Extraterrestrial Races & Planets

66 Beta Tau (planet) War of Kings #2 (2009) Kree colony world; assaulted by Shi'ar Battlegroup Nine

894 Rocket Raccoon #1 (2014) Planet on which Rocket was wanted for criminal violations, possibly including this one: Posing as a bipedal raccoon, Blackjack O'Hare murdered someone here, framing Rocket.

Seventh galaxy Mystery Tales #33 (1955) Includes the planet Scylla

Aakon Captain Marvel #8 (1968) Milky Way race from planet Oorga; Kree enemies; allied with Shadow Consortium; humanoid yellow-skinned; identified members Aalbort, Aaron, Daakor, Ooru, Rambu, Why'rion; unidentified Thanos-Thrall

A'askvarii Black Goliath #5 (1976) Milky Way race from O'erlantii; green-skinned semi-humanoid; identified members Derath'ath Machlan'n.

Absolutes of Reality-691 Galactic Guardians #4 (1994) Circa the 31st century A.D., ancient, virtually omnipotent beings; identified member Ubiquitor

Acanti Uncanny X-Men #156 (1982) Immense space whales; enslaved and used as ships by Brood; identified member Prophet-Singer.

Achernonians Silver Surfer #12 (1988); (Earth-691) Thor Annual#6 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Achernon; purple-skinned humanoids; identified members Brahl of Earh-691.

Achians Daredevil #30 (2013) From "many parsecs away"; Masters of persuasion, known far and wide as "the Soulless Ones"; sentient lies who exist on the edge of perception, visible only when it suits their ends to be so; in their natural form, they are but the elusive shadows chased  fruitlessly by the corner of they eye; guileful manipulators who live to sow discord and malice on countless planets; identified member Ru'ach.

A-Chiltarian Tales to Astonish #46 (1963) Milky Way race from planet Achitar III, semi-humanoid purple grey furred with multi-faceted eyes; Earth scouting party built Cyclops robot; identified members Kraglin.

Adekians Doctor Who Magazine #141 (1988) Planet Adeki in the eastern spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy; semi-humanoid reptilian bipeds; they were apparently wiped out in an unspecified timeline by the Gwanzulum, who also turned the lush Adeki into a barren wasteland.

Aedi (planet) Silver Surfer #32 (1989) Andromeda Galaxy, home of the Aedians; a radioactive ore present on this planet is the only known cure for Hlavac's Disease.

Aedians Silver Surfer #32 (1989) Telepathic humanoid race from planet Aedi. Willing to sacrifice their planet/race in an effort to save the Silver Surfer.

Afrans Journey into Unknown Worlds #42 (1956) Natives of Afra II, Wilky Way galaxy; exist as non-corporeal mists, possess thought reading, mental illusion projection, possibly matter creation, and are highly resistant to temperature extremes. A (possibly alternate) Earth exploration arrived in search of life forms, but departed without recognizing the mists to be life forms, to the Afrans lamentation.

Agricon (planet) Rom #14 (1981) Galadorian colony world, former home to Ray-Na.

Aka (planet) Adventures into Weird Worlds #25 (1954) Member of United Planets Organization.

Aladna (planet) Captain Marvel #9 (2014) Humanoid race; the royals speak in rhyme; identified member (Prince Yan)

Albus (planet) Journey into Unknown Worlds #41 (1956) planet destroyed, survivors fled to Earth.

"Aldebara" Astonishing #47 (1956) Native to Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri system, Milky Way galaxy; space-faring race, mute, communicate through antenna on head; identified members: Luml and Xrtyl - traveled to Earth and befriended a farmer and his wife.

Algolians Marvel Tales #104 (December 1951) Native to Algolia; sentient robots with advanced technology, including warpdrive ships and the ability to transfer minds with others (or, at least, with humans). Tabor traveled to Earth and switched minds with Freddie Walker, who was taken, in Tabor's body back to Algolia and imprisoned in a mental institute for the mechanically insane for (Tabor's) desire to human.

Aliens US One#1 (1983); (identified) US One#5 (1983) Semi-humanoid intergalactic trading race; identified members Al, Cloyd, Gidney.

Alpha Centurians of Reality-????? Strange Worlds #2 (1959) Winged men.

Alpha Centaurians Sub-Mariner #17 (1969) Milky Way race from Alpha Centauri; amphibious grey skinned with scales; identified members Dynorr the Stalker, Yennon.

"Alphans" of Reality-691 Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (1992) Aquatic race formerly native to Arima, transported to Centauri IV to save them as Galactus consumed Arima.

Altarian miners Thor #216 (1973) Four-legged "monsters"; some were part of the Miners of the Dark Nebula, used slaves, including, briefly, Sif.

Altarix of Reality-8116 "The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) Empirical galaxy; homeworld of the Instrumentality's religious arm, the Order of Vieltoor; identified members Ajar'l Darklock, Syzygy Darklock

Ama Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2008) native to Ama-Prime, rule the Ama Collective utopian union of races; identified members Ruqtar Koil, Empress

Amaru (planet) Silver Surfer #66 (1992) Referenced only; worshipped Mistress Love.

Amebid Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Animal species from planet Sakaar; former sea-dwelling cephalopods; now able to fly due to their noxious waste gases.

Amerus (planet) Marvel Tales #98 (1950) (Xoldis) Accidentally set off chain reaction, killed many planets' populations in distant past.

Ancients Incredible Hulk #21 (2000) Left member on Earth to guard hybrid extraterrestrial corn.

Andromians Tales to Astonish #54 (1964) Conquered by Shann the Conqueror's race.

Andromidians Tales to Astonish #8 (1960) Several hundred feet tall; identified members Raaka (aka Mummex), who worked for Galactic Missing Persons Bureau.

Annunaki Silver Surfer #1 (2003); (identified) Silver Surfer #7 (2004) Saved youths of power from Earth from the upcoming destruction through Marduk; identified members Amnel.

Antar-19 (planet) Bloodseed #2 (1993) Site from which the Gene-Corps created an unspecified humanoid race (possibly the Genespawn)

Antares (planet) of Reality-????? World of Fantasy #2 (1956)  Human-like, their nights last 93 years.

Anthigorites Avengers #209 (1981) Identified member Krru held Resurrection Stone.

Anubians X-Men I#125 (1979) Intergalactic Council

Apes/Simians/Masters/Generals of Earth-7481 Planet of the Apes #23 (1975; Marvel UK) Apparently had a base on Mars; enslaved Earth, opposed by Apeslayer

Aqua Centurious (planet) Strange Tales #67 (1959) Home to green sea serpents, mistaken for evil.

Aquanox (planet) Uncanny X-Men #391 (2001) Water covered planet with giant carnivorous fish.

Aquaticans Amazing Adventures #2 (1961) Aquatic humanoids; encountered Dr. Druid (Anthony Ludgate). POSSIBLY TERRESTRIAL ONLY

Aquila Centurius (planet) Strange Tales #68 (1959) Gaseous telepaths; Makka found humans too cynical to believe in him.

Aqua-Centurious (planet) Strange Tales #67 (1959) Planet covered mostly by water; race of intelligent Sea Serpents; one crash landed its ship in the ocean 800 miles off the coast of Argentina centuries ago; hunted and killed by sailors with harpoons while on an expedition lead by Dr. Efrem Marsh who sought to capture the beast alive.

Aquion (planet) Fantastic Four #521 (2005) Planet with intelligent fish.

Arabellum (planet) Force Works #14 (1995) Gas giant 8 parsecs from Earth; destroyed after pillaged by Broker.

Arago-7 (Mentioned) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #7 (1983); (seen) Silver Surfer #32 (1989) Andromeda galaxy, home planet of the Pheragots

Araknoids Knights of Pendragon #6 (1992) Planet Arakne in alien world or alternate reality with spider-people as the dominant lifeform. Paladins (counterparts to Earth's Knights of Pendragon) battled the Scourge (Bane counterparts ; identified members Arrakhyl, Malekyth, Rikskath, Tanakyth.

Aramans of Reality-81727 What If? #27 (1981) Planet Arama, under rule of the Shi'ar Empire; orange-skinned with extended ears; when Galactus threatened Arama, Phoenix saved their world.

Arborians of Reality-88131 Alf #38 (1991) Sentient flora/trees. Mobile via walking on roots, project fruits and cones as weapons, fly through space. Bountree Hunters

Arcady (planet) Adventure into Mystery #5 (1957) One denizen visited Bill Foster.

Arcane - see Quist.

Archeopians Thor #162 (1969) First Galactus victims; semi-humanoid avians; identified members Ree.

Arcturans Adventures into Fear #21 (1974) Milky Way race from Arcturus IV; colonized by Fortique; half of population genetically engineered mutates; identified members Caretakers, Lord I.

Arcturus (planet) of Reality-????? Suspense #13 (1952) collided with the Earth.

Ardent Spring (planet) Starjammers #1 (1995) Shi'ar Empire planet; race destroyed by Uncreated.

Arena World (planet) Shadow Riders #3 (1993) Originally known as Sharin; former home of Vorin (and Goodfellow); natives slaughtered by Mys-Tech; Abadon possibly trapped there.

Ariguans of Reality-791 Marvel Preview #4 (1976); (identified) Marvel Preview #11 (1977) Spartoi enemies; apparently took over R'Ralmis; identified members "Master of the Sun", R'Ruothk'ar

Arima Sub-Mariner #17 (1969) Milky Way galaxy, Alpha Centauri system, home to Alpha Centaurians.

Aris Marvel Comics Presents #149 (1994) Diminutive humanoids from Ariston in Bianca IV star system of the Shi'ar Empire; planet protected by Della Gems powered force field; identified members Ariana, Jood'l.

Ark (name of ship) of Reality-791 Marvel Super Special #10 (1979) Immense spacecraft populated by an extraterrestrial race whose planet was destroyed in a meteor shower; identified members Aletha, "Noah," Dwellers of the Ark.

Arkano Nebula War of Kings: Ascension #1 (June, 2009)

Arkorr-5 (planet) Journey into Mystery #99 (1963) (King Kellu, Immanuel Stroom) planet was overpopulated so Stroom shrunk everyone.

Armechadonians Blackwulf #8 (1995) Race from Armechadon; identified members Blackwulf (Pelops), Blackwulf (Lucian), Hept-Supht, Id, Kulkulk, Talon, Tantalus, Underground.

Arquindae Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Large, four-legged land animal from planet Sakaar; live in herds; domesticated by the Imperials.

Arthropod creatures of Planet X of Reality-60751 Tales to Astonish #10 (1960) Giant creatures, virtually idestructible, lethal bite, young can travel on radio waves.

Arvadia Rocket Raccoon #1 (2014) Planet on which Rocket was wanted for criminal violations, possibly including this one: Posing as a bipedal raccoon, Blackjack O'Hare murdered someone here, framing Rocket.

Asikii Tales to Astonish #53 (1964) Conquered by Mingo.

Asteroid 85 (asteroid) of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #20 (1952) Inhabited by creature that looked like a rocket ship.

Asteroid-Eaters of Denak IV Marvel Comics Presents #1 (1988) Peaceful behemoths, store large amount of gas in their lungs, devour rocks for their minerals

Asteroidians Marvel Mystery Comics#42 (1943) Large humanoids, dwelled on mobile planetoid, assaulted Earth, destroyed via efforts of Vision (Aarkus)

Astrans Incredible Hulk #6 (1963) Milky Way race from planet Astra; semi-humanoid with four lungs and secretory glands on stomach; identified members Metal Master.

Astrosians Marvel Boy #2 (1951) Planet Astros; humanoid; Saramin used traveling planet Astros to bombard planets with meteors torn from Astros; attempted to conquer Earth, foiled by Marvel Boy (Grayson);

Asylum of Reality-691 Marvel Presents#5 (1976) 31st century planetary mental institution mimicking/parodying modern day Earth on several levels

Atavisius (planet) of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #1 (1959) Considered as new home for humanity.

Atilari Belt Groot II#4 (2023) chain of stars?

Atron (planet) Uncanny Tales #49 (1956) (Lord Han, Kujo, Naoya, Riik) Intended invasion halted by scouts.

Attalia (Earth's sun) Astonishing #28 (1953) (Zo) Sol, inhabited by Zo's people.

Auriga Raiders of Reality-?????? Strange Tales #68 (1959) Circa 2089 A.D., pirates, fought Ralph Preston.

Audience Silver Surfer #39 (1990) Dwelled on energy orb; lived off energy released from combat by others.

Autans Human Torch Comics #34 (1949) Planet Autun; human race enslaved by Brain Master/Monster via his Cube-Men; abducted Sun Girl and other humans

Autocrons Machine Man #3 (1978) Milky Way race from Cron; iron-based life forms; identified members Ten-For, Fabrikant, Ten-Thirtifor

Automata (planet) of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #1 (1959) Considered as new home for humanity.

Axel II (planet) World of Fantasy #1 (1956) (Tala) Telepaths, retrieved member who was raised as human.

Axi-Tun Giant-Size Fantastic Four #3 (1974) Ring Nebula, M-57 galaxy from planet Tun; fiercely xenophobic humanoids; identified members Alberik, Aldebron, Andrex, Dampyre, Donar, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Death, Famine, War, Pestilence), Froh, Hilda, Landar, Loga, Ramrog, Sidereus, Throk, Trantor, Votan.

Ba-Bani Avengers #219 (1982) Milky Way race from Ba-Banis; light yellow-skinned humanoids; briefly taken over by Moondragon.

Backworld Savage Sword of Conan #65 (1981) Primitive world to which a more technologically advanced race banished their mind-wiped criminals; identified inhabitants Axomeen, Bront, Brontnekkhar, Keelooah, Soreana.

