Real Name: Death's Head

Identity/Class: Extradimensional Mechanoid (see comments)

Occupation: Freelance Peacekeeping Agent (don't call him Bounty Hunter!)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: (see comments) Autobots (Rodimus Prime), Bahlia, bears of Goldilux, Bonjaxx, D'bari of Reality-9411, Death's Head (Minion), Death Nell, the Doctor, the Fantastic Four (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, MI13, Ms. Marvel,  Johnny Storm, Susan Storm), Goldballs (Fabio Madina), Gowse, "Greeny", Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Man of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD, Junkions (Wreck-Gar), Keepsake, Senator Letterman, Monark Starstalker, Pyra, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Spratt, SWORD (Beast/Henry McCoy, Commander Abigail Brand, Lockheed), Thor, Tuck, the Voldi, vulture (pet);
    formerly Dead Cert, the Decepticons (Shockwave),
Kang Nebula (Terminatrix), Recorder#451, Thea, Time Variance Authority, Wilson Tyler

Enemies: Acid Alice, Athey, Babyface (Dutch Malone), Backbreaker, Big Shot, Bono, Roberto 'Slick' Capelldani, Chance, Minister Carson, Chain Gang, Chairman Kang, Collins, Colt, Cushing, Cyclops (Scott Summers), Death's Head 3.0 cyborgs of Eart-616, Decepticons (Cyclonus, Galvatron, Laserbeak, Scourge, Shockwave, Soundwave), Dicemen, Josiah W. Dogbolter, the Drenx, Future Foundation (Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Korr, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mik, Onome, Alex Power, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu), G'aspx of Reality-9411, Hob, Hulk (Bruce Banner) of Earth-9411, the Jones Boys (Cousin Bob, Cousin Rob, Incinerator Jones, others), Kang of Earth-123488.23497, Kang of Earth-Mesozoic 24, Killpower, the King of Studduj, Lightmaster (Dr. Edward Lansky), Lupex, Munchkyns of Goldilux, Dr. Necker, Ogrus of Earth-5555, Plaguedog, Photofit, Plantman (simuloid), "Rabid" Elo Rogan, Radioactive Man (Dr. Chen Lu), Recorder#451, Short Fuse, Soul, Spider-Man (Dr. Octopus/Otto Octavius in Peter Parker's body), Sudden Impact (Bird, Buck, "Gut", Mayhem, Nitro, North, "South", Trench, Vienna, Zoot), Tex, Thea, Undertaker, Unicron, Jules "Kneecap" Venici, the Warlords, Whirlwind (David Cannon);
    formerly the Autobots (Bumblebee/Goldbug, Rodimus Prime),
Dragon's Claws, the Fantastic Four (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Man of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD, Keepsake, Lothi, the Metroliths, Minion (Death's Head), SWORD (Beast/Henry McCoy, Commander Abigail Brand, Lockheed)

Known Relatives: Lupex ("father"), Pyra ("mother")

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: The pocket dimension of Styrakos

Base of Operations: A Manhattan based office, Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D.;
    formerly Calculex;
    formerly an office at the Lang building on planet Scarvix,
Earth-5555 @ 8162 A.D. ;
    formerly his office on planet Scarvix, Earth-120185 (Transformers) UK;
    formerly Hopes Pustule;
    formerly Styrakos;
    formerly transport via stolen Time Variance Authority (TVA) time cycle;
    formerly transported via his spacecraft the DH II, the DH, and one unidentified craft

Extent of Education: Programmed with business and fighting skills

First Appearance: High Noon Tex (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Death's Head's body was altered several times throughout the course of his career. Lupex initially created him at normal size.

    During the time that he operated within Reality-120185 his body was enlarged to 30' and underwent major reconstruction. It appears this body was redesigned at least once (see comments). In these enlarged forms he had superhuman agility, durability, reflexes, stamina and strength (lifting over 100 tons) (see comments). He has "internal systems" that provide enhanced tracking abilities, and 360 degree vision (or as he would put it "eyes in the back of his head"). Death's Head has been known to use a tracking beacon in conjunction with these systems. He also has telescopic vision. Death's Head's was quite capable of surviving major damage to his body. He apparently had living metal components (see comments), which appeared to have a low level capacity for regeneration that dealt with most minor damage. He could operate detached body parts by remote control. In the event of his head being removed he could even operate the body by remote control. Death's Head has also demonstrated incredible willpower when resisting mental attack. He is touchy about autonomy and has "all kinds of locks" to prevent hacking. He also has limited experience in operating in the astral plane, though has no natural ability to project himself there.

    An encounter with the Doctor left him reduced to human size, reducing his strength to Class 25. Shortly thereafter, this body was virtually destroyed in an encounter with Dragon's Claws and later rebuilt by Spratt with some improvements. These included a set of boot jets that provided him with supersonic flight, a computer link in his finger tip that allowed him to communicate with various computer systems (even basic ones such as at Four Freedoms Plaza, yes?), a built in chronometer, gas dispensers in his hands, various scanning equipment, and a retractable blade housed in his right wrist.

    All of his various incarnations had modular wrist weapon attachments, allowing him to replace his hands with various weapons. These attachments have included various bladed weapons, a grenade launcher, a titanium axe, laser cutter, mace, various missiles (High Explosive, Heat-Seeking, and a Splinter missile that fragmented into multiple spikes), and a titanium shott blaster (sic). He has also uses hand held weaponry such as his neutron plasma accelerator rifle, a set of bolas and various hi-tech looking guns. He generally carried the majority of his weaponry upon his back, which was covered by a flame retardant cloak and protected by an extremely durable shield.
    For a while he had a device worn on his belt which stored his weaponry and detachable hands when they were not in use. He simply placed his wrist into the device and the desired attachment materialized. During this period he once used a crossbow attachment and claimed to have a flamethrower.

    He is an experienced hand to hand combatant and master of several forms of combat. He is a skilled acrobat, hunter, planner, strategist and tracker. He uses many forms of weaponry. While Death's Head is only of normal intelligence, he is skilled at making repairs. He generally uses these skills to maintain both his robotic body and his weaponry, and always carries a set of tools with him in case he needs to repair a crippled limb or reattach body parts. While Death's Head sometimes gives the impression of incompetence (see comments), he is actually very cunning. If he has time to prepare, he will often stage elaborate deceptions before carrying out a mission. He is also programmed with business skills.

    For a while, Death's Head had a primitive looking spacecraft that was actually deceptively hi-tech. It had a stealth field that was able to hide him even from the Celestials, when working properly. According to Death's Head, the sensor array was even better than the stealth tech. It could detect objects hidden by stealth technology such as that used by the Badoon. The ship was heavily armed.
    The spacecraft he used later, during his time in the Transformers UK reality, had an auto-pilot, voice-operated computer, and high intensity energy weapons. It had room for Death's Head and several passengers, plus a cargo hold. After leaving that reality, he later had it recreated to the smallest detail, naming this new ship the DH-II. He also used a TVA time cycle, armed with various advanced weaponry and gadgets, which was subsequently replaced by transmat technology with time travel capabilities.

Height: 6'10"; formerly 7'; formerly 30'       
: 605 lbs.; formerly 650 lbs.; formerly 25 tons
: Red
: None

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Death's Head was created on the planet Styrakos by Lupex using a combination of magic and technology. The metal body was designed to house the life force of Lupex, who rapidly consumed the forms of organic beings he inhabited.

(Strip#20 (fb)) - Pyra, the vengeance-seeking former disciple of Lupex, plotted to use Lupex' creation to kill him. She implanted a program that made him a hunter like Lupex, but different. She gave him an edge, a clinical, business-like approach to death. Highly independent, he would balk at the idea of being possessed and would fight back and kill Lupex.

(Strip#19-20 (fb) - BTS) - The mechanoid was stolen from Lupex by persons unknown and removed from Styrakos (see comments).

(The Incomplete Death's Head#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head's memories of his true origins were altered; he had no memory of his time on Styrakos. He was set up with a business on the robot world of Scarvix (Earth-5555), and came to believe that whoever had set him up there had programmed him with a killer instinct. His first memories, according to Minion, were of Scarvix, learning the basic tricks of the business.

(Death's Head I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head came to believe that he had killed his former owner and programmer, stole his money and torched his mansion (see comments). Business on Scarvix was slow to start with, his first customer being a robot butler who had had his memory circuits stolen by an errant vacu-droid hoping to start a new life as a sentient being. The butler had wanted the vacu-droid destroyed and his memory circuits returned, but on completion of the mission Death's Head found that the butler didn't remember hiring him. Apparently, in his anger, Death's Head reinserted the memory circuits in a rather inappropriate manner. Around this time Death's Head encountered a bounty hunter who advised him "Never kill for free and never turn a contract down - whoever the target is!" Death's Head proceeded to kill the bounty hunter on behalf of the brother of his last target.

(Death's Head I#1 (fb)) - Death's Head traveled to Studduj, where he was hired to kill the king. He infiltrated the kings castle, took out the guards and made his way to the private chambers. He quickly realized he had been set up, that the king's own palace guards had posed as local rebels and hired him before the real rebels could. All the same, Death's Head saw the contract through to the end and killed the king.

Rule One: Always honor a contract but never trust a client!

(Death's Head I#1 (fb)) - Accepting a contract on Dutch Malone, Death's Head traveled to Furik. Customs wouldn't allow him to take the majority of his weaponry with him. He found himself outnumbered and outgunned by locals, and hid in a barber's shop. Disguising himself with a blonde wig, he managed to surprise his assailants and shoot them down with one of their own guns. He kindly let the barber have the wig back, deciding it not to be his style. On finding Dutch, it turned out the gangster was only a young child. Death's Head finished him off by hurling a bottle at his head.

Rule Two: Make no concessions for age, size or gender.

(Death's Head I#1 (fb)) - Having had no business on Scarvix since the case of the robot butler, Death's Head investigated a disturbance. A robotic thug called Backbreaker was on a rampage. Death's Head found a dying mechanoid and manipulated its owners into hiring him to kill Backbreaker. He shot Backbreaker with a slow acting acid pellet. While the pellet was gradually eating away at Backbreakers brain, Death's Head continued to fight him, putting on a spectacular show for the gathering crowds. Once Backbreaker had finally collapsed dead, Death's Head introduced himself to the crowds and informed them of the location of his office.

Rule Three: Never kill for free, but it pays to advertise.

("High Noon Tex" (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head took a straightforward contract to kill the brother of a robot/mechanoid named Tex, burn the brother's farm, and massacre the brother's livestock. Tex took it badly, although Death's Head assured him it was nothing personal, just business. When Tex vowed to kill him, Death's Head decided to set a trap for him. Unable to make a profit from killing Tex, he would do it for the laugh. He set up a replica of himself and loaded it up with explosives and a voice box.

("High Noon Tex") - Tex burst into Death's Heads office and threatened to blow Death's Head apart. Death's Heads spoke through the voice box saying "High Noon Tex." When Tex failed to see the joke, Death's Head detonated the explosives proclaiming Tex to have "no sense of humor."

(Incomplete Death's Head#1 (fb)) - After some months on Scarvix, Death's Head was apprehended by person or persons unknown. He was transported through a warp gate to another universe.  

(Incomplete Death's Head#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Doctor has claimed to be responsible for sending Death's Head to Earth-120185. Whether it was on this occasion, a later one, or both occasions, is entirely speculative (see comments).

(Incomplete Death's Head#1 (fb) ) - Death's Head was considerable enlarged, undergoing major reconstruction.

(SWORD#1 (fb) - BTS) - Somehow Death's Head found himself in Reality-616.

(Iron Man VI#9 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head acquired a space craft with extremely high levels of technology.

(Iron Man VI#6 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head gained a reputation in Reality-616, particularly amongst the Voldi.

(Iron Man VI#14 (fb) - BTS) - This reputation spanned a galaxy.

(SWORD#2 (fb) - BTS) - Lothithanrianiaxus, or Lothi, the half-brother of Commander Brand of SWORD, was working as an archeologist on Tinas IV. The planet was a dead world scoured clear in a very old war. The winners of the war kept the world as an unliving memorial. Lothi's employers lost that war, and in doing so lost a bauble of importance to their imperial family. Lothi sneaked away with something, and as a result Death's Head was contacted.

(SWORD#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head accepted two separate contracts. One was for the life of  Lothi, the other was for the priceless sacred artifact in Lothi's possession.

(SWORD#1 - BTS) - Death's Head chased after his quarry. As he did so, Lothi sent out urgent requests for sanctuary which were picked up by SWORD. Lothi was taken aboard the Peak, SWORD's orbital headquarters. Brand was patched through to Death's Head.

(SWORD#1) - Death's Head responded. Brand refused to hand over her brother, so Death's Head offered to cut her in for 10% of his fee. It wasn't enough for Brand, who said they would return the artifact but not Lothi. She warned Death's Head that if he tried to get to Lothi, they'd respond with force. Death's Head appeared to accept this, shrugging his shoulders before accelerating away at some speed.

(SWORD#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head used his ships stealth field to get close enough to the Peak to clamp, blow a hole, and retrieve Lothi. He used the stealth field again as he flew away. Brand was given a way to temporarily pierce the stealth field by Unit, a robot prisoner of SWORD's. She, Beast, and Lockheed flew after Death's Head and boarded his ship.

(SWORD#1) - Death's Head found them and blasted their stealth disrupter.

