Real Name: Nu-An

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (K'un-Lun)

Occupation: Ruler of K'un-Lun

Group Membership: Natives of K'un-Lun

Affiliations: Dragon-Kings, Master Khan, the One (aka Shu-Hu), Shou-Lao the Undying, Shakirah/Shakari;
    unspecified alliance with Crane Mother and the other five lords of the Cities of Heaven;
    formerly the Fooh, Lei Kung the Thunderer
Sparrow/Thunderer (unnamed daughter of Orson Randall)

Enemies: Army of Thunder, Chiantang, the Fooh, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai), H'ylthriLei Kung the Thunderer, Junzo Muto, Heather Duncan Rand, Sparrow/Thunderer (unnamed daughter of Orson Randall), Steel Serpent (human; not Davos), Wendell Rand-K'ai;
Shou-Lao the Undying

Known RelativesLord Tuan (aka Tu-An; Yü-Ti, father, predecessor, deceased), Lady Meng (mother), Wu-An (older brother?)
Wendell Rand-K'ai (adopted brother; see comments), Heather Duncan Rand (sister-in-law), Daniel Rand-K'ai (Iron Fist, adoptive nephew; see comments), Miranda Rand-K'ai (Death-Sting, adoptive niece)

Aliases: August One, August Personage in Jade, Dragon Lord, Father-Heaven, Father of Heaven, the Hooded One, Lord of the K'un-Lun Mountain

Base of Operations: The dimension in which K'un-Lun exists;
    formerly the city of K'un-Lun

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#15 (May, 1974)



Powers/Abilities: Yü-Ti had some degree of combat experience as well as decades of ruling K'un-Lun, but he shows minimal skills. Apparently he is immune to aging by eating from the Tree of Immortality.

(Iron Fist I#6 (fb) - BTS / Marvel Team-Up I#64) - The future Yü-Ti was the second born son of Tuan (who was then Yü-Ti), and Tuan was the first son of his own father (see comments).

(Power Man and Iron Fist I#75 (fb)) - Yü-Ti (Tuan) and his son Nu-An dwelt within the great shining tower of K'un-Lun, looking over the peace of their realm, and watching the other dimensions through the emerald Great Crystal.

(Power Man and Iron Fist I#75 (fb)) - Yü-Ti (Tuan) and Nu-An wandered outside the city, where they encountered Shou-Lao who prepared to attack them. Wendell Rand entered K'un-Lun from Earth and drove off Shou-Lao with his rifle (see comments).

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb) - BTS) - Nu-An adopted Wendell Rand into his house as his adopted son.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb)) - Nu-An was present as Yü-Ti (Tuan) put his arm around Wendell Rand, showing preference to him over Davos.

(Iron Fist I#6 (fb) - BTS / Power Man and Iron Fist I#75 (fb)) - Wendell fell in love with and married Shakirah/Shakari. This earned him the enmity of the future Yü-Ti, who also loved Shakirah.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Nu-An helped prepare his brother Wendell's uniform as he readied for combat against Davos (the future Steel Serpent) for the right to challenge Shou-Lao the Undying. He stood silently as Davos accused Yü-Ti (Tuan) of favoritism after he pronounced Wendell the winner. The son of Tuan also stood silently as Yü-Ti (Tuan) banished Davos from K'un-Lun for challenging Shou-Lao without permission.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb)) - Nu-An watched alongside Tu-An and Lei Kung as Wendell Rand headed off to confront Shou-Lao.

(Power Man and Iron Fist I#75 (fb)) - Ten years after Wendell had saved Tuan and his son, Nu-An (future Yü-Ti) watched as Wendell left K'un-Lun for Earth.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 (fb)) - The human Steel Serpent traveled to K'un-Lun on two separate occasions of its every-ten-year appearance on Earth. Both times he challenged the August Personage in Jade for the fabled wealth and immortality of K'un-Lun, and both times he lost (see comments).

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21 (fb) - BTS) - Lord Tuan died and became first among the Yama Kings of Feng-Tu, while Nu-An became the new Yü-Ti.

