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Membership: "Orange" (leader), Blue, "Brown", Green, Red, "Yellow"

Purpose: Animal rights activists

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Marxist regime in South America, Spratt (Death's Head FPA sidekick)

Base of Operations: Earth-5555

First Appearance: Death's Head I#3 (February, 1989)


(Death's Head I#3 BTS) - The Freedom Fighters were a radical group of animal rights activists who travelled to South America to campaign against a Marxist regime's animal experimentation policy, turning innocent creatures into killing machines. In order to fund their war against animal cruelty, the Freedom Fighters considered themselves a modern day Robin Hood and his merry men, by stealing from the rich.

(Death's Head I#3 (fb)) - Boarding a flying ship crossing the Atlantic to pull a heist, the Freedom Fighters revealed themselves to the ship's passengers. Unfortunately for them, Death's Head and his unofficial sidekick Spratt were also on board. Admiring the youthful band's gumption, Death's Head didn't take them down but offered a bit of free advice instead: "Ask for Lots - Settle for Less". Death's Head's unofficial young sidekick Spratt, eager to prove himself, proceeded to defeat the entire group single-handedly.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman, Bryan Hitch, Dave Hine

Given how the other codenames worked the unidentified members of the Freedom Fighters were presumably named Orange, Brown and Yellow.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

The Freedom Fighters have no known connections to

"Orange" (leader)

"Orange", the leader of the group, discussed the terms of their hijack. She was taken out by a bottle to the head.


--Death's Head I#3 (fb)


She was taken out when she inspected the washrooms.


--Death's Head I#3 (fb)


"Brown" was taken out by a trolley cart.


--Death's Head I#3 (fb)


Green was taken out by a trolley cart.


--Death's Head I#3 (fb)


Red was taken out when he went to look for Blue in the washrooms.


--Death's Head I#3 (fb)


"Yellow" was taken out by a bottle to the head.


--Death's Head I#3 (fb)

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Death's Head I#3, p9, pan1 (main image)
Death's Head I#3, p9, pan4 ("Orange")
Death's Head I#3, p10, pan2 (Blue)
Death's Head I#3, p11, pan4 ("Brown")
Death's Head I#3, p10, pan5 (Green)
Death's Head I#3, p10, pan1 (Red)
Death's Head I#3, p11, pan5 ("Yellow")

Death's Head I#3 (February, 1989) - Simon Furman(writer), Bryan Hitch(pencils), Dave Hine(inks), Richard Starkings(editor)

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