(SWORD#2) - Death's Head blasted at his intruders. Beast leapt up and detached Death's Head's left hand, though this merely prompted the mechanoid to replace it with a mace. Before he could use the mace on Beast, Brand shot him in the right eye. Lockheed followed this up by breathing fire into it. Death's Head ejected the eye, and Lockheed who had flown inside it. He was then riled even more by Beast's use of the term "Bounty Hunter". Blasting at them, he created a hole in the side of the ship that allowed them to escape with Lothi, as per Beast's plan.
    Death's Head subsequently communicated with Brand again. She asked if he was doing the sensible thing by giving up and going home, but Death's Head was happy to wait: he was on a day rate. Brand cut the signal. Later, having found the location of the artifact (hidden in a bespoke smuggling cavity in Lothi's abdomen), she contacted Death's Head yet again. He said that they owed him Lothi, the artifact, an eyeball, and the cost of repairs to his ship. Brand countered that he owed them for damages to the Peak, and offered to clean the slate by returning the artifact. In return, she expected free passage for Lothi. Death's Head agreed, and the artifact was delivered.

(SWORD#2 - BTS) - Death's Head flew away in his ship.

(SWORD#3 (fb) - BTS) - Meanwhile, Brand discovered that Henry Gyrich had ordered all aliens be deported from Earth immediately. She was taken prisoner. Beast also got himself captured, but hired Death's Head to help them. He paid Death's Head more than he'd have received for catching Lothi using SWORD's funds. Death's Head reconfigured his stealth field so that he could sneak back to the Peak and free his new employers.

(SWORD#3) - Death's Head flew away with Beast and Brand as fast as he could.

(SWORD#3 - BTS) - Brand discovered that Gyrich's plans threatened the lives of some Metroliths, giant silicon based life forms. She had Death's Head fly them to Earth so they could save them.

(SWORD#4) - The Metrolith's thought that Mount Rushmore was the remains of giant silicon based lifeforms like themselves and became upset. Death's Head ended up fighting one of the Metroliths, as they began attacking everyone. Meanwhile, Beast hypercharged the stealth field to prevent Norman Osborn and his fake Avengers from seeing what was going on. Once Osborn had left, Beast joined in the fight. Brand tried to communicate with the creatures, and eventually explained their mistake. The fighting stopped. Unfortunately, the stealth field had burnt out. Brand got in contact with the Peak and arranged to return so she could deal with the situation with Gyrich. As it was, the Peak had been taken over by aliens known as the Drenx.

(SWORD#5) - Death's Head, Brand and Beast ambushed the Drenx. Beast and Brand took back control of the Peak with assistance from the aliens captured under Gyrich's orders. Beast settled Death's Head's accounts, and the mechanoid left. Brand kept Death's Head's contact on file however, admitting that she liked him.

(Iron Man VI#9 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head acquired a device which allowed him to store his detachable hands and weaponry without carrying them on his back.

(Iron Man VI#6) - Death's Head had a drink in the Voldi Citadel of Rapture, after Iron Man (Tony Stark) had done battle with a mechanoid pirate fleet. At one point he stared at Iron Man and his friend, Veritina.

(Iron Man VI#7 - BTS) - Accused of murdering the Voldi's god, the Phoenix Force, Tony Stark claimed his right to trial by combat. Tony did well at first, prompting the Voldi to use Death's Head as their champion in return for certain funds.

(Iron Man VI#8 (fb) - BTS) - Furthermore, they paid Death's Head to kill Tony in the ring.

(Iron Man VI#7) - Death's Head entered the ring to fight Tony, and promised to make it quick for him.

(Iron Man VI#8) - Death's Head wore Tony down, but the fight was interrupted by Tony's Iron Man armor under the control of its A.I., Pepper.

(Iron Man VI#9 (fb) - BTS) - Meanwhile, the rogue Recorder#451 stole the Heart of the Voldi. Without its protection, the Celestials realized the Voldi had been draining their cosmic power. Death's Head saw the Celestials attack the Voldi, and was the only survivor. His stealth field hid him from the Celestials. 451 then hired Death's Head to collect Tony Stark for him. 

(Iron Man VI#16 (fb) - BTS) - 451 supplied Death's Head with some technology for his ship, presumably as part of his payment for collecting Stark. See comments.

(Iron Man VI#9 (fb) - BTS) - Unaware of this, Tony also contacted Death's Head and arranged to meet on the planetoid Hopes Pustule.

(Iron Man VI#9 - BTS) - Death's Head was forced to eliminate at least one alien while waiting for Tony.

(Iron Man VI#9) - Tony hired Death's Head to help track down Recorder#451. They traveled to the ruins of the Voldi Tear. Using his ships sensor array, he found 451's emission trail. The trail led to a Badoon cruiser, which they breached. Death's Head asked Tony whether or not he should kill 451 if it was a choice of allowing him to escape or not. Tony gave him permission to kill 451 in that eventuality. As they explored the Badoon cruiser, they found the remains of its crew. When Death's Head noticed 451 approaching, he suggested an ambush. However, 451 then paid Death's Head for bringing Tony to him. Tony found his armor under 451's control, as Death's Head explained that 451 had hired him first. The mechanoid returned Tony's fee, and refused when Tony offered to double what 451 was paying him. Death's Head left.

(Iron Man VI#13 - BTS) - Death's Head went to bank his fee for betraying Iron Man at the Mercenary's Drop on Hopes Pustule.

(Iron Man VI#13) - After making his deposit, Death's Head enquired if there were any outstanding bounties for a Rigellian Recorder. He discovered that there was one for 451, who had downloaded the entire Rigellian database into himself and deleted parts of the main archive. The reward for finding him was phenomenal. Death's Head did not let on that he knew of 451's whereabouts and left.

(Iron Man VI#14 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head set Tony's armory to home in on the Iron Man suit. It led him to the Godkiller armor.

(Iron Man VI#13) - Death's Head interrupted 451's plans to have Tony control the Godkiller , attacking 451. He used his control over the Iron Man armor to shield himself, so Death's Head blasted the armor through a wall to create some distance between them. 451 began to hack Death's Head so he could control him. The mechanoid resisted at first, but 451 ultimately gained control. Death's Head found himself unable to move.

(Iron Man VI#14) - Death's Head was forced by 451 to track and retrieve Tony. However, 451 left him freedom of speech. Death's Head let slip that Tony's armory was in the mouth of the Godkiller. 451 ordered Death's Head to be silent, and they chased after Tony. Tony fired upon 451, prompting him to evade the blasts by flying. Death's Head jumped at 451 and grabbed hold, making them plummet towards the bottom of the Godkiller armor. 451 ordered him to let go, but this gave Tony some much needed time. Death's Head carried on falling out of sight.

At some point Death's Head returned to (Earth-120185) by means unrevealed. (See Comments)

(Transformers UK#133 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Death's Head set up an office on the planet Scarvix (Earth-120185).

(Transformers UK#113) <Earth-Date 2007> - Death's Head was on the robot world of Elpasos relaxing in a bar when he saw a holographic poster advertising a 10,000 Shanix reward for the capture of Galvatron, a mighty Decepticon warrior created by Unicron from the remains of their former leader, Megatron. He spoke with the barkeeper, who supplied him with Galvatron's back-story. Having gotten the information he wanted, Death's Head turned and walked away. The barkeeper leveled a blaster at his retreating back, challenging him to pay for the three quarts of oil he had downed. Death's Head distracted him by offering a blank credit card, then smacked his head into the bar before hurling him through it. Death's Head left the bar and boarded his ship, setting a course for Cybertron and started recording his log entry for Mission 531. Once there, he tracked down Galvatron's former lieutenants, Cyclonus and Scourge. He bested the two of them with ease, and intimidated Cyclonus into revealing Galavatron's whereabouts. Cyclonus believed that Galvatron may have time-jumped to Earth in the year 1987, and gave Death's Head the location of the secret Cybertronian time-jumping equipment. Death's Head found the equipment in Polyhex (see comments), and sent himself back to 1987.

(Transformers UK#114) - Cyclonus later related the details of his encounter with Death's Head to the Autobot spy, Commander Nautilus. Nautilus passed the information onto Rodimus Prime, who had initially sanctioned the reward on Galvatron. He also informed Rodimus that Death's Head was after the bounty and intended to travel back in time to claim it. Meanwhile, Death's Head had arrived on Earth in the year 1987. The time-jumping equipment had locked onto the Autobot known as First Aid as a suitable mass substitute and displaced him to a limbo between dimensions. His friend Bumblebee witnessed his disappearance, but before he could alert his companions Death's Head blasted him to pieces.

(Transformers UK#117 (fb) - BTS) - The information in Death's Head's history tapes placed the Decepticon base in a coal mine in eastern Wyoming. This inaccuracy cost him precious time, but eventually Death's Head found the Decepticon base near the Florida Keys.

(Transformers UK#117) - Death's Head attacked Soundwave in an attempt to gain more information on Galvatron's whereabouts. Soundwave read Death's Head's mind and discovered his intentions to claim the bounty on Galvatron. Although he wanted Galvatron neutralized, he didn't want Death's Head to be the one to do it. Calling him "space scum," he released Laserbeak. Death's Head shot Laserbeak with his splinter missile, and proceeded to interrogate Soundwave. He then traveled to Mount Verona, arriving on the scene in the midst of a battle between Galvatron and the Autobots. Rodimus Prime, who had traveled back to prevent things from getting out of hand, was about to take on Galvatron when Death's Head interrupted, leveling his rifle at the crazed Decepticon villain.

(Transformers UK#118) - Rodimus cancelled the contract on Galvatron, provoking an argument between himself and Death's Head. Galvatron became infuriated and blasted Death's Head in the shoulder before continuing his struggle with Rodimus. His right arm now crippled, Death's Head decided to retreat, repair and plan a new strategy. He picked himself up and retreated, vowing to destroy Rodimus should he destroy Galvatron and refuse his payment.

(Transformers UK#120) - Death's Head returned to Mount Verona just as Galvatron was about to execute Rodimus Prime. He blasted Galvatron with a missile, and followed it up with a strike from his mace. Just as he was about to deliver a killing blow to Galvatron's neural cluster, the weakest spot on all Transformers, the villain blasted his mace to smithereens. Death's Head reattached his right hand, but his detachable extremities had inspired Galvatron; he tore off the mechanoid's left arm. He still managed to wrestle Galvatron to the floor, but their battle had given the Autobots time to complete their plan. Wreck-Gar overrode the time-jump equipment and sent everyone back to the future... except Galvatron, who was left behind.

(Transformers UK#133 (fb) - BTS) - Having been forcibly returned to the future, and denied the opportunity to complete the contract on Galvatron, Death's Head materialized face to face with virtually half the Autobot army.

(Transformers UK#133) <Earth-Date 2007> - The Decepticon known as Blot was sent to Death's Head's office on Scarvix. He offered Death's Head the chance to get revenge on Rodimus Prime, with safe passage to Cybertron and detailed information on his movements. Death's Head was less than impressed, especially when Blot called him a mercenary. Fortunately for Blot, before Death's Head could crush his neck he made him an offer of a 10,000 Shanix reward for the job. Death's Head accepted and traveled to Cybertron to complete the contract. He single-handedly dispatched Rodimus Prime's bodyguards and hurled one of their decapitated heads at the Autobot leader. Rodimus panicked, and threw himself to the ground. Death's Head leapt into view and attacked. The ensuing fight shook loose a layer of wreckage, and they both fell through a crater that had been hidden underneath, landing in the sewer below. Death's Head lost the axe he had been using, which he had a great deal of sentimental attachment to. Nevertheless, he replaced it with his Titanium Shott Blaster. As he prepared to shoot Rodimus there was a great bang...

(Transformers UK#134 (fb)) - Death's Head's attempted assassination of Rodimus Prime was thwarted when Scourge shot him in the back.

(Transformers UK#134) - Death's Head's shield protected him from the worst of the blast, but he was temporarily out of action. Rodimus used the distraction to escape and later came across the broken shield that Death's Head had left on the floor. Cyclonus and Scourge began tracking him, but Death's Head caught up with them. Angry because they had potentially botched up his kill, he began chasing them through the sewer. His chase led him past Rodimus, who flung his shield back at him. Death's Head chased Rodimus up a ladder straight into the middle of Autobase and found himself being held at gun point. Rodimus let him go, offering him a contract on Cyclonus and Scourge.

(Transformers UK#146 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head followed Cyclonus and Scourge across the galaxy using his spacecraft.

(Transformers UK#146) <January 1st, 2008> - Months later, Death's Head tracked down Cyclonus and Scourge to the planet of Junk.

(Transformers UK#146 - BTS) - Death's Head set his spacecraft on autopilot while he stayed on the planets surface.

(Transformers UK#146) - A blast from Death's Head's spacecraft crippled Scourge, who plummeted to the ground. Cyclonus appeared to abandon Scourge, flying off out of sight. Scourge transformed from his space jet mode and prepared himself for battle as Death's Head's spacecraft flew towards him. The craft stopped in mid-air, puzzling Scourge. Suddenly Death's Head stepped out from behind him and prepared to finish Scourge off. At that point Cyclonus made his return, strafing Death's Head from behind, but the mechanoid was too fast. Death's Head blasted Scourge with his rifle and launched a heat seeking missile at Cyclonus. Cyclonus narrowly avoided the missile by transforming to robot mode. Without Cyclonus' jet engines to track, the missile flew overhead. Cyclonus barely had time to enjoy this little victory before Death's Head struck him from behind with his mace. Before he could finish them both off, a Junkion appeared. He told Death's Head that a being of vast power had enslaved the Junkion's people, and that Death's Head could name his own price should he help to fight the being. The Junkion also asked Death's Head to spare Cyclonus and Scourge in case they might aid them.
    The being in question was revealed to be the Transformers arch nemesis, the god-like being known as Unicron. In a previous battle with the Transformers, Unicron's massive robotic body had been destroyed, though its shattered head had spiraled away into space. Somehow it had ended up on Junk and was being rebuilt by the mentally controlled Junkion workers. After a brief recon, Death's Head came up with a plan of action. The Junkion was to lay explosives, while Cyclonus and Scourge distracted Unicron long enough for Death's Head to set off the explosion. He told the two Decepticons he would free them if they helped, but secretly planned to betray them (bad for future business not to honor an agreed contract). Unbeknownst to Death's Head, the Junkion was being mentally controlled in order to lead them into a trap. As soon as Cyclonus and Scourge began their distraction their minds were enthralled, and the Junkion was blasted to smithereens. Despite a laudable effort to resist, Death's Head, too, fell under Unicron's control.