Baconians Crazy Magazine #60 (1980) Semi-porcine humanoids dressing and behaving similar to people from Earth's prohibition era (circa 1930s); identified members "Pretty Boy" Pork, Piggo (cop) - briefly brought to Earth via warp caused by Dr. Frankenpayne's Gamma Ray Cavity Decoder; their energy blasts contributed to the mutation of Chester Weems into Teen Hulk; the cops took Frankenpayne back to Baconia with them; possibly not Reality-616

Badoon Silver Surfer #2 (1968) Milky Way race from planet Moord; monarchy; males and females live on seperate worlds; reptilian-humanoid with green skin and forked tongue; Earth-691 counterparts conquered Earth @ 3000 AD; identified members Brother Royal, Czar-Doon, the Directorate, Aladi Ko Eke, Kodor, L'Matto, Brother Manat, Morkai.

Baletine Ameboids Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Banari Sub-Mariner #56 (1972) Amphibious race; males who traveled to earth were killed by Atlanteans when mistaken for invaders; many others were enslaved by the Fomalhauti; red-skinned, water breathing race; identified members Fraternus Prime, Tamara Rahn, Trieste.

Bandersnatch Power Pack #26 (1986) Pteradon-like creatures with long tongues and maroon skin; natives to Kymellia.

Barrach'an shovel-beast X-Men #107 (1977) Immense prognathic (apparent quadruped); form adopted by Imperial Guard's Hobgoblin/Shapeshifter.

Barodi Uncanny X-Men #358 (1998) Gray or green skinned semi-humanoids; smugglers, residents of city of Kuth on a trader's planet; formerly guarded a warp gate off the planet; slaughtered by the Chnitt

Basoogans Ultimate Silver Surfer (1995) Home world consumed by Galactus; identified member Junmant merged into cyborg Jajuga.
    no further information available

Baston-Karians of Reality-20051 Marvel Adventures: The Avengers#26 () ill-mannered extraterrestrial race from , planet threatened by Galactus

Bastianites Silver Surfer #72 (1992) (Eqnuus) Natives of planet Bastian in Walker system; green hairless; slaughtered by Morg; planet devoured by Galactus; possessed Well of Life.

Beastmen of Earth-791 Marvel Preview #18 (1979) From planet Redstone; creations of Quan-Zarr.

beast-men of Rus Thor #235 (1975) Possibly the original natives; spread across the planet after Tharnn inadvertently absorbed the entire population of scholars into his Runestaff.

beasts Incredible Hulk Annual #12 (1983) Used by the green Proselytes of Cygnet VII in gladiatorial combat against the reds

Bedreddin (planet) Marvel Comics Presents #172 (1995) Home to Universal Cosa Nostrum; hired Lunatik to track down Lupal.

Begot (planet) Marvel Comics Presents #172 (1995) Home to primitive race the Silver Surfer referred to as Children.

Belluvia Thanos #4 (2004) Planet, nation, or city? A Belluvian fire dart contest was hosted at a bar on Glaxton Minor. Referenced only

BEM race Spaceman #3/5 () (Bakka, Tromka) space parasites and raiders from Reality-5391, opposed in 2075 AD by Speed Carter and the Space Sentinels

Ben'yr Federation of Reality-791 Marvel Preview #15 (1978) Interstellar federation of undetermined size that included the K'yndarii; at least the Matriarch appeared to be an avian-type being.

Betalgeuseans of Reality-59116 Tales to Astonish #6 (1959) Natives of Betalgeuse II, Betalgeuse system, Milky Way galaxy?; primitive humanoid but non-oxygen-breathing natives; planet rich in uranium, part of galactic human empire, ruled by xenophobic Darius Cartwright from within oxygen dome until it broke down, and the natives, forbidden to enter, did not fix it.

Betelgeuse II (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #9 (1952) Blue skin, contacted by humans.

Betans Godzilla #12 (1978) Milky Way race from planet Beta; purple skinned with wings; use monstrous beings from other worlds for war against Megans; utilized Godzilla.

Betan race of Reality-7918  - race of reptilian humanoids (from "the Beta Sector") intent on conquering the universe; the humans from Earth (in the Alpha Sector) became directly involved when they attacked Earth’s Space Station Pearl on December 7, 1941 A.D. These Betans are red-skinned and lizard-like bipeds--What If? I#14 (1979)

Bidoceros Incredible Hulk #472 (1999) Distant galaxy; green, slug-like creatures; normally passive, driven insane by psionic feedback from Watcherworld; attacked it while Hulk and Qnax/Amphibion were meeting with a Watcher.

Bimmu of Reality-63157 Tales of Suspense #47 (1963) "Galaxy 6," planet Bimm; green, spotted skin; highly advanced technology with warp drives; in an unspecified future, they were at war with humanity; Athena was offered as a bride to an unidentified soldier in exchange for his turning off the tracking radar machine to allow their spies in.

Binary Beings Marvel Super-Heroes #385 (1982) One had mind (Brain-Carrier), other has body (Physique); encountered Captain Britain; designed similarly Binary robots; identified members Greigar Forr, "interrogator," "parrot-face", "pilot".

Black Galaxy Thor I#134?

Black Quadrant Thanos #1 (2016) Former domain of Thanos.

Blattarians (Blurry, Brainy, Greasy, Spikey, Stinky, Warpy, Windy) - extraterrestrial cockroaches, seven mutated by Bianca LeNiege into humanoid dwarves and empowered to serve her--Generation X#40

Blips Tales to Astonish #15 (1961) Electricity creatures; identified members Phzzzrrzztlzzzz, Shzzzllzzzthzz

Bl'lx Lunatik #1 Former home of Lunatik (interstellar mercenary)

Bloxid Rocket Raccoon #1 (2014) Planet on which Rocket was wanted for criminal violations, possibly including this one: Posing as a bipedal raccoon, Blackjack O'Hare murdered someone here, framing Rocket.

Blurzz She-Hulk #7 (2004) Hyper accelerated bird creatures; transport ship crashed on Sloggo-Prime; rapidly had 83 generations and believed the crater valley to be their holy land; left when the Sloggs brought the issue to trial under She-Hulk.

Body Rom Annual#1 (1982) Collective from which the being that became known as Stardust was expelled.

Bovric Starlord#2 (1996) Presumably Reality-791; planet to which Starlord (Sinjin Quarrel) was station; formerly dominated by Lawgiver Harith Damyish; other residents include Newlin, Colonel Castonis, and Starkiln.

Brain Leeches Fantastic Four #206 (1979) Preserved Xandarian brains serving as living computers on Xandarian vessels; fly and wrap tendrils (cranial nerves and brainstem/spinal cord) around objects/beings.

Brain Parasites Fantastic Four #227 (1981) Trilobite-like creatures; arrived on earth in meteor-like egg which was discovered by Dr. Gideon Carruthers; attached themselves to the neck of lifeforms on earth, transforming them into powerful, primitive and hostile versions of themselves; sought oil for sustenance; died within one hour of separation from host; many destroyed by Franklin Richards.

Breakworld Astonishing X-Men #6 (2004) Homeworld of warrior culture; destruction in future foreseen by Augurs at the hands of Earth mutant Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); planet saved by X-Men & Ord; identified members Aghanne, Augurs, Dafi, Kruun, Ord, Sylatin.

Brekk Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2008) native to Brekknis, part of the Ama Collective?; identified members: Tol-Wes

Brethren Avengers #334 (1991) Humanoid race evolved from bacteria on Omega Climion Six by Celestials; used by Celestials to purge planets they had judged unworthy to survive; abandoned @ 200,000 years ago; collected by Collector @ 3000 BC; transformed back into bacteria by Collector to ravage Earth; Sersi helped them to form Uni-Mind to defeat Collector; identified members Thane Ector, Sybil Dorn, Fool, Olar.

Bretilian Bondars X-Factor #110 (1995) Cephalopod-esque creatures that restrain beings by holding hands or other objects within their central spherical portion and then wrap their tentacles around a captives hands, etc. One was used by Lila Cheney

Brll'nah >Zhhk< Peter Parker: Spider-Man #23 (2000) Abducted and experimented on multiple people in a Manhattan apartment complex, created the Spider-Hybrid.

Brood Uncanny X-Men #155 (1982) Insectoid, winged race from Broodworld; Brood Queen injects eggs into living beings; hatched embryos metamorphose its host's body into young Brood; enslaved Acanti at some point in the past; identified members Blindside, Brickbat, Brood Empress, Brood Imperiatrix, Hannah Conover, Dale, Devros, Dive-Bomber, Dzilos, Edwina, Firstborn, Fred, Haeg'rill, Hunt-Master, Kam'n'ehar, Tyrus Krill, Lockup, Nancy, Harry Palmer, Randy, Ruth, Skur'kil, Slave-Master, Spitball, T'Crilee, Temptress, Tension, Josey Thomas, Whiphand, Zen-Pram.

Brundlebuds Silver Surfer #1 (2014) Native to Brundlebus 3 in the Brundlebus nebula; micro-star/sun rekindled by Silver Surfer.

Burfians Planet Terry #4 (1985) Planet Burf; pale yellow or green-skinned humanoids.

Burrowers Power Pack #23 (1986) Sentient furry creatures living in caverns of Snarkworld; identified members Cholly.

"Bwokkians" Annihilation: Ronan #1 (2006) Semi-humanoid race from Bwokk under Kree jurisdiction; attempt for peace between tribes ruined by Ronan the Accuser; identified members Homma, Lo-Kalla, Metz, Nonna, Qa-Kabar.

Byan'hantandu Cloak & Dagger #2 (1988) Ancient race that removes potentially dangerous objects from inferior races on their travel from galaxy to galaxy; use Grunds and Darbians as servants; abducted Cloak (Tyrone Johnson) and Old Man when they got in the middle of their quest for an object created by Franklin Richards; cloned Cloak.

Calculex (Glib Arkanian, Reva Cantrella, Genis-Vell, Glib's Glog + Grug, Halvacenter, Pryo, Steck'ee, Zoog )

    - high-tech planet ,very seedy, former base of Genis Vell
   --Silver Surfer III#72

Byfrexians of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated (1980) Frigid world, birthplace of Lawt, Nimsu, and Vanth, later known as Dreadstar; also inhabited by Snow Bears

Caldor of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #9 (1981) Empirical galaxy circa 1 million years in the future, former home to the People, Delilah D-50, Pyrax 8-13, Vanth (later Dreadstar), and Syzygy Darklock

Caligo (planet) Mystery Tales #26 (1955) (Nygly Azzyo) Census taker accidentally landed on Earth.

Calishee Thor #419 (1990) Microscopic, replicated at extremely rapid rate, destroyed themselves with nuclear war

Calurnians Rom Annual #4 (1985) Feline humanoids of Calurnia; enslaved by Shi'ar; identified members Dr. Tyreseus (Liberator).

Canopus Minor (planet) Journey into Mystery #53 (1959) (Makka, Sfeen, Urbaam) Threatened by a rogue planet, the natives shrunk their population to fit everyone in a single escape craft.

Canticlans Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #2 (2007) Natives of Canticle 8; Kree ceded territory to Ravenous and the Centurions; Centurion slain by Firelord

Canticus Prime - Kree fringe system

Caraneri Silver Surfer #69 (1992) Home of Morg.

Carillon (planet) Marvel Preview #15 (1978) 4th planet in the Kyndar system, populated by the Kyndarii, destroyed and entire race exterminated by the Haalmhad.

Carina Prime Starlord #1 (1996) Ruling planet of the Carinian Cluster star system. base of the Probiti Training Institute.

Carmondians Captain Marvel #4 (1996) Humanoid, grey to pink skinned natives of Carmondy-4; worshipped Veeda Leebre, all but Jara committed suicide when Veeda was imprisoned by Godstalker; identified members Balb, Felfa, Jara.

Carnassia Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket and Groot - Steal the Galaxy (2017) World on which the Interdite who was the last of the Order of the Divine Oracolites lived.

Catspurians Death's Head #14 (1994) Humanoid race from a small mining planet with vast cybernetic knowledge; decimated by Cicatrice; identified members Heron, Noon.

Caveor Prime (Mentioned only) Gun Runner #5 (1994) Planet(?) on which the Cynodd had the Syntropists create a Syntropic wasteland

Ceia II (planet) Captain Marvel #46? (2023) Brood-controlled

Celestials Eternals #2 (1976) Enigmatic race of beings that serve the Fulcrum; frequently mutate and judge the worth of entire races; identified members Arishem, Ashema, Devron, Eson, Exitar, Gammenon, Gamriel, Hargen, Jemiah, Nezarr, One Above All, Oneg, Scathan (of Earth-691), Tefral, Tiamat, Ziran

Celestial Order Marvel Universe: The End #2 (2003) Entire race destroyed by Thanos; possessed in Reality-4321 the Heart of the Infinite; empowered Akhenaten.

Centaurans Mystery Tales #15 (1953) Residents of Centaurus; multiple tentacles and two antennae; able to levitate and create and/or transform with a thought.

Centaurans Tales of Suspense #45 (1963) Residents of Centaurus; mental abilities, orange skin, bald; advanced technology (including a time sphere), warp drive ships; live in a culture free of want or greed; one native traveled to Earth in 1963 and taught the greedy the folly of his ways.

Centauri (planet) Mystic #38 (1955) Human-like, tried to kill Caleb Howard to prevent humans from reaching space but killed by a dog.

Centauri-9's robot race Prelude to Deadpool Corps #5 (2010) Passed over by Contemplator in favor of the Deadpool Corps to deal with the threat of the Awareness.

Centaurians Annihilation: Prologue (2006); (Earth-691) Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (1969) Blue skinned humanoids from Centauri IV; worship unspecified gods; alternate future version (Earth-691) wiped out by Badoon; identified members Arris, Chanda, Samaya, Oola Udonta; Tachyon, Yondu Udonta (latter two of Earth-691)

Centaurs World of Fantasy #3 (1956) Aliens who disguise themselves as horses.

Centaurus Mystery Tales #15 (1953) Home of tentacled Centaurans.

Centaurus Tales to Astonish #28 (1962) "Far off" (in relation to Earth); destroyed by Mongoors. referenced only

Centaurus Tales of Suspense #45 (1963) Home of orange-skinned Centaurans.