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 (fb) - BTS) - Yü-Ti (Nu-An) used the Eighth City as a place to which he could banish his opponents.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#8 (fb) - BTS) <According to the spirit or just a delusion of the Fooh> - The One was used as a way to control power, a final task challenge whose outcome was predetermined by Yü-Ti (we don't know if this was the case before Nu-An became Yü-Ti).  

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 (fb)) - The human Steel Serpent traveled to K'un-Lun and challenged the August Personage in Jade for the fabled wealth and immortality of K'un-Lun. He was defeated (see comments).

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Yü-Ti welcomed the ten year old Daniel Rand to K'un-Lun, wishing him a rewarding stay and expressing his grief over Daniel's parents' fate. He told Daniel that anything he wanted would be his, and Daniel told him that he wanted revenge. Yü-Ti appeared to be saddened by this response. He told Daniel that that revenge was the one thing he could not give: "revenge is a weapon that cuts two ways and cuts deep. It must never be given as a gift." Instead, he offered a more precious gift, more lasting by far; he offered training in the martial arts at the hands of Lei Kung, which would strengthen his body and spirit and turn his hatred aside.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb)) - Flanked by his Dragon Kings, Yü-Ti watched in disgust as the young Wendell cried that he just wanted to go home with his family while receiving a beating from the young Kheng. After asking someone to remind him how this runt had found his way into the pack, Yü-Ti instructed Lei Kung to allow Kheng to sharpen his teeth on the whelp, so that he would have some purpose. As Kheng again knocked down Rand, Yü-Ti announced his boredom and instructed his allies to retire with him to his sitting chambers. It is not clear whether he saw Rand savagely beat Kheng after Kheng mocked Rand's recently slain mother. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb)) - Flanked by Lei Kung and his Dragon Kings, Yü-Ti accepted the newest Iron Fist's demand to meet the challenge of "The One." 
    The One brutally beat and apparently slew this Iron Fist.

(Marvel Premiere#18 (fb)) - When a Tibetan monk visited K'un-Lun, Yü-Ti showed him the young human boy who was training under Lei Kung.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21 (fb)) - Yü-Ti spoke to young Daniel Rand, telling him that he must learn strategy, because the finest martial artist could be overcome by someone who was able to anticipate his thoughts and moves. He further explained that if he and Daniel were enemies, and Yü-Ti knew Daniel could defeat him in open combat, that he could defeat Daniel by wearing him down with a thousand little battles until he was ready to fight him at a time and place of his own choosing. Though this was not honorable, a warrior must be aware of all his enemies' stratagems if he is to overcome them.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb) / Power Man and Iron Fist I#119 (fb)) - After mastering many skills under Lei Kung, Daniel appeared before Yü-Ti, telling him that even this had not been enough for him. Though he considered denying Daniel any further power because of his pride and anger, Yü-Ti offered him one more thing: to risk death to gain the power of the Iron Fist. Daniel accepted the challenge and slew Shou-Lao, claiming its power.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Alongside the Dragon Kings, Yü-Ti asked Iron Fist if he was ready to be challenged to prove himself worthy of joining the company of immortals.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#8 (fb) - BTS) <According to the spirit or just a delusion of the Fooh> - Yü-Ti arranged for the One to be programmed to fall in combat before Daniel.

(Marvel Premiere#15) - Alongside the Dragon Kings, Yü-Ti observed the young Iron Fist overcoming the Challenge of the Many. Yü-Ti advised him to pause for a moment's contemplation before facing the Challenge of the One. When Iron Fist announced that he was ready, Yü-Ti introduced his opponent, Shu-Hu. As Iron Fist struggled against Shu-Hu, one of the Dragon Kings expressed his doubts about whether Iron Fist should be welcomed into the company of immortals instead of just being cast back into the endless snows outside the city. 

(Marvel Premiere#15 / Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7 (fb)) - Yü-Ti remained silent, watching as Iron Fist eventually persevered and defeated Shu-Hu. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7 (fb)) - While Yü-Ti and his four Dragon Lords seemed pleased, Fooh scowled back at Iron Fist. 