(Transformers UK#147) - Unicron's mental powers allowed Death's Head to think for himself, but maintained a subliminal control over his actions, punishing him if he acted out of line. He traveled to the Decepticon HQ on Cybertron to meet with their leader Shockwave under the pretence of claiming compensation for the abortive contract on Rodimus Prime. Cyclonus and Scourge, who were responsible for fouling up that particular mission, played dead while Death's Head spoke with Shockwave. Shockwave agreed to compensate Death's Head, but first had Soundwave mentally scan the bodies to ensure that Cyclonus and Scourge were truly dead. Death's Head realized the game was up, and turned round to attach his Titanium Shott Blaster. Shockwave moved while Death's Head's back was turned and made his escape. Death's Head ordered Cyclonus and Scourge to hold off the Decepticon reinforcements while he went after Shockwave. After a prolonged fight, Death's Head got the upper hand. However, even as he carried out Unicron's orders, Death's Head expressed his respect for Shockwave's abilities and his regret at having to kill him under such circumstances. He promised to avenge the Decepticon leader's death at the first opportunity. Having executed Shockwave, he forced the Decepticons into making Cyclonus and Scourge their new leaders.

(Transformers UK#148) - Under the leadership of Cyclonus and Scourge, the Decepticons initiated an all out war against the Autobots that neither side could win. Death's Head returned to Junk to protect Unicron, who hoped to take advantage of the destruction that war would create once his new body was completed. A party of Autobots discovered Unicron's plans, and Death's Head was ordered into action. At first he attempted to resist Unicron's will, but ultimately was forced to attack. Death's Head tracked them down and managed to blast Inferno in the back. However, the Junkion leader, Wreck-Gar, distracted him long enough for Smokescreen to get Inferno to safety and escape. Death's Head had Wreck-Gar at his mercy, but managed to resist Unicron long enough to allow the Junkion to escape. Although Unicron's mental punishment was severe, Death's Head took pleasure in the knowledge that he had managed to defy his will.

(Transformers UK#149) - Unicron had Cyclonus and Scourge deal with Inferno and Smokescreen. Already mortally wounded by Death's Head, Inferno sacrificed himself so that Smokescreen could alert the other Autobots. Cyclonus and Scourge witnessed Inferno's ship explode in a blaze of glory and reported this back to Unicron, who boasted of it to Death's Head. Death's Head began to realize that while Unicron was ranting, Unicorn's mental control was weaker. He kept Unicron talking, enquiring about the time portal that the Junkions were building for him. Unicron began to explain that he intended to use it to exact his revenge on the errant Galvatron, giving Death's Head the opportunity to sneak closer to his gun. He opened fire on some of the Junkions, only this time as Unicron mind-linked--in order to exact his punishment--he pushed himself psychically onto the astral plane and into Unicron's mind.

(Transformers UK#150) - The sanity threatening environments within Unicron's head were almost too much for Death's Head. Unicron adapted the environment so that Death's Head could recover, albeit temporarily. He then threatened to return Death's Head to his own body before annihilating him. Death's Head stalled by asking questions, and Unicron gave a detailed account of his origins. Meanwhile, Smokescreen had been able to inform Rodimus Prime of the situation on Junk and had returned with a squad of Autobots. Unicron was interrupted by the Autobot attack, and returned Death's Head to his body so he could help fight back. While the Junkions rushed into combat, Death's Head managed to resist Unicron's control. Picking up his rifle, he managed to shoot Unicron's face. Barely fazed, Unicron fired back with his optic beams.

(Transformers UK#151) - Smokescreen piloted an Autobot spacecraft, with Scattershot at the guns, in order to distract Unicron while the others attacked from the ground. Smokescreen was desperate to avenge his friends Inferno and Wreck-Gar and began making more direct attacks, much to Scattershot's annoyance. His efforts were enough for Unicron to summon Cyclonus and Scourge from Cybertron. Meanwhile, Rodimus Prime and Death's Head came up with a plan to destroy Unicron. Rodimus gave Death's Head the Autobot Matrix so that he could pretend to be his prisoner. As Unicron mind-linked with Death's Head in order to take the Matrix, Rodimus used the mental link as a passageway into Unicron's mind. While Rodimus and Unicron fought in the astral plane, Death's Head discovered that Wreck-Gar had survived and laid explosives underneath Unicron's head. He pulled Rodimus back from the astral plane and told him and the Autobots to retreat to safety. Cyclonus and Scourge arrived from Cybertron just as the charges began to detonate. Death's Head's only escape route was through the time portal. He tackled Cyclonus and Scourge and took them through with him, hoping to complete his contract for Rodimus. Instead the two Decepticons were flung into Cybertron's past, and Death's Head himself disappeared seemingly without trace (see comments).




(Doctor Who Magazine#135) - Death's Head found himself hurtling through the corridors of time, where he collided with a Tardis. That Tardis belonged to none other than the Doctor, the infamous timelord renegade. Both Death's Head and the Doctor found themselves on an unidentified world, where they were greeted by a Time Guardian. The Time Guardian fled and left the Doctor to fend for himself. Death's Head gave the Doctor two options, either bargain with him or be killed. Desperate to protect himself from the giant robot, the Doctor blasted him with a Tissue Compression Eliminator. Usually used by to kill organic beings by shrinking them to doll-size, in Death's Head's case it had the effect of reducing him to normal human size. Once Death's Head had calmed down, the Doctor offered to trade his Tardis in return for his life. Death's Head reluctantly agreed, hoping to return to his own time. Instead, the Doctor used the Tardis to send him to a random destination in time.







(Dragon's Claws#4) - In a flash of light, Death's Head found himself on Earth-5555 in the year 8162 AD, specifically in the 'Pool, Northern England.

(Dragon's Claws#5) - Death's Head encountered two thugs, Cousin Rob and Cousin Bob of the Jones Boys, who thought he was one of the Evil Dead. Death's Head asked them to tell him the name of the planet and what year it was. He managed to get the information, but Cousin Bob blasted him with a flame-thrower. This angered Death's Head enough that he decided to do a freebie, and killed them both. This attracted the attention of an armored police ship that Death's Head blasted into oblivion with his superior weaponry. Death's Head's display of power impressed Death Nell, who hired him. She took him to the Evil Dead's homestead, which was under attack from the Jones Boys. Death's Head got to work, but he wasn't the only one out to get the Jones Boys. Dragon's Claws were also after them for their own reasons. Death's Head saw them as competition, but Dragon actually saved him from one of the Jones Boys attacks. While talking to Dragon, Death's Head was shot from behind by Deller, and Death's Head assumed Dragon had set him up. He took out Deller, and grabbed Dragon by the throat. Steel and Digit attacked, making him let go of Dragon. The team backed off, and a well-placed shot set off a stack of explosives behind Death's Head. Despite being seriously damaged, Death's Head crawled onwards and grabbed Dragon's leg. Steel managed to sever the mechanoid's hand, but he kept on going. Another explosion destroyed the building, and Death's Head was buried under the rubble.

(Death's Head I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was found by the Chain Gang. Spratt checked his neural circuits and found they were still functional. Despite Death's Head's incredible level of sophistication and complexity, Spratt was able to repair his body and modify it. Death's Head was equipped with new legs, new weapons and gadgets, and a new set of clothes.

(Incomplete Death's Head#3 - BTS) - During the process, Spratt apparently re-programmed Death's Head. (see comments)

(Death's Head I#1) - Having been rebuilt by Spratt, Death's Head began reviewing his memories and code of practice. For five days, Death's Head stood stock-still while getting his head together and preparing to return to business. While he was gathering his thoughts, one of the Chain Gang attempted to rouse him. As soon as Death's Head was finished gathering his thoughts he rewarded the man with a powerful blow to the head.









(Death's Head I#2) - While under contractual obligations to the Chain Gang for rebuilding him, Death's Head burst into the Dragon's Nest, headquarters to Dragon's Claws, and kidnapped Scavenger. He took Scavenger to Chaney, a maximum-security prison that had long ago subsided and was now home to the Chain Gang. When Dragon's Claws arrived to rescue Scavenger he was ordered to fight them, although his heart wasn't in the fight. He came to admit to himself that he actually admired Dragon. He worked his way through the other Claws until he had Dragon at his mercy. Reluctant to kill Dragon, he walked away claiming his chronometer was a minute slow and hence his contractual obligations had expired. As Death's Head watched the authorities take the Chain Gang away, Spratt sneaked up on him, despite his internal systems. Spratt then offered to become his partner.

(Death's Head I#3 (fb)) - Death's Head reluctantly let Spratt tag along with him. They boarded a flight to the Los Angeles Resettlement. While Death's Head was less than impressed with the service, Spratt filled up on junk food. Death's Head had a brief respite while Spratt answered "a call of nature," but even that was interrupted by a group of Freedom Fighters hijacking the flight. Less than impressed by their cause, Death's Head had little objection helping Spratt put them out of action. In fact Spratt's display of skill impressed Death's Head enough to give him a chance at becoming his partner.

(Death's Head I#3 - BTS) - After three days in Los Angeles, Death's Head learned of the ten thousand dollar reward on Ogrus and began by tracking down Collins for information.

(Death's Head I#3) - Death's Head and Spratt confronted Collins, who managed to grab Spratt and get his head in a grip. Collins threatened to break Spratt's neck if Death's Head didn't back off. Death's Head told him to" go ahead" and that he'd be "doing me a favor, yes?'" At first both Collins and Spratt thought he was bluffing, but when Death's Heads skull like face was unmoved, Collins gave up. He let Spratt go and agreed to give them details of Ogrus' whereabouts, a club called "Stake your life." Death's Head told Spratt to stay out of harms way and made his way into the club. Although the club was private and available only to those with a specific invite, the bouncer decided Death's Head's blade attachment would suffice and let him pass. Spratt watched from outside as Death's Head started a fight with Ogrus' men. Death's Head was actually coping admirably till Spratt burst his way onto the scene, crashing his vehicle through the wall of the club. The tide seemed to turn and Ogrus appeared to gain the upper hand. Spratt positioned himself above Ogrus in order to help Death's Head, but -- unsure whether he should take action -- he decided to toss a coin. The coin landed on Ogrus head, distracting him. Death's Head took advantage, striking him from the front as Spratt leapt down from above and kicked him in the back. As they carried Ogrus away Spratt revealed that he had already committed the reward money on a new office.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tuck hired Death's Head for a job, telling him it would be priceless. She took him to the Tansteele Research Centre on the planet Eopia where they attacked the vivisection unit of the Robotic Medical Research facility.

(Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1) - Reinforcements arrived to defend the facility, and Death's Head fought them off while Tuck freed the artificial lifeforms they had come to save. Death's Head enquired about his fee, but Tuck explained that this wasn't the job he'd been hired for and she had just been killing time while waiting for a signal. She asked Death's Head to save his future self, and they time jumped away. They arrived at Darkmoor Research Centre, where Death's Head (Minion) was being examined by Dr Necker. Necker took control of the Minion cyborg, forcing Death's Head was forced to fight his future self. He won by stabbing his future incarnation in the head, causing the Minion cyborg's systems to reboot. Necker meanwhile had concluded that she had chosen to study the the wrong Death's Head, and activated a large group of cyborgs in order to capture him. The two Death's Head's teamed up to fight these new Death's Head 3.0 cyborgs, but were both stunned by a large concussion cannon operated by Dr Necker herself. Necker took Death's Head's unconscious body and set the research centre to self destruct, leaving Tuck and the future Death's Head to be caught in the explosion.

(Revolutionary War: Warheads#1 (fb)  - BTS) - Psycho-Wraith Prime used Death's Head, Albion, Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Joseph Hauer, Colonel Liger and Dai Thomas to power a new monotrace core in order to open a portal to Mephisto's Hell. Mephisto's new Liege Lord, Killpower, arrived through the portal intent on leading a demonic invasion of Earth.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1) - Death's Head and the other captives were released from the monotrace core. His future self arrived to help, and they were attacked by Killpower. They, and an assortment of UK based super beings, fought Killpower and his demonic army. Killpower was blasted by his old friend Motormouth, and realized he had been used by Mephisto. He begged Motormouth to kill him, but it was ultimately Joseph Hauer, Colonel Liger and the two Death's Heads who took the shot. Killpower seemingly died, and Dark Angel closed the portal.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tuck and both Death's Head's stayed around for a while after the battle at the Shard until they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

(Revolutionary War: Omega#1) - Death's Head eventually left London with Tuck and his former self, who announced that they needed to talk about the future.

(Real Ghostbusters#42) - Visiting Earth-88326, Death's Head found his way to the warehouse where the recently deceased movie monster maker Boris Carloft stored his creature creations. When the Ghostbusters entered, hunting Carloft's ghost, Death's Head hid among the monsters while they passed by him, and then took his leave unnoticed while they were distracted battling Carloft's specter (see comments).

