Alfheim Thor #277 (November 1978) Land inhabited by the Ljo's-Alfar (more commonly known as the "Bright" of "Light" Elves") and one of the Nine Worlds of Asgard.

Agamotto's Realm Dr. Strange #1 (June 1974) Dimension accessed via the Orb of Agamotto; it is a land of unreality where physical laws do not apply and will take on forms from a visitor's subconsciousness.

Amazar Scarlet Witch #1 (January 1994) Solitary floating landmass, existing in the void of space within an unrevealed dimension; world of swords and magic ruled by Eleyn the witch Queen.

Anesthesia Fantastic Four: True Story #3 (November 2008) Astral realm at the border of the Dream Dimension. Reached by human psyche's during anestesia induced sleep.

Ankh Dimension Iron Man #35 (March 1971) Mystical Earth-like world where the balance between good and evil is maintained by the Brotherhood of Order and Chaos who use the Ankh symbol; aka 13th Dimension.

"Another World" dimension Tales to Astonish #7 (January 1960) Alien world parallel to Earth dimension, contains advanced humanoid civilization; explorer traveled to Earth with a camera-like device with proof of the Earth's dimension but nobody believed him.

Arakne Knights of Pendragon #6 (December 1992) Alien dimension or alternate Earth inhabited by a race of spider-beings called the Araknoids; other worlds may possess other forms of humanoid insect or arthropod life.

Asgard Journey into Mystery #85 (October 1962) Floating planetoid in a dimensional space and mystical home of the Asgardians (Norse gods), including the Aesir and Vanir; plus the Elves, Giants; one of the Nine Worlds of Asgard where the Norse gods dwell but presently located on the Earth Dimension.

Astral Plane XXX #yy () aka "The realm of the Mind" and "The Temple of Oshtur" An abstract dimension that is shaped by the minds of those inhabiting it. The realm is relatively easy to access by both mystics and non-mystic psychics.

Astral Realm of Morgan Le Fey Avengers #240 (February 1984) Psychic realm laying between life and death where spirits with sufficient mystical abilities can maintain their existence as an ethereal form and manipulate matter with their minds.

Avalon Fantastic Four #54 (September 1966) Mystical realm inhabited by Amergin and laying between the Earth dimension and the Dark Realm of the Fomor; King Arthur sleeps there waiting to once again rise and defend England.

Badlands New Mutants #20 (October 1984) Mystical realm created by the Demon-Bear and resembles the American southwest.

Balatraan Dimension Thor Annual 1999 Alien dimension technology is predominant and sorcery has been outlawed; Ceranda, an outcast and exiled sorceress, witnessed Thor battling Dr. Doom on another dimension and transported the two of them to her world as she was lonely and desired Thor to be her companion.

Bast Iron Man #51 (October 1972) Formerly an Earth-like Microworld devastated by atomic fire.

Bazaar at the End of Reason Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (January 1993) Pocket realm containing a city where sorcerers can ply their trades and sell their magic wares to visitors; populated by humanoid sorcerers, aliens and extradimensional beings.

Beliath Marvel Team-Up #125 (January 1983) Mythical realm of the fire-beasts of Beliath; may have some connection to Belasco's limbo.

Bewilderness Death's Head #14 (January 1994) Realm beyond the spiral of probability vortices; home to Psyphon - a possible future counterpart of Death's Head (Minion).

Biphasia Giant-Size Werewolf #5 (July 1975) Semi-mystical realm divided equally between darkness (Shadow Realm) and light (Searland); world is sustained by Delandra, the Half-Queen who sits on her throne mute and motionless; time passes differently where several hours may have passed there while only a second may have passed on Earth.

Black Sea Sub-Mariner #40 (Aug 1971) Realm inhabited by telepathic people who were at one time in the Earth's past, rulers of Namor's Atlantis; driven away to seek a new world due to religious persecution.

Boreas Marvel Spotlight #14 (March 1974) Mystical realm consisting of barren ice wastelands that is the embodiment of man's tendency to resist change; home to Ikthalon and his Ice Demons; aka Iceworld of Ikthalon

Borders of the Land of the Dead Strange Tales #5 (Aug 1987) Located between the corporeal world and various realms of the dead; Andromeda, Interloper, Manslaughter and Valkyrie battled the Dragon of the Moon in this dimension but their physical bodies were slain in the process.

Brilliant City X-Man #67 (September 2000) Unrevealed alternate Earth or possible higher plane of existence populated by race of cosmically powered humans.

Citadel of Silence Avengers Annual #1 (1967) Immense, uninhabited city floating among the Abyss between the What-Has-Been and the Never-Shall-Be; unconfirmed connection to the Realm of the Beasts.