Centaurus II (planet) Tales of Suspense #23 (1961) (John) Population used to live on Earth but now are much smaller than humans.

Centurii Thor #258 (1977) Milky Way galaxy race from Centuri#6; light yellow-skinned humanoids; conquered by Bird of Prey; population sold into slavery throughout galaxy; identified member Gormok.

Centurius III (planet) Strange Tales #80 (1961) Took Bruno Zuknik from Earth prison for slave labor via door in prison.

Chainsaurs Groot II#1 (2023) Outlawed Kree(?) technology, used by Agz and the Spoilers

Chameleoids X-Men #107 (1977); (identified) Fantastic Four #51 (2002) Shapeshifting race within the Shi'ar galaxy; identified members Hobgoblin/Shapeshifter, Mistur.

Chaos Mites Marvel Comics Presents #172 (1995); (identified) Annihilation: Silver Surfer #3 (2006) Created by the Proemial God Diableri as his eyes and ears in the universe; purged by Proemial Gods Aegis and Tenebrous; identified member Skreet (only survivor).

Cherron (planet) Marvel Team-Up #115 (1982) Former home of Haifs and Haif-Nas; destroyed by Haif-Nas to end their oppression; identified members Dalia the Shape-Changer (of the Haif-Nas), Meru the Mind-Bender (of the Haifs).

Chitauri Nova #3 (2013) Semi-humanoid warrior race; identified members: Peacebringer, Warbringer

Chitinauts War of Kings: Ascension #1 (June, 2009) Negative Zone insectoids, some served Catastrophus and were slain by Razor/Darkhawk

Chlorites X-Men: Watchers on the Walls (2006) Name for collection of certain types of aliens that live in symbiosis with chlorine gas-producing microbes that can infect others and destroy all non-Chlorite life on a planet; new home found on Chlorite-dominated Earth-62342. Races known to possess Chlorite populations include the Goora, Shuki (members Busa, Cal, Kussa), and Zann (member Seden Karm) races.

Chnitt Uncanny X-Men #358 (1998) Large, savage insectoid/arthropod-like creatures; razed the home planet of Karel; battled Bishop and Deathbird on a port planet.

Ch'reesharaa (planet) Captain Marvel #3 (1996) Planet on which Adam-X was raised; identified residents Jonath.
These events are referenced once in a single sentence. No further information is available as of 4/8/2017

Chrolon Howard the Duck #5 (2016) Home planet to race of green-skinned semi-humanoinds including Taylor and his family

Ch"rp (planet) X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #1 (1990) Home of insectoid race including the Hivehead and her drones.

Chrrt-Chuk Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #27 (2016) Milky Way galaxy; interstellar empire, including planets Chitt-Crrt; green, otherwise resemble terrestrial squirrels; identified members: Chtty, Chief Inspector Macademia,

Chr'ylites Uncanny X-Men #156 (1982) Shi'ar galaxy race from the planet Ch'yllalisa; insectoid, helicopter-like form; empathic abilities enable them to scan interior of organic bodies; identified member Sikorsky of the Starjammers.

Ciegrimites Thor #335 (1983) Ciegrim-7, Omacron star system, Andromeda galaxy. snail-like humanoids.

Clavians Rom #71 (1985) Humanoid Milky Way race from planet Clavis; infiltrated by Dire Wraiths; attacked by Raak the Breaker.

Cluster Spider-Woman #7 (2000) Artificial race /produced by ships to other worlds to determine if they are weak enough to be conquered by unidentified creator race; can adapt form of those that they encounter; some can merge to form larger creatures or split into a number of smaller creatures; driven from Earth by Spider-Woman (Franklin).

Colony of Reality-92131 X-Men: The Animated Series - Love in Vain (1996) Brood-like counterparts

Colosseum Battletide #1 (1992) Battle-scarred world in "dark back water of space," hosted the Games, home to the Knights of the Tempered Brotherhood, aka Temploids.

Conquest Uncanny X-Men #245 (1989) Alliance of various extraterrestrials; conquered various worlds, invaded Earth but driven off by X-Men

Contrasepsis Fantastic Four #549 (2007) Purple humanoids able to survive in space without air; live in large swarm; attacked Oditopians and Fantastic Four.

Contraxians (Hybrid) Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#22 (1976); (full-blooded) Spectacular Spider-Man #32 (1979); (identified) Jack of Hearts #1 (1984) Humanoid race with darker-hued left side; sought means to rekindle their sun's dying energies; sent natives to Earth posing as humans; identified members Codabac, Kaina ("Marcy Kane"), Marya ("Marie Giffen/Hart"), Oltnam ("Freeman Smythe"), Priestesses of the Sun, Varga

Cotati Avengers #130 (1974) Kree galaxy race from Hala; intelligent, telepathic vegetation; nearly driven to extinction by Kree after being chosen victors in a contest by the Skrulls; planted on many inhabited worlds by Priests of Pama; relocated to Tamal.

Courga of Reality-616 Quasar #35 (1992) planet Courg, canid humanoids; one unidentified member was in the Mourners. One was also possibly seen on Rus in Quasar #49

Crab Nebula's Mad Folk Prelude to Deadpool Corps #5 (2010) Passed over by ContempFirst Appearance: Marvel Presents#5 (June, 1976)
   (race and homeworld named) The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#15 (March, 1987)
   (first appearance in Reality-616) Avengers Spotlight#25/2 (November, 1989)
lator in favor of the Deadpool Corps to deal with the threat of the Awareness. They were instead sought by the Grandmaster.

Critics Sensational She-Hulk #14 (1990) Branch of Watchers that critique events.

Cryptunians Fantastic Four Annual #27/2 (1994) Andromeda galaxy; destroyed by energies released during battle between the Molecule Man and Beyonder.

Crystalkhrits Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Cube-Men Human Torch Comics #34 (1949) Robotic servants controlled and presumably created by Brain Master/Monster, enslaved Autans; apparently deactivated after Sun Girl slew the Brain Master.

Cultha Gambit #23 (2000) Semi-humanoid race within the Shi'ar galaxy; had an orbital penitentiary; a former guard was imprisoned for cowardice in Shi'ar penal system and later on Earth; identified member Heth'sa.

Cutfrog Hulk Family #1: Green Genes (2009) Sakaar species; produces powerful venom used by Shadow Priests against Skaar.

Cybil Magna War of Kings #1 (2009) Kree planet; attacked by Shi'ar Fleet with Nega-Bombs

Cyborgs of Matricca Scoppio Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut #1 (1993) Apparently progressed from humanoids with cybernetic implants to almost completely robotic beings.

Cygnet VII (planet) Incredible Hulk Annual #12 (1983) Home planet of Proselytes; divided between Red and Green sects/races; identified member K'rel.

Cygnorions Web of Spider-Man #25 (1987) Natives of Cygnorian; semi-reptilian humanoids; identified members Xanja.

Cygnus Major World of Fantasy #18 (1959) Yellow skin, sought to make humans compliant.

Cygnus Prime X-Factor I#111 () Planet, base of Balthazarr's Used Goods Emporium.

Cyllandra Avengers: Strikefiles#1 (1994) Library planet of the Kree

Cynodd Gun Runner #1 (1993) Humanoid sorcerers; worship Syntropy; identified members Babet, Ballistik, Blitz, Laz-Fire, Payload, Shakata, Warcrime.

Cythani 93 War of Kings #3 (2009) Shi'ar star or planet on which the "Spirit of the Aerie" refueled.

Daedalus 5 Annihilation #1 (2006) Kree-system periphery; former base of the United Front opposing the Annihilation Wave until destroyed by the Thanos and Annihilus-controlled Galactus

Daedalus Prime Annihilation #1 (2006) Kree-system periphery; Extirpia was apparently stationed in orbit here during the Annihilation Wave's assault on Daedalus 5; possibly spelled Dardalus Prime

Dakkamites Adventure into Fear #17 (1973); (Earth-6966) Silver Surfer #6 (1969) Humanoid race from planet Dakkam; nearly entire race exterminated when their sun went supernova; identified members Elect (Power Platoon), Hektu, Ninnox, Quantum, Soja, Tuumar, Wundarr (Aquarian), Zeneg.

Dance Solo Avengers #18 (1989) Ancient, insectoid race; manipulate events towards unknown pattern; extremely powerful, thin, red skin, tall.

Danebians Journey into Unknown Worlds #51 (1956) Natives of planet Daneb, Milky Way galaxy; highly advanced science, sterile society run by machines, emotionless people categorized and employed based on genetics; native sent to infiltrate Earth as Earl Tenley, elected to remain on Earth; other members: Faceless Ones

Darbian Fantastic Four #297 (1986) Large humanoids from Darbia; natives of two poles are constantly at war; some lobotomized and used by Byan'hantandu; identified members Blustur, Damos, Durbuur, Jagur, Jophurg, Myrrhot, Umbra.

Dargallan race Hulk #28 (2011) Ancient race, warred with and eventually vanquished the Kryihd, who then created the Red Hole, which in turn created the Omegex to destroy the Dargallans, although they sabotaged the Kryihd's plans to end the Omegex, instead causing it to be periodically regenerated by the life energies absorbed by the Red Hole.

Dark Nebula Thor #216 (1973)

Dark Ones X-Factor: Prisoner of Love (1990) Non-humanoid, shapeshifting race; sought to destroy all light; one destroyed on Earth by Synthia (belonged to the race of the Dark Ones' ancient enemies) and Beast (Hank McCoy).

D'bari Avengers #4 (1964) Green skined race with dreadlock-like hair from the planet D'bari IV; most died when Phoenix consumed their star; identified members Bzztl, Gvyn, Tas'wzta, Vuk.

Death's Head Warguard Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Cybernetic race; 300 units crashed on Sakaar; pledged allegiance to Angmo when after he killed their lead unit; later used by Red King (Angmo II) and later the Hulk (Bruce Banner).

Deimos (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #94 (1963) Planet covered with sentient vegetables, humanoids live underground.

Delloran of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated#4 (1980) Planet whose population was wiped out by the Zygoteans; served as the place where Joenis Soule waited for Aknaton to deliver the key/amulet holding the location of the Infinity Horn.

Delphinius (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #97 (1963) Utopia world, inhabited by orange humanoids.

Deltonians Tales to Astonish #53 (1964) Humanoid race conquered by Mingo; rebelled with aid of Colossus; identified member Vikor.

demon shrikes World War Hulk: Front Line #4 (2007) Creature from Sakaar; tore a lion apart in 9 seconds during Warbound's occupation of Manhattan.

Denak IV (planet) Marvel Comics Presents #1 (1988) Home planet of Asteroid Eaters.

Dendurian Carnosaurs Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3 (1995) Reptilian race; two worked for Jakar.

Deneb IV Captain Marvel #44 (1976) Formerly Skrull-controlled until the Kree drove them off; population eventually slain by Null-Trons

Deneb 7 Avengers Infinity #1 (20__) vacation site to galaxy’s elite, terraformed beaches, mile high pleasure domes.

Deonists Thor #261 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Deo; thin, white-skinned humanoids; worshipped god-like being who erected immense wall to protect them from extraterrestrial armada; after the god-like being died they sought other god-like beings to imprison and use as power sources; identified members K'Rill, N'Gil.

Derumek X-Men Legacy #222 (2009) Planet on which Sorvel Redhand got stuck in a sentient brothel.

Desida (planet) Astonishing #62 (1957) An astronomer saw spots in photograph Desida, aliens created portal through photograph and tried to silence him but he destroyed the photograph.

Devin-9 Rocket Raccon #2 (2014) Prison planet; Krakel system

Dethians Tales of Suspense #8 (1960) Planet Deth; green skin, metamorphs; the spy Ozak was sent to Earth by the Dethan ruler to sow discord, but was discovered and imprisoned.

Devin-9 Rocket Raccoon #2 (2014) space prison, similar in internal appearance and inmate population

Devin-12 Rocket Raccoon II#11 (2015) Another space prison, similar in internal appearance and inmate population

Diascar X-Men: Watchers on the Wall (2006) Centaurian race; came to Earth seeking to eliminate the Chlorites present there.

Dire Wraiths Rom #1 (1979) Sorcerous Skrull offshoot from Wraithworld in the Dark Nebula; fled from Skrull Deviants 200 years ago; Earth invasion stopped when Wraithworld was destroyed; identified members Avoe, Baran, Dr. Dredd, Gorton, Kaaris'a, Kattan-Tu, Marag-Tu, Piper of Peril, Volx, Wenden

Disradi War of Kings #1 (2009) Kree planet destroyed by Shi'ar Nega Bomb, opening a fault in space.

Djaigon She-Hulk #3 (2006) Skrulls attempted to impersonate the Djaigon prince on his coronation day.

Doctopoids Marvel Comics Presents #1 (2007) Ancient soulless machine with multiple advanced degrees; enemies of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man; created the Tentaclones.

Draco Galaxy Tales of Suspense #54 (1964) Home of planet Yrest, the home of the Yrds.

Draconian Century: Distant Sons (1996) Semi-reptilian green or blue skinned race; identified member Skarla.

Draggoths Incredible Hulk Annual #12 (1983) Cygnet VII; leonine beasts used by the Reds in gladiatorial games/slaughters of the Greens.

Dragon-Men of Ligra Marvel Mystery Comics #8 (1940) Milky Way race from planet Ligra; yellow & green-skinned creatures; enemies of the Lion-People; identified members Dragoon, King Jago, Zoor.

Drakillars of Halfworld Incredible Hulk #271 (1982) Bat-like, survive in space.

Drammoth Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Giant four-legged lizards from planet Sakaar; native to the Mawkaw and Maga mountain ranges.

Dr'azim Deadpool #23 (1998) Green skinned humanoid race with antennae; worshipped S'meth'kth, who brainwashed them.

Dreamsend (planet) of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #7 (1981) Milky Way Galaxy; site via which the Hall of Death and Mercy, containing the Infinity Horn, could be accessed.