(Death's Head I#4) - Death's Head met with Dead Cert and accepted a contract on Plaguedog. Plaguedog was a bio-engineered killing machine belonging to the Undertaker, and Death's Head's mission was to lure it into the open and then kill it. Unbeknownst to them, the Undertaker had already sent Plaguedog to lay in waiting at Death's Head's new office.

(Death's Head I#4 - BTS) - Death's Head had a giant birthday cake made for Jules "Kneecap" Venici, the Undertaker's lieutenant. He also had a bomb made with the appearance of a smaller slice of cake. He arranged for a deliveryman to send the larger cake via Kneecap's front door while he sneaked inside with the bomb in the guise of a waiter. Having left his main arsenal at home, he hid a spare blaster under one of the food covers.

(Death's Head I#4) - When Kneecap saw the giant cake he assumed there was a gunman hidden inside and had his men shoot it to pieces. All this achieved was getting cake over everybody, and Kneecap soon realized it was empty. He sat down to wipe his face clean and ordered some proper cake. Death's Head gave him the "cake" bomb and began to move away quickly. Kneecap plunged in his fork and promptly went up in smoke. As Death's Head made his escape, he bumped into one of Kneecap's goons, sending his waiter's wig flying and ruining his disguise. The goon realized this was no waiter, but Death's Head attempted to convince him to keep it to himself with a crack across the jaw. The other goons caught on, so Death's Head made for his spare blaster. Death's Head had hoped his assassination of Kneecap would lure out Plaguedog, but instead he found himself cornered and under fire. He fought his way through Kneecap's men, planning to assassinate the Undertaker's second lieutenant in the hope that this would prompt Plaguedog into action.

(Death's Head I#4 - BTS) - Death's Head infiltrated the apartment of Roberto "Slick" Capelldani and assassinated him.

(Death's Head I#4) - When Plaguedog didn't show, Death's Head decided to cut his losses and meet Spratt at the new office. He considered charging Dead Cert expenses. What Death's Head didn't realize was that Plaguedog had been sent to his new office and had already been narrowly defeated by Spratt. Upon reaching the office block he found Plaguedog's dead body and the burnt wreckage of a car. A tired and moody Spratt walked out of the offices with his right arm in a sling and refused to explain what had happened. Death's Head was just happy that he would be able to collect the reward!

(Death's Head I#5) - Thea came to Death's Head's office looking to hire him. Her husband, Keepsake, had double crossed her out of a shipment of gold bullion they had found, and offered Death's Head half the shipment if he could find Keepsake for her. When the shipment had originally been found two maps had been drawn up, each useless without the other. One was given to Keepsake and the other to a man named Colt, who had been there when the bullion was found. Thea told Death's Head that Keepsake would most likely be in a bar somewhere, so he set out to look for him. After making enquiries at various local establishments, Death's Head tracked Keepsake down to Huggy's bar and grill. Unfortunately, Keepsake's partner had double-crossed him and taken his part of the map, along with his new woman, a lady named Bahlia. Death's Head didn't believe this at first and proceeded to smack Keepsake's face into the wall. Thea had seen Colt leaving and backed up Keepsakes story... though she let Death's Head smack him into the wall once more for good luck. They found Colt and his acquaintances down at the wharf. There were three men guarding the wharf itself, with Colt on one of the boats with Bahlia and another goon.

(Death's Head I#5 - BTS) - Death's Head came up with a plan and gave Thea and Keepsake their instructions before sneaking into place beneath the wharf.

(Death's Head I#5) - While Thea distracted the men, Death's Head sneaked up and pulled one of them through the wooden floorboards. Thea kicked one in the groin, while Death's Head dealt the other a blow to the chin. Death's Head and Thea commandeered a boat and gave chase to Colt. The boat was blasted by Colt's goon, Lorne, and began to sink. Thea was rescued by Keepsake, who flew overhead in his ship, while Death's Head launched himself at Colt with his boot jets. He went crashing straight through the deck of Colt's boat and found himself surrounded by more of Colt's goons in frog suits. While Colt fixed the hole, Bahlia grabbed the bullion and let herself be hoisted up to join Keepsake and Thea. Finally fixing the hole, Colt grabbed a gun and prepared to shoot down Keepsake's ship. Death's Head promptly flew back up through the boat on his way to join Keepsake. Keepsake offered Death's Head half the gold if he would push Thea out. Death's Head did as he was asked, and Keepsake flew them to safety. On landing, Keepsake offered to split the gold fifty fifty with Death's Head. Death's Head argued that while half of the gold had been promised to him by Keepsake, and the other half had already been promised to him by Thea. Keepsake reluctantly agreed, and Death's Head walked off with all the gold, followed closely by Keepsake's pet vulture.

(Death's Head I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Minister Letterman arranged for Gowse to give vital evidence at a senate hearing. Despite the fact that Gowse was being kept at Marshal Lek's home and was supposedly protected by enough men to hold off a small army, Death's Head was hired by Letterman as a last line of defense.

(Death's Head I#6) - Marshal's home was attacked by Sudden Impact. Death's Head calmly stayed with Gowse and played a game of chess, while Marshal's men attempted to hold the attackers at bay. However, Sudden Impact tore their way through Lek's men. North and his companion smashed their way in through the window, only for Death's Head to hurl them back out again. Death's Head was shot by Zoot, but recovered and blasted him off his sky-cycle. As he was aiming for another blast, his weapon attachment was disabled by a shot from Trench. Death's Head pulled Bird from her sky-cycle and turned off his boot jets as they passed over the wall Trench was standing on. They landed directly on top of Trench, and the wall collapsed. Death's Head got out of the way, but both Bird and Trench were buried in the rubble. Just then, Death's Head's internal sensors registered an attacker approaching from behind. Using the data from his sensors, Death's Head was able launch a missile at the attacker without even turning his head. Buck attempted to deal with Death's Head using his flame-thrower, but failed miserably. Death's Head knocked him out, and threw him at Mayhem's feet. Mayhem started shooting at Death's Head, but he dodged the bursts of fire with ease and leapt behind Sudden Impact's tank. Mayhem ordered Vienna to reverse over Death's Head, but the tank wouldn't move no matter how much Vienna tried. Death's Head picked the tank up and hurled it at Mayhem. Mayhem barely managed to leap out of the way. With Vienna dealt with, Death's Head grabbed Mayhem and prepared to kill him. Mayhem dropped his gun, and told Death's Head that he had accomplished his mission. When Death's Head queried this, Mayhem asked him how many of his soldiers he had killed. Death's Head said eight, but Mayhem assured him there had been nine. Just then, Nitro blew up Gowse. Realizing his fee was lost, Death's Head let Mayhem go. Mayhem called out to the mechanoid and offered him a chance to join Sudden Impact, but it was against Death's Head's principles, so he refused.

(Death's Head I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head went to considerable expense and effort to have his old spacecraft recreated to the smallest detail. Unfortunately, not only did he forget to ask the technicians how to fly the craft manually but also an explosive was hidden in the cargo area by Short Fuse.

(Death's Head I#7) - Death's Head was flying his latest spacecraft, the DH II, when it was blasted by Big Shot. This was immediately followed by the detonation of Short Fuse's hidden explosives. This second explosion lightened the craft enough to land relatively safely. The ship plummeted down, crashing through another vehicle before the computer came back online and pulled it out of its dive. The computer then initiated a landing sequence, after a fashion. The ship came to halt upside down on top of Short Fuse's car. Death's Head sent for a tow truck.

(Death's Head I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Later that night, Death's Head and Spratt discovered that the face-changing villain known as Photofit was on the loose and looking for a way out of the country. They identified him with a special device, but were unable to capture him. However, they managed to place a tracer on his car before he could get away. They left the device at their office, and began to track the car. Later still, the tracer stopped transmitting.

(Death's Head I#7) - They found the wreckage of Photofit's car at the studios of O.T.T. TV. Death's Head reasoned that Photofit would have changed his appearance. He went back to the office to retrieve the device that had identified Photofit before and left Spratt to do a recon of the studios. Meanwhile, Short Fuse had placed explosives in a nearby car. As Death's Head walked past, Short Fuse detonated the explosives. The blast merely thrust Death's Head out of the way of a blast aimed by Big Shot. While Death's Head was oblivious as to who was behind the explosions he was smart enough to deduce somebody was out to get him. Big Shot attacked again, blasting Death's Head through a wall. Another of Short Fuses explosions went off behind Big Shot, sending the bounty hunter flying towards Death's Head. Death's Head rolled backwards and kicked Big Shot overhead. Big Shot fired at Death's Head again, but the mechanoid dodged the blast and it hit one of the bystanders. Death's Head charged at Big Shot, and as the two grappled with each other another of Short Fuse's explosives went off. Death's Head and Big Shot went through the wall into the next room, where the game show Run to Rio was taking place. Spratt was playing against Photofit, who had killed and replaced one of the contestants. Spratt pointed out Photofit to Death's Head, but the mechanoid was still preoccupied with Big Shot. Photofit ran away, taking on Death's Head's appearance. Just then Short Fuse appeared and, mistaking Photofit for the real Death's Head, grabbed him by the neck and produced an explosive. Photofit reverted to his true appearance, giving off a dazzling bright light. In his confusion, Short Fuse forgot to deactivate the bomb. The explosion killed them both, and sent Big Shot crashing through the side of the building. Death's Head forgot about Big Shot, and went to see if there was enough of Photofit left for him to collect a reward with. Having assumed all the explosions were the work of Big Shot, Death's Head remained none the wiser about Short Fuse's involvement.

(Dragon's Claws I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head and Spratt were hired by a family of bear-people from Goldilux to drive off invading Munchkyns.

(Dragon's Claws I#6) - Death's Head fulfilled his mission and was offered payment via Candycard.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#76/3 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head traveled to Yel-Jek, hired by the governor there to find Thaddeus Soul. The governor stipulated that he wanted Soul's head. Soul heard of this through his sources, and turned the tables on Death's Head by making an attack on him as soon as he touched down on the planet.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#76/3) - Wounded, on the run, and surrounded by stampeding Stakks, Death's Head took to the air with his boot jets. The jets only lasted a few seconds before running out of fuel, and Death's Head crashed back to the earth. As he picked himself up, he saw Soul standing there. Death's Head tried to shoot Soul, but he dodged and began shooting back. Death's Head fled through the forests of Yel-Jek until he came across another of Soul's victims. The wounded man ("Greeny") begged for assistance, and in return offered to tell Death's Head how to kill Soul.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#76/3 (fb) - BTS) - The wounded man told Death's Head that the native Stakks, large quadruped animals, had delicate ear drums. The correct pitch of sound could create a pain intense enough to kill them outright.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#76/3 - BTS) - Death's Head hid himself in a Stakk watering hole while his new companion waited in the bushes.

(Marvel Comics Presents#76/3) - As Soul came across the watering hole, Death's Head leapt out and attacked him. Just when it appeared that Soul had got the upper hand, his old enemy blew into a leaf. The pitch killed one of the Stakks, which fell upon Soul and squashed him flat. Having gotten his revenge, Soul's former victim collapsed and died. Death's Head, remembering that the contract had asked for Soul's head as a trophy, hoped that the Governor had a large enough wall to mount it on.

(Death's Head I#8) - Death's Head was contacted by Hob, on behalf of Dogbolter, in order to kill the Doctor. Hob himself, apparently the most expensive robot in existence, was to be the payment for the mission. Still holding a grudge against the Doctor after their last encounter, Death's Head readily accepted. Several days later, at Intra-Venus Headquarters, Death's Head was supplied with the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket and began traveling through time to find the Doctor. His first jump took him to the small village of Thetford in 1646, where he appeared in front of one Mrs. Thorogood. Although only there briefly, he was mistaken for the Devil, and Mrs. Thorogood was later sent to the gallows as a result. He also touched down briefly in the Triassic period, leaving behind a pair of footprints that would later baffle geologists. Following that, he found himself in the year 1916, just prior to the first battle of the Somme. Finally he caught up with the Doctor, who was dressed as a court jester in a pantomime at some point during the modern era. Death's Head shot at the Doctor, who jumped aside and activated a trap door underneath the mechanoid. Death's Head fell through the stage, and aimed another shot at the retreating time lord, only succeeding in setting fire to the stage. Death's Head searched backstage, and blundered into the ladies dressing room by mistake. As the fire spread, Death's Head was forced to make an exit and leapt from the burning building. He emerged at the end of a pier, and fell into the water. Death's Head activated the Temporal Rocket again, and managed to materialize inside the Doctor's Tardis. However, the Doctor warned Death's Head that the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket contained a concealed thermo-nuclear device. Death's Head realized he had been set up by Dogbolter. Suddenly, the Tardis was scanned by a powerful beam, which triggered the detonating device. Death's Head told the Doctor to lock onto the source of the beam and take them there. They landed on the roof of the Intra-Venus headquarters in the year 8162. Unable to remove the Dogbolter Temporal Rocket himself, Death's Head got the Doctor to blast the clasps that held it in place. When this failed, the Doctor used an invention of his called the piklok to removed the clasps. Death's Head took the rocket off, ran outside the Tardis and threw it onto the roof. He rushed back inside, and the Doctor took him to safety. Death's Head told the Doctor they were quits, but warned the timelord that next time he might not be so lucky. The Doctor retorted that he would be difficult to kill, and that as Death's Head was a machine being he was incapable of change or evolution. The Doctor got back into his Tardis and departed. Death's Head took in his surroundings and realized he didn't know where he was. Little did he realize he was standing on top of Four's Freedom Plaza, headquarters of the Fantastic Four on Earth-616.