Cloudsea Graphi Novel #22: Spider-Man: Hooky (1986) Mystical alien world composed of floating landmasses and a breathable atmosphere, sorcery is prominent and is policed by the League of Three Threes-a group of wizards.

Court of Anubis Son of Satan #6 (December 1976) Pocket realm connected to Heliopolis, acts as a portal to Anubis' Palace of Death and Rebirth.

Creation II Dr. Strange #19 (October 1976) Pocket realm existing beyond the Quadriverse controlled by a cabal of Sorcerers from different time periods; sought to transform their bodies into stellar forms and turn the stars into living beings and gain the source of omnipotent power.

Crimson Cosmos X-Men #33 (June 1967) Mystical world accessed via the Ruby of Cyttorak; created by Cyttorak to house the prototype gemstone used to empower the Juggernaut.

Crimson Dawn Uncanny X-Men #330 (March 1996) Mystic realm, energies used to heal Psylocke.

Crossroads Hulk-Worlds, Various alien and Earth-like worlds visited by the Hulk while exiled to the Crossroads of Realities; some of these worlds may connected to other dimensions that have been seen elsewhere, but the names remain unrevealed.

Crossroads of Time Motor Mouth & Killpower #9 (February 1992) Pocket realm where the Time Guardian can channel his temporal energies and travel through time; connected to the dimension of No-Space; possibly connected to Immortus' Limbo, but unconfirmed.

Crystalium Crystar #1 (May 1983) Mystical world important to the powers of Order and Chaos; opposing factions were transformed into beings of crystal who serve Order and lava that serve Chaos.

Dark Dimension Strange Tales #126 (November 1964) Amalgamation of various realities merged together via mystical means into a single domain and ruled by Dormammu.

Dark Dimension Incredible Hulk #126 (April 1970) Former realm of Dark-Crawler.

Dark Place Midnight Sons Unlimited #1 (April 1993) Dimension of absolute darkness accessed via the Darkhold; any who are trapped within are subject to intense nightmare visions, although light can temporarily negate these effects; unrevealed demon creatures exist and possibly feed on the fear generated by the darkness; may have some unrevealed connection to Nightmare's Realm.

Dark Realm of the Fomor Avengers #225 (May 1985) Mystical realm adjacent to Avalon, populated by the dark Celtic gods known as the Fomor.

Death Dimension Marvel Fanfare #6 (January 1983) Reality where the spirits of the recently deceased exist if their souls had not passed on to any of the various Afterlives; has been referred to as the Land of Shades and the Realm of Shadows.

Defiler's Realm West Coast Avengers #38 (November 1988) Barren and desolate nether-realm of the demonic entity known as the Defiler; the dimension acts a power siphon in which the Defiler can absorb energy from others that have been sent there.

Demon-Realm Defenders #58 (April 1978) Universe composed of mostly solid matter and very little empty space and physical laws are reversed; inhabited by Vera Gemini and Belathauzer.

Dimension of Arioch Strange Tales #13 (April 1987) Unrevealed dimension said to exist far beyond all others where beings exist with power dwarfing those of demon-kind such as Mephisto and Satannish; dimension ruled by Arioch the Lord of Chaos, a lieutenant of Shuma-Gorath; Dr. Strange usurped Arioch's power and used it to destroy Shuma-Gorath.

Dimension of Blackbody Silver Surfer #111 (December 1995) Alien universe where the Silver Surfer had entered and was temporarily divided into numerous sections and bartered to a variety of races.

Dimension of Ceranda Thor Annual 1999 See Balatraan Dimension

Dimension of Doom Tales of Suspense #23 (November 1961) Flat alien dimension populated by technologically advanced 2-D men and Hypno-creatures; built dimensional transport devices and sought to invade the Earth dimension.

Dimension of Encompassing Darkness Dr. Strange #177 (February 1969) Alien dimension containing very little light and filled with small rocky planetoids and floating protoplasmic life forms; place of banishment where Satannish sent Dr. Strange and Clea.

Dimension of Exile Avengers #327 (December 1990) Used by Tetrarchs of Entropy to imprison their enemies. Formerly ruled by Ngh the Unspeakable.

Dimension of Fate Tales to Astonish #33 (July 1962) Mystical realm beyond reality where the cosmic entities called the Fates watch over and guide the fate of mortal beings.

Dimension of Z Strange Tales #72 (December 1959) Parallel Earth dimension populated by primitive spheroid shaped beings; attempted to invade the Earth in 1945 via a dimensional portal in a mountain cave in Siberia; beings do not possess legs and move around by levitation.

Dimension of p Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 (December 2006) Alien realm laying between the 3rd and 4th dimensions and home to Oktid the Omnipotent, an ancient god of suffering; guarded the Elixir of Oktid that allegedly had the power to cure all diseases on Earth.