(Marvel Premiere#15) - Afterwards Yü-Ti congratulated Iron Fist, offering him the right to choose between immortality and death.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Yü-Ti brought Iron Fist with him to the Tree of Immortality, reminding him of the one day in every ten year connection between K'un-Lun and Earth, with the next day being that day. Yü-Ti offered Daniel the choice: to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Immortality and dwell among the eternal people of K'un-Lun forever or to pass through the gates back to Earth, never to return. Yü-Ti encouraged Daniel to eat of the fruit, but Iron Fist refused, stating that he must instead return to Earth to gain vengeance on Harold Meachum. Yü-Ti tried to dissuade Iron Fist from this decision, telling him "hatred is a flower whose roots strangle all they encompass." When Iron Fist questioned what an immortal could know of hatred or the pain of a loved one's death, Yü-Ti responded, "I know more than you could ever imagine, Daniel--for Wendell Rand was not only your father--he was also my brother!"

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Yü-Ti was present as Iron Fist left K'un-Lun the next morning.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 (fb)) - The human Steel Serpent again traveled to K'un-Lun and challenged the August Personage in Jade for the fabled wealth and immortality of K'un-Lun. He was again defeated (see comments).

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#9 (fb)) - Yü-Ti accused Fooh: "You betrayed the tenets of technology and stand charged with treason. Fooh, counsel of darkness, you are accused of impersonating an immortal of flesh with lifeless metal and brutal science. Your bastard perversion shall hereby be purged from our immortal lands and then you shallow follow --" Fooh interrupted, arguing that he was simply following orders, demanding that he be released, that he had stood by Nu-An's father (Tuan)'s side before Nu-An could walk. When he threatened to share the kingdom's darkest secrets, Yü-Ti silenced him, telling Fooh he had served his family well and, out of respect he would spare Fooh the eternal fall; however, he stated that it was beyond  his station to grant pardon, as he had failed his people, and he was hereby stripped of his position, his citizenship, and his immortality...and he was sentenced to...<death>."
    Fooh was apparently beheaded by one of
Yü-Ti's agents.

(Marvel Premiere#24-25, Iron Fist I#1-2, 5/Iron Fist I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Yü-Ti observed Iron Fist during his months(?) on Earth via his jade Great Crystal.

(Iron Fist I#6) - From his study, Yü-Ti watched Iron Fist as he searched for Colleen Wing, commenting aloud that he could warn his former ward that he was walking into a trap of Master Khan's, but chose not to warn him. Just then Lei Kung burst into the room. Yü-Ti indignantly reminded him that his study was sacrosanct, forbidden to all, but Lei Kung accused him of using the Great Crystal to spy on Iron Fist, leaving K'un-Lun wide open to H'ylthri attack. Lei Kung asked Yü-Ti if the laws meant nothing to him, and Yü-Ti reminded him that Davos (Lei Kung's son) had fled K'un Lun a condemned traitor and that in K'un-Lun, Yü-Ti was the law. Lei Kung defiantly responded that the laws stated that K'un-Lun would be "ruled by the first son of the first son? And were you not born Lord Tuan's second son? Daniel Rand should have been told his heritage...that his father should have ruled K'un-Lun, not you!" When Lei Kung further commented that Yü-Ti's brother had died a most convenient death, Yü-Ti struck him across the face with his staff, banished him from his room, and told him to thank the gods he had let him live after what he'd said.
    Yü-Ti quickly realized that he had now added his strong right arm to those he could no longer trust, and he cursed his brother for coming between him and his heart's desire even in death. He reminisced on his lover, Shakirah, loving Wendell and bearing his child, whom Yü-Ti drove from K'un-Lun, just as he had driven Wendell from K'un-Lun. Yü-Ti began madly shouting that Wendell was unfit to rule, that he had only taken what was his by right, and that nothing would take K'un-Lun from him.

