Real Name: Junzo Muto

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Assassin, still a minor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Hand, Hiromitsu

Enemies: Dragon-Kings, Iron Fist, Kingpin, New Warriors, Night Thrasher, Steel Serpent, Wolverine, Yü-Ti

Known Relatives: unnamed parents (deceased)

Aliases: Iron Fist

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, formerly worked out of Seattle and Tokyo

First Appearance: New Warriors II#5 (February, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Highly skilled assassin, excellent hand-to-hand combatant (with possession of the Chi). Able to surround his fist with energy that grants him superhuman strength; able to heal injuries in himself or others. After killing Hiromitsu he also became a wizard, capable of manipulating the forces of magic, making him able to control the elements and teleportation.

History: (New Warriors II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Junzo Muto ordered The Hand to kill the sensei Masahiko. Later Night Thrasher learnt that The Hand was behind the death of Masahiko.

(New Warriors II#5) - At an unknown location, Junzo was revealed as having Steel Serpent in his custody. He stole the part of the Chi which was in Steel Serpent's possession.

(New Warriors II#7 - BTS) - Junzo then sent The Hand to get Danny Rand, a.k.a Iron Fist.

(New Warriors II#8) - In The Hand's secret hideout in Seattle, Junzo managed to steal the powers of Iron Fist. When the New Warriors arrived, Junzo Muto fought Night Thrasher, but the New Warriors made their retreat when they got their hands on Danny Rand.

(New Warriors II#10) - Hiromitsu talked with Junzo Muto, who told Hiromitsu that instead of calling him Master Junzo he should call him the Iron Fist.

(Iron Fist/Wolverine#2 (fb)) - The Hall of Ancestors was the first part of K'un Lun to arrive in Tokyo. Junzo Muto came and introduced himself to Yü-Ti and the Dragon Kings. Alongside Hiromitsu, Junzo Muto easily managed to take control of the Dragon Kings and thereby defeated Yü-Ti.

(Iron Fist/Wolverine#1) - Beneath the imperial palace in Tokyo, Junzo met with The Hand, he informing them that with the arrival of K'un Lun they would conquer it, and brought The Hand from the shadows to the sunlight, so they would be feared everywhere. Misty Knight, Iron Fist's girlfriend, was brought forward, and introduced to Junzo. She was being held by two assassins, but managed to kick him in the head anyway. Junzo became angry, and decided to break Misty's right arm (the bionic one). He told her that she had better remember that he didn't need her alive. Hiromitsu then came to have a word with him.

Junzo Muto came to Hitomitsu's place in their secret hideout beneath the imperial palace and informed him that Danny Rand had arrived in Tokyo, and that when he stepped on Tokyo soil, K'un Lun would begin to manifest in this dimension, and they would have an entire mystical city to use as their impenetrable fortress as they launched their campaign to take over the world.

(Iron Fist/Wolverine#2) - Junzo, Hiromitsu and a few assassins came to the cell where they were holding Iron Fist and Yü-Ti. Iron Fist attacked Junzo, demanding to know what had happened to Misty Knight. Junzo easily defeated his opponent, and told him that she screamed when he yanked her bionic arm from her shoulder. Yü-Ti stepped in front of his nephew, and told Junzo that the Dragon Kings were far more than just fierce beasts-- they had incredible insights, and brought to his attention the odd fact that Junzo was friendly with Hiromitsu, the man responsible for Junzo's parents death. Junzo demanded to know if it was true, and Hiromitsu told him that he shouldn't listen to him, since Hiromitsu was the one who took him in after his parents' "terrible accidental death". Junzo became angry, yelling "old man you lied to me." Hiromitsu tried to calm him down by telling him that it was his destiny to join The Hand. Iron Fist tried to stop Junzo, but Junzo told him to back off, easily defeating him once again, and threatened him with the "Power of the Iron Fist". But instead of giving Iron Fist the killing blow, he struck Hiromitsu dead with the words "That is for my parents". After having killed his former partner, he stole his wizard powers, making himself even stronger.

(Iron Fist/Wolverine#3) - Later he went to the cell of Misty Knight. Misty tried to kick him, but was easily defeated by Junzo. Junzo informed her that Danny was now in Tokyo, and the only reason he needed her alive was to get Danny to come to Tokyo, so he would be more careful if he was her. Later alongside his assassins, he watched as the super-heroes Iron Man, Luke Cage and Psylocke were fighting the Dragon Kings. He joined the fight around the time Wolverine and Iron Fist came out of the sewer system.

(Iron Fist/Wolverine#4) - Wolverine and Iron Fist got below in the sewer system again before Junzo Muto and his Dragon Kings noticed them, pre-occupied with their fight against the other super-heroes. Luke Cage jumped against Junzo with the words "Junzo's mine" leaving the Dragon Kings for Psylocke and Iron Man. Junzo kicked Luke Cage in the head, telling him that he was no match for the power of the Iron Fist. Easily taking down Luke Cage, Danny and Wolverine returned to join their friends in fighting Junzo and the Dragon Kings. Suddenly Captain America, Sunfire and some SHIELD agents joined the fight. But then, all technology was nullified, and Junzo Muto proclaimed that the transformation was now complete, Tokyo was no more, and in its was place there was now K'un Lun. Wolverine attacked Junzo, trying to take him down. Junzo told him that he was now able to control the elements and. Wolverine tried to stab him with his claws, but Yü-Ti stabbed Danny in the heart with his weapon thinking that stopping Danny's heart would be the only way to make K'un Lun disappear again. With Danny dead, Tokyo seemed back to normal. Junzo Muto decided to get away with his assassins to regroup. Wolverine tried to stop them but they teleported to safety. With Muto gone the Dragon Kings regained their control, and Danny returned to the land of the living due to K'un Lun magic. Where Junzo's hiding place was, and whether Danny would ever get his Iron Fist powers back remained to be seen...

Comments: Created by Jay Faerber and Karl Kerschl.

Iron Fist was returned to his normal power level in Black Panther III#38, thanks to the magic of Chiantang, the Black Dragon. What this means for Junzo is not known.

by The Beetle

Junzo Muto as the Iron Fist should not be confused with:

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