Dimension X Strange Tales #80 (January 1961) Unseen alien dimension inhabited by weird multi-armed humanoids; dimension barrier accidentally pierced by a scientist's device called a Dimensional Connector; tried to invade the Earth dimension but were forced to return to their dimension when confronted by giant animated versions of the Presidents carved into Mt. Rushmore.

Dimension X Strange Tales #97(June 1962) Alien dimension with inhabitants resembling Picasso paintings and connected to a room in an artist's house; Joshua Carstairs entered the dimension and became trapped there thus becoming a art model for its inhabitants.

Dimension Z Tales to Astonish #45 (November 1963) Earth-like world inhabited by scientifically advanced, green skinned humanoids that never developed atomic energy; on occasion sent the Living Erasers to Earth to steal technology.

Dimension Zero Captain America #202 (October 1976) Aka Zero Street; Alien universe comprised of free-floating chunks of matter; inhabited by ferocious humanoid life-forms.

Dinosaur World Devil Dinosaur #1 (April 1978) Earth-like world populated by both mammals and dinosaurs; mankind did not evolve and lived in primitive tribes; home of Devil Dinosaur and Moon-boy.

"Drakos" See Shazana's Realm

Dream Dimension Strange Tales #110 (July 1963) Astral realm created by man-kind's collective psyche and able to take on physical forms and independent life.

Duck World Howard the Duck Magazine #4 (February 1980) Earth-like world populated by humanoid animals; dominant species appears to be ducks but is also home to intelligent dogs and mice and every animal in-between.

Earth-Squadron Avengers #85 (February 1971) Alternate Earth dimension home to the Squadron Supreme; super humans are less common and the USA is made up of different cities and States.

Elsewhen Thor Corps #1 (September 1993) Realm located at the center of a group of other dimensions known as "the Chosen Realities and the Sacred Timelines; ruled by Warlord Kargul and his armies of Barbarian warriors; realm faced near destruction at the hands of Vangaard (alternate Earth Johnny Storm) and the psychic powers of Psi-lord.

Elsewhere Power Pack #47 (July 1989) Alien dimension where physical laws seem to change over time; dimension may take on the appearance of storybook characters and places based on subconscious thoughts and memories of visitors; Power Pack received new costumes from this dimension.

Encroachiverses She-Hulk #14 (March 1990) Name given to an unrevealed number of failed universes that were shrunk and placed into compaction Recptacles by unknown entities; Dr. Angst using the magical Plunger of Patooti in order to create a "Cosmic Squish", managed to summon a number of them which landed on Earth.

Enitharmon's dimension Dr. Strange #78 (Aug 1986) Extra-dimensional realm from which Enitharmon and Rintrah hail from.

Feng-Tu Deadly Hands of Kung-fu #19 (December 1975) Mystic realm of the Dead from Chinese legend where spirits await their rebirth.

"Fifth" Dimension Daring Mystery #3 (April 1940) Alien dimension containing a technologically advanced humanoid race; Bolo a scientist sought to enslave the humans from the Earth dimension and built Marvex the Super Robot; Marvex having a human conscience rebelled and was accidentally shunted into the Earth dimension.

"Fifth" Dimension Strange Tales #69 (June 1959)

"Fifth" Dimension Strange Tales #103 (December 1962) Technologically advanced world ruled by Zemu; once sought to invade the Earth but foiled by the Human Torch.

Flatula Human Torch #34 (January 1949) Alien world existing in an unrevealed 2-dimensional realm; sought to transform Earth's celebrities into 2-dimensional form and imprison them in a zoo on their world.

Flatworld Fantastic Four #57(December 1966) World populated by gigantic beasts that have over the eons, trampled the terrain level.

"Fourth" Dimension Thor #208 (February 1973) Universe with a reversed polarity - the stars are black and the skies a brilliant white; the universe was dying and Mercurio was sent to Earth to steal the magnetic field in order to stabilize his world.

Garden of the Lost Angel Freex #2 (February 1994) Psychic realm created by a human mutate from Earth Ultraverse, called the Lost Angel; idyllic environment based on Lost Angel's emotions of suffering and helplessness; brings others to his astral world in order to feel pleasure over inducing pain and suffering.

Ghennthor Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #48 (December 1992) Home to Deathbirds that migrate to the Silver Continent during Soulfrost.

Ghost Dimension Strange Tales #76 (Aug 1960)

Gorge Iron Man #195 (June 1985) Mystical realm in which one is able to confront hidden truths regarding its own soul.

Hades Thor #130 (July 1966) Olympian underworld ruled by Pluto; accessed by the rivers Styx and Lethe that also flow into other underworlds and various Hells.