(Iron Fist I#7) - Master Khan bargained with Iron Fist, asking him to leave Khan to the takeover of Halwan in exchange for the chance for vengeance on his mother's murderer (and the man who would have slain his father had he been given the chance): Yü-Ti. With a portal having been opened between Yü-Ti's study in K'un-Lun and Master Khan's abode, Yü-Ti attempted to command Khan to be silent. Master Khan continued, "He usurped the throne that should have been your father's, that should be yours!--and drove Wendell Rand-K'ai from K'un-Lun on pain of death. He stood before the Lung-Wang, the Dragon Kings, and swore to them that the day of your father's return would be the day of K'un-Lun's death! And when your mother stood upon the Bridge of Dreams, with wolves close on your heels, where were Yü-Ti's vaunted archers?--who knew you were coming!! And if what I have said is a lie, o August Personage in Jade, then deny it to your brother's son! Deny it--on your honor as a warrior!!"
    Yü-Ti was silent. When questioned by Iron Fist, he merely stated, "I am what I am, Iron Fist. I can be no less." Declaring that he would get answers from Yü-Ti another day, Iron Fist shattered Master Khan's portal to K'un-Lun.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64) - Lei Kung used Yü-Ti's Great Crystal to observe the battle between Iron Fist and the Steel Serpent (Davos), which ended in the seeming death of the Steel Serpent. Yü-Ti offered his sympathies to Lei Kung for his apparent loss, and then told Lei Kung that he wished he could change so much, but that it was too late for wishing and that he was old before his time, and he was alone. Lei Kung reminded him that the choice had been his, but Yü-Ti  told him that he had paid for his mistake. Seeing something of his own senseless hatred of Iron Fist in Davos, he realized that he had let his fear that Iron Fist rule him. He claimed to realize his mistake, that Iron Fist was a man of Earth and had no interest in taking over K'un-Lun.

(Power Man and Iron Fist I#74 (fb) - BTS) - Master Khan used the Jade Tiger to return to K'un-Lun, and he was followed by Power Man and Iron Fist.

(Power Man and Iron Fist I#75) - As Power Man and Iron Fist approached K'un-Lun, the archers of K'un-Lun fired upon them until Lei Kung stopped the archers and welcomed his former ward and his ally to the city. Once they were safely inside, Yü-Ti appeared, welcomed them, and invited them to dinner. At that meal, Yü-Ti discussed the dual threats of the H'ylthri and the wolves, proclaiming that Iron Fist would lead the city to victory in its time of need. Iron Fist agreed to do this, but only on the condition that Yü-Ti explain to him about his father. Yü-Ti became irate, telling Iron Fist that it is his honor and duty to obey the August Personage in Jade, but Lei Kung calmed him, convincing Yü-Ti to tell him about his family. Yü-Ti attempted to excuse Power Man from the discussion, but Iron Fist insisted he stay. After the story had been told, Lei Kung mentioned that perhaps Wendell had been returning to K'un-Lun to claim the throne that was rightfully his after Lord Tuan's death. Yü-Ti silenced Lei Kung and then departed, telling Iron Fist that his father had left his daughter, Miranda, behind due to the pain of losing Shakari, and because she was only a girl.
    The next morning, Yü-Ti gave a lengthy speech to the warriors of K'un-Lun, instructing them to fight valiantly against the H'ylthri. During the victory celebration following the slaughtering of the H'ylthri, Yü-Ti (or one of his agents) struck Iron Fist from behind, then bound him to the Great Crystal in preparation for his sacrifice to Master Khan. Yü-Ti explained to Iron Fist that Master Khan was the god worshipped by the people of K'un-Lun, who provided him with blood sacrifices. Yü-Ti revealed that he sometimes kept secrets from the other people of the city, that it has always been the leaders' secret and responsibility to choose sacrifices and so protect the majority of the people. Yü-Ti explained that Shou-Lao had been the vehicle for such sacrifices for generations until Iron Fist had slain him. Yü-Ti raised the sacrificial blade to cut out Iron Fist's heart (and thus return the power of the heart of the dragon to Master Khan), but Power Man and Lei Kung then came to the rescue. Power Man shattered the blade, slapped Yü-Ti to the side, and freed Iron Fist. Yü-Ti called on Master Khan to help defeat the outworlders, and Khan summoned the Ninja, while Yü-Ti commanded his warriors to attack.
    Power Man and Iron Fist eventually defeated their foes and forced Master Khan to open a portal back to Earth. Yü-Ti was furious that Master Khan was letting them go since he had promised their deaths, but Khan silenced him and told him they'd speak of his presumption at length later. Yü-Ti was helpless to stop Iron Fist as he shattered the Great Crystal, the alleged force that created the every-ten-year portals between Earth and K'un-Lun.

(Power Man and Iron Fist I#119 (fb)) - Yü-Ti and the weakened Master Khan were forced to flee K'un-Lun as Chiantang assaulted and leveled the city after escaping and learning of the death of Shou-Lao.






