Real Name: Tazza

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimension (Rodann) magic user

Occupation: Ruler

Group Membership: Possibly one of the Lords of the Netherworld

Affiliations: Loose alliance with Dormammu

Enemies: Dr. Strange; a number of unnamed former prisoners

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Kingdom of Tazza (an extradimensional realm)

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#144 (May, 1966)

Tazza has a number of magical abilities. His primary power appears to be metamorphosis. He can transform into a variety of creatures and can apparently duplicate the physical abilities of the forms he takes. He has become bird-like creatures which are able to fly, a "deadly Samandra" (left) that can stretch and deform itself at will,
and a multi-limbed creature (right) described as his most powerful form. This form can levitate and stretch its forms to complete encase others and is also immune to a variety of magical attacks.
Tazza can also project magical bolts and form mystic shields, and likely has other, undefined abilities.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 156 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black



History: Tazza's past is mostly unknown. He dwells within a pocket dimension known as the Kingdom of Tazza. When others enter his dominion, he attacks and imprisons them, sealing away their souls and leaving their bodies on display, like a trophy case. He claimed to have never been defeated.

(Strange Tales I#144/2) - On his quest to locate Clea, who had been imprisoned by Dormammu, Dr. Strange followed a lead to the Kingdom of Tazza. Knowing that Strange was headed to that realm, Dormammu contacted Tazza warning him that Dr. Strange was coming to destroy him. Although Strange only sought information, Tazza attacked him. First, in the form of a Samandra, Tazza attacked Strange to gauge his power. Then Tazza transformed into his most powerful form, which overwhelmed Strange's defenses and trapped him. Focusing his power through his Amulet of Agamotto, Strange broke out of Tazza's hold, and the extra-dimensional lord took the form of a bird-like creature, leading Strange back to his dwelling. Within his house, Tazza displayed the statue-like forms of all who had come before Strange, who had been defeated and separated from their souls. Strange used his astral self to animate one of Tazza's prisoners, forcing Tazza to waste his energy in subduing it. Strange did this twice more, and then challenged Tazza to combat after he had subdued that one as well. The two sorcerers battled for some time, until Strange succeeded in goading Tazza into focusing all of his power into his attacks, thus neglecting his defenses. Strange bound Tazza and questioned him, but since Tazza knew nothing of Clea, his quest had been futile. Strange forced Tazza to release the souls of his prisoners and grant them their freedom in exchange for his own.


Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Steve Ditko.

There is not a single, good full body shot of Tazza. The rest of his costume is yellow.

Tazza has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook. His home dimension was revealed in his OHOTMU A-Z HC#12 profile.



Kingdom of Tazza


It is a pocket dimension which exists "in the twilight area on the edges of Infinity." It is a mystic realm, with an alien environment. It is accessed by magic, but its sole inhabitant is Tazza, who attacks and captures all others who enter it.


--Strange Tales I#144/2





There's a whole batch of unidentified extra-dimensional sorcerers in this issue.


In another unidentified realm, Strange and the Ancient One encountered its ruler, who directed them to the Kingdom of Tazza, but warned them of its perils.



At least a dozen more extra-dimensional beings (presumably sorcerers, since Tazza's realm is accessed by magic) were Tazza's prisoners and ended up being freed by Strange. They were most grateful, and hoped that they could someday repay Strange. These beings are distinct from another large batch of mostly unidentified beings, the Lords of the Netherworlds. Tazza himself could have been one of the Lords, but the others were all Tazza's prisoners when Strange met the Lords in ST#141 and 142. Ah, I guess they could have been there since time might pass very differently in alien, magical realms. Anyway, I'd really like to see whom these characters were/are. C'Mon!

















Strange Tales I#144 (May, 1966) - Roy Thomas (writer), Steve Ditko (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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