Halls of Fear Doctor Strange #32(December 1978) Realm of the Dweller in Darkness, the embodiment man's collective fear.

Haven Death's Head #3 (May 1992) Pocket realm composed of large chunks of rock floating amongst a sea of clouds; world of peace a serenity created and ruled by Phaedra by way of the Sapphire Lotus.

Hel Thor #176 (May 1970) Asgardian land of the dead ruled by Hela, where souls have not been consigned to Valhalla.

Heliopolis Thor #240 (October 1975) Mystical home of the ancient gods of Egypt and perceived as a golden path winding through space.

Hell Silver Surfer #3 (December 1968) Collective dimensions ruled by different entities representing some aspect of evil such as Mephisto, Satan and Satannish; at the moment of death an evil soul is drawn into one of these realms to face eternal suffering; often referred to as Hades and may or may not be related.

Hell Painting Dimension Mystic #8 (May 1952)

"Here" and "There" Defenders #115 (January 1983) Strange world or universe populated by humanoid creatures with animalistic characteristics that bear a resemblance to the creatures from Dr. Seuss books.

"Hidden World" dimension Tales to Astonish #13 (November 1960) Alien dimension discovered via experimental TV signals; aggressive humanoid race passed through the portal and tried to take the Earth scientist to their world.

Ice World of Ikthalon Marvel Spotlight #14 (March 1974) See Boreas

Inniverse Fantastic Four #352 (March 1992) Dimension accessed by entering space between atoms and sub-atomic particles; Earth-like planets and civilizations.

Interzone Quasar #50 (September 1993) Junction between Nexi of Reality.

Iskelior's Realm Dr. Strange #58 (October 1995) Extra-dimensional, Earth-like realm resembling a jungle paradise; not much has been revealed regarding this dimension.

Iuriale's Realm Dr. Strange #76 (April 1986) Dimensional realm of the demoness Iuriale.

Jakar's World Captain America #150 (June 1972) Parallel alien world, struck down by a galactic plague and now devoid of sentient life; home to Jakar who has often impersonated the Stranger.

Jotunheim Journey into Mystery #112(February 1965) One of the Nine Worlds of Asgard; home of the giants.

Kaa Incredible Hulk #140 (June 1971) Microworld with inhabitants that live a barbaric nomadic existence and remnants of science and magic both coexist; once ruled by the Hulk alongside his beloved Jarella.

Kageumbra Logan: Path of the Warlord #1 (1996) Extradimensional realm formerly ruled by warlord Kimora. Freed by Logan, who trapped Kimora between worlds.

Kaichek Dr. Strange #42 (August, 1980) Home of Shadowqueen, an N'Garai transformed sorceress and ruler of this dimension.

Kalahia Mystic Comics #4 (1940) Extra-dimensional technologically advanced civilization discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Bruce Dickson while on an expedition to climb Mt. Kalpurthia in the Himalayas; Kalahians were able to alter their physical forms and stretch into paper thin shapes; scientists imbued Dr. Bruce Dickson with their abilities and he went on to become the hero called the Thin Man; civilization apparently destroyed by V2 rockets by Agent Axis who failed to conquer the city for the Nazis.

Katharta G-S Man Thing #3 (February 1975) Magical realm of barbarians and sorcery; home to Korrek who has in the past, aided the Man Thing against Thog.

Khaa Savage Sword of Conan #114 (July 1985) Demonic realm ruled by the demon Bellil. Reached through the mystic mask Demuzaar.

Kingdom of Coma Fantastic Four: True Story #3 (November 2008) Astral realm at the border of the Dream Dimension. Reached by human psyche's during coma. Ruled by King Coma.

Kingdom of Tazza Strange Tales #144 (June 1966) Mystical world ruled by the paranoiac lord Tazza who enjoyed stealing the souls of visitors and placing their immobile bodies on display.

Kismet Warlock #11 (February 1976) Metaphysical realm that is the representation of man's different destinies and a place where one can choose their own path in life.

Kobar Doctor Strange #65 (June 1984) Magical alien world devoid of any real science and populated by barbarian tribes and sorcerers; Tyman, a wizard, discovered Earth's existence and plotted with Warlord Chaynn to attack the Earth; called off the invasion after Doctor Strange introduced them to the destructiveness of Earth's nuclear weaponry.

Kosmos Thunderbolts #13 (April 1998) Insectoid inhabitants; Dimension interfaced by "Pym Particles" for mass exchange.

K'un-Lun Marvel Premiere #15 (May 1974) Pocket dimension accessible via Earth and home to sentient plants called the H'ylthri; city of same name populated by descendents of a humanoid race who crashed there in the distant past; location where Daniel Rand was trained to be the Iron Fist.