Drenx (seen) Astonishing X-Men #10; (identified) SWORD #1 (2010) Red-skinned; most are bellicose and warriors obsessed with slaughter, with the exception of the identified member Sydren who is a gentle empath.

Dreollnians Defenders #150 (1985) Green-skinned, star-faring race; identified members Princess Ilse Pterigil (Star-Thief, Sir Kaltenborn de Register-Cambric.

Drexel Star Wars #9 () Waterworld visited by Han Solo

Drog Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3 (1995) Eat virtually everything; produce immense amounts of methane gas.

Drones Shogun Warriors #9 (1979) Robot or cybernetic race; part of the Charter; forced to serve Maur-Konn; powered Megatron; identified members Drone-X, Men in Black.

Druffs Fantastic Four #37 (1965) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Ryas; small pink fuzzy creatures; replicate when strike each other; worshipped Blessed-of-Litters.

Drumpo Rocket Raccoon #1 (2014) Planet on which Rocket was wanted for criminal violations, possibly including this one: Posing as a bipedal raccoon, Blackjack O'Hare murdered someone here, framing Rocket.

"Dune-Devils" (Reality-791) Marvel Preview #14 (1978) Planet Ferrol; alternated existence with "Trinity."

Dwellers of the Ark (Reality-791) Marvel Super Special #10 (1979) Planet destroyed in a meteor shower, populated immense spacecraft; advanced technology, possible telepathy and illusion-casting (possibly technological derived); identified members Aletha, "Noah."

Echomelian Rocket #2 (2017) Blind reptilian humanoids; sighted native Murd Blurdock served as a hero

Eclipsians Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon & Groot - Steal the Galaxy prose novel (2017) Ebon is an augmented native, serving in the Imperial Guard

Eela (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #3 (1951) Used to stockpile weapons for demolition, entire planet destroyed.

Elan Fantastic Four #21 (1963) Milky Way race from the planet Elanis; 10' tall, green-skinned with multi-faceted eyes; virtually limitless psionic energy they projected from antennae; can rearrange, attract and repel matter; many killed by Star Stalker (Biawak); identified member Infant Terrible.

Electrans Strange Tales #80 (1961) Attacked Earth, fought off by Mount Rushmore presidents' forms, with giant bodies matching their carved stone heads.

Eleha'al Incredible Hulk #95 (2006) Plant from Sakaar; grew from spot where the Hulk's blood was spilled.

Elowan Silver Surfer Annual #3 (1990) Yellow-skinned semi-humanoids; many killed by Garnok Rebbahn.

Energy Creatures of Erdile Avengers #174 (1978) Agents and prisoners of Collector; possibly related to Blips.

Entari Original Sin Annual #1 (2014) Wiped out other members of the Men on the Wall besides Stafford, invaded Boones Creek (presumably Tennessee), abducted Cortland McCord and his mother

Entari monsters Original Sin Annual #1 (2014) Used steeds/weapons by Entari; immense reptilians

Entemen Avengers Spotlight #25 (1989); (Earth-691) Marvel Presents #5 (1976) Tentacled humanoids; identified member Mr. Slech (Earth-691)

Eopia Dark Guard #1 (1993) Citizens of planet Eopia in the Albedo Crux Cluster; civil war between the factions of Egaliterns and Technarchy perpetuated by Mys-Tech to harness death scream to pay off Mephisto; that fate was aborted via the Dark Guard.

Epsilon Bootis of Reality-84202 Marvel Graphic Novel #10: Heartburst (1983) Home to the Ploo; colonized by humanity some 300 years in the future

Epsiloni Captain America Annual #3 (1976) Milky Way race from planet Ravager; virtually indestructible; parasitically drained life energy from others to become vastly powerful; most destroyed by Hunter robots; identified member Threkker.

Erac-Ondog Marvel Graphic Novel #20: Greenberg the Vampire (1986) Mysterious race of beings from beyond the galaxy, sent the robot Fassbinder to Earth (which they knew as Koop) to force their surrender.

Ergon Thor #259 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Ergonar; semi-humanoid with red skin and super strength; identified members Glaktu, Sklarr.

Eruditians World of Fantasy #17 (1959) Shapeshifters from Ursa Eruditus, invasion detected by Spot the dog.

Eternals of Eyung Fantastic Four #115 (1971) aka Eternians; warrior race; virtually all destroyed in battle against Gigantians; transferred collective power into Over-Mind (Grom); identified member Grom.

Etherays Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Ethereals Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill #1 (2005) Some of the first particles of the universe; adopted a noncorporeal civilization; most destroyed by Annihilation Wave; surviving strangepac fed to Galactus by Stardust (Lambda-Zero); identified members Hadria, J/Psi, Lambda-Zero, Tau.

Excto (planet) Journey into Unknown Worlds #9 (1952) The Scourge plague killed civilization, they created Earth before dying.

Eyes of Venus of Reality-????? Mystic #6 (1952) Consume humans by absorbing them, found on Venus.

Farquar Quasar #49 (1993) Physicians of Farquar gathered together all of the known strategies for treating cancer. Unfortunately, upon testing them, the physicians found that none of these treatments worked in every case nor were they successful when used on other species, as cancers cells adapt to each... (the Megan telling the story was cut-off by Quasar/Wendell Vaughn)

Fear-Eaters Marvel Comics Presents #1 (1988) Insectoid offspring of the Fear-Lord Kkallakku; generate and feed off of fear of others.

Feh-Nen War of Kings #1 (2009) Kree planet; attacked by Shi'ar Fleet with Nega-Bombs

Fernusians Tales of Suspense #51 (1964) Planet Fernius (likely in the Milky Way); sentient plants with great psychic powers, controlled humanoid natives, sought to conquer another world; a native traveled to Earth but was rendered brain damaged by a crow.

Ferrol (Reality-791) Marvel Preview #14 (1978) Planet, presumably in the Milky Way galaxy; desert world, home to alternating races of "Dune Devils" and "Trinity."

Feru (planet) Marvel Tales #119 (1953) (Katan, Otar) came to Earth around 6000 BC, slept as mummies, wiped out by atomic bomb test.

Fh'jlij^9yho Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) race and/or language - spoken by owl woman

Fianden Astonishing X-Men#57 (2013) Race of artists, exterminated by the Shi'ar over a millennium ago due to fear of their ability to affect the Shi'ar with their art; mentioned only?

Fifth Galaxy (galaxy) Amazing Adult Fantasy #10 (1962) Unog recruited Karl Kragg to Mister Universe competition.

Fingerworms Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Flame-Tongued Lizard Astonishing #35 (1954) Venusian creature.

Flb'Dbi Fantastic Four #221 (1980) Milky Way race from the planet Jhb'btt; had advanced technology; quadripeds possessing an extended lifespan and telepathy; some trapped on Earth for half million years when Earth's polarity changed; identified member Primus.

Flivok-6 Thanos #8 (2017) Black Quadrant; last holdout against forces of Thanos.

Fmora Venom: Space Knight #2 (1016) Crab-creatures; usually docile, but became more violent after drill drove them from their homes and took away their food.

Flock Uncanny X-Men #166 (1983) Miniature, fire-breathing dragons; targeted by the Brood; known member Lockheed, who was exiled by them for abandoning them.

Flora Colossi Tales to Astonish I#13 (1960) Tree-like beings from Planet X; identified members include Agz, Arbor Masters, Gleef, Granopy, Groot, Groot, Tweeg.

Floranus (planet) Mystery Tales #33 (1955) Unseen, brought Carlson to their planet.

Fomalhauti Thor I#256 (1977); (Earth-691) Giant-Size Defenders#3 (1975) Milky Way race from planet Pumor; amoeba-like, single eyed, amphibious, communicate telepathically, form pseudopodia; conquered and enslaved the Banari; identified members Dumog (Earth-691), Figillulli, Sporr, Xlyym.

Fonabi Fantastic Four #269 (1990) Semi-humanoid Milky Way race; one native was originally believed to have been contained within Terminus, but was later revealed to be the Deviant Jorro.

Forbidden Asteroids New Avengers #3 (2016) On the far edge of the Andromeda galaxy; site in which Castle Tarnala, base of the Knights of the Infinite was formerly located.

Fortisquians Adventures into Fear #21 (1974); (identified) Comet Man #1 (1987) Humanoid creations of the Beyonders; acted as as their agents and traveled long distances by teleportation; disguised ships as comets for local transport; identified members Caretakers, Daemond, Max

Fox-People Tales of Suspense #54 (1964) Vulpine, enemies of Skrang's people.

Froma Tales of Suspense #68 (1965) Milky Way race from planet Chize; large green humanoids that can levitate; identified members Cazon, Colby, Edam, Gouda, Havarti, Tangers cartel

Galactic League Astonishing #57 (1957) Patrolman caught criminals from Sirius II on Earth.

GALACTIC RIM COLLECTIVE - a number of worlds on the galactic rim that had united following the Annihilation War to improve trading, establish common laws, etc.; consists of a collective of nearly 50 separate ruling bodies
    --Guardians of the Galaxy VII#15

Galadorians Rom #1 (1979) Humanoid race from planet Galador; technologically advanced; apparently exist under different rate of time than Earth; created Spaceknights (first generation) to combat invasion by the Dire Wraiths @ 200 years ago; later virtually exterminated by Spaceknights (second generation); repopulated by Rom and Brandy Clark; identified members Arianne, Baldar, Dann, Gaspar, Janoth Kel, Rom, Ray-Na, Spaceknights, Talo, Veleng-Than.
    twin suns per Rom#26, pg. 1

Galaxy Six of Reality-63157 Tales of Suspense #47 (1963) home of Bimm/Bimmu

Ganalons Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (1993) Humanoid race from Ganalus; fight war against cyborg race; identified member Die-Cut.

Ganymede (planet) Strange Stories of Suspense #12 (1956) Green skin; Barttch Re tried to unleash gas bomb.

Garai (planet) Darkhawk #40 (1994) APPARENTLY EXTRADIMENSIONAL (Null Space). Inhabited by yellow-skinned, semi-humanoid race; saved from decaying Fraternity of Raptors amulet.

Geburans Marvel Graphic Novel#11: Void Indigo (1984) "on the far side of the" Milky Way galaxy. Jhagur

Gegku (Earth-829) Hercules: Prince of Power #2 (1982) Andromeda galaxy race; reptilian semi-humanoids; identified member Count Igwanus.

Genespawn Bloodseed #1 (1993) Created by Gene-Corp on an unidentified planet (possibly Antar-9); given false memories of their lives as rulers and/or conquerors; intended to fight to the death to determine the greatest representative; the title Bloodseed refers to the champion of the battle to the death of all the Genespawn; identified members Ellissya, Lysander, Nepenthe.

Gevaltans Dr. Strange #79 (1986) Semi-humanoid race from Planet Gevaltu; identified inhabitants Orc, Urthona.

Gevaltu (planet) Dr. Strange #79 (1986) Home planet of semi-humanoid race

Gh'runji Marvel Two-in-One #98 (1983) Non-humanoid race from planet G'hrunji; sixty feet tall, giant creatures; consume all matter and energy in their paths; require a specific machine as a power source; send Gobble drones to fight off attackers; identified members Gh'runji Gobbler

Gigantans Fantastic Four #115 (1971) Humanoid race from planet Gigantus; destroyed when planet was wiped out by Eternals of Eyung; created collective being to oppose Over-Mind, which was destroyed by Stranger, who took up its mission.

Gilgrath Thanos #2 (2017) Moon on the edge of Shi'ar Empire, cutting edge scientific research facility, former base of Mentor

Glaxton Minor Thanos #4 (2004) Home to a bar that hosts a Belluvian fire dart contest that attracts a number of "cuties" of interest to Pip the Troll. Referenced only

Glenbrook U.S.Avengers #9 (2017) Skrull world in Kral system, patterned after Archie Andrews-like TV show

Gloomgorians Squirrel Girl II#29-30 (2018) Apparently scammed by Silver Surfer imposter

Glorpian race Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 (2019) Shi'ar colony world K'rii-DJ.

Glx Incredible Hulk #182 (1974) Milky Way race from planet Glxx; semi-humanoid, silicon based; subsist by eating metal; empowered Hammer & Anvil; identified member Chlee, Chlreee.

Godthab Omega (planet) Annihilation: Ronan #1 (2006) Kree territory, sought by Glorian as a place on which to build a world to demonstrate his power; numerous beings of power were subconsciously summoned there including Astronomer, Cerise, Champion, Contemplator, Devos, Eradica and a portion of the Annihilation wave, Gamora, Glorian, Grandmaster, Gun Runner, Judicator, Korath, Kree Starforce, Nebula, Quantum, RunnerTana Nile, Ronan, Spirit, Stellaris, TalosZarek

Golden Star (planet) Thor #212 (1973) Slave-dominated, formerly ruled by the Sssth and Vrellnexians

Golgotha X-Men #166 (2005) Immense alien creatures that caused madness; three? encountered by X-Men, who later averted invasion by 162 Golgotha from space.

Goora X-Men: Watchers on the Walls (2006) Milky Way galaxy; partially or completely composed of Chlorites7' tall, possessed orange hair and teal-blue scales, and a second pair of arms

Gorfin (planet) Venom: Space Knight #3 (2016) Venom (Flash Thompson) and 803 stopped here and built a bridge for locals

Gorgon extraterrestrial colony Journey into Mystery #96 (1963) Departed Earth and established colony on unidentified planet; planned to conquer Earth circa 1963, but scout unwittingly tested powers against a pair of blind men and then called off the invasion due to seeming immunity of humanity. Petrifying those seeing their faces

Gorkels Planet Terry #2 (May, 1985) Green skinned, agrarian. identified member: Wise One

Grad Nan Holt X-Men Legacy #250 (2011); (identified) X-Men Legacy #254 (2011) Insectoid race, had uprising against the Shi'ar, battled by Starjammers. identified member Friendless

Gramosians Thor #208 (1973) Milky Way race from planet Gramos; blue-black humanoids; discharge energy through hands; years ago Gramos' magnetic polarity changed, admitting radiation from space which caused mass insanity and death; normality was restored by the debris of Xorr the God-Jewel; identified members Kalnab, Mercurio, Xalnor.