(Iron Fist II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Having usurped the Iron Fist power from Daniel Rand, Davos, the Steel Serpent, returned to K'un-Lun and became its new protector.

(Iron Fist II#2) - Guided by Lei-Kung, Daniel Rand returned to K'un-Lun alongside Misty Knight. There Yü-Ti commanded Misty to release "Brother Ji-Phu," one of the sacred snow monkeys who are said to hold the souls of K'un Lun monks. Daniel chafed at being treated like a criminal by Yü-Ti and the Dragon Kings who approached him with their staffs raised as if for combat. Yü-Ti agreed to arrange a meeting between Daniel and Davos. 
    After Iron Fist had defeated the Steel Serpent, Yü-Ti instructed him that custom dictated that he slay the Steel Serpent, but Iron Fist refused.








(Heroes for Hire#8 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to restore order to Earth after the seeming deaths of many heroes against Onslaught, Iron Fist performed a spell that would magically transport K'un-Lun to Earth on a certain date; the presence of Iron Fist's heartbeat in Tokyo, Japan at that time was required for the transfer.

(New Warriors II#10) - Junzo Muto usurped the power of the Iron Fist from Daniel Rand.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#1) - Iron Fist's arrival in Tokyo, to rescue Misty Knight, kidnapped by Junzo Muto of the Hand, triggered the transfer of K'un-Lun to Earth.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Dragon Kings told Yü-Ti that Muto's trainer, Hiromotsu, had slain Muto's parents.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#2 (fb)) - Junzo Muto confronted Yü-Ti and the Dragon Kings, telling them that they were now his to command. Yü-Ti had the Dragon Kings transform into dragon form to attack Muto, but Hiromotsu cast a spell that froze the dragons in place and then made them Muto's to command.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#3 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably Muto kept Yü-Ti alive because he held the key to many of K'un-Lun's secrets.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#2) - Iron Fist was knocked out by one of the Dragon Kings and then thrown in a cell alongside Yü-Ti. When Muto and Hiromotsu confronted them, Yü-Ti told Muto that Hiromotsu had killed his parents, after which Muto slew Hiromotsu and usurped his power.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#3) - Iron Fist and Yü-Ti remained in a cell together. The spirit of Heather Duncan Rand appeared before Iron Fist, telling him to remember that he still had family. Seemingly talking to thin air, Iron Fist recounted his parents' deaths, for which he now blamed Yü-Ti. His uncle told him that blood was thicker than water. When Wolverine came to free Iron Fist, he decided to allow Yü-Ti to come with them. Wolverine, Iron Fist, and Misty Knight protected Yü-Ti from various Hand assassins as they escaped, though they crossed right into the middle of the major battle of the heroes against the Hand.

(Iron Fist: Wolverine#4) - Yü-Ti suggested that they allow the other heroes to continue the fight so that Iron Fist could be brought outside of Tokyo and thus break the spell and return K'un-Lun to its own dimension. Iron Fist, Wolverine, and Misty refused to leave their friends to fight alone against the Hand's greater numbers. As the heroes fought, however, Yü-Ti reasoned that since Iron Fist's heartbeat was what was keeping K'un-Lun on Earth, he could correct the problem by killing Iron Fist. Yü-Ti grabbed a spear and charged at Iron Fist, though warned of the attack in time to stop it, Iron Fist took responsibility for his part in bringing K'un-Lun to Earth and allowed Yü-Ti to skewer him through the chest. Misty punched Yü-Ti to the ground, but Iron Fist's death had the desired effect, and K'un-Lun (and Yü-Ti) faded from Earth. The Dragon Kings were left behind, however.
    Wendell and Heather Rand, as well as several other spirits of Feng-Tu, restored Iron Fist to life.