Land of Fiction Fantastic Four: True Story #1 (September 2008 Astral realm inhabitated by ficitonal creations from humans; ruled by Fountainhead.

Land of Legends Captain America #383 (March 1991) Extradimensional home to legendary human figures like Johnny Appleseed, Father Time, John Henry, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and Uncle Sam; accessed via temporal portals.

Land of Shades Avengers #49 (February 1968) Mystical realms where the Olympian gods were temporarily banished to when Typhon extinguished their Promethean flames; possible connection to Hades in the Greek Underworld.

Land of Nowhere Marvel Mystery Comics #28 (February 1942) Mystical fairytale realm home to talking animals and mythical creatures; world reminiscent of Louis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland stories; often visited by Jimmy Jupiter and said to only be assessable by one person every generation.

Land Within Adventure into Fear #22 (June 1974) Mystical dimensional prison designed by sorcerers to banish the demonic Cat-People.

Light Dimension Amazing Spider-Man #203 (April 1980) Intra-dimensional reality filled with photonic energy; source of energy for various light based super beings such as the Lightmaster and Photon.

Limbo, true Avengers #2 (November 1963) Timeless dimension where all events happen simultaneously and nothing ever changes; time travelers must pass through Limbo in order to reach any time period.

limbo-Belasco X-Men #160 (June 1977) Mystical realm where time and space can fold in upon themselves; once ruled by Belasco and populated by demons.

limbo-Rom Rom #1 (Dec 1979) Place of banishment where Rom commonly sent the Dire Wraiths; accessible from True Limbo (same as true Limbo).

Lockjaw's Food World Fantastic Four #56 (October 1966) Alien world containing plants forms believed to be important to creatures with the ability to traverse dimensions.

Lost Land Conan the Barbarian #243 (September 1992) Hell-like dimension of dark, barren wastelands of smoke and mist created and ruled by the demon Jaggta-Noga.

Luminia Iron Man #26 (June 1970) Alien world existing within a dimension of perpetual darkness; inhabitants struggle to maintain light and fight off beings called the Shadow Demons under control of the wizard Shar-Khan.

"Mad Universe" Tales to Astonish #40 (1963) Parallel dimension full of myriad worlds of human and alien life-forms; possible alternate Earth set 3000 years into the future.

Megrim Howard the Duck #22 (March 1978) Mystical world of Sombra the Immortal Queen; every millennium she chooses the most savage warrior to mate with in order to produce an offspring suffused with great power.

Microscopic Earths Strange Tales #82(March 1961) Parallel Earth dimensions existing within a series of sub-atomic universes; both time and space are the same and events on each world appear to happen simultaneously; people or places do not share the same names on each world.

Microverse Micronauts #1(January 1979) Sub-atomic universe separated from Earth via the "Space Wall"; largely populated by the descendents of men and women led by Wayfinder from an alternate future.

Mindscape Sleepwalker #3 (Aug 1991) Mental plane existing on the borders of intelligent beings of the Earth dimension; composed of a multitude of portals and access ways in the form of dots of light leading and linking to every sentient mind; policed by beings called Sleepwalkers who are tasked with protecting defenseless minds from evil.

Mirage Daring Mystery #3(April 1940) Unrevealed pocket dimension existing parallel to the Earth; periodically moves in and out of phase with the Earth allowing those who accidentally enter it to become trapped; world populated by a technologically advance humans and a race of winged humanoids called "demons"; Breeze Barton an American air force pilot became trapped within the Mirage in 1945.

Modebl's Dimension Captain America Comics 25(April 1943) Unrevealed hell dimension resembling ancient Egypt ruled by Modebl a demon of unknown origin; realm is populated with an indeterminate number of  mummies who serve him.

Narcisson Thor #9 (Aug 1998) Alien dimension and home to the Dark Gods.

Negative Zone Fantastic Four #51 (June 1966) Anti-matter universe; home dimension of Annihlus and Blastaar; Negative Zone Prison Alpha was recently relocated to hold prisoners that were against super-human registration; recent galactic invasion by Annihlus encompassing the Kree, Shi'ar and Skrulls galaxies.

Netherworld of Eternal Doom Strange Tales #136 (September 1965) Mystical world of Gulgol, a creature that never sleeps; mortal enemy of Nightmare.

Nightmare World Strange Tales #110 (July 1963) Nightmare's kingdom within the Dream Dimension.

Nirvana Thor #301 (November 1980) Highest plane of existence in Hindu religion; home to Hindu gods.

No-Space Dark Guard #1(October 1993) Pocket dimension composed of temporal energy and home base of a being called the Time Guardian; possible connection to Immortus' Limbo.

