Official Name: Eopia

Nature: Extraterrestrial planet; unrevealed star system, Albedo Crux Cluster (see comments);
    it presumably had near-Earth gravity and atmosphere, as non-superhumans like Tigon Liger required no special equipment

Natives: Egaliterns (notably Trusivor and various ensigns), Technarchy (Demogog Montano, Demogog Tansteele, Comcorder);
    the Egaliterns and Technarchy were described as neighboring superpowers, but there may well be other nations, societies, etc.

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Each nation presumably had its own capital (see places of interest)

Government: Eopia had two primary nations/societies, the Egaliterns and the Technarchy

Languages: Unrevealed; as it is exceedingly unlikely that they spoke English, presumably the Time Guardian provided them with translators

National Defense: The Egaliterns and Technarchy had their own weaponry (see their respective profiles).

Places of Interest: Egalitern governor's mansion in their capital city and its underground command bunker; Helios plateau, in Technarchy territory

Affiliations: Dark Guard (Albion/Peter Hunter, Stacy Arnheim, Dark Angel/Shevaun HaldaneDeath's Head/Minion, Killpower/Julius Mullarkey, Colonel Tigon Liger, Motormouth/Harley Davis, Ultra-Marine/Kith Nasca), SuperconductorTime Guardian

Enemies: Mys-Tech (Collapsar, Permafrost, Sunder, Gudrun Tyburn's artificial replicant)

VisitorsCollapsar, Dark Guard (Albion/Peter Hunter, Stacy Arnheim, Dark Angel/Shevaun HaldaneDeath's Head/Minion, Killpower/Julius Mullarkey, Colonel Tigon Liger, Motormouth/Harley Davis, Ultra-Marine/Kith Nasca), Permafrost, Sunder, Gudrun Tyburn's artificial replicant

First Appearance: Dark Guard#1 (October, 1993)

(Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Demogog Tansteele was chair-man prime of the Technarchy's Demogog Senate on the planet Eopia. Under his directorship, the Technarchy devoted its efforts to the art of war for 30 years.

 (Dark Guard I#1 (fb) - BTS / Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Technarchy opposed the Egaliterns, led by Trusivor. Both sides engaging in diplomatic gamesmanship and cold war-mongering, with conflicts escalating to the point that each force was capable of incinerating one another and the world on which they lived. 

(Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Trusivor was the first Egalitern presidio to arm his nation in six centuries. 

(Dark Guard I#1 (fb) - BTS / Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Representing the Techno-Wizards of Earth's Mys-Tech, Gudrun Tyburn used an artificial replicant/golem of herself to establish a presence on Eopia, escalating the war between Egaliterns and Technarchy in effort to cause the planet's destruction via thermo-nuclear war.

(Dark Guard I#1 (fb) - BTS / Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech agent Collapsar was sent to manipulate Tansteele to this end, although Tansteele and the Technarchy were advised that Collapsar had been sent to aid their cause.

    Mys-Tech agents Permafrost and Sunder were sent to similarly manipulate Trusivor and the Egaliterns.

(Dark Guard I#3 (fb) - BTS) - As part of some "secret defense program," Sunder implanted three hundred empathic receptors deep in the planet's continental crust. 

    These would absorb the death scream of Eopia as it perished in nuclear conflagration. Mys-Tech could then synthesize a raw, emotive force of pure death-agony to pay off Mys-Tech's debt to the Hell-lord Mephisto.

(Dark Guard I#1 - BTS ) - Having foreseen that after the current year, Mys-Tech would have spread its power so thoroughly that it would be unstoppable, the Time Guardian gathered the Dark Guard -- Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Death's Head, Killpower, Colonel Tigon Liger, Motormouth, Ultra Marine -- to oppose Mys-Tech's becoming a universal threat...

(Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - ...and (per the Time Guardian's Superconductor assistant) to slay Collapsar.

(Dark Guard I#1 - BTS) - Rebelling against the idea, Stacy Arnheim tore open a portal outside of the Time Guardian's refuge in No-Space, and she seemingly perished in the void.