"Grampus" of Reality-56862 Astonishing #52 (1956) Planet Grampus, Grampus star system; Gray-skinned humanoids with large eyes; virtually identical. Circa 2301 A.D., Yago led space pirates.

G'rang Beast Annihilation: Super-Skrull #3 (2006) Creature from Skrull planet; one slaughtered by Sarnogg as part of his hunting rites.

(Great) Devil Corkers Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Giant spider-like/cephalopod predators from planet Sakaar; possess four pairs of segmented legs; one pair are pincer-like.

Greenies of Reality51124 Strange Tales #4 (1951) Green skin, attacked humanity circa 7000 A.D.

Grelorxians Howard the Duck #9 (2016) Prognathic, bluish-grey skin, used helmet in Earth's atmosphere; one was an agent of Mojo

Grinx Silver Surfer #7 (1988) From the "ablest sentients" of this world, the Champion (Tryco Slatterus) obtained an Infinity Gem. Mentioned only

Grokkos of Reality-????? Adventures into Weird Worlds #13 (1952) Hairy monsters, menaced humanity.

Grosgumbeekians Quasar #47 (1993) Milky Way race from planet Grosgumbeek; extremely fast quadrupeds; identified members Duntumbla, Huyenneyuh, Startanoius.

Gruarg race Astonishing X-Men#53 (2012) Two-stomached extraterrestrial creature referenced by the Shi'ar Warbird. Mentioned only

Gruban race (Reality-53283) Astonishing #28 (1953) Planet Gruba, "Outer Galaxy"; large, rough, green skin; advanced technology, warp drive ships, tornado-like "air cannons," possibly able to adopt human form?; destroyed Earth in Reality-53283

Grunds Thor I#335 (1983); (Earth-691) Thor Annual#6 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Grundor; dimunitive, yellow-skinned race with antennae; some used as agents by Byan'Hantandu; identified members Gromitz, Grott (Earth-691), Grundune.

Gryxptznorswy of Reality-8116 Dreadstar # () "Army Ants"

GULLISHYAR - inhospitable planet on which Silver Surfer stranded Obliterator (Maht Pacle) after nullifying his weapons
    --Silver Surfer III#5,6(named)

Guna Tales of Suspense #55 (1964) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Gunava; green-skinned reptilian humanoids, hands and feet adapted for digging; in danger of extinction due to dwindling of their sun; planned to steal Earth's sun, but tricked into discussing plans while ship sank to marsh; identified member Xakku.

Gwanzulum Doctor Who Magazine #141 (1988) Ancient race of reality-hopping shapeshifters, green-skinned forms with single body section; invaded and driven off Earth-616 and other realities; wiped out and replaced the Adekians.

Gyraxians Annihilation Scourge: Beta Ray Bill#1 (2020) Planet Gyrax; peaceful race who live their entire lives in 10 years; identified member Bikwen

Gu'Knoiss X-Men #9 (2020) Hive-species formerly experimented on by the Black Judges of the Kree with the goal of controlling them; the process failed, and the race eventually became extinct.

Haamin of Reality-7614 (planet) Marvel Preview#4 (1976) Diverged race of humanity.

Haab Sub-Mariner #56 (1972) Amphibious race with limited intellect from Banari homeworld; allies/servants of the Banari; later conquered by the Fomalhauti.

Haalmhad of Reality-791 Marvel Preview #15 (1978) Based in immense mothership; slaughter other races to survive; destroyed Carillon and prepared to slaugter the remaining K'yndarii on Cymoril; neutralized by Star-Lord before they could destroy Cymoril; identified members Bret, Cain, Cass, Harli, Jahl, Jarl, Korda, Panshin, Stanchek, Verdi.

Hagathri Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#2 (1989) Allegedly received an uncertain/unspecified power as did the Elan, the Great Many, humanity, and the Kk'kwathi.

Halfworld Incredible Hulk #271 (1982) Prisonworld

Harborage Minor Annihilation: Silver Surfer #4 (2006) Unaffiliated colony world.

Haski 346 War of Kings #2 (2009) Gas giant

healers Strikeforce: Morituri Reality-1287; mini-profile in Strikeforce: Morituri#13

Heaven of Reality-791 Marvel Spotlight #7 (1980) Home to the Cloudlanders and Giri-Worlders; the latter accumulated giri to gain wings to achieve access to the Cloudlands

Hedzek Hulk #34 (2011) Planet Randaa; yellow-skinned, pointed ears, webbing under arms; enemies of Tirenians.

Heptarchy X-Men #198 (2007) Wiped out by Shi'ar and minds absorbed into Hecatomb.

Herms Incredible Hulk #136 (1971) Andromeda Galaxy race; large energy creatures; absorb all manner of electromagnetic energy for sustenance; travel through space; identified member Klaatu.

Hibers Rom #67 (1985) Milky Way race from planet Hiberlac; humanoid that spend majority of life in suspended animation; except for brief seconds when sunlight makes planet hospitable.

Hill People Journey into Mystery #68 (1961) Space travelling energy spores that animate and control rocks around them; could form duplicates of themselves; identified members Spragg.

Hither People Creatures on the Loose #16/1 (1972) Ancient Martian race circa 1 billion years ago; docile golden-hued humanoids; encountered Gullivar Jones; identified members Chea, Hath, Heru, Lu-Pov.

Hkkkt of Reality-4489 Seeker 3000 #2 (1998) Dwelled in god-ship Jakarah. Large and superhumanly powerful savage bipedal creatures, devour and psionically absorb victims to increase power; identified member Lamia

H'mojen race Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four #1 (2007) merge with other races, eventually burn them out; did this with natives of Hemyclos 10 and invaded Earth before being merged with Poppupians as an apparently permanent solution; use the Triax as weapons/warriors; identified members: Imperator/Ilgych, Imperator/predecessor

Hodinn New X-Men #124 (2002) Race consisting of living solar plasma within the Shi'ar Galaxy; identified members G-Type of the Imperial Guard; the Hodinn of the Praetorians.

Hodomur Force Works #1 (1994) Race exterminated by the Scatter; created composite Hodomur Century to hunt down Scatter; home planet destroyed only the moon Memoriam still exists.

Holmrig Starlord#2 (1997) Presumably Reality-791; planet in the Crynburg Pelago (presumably Milky Way galaxy); base of the Iforani

Honchi She-Hulk #7 (2004) Red-skinned, tailed race with the ability to segment and divide; Emperor and Empress had debate arbitrated over which religion their son would practice; She-Hulk tried Solomon's solution which would have slain the son if he had not had the ability to segment and divide; identified members Emperor & Empress Mekra.

Horned Quinped Astonishing #35 (1954) Saturnian creature.

Hornby-9 Howard the Duck #2 (2016) Smugglers Linda and Shocket set a course towards this planet in an effort to get Gatherer D-3X medical attention following his shooting at the hands of Jarax.

Horusians Incredible Hulk #145 (1971) Milky Way race from planet Horus IV; brown or yellow-skinned humanoids; used machines to simulate psionic powers and disguise themselves as native gods of whatever planet they visit in order to inspire awe; on Earth wore masks to appear as gods of Heliopolis; identified members Duamutef, Imset, Neferthamen, Qebehsenuf.

Hreytion race Hulk #29/2 (2011) One traveled to the Red Hole in hopes of causing the Omegex to lock onto his nature and slaughter his homeworld.

Hujah Avengers Annual #7 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Huj; serpentine race with tribal society; some served Thanos aboard Sanctuary.

Hyginians Web of Spider-Man #25 (1987) Time traveling race from planet Hyginus II; orange-skinned; identified member Vaalu.

Hyssta Captain Marvel #0 (1999) Some allegedly dwelled on Earth during the age of the dinosaurs; giant serpentine creatures with great strength and durability; spit corrosive venom; identified members Captain Marvel (father), Captain Marvel (son).

Ice Whales She-Hulk #10 (2005) Gray sub-species extinct; fate of other sub-species unrevealed.

Idoidea Swarm Collective Incredible Hulk #118 (1969) Worshipped Ceffyad the Righteous.

Idylicans Journey into Mystery #101 From the planet Idylica; moved to Vulcanus to avoid war with Vulcanians.

Igenous Rex (planet) Journey into Mystery #51 (1959) Inhabited volcano on Earth.

Illerans Captain Marvel #13 (2003) From the planet Illera; liberated Kahafans from the Badoon, but then became the subject of terrorist attacks by the Kahafans when they refused to leave; saved from Burstaar by Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), who then took them over to prove a point to them, and then sent Burstaar back after them when they failed to get the point; identified members Morkai, Pop.

Imperials - see Sakaarian Imperials

Impericon Silver Surfer #1 (2014) Immense resort, watched over by Zed and his Gatekeepers, formerly hidden from Galactus and his heralds; aka "the Impossible Palace"

Inciters X-Men Unlimited #13 (1996) Collective intelligence in immense skull-shaped ship; consumed souls of Zenn-La

INSECTOIDS - extradimensional bio-mechanical lifeforms, organized by Moot into invasion force to attack Reality-1298’s Earth, opposed by the Six and the Fantastic Four--Mutant X#2
INSECTIVORIDS - Negative Zone, Arthrosians(?); hivemind insectoid drones who serve Annihilus--Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#5
INSECTIVORIDs (Bug, Centivor, Jasmine, Wartstaff, Esmera, Treefern, queen Lyca, old one ) - Microverse, natives of Kaliklak--Micronauts I#1

INSECT-MEN - Moon-dwelling race of Reality-5106, delegation attends annual interplanetary conference in the year 2000--Space Squadron#3

Interdites Warlock #15 (1976) Milky Way race from planet Interdis; pale blue-skinned semi-humanoids with extended ears and precognitive and other psionic powers; civilization demolished by Badoon; surviving Interdites turned to mysticism and live like hermits scattered galaxy-wide; identified members Klarion, Wayopex.

Interplanetary Police Spellbound #6 (1952) Killed Prescott to keep Earth isolated.

Iolians Starlord #1 (1996) Natives of Iolium in Carinian Cluster; possibly part of a larger Carinian race; identified members Merimarth Quarrell, Sinjin Quarrell (Starlord), Sinnidru Quarrell.

Iota Orionis World of Fantasy #18 (1959) Cephalopod or amoeboid natives; considered the best mathematicians in the universe; natives could levitate and dematerialize.

Ithacons of Reality-7614 (planet) Marvel Preview#4 (1976) Planet Ithacon; diverged race of humanity; identified members Wayfinder and his father

I'thanians Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter#1 (2009)

Izumbardi Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1 (2010) Planet Izumbard; worked for centuries to create warships for the Shi'ar; independence rebellion thwarted by Imperial Guard.

Hedzek race Hulk #34 (2011)

Ja (planet) X-Men Unlimited #32 (2001) Inhabitants were enemies of Whurl; Princess Tallibone conspired with Whurl against Ja; identified members Hurlabra, Tallibone.

Jackstar 9 Silver Surfer #1 (2014) ; identified member Battlejack

Jaeger IV of Reality-791 Marvel Previews #11 (1977) Scania refugees from the planet Jaeger IV had no interest in Imperial politics so they chose to settle on Windhöme

Jalexians Captain Marvel #1 (1995) Green-skinned race.

Jaxon's Tomb of Reality-8116 Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (1982) Empirical galaxy circa 1 million years in the future; mineral rich satellite fought over by Intrumentality and Monarchy

Jewelworld of Reality-8116 Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (1982) Empirical galaxy circa 1 million years in the future; former throneworld of the Monarchy

Jir-Pon War of Kings #1 (2009) Kree planet; attacked by Shi'ar Fleet with Nega-Bombs.

Jorken Strong Guy Reborn #1 (1997) Green-skinned, reptilian race; enemies of Kron race; kidnapped Lila Cheney; identified member Tyno.


Judans Strange Tales #180 (1975) Milky Way race from planet Dyofor; immense green heads with four arms on side; reproduce asexually; identified member Kray-Tor.

Jupiterians Amazing Adventures #6 (1961) Helped humanity against Sserpo.

Jupiterians Tales to Astonish I#25 (1961) Green-skinned humanoids; sent Agent X to track a Martian spy using the alias of astronaut Dan Blake.

Kaaragga The Marvels II#11 (2022) Marauding extradimensional race, assaulted the world of Shan-K'ang, narrowly prevented from accessing Earth.

Kahafans Captain Marvel #13 (2003) Race from Kahafa; liberated from Badoon by the Illerans, but then resented them when they refused to leave.

Kaheshans Darkhawk #46 (1994) From planet Kahesha; crystal from Kahesha healed Darkhawk (Chris Powell) and empowered Meta-Humes.

Kaiphas Nova #26 (2009) Planet, destroyed by Nega-Bomb.

Kakarantharans Strange Tales #89 (1961) Giant dragons from Kakaranthara aka Maklu IV; in the twenty-third declinatino of Greater Megallanic Cloud; could fly, alter form and increased in size significantly as they aged; created rings used by Mandarin; developed culture based on peaceful science and arts; Dragon Lords left the planet in search of conquest; a group assaulted Camelot, but were driven of by time-traveling Excalibur; identified members Dragon Lords (Axon-Karr, Fin Fang Foom, Chen Hsu, Chi Wan, Wu Pong).

Kallusians Avengers #14 (1965) Humanoid Andromeda galaxy race from planet Kallu; defeated after centuries-long war with Yirbek; temporary refuge in Earth's arctic; discovered and left to meet Yirbek in a distant section of the galaxy; recently massacred and taken over by the Yirbek; identified members Ogor, Dr. Svenson imposter.

Kamado Quasar #26 (1991); (Reality-8394) Defenders #124 (1983) Semi-humanoid race from planet Mikkaz; destroyed Earth in alternate future (these events were later claimed to ba hoax by the Living Tribunal); identified members Ch'kra, Ch'kri, Denzile, Mox, Seminekk, T'Voor, Xeotpik, Zimm (all reality-8394).

