Real Name: Pyra

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial magic user

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Big Shot (pawn), Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), Spratt;
    former lover of Klu
    formerly apprentice of

Enemies: Lupex

Known Relatives: Death's Head ("son")

Aliases: Nightweaver, Shadow Siren

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly mobile across dimensions while searching for Death's Head;
    formerly Styrakos

First Appearance: (Voice only) Death's Head #6 (May, 1989); (partially seen, unidentified) Death's Head I#9 (August, 1989)
    Strip#15 (September 1, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Pyra has a number of magical powers, including binding others, teleporting across time and space, firing energy blasts, etc.

History: Pyra's origins are unknown.

(Strip#19 (fb) / Strip#20 (fb) ) - Pyra became the consort to Lupex, seeking to steal his secrets, communing with his Vukils when he was away, learning their ways and the roads to power. However, because she was so repulsed by Lupex, she took a lover more physically compatible with her: Klu. Over time, Pyra fell completely in love with Klu, and her diesries for power and conquest became secondary. However, Lupex discovered this and punished her for this betrayal by slaying and then possessing Klu.

(Strip#19 (fb)) - Seeking a metal body mighty enough to forever contain his energies, Lupex designed the cyborg that would later be known as Death's Head. However, Pyra, wishing vengeance for Klu's death, gave the cyborg programming to make him a hunter, but also a clinical, business-like approach to death. Highly independent, the cyborg would balk at the idea of being possessed, and would fight back, and kill Lupex. However, the cyborg was taken by others before it could be used.

(Death's Head I#6) - Pyra called Death's Head's office in Los Angeles, Earth-8162 A.D.; Spratt and the vulture fought over who would answer the phone, as Death's Head was on a mission. Pyra surprised Spratt by asking if the person who had picked up the phone was "Death's Head, my darling?"

(Death's Head I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Pyra claimed to be Death's Head's lover. Spratt was openly dubious, telling her he doubted Death's Head would have a girlfriend. Pyra opted to call back later.

(Death's Head I#9) - Some time later, again posing as Death's Head's lover, Pyra called his office once more, asking Spratt to tell DH to meet her at Pier Three at midnight.

(Strip#14 - BTS) - Unable to find Death's Head, the lonely Spratt went to Pier Three himself.

(Strip#15) - Pyra was furious with Spratt upon finding Death's Head absent, and she mystically bound and began strangling him, attempting to force him to tell her where DH was. She probed his mind and learned that Spratt truly didn't where he was, but before she could leave, she was assaulted by Big Shot, who wanted DH for himself. When Spratt--talking to himself--mentioned that DH might have skipped out through time again, Pyra decided to use Big Shot as a pawn, sending him through time to find DH, and following Big Shot's trail herself.

(Strip#17) - Big Shot caught Death's Head off guard and nearly killed him, but Pyra stopped him. Knowing Lupex was watching her, she claimed that she wanted to reserve the pleasure of killing Death's Head herself. She pretended that she thought DH was actually Lupex to throw Lupex off from realizing that she really wished DH to confront him. When Lupex teleported Death's Head to Styrakos, Pyra screamed in pretend rage, then smiled to herself after the portal closed.

(Strip#20) - After DH slew Lupex, Pyra teleported him back to New York on Earth 2020 AD, and explained her true goals. She then congratulated him, telling him he had earned his freedom, while she simultaneously released Spratt and the vulture from her control.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:




    Selected as the lover for Pyra (as she was physically repulsed by Lypex), he paid the price for her betrayal as Lupex slew him and then possessed his form, tormenting Pyra with this fact.

--Strip#19 (19(fb)/20(fb)




Death's Head: The Body in Question cover
    p26, panel 3 (face)
    p63, panel 2 (Klu)

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