(Death's Head I#9) - Death's Head's presence seemed to set off Reed Richard's defense system. A small gun emerged from a hidden compartment and opened fire. Death's Head swiftly managed to dodge the blasts and shot back, destroying the gun. The security systems responded by activating a plethora of much larger guns, but only succeeded in blowing a hole in the roof of the building. Death's Head flew into the hole in order to escape, finding himself in the Fantastic Four's hangar area. Noting the advanced vehicles, Death's Head hoped he might find a time machine. Just then the Thing tapped on Death's Head's shoulder, and he spun round to see the Fantastic Four. The Thing told Death's Head he was in trouble, and the mechanoid responded by striking him across the jaw with his mace. The Thing hit back, sending Death's Head flying through three walls. Death's Head faked unconsciousness and suckered the Human Torch with some gas. The Torch recovered and blasted Death's Head with his flames. Before Johnny could do any serious damage, a blast from the security systems knocked him out. Not seeing this, the Thing assumed Death's Head had done it. Death's Head avoided his blows and pulled the carpet from under him. As the Thing fell to the floor, Death's Head placed his foot upon his head and threatened to activate his boot jets. Before he could do so, Mr. Fantastic grabbed him and pulled him away. Just then, Mr. Fantastic was struck by another blast from the security systems. Again it was assumed the blast had come from Death's Head, and the Invisible Woman pinned the mechanoid against the wall with her force field. Death's Head maintained the blast hadn't come from him, something that was confirmed when Mr. Fantastic recovered.
    The Fantastic Four soon realized their own malfunctioning security systems were attacking them. The Thing attacked the security robot, but it retreated to safety and activated the buildings main defenses. Death's Head tracked the robot with his internal systems. By linking to an entry port, Death's Head discovered that the robot had made its way to Franklin Richard's room. Mr. Fantastic told Death's Head that the systems would be looking for body heat and begged Death's Head to rescue his son. Death's Head realized he didn't have to get involved, but made a deal to help in return for use of Mr. Fantastic's time machine. Death's Head made his way to Franklin's room to find the boy attached to the robot. While attempting to disable the robot, Death's Head damaged the power core. The robot began to build up to an imminent detonation, and Death's Head ran for cover leaving Franklin behind. However, the young boy called out to him for help. Death's Head changed his mind and quickly set Franklin free, just managing to carry him to safety in time to avoid the blast. In return, Mr. Fantastic set his time machine to return Death's Head to 8162. As the machine began to operate, a grateful Thing apologized to Death's Head and asked if he was one of the super-hero's of 8162. Death's Head was quick to put him right, and when Mr. Fantastic realized the mechanoid was an assassin he attempted to abort the jump. Instead Death's Head was sent to Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D.

(Death's Head I#10 (fb) - BTS) - When Death's Head found out he had been dumped on Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D. he was initially disappointed, but soon realized that there was more crime than than his old stomping grounds @ 8162. He was also glad to be rid of Spratt, though sad about the loss of his pet vulture. He immediately began to take advantage of the high crime rates, and quickly set up an office in Manhattan. His activities attracted the attention of the press, in particular the Daily Bugle. After two days in Manhattan, Death's Head went after the leader of the Warlords in order to claim the reward.

(Death's Head I#10 (fb)) - Having defeated the leader of the Warlords, Death's Head allowed himself to be filmed in a brief interview for television.

(Death's Head I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head's next assignment took him to downtown Manhattan, the area once known as Hell's Kitchen, when a man offered a reward to anybody that could find his kidnapped son. Death's Head found the trio of kidnappers in a run down building and positioned himself in an adjacent room.

(Death's Head I#10 - BTS) - Death's Head set the telephone ringing. One of the kidnappers answered the call, but soon began to wonder why nobody answered.

(Death's Head I#10) - Death's Head's fist came smashing through the wall and punched the kidnapper who had answered the phone. He stepped into the doorway and revealed himself. One of the remaining kidnappers blasted at Death's Head, who got up close and personal. He knocked the rifle out of the kidnapper's hands, and a stray shot nailed the ceiling. The kidnapper pulled out another gun, but before he could use it the weakened part of the ceiling collapsed on him. The remaining kidnapper was too scared of Death's Head's demonic appearance to do anything. Death's Head took the boy and went to collect his reward. Upon returning to his new office, Death's Head was approached by Athey and offered a contract on two Arabs. While Athey told Death's Head that they were international terrorists protected by diplomatic immunity, they were in fact diplomats. Death's Head, took the assignment not realizing he had been set up to fight the Iron Man of 2020.
    He intercepted the Arabs at a hotel as they entered a lift (elevator). Iron Man attempted to get into the lift, but was casually pushed back by Death's Head. The lift door closed, and Death's Head was about to kill the Arabs when Iron Man broke in through the roof. Death's Head sent him hurtling back out, and climbed onto the roof of the lift in order to finish him off. Iron Man shot one of the cables supporting the lift. Taking advantage of the situation, Death's Head tried to sever the other cable. Iron Man charged into him and they landed on the roof of a nearby building. While Death's Head was recovering from the landing, Iron Man ripped off his head. Naturally Death's Head was rather annoyed, yes? He worked his aggression off, using his now headless body to give Iron Man a sound beating. He picked his head back up and set about reattaching it to his body, while comparing notes with Iron Man. They realized that they had both been hired by the same person and set up to fight each other. They scanned for monitoring devices, and found a flying monitor unit. Together they traced the monitors receiving signal back to its source. The signal led them to an expensive mansion, whose perimeter defenses they breached with ease. Inside the mansion they found a dead body, some dice, and more importantly the balance of their fees. Unknown to them, the dead man was Chance of the Dicemen. Athey had shot Chance in order to preserve the Dicemen's secrets, left the money and set the mansion to explode. Iron Man detected a massive energy build up beneath the mansion and they managed to make their escape. Iron Man was curious as to who was behind the set up, but Death's Head was just happy to have been paid. He gave Iron Man a pep talk, encouraging him to be more confident and, in particular, not to lose his head.

(Sleeze Brothers#5) - On Earth-89547, Death's Head joined a lengthy queue to get into the popular Amphibian Emporium, waiting in line for over three hours alongside Freddy Krueger, Cerebus the Aardvark, Roachmill, Rorschach, Judge Dredd, Archie Goodwin, Concrete, Amphigory of Headworld and the Sleeze Brothers.

(Strip#13 (fb) - BTS) <October 2, 2020> - Death's Head pursued the criminal "Rabid" Elo Rogan in order to obtain the bounty on his head. Rogan fled from him

(Strip#13) <October 2, 2020> - Death's Head caught up with Rogan and had him at his mercy, but gloated too long, and Rogan managed to stun him with his Lectronux and escape. As he fled, Rogan commented that he thought Death's Head was dragging things out on purpose.

(Strip#14) - Insulted by Rogan's accusation (and disturbed by the thought that it might be true), Death's Head pursued Rogan up the stairs of a tall skyscraper. Rogan tricked a policeman into thinking that Death's Head was a maniac attacking him, and while the officer held Death's Head at gunpoint, Rogan struck him down from behind and stole his skycycle. Using his own jet-boots, Death's Head tackled Rogan, causing them both to go crashing to the ground. They landed near Rogan's ally Acid Alice, but Death's Head mistook her for a potential hostage and shot Rogan dead to prevent the situation from becoming more complicated. Alice accused Death's Head of hunting down Rogan for sport, which disturbed him further.

(Strip#15 - BTS) - Seeking Death's Head, Pyra met with Spratt in 8162, leading to an encounter with Big Shot, who also sought Death's Head. A comment from Spratt made Pyra realize that Death's Head might have skipped out through time, and so she opened a portal in front of the DH II, piloted by Spratt and also carrying the vulture and Big Shot. The obsession of Big Shot would guide the portal to locate Death's Head and transport them to him.

(Death's Head I#10 (flashforward)) - Death's Head was surprised to see his spacecraft, the DH II, fly out of a dimensional portal and crash land in the streets. Spratt ran out of the ship, followed by their vulture, and dragged Death's Head away from the ship in a hurry. Unknown to Death's Head, Big Shot had been aboard the ship, too, and was close behind them.

(Strip#16) - Big Shot savagely attacked the surprised Death's Head, assaulting the authorities as well when they tried to stop him. This distraction allowed Death's Head to regain his wits and fight back. As he attached his axe attachment, he commented that while he couldn't understand this revenge thing, he was going to enjoy the next few minutes, yes?

(Strip#17) - Death's Head and Big Shot fought a brutal struggle, but Death's Head was distracted when Big Shot commented that they were both enjoying the fight. Big Shot stunned Death's Head and prepared to deliver the final blow, but Pyra then blasted and bound him. Knowing that Lupex was watching her, Pyra pretended that she thought Death's Head was inhabited by Lupex and claimed to want to kill him herself. As she prepared to strike, Lupex teleported Death's Head to Styrakos, and Death's Head recognized Lupex as his father.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Lupex told Death's Head that Pyra had assumed Death's Head to be Lupex, then revealed Death's Head's origins. Death's Head attempted to strike him down as the story concluded, but Lupex blasted him away, then taunted Death's Head as his power faded when the zones of Stryrakos shifted, so that technology did not function in the zone they occupied. Lupex blasted Death's Head out of his Nest and to the ground below and told him that the hunt would now begin.

(Strip#18) - His powers ebbing, Death's Head fled from Lupex, who overpowered and then nearly possessed him, but the zones shifted again, allowing Death's Head to strike back savagely. However, the zones soon changed again, and Death's Head's power faded once more. Death's Head managed to hide out under a pile of rocks as Lupex recovered from his assault, and Lupex left in search of him. The zones again shifted, with technology coming to the fore.

(Strip#19) - Death's Head pulled himself out of the rock pile in which he had hidden, recalling his introduction to Lupex. This reminded him that Lupex had said that not even he knew when the zones of Styrakos would shift. Using technology he had gained during his 8162 rebuilding, he analyzed the zones and recognized a pattern. However, just then Lupex returned and renewed his assault. Resisting Lupex' goading, Death's Head took off, using his scanner to make a plan.

(Strip#20) - Death's Head used his rapidly waning power to flee into a tower in magic zone. Lupex caught up to him and prepared to pass his spirit into the mechanoid, but--as Death's Head had planned--the zones shifted once again, and Death's Head regained his strength and used his wrist-blade to skewer Lupex. His creator fell to his apparent death, but Death's Head made certain he was dead by decapitating him. Pyra then teleported him back to Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D., where she explained to him that she needed Lupex to summon Death's Head to Stryakos, and she had manipulated him into doing so. As she left, Death's Head expressed his admiration for her skilled planning: Like mother, like son, right?

(BTS) - Various unpublished adventures (see comments)

(Death's Head II#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Death's Head became acquainted with Tyler.

(Avenging Spider-Man#17 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was offered a bounty by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) on at least one occasion. He became used to being snatched out of his time stream by them.

(Avenging Spider-Man#17 (fb) - BTS) - The TVA decided to hire Death's Head to deal with any resistance as they dealt with an infraction at the Baxter Building.

(Avenging Spider-Man#17) - The TVA took Death's Head from out of his time stream at two different points, creating divergent versions of the mechanoid. First they sent Death's Head to the Baxter Building. This version encountered Doctor Octopus in the body of Spider-Man (see comments). He set out to kill Spider-Man, while other TVA agents attacked the Future Foundation children. Death's Head was distracted by the Fantastic Four's automated defenses, allowing Spider-Man the chance to charge into him. When Octavius realized that the TVA was involved, he became concerned with keeping his true identity secret. He smashed the head off Death's Head. Assuming him dead, the TVA pulled the other Death's Head from an earlier point in his time stream. This Death's Head noticed his decapitated head on the floor before being booted out of a window by Spider-Man. The TVA believed that this Death's Head was eliminated from Reality-616 when corrections were made to the timeline by Spider-Man. However, he was seen to recover on 6th Avenue and enquire what year it was.

(Fantastic Four I#338 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was commissioned by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to investigate the Time Bubble of Earth-8810.