Karidians Silver Surfer #103 (1995) Semi-humanoid race from planet Karidian; sun saved by Silver Surfer; temporarily enslaved by Coalition Fleet; live in peaceful utopia with advanced technology; have heavily armed soldiers ready for defense; identified members Arista, Bounty.

Karnosians Warheads #8 (1993) From planet Karnos; merged being later released by Bysshe.

Kasphirus IX Groot II#4 (2023) Kree-associated

Kawa (Earth-829) Hercules: Prince of Power #3 (1982) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Kawa; reptilian bipeds; worshipped Galactus, who consumed Kawa; located worlds for him to consume; identified members Doowish, Skagg.

Kegger 24-7 Deadpool #34 (2011) Party planet; it and its residents were destroyed and consumed by Id. inhabitants (Keggers?) appeared to have pink or light red skin, with a prominent crest/fin atop their heads and continuing towards their upper back. They had pointed ears, two fingers and a thumb on each hand, and two toes on each foot, extending from a limb with a digitigrade stance, including a prominent tarsal or hock joint, like a dog.

Kehilla Marvel Comics Presents #93 (1991) Semi-humanoid, purple-skinned race; homeworld ("Kehil") consumed by Galactus; small group escaped into space; leader Kastyx went mad and tried to kill all Kehilla by sending them into a black hole; Nova helped them relocate to another planet; identified members Kamyr, Kastyx, Kasema, Kathar.

Kei (planet) Darkhawk #40 (1994) Inhabited by reptilian semi-humanoids; saved from decaying Fraternity of Raptors amulet; identified member Gavril.

Keloyzn Spaceknights #4 (2001) Lion-like race with fierce warriors, poets and musicians; former allies of Galador; turned against them when attacked by Wraithknights; identified member Biandu.

Kharta'een Silver Surfer #65 (1992) Race with their own empire; identified member Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan.

Kh'thon X-Men: The Return (2006) Claimed to have ruled Earth in the distant past, sought to reclaim it in recent years.

Kiasho of Reality-21394 Swords of the Swashbucklers #10 (1986) Home to the "Kiashon"

Kiashon of Reality-21394 Swords of the Swashbucklers #10 (1986) Planet Kiasho; green-skinned semi-humanoids; Bushido culture; identified members General Kazi & Nagai, Prince Oji

Kigor Tales of Suspense #14 (1961) Crab-like race able to merge with and animate inanimate objects; first animated It the Living Colossus.

Kindun Guardians Team-Up#2 (2015) Living planet; after Thanos had tried to kill it, it hired Nebula to bring him Gamora so it could kill her.

Kirgar Black Goliath#5 (1976) second planet of the blue-white star Dharhalla of the Shi'ar empire; a desolate world of desert and mountains of dunestorms that can flay one to the bones in minutes, blistering heat by day and numbing cold by night; Derath of the A'askvarii crashed here and eventually rescued Black Goliath and Celia and Keith Jackson from Sharra's Forge; building a transport device in an ancient Shi'ar facility, Derath was slain by its guardian, the android Mortag, which Black Goliath destroyed before escaping with the Jacksons

Kk'kwathi.Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#2 (1989) Allegedly received an uncertain/unspecified power as did the Elan, the Great Many, Hagathri, and humanity.

Klaatu (planet) Guardians Team-Up#5 () Located in the Pleiades Quadrant of Sector QXM78-67EMX of Reality-616, the world where Grott the Man-Slayer returned to physical form after decades of banishment in the Nameless Dimension and was promptly sent back by Rocket Raccoon and the Pet Avengers

Klaktonians Secret Wars II (Marvel U.K.) #42 (1986) Aftter planet Klakton unexpected exploded, native Milton Zook was sent to Earth where he merged with Norman Dribble and became the heroic Macho Man.

Klangians Tales to Astonish #47 (1963) Powerful conquerors; left Earth unmolested after scout Sagar's ship sank into quicksand on Earth and he could not report to his superiors; identified members Ba-Korr, Sagar.

K'Lanti X-Factor #110 (1995) Pursued Lila Cheney for Harmonic Clock.

Klarr  Avengers Annual #14 () Skrull prison planet, formerly contained Dezan

Klatuu (planet) of Reality-691 Guardians of the Galaxy I#5 (1990) Former home of the Kr'll, current home to Mainframe

Klklk Incredible Hulk #273 (1982) Milky Way race from planet La'kll in Tl'blk star system; insect-like beings;attempted to give advanced farming techniques to Earth; fought off by Hulk who misunderstood their intentions; identified member Ba't'll.

Klulez Home Depot Safety Heroes (2005) Pink-skinned, four-armed race with spikes on head from planet Klulez; developed robots to do their building and fixing; began to be injured when robots broke down; abducted humans from Earth to do their work; plot foiled by Spider-Man (Peter Parker).

Kodabak Avengers Annual #7 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Kodaba; humanoid porcine with multi-faceted eyes; some served Thanos.

Komok Tales to Astonish #27 (1962) Planet Komok; 100' tall highly durable warriors conquered whole worlds on their own; believing themselves infallible after numerous worlds fell to them, they vowed that each Komok would abandon their conquered worlds and return home if a single Komok ever failed in his mission, which happened when Mopox eventually died of loneliness after he could not appreciate the living rocks on an unidentified planet as the life signs registered.

Kon-Shor War of Kings #4 (2009) Kree planet on which Imperial Guard fought Chorus Sentries

Kon-Tar Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1 (2010) Kree Empire; Ikarys of the Inhumans was appointed consul.

Korbinites Thor #337 (1983) Race from planet Korbin; inhabited peaceful empire of planets which were destroyed by Surtur; many survived in spacecraft; later slaughtered by Axi-Tun; survivors made home on New Korbin, but were eventually killed; souls transferred into Meta-Orb and consumed by Asteroth; identified members Beta Ray Bill, Dar Mal Goth, Grekan Yaer, Jeter Kar Toon, Myra Lee Sal, Rogotta, Rok Wit Mike, Salla, Sheo-'re, Ven.

Krag Excalibur #69 (1993) Shi'ar prisonworld formerly holding Cryan of the Oracles.

Kraggoth (planet) Astonishing #20 (1952) 200,000 light years from Earth.

Kralton (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #79 (1962) circa 2050 A.D., giant butterflies.

Krangos (planet) Tales of Suspense #30 (1962) Planet Krango outside of (or deep within?) Milky Way galaxy inhabited by conqueror race with vast empire; creature sent to Earth to capture humans; got frustrated by inability to break their wills, but captives turned out to be statues, of which the aliens were unaware.

Kransloth Astonishing #35 (1954) Jovian creature.

Kree Fantastic Four #65 (1966) Greater Magellanic Cloud race from planet Hala; pink (hybrids) and blue (pure blooded) skinned humanoids; ancient enemies of the Skrulls; governed by Supreme Intelligence, who engineered Nega-Bomb detonation on Hala to jumpstart evolution of the Kree; process sped up by Forever Crystal, which temporarily gave the Kree the ability to evolve themselves to whatever abilities they needed; posed as Ruul; eventually got stuck in an evolutionary deadend again; identified members see here, here or All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Hardcover#6.

Kreep of Reality-665 Not Brand Ecch #9 (1968) Humanoid race, had empire; identified members: Egg-Nog, Mar-Vinn, Uno-Who

Krellians Marvel Collector's Edition #1 (1992) Natives of Krell; worshipped Dakar and Ceeara; at war with Hunters of the Host (robots of their own creation); identified members Light Raiders including Alas Longrun.

Kresh Silver Surfer #61 (1992) Advanced technological humanoid race at war with the Scalleun; nearly all slaughtered by the Scalleun; identified members Janus, Jude, Shaara.

K'rii-DJ (planet) Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 (2019) Shi'ar colony world, home of the Glorpian race

Kr-Kn X-Men: Kingbreaker #1 (2009) Waterworld

K'rii-VI U.S. Avengers #5 (2017) Shi'ar colony planet

Krill Amazing Adult Fantasy #8 (1962) Green-skinned, semi-humanoid race from the planet Krill in the "Ninth Galaxy"; invaded a radar base in Northern Canada.

Krillians X-Man #62 (2000) Race under Shi'ar domain; many served in work prison until Nate Grey notified Lilandra of their conditions; identified members Grun, Marchalla, Urch.

K'rithians Marvel Two-in-One #98 (1983) 8' tall, green-skinned pacifists from planet K'rith; assaulted by G'hrunji Gobbler; summoned Thing, Franklin Richards and Dr. Giles Niven stop the Gobbler; identified member Sharilla.

Kr'll race of Reality-691 Guardians of the Galaxy #6 (1990) Formerly dwelled on planet Klaatu, apparently organic, left behind machinery

Krogarrians Tales to Astonish #25 (1961) 10' tall, superhumanly strong semi-humanoids from Krogarr, advanced technology; guards ride giant bird-creatures, and people participate in gladiatorial combat; conquered another planet in their star system, but unable to travel outside system; a scientist (the "Creature from Krogarr") developed a teleportation device accessing humans via televisions on Earth, but was perceived as a failure and killed, and his teleporter destroyed by the warlord when the human vanished after his power was cut off for not paying his bills.

Kron Strong Guy Reborn #1 (1997) Yellow-skinned race with mohawk; enemies of Jorken race; identified member Ulek.

Kronans Journey into Mystery #83 (1962) Milky Way race from planet Ria in Krona star system; aka Stone Men from Saturn; large silicon-based semi-humanoids with thick, virtually impenetrable hides; technologically advanced, imperialistic race; identified members Ahna, Ard, Gorr, Korg, Margus, O-Korg, Phyllis, Zardok.

Krook Deadpool Corps #7 (2010) Kagan 7?; Deadpool Corps hired by Omega Confederation of Planets to quell a rebellion, but the Corps joined up with the Krook instead; identified members: Princess Teela Arrano’goom Valla Astralla Coldassian, Cronk, King Krook

Krugreppeans Defenders #150 (1983) Star removed by Star Thief; survivors helped Defenders against Star Thief.

Krull-Nrk (planet) Marvel Tales #112 (1953) Residents look like houses, one ate John Black.

Krumbo Tales to Astonish #33 (1962) Planet Krumbo; metamorphs, advanced technology, warp drive ships; a native infiltrated Earth as Professor Blank, but forgot his true identity and worked at a university where he taught that life existed on other worlds until he was captured by other Krumbo who revealed his true nature.

Kryihd race Hulk #29/2 (2011) Ancient race, warred agains the Dargallans, created the Red Hole and the Omegex to destroy their attackers.

Krylorians Incredible Hulk #269 (1982) Technologically advanced race from the planet Krylor; two-toed, two-fingered race evolved from birds; population obsessed with escapist movie-like fantasies of techno-art films; most died with destruction of Krylor by Ego; identified members Bartos, Bereet, Chireep.

Krystillans of Reality-829 Hercules: Twilight of a God #3 (2010) Destroyed by Galactus black hole; natives include J'Nel, K'Tel, Leri.

Kryzote Death's Head II#1 (1992) Utilized at Tyler's World; many worked as mercenaries; unable to stop either Death's Head (FPA) or the Minion cyborg from breaking in.

Kt'kn Astonishing Tales #2 (1970) Milky Way race from planet Kn'kn; insectoids with smooth round bodies with six short legs; secrete paralyzing nerve toxins from claws; communicate telepathically; technologically advanced; identified member Faceless One.

Kymellians Power Pack #1 (1984) Equine-humanoid race; some gifted with paranormal abilities; identified members Force Four (Firemane, Ghostmare, Teamleader, Thunderhoof), Kareen, Krenok One, Fayrelyte Strongheart, Technocrat, Valis, Aelfyre Whitemane, Byrel Whitemane, Kofi Whitemane, Onomi Whitemane, Yrik Whitemane, Zoog.

Kyjaelians Ultimate Silver Surfer (1995) Home world consumed by Galactus; blue reptilian race; identified member Jarelg merged into cyborg Jajuga.

K'yndarii of Reality-791 Marvel Preview #15 (1978) Race from planet Cymoril (and formerly Carillon); joined the Ben'yr Federation; saved from slaughter of Haalmhad by Star-Lord and Ship; identified members Baku, GerinShari.

Lanlak Fantastic Four #211 (1979) Semi-humanoid Milky Way race from the moon Birj orbiting a gas giant; primitive technology; identified members Mishna, Tyros (Terrax the Tamer).

L'ar Gath Five Future Foundation#1 (2019) Crystalline planet with a breathable atmosphere but incapable of supporting life; home to the galaxy's biggest private prison.

"Last" Force Works #2 (1994) Slaughtered by the Scatter; remainder kept alive to serve as their larder.

Lavarites Marvel Mystery Comics #25 (1941) Based on planet Venus, amphibious; identified members: Jarna

Laxidazians Strange Tales #179 (1975) Milky Way race from planet Laxidazia; alcoholic, mutagenic beverage gives them troll-like appearance; identified members Glib Arkanian, Pip, Skunge.

Lem Shogun Warriors #19 (1980) Milky Way race from planet Lemista; semi-serpentine lower body with red skin; identified members Sh'Bleen, Krugarr, Number One.

Levians Thor #256 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Levia; blue-skinned semi-humanoids; fraction of population sent aboard startop to avoid immense destruction of planet after depleting it of magma and resources; survivors continued their wasteful ways and now live at a primitive level aboard their ship--the Levianon; identified members Cherise, Darnak, Relstor, Sharman.

Leviathism Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Linnea race of Reality-77119 Silver Surfer: Requiem #3 (2007) 50 year war with Rumati ended by Silver Surfer by taking away their weaponry. identified member: Fylla

Linnstrea race of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. Doom 2099 #18 (1994) Planet Tsomnaia. Airborne, create harmonic resonance that shape their crystal garden.

Lionheart of Reality-12892 Death's Head II #3 (1992) Circa 3442 A.D., this medieval-like world outlawed technology; identified members Lady Anula, Major Oak, Methinx, Tuck, Yorick, and possibly Cicatrice.