(Dark Guard I#1) - The rest of Dark Guard were sent to to Eopia where they were engaged by hostile forces in Technarchy territory.

(Dark Guard I#2) - Though overpowering multiple Technarchy vehicles and weapons, the Dark Guard eventually accepted that they were overwhelmed and prepared to depart through the portal through which they had arrived. However, Collapsar -- in response to the Technarchy's poor performance against the aliens -- then joined the fight and in rapid succession punched out Death's Head (who was knocked back through the portal) and then incapacitated, captured, and escaped with Killpower and Liger. Under Tansteele's supervision in the Technarchy's Helios Plateau base, Collapsar tortured the pair for information.

(Dark Guard I#2 - BTS) - The Time Guardian's Superconductor assistant detailed the situation on Eopia and Mys-Tech's involvement, including the role of Tansteele.

(Dark Guard I#2) - In Eopia's Helios Plateau, within the sub-ground bunkers of the Technarchy legion encampment, Tansteele watched as Collapsar tortured the restrained Killpower and Liger.eopians-dg4-montano&trusivor

Superconductor sent Albion, Dark Angel, and Ultra-Marine to Eopia to meet with Trusivor, who seemed open to reason; however, suspecting them to be Technarchy assassins, he sent Permafrost and Sunder after them.

(Dark Guard I#3) - Traveling to Helios Plateau, Death's Head and Motormouth fought their way to free Killpower and Liger, who incapacitated Tansteele.

(Dark Guard I#3 - BTS) - Assuming the assault on Helios Plateau to be the work of the Egaliterns, the Technarchy considered this an act of war, and they formally declared war on the Egaliterns. The Tyburn golem informed the rest of the Dark Guard that the Egaliterns retaliation would be automatic, and that Eopia was finished.

(Dark Guard I#4) - Eventually Liger and Death's Head ruptured Collapsar's containment shell, causing Collapsar's energies to explode outwardly, leveling the Helios Plateau bunker complex. 

    While the devastation and seeming death of Tansteele made the Technarchy amenable to peace, Dark Guard members convinced the Egaliterns to meet with the Technarchy.

    Tansteele launched a pair of cruise missiles at the Egaliterns' city, but  Dark Guard stopped the missiles and captured Tansteele.

(Dark Guard I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Demogog Montano became the new Technarchy leader.

(Dark Guard I#4 - BTS) - Montano and Trusivor met and optimistically prepared to negotiate peace on Eopia, after which Dark Guard departed, returning to the Time Guardian's base in No Space.

CommentsCreated by Dan Abnett, Carlos Pacheco, and Oscar Jimenez under the Marvel UK imprint.

    There were minimal differences in the appearances of the Eopians, regardless of whether they were Technarchy or Egaliterns. I don't recall seeing any female Eopians. Perhaps the Eopians were clones or they reproduced asexually...or something? Or maybe the females just weren't seen.

    Albedo, derived from the Latin word meaning whiteness, is the ratio of the radiation (radiant energy or luminous energy) reflected by a surface to that incident on it. I'm not sure that the Albedo Crux Cluster is a known existing astronomical structure, and I would assume this was just a sci-fi use of a scientific term.

    According to space.com a cluster of stars is a galaxy if it is held together by dark matter...there's more information on that, but it's beyond my Freshman astronomy I took back in 1988. Feel free to Google it for yourself, or to provide a layman's explanation for everyone else.
    Other sources just note a cluster to be smaller than a galaxy, independent of the habitability of any stars in the cluster.

Profile by Snood.

Eopia has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Dark Guard#1, pg. 22, panel 2 (Dark Guard arriving on Eopia in the middle of Technarchy forces);
    #2, pg. 15, panel 2 (Superconductor showing schematic of Eopia)
, pg. 20, panel 4 (Trusivor and Montano shaking hands)

Dark Guard#1-4 (October, 1993 - January, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Oscar Jimenez (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)

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