(Fantastic Four I#338) - Death's Head arrived in Earth-8810 using one of the TVA's time cycles to maintain his presence within the temporal warp. He encountered the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel), Ben Grimm, Iron Man (Tony Stark), and Thor, which led to the obligatory battle of mistaken identities/intentions (also present was the Terminatrix, as Kang-Nebula, possessing the body of the Human Torch). Reed stopped the conflict, identifying himself to Death's Head, who agreed to let bygones be bygones, but then named the time-traveling heroes as the difficulty that the TVA had sent him to fix. Before he could attack anew, however, they were all assaulted by Kang of Earth-Mesozoic 24, forcing them to join forces. Death's Head defeated and unmasked the Kang, destroying his armor as well. Death's Head admitted that he had acted hastily and that Richards' group was not the problem, after which he intimidated the Kang into revealing the Celestial Weapon and how and why he was there. Via a mystic vortex, Thor brought his allies and Death's Head to the vicinity of the Celestial Weapon, where they were attacked by two members of the Council of Kangs, Chairman Kang and a divergent form of the "prime" Kang. Death's Head's weapon neutralized Chairman Kang's shield and facilitated his defeat by Thor, but then the divergent Kang fired a blast that struck the probability generator in Death's Head's cycle, preventing him from remaining in phase with the Time Bubble. Death's Head faded out of that reality.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head resigned from the services of the TVA, and stole one of their time cycles.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24 (fb) - BTS) - Back on Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D., Death's Head was hired to bring in Cushing alive. He found out that Cushing and his bodyguard had arranged to meet a cemetery in the Bronx. He also learned there was a two million dollar price tag on Cushing's head. Death's Head hid himself in a freshly dug grave, and arranged for a stone to be placed over it bearing his own name.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24) - Death's Head burst out of the grave and attacked, killing Cushing's bodyguard. On handing Cushing over to the lady who had hired him, he mentioned the price on his head. The lady insisted she wanted him alive to testify. Instead she offered Death's Head another job, to locate and retrieve a priceless vase.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24 - BTS) - Death's Head was told where to find the vase. He used his time cycle to travel to the modern era of Earth-616 in order to retrieve it, and made his way to She-Hulk's apartment.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24) - Death's Head came crashing through She-Hulk's window on his time cycle. He picked up the vase and flew off, struggling with the malfunctioning cycle. She-Hulk leapt after him, knocking him off the cycle. Fortunately the vase survived the fall, but a gang of super-villains was waiting to steal it. She-Hulk suggested to Death's Head that they deal with the villains before arguing over who kept the vase. Lightmaster aimed at Death's Head, but his light powers were insufficient to penetrate his metallic hide. Death's Head dealt with Lightmaster and Whirlwind while She-Hulk fought Radioactive Man. Death's Head noted that he'd be unlikely to collect a decent bounty on the lot of the villains together. In the background, Plant-Man stood by and watched nervously, totally bereft of any plants to use. This just left Bono, who had hired the villains to retrieve the vase. An angry She-Hulk broke the vase over Bono's head, revealing a computer disc that had been hidden inside. Meanwhile, unknown to Death's Head, Plant-Man had spotted a young lady with a potted plant and... decided to slip away into an alley.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24 - BTS) - Death's Head accompanied She-Hulk while she examined the disc.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24) - The disc contained evidence of Bono's future criminal activities. Having failed to bring Bono to justice in her own time, She-Hulk let Death's Head take the disc so he could be convicted in the future.

(Sensational She-Hulk#24 - BTS) - Death's Head, despite being unhappy with its performance during the mission, used the time cycle to return the disc.

(The Incomplete Death's Head#11 (fb)) - Death's Head used the time cycle to go to Bonjaxx's party on Maruthea.

(The Incomplete Death's Head#12 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head's memories of meeting his future self, Death's Head (Minion), during Killpowers demonic invasion of Earth had somehow been lost by this point. See comments.

(Doctor Who Magazine#173) - Death's Head sat counting his money at Bonjaxx's party. He noticed the Doctor looking at him and raised his glass in acknowledgement. An extremely inebriated Beep the Meep started a bar fight in an attempt to kill the Doctor (who was now there in both his seventh and nth incarnations) and Death's Head happily joined in. The Doctor made a rather sharp exit in the confusion.

(Incomplete Death's Head#12) - Hob attacked Death's Head before he could leave Maruthea, but the Minion cyborg leapt to his assistance. Death's Head heard Tuck refer to the cyborg as "Death's Head" and questioned her, but there was no time for explanations. Together they destroyed Hob. The Doctor returned and erased Death's Head's memory of the encounter, ensuring the mechanoid wouldn't learn that Minion was actually his future incarnation. The Doctor then helped Death's Head to his feet, and returned him to Bonjaxx's party.

(Death's Head II#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Death's Head acquired transmat technology with time travel capabilities.

(Marvel Heroes#33 (UK) ) - Death's Head visited Reality-9411 and was hired by a surviving D'bari faction, who sought to conquer Earth, to fight Earth's champion, the Hulk (Bruce Banner). The bounty hunter-hating D'bari G'aspx secretly targeted a weapon on Death's Head, who detected him. In response to the betrayal, Death's Head struck a deal with the Hulk and took a dive.

(Uncanny X-Men Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was hired by Monark Starstalker to capture the "pirate Summers", whom he took to mean Cyclops, ruling out the other Summers brothers. He was accompanied on this mission by two cyborgs. They narrowed down a location and waited for Cyclops to make a move.

(Uncanny X-Men Special#1 - BTS) - Death's Head reported to Monark. Shortly afterwards, Cyclops took a group of students on flight training. Death's Head, or one of his cyborg helpers, opened fire on the plane, which came crashing down.

(Uncanny X-Men Special#1) - Death's Head ordered the cyborgs to get Cyclops out of the plane. Cyclops blasted them, and Death's Head, away. Recovering quickly, Death's Head ordered the cyborgs back into action. Goldballs, one of Cyclops' students, used his powers on the cyborgs, but they made it to the plane. Cyclops ordered the students to run. Death's Head blasted him, and took him captive. He and the two cyborgs flew away with Cyclops in a shuttle that took them to Monark. Having been unaware there were multiple Summers brothers, Monark quickly realized that Death's Head had captured the wrong one, and ordered him to fetch Havok instead. Death's Head refused, knowing that Monark couldn't pay well enough for him to go up against the Avengers. He reminded Monark they they hadn't been paid for kidnapping Cyclops yet, and when Monark refused he put him in an arm lock and forced him to reveal where the money was. Death's Head ordered one of the cyborgs to fetch the money, and they left Cyclops with Monark.

(Iron Man Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head went to his hideout on Calculex. He was at a club called Flamers when Iron Man and Cyclop's students came looking for him, and got into a fight with Neut.

(Iron Man Special#1) - Goldballs was running from one of Neut's alien allies when he bumped into Death's Head, who smashed the aliens head into a wall.

(Iron Man Special#1 (fb) - BTS) - Goldballs paid Death's Head, using three of his goldballs, to tell him where Cyclops was.

(Death's Head II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Years after first meeting Death's Head, Tyler had became incredibly wealthy. His enemies had become wealthy too, and Death's Head was offered three million to kill him. Having wanted an excuse to go after Tyler for years, he accepted. Death's Head infiltrated Tyler's fortress using information supplied to him by its architect.

(Death's Head II#1) - Death's Head fought his way through the hordes of Kryzote mercenaries that guarded the fortress. He found Tyler too late, arriving just in time to see the Minion cyborg assimilating his instincts. Minion escaped using a transmat, but Death's Head got a lock on him with a tracking beacon. He followed Minion to the future world of Altima Four, @ 2456 A.D., but the cyborg had already left. Death's Head then followed him back to AIM Central on Earth-8410 @ 2020. He took on Minion in battle, but unfortunately the cyborg was far superior. Minion overpowered Death's Head and decapitated him. Minion then assimilated Death's Head's instincts, killing him.

(Death's Head II#1 - BTS) - Upon assimilation, Death's Head's instincts were intended to augment the Minion cyborg's. Instead, Death's Head downloaded himself into Minion's body and began to fight for control.

(Death's Head II#2 - BTS) - Reed Richards blasted the Minion cyborg, scrambling its neurons. Death's Head's consciousness was the first to recover and became dominant over the other instincts Minion had assimilated, ultimately becoming Death's Head (Minion).

(Incomplete Death's Head#2) - Some time later, Death's Head (Minion) was transported to Maruthea and discovered an interactive archive dedicated to Death's Head (FPA). Upon linking with the computer archive, the cyborg was blasted by feedback and sucked into cyberspace. The Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent)'s consciousness managed to create a virtual reality body for itself within cyberspace so that he could interact with his current self in an attempt to deduce the identity of their attacker. They began to review the data streams on Death's Head (FPA)'s early adventures.

(Incomplete Death's Head#3 - BTS) - Death's Head continued to monitor the data streams as the archive replayed his second encounter with Dragons Claws.

(Incomplete Death's Head#4 - BTS) - The archive began to replay Death's Head's early adventures with his partner, Spratt.

(Incomplete Death's Head#5) - During a break between the archives data streams, Death's Head (Minion) insisted his former self help him get out of cyberspace. Death's Head (FPA) conjured up an image of their attacker (who, unbeknownst to them, was Hob) advancing on Tuck, and convinced his current self of the importance of paying attention to the data streams. Just then another supplemental memory started up.

(Incomplete Death's Head#6) There was yet another break between the data streams, and one of Death's Head's memories came alive and attacked them. Death's Head (FPA) watched as his current incarnation impaled the creature with his blade configuration. The archive then continued with more of Death's Head's adventures.

(Incomplete Death's Head#7 - BTS) The archive continued, replaying Death's Head's encounter with Sudden Impact.

(Incomplete Death's Head#8 - BTS) The archive moved on to Death's Head's initial encounter with Big Shot and his mission to Yel-Jek

(Incomplete Death's Head#9 - BTS) The archive played Death's Head's initial encounter with Hob prior to finishing the data stream on his Yel-Jek mission.

(Incomplete Death's Head#10 - BTS) The archive detailed Death's Head's initial encounter with the Fantastic Four, and his subsequent displacement in time to Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D.

(Incomplete Death's Head#11) After watching a data stream on Death's Head's encounter with Iron Man of Earth-8410's 2020 AD, a memory of Big Shot came alive. Death's Head (FPA) watched as his current self, Death's Head (Minion), dealt with the cyberspatial creature. He then commented on the how the archive was lacking various sections of data, including his trip to Maruthea. Just then, the archive registered Death's Head's presence on Maruthea, and began recording the incident.

(Incomplete Death's Head#12) The two Death's Head's continued to watch from cyberspace as the archive recorded Death's Head's visit to Bonjaxx's party. Death's Head (FPA) was concerned that Hob could kill his former self while still on Maruthea. He showed Death's Head (Minion) his encounter with She-Hulk in an attempt to explain the complexities of time travel, but the cyborg was more concerned about rescuing his partner, Tuck, from Hob. Death's Head (FPA) admitted he would have saved his former partner, Spratt, from death if he'd had the opportunity. Having figured out how to shunt the cyborg back into his body, Death's Head (FPA) promised to do so on one condition: that he wouldn't let Hob kill him on Maruthea. Death's Head (FPA) personality became part of Minion's assimilated instincts once more.

(Death's Head Gold) - Death's Head's original personality became temporarily separated from Minion's other assimilated instincts after the cyborg had suffered severe damage on the planet Catspur. A very confused Death's Head took control of the cyborg, and began dragging it's body toward a recharging unit. He started to recall the events leading up to his death, but as the recharging unit took effect, the Minion program was reassimilated into the mainframe matrix.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

    The height and weight statistics for Death's Head are taken from the Marvel Encyclopedia Volume 6: Fantastic Four. I added the information on his eye color and lack of hair (bearing in mind Death's Head has been known to wear a wig on more than one occasion!). I also referred to the power grid from that book to help gauge his powers and abilities for this profile. Some of the ratings from the power grid needed further clarification, in my opinion, in particular that the strength rating of 70-100 tons was presumably for the 30' tall incarnation of Death's Head. After reduction to 7' it was clear to me that his strength was lower. His fight with the Thing makes it painfully obvious that he was outmatched. The other point that I'd like to clarify is that the speed rating is presumably in reference to his flight capabilities. Although I couldn't find any examples of Death's Head flying at supersonic speeds, I couldn't find anything that contradicted it either. His boot jets appear to be similar to those of the Iron Man of 2020, whose modern era counterpart is also rated as having supersonic speed.
    An interview with Simon Furman in Strip#13 described Death's Head as 6'10." As this was after Dragon's Claws#5, it would seem that the 7' height was his initial height after the tissue compression, and 6'10" was his height after he was rebuilt in 8162.

Death's Head's origins

    My understanding of High Noon Tex is this: Death's Head had been created by Furman and Senior to become a part of Marvel UK's new line of titles. Originally intended to debut in his own title, plans were delayed by a year or so. It was decided to introduce the character in a Transformers UK story, but making his first appearance in a Transformers story line would've apparently caused copyright problems. Hence High Noon Tex was a non-Transformers related strip that appeared across the Marvel UK range as a bonus feature. Art for High Noon Tex was actually by Bryan Hitch as opposed to Geoff Senior. The Incomplete Death's Head#1 credits the art on High Noon Tex to Geoff Senior, but this is incorrect.
    This is confirmed in the interview with Simon Furman in Strip#13: "We needed a freelance peacekeeping character for a story in Marvel UK's Transformer comic--a disposable one we could conveniently bump off at the end. Only Geoff Senior's character sketches were so inspiring, I decided there and then that Death's Head was destined for greater things. I fleshed out the character and--while Geoff was busy with the Transformers/Death's Head storyline--prepared an introductory one-page story that Bryan Hitch then drew.

    Death's Head's origins were later explored in Strip, though there had been a few comments in Death's Head#1 about him killing the "rich man" who had created him to be a "deadly plaything." When this issue was later reprinted in the Incomplete Death's Head#2, there was a footnote that "Death's Head's memories of his origins are at odds with real events at this point." Per Degaton has already pointed out that this "rich man" could have been the one who stole him from Lupex and Pyra and reprogrammed him. Incomplete Death's Head features a Spratt profile, which says that Spratt wasn't the first human to re-program Death's Head though possibly the most adept. The first known person to re-program Death's Head would be Pyra. Somebody appears to have altered his memories to forget Lupex and Pyra, which could be whoever stole him from Styrakos (possibly the "rich man"). And his early memories of Scarvix appear to have been affected by the time of his appearance in SWORD (see further down for how he appears to have forgotten his "Freelance Peacekeeping Agent" tagline). The Doctor also erased his memory of meeting Minion at Maruthea. It is Death's Head (Minion) who relays the information that he was programmed with a killer instinct and set up with a business on Scarvix by the same person or persons who had abducted him from Styrakos. How accurate Death's Head's original memories are after being assimilated by Minion is anybody's guess!