Lion-People Marvel Mystery Comics #8 (1940) Milky Way race from planet Ligra in the Mandahl system; enemies of the Dragon-Men; identified members Queen Nara.

Lithodia Rexians Tales to Astonish #5 (1959) Giant stone-like race from Lithodia Rex; four natives inhabited Easter Island with intend of eventually conquering Earth.

living planet Marvel Tales #151 (1956) Encountered by spacemen

Lizard Men of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #95 (1963) Green scaly creatures, live on planet in outer galaxies, enemies of Mimmians.

Lizardmen Creatures on the Loose #16/1 (1972) Ancient military Martian race circa 1 billion years ago; tall brutish red-hued humanoids; fought Gullivar Jones; identified members Ar-Hap, Jen-in

Lorq Marvel Preview #14 (1978) Targeted the planet Ferrol and sought to kill Trinity-that-is-One; blasted Ship out of the sky; fleet crippled by Star-Lord; identified members D'Reel, Judba'ar.

Lothar (planet) Century: Distant Sons (1996) Home planet of superstrong semi-humanoid; identified inhabitant Onyx.

Luareian Warlock & the Infinity Watch #37 (1995) Blue-skinned, semi-humanoid race from planet Luarei; discovered body of Firelord; identified member Harkort.

Lumina Shogun Warriors #1 (1979) Humanoid race from planet Lumin; set up outpost on Earth 175,000 years ago; placed selves in suspended animation; identified members Followers of the Light (Basque, Charn, Sherna, Tambura).

Lumus Centorius (planet) Tales of Suspense #21 (1961) Klagg attacked Earth but humanity united against him.

Luna Lizards Tales of Suspense #6 (1959) Circa 1970, live on the Moon, friendly.

Lupak race X-Men #107 (1977) lupine-humanoids; identified members Fang and various replacement Fangs in the Imperial Guard

Lupine X-Men #104 (1977) Small furry mammals from planet Lupus; identified member Cr'eee, Flex, Lt'al and children.

Luphomoids Nova #1 (1976) Large, blue-skinned semi-humanoids; home world destroyed by Galactus; only few survivors; identified members Kraa, Nebula (allegedly), Xira, Zorr.

Lupus (planet) X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #1 (1990) Presumably in the Shi'ar galaxy, home to the Lupine, as well as some castorine (beaver-like) and murine (rat or mouse-like) people.

LX-7 Nebula of Reality-8116 The Price (1981) Mentioned only; has a number of humanoid races, which "pepper the stars from the LX-7 Nebula to the Xerolix galaxy"

M-19 (galaxy) Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #53 (1959) Frank Mason journeyed there but went too fast and displaced himself in time.

Maarin Fantastic Four #174 (1976) Humanoid natives of Maarin; constructed Mekkans; wiped out by plague.

Mahari Darkhawk #25 (1993) Reptilian semi-humanoids; attacked Darkhawk ship; identified members Blin, Cag, Kistur, Norg, Vrul.

Majesdane Runaways #1 (2003) Humanoids from Majesdane; solar absorption physiology; under attack from Skrulls of Tarnax VII; identified members "Frank Dean", Karolina Dean, "Leslie Dean", Light Brigade (deHalle, vaDanti, vaDrann, vaRikk).

Makela-3 Captain Marvel #1 (1995) Referenced as a location by Genis-Vell

Makray (planet) Quasar #50 (1993) Inhabitants are extinct for over 1 million years.

Mandelbites Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Mando Warlock #15 (1976) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Mand; green-skinned semi-humanoids with superhuman strength; can survive in a vacuum; some employed by Interplaneteur Inc.

Mandurians Strange Tales of the Unusual #4 (1956) Torus landed in Egypt in prehistory, survived in suspended animation

Mannequin Fantastic Four #14 (1999) Red, octopoid creatures; able to bore through nearly any substance; disrupt frequency of energy barriers; enter and bond with prey on a molecular level; one used by Ronan to control Invisible Woman.

Manufactured Harmonites Nova #19 (2009) synthorganic beings; member Qubit was a Nova Centurion and appeared as a giant floating Nova helmet.

Martian Apes of Reality-????? Astonishing I#35 () Circa 2223 A.D., evolution accelerated with time machine, hunted humans

MARTIANS - many may have used Mars as a base, while others may have only claimed to be or were referenced as Martians as that was a familiar term

Marvanites Marvel Two-in-One Annual #3 (1978) Large, green semi-humanoids from planet Marvan; can manipulate energy; identified members Monitors (including Nygorn), Suzerain.

Masters Iron Man #299 (1993) Created Ultimo millennia ago.

Matricca Scorpio (planet) Motormouth & Killpower #6 () Run by cyborgs, former base of A.C.E. corporation, contains Orgolhuin

Maveth Guardians of Infinity #6 (2016) Contained doomsday bomb Gamora and Kitty Pryde used to destroy the planet and the Chitauri who attacked them.

Mawkaw magkong Incredible Hulk #100 (2007) Large fireproof, unicellular organism from planet Sakaar; gain burning appearance by living in volcanoes.

Medusae of Reality-4489 Seeker 3000 #2 (1998) Bipedal nomadic tribe, wandered into Calvion Ferma Theta Cluster, slaughtered by Hkkkt. Communicate telepathically when in direct contact; identified member Lhasa

Meeks Strange Tales #86 (1961) Possibly part of an alternate reality; came from another galaxy; gifted humanity with advanced technology to satisfy all of their needs, leading them to dismantle their military organizations under the aliens' goals were exposed by Walter Johnson.

Megans Godzilla #12 (1978) Milky Way race from planet Mega; red-skinned, cyclopean beings with suction-cupped digits; capture gargantuan monsters from other worlds to use as living weapons in war against Betans.

Mekkans Fantastic Four #91 (1969) Milky Way race from planet Mekka (formerly known as Maarin); originally built as robotic servants of the Maarin; took over planet and covered it with metal after the Maarin were wiped out by a plague; identified member Torgo.

Melmacians of Reality-88131 ALF#1 (1988) Hairy mammalian race; identified member ALF, Kitchen Witch,

Mellidar Strikeforce: Morituri Reality-1287; mini-profile in Strikeforce: Morituri#13

Mentelleronites Strange Tales #90 (1961) Giant creatures with immense mental powers from planet Mentelleron; identified member Orrgo.

Mephitisoids X-Men #107 (1977) Shi'ar galaxy race from planet Tryl'sart; feline humanoids with night vision and enhanced olfactory senses, retractable claws, black & white fur and a long tail; could control others via pheromones; former warrior race conquered by Shi'ar; quarantined to their home planet; used as warriors and slave laborers; identified members Hepzibah, Mephitisoid.


Metal Men of Reality-????? World of Mystery #1 (1956) Robots built by Martians, turned against them.

M'Hass Thor 2000 (2000) Planet; the Illumination Stone was held here until claimed by one of the Thanosi to use in order to identify the Designate (Tarene);  location noted only on the most advanced star charts and otherwise devoid of any potential for space travel; green-vaguely biped natives were former guardians of the Illumination Stone; fought furiously but slaughtered by Mangog and the Thanosi in the process of their claiming the Illumination Stone. Identified native/resident: Millennium Monarch

Mimmians of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #95 (1963) Shapeshifters, enemies of Lizard Men.

Mirvos-12 Howard the Duck #5 (2016) Planet to which Shocket and Linda intended to travel to obtain a new spaceship following their adventure freeing the Collector's prisoners alongside Howard the Duck and his allies.

M'ndavians Fantastic Four #262 (1984) Shi'ar galaxy race from planet M'ndavi; yellow-skinned semi-humanoids; developed most advanced legal system; killed off by virus created by Axi-Tun; legal system utilized by Intergalactic Council; identified member Mduul.

MOANA - planet, housed control sphere, encountered by Warheads Kether Troop ;

Mobians Incredible Hulk #136 (1971) - Milky Way galaxy, planet Mobius; orange-skinned humanoids, 8' tall; identified member Xeron the Starslayer

Moensians of Reality-81049 Fantastic Four #229 (1981) Billions of years in the future, the advanced race stagnated and began to decline; Xanth and Shareen were sent to seek contact with alien life forms, but were pulled into a black hole where energy beings transformed them into Ebon Seeker and Firefrost.

Monax Marvel Tales #98 (1950) (Lunvar) world population destroyed in distant past.

Mondu (planet) Strange Tales #3 (1951) Invisible men, detected by blind man.

Mongoids Tales to Astonish #51 (1964) Planet Mong; green-skinned beings with advanced technology (including warp drive ships), learned of Earth via television transmissions and sent a native-- transformed to mimic a person--to infiltrate humanity, but he was easily discovered as the transmissions had been in black and white, and they did not realize humans were not green.

Mongoors Tales to Astonish #28 (1962) Green-skinned space pirates with advanced technology including warp-drive ships and powerful weaponry; destroyed a thousand planets between Centaurus and Earth, but passed by Earth as uninhabited when unidentified aliens from the Star Patrol covered Earth in a thick fog to obscure them.

Moog (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 (1950) Circa 3250 A.D., Lod was psychic robot who enslaved humans and garbed them as "robots."

Moon Men

Moonga (planet) Adventures into Weird Worlds #25 (1954) Member of United Planets Organization.

Morag IV - see Terma

Morani Tales of Suspense #58 (1964) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Moran; green-skinned semi-humanoids; some can project bioelectric energy; identified member Warlord Wrogg.

Moru (Reality-53242) Journey into Unknown Worlds #23 (1953) Planet Moru; green-skinned, advanced technology, including warp-drive ships and disintegrator weapons; a native posed as human and became respected scientist Dr. Tindley, who facilitated their conquering of Earth.

Mosquito Men of Reality-5391 Spaceman#4 (1954) Fly, deadly stingers on face; Based on artificial planet in deep space; formerly led by Mosk to attack raid planets until Speed Carter slew Mosk; replicas of Carter stayed behind to teach them to live in peace.

M'Rellik race One native sought out the Omegex to avenge his destroyed race. Hulk #28 (2011)

M'RO - star associated with ancient Skrull myths, brightest in its constellation, used by Talonis along with Tor'l and M'ro to summon Dormammu to possess Ego the Living Planet
    "Dread M'ro in his House of Night"--Guardians of the Galaxy VII#14

Mundus (planet) of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #1 (1959) Overpopulated world.

Mundusians (Reality-64511) Tales to Astonish #51 (1964) Elf-like natives threatened by overpopulation until human space explorers, circa Earth's 2478 AD, established peaceful relations with them, inspiring them to develop their own space travel.

Myndai Shogun Warriors #1 (1979) Milky Way race from planet Mynda; pale red-skinned humanoids; identified members Followers of the Dark, Maur-Konn.

Mystirum (planet) Astonishing #51 (1956) Pink aliens, performed experiments on the Great Connel.

Nacexsa War of Kings #3 (2009) Kree planet; attacked by Shi'ar Fleet

Nalrahns Chamber of Darkness #5 (1970) 15' tall, virtually immortal race from planet Nalrah; required to absorb solar energy every 2000 years; used a chemical to render themselves spaceworthy; identified member Chalo.

Nanda Shogun Warriors #19 (1980) Ovoid-headed, green-skinned semi-humanoids; identified members Cymell, D'Melza.

Nanoplasm Iron Man #70 (2003) Encountered by Howard Hughes in the 1950s, took over several people in Las Vegas, including Mo Stanton and Marc Vicus, briefly took over Tony Stark

Nano-Swarm Future Foundation #2 (2019) Micro-robots able to combine into composite forms, used as security on L'ar Gath Five.

Nautikos Silver Surfer (2014) Inhabitants are fishlike humanoids; home world of pirate Captain Sharrr.

Nautilus Gun Runner #3 (1993) Waterworld, home to giant Cetaceans, former home to Glora Teth (Heavy Duty).

Natives - see Sakaarian Natives

Navis Koana Five Thanos Imperative #1 (2010) Kree planet that Beta Ray Bill helped rebuild.

Neptunians - presumably residents of Neptune, the 7th planet in Earth's solar system

Neutra (planet) of Reality-????? Astonishing #53 (1956) Circa 1994 A.D. had no gravity.

New Draconia World of Fantasy #18 (1959) Underground city new Beta Centauri.

New Rigel-3 Thanos #1 (2003) Established after the Rigellians departed the Rigel-3 devastated by one of the Thanosi

Nimbus (planet) of Reality-8116 The Price (1981) Empirical galaxy circa 1 million years in the future, sparked war between Monarchy and Instrumentality when each empire tried to claim it

9th Planet (planet) Journey into Unknown Worlds #33 (1955) Phan Dak inhabited Carl Springer's body but Springer was on death row.

Nivlent Rocket Raccoon #1 (2014) Planet containing Bonavaglia Arena

Noltoi Creatures on the Loose #17/1 (1972) Ancient scavenger Martian race circa 1 billion years ago; furry fanged humanoids that secrete rope-like web strands; fought Gullivar Jones

Norrak race Hulk #33 (2011)

Norsec Marvel Spotlight #8 (1980) Killed long ago in flood when dike broke; supreme council transferred their consciousness into Those-Who-See; Vindar was sentenced to be their guardian; identified members Vindar, Those-Who-See.

Notoians Marvel Mystery Comics#42 (1943) large extraterrestrials, inhabitants of traveling asteroid, led by Seraq; opposed by Vision (Aarkus)

Nulla Thanos #2 (2017) Centron system; home to Nullans, haven to ill and needy; its varied flora had healing properties

Nullans Thanos #2 (2017) Short and stocky greenish-blue-skinned humanoids

Numani X-Men #2 (2021) Unleashed the Waves of Annihilation on Earth

Nutopia XXIV Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 (2015) 24th moon of Chitt-crrt to be terraformed with nut-bearing trees for the planets inhabitants; consumed by Galactus

Nuwali Ka-Zar the Savage #34 (1984) Yellow-skinned creatures from planet Nuwali; created Savage Land from Beyonders; abandoned by them in favor of Fortisquians; attempted to kill Beyonders; identified members Balvo, Giam, Pro-Kopeo.