Olympus Journey into Mystery Annual #1(1965) Mythical home to the Greek/Roman gods; formerly atop Mt. Olympus in Greece but now laying within its own dimension.

Ort-Beast's dimension Defenders #58 (April 1978) Inter-dimensional space reached via Devil Slayer's Shadow Cloak; populated by strange crystalline creatures.

Other Realm Marvel Premiere #45 (December 1978) Alien microverse world of sword and sorcery existing as large floating masses of rock existing within a great void; dimension appears to be on the verge of collapse and progressing towards becoming a virtual "black hole".

Otherwhere Iron Man #194 (May 1985) Extra-dimensional space in which mass can be shunted or gained when shrinking or growing and accessed via Pym Particles.

Ourobori Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #48 (December 1992) Living realm in the process of eternal self-digestion.

Palace of Death and Rebirth Son of Satan #7 (December 1976) Pocket realm connected to Heliopolis ruled by Anubis, granting him supreme power within its confines.

Perrinois Spider-Man Team-up #3 (June 1996) Earth-like dimension populated by humans, Dwarves and goblinoid creatures called Bordoks; world of swords and sorcery set in a medieval setting.

Phaseworld Dr. Strange Annual #1 (1976) Mystical world created by the embodiment of the sisters, Phaydra and Lectra; world ceased to exist when Lectra's mirror that reflected her soul was shattered.

Planes of Pohldark Dr. Strange #65 (June 1984) Mystical world inhabited by hostile demonic creatures; summoned by a charlatan and began invading the Earth dimension until Dr. Strange sealed the portal.

Planets Perilous Strange Tales #161 (October 1967) Alien dimension ruled by the mystic entity Nebulos; ultimately slain by the Living Tribunal.

"Pocket Money" Dimension Uncanny Tales #23 (Aug 1954) Pocket dimension connected to the inner linings of an old coat; dimensional space contains an unrevealed amount of money that can only be gathered by one wearing the coat.

Polemachus Avengers #75 (April 1970) Earth-like world ruled by Arkon, surrounded by an energy field that provides life and light; energy field was unstable and needed tremendous amounts of energy from other dimensions to keep it stabilized.

Purple Dimension Strange Tales #119 (April 1964) Mystical world situated within a gemstone in the possession of Dr. Strange; populated by green-skinned humanoids that exist only to serve Aggamon.

Qaballon Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #48 (December 1992) Home to bio-plasmids that use music as a form of currency.

Quadriverse Dr. Strange #19 (June 1977) Alien mystical dimension made up of four sectors, "menace", tranquility, Hell-like depths and "home"; one being exists and is created spontaneously by an unknown force and must traverse the Quadriverse in order to join their fellow beings at the location called :home" and dwell there in ever-lasting peace.

Quarl Ka-Zar #16 (June 1976) Other-dimensional world populated by sentient humanoid beings; a group of them attempted to conquer the Earth but was opposed by a rival faction.

Quasi-Universe Marvel Team-up #99 (November 1980) Inter-dimensional space discovered by Baron Brimstone who eventually learned to manipulate its environment to simulate magical effects by force of will.

Rammatpolen Fantastic Four Annual #16 (1981) Earth-like alien world where the oracular Hudaks gather and train students from other dimensions to become Dragon Riders; mentally linked to their dragons, the Dragon Riders are tasked with protecting the time stream against evil.

Realm of Exiles Nightmare #1 (December 1994) Unrevealed dimension of exile located beyond the Realm of Nightmare.

Realm of the Beasts Alpha Flight #24 (July 1985) Earth-like dimension where all life was extinguished with the coming of the Great Beasts (Kariooq, Tundra, Ranaq, Tolomaq, Somon, Kolomaq and Sasquatch); may be related to the Citidel of Silence.

Realm of the Shadowqueen See Kaichek.

Realm of the Sleeping Mind Dr. Strange: The Oath #3 (February 2007) Realm of the subconscious mind; may be connected to or borders the Dreamscape or Nightmare's domain.

Realm of Madness Dr. Strange #68 (December 1984) Realm laying beyond Nightmare's world in the Dream Dimension where man's greatest fears become tangible; ruled by a demonic creatures called Dusk.

Realm of Nothingness Strange Tales #155 (April 1967) Mystical dimension existing beyond reality where those who enter are said to cease to exist; also referred to as "the Realm of Non-Existence", "Limbo" and Oblivion.

Realm of the Shadow Queen Dr. Strange #42 (Aug 1980) Mystical realm ruled by servants of the N'Garai until the soul of the Shadow Queen was exorcised.

Realm of the Undying Ones Sub-Mariner #22 (February 1970) Dimension of banishment where the demons called the Undying Ones were sent; ruled by the Nameless One.

