Real Name: Ty Rejutka

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Styrakos) technology and magic user

Occupation: Hunter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Vukil spirits;
    former lover of
    former targets turned hosts, including Klu, and the last one before his apparent death...and the one before that...and these two from even earlier)

EnemiesDeath's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), Klu, Pyra;
    formerly Klu and numerous unidentified prey (including the two noted above)

Known Relatives: Death's Head ("son")

Aliases: Ty Rejutka Lupex

Base of Operations: Styrakos

First Appearance: Strip#13 (August 4, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Lupex possesses great magical powers and a variety of technological weapons, though he must consciously shift his abilities from one to the other.

    Amongst his technological abilities are four spiked claws he can extend from the back of each hand; laser blasters (or projectile firing weapons) on his shoulders and at least two on each arm;

    His magical abilities are related to pet spirits known as Vukils. He can project mystic force to knock others across distances. His ability to transfer his essence/energies into others is magical.

    His energies regularly burn out his body and he was forced to take over another to continue his existence.

    He is pathologically obsessed with hunting his prey.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Born on Styrakos, Lupex mastered both technological and magical power (the latter by communing with Vukil spirits) to reign supreme in the shifting techno and magik zones of that realm. He soon learned that mortal flesh and bone could not long could contain his energies, and so he would have to take another host body over at regular intervals. Each time he passed to another he became more powerful, but each time the vessels emptied faster.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Seeking a metal body mighty enough to forever contain his energies, Lupex designed the cyborg/mechanoid that would later be known as Death's Head.

(Strip#19 (fb) / Strip#20 (fb) ) - Lupex took the consort Pyra, who sought to steal his secrets, communing with his Vukils when he was away, learning their ways and the roads to power. However, because she was so repulsed by Lupex, Pyra took a lover more physically compatible with her: Klu. Lupex punished her for this betrayal by slaying and then possessing Klu.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Pyra, wishing vengeance for Klu's death, gave the cyborg/mechanoid programming to make him a hunter, but also a clinical, business-like approach to death. Highly independent, the cyborg/mechanoid would balk at the idea of being possessed, and would fight back, and kill Lupex. However, the cyborg/mechanoid was taken by others before it could be used.

(Strip#13) - Lupex hunted down an armed mercenary, slaying him when he wandered into a magic-only zone.

(Strip#16) - Lupex watched via an interdimensional portal as Pyra continued to track down Death's Head.

(Strip#17) - Lupex watched with interest as Pyra stopped Big Shot from killing Death's Head. When she claimed she wanted to kill himself, Lupex teleported Death's Head to Styrakos and introduced himself.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Lupex revealed to DH his belief that Pyra mistakenly believed DH to actually be Lupex, which Pyra had pretended to believe, to throw Lupex off from realizing that she really wished DH to confront Lupex. As Lupex revealed their origins, DH tried to strike him from behind, but found that they were in a magic only zone, and Lupex smashed him out of his hive-hut and began hunting him.

(Strip#18 (fb) - BTS) - Lupex set DH free on Styrakos and began stalking him.

(Strip#18) - In a magic zone, Lupex nearly slew the rapidly weakening DH, but DH diverted his remaining power to launch his electrified mace into Lupex's shoulder, and then burrowed underground, out of site. The magic zone then faded, replaced by techno. As his host body began to degenerate, Lupex cursed himself for not taking a new host before this hunt, but resolved to use his mastery of technology to overpower Death's Head in this zone.

(Strip#19) - Lupex confronted DH anew, but DH, knowing that Lupex was more powerful than he, fled to arrange a confrontation on his own terms.

(Strip#20) - Lupex ambushed DH in a magic zone, but DH continued to flee, tracking the zones of Styrakos with his scanner, even as his power levels dwindled dangerously low. Lupex grabbed DH, preparing to transfer his energies into his form, but just then, the magic zone ended. With techno now functioning perfectly, DH leapt up and skewered Lupex with his wrist blade. Lupex screamed in agony and fell to the ground below, barely alive. DH followed him to the ground and made certain that he was zero alive.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

    The Death's Head serial from Strip#13-20 is reprinted in Marvel Graphic Novel: Death's Head: The Body in Question, and was released in the USA just one month after the Strip series started.

    Death's Head was appalled to see how Lupex toyed with his prey, and was especially upset to appreciate that he himself sometimes did the same thing. This helped guide him in staying true to his own set of personal business ethics.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:




    A pocket dimension, it is divided into realms where only technology functions and other realms where only magic functions. Some of these realms will shift back and forth at regular intervals. The environment shifts from dark, thorny forests to sunny fields with crystal buildings to dry deserts to small towns.








    Lupex mastered these zones and typically drew victims there to chase them through the shifting zones in a cat-and-mouse game before eventually overpowering them and transferring his spirit and energies into them.

--Strip#13 (19(fb)/20(fb), 13, 16, 17(fb), 18-20









Pet spirits of Lupex, which trained both he and Pyra in the roads to power.


--Strip#20 (20 (fb)













unidentified victim/host
(prior to capturing Death's Head)

(Strip#13 (fb) - BTS) - Lupex transported his latest would-be host to Styrakos and pursued him in cat-and-mouse fashion.

(Strip#13) - Lupex's prey fled through Styrakos, trying to lose Lupex, forcing his way through the "spikers" (thorned branches) of the magic-dominated forest, so he could reach the city, where technology functioned best. Emerging from the spiked branches, he fell into a red, steaming pool. As he emerged, Lupex confronted him. Pushed to the limit, the victim cursed Lupex as sick and twisted, and he tried to nail him with a wrist blaster. As they were in a magic zone, however, the blaster failed to work. Lupex grabbed him, noting their zone as he used his magics to transfer his spirit into the target's form. In his new host's form, he donned his standard garb and headed back across a field.

(Strip#16-17) - Presumably still possessing this same host, Lupex watched as Pyra tracked Death's Head. Lupex eventually transported Death's Head to Styrakos and introduced himself.

(Strip#18-20) - Lupex pursued Death's Head across the shifting technology and magic zones of Styrakos. After Death's Head escaped near defeat and fled in a techno zone, As his host body began to degenerate, Lupex cursed himself for not taking a new host before this hunt, but resolved to use his mastery of technology to overpower Death's Head in this zone.
    Death's Head eventually learned how to track the shifting zones, and then overpowered and slew Lupex just as a magic zone changed into a techno zone.



previous unidentified victim/host
(prior to possessing another unidentified victim/host; two targets before Death's Head)

(Strip#13 (fb) - BTS) - Lupex transported an intended host to Styrakos where he defeated his prey and transferred his spirit/mind into that form, which he then adorned in his armor

(Strip#13) - After exhausting this host, Lupex overpowered and transferred his spirit into another host, leaving his prior host a desiccated corpse floating in a steaming, red pool.




even earlier unidentified victims/hosts
(the one he possessed while romancing Pyra, and the host before that)


(Strip#19 (fb)) - On Stryakos, Lupex defeated his prey and transferred his spirit/mind into that form, which he then adorned in his armor, leaving behind the desiccated corpse of his previous host.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Apparently in the red-haired form to the right, Lupex romanced Pyra, who was only interested in learning his magical secrets. Disgusted by Lupex, she took another lover, Klu; but Lupex discovered this and transferred his own form into Klu's, taunting/punishing Pyra with this knowledge.






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