(Immortal Iron Fist#6) - Yü-Ti appeared alongside Lei-Kung, demanding Iron Fist (Daniel Rand) participate in the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities; Iron Fist accepted and departed with them.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8) - Yü-Ti met with Iron Fist, telling him of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven and its tournament, occurring every 88 years. Iron Fist asked him why his father did not become Iron Fist, but Yü-Ti told him it was a long story and now was not the time.
    Sometime later, Yü-Ti accompanied Iron Fist and Lei-Kung into the Heart of Heaven and then introduced him to the immortal weapons of the other six cities. Iron Fist was enraged upon seeing Davos, but when the Crane Mother asked him if he could not control his warrior (again), he reminded her that she had had to purchase her own weapon and noted that Iron Fist's anger was just, if inappropriate at this time. Yü-Ti then watched as Fat Cobra provided the evening's entertainment and as Fat Cobra then chose Iron Fist as his first opponent.

(Immortal Iron Fist#9 - BTS) - Yü-Ti was presumably present as Fat Cobra defeated Iron Fist.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10) - Yü-Ti was annoyed to note that Iron Fist was absent at the next combat, b/t Dog Brother #1 and Bride of Nine Spiders. Lei-Kung told him that Iron Fist was merely licking his wounds and salving his pride. Afterwards, Yü-Ti sought out Iron Fist, checking the Randall Gate, which was discharging energy, and then summoned his servant girl, the unnamed daughter of Orson Randall. As she had been guarding the gate, he asked her if anyone had used the machine, specifically if Iron Fist had. She told him no. Noting that while her body was not showing signs that she was lying, there were many techniques that a warrior might use to suppress these. Gripping her neck to the point of pain and then shoving her away, he told her that he would be sending a legion of his Shaolin Terror Priests to Earth. When she tried to dissuade him, telling him that use by so many might make the Gate no longer secret, he dropped her to the ground with a kick and told her to do as he commanded...though she apparently saw the blow coming and merely allowed herself to be struck.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11) - Yü-Ti was annoyed to note that Iron Fist was absent at the next combat, Steel Phoenix vs. Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, but Lei Kung noted that three other immortal weapons were also absent, then asked Yü-Ti to allow him to watch his son.
    Yü-Ti later visited Lei Kung and unnamed Randall woman, questioning them on "a certain bauble I have misplaced," and they both feigned ignorance, even when Yü-Ti hinted that he suspected her and he was questioning Lei Kung's loyalty.
    After Iron Fist returned, Yü-Ti questioned where he had been, and Iron Fist answered "healing and meditating...what have you been up to?"

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 - BTS) - Yü-Ti was presumably present as the Prince of Orphans defeated Steel Phoenix.yutikunlunsonoftuan7-iif14.jpg

(Immortal Iron Fist#13) - Iron Fist confronted Yü-Ti, telling him that he knew of the Randall Gate and that Yü-Ti had been using it to visit the world of men as he liked, paying handsomely for the privilege. Yü-Ti called him an impudent whelp, and Iron Fist called Yü-Ti a tyrant, liar, pig, and a spoiled brat. Iron Fist continued that his rule had been in the service of his own hedonism and told them that this was his one chance in this life to do right by his people, to confess his sins and step down from his post. When Iron Fist threatened to otherwise tell the people of K'un-Lun and let them decide, Yü-Ti chose to take his chances in the court of public opinion. After Iron Fist departed Yü-Ti summoned his Terror Priests and instructed them to go forth and discretely destroy the Randall Gate.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14) - As Xao threatened to destroy all seven Cities of Heaven, Steel Phoenix saw Yü-Ti cowardly fleeing and followed him to the Randall Gate where he intended to stop his Terror Priests from destroying it so he could escape. Denouncing Nu-An, Davos knocked him to the ground, and they both were surprised to find Randall's daughter and the Army of Thunder present, having already defeated the Terror Priests. Slicing off Yü-Ti's mask, she named him as Nu-An and told him that he was their prisoner and that their revolution was at hand. However, when Hydra's forces rushed through the Gate, Nu-An escaped like a thief in the night.
    After Xao and Hydra's defeat, Lei Kung was named the new lord of K'un-Lun.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas (writer), Gil Kane (artist), Dick Giordano (inker).