"Reverse Dimension" Avengers #16 (May 1965) Alien dimension where natural laws are slightly changed and cause and effect are reversed; possibly connected to the dimension called Ssgard.

Runestaff Dimension Thor #335 (September 1983) Pocket universe inhabited by the souls and bodies but not the minds of sentient beings whose knowledge was absorbed by the Possessor's Rune Staff.

S'ahra-Sharn Master of Kung-fu Annual #1 (1976) Sister city of K'un-Lun where order and obedience are not followed and individual passion is placed above the needs of the whole.

Saku Giant-Size Spider-Man #3 (January 1975) Alien world where the Earth dimension is seen as linear and a traveler there could emerge on Earth many years before or after an earlier visit.

Sandt Adventure into Fear #14 (June 1973) World of sword and sorcery with a society comparable to ancient Rome.

Schwarzraum Cloak & Dagger #15 (December 1990) Realm of darkness connected to Mephisto's Hell dimension.

Shadow RealmStrange Tales #79 (December 1960) Alien 2-Dimensional realm where the inhabitants can take on the form of living shadows while on Earth; home dimension of Kaa who has on occasion, unsuccessfully, invaded the Earth.

Shadowside Nighstalkers #14 (December 1993) Home of the Lilin and other demons. Invasion of Earth evaded during "Siege of Darkness".

Shazana's Realm Strange Tales #133 (June 1965) Dimension accessed by magic. Queen Shazana.

Singing City Uncanny X-Men #474 (August 2006) Realm of the First Fallen; inhabitants frozen in time.

"Sixth" Dimension Tales to Astonish #34 (Aug 1962) Alien dimension possibly related to Tiboro's Sixth Dimension; two humanoid creatures in prelude to future invasions, battled each other on Earth.

"Sixth" Dimension Tales to Astonish #39 (January 1963) Alien dimension; Zogg an explorer from the Sixth Dimension crossed through a portal to Earth on the 3rd Dimension and mysteriously became the prisoner of a child's toy soldiers.

"Sixth" Dimension Strange Tales #129 (February 1965) Mystical world ruled by the alien Tiboro who once held sway over large portions of South America; defeated by Dr. Strange but intends to rule Earth again once civilization falls.

Slaveworld Tales to Astonish #41 (March 1963) World of lizard-like humanoids that attempted kidnap Earth scientists to develop powerful weapons until opposed by the Ant Man (Pym).

Smoke Dimension Marvel Mystery #13 (November 1940) Alien dimension composed entirely of smoke where Aarkus the Vision is from.

Sominus Adventure into Fear #13 (April 1973) Realm of eternal warfare ruled by Thog the nether-demon.

Soul World Marvel Premiere #1 (April 1972) Pocket dimension existing within the sentient Soul Gem; world appears as an idyllic paradise and houses the souls of all beings that were absorbed into the gem at one time or another; Adam Warlock's soul briefly resided within the Soul Gem when his physical body died while battling Thanos.

Spot World Spectacular Spider-Man #98 (January 1985) Inter-dimensional void accessed by the Spot; distance is quantized randomly and points that appear at a distance are in fact adjacent.

Stassos Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #48 (December 1992) Timeless dimension without molecular activity.

Storm World Defenders #38 (Aug 1976) Hostile world faced with constant electrical storms forcing native life to struggle for survival; Nebulon briefly banished Dr. Strange, Power Man and the Red Guardian there.

"Strange" Dimension Tales to Astonish #2 (1959) Dimension laying beyond the temporal and spatial universe and accessible via time travel; when a time traveler goes too far forward or backward they are returned to the moment in time when they left but are transformed into intangible and transparent beings unable to interact with the physical world.

Strange Matter Dimension Incredible Hulk #369 (May 1990) Alien dimension where matter and energy exists as extremely dense and the laws of physics are much different to our own; Shanzar is the Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension-being the only inhabitant; presently the incapacitated demon called the Wild One was exiled here.

Styrakos Strip #13 (Aug 1990) Pocket dimension divided into various realms where only technology will function in certain areas and magic in others; constantly shifting environments that change appearance at regular intervals.

Sub-Atomica Fantastic Four #16 (July 1963) Micro world and home of the Psycho-Man; originally not connected to the Microverse.

Sub-Atomic World Journey into Unknown Worlds #37 (December 1950) Microverse existing within a grain of dust; technologically advanced humanoid races vie for dominance but the majority of this universe was ruled by the tyrant, Lord Sett; universe seemingly destroyed when an Earthman wiped dust from his eye which proved to be catastrophic.

Sub-Space Fantastic Four #37 (April 1965) Sidereal dimension in which distance is greatly compressed and faster than light travel can be achieved without affecting the Theory of Relativity; may be referred to as hyperspace.

