of there. Sparrow argued that they couldn't just abandon Earth to the vengeance of the gods, but Davos told her they could take as many of their people as they could and start over, leading them to prosperity. When Sparrow argued that Davos had taken a part of this and that it was his responsibility, he angrily told her he had not signed up for these events and asked her if she would rather they save theirselves or die with the others.

    As Zhu-Rong prepared to transport the entire city to "Hell," Davos decided they were out of town and vowed to save his people with or without Sparrow. Instead, Pei (alongside Gork and the other revived people of K'un-Lun) told him they weren't his people and that they were done running. Davos led the Terror Priests to subdue the "betrayers of K'un-Lun," while Sparrow led the people to fight him. 

    As Iron Fist animated the entire Rand Tower into a warrior form to oppose Zhu-Rong, Davos begged his sister to come to her senses, but she encouraged K'un-Lun's warriors to stay fast, as their chi fueled the building and Iron Fist needed them. Davos assured her that another Iron Fist would replace the current one if they left now, and when she told him the world would burn if they left, he said, "Let it burn!" After futilely commanding K'un-Lun's warriors to stop, Davos seized the young Gork and -- explaining that they had left him no choice -- slew the dragon. As a result, Iron Fist was cut off completely from the chi, and Zhu-Rong destroyed the Rand Tower warrior. As the others lamented, Davos advised they end this foolishness and return to K'un-Lun and rebuild and redefine themselves before it was too late. However, the One then passed on its Chi to Iron Fist, allowing him to destroy Zhu-Rong; simultaneously, Pei seemed to access the Iron Fist power, smashing Davos into a wall.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#12 (fb) - BTS) - Davos disappeared and was nowhere to be found as the police searched the scence. 

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Al McWilliams.

    Davos, the Steel Serpent, has an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#10, which was updated in the hardcovers in issue #11.

    Thanks to Attok12 who added the info from Iron Fist I#8-9 & 13 that I had missed.

Profile by Snood.

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