    "Yü-Ti" is NOT a proper name, it is a title. "Yü-Ti" and "the August Personage in Jade" can be used separately or together but they both mean the same thing.  It's like referring to Queen Elizabeth of England as "Her Royal Highness, the Queen of England."  Proof of this can be found in Marvel Team-Up #64.  In a flashback, Davos recalls how he battled to win the right to face Shou-Lao in front of "Tuan, who was then Yü-Ti, the August Personage in Jade."  Davos also recalls how, after "Tuan had died, Wendell's brother (succeeded) him as Yü-Ti."
--Donald Campbell

    Yü-Ti has several other appearances, but they were not likely this Yü-Ti, who only ascended to the title thirty years ago or so. It is not known how long Nu-An's father, Tuan, ruled as Yü-Ti, so it can't be certain. It might have been decades, centuries, millennia, or even hundreds of thousands of year.

    Yü-Ti might well have been behind the scenes in almost every appearance of Iron Fist up to Power Man and Iron Fist I#75, when Iron Fist shattered the Great Crystal.

    In the flashback in Power Man and Iron Fist#119, Daniel Rand appeared before Yü-Ti, specifically seeking the power of the Iron Fist, whereas in other flashbacks, he just wanted more power, and it was Yü-Ti who offered him the chance to gain the Iron Fist.

    It's interesting that Yü-Ti and the people of K'un-Lun are supposed to be immortals, and yet Yü-Ti appeared to be in his early teens like 30 years ago. I guess he could certainly have only been born 40 years ago and still be an immortal. I think Lei Kung is tens of thousands of years old. Yü-Ti was already prematurely(?) balding when Wendell fought Davos decades ago, and his hair was white in Iron Fist/Wolverine.

    In his latest appearances, Yü-Ti was no longer the August Personage in JADE...he wore grey/silver robes in Iron Fist II#2, and he wore crimson in the Iron Fist/Wolverine series.

    In the letter page to Marvel Premiere#15, Roy Thomas commented how the K'un-Lun origin of Iron Fist was inspired by the origin of Bill Everett's Amazing Man.

    Theoretically, if the Eternals and Deviants represented the Olympian and Mesopotamian Gods in ancient times, then maybe the denizens of K'un-L'un did the same for the Chinese Gods.

Donald Campbell's OTHER K'un-Lun comments

    The only account of Shakari's death that I've ever read appeared in Power Man & Iron Fist #75 when Yü-Ti told Danny that Wendell decided to leave K'un-Lun because he was grief-stricken when Shakari was killed by a H'ylthri.  As far as I know, the idea that she was killed by "Yü-Ti's" men has never appeared in any Iron Fist story but I haven't read them all and so I could be wrong.  However, if I am wrong, then that would mean that at least part of the story that Yü-Ti told Danny about Wendell's past in PM&IF #75 was definitely a lie.
--I believe it was a H'ylthri that killed her, but in Iron Fist I#6, Yü-Ti describes driving Wendell from K'un-Lun so that he could claim rule for himself. Since Shakari/Shakirah's death is what drove Wendell from K'un-Lun, I'd ASSume that he was involved, even if only by distracting the archers from watching over Wendell and Shakari/Shakirah.

Snood again:
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#6: K'un-Lun entry revealed(?) that the natives of K'un-Lun were actually aliens who had crash-landed upon a small extradimensional world a million years ago. I don't THINK that information was mentioned elsewhere prior to that, but I thought the H'ylthri had described them as aliens at some point...meaning only that they weren't native to K'un-Lun (meaning possibly from Earth).
Donald again: The idea that the people of K'un-Lun are the descendants of extraterrestrials has not been substantiated and in fact has been contradicted somewhat.  Chris Claremont first introduced the idea that the people of K'un-Lun were "alien" to the H'ylthri-dominated planet in Iron Fist #2 and I have no doubt that the back-story which he had planned for them would have been that they were extraterrestrials who had been trapped in K'un-Lun since their spaceship crashed there long ago.  Unfortunately, as with so many of his storylines, Claremont never got around to developing that back-story and so it appeared only in the pages of the OHotMU.  Eventually, John Byrne decided to resurrect Iron Fist and, in the course of the storyline which did so, he consistently referred to the people of K'un-Lun as "human" (as in Doctor Strange's statement that "The H'ylthri had gained dominance on that world long before the human settlers came.").  In Namor I#24, the Plantman stated: "The H'ylthri were seeking a means to attack the world from which their greatest enemies originated."  I take this to mean that the people of K'un-Lun came from Earth.  Sure, these statements could be explained away (like, maybe the H'ylthri lied to the Plantman) but until it is, it remains something that contradicts OHotMU material.
--Human, as opposed to plant-based perhaps? I think the information implies different conclusions, but the jury is still out on that one.