Death's Head and "Friends"

    Looking at the affiliations and enemies sections of this profile you will notice there are plenty of characters who started off as affiliations and ended up as enemies and vice versa. The important thing to remember here is that this incarnation of Death's Head considered himself a true professional and would never turn down business. He had no objections to accepting contracts on old friends, or when former enemies wanted to hire him. Death's Head's only true friend was Spratt. Although Spratt was largely a source of irritation for Death's Head, he stuck by him till the end. I think that, in time, Death's Head must have come to appreciate that as he later admitted he would have saved Spratt from death if it had been possible.

Death's Head, Mechanoid

    Death's Head has been referred to as either a Cyborg, a Robot or (as he himself prefers) a Mechanoid. Mechanoid is presumably a term for machine-like life forms, in the same way that humanoid is a term for life forms that resemble humans. The term was used by Simon Furman prior to Death's Head's first appearance, as early as Transformers UK#77. In that issue, Soundwave refers to Centurion as an "unknown mechanoid." Admittedly Centurion was actually a relatively normal robot, controlled by the human scientist Professor Morris, but Soundwave didn't know this. I can't find any use of the term Mechanoid prior to this issue, but my point is that Simon Furman was obviously fond of the term well before creating Death's Head.

    When I asked my fellow Masters of the Obscure if they could think of any evidence to pin Death's Head down as either Cyborg or Robot, Loki pointed something out to me:
    For the Master's tissue compression eliminator to work on him and shrink him down, he had to contain organic material -- Loki.
This set me thinking, because technically it's a very good point. It prompted me to double check back through my comics to see if there was anything else that could pin it down:

The line between robot and cyborg is obviously a little blurry, but I think the Doctor was closest to the mark when he called him a "mechanical organism." This suggests to me that Death's Head must be made of some type of organic metal, similar to the Transformers. As to the origin of this living metal, it could be that Lupex created Death's Head's body out of living metal or it was introduced into his system by whoever transported him to the world of the Transformers. (BTW: The Doctor transported Death's Head to the Transformer universe as pointed out by John McDonagh) The nature of this metal could also be compared to Colossus and his organic steel form. While Death's Head could be considered a cyborg, or cybernetic organism, this description would lead most people to the conclusion he has flesh and blood components as opposed to organic metal. He could also be considered a robot, but again most people would assume he was nothing more than a lifeless machine. I think this is why Death's Head prefers the term Mechanoid, as explained above, and is constantly correcting people. Funnily enough, now that I come to put it all into words, I remember following this trail of thought some years ago when I originally began following Death's Head's exploits. I came to similar conclusions then, but had obviously since forgotten about it! Had too much oil since, yes? ;)
In addition, Death's Head was created via a combination of magic and technology, so he's definitely more than just a robot.

Death's Head, the professional

For those of you who only have the Incomplete Death's Head reprints, this is how he was regularly introduced in the opening pages of Death's Head (FPA) series:

As I've stated in the Powers and Abilities section, Death's Head has at times been portrayed in ways that could be seen as bumbling and incompetent (though this image generally isn't helped by keeping Spratt around!), and on some occasions seems to get by on sheer luck. While not every mission is a success, he is usually seen to plan in advance wherever possible. As seen with some of his little deceptions, he likes to lull people into a false sense of security. What may be perceived as incompetence could also be a part of his act. Often when it seems that an opponent has the upper hand, the situation swings back in Death's Head's favor. Don't forget Death's Head also has a strong sense of humor, and generally gets the last laugh in these situations.

Death's Head clearly believes in his work (as he tells Iron Man 2020: "Be sure of yourself, huh? Everything's straightforward when you believe in what you're doing."), and generally follows his strict code of practice (with the odd exception, yes?). Death's Head I#2 gave us a look at some of his rules, which I included in the text of the history. In Dragon's Claws#5, Death's Head has an interesting discussion with Dragon about his line of work. Dragon insists his team are "legally appointed government agents" and only kill if the targets are "deserving cases." Death's Head points out what he believes to be a couple of flaws in Dragon's argument:

For me, Death's Head's attitude to his work one is of the interesting things about the character. While some characters refuse to kill, agonizing in great depth about their power and responsibility, and others kill without a thought only to rationalize it away later, to Death's Head its just a job. Some people call him a villain, and on occasion he's been a reluctant (i.e.: unpaid) hero, but he's something else entirely -- a professional. Call him a bounty hunter or a mercenary if you dare, but he'll always be the original Freelance Peacekeeping Agent... and, in my opinion, the best!

Death's Head and the Transformers

    Death's Head executing Bumblebee of the Autobots led to his reconstruction as Goldbug by Wreck-Gar. Ironically enough it was Goldbug and Ultra Magnus who put a stop to Galvatron's plans after Death's Head was flung back to the future, a story that took place in Transformers Annual (Marvel UK) 1987 and features a brief flashback recap of Death's Head appearance in Transformers UK#120. Those of you who are Transformers fans will no doubt be aware that Bumblebee's destruction has had several tellings. The US limited series "G.I. Joe and the Transformers" featured Bumblebee's destruction, though as a whole the series didn't fit neatly into the Transformers US continuity. A 1986 episode of the Transformers cartoon had a severely injured Bumblebee rebuilt as Goldbug by the Quintessons, but again that's a different continuity. The time jump device Death's Head used in this, his earliest known time travel adventure (discounting any displacement at the hands of others), was revealed to have been in Polyhex in Transformers UK#84.

    I've tried to make some sense of varying accounts of Death's Heads adventures on the planet(s) Scarvix, and I'm obviously not the first:

Incomplete Death's Head#1 places the events of High Noon Tex on the mechanoid populated planet Scarvix. However, Incomplete Death's Head#1 conflicts a little with other accounts as to which universe Scarvix was in. It seems to imply that Death's Head's adventures on Scarvix took place in a different universe than that of Earth-120185 (Transformers UK).
    However, I think Scarvix was mentioned in those British Transformers stories Death's Head appeared in, so it is either in the universe of Earth-120185 or had a counterpart there. Hob's Death's Head Interactive Archive was a little scratchy due to temporal static and so forth.
    (Ah, to think simple-and less enjoyable-things would have been had they only stuck to that throwaway line in Death's Head I#1 that Death's Head was created as a play thing for a rich man. Incidentally, this rich man could have been the one who stole him from Lupex and Pyra, and upsized him to 30 feet.)
--Per Degaton
My guess was that Scarvix was in Earth-5555, @  8162 A.D., or possibly in Earth-8410 @ 2020 A.D., as Death's Head had offices set up there. The possibility of a cattle farm seemed much more likely @ 8162 then in the techno-world of 2020 -- Snood

    According to Incomplete Death's Head#1 the planet Scarvix that appears in Death's Head#1 (and was revealed to be the planet seen in High Noon Tex by the same issue) appears to be populated by robots of a similar size to Death's Head prior to his enlargement. A timeline supplied to us by John Freeman confirms that this adventure took place before Death's Head traveled to the Transformers universe and was enlarged and is described as being home to "the cream of the local robotic criminal scum." Death's Head believed Backbreaker (who was approximately 8'9'' tall) was the biggest robot on Scarvix. Also, as you will see in the history section, the planet Scarvix does indeed appear in the Transformers UK stories, specifically in#133. The year of this adventure is given as 2007 and Death's Head has an office there. This office appears normal sized compared to the rest of the neighboring buildings, suggesting that Death's Head isn't unusual in being 30' tall. This world also appears to be a lot more technologically advanced than the one seen in Death's Head#1, and the buildings have similar architecture to that of Cybertron. It would seem fair to assume that the Scarvix of Earth-120185 had an early encounter with Cybertronians, or another similar robotic race, which led to them developing a similar level of technology. I can find nothing to refute Snood's theory that the Scarvix in Death's Head#1 is that of Earth-5555, though at the same time I can't pin down when those adventures took place within that universe. It is interesting to note, however, that in High Noon Tex you can clearly see "Marvel Comics LTD" on the windows of the offices beneath Death's Heads! For the purpose of this profile I will refer to the two Scarvix's as Scarvix (Earth-5555) and Scarvix (Earth-120185) until other evidence is uncovered.

    While Death's Head technically debuted in High Noon Tex, his first major story lines were in Transformers UK. Transformers UK was, at the time, selling incredibly well. Ultimately, Marvel UK went from strength to strength and started up several original titles such as Dragon's Claws, the Knights of Pendragon and (of course) Death's Head.

    Hob's archive in The Incomplete Death's Head#1 states that Death's Head fell into the time-space continuum when he was caught in the gravity well of a collapsing planet. This doesn't fit with what transpired in Transformers UK#151 when he leapt into Unicron's time portal, disappearing without trace (that's how it would appear to inhabitants of that reality), but this can be put down to the computers own inaccuracies. The Incomplete Death's Head was a 12 part limited series that reprinted various stories of Death's Head (FPA), both from his own title and appearances in other comics. Each issue featured a brand new framing sequence, provided by Dan Abnett and Simon Coleby, and told the story of Hob and his archive. During the course of the series, a virtual reality representation of Death's Head (FPA) interacted with Death's Head (Minion) while the later was trapped in the database. The idea was Death's Head (FPA) was helping his replacement get his head around what was happening by reviewing his memories.

Death's Head and Doctor Who

    Obviously Death's Head and the Doctor have quite a history together, and naturally I've documented everything that saw print in the relevant sections. There is some discussion in the Doctor's profile where I've previously suggested that the Doctor may have deliberately stranded Death's Head at the Fantastic Four's headquarters. My original thinking was that this could have been a subtle manipulation on the Doctor's part. As the Doctor and Reed Richards are established as being colleagues, perhaps the Doctor engineered this meeting hoping that Death's Head would ultimately be able to help Reed with his faulty security systems and save Franklin. Furthermore, by introducing Death's Head to Reed he could have been shaping the events that would lead to Death's Head becoming the dominant personality of the Minion cyborg. Here is a section of dialogue from Death's Head#8 which may support my theory:

Doctor: "You may live for a thousand years, but there's one thing you'll never learn."
Death's Head: "Oh. Like what?"
Doctor: "Like how to change."
Death's Head: "But I changed my cloak yesterday and look at it. Ruined, yes? I've a good mind to send you the dry cleaning bill."
Doctor: "I mean how to grow, really change, on the inside."
Death's Head: "That's not change, Time-Lord. That's just falling apart."
Doctor: "You're wrong. The one thing we organic lifeforms have over you is change. Evolution. A thousand years from now we'll be different, but you'll be the same."

    But, of course, Death's Head did change when he became dominant personality of the cyborg known as Minion. As a cyborg, this new incarnation of Death's Head became partially organic and therefore able to evolve. When Death's Head met his future incarnation on Maruthea, the Doctor wiped it from his memory and returned him to the party. In Incomplete Death's Head#12, the Doctor says he sent Death's Head to the "robot universe". In my opinion, this doesn't necessarily make him the "person or persons unknown" who abducted Death's Head from Scarvix. And since SWORD and Iron Man have shown a 30' Death's Head in reality-616, could it be that the Doctor sent him to Reality-120185 at a later point? Or on more than one occasion? As well as claiming to have sent Death's Head to Reality-120185, the Doctor claims to have improved him by "shaping some of his adventures" and making a few "editorial alterations" to his career.

In an interesting parallel, both characters have stolen faulty time machines. While the Doctor still operates his Tardis to this day, Death's Head abandoned his TVA time cycle at some point after using it to go to Maruthea. Perhaps it was the Doctor who helped set him up with the transmat system that replaced the cycle. Furthermore, former Death's Head artist Bryan Hitch has since worked on the production team for the Doctor Who television program, which finally rematerialized on our screens in 2005 (you knew that, yes?).

The untold tales of Death's Head

    Sadly, this section doesn't refer to a series never heard. Rather, John Freeman supplied Snood with a Death's Head timeline that mentioned some "unpublished adventures." I have referred to these in the appropriate section of the history. There is another major gap in his timeline which we know relatively little about. In Transformers#113, Death's Head's search for Galvatron was stated as being Mission 531 . I only count six missions from his brief time on Scarvix Earth-5555, so that leaves a lot of missions unaccounted for. So although Death's Head is dead, his story isn't yet complete. Maybe one day I'll get the opportunity to update this profile with new appearances!

Look's like I got that chance, eh? See below...

Death's Head in SWORD and Iron Man (and more)

To my joy, the 30' version of Death's Head was also used again in 2010 in the SWORD mini series, and then later in Iron Man. As you can see to the right, this version looks different visually, particularly his mouth and the horns on his head. This could be down to artistic license, or considering the many times his robot form has been damaged and rebuilt it could be that he was altered at some point. Furthermore, no explanation has been given for how Death's Head traveled between the Transformer's reality and Reality-616. He doesn't (as far as we currently know) have any means of traveling between dimensions under his own steam, and didn't even have teleportation/time travel capabilities until after leaving the TVA and going to Maruthea (at some point in the gap in his history that leads up to his assimilation by Minion). However, considering the character has a history of popping up in different places and times its not exactly a big issue. And it's always good to see him again, yes?

I'd just like to point something out regarding the SWORD series. Many people are under the impression that Beast gives Death's Head the idea for the term "Freelance Peacekeeping Agent". That term is clearly on the windows of Death's Head's office in High Noon Tex (even if partially obscured) and later in one of the flashbacks in Death's Head#1. These predate Death's Head being enlarged to 30'. As the circumstances of Death's Head traveling to Reality-616 after his enlargement are totally unrevealed, however, I imagine he could have lost some of his memories either during those events, after having being rebuilt at some point (possibly even during the enlargement process). In fact, while Brand says she hasn't heard of Death's Head her boyfriend (at the time) should have. Beast met Death's Head (Minion) once, and could easily have heard of his earlier incarnation through the Fantastic Four's files on him. Beast may well have picked the term Freelance Peacekeeping Agent from there, and his use of the term merely jogged Death's Head's memory. The term Death's Head was using during SWORD#1 was Freelance Personnel Recovery Specialist.