Tagak's World Daredevil #72 (January 1971) Earth-like world home to Tagak; speculated to be the dimension known as Crystallium since similar structures on each world are made of crystal.

Ta-Lo Thor #301 (November 1980) Mystical land of the Chinese gods.

Tartarus Thor #129 (June 1966) Land of the Dead ruled by Pluto occupied predominantly by those that worshipped the Greek/Roman gods; domain composed of various realms, Elysium, Elysian Fields, Erebus and Hades located along the shores of the River Styx.

Tartessus' realm Dr. Strange #51 (March 1993) Extra-dimensional realm of Tartessus, a daughter of the Elder God Set.

Tenuous Tales to Astonish #1 (January 1959) 2 dimensional universe; 2-D warriors infiltrated the USA and hid on billboard signs in prelude to an invasion but were discovered and captured by the US army.

Terragonia Incredible Hulk #201 (July 1976) Micro-world of barbarism and sorcery ruled by the tyrant Kronak until overthrown by the Hulk.

Therea Man-Thing #1 (January 1974) Mystical land of peace and tranquility; ruled by twin gods who have taken the form of dogs.

Tunnelworld Defenders #71 (May 1979) Alien universe where outer space is solid and inhabitable surfaces appear as long tunnels twisting through solid matter.

Two-Dimensional Reality Tales to Astonish #35 (September 1964) Alien dimension that transforms physical matter into 2-dimensional forms.

Uncara Marvel Mystery Comics #89 (December 1948) Alien world from an unrevealed parallel dimension; Kain a ruthless dictator using dimensional transporter technology attempted to invade the Earth and set trans-dimensional bombs throughout New York City; world co-ruled by princess Cara who was Kain's lover.

Un-Place Incredible Hulk Annual #1 (October 1968) Inter-dimensional prison used by the Inhumans to banish renegades and criminals from their society.

"Void" Dimension Dr. Strange #63 (February 1984) Dimension where Earthly physics hold no sway; any physical matter that appears therein originates from other dimensions and has become trapped; the true nature of this dimension is as yet unknown.

Wardust Marvel Mystery Comics #38 (December 1942) Alien dimension composed entirely of metallic dust particles and home to the War-Dust people that thrive on war; a warrior known as Grosso, came to Earth to test the strength of America's military but was killed in battle with Aarkus the Vision.

Wasteland Defenders #107 (May 1982) Desolate and barren planetoid located in an unrevealed "Dark" dimension; home to Zaffer and Damask a pair of alien survivors who crashed their ship in the distant past; location of the Rose of Purity an telepathic plant able to alter reality or generate illusions.

Web Dark Angel #9 (April 1993) Pocket realm existing within the center of the universe where three entities, the Webspinners are said to weave the fabric of the universe.

Weirdworld Marvel Super Action #1(January 1976) Magical realm of Dwarves, Elves and monsters; home of Tyndall the Elf.

White Room Quasar #42 (January 1993) Pocket dimension created by Eon, where the souls of all the Protectors of the Universe are sent when they die; they sit about a great table unable to move about but able to converse with each other.

World of Wonder Mystic Comics #10 (August 1942) Magical realm populated by witches, dragons, ogres and other creatures of folklore; two adventurous boys Jimmy and Jackie live in a city around a location called the Wonder Woods.

Xandu's dimension Marvel Team-Up #21 (1974) Dimension created through mystical means by Xandu with the help of the Wand of Watoomb; changed at will by Xandu; destroyed after a battle with Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man.

Zaar Defenders #34 (May 1976) Aquatic dimensional world of the Lubderdites who live in a society of peace and enlightenment; temporarily took Nebulon under their tutelage thinking his new insight could bring lasting harmony to the Earth.

Zendu Tales to Astonish #12 (October 1960) Alien dimension accessible by way of mental telepathy and the astral plane; explorer from Zendu convinced an Earthman to exchange places with him and later went to prison as the man had been a criminal.

Zephyrland Sub-Mariner #64 (August 1973) Dimension existing in an aquatic environment home to the Zephyreans, orange skinned aquatic humanoids under the evil control of Virago; a group called the Four used a golden submarine to breach the dimensions and sought help from the Sub-Mariner to overthrow Virago.

Zero Street Captain America #201 (September 1976) Unrevealed dimension where Zero Street, an insane asylum was shunted; populated by savage belligerent humanoid monsters.

Zianon Marvel Comics Presents #120 (January 1993) Earth-like alien dimensional world without a sun; inhabitants sought beings of light to provide their planet with sustenance; Grimbat with the aid of Dagger transformed into pure light and became Zianon's sun.


List compiled by AvatarWarlord72. This list is a work in progress.