    A detailed, thorough, and accurate discussion on the true relationship of Wendell and K'un-Lun courtesy of Donald Campbell...now rendered moot by the thorough ret-cons of the Immortal Iron Fist series.

Profile by Snood.

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    The whole idea that Wendell Rand was an American explorer who had been ADOPTED by Lord Tuan as his heir after saving him and his biological son from being killed by Shou-Lao is a retcon that I have never liked or
accepted.  I don't know Jo Duffy so I can't comment on her character but for some reason her retcon has always struck me as, well, spiteful.  I can't explain why I feel that way, I just do.  However, since my feelings shouldn't have any bearing on this matter, I have two non-emotional reasons for rejecting this retcon.  First, the idea that Wendell Rand was an American has never been substantiated in any other story.  In fact, there have been no in-story references to that idea since PM&IF #75.  It has only appeared in some issues of the OHotMU and not in all of them.
    Second, the idea itself is inconsistent with "facts" established in earlier Iron Fist stories.  Two good examples come to mind.  In Iron Fist I#6, Lei Kung accuses Yü-Ti of violating one of the laws of K'un-Lun.  When Yü-Ti mentions that he IS the law in the city, Lei Kung points out that "those laws say that we shall be ruled by the first son of the first son" and then asks, "Were you not BORN Lord Tuan's second son?"  Okay, by itself this isn't absolute proof.  Just because the current Yü-Ti was Tuan's second son doesn't mean that Tuan's first son had to be Wendell.  Maybe Tuan's oldest son died before Wendell arrived in K'un-Lun.  But then there's Marvel Team-Up I#64 and that flashback to how Davos came to be banished.  Here's a quote: "In all K'un-Lun, only one man was Davos' equal: Wendell Rand-K'ai, FIRST-BORN son of Tuan, who was then Yü-Ti, the August Personage in Jade."  For me, these two quotes, taken together, ARE convincing proof that Wendell Rand-K'ai was Tuan first-born son and heir.  Many of the "immortals of K'un-Lun" hold "Earther mortals" in contempt and Davos was not an exception. He would never consider Wendell as Tuan's first-born son unless he couldn't avoid it (i.e. unless it was true).  Also, I think it unlikely that an American who had been trapped in K'un-Lun because he had been so seriously injured that he couldn't be moved would recover and develop fighting skills that were so great that he could defeat (one of) the best warriors of K'un-Lun.  Sure, Danny did so but he was VERY strongly motivated to do so whereas Wendell had a wife and daughter to occupy his time.  Why would he bother training...unless he WAS from K'un-Lun and, because of his upbringing, just couldn't help himself?
    Okay, I think that I've demonstrated that Yü-Ti's story about Wendell being Tuan's adopted son and heir was definitely a lie. After all, he certainly lied when he claimed that Wendell had chosen to leave K'un-Lun to "return to Earth" after Shakirah's death since IF #6 showed him him reminiscing about how he had driven both Wendell and Wendell's child with Shakirah from K'un-Lun.  So, if he did lie, what was his motivation?  The simple answer is that he wanted to hold on to his "heart's desire" - his position as Yü-Ti and rulership of K'un-Lun.  As Tuan's second son, Wendell's brother had essentially usurped the throne from Danny, the true heir.  By telling Danny that his father was really born on Earth and not in K'un-Lun, Yü-Ti hoped to strengthen Danny's bond to Earth while weakening his connection to K'un-Lun, thus reducing the chances that Danny would decide to stay in the city and learn that he was the rightful heir.
    --Having re-read all of the issues having appearances or mentioning either Wendell or Yü-Ti, I have to agree with this point whole-heartedly. The recent Iron Fist/Wolverine series has Iron Fist's mother refer to Yü-Ti  as his blood relative. Yü-Ti specifically refers to Wendell as his brother, and there is no talk of his being adopted. See the Wendell Rand-K'ai profile for further discussion on this.
    At any rate, the whole Immortal Iron Fist series has rendered this all moot. It's pretty clear that Wendell was native to Earth and adopted.

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