Another difference with this version of Death's Head is that in SWORD he is wearing clothes similar to those worn after Spratt's rebuild. Perhaps this suggests that Spratt based that costume on the SWORD version, having found the look in Death's Head's memories. A normal sized Death's Head is also seen in Marvel Heroes#33 looking like he did in his Transformers appearances. Despite this, I have moved this adventure to after Death's Head's trip to Maruthea and encounter with the Doctor. This is because his teleportation effect uses a familiar "vworp" sound effect like that of the Tardis. Death's Head didn't have teleportation technology of his own in the Transformers era but did after Maruthea by the time of his death at the hands of Minion. In Marvel Heroes, Death's Head is simply just wearing his classic costume for some reason. Death's Head wears some cool gladiatorial style gear in the Iron Man series.

In reading all of Kieron Gillen's work featuring Death's Head, I found it interesting to note that he almost appeared to be setting up for a future encounter between UNIT and Death's Head during the SWORD storyline. When talking to the Drenx in SWORD#4 he suggests using an EMP cannon on "the robot", but not to kill him as "he's a professional and could be useful". So perhaps UNIT may decide to manipulate Death's Head further on down the line. I've not listed UNIT as an affiliation or enemy as yet because he doesn't act for or against Death's Head, his interest was in helping SWORD (albeit for his own twisted purposes). In Iron Man, however, UNIT was replaced by the Rigellian Recorder#451. From his obvious interest in writing robots I'm guessing Kieron grew up with Transformers UK which not only introduced Death's Head, but reprinted Hercules the mini series that introduced a (rather amusing) Recorder as a companion to the Olympian demi-god.

Another interesting factor in the Iron Man appearances is that Death's Head is using some new technology. He simply places his wrist into a device by his waist so that one attachment disappears and another appears in its place. The device can be seen in the picture to the right. He also used a crossbow style attachment at one point, which I've not seen in other appearances, and claims to have a flamethrower. However, in his gladiatorial fight with Tony Stark the rules specified there should be "no enhanced combatants" so Death's Head doesn't use his weaponry. Tony seemed to have an issue with that due to Death's Head being a 30' robot. The storyline touches on organic beings prejudice towards robots, and I think Death's Head is a perfect fit for this as he always preferred the term "mechanoid". One thing I particularly liked in Iron Man was the exchange between Death's Head and 451 as the Recorder prepares to control Death's Head. Death's Head apparently has issues with autonomy, and has all sorts of "locks" in place to prevent control. This took me right back to Unicron forcing him to kill Shockwave (FOR FREE!! As he says to Stark, the only "free" Death's Head likes is his freedom), as well as Death's Head's mental struggles against Unicron. It also ties in beautifully with Pyra making him highly independent so that he would balk at the idea of being possessed by Lupex. In general, as good as it was to see Death's Head in SWORD, the Iron Man saga's cosmic vibe made it feel more like the old days of Transformers UK. And it doesn't hurt to have more scenes of Death's Head hanging around in seedy space bars. I'd like to think Tony and Death's Head may meet again someday, especially as Tony owes Death's Head a favor. It's also interesting that this now means that Death's Head encountered the "original" Iron Man well before meeting the Iron Man of 2020.

Tony Stark speculated that 451 had supplied Death's Head with his ECM (stealth suite), and clearly some of the ships technology was supplied by (or augmented by) 451 as it was used against the Recorder at the end of the story arc. However, it's never explicitly shown when and how 451 and Death's Head first met, and Death's Head had his ECM systems in SWORD. Perhaps they did meet prior to SWORD, but Death's Head appears to be working contrary to 451's wishes by trying to kill Tony in the gladiatorial scenes. I've placed 451's hiring of Death's Head to collect Tony after the Celestial's destroyed the Voldi for now.

The art and writing throughout the Iron Man series is great, in fact I'd recommend this story arc even to those who aren't into Death's Head (though if you aren't into Death's Head, why are you reading this profile, huh?). Death's Head's facial expressions are captured particularly well as he discovers how much the reward is for capturing Recorder 451, as you can see to the right. He is written very true to character and gets some great dialogue too.

The Death's Head's seen in Avenging Spider-Man#17 looks like he did after his rebuild by Spratt, and from his dealings with the TVA can be placed prior to his gaining the Time Bike. It's interesting to note that he encounters the Doctor Octopus Spider-Man, who claims that Parker had encountered "something similar once... a robotic bounty hunter from the future". It's not clear if Death's Head was aware of Doctor Octopus being present in Spider-Man's mind (though it is clear the TVA are aware). And as for the Peter Parker version of Spider-Man having met Death's Head, we've not seen that yet. I have read comments online that Spider-Man met Minion, though this hasn't been shown as far as I'm aware. An alternate Spider-Man appears in the Death's Head mini-series, but never meets Minion. Perhaps this is the source of confusion.

Death's Head went on to appear in Revolutionary War. Here he references having recently being rebuilt, and looks the way he did when Spratt rebuilt him in Death's Head #1. I've arbitrarily placed it between Death's Head #3 and #4. It could be shifted if later appearances contradict anything, though it should certainly be shortly after #1. He also asks if he will be meeting Iron Man in the same breath as mentioning his rebuild, which is a reference to their meeting in the Kieron Gillen Iron Man series, though it could be interpreted as a reference to his meeting Iron Man 2020. However, his meeting with Iron Man 2020 took place later in his timeline, and as we don't know of any major rebuilding of Death's Head after that point it seems less likely to me. Death's Head learns a lot about his future in Revolutionary War, meeting his future incarnation, his future partner Tuck, and future teammate Killpower. In Incomplete Death's Head #12 he fails to recognize Minion, and of course Minion fails to recognize either Tuck or Killpower when he meets them (in Death's Head II#3 and Battletide#1 respectively), but this same issue establishes that the Doctor has been making improvements to Death's Head's timeline. As the Doctor erases Death's Head's memories of meeting Minion in Incomplete Death's Head, he could just have easily have wiped memories of Revolutionary War too in a previously unrevealed encounter.

The interesting thing is that the two Death's Head's become quite friendly in Revolutionary War, and were made an offer they couldn't refuse. We still have no idea what that offer is and what it might lead to. Or should I say might have led to... time travel can be confusing, yes?

After Revolutionary War, Death's Head appeared in the "No End In Sight" storyline, a crossover event also staring the Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man and Nova. He looked very different, and his speech pattern was a little off, but it's notable for having Death's Head meet Monark Starstalker and Cyclops (way before he'll get to meet a younger Cyclops as Minion). Again, time travel confusion... There is very little in the story to pin down its place in Death's Head's timeline. However, Death's Head has a new look, similar to his Transformer's design but with more mechanical looking joints on his arms suggesting he may have been rebuilt to some degree. For this reason I've placed it after Marvel Heroes#33 where he has a similar costume. And we'll just have to imagine how his arms got back to normal, or chalk it up to artistic license. I'm not overly keen on Death's Head's use in this storyline, I have to admit, even though I always thought it would be cool to have him meet Monark.

Death's Head, reality hopper and time traveler

I'd like to clarify that while Death's Head is often considered to be a reality hopping time traveling character, he generally doesn't do so under his own steam. At least not until towards the end of his timeline, as he is seen time traveling after Minion prior to being assimilated by him. His journey (at least one of them) to the Transformers reality is allegedly down to the Doctor, and his leaving that reality in the Legacy of Unicron is via Unicron's time portal. He time travels after Galvatron, but using one of the Transformers time machines. It is the Doctor who then sends him to 8162, and later after briefly using Dogbolter's device the Doctor abandons him on Earth-616 in the modern era. Reed Richard's was responsible for sending him to 2020. Death's Head then worked for the TVA and used their equipment to time travel, only gaining his own time travel gear at some point after Party Animals/Incomplete Death's Head. As I've said in the section above, in Marvel Heroes his teleportation has a "vworp" sound effect like that of the TARDIS, so perhaps the Doctor provided Death's Head with some Galifreyan technology. It is at present unrevealed how and why Death's Head came to travel to and from Earth-616 for his appearances in SWORD and Iron Man, though as I've speculated elsewhere perhaps the Doctor was involved.

Death's Head and Minion

    Although Death's Head instincts were assimilated by the Minion cyborg, and ultimately came to control it, his personality was obviously changed. As such I consider the two completely different characters. Technically speaking, Minion is over a hundred characters rolled into one, with Death's Head (FPA) being the dominant part of that amalgamation. However, there have been a couple of occasions where the "ghost" of Death's Head's original personality has become temporarily separated from Minion's other instincts (as detailed in the history section).

    Furthermore, in many ways Death's Head became his own enemy. Well... sort of. Death's Head II#2 showed us how Death's Head's dead mechanoid body was recovered by his old partner, Spratt. The body is taken to Baron Strucker the Fifth. In Death's Head II#3, after extensive reconstruction, Death's Head's dead body merges with that of Strucker's, who then became Charnel.

There are a few interesting references to Death's Head in Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers#5 (which implies it's the same Death's Head as Death's Head from Transformers UK) and Transformers: Lost Light#11. IDW continuity is part of Earth-7642 via Avengers crossover but I think they should be separated. Although I didn't read this one, Tfwiki states that Fun Publications included an indirect reference to Death's Head in Beast Wars Uprising: Safe Spaces text story.
--Mike Castle

It's certainly possible that the Death's Head in Real Ghostbusters was merely another movie creation. However, that would then suggest that Carloft somehow knew what DH looked like, either through having once met him or perhaps via glimpsing other realities in his dreams. Since we've seen DH in Slimer's company in The Sleeze Brothers, I'm willing to run with the ASSumption that this was the real DH just hiding among the movie props for whatever reason. Since he's got the body Spratt built for him, this appearance takes place after his rebuild in Death's Head I#1; given the publication date, I've placed it near DH I#4, and right between Revolutionary War Omega and Death's Head I#4 would seem to fit, as we know he's reality hopping around that time. I've placed his Sleeze Brothers#5 appearance immediately afterwards since it's by the same writer, and Slimer is also present.

Profile by Changeling and Snood.

Clarifications: Death's Head, the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, has no known connections to:

And should be distinguished from:

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Fantastic Four I#338 (March, 1990) - Walter Simonson (writer/artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Strip#13 (August 4, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#14 (August 18, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#15 (September 1, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#16 (September 15, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#17 (September 29, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#18 (October 13, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#19 (October 27, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Strip#20 (November 10, 1990) - Simon Furman (writer), Geoff Senior (artist), Steve White (editor)
Sensational She-Hulk#24 (February, 1991) - Simon Furman (writer), Bryan Hitch (pencils), John Beatty (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#76 (Month, 1991) - Simon Furman (writer), Bryan Hitch (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Doctor Who Magazine#173 (June, 1991) - Gary Russell (writer), Mike Collins (pencils), Steve Pini (inks), John Freeman (editor)
Death's Head II#1 (March, 1992) - Dan Abnett (writer), Liam Roger McCormack-Sharp (pencils), Bambos Georgiou & Andy Lanning (inks)
Incomplete Death's Head#1 (January, 1993) - Dan Abnett & John Freeman (writers), Simon Coleby (artist)
Incomplete Death's Head#11 (November, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Simon Coleby (artist)
Incomplete Death's Head#12 (December, 1993) - Dan Abnett (writer), Simon Coleby (artist)
Death's Head Gold (January, 1994) - Liam Roger McCormack-Sharp (writer/pencils), Andy Lanning & Rodney Ramos (inks)
SWORD#1 (January, 2010) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Steven Sanders (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
SWORD#2 (February, 2010) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Steven Sanders (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
SWORD#3 (March, 2010) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Steven Sanders (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
SWORD#4 (April, 2010) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Steven Sanders (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
SWORD#5 (May, 2010) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Steven Sanders (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

Marvel Heroes#33 (March, 2011) - Simon Furman (writer), Simon Williams (pencils), John Ross (inks), Ed Hammond (editor)
Avenging Spider-Man#17 (April, 2013) - Christopher Yost (writer), Paco Medina (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Iron Man VI#6 (April, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Iron Man VI#7 (May, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Iron Man VI#8 (June, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Iron Man VI#9 (July, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Dave Eaglesham (artist), Guru eFX (colors), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Iron Man VI#13 (September, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Iron Man VI#14 (October, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Iron Man VI#16 (December, 2013) - Kieron Gillen (writer), Carlo Pagulayan (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Revolutionary War: Death's Head II#1 (April, 2014) - Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill (Writers), Nick Roche (Artist), Veronica Gandini (Color artist), Devil Lewis & Stephen Wacker (Editors)
Revolutionary War: Omega#1 (May, 2014) - Andy Lanning & Alan Cowsill (Writers), Rich Elson (Artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (Color artist), Devil Lewis & Stephen Wacker (Editors)
Uncanny X-Men Special#1 (August, 2014) - Sean Ryan (Writer), Ron Ackins (Penciler), Norman Lee, Roberto Poggi, Terry Pallot (Inkers), Nick Lowe (Editor)
Iron Man Special#1 (September, 2014) - Sean Ryan (Writer), Rahmat Handoko (Penciler), Norman Lee, Roberto Poggi, Craig Yeung, Livesay (Inkers), Nick Lowe (Editor)

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