Nyanthos plant (Reality-62935) Tales to Astonish #35 (1962) Plants can enslave other lifeforms telepathically and then retain their memories; Earth explorer Col. John Rogers traveled there and was enslaved before returning to Earth; subsequently subjected to quarantine.

Nycos Aristedes Annihilation: Quasar #1 (2006) Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) oversaw a mass evacuation of Aakon as the Annihilation Wave approached

Nymenians (Reality-829) Hercules: Prince of Power #1 (1982) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Eomuma; hippopotamoid beings; starfaring race; identified member Ltooks.

Ocean world Incredible Hulk II#306 (1985) Covered with raging ocean, visited by Klaatu; presumably different than Underwater World.

Odotopians Fantastic Four #549 (2007) Used destructive weapon against Contrasepsis apparently exterminating themselves.

Og (planet) World of Fantasy #4 (1956) green skin, although large on Og they're tiny on Earth.

Omina Prime Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2 (2007) Planet ceded to Ravenous and the Centurions post-Annihilation war; ruled by Smyt until he was slain by Firelord.

Oracles Excalibur #69 (1993) (Cryan)  "married" to the Shi'ar, presumably forcibly

Ongulians Deadpool #33 (2011) Virtually wiped out by Id the Selfish Moon, hired Deadpool to destroy Id. identified members Bluzia, Kak, Wongus.

Oobagonians Journey into Mystery #60 (1960) Imperialistic race, natives of Oobagon VII, heads resemble masks of witch doctors; identified members Bombu.

Orbuceni Nova #13 (2008) Former natives of Orbucen; planet consumed by Galactus; fled planet with Nova's aid and planned to colonize planet in Zymit Reef; identified members Adjudik, Keyt, Carlis Podak, Gilly Podak.

Orcasto (planet) Marvel Tales #102 (1951) Omaro made psychic contact with Dick Randall.

Orion Base Thor #216 (1973) Used by Miners of the Dark Nebula, notably Kagg, Quellor, & Rothgar

Orion Major (planet) Journey into Mystery #54 (1959) (Gxenu) look like robots, visited Earth in 1960s.

Orions Marvel Graphic Novel #6: Star Slammers (1983)  

"Orionites" Mystic #54 (1951) Natives of Orion II; highly cultured,abhored violence. "Mr. Octi"

Orison Guardians of the Galaxy #22 (2010) Planet on which the Universal Church of Truth held Moondragon and Cynosure, awaiting the birth of their god, until the Guardians and Luminals assaulted the UCT and freed their captives; the "god" was delivered and sent back to the Cancerverse.

Orrgo (planet) - home of "Adam Able"--Journey into Mystery I#82/4 (mentioned only)

Orsirosian race of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #1 (1980) Planet Orsiros, Milky Way Galaxy; allegedly the most ancient and powerful race in the Milky Way galaxy, when the Zygoteans threatened to conquer and destroy all, they instead arranged to destroy the galaxy via the Infinity Horn before the Zygoteans destroyed Orsiros; identified members Aknaton, Nieth

Oros (planet) Men's Adventures #22 (1953) (Jacobar) planet made of gold.

Osirus (planet) of Reality-????? Menace #7 (1953) Rocket from Earth crashed on planet, locals demanded secret of atomic power.

Ouar Guardians of the Galaxy #24 (2010) Planet on which some of the Guardians joined the Kree, Blastaar, Crystal, and the Galactic Council fought off the forces of the Magus.

Ovoids Fantastic Four #10 (1963) Milky Way race from planet Birkeet; humanoids with enlarged cranium and mental powers; able to exchange minds into other bodies to prolong life; killed Air-Walker; trained Dr. Doom in mind-transfer; identified member Insidio.

Ozamans of Reality-93060 All-New Exiles #8 (1996) Green reptilian bipeds; slaughtered by Tulkan fleet; creation Maxis was sent to Earth; identified members: Gorask 1223

Panoramia Hulk #28 (2011)

Partheans Tales of Suspense #53 (1964) Milky Way race, hosts the Venturites, who had plotted to conquer Parthea until being forced to flee Venturus weaponless to escape a rogue comet. Mentioned only

P!ndyr Uncanny X-Men #276 (1991) Shi'ar Empire race from planet Epsilon Seikosha IX; ferocious warriors bred to survive on a rocky dangerous planet; exterminated by Warskrulls. Unidentified champion.

Paconians Journey into Mystery #67 (1961) Superhuman sized natives of Pacion Rex; benevolent race with advanced technology.

Pah Ree Spaceknights #4 (2001) Race from the "Golden Galaxy," telepathic reptilian bipeds; allied against Galadaor after attack by Wraithknights; specialized in arcane and dangerous technology; identified member Sssath Xyoss.

Pangorians Thor #387 (1988) Blue and white skinned humanoids from planet Pangoria; planet judged and "cleansed" by Celestials; terraformed into planet free of technology by the Celestial Exitar; identified members Myla, Pegas.

Paradise Incredible Hulk #190 (1975) Milky Way, desolate planetoid temporarily transformed into verdant paradise by Shaper of Worlds.

Parsikon IV Thor #25 (2000) Destroyed by one the Thanosi empowered via the tears of the Designate drank from the Chalice of Ruins.

Parth Creatures on the Loose #19/1 (1972) Ancient Martian race circa 1 billion years ago; furry swarming small animals; encountered by Gullivar Jones.

Pegasusians Strange Tales #178 (1975) Milky Way race from planet Tarkus; 20' tall reptilian bipeds; identified member Sphinxor.

Penagos Rocket Raccoon #2 (2014) Macho Gomez did something here for which he was turned in by Rocket and imprisoned in Devin-9. Referenced only

People of Reality-8116 (Shadowed) "The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981); (seen, identified) Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (1982) Genetically-engineered cat-people created on planet Caldor by the Instrumentality in hopes of creating a race of super-warriors; instead resulted in passive herbivores; ultimately slaughtered by the Monarchy after receiving an old report on their initial plans. identified members Lectra, Minde', Oedi Sr., Oedi Jr.

Perilica (planet) Tales to Astonish #56 (1964) (Bog Beast, Lorenzo, Maximus) Maximus challenged Lorenzo to rescue his siter from the Bog Beast.

Perdita The Mighty Valkyries#1 (2021) In a distant corner of the galaxy; the oracle Kvasir was imprioned here and provided the basis for Oracle Adventures until freed by Runa the Valkyrie.

Phalanx New Mutants #50 (1983) Organic beings infected with Technarchy techno-organic nano-cells; created to conquer other worlds for Technarchy; Earth versions created as anti-mutant warriors; Ultron led cell attempted to conquer Kree galaxy; former members Brock M. Camden, Daystar, Douglock, Drax, Dymphna, Egon, Gamora, Harvest, Cameron Hodge, Korath, Steven Lang, Larissa, N'astirh, Nkotha, Nova (Richard Rider), Okalis, Ronan, Shatterax, Shinar, Candy Southern, S'ym, Warlock, Xemnu.

Phantoms of Reality-????? Mystical Tales #4 (1956) Secretive, met Jim Case in deep space.

Phantoms Avengers #2 (1963) Hoax! Actually beings transformed by being stranded in Limbo for too long (except one was shown in ; see Space Phantoms.

Phato III (planet) Strange Tales #88 (1916) Urru sentenced to 6 months on Earth.

Phaznozzes Squirrel Girl II#29-30 (2018) Apparently scammed by Silver Surfer imposter

Pheragots Silver Surfer #32 (1989) Andromeda galaxy race from Arago-7; 10', immensely strong, blue-skinned semi-humanoids; framed by Axi-Tun for assault on the M'ndavians; identified member Tiborgh.

Piratasaurs from Planet Zed She-Hulk #3 (2006) Battled She-Hulk and Razorback

Planet of the Shapes of Reality-88131 ALF #49 (1992) Populated by two-dimensional Circles, Rectangles, and Triangles

Plasmagen Avengers: Celestial Quest #4 (2002) Race with immense flame powers; identified members Primo, Secco.

Planet 27 (planet) of Reality-????? Adventures into Weird Worlds #24 (1953) Circa 2136 A.D., colonized by humans.

Planet 55 (planet) Amazing Detective Cases #12 (1952) shapeshifters, killed gangsters and assumed their forms to their dooms.

Planet 65 (planet) Adventures into Weird Worlds #3 (1952) Sorn began replacing population of Pine City in the Catskills.

Planet X of Reality-60751 Tales to Astonish #10 (1960) arthropod creatures, deadly planetary disease.

Planet X (planet) Tales to Astonish #13 (1960) Home of the Flora Colossi

Planet X Tales of Suspense #15 (1961) Home to enlarged cranium, flying people. Known represenatives: Googam, Goom, Shivoor,

Planet X - see XANTH (home of the Xantha) Fantastic Four #7 (1962)

Planet X (planet) of Reality-54561 Uncanny Tales #20 (1954) Opposite side of Sol from Earth, inhabited by humans.

Planet X (planet) of Reality-59356 Tales of Suspense #2 (1959) (mind-controlling plants; Kjem & Josef Kluge (humanoid alien and human servants)) Mastered by plants who release toxins to enslave humanoids to care for them.

Planet X (planet) of Reality-59433 Strange Worlds #3 (1959) Circa 2165 A.D, creature from Planet X put in zoo. Known representatives:  Creature from Planet X

Planet X (planet) of Reality-5953 Tales of Suspense #3 (1959) Plants have telepathic power, replicate rapidly, and generate toxic gases. sought to conquer and destroy other life. Known representatives: Thing from Planet X

Planet X-41 of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #56 (1959) Plant-like lizards, grow from flowers.

PLANET ZED - home of the Piratasaurs
    ZED*--[She-Hulk II#3]

Planetoid 12 (planet) of Reality-????? Strange Tales #107 (1963) Planetoid's waters serve as Fountain of Youth.

Plodex Alpha Flight #1 (1983) Race from unidentified home galaxy and planet; after conquering numerous races, the various hybrids developed a massive civil war and exterminated all life on the planet; nonhumanoid in natural form, adapt to forms capable of creating and manipulating technology, oviparous; embryos are sent to be hatched on a world intended for conquest; genetically conditioned to adapt the form of that world's dominant species, savage instincts for conquest; a plodex ship crashed on Earth @ 20000 years ago; the ship was discovered and eventually controlled by the Master (Eshu); the thousands of eggs were later taken back to the Plodex homeworld by Alpha Flight; identified members Mar, Marrina.

Ploo of Reality-84202 Marvel Graphic Novel #10: Heartburst (1983) Natives of Epsilon Bootis; green-skinned humanoids with powerful pheromones; progressively slaughtered by colonizing humans some 300 years in the future; identified members: Maia, Sunny Firestone, Tooba

PLURARIS VI - planet lacking sentient life to which Terrax was banished by the Silver Surfer
    --New Warriors I#17


Pluvians of Reality-80324 Marvel Preview#24 (1980) Circa 2181 A.D., gengineered humans designed to survive on Pluto

PLYKAZTIN race (Hunke, Skooks, red eyes ) - associated with Blackbody.
    telepathic, blob-like bodies, multiple small + red eyes
    --Silver Surfer III#115

Polonna (planet) Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 (1950) Plundered by Zor the space pirate.

Polarians (Reality-53327) Adventures into Weird Worlds #27 (1953) Natives of Polaris, star system 1000 light years from Earth; green-skin, advanced technology, including interstellar ships and tractor beams able to tow stars; as their own sun dimmed, they pillaged other worlds for their needs; when they confronted Earth, the POTUS arranged to give them whatever they wanted if they left without war, and they towed away Earth's sun.

Pollux 134 (planet) Reality-????? World of Fantasy #18 (1959)  (Xom) inhabited by massive hairy, webbed monsters, hunted by space pirates.

Polyp-Sickles Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#4 (2008) Native to a Gravity Garden previously observed by the Silver Surfer.

Poppupians Fantastic Four #11 (1963) Green-skined race from planet Poppup; all but Impossible Man were consumed by Galactus; further members are clones of him; adapted to hostile environment by adapting ability to transform into any form; identified members Impossible Children, Impossible Man, Impossible Woman.

P'qui (language or race) Venom: Space Knight #2 (2016) Green-skinned natives were plagued by the Fmora after the Gramosians sent a drill that tapped their food; worshipped Hjuo; considered Venom: Flash Thompson to be Hjuo after he destroyed the drill

Prashardians Force Works #15 (1995) Orange-skinned, semi-humanoid race from planet Prashard; slaughtered by Lore and then when Century unwittingly led the Scatter to Prashard; identified member Skewer.

Procyons Journey into Unknown Worlds #23 (1954) Bellicose race; conquered and enslaved by unidentified race's farming colony in Mercury; identified member Lepus (ruler)

Procyonites Journey into Unknown Worlds #23 (1953) From planet Procyon, mistook statues for human beings.

Procyonites Thor Annual #6 (1977) Milky Way race from planet Perraton; reptilian semi-humanoids with large tortoise-like shell; identified member Tork.

Progeny of Reality-93060 All-New Exiles #4 (1996) Hive-minded insectoids, asset-strip worlds

Proscenium Guardians of the Galaxy #7 (2020) Diplomatic hub and headquarters of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Prosilicans Tales of Suspense #53 (1964) Semi-humanoid Milky Way race from planet Prosilicus; given secret of nuclear power by the Watchers; rapidly developed it for war and wiped out nearly the entire civilization; this resulted in the non-interference oath of the Watchers; identified member Lokar.

Protar Omega the Unknown #1 (1976) Created bioengineered superhumans including Omega the Unknown to replace their own dying race.

Proxima (planet) of Reality-????? Strange Worlds #2 (1959)  (Xenon) short, orange skin, hijackers.

Pryd'rians referenced only in Marvel Preview #11 (1977) Slaughtered by slavers serving Gareth of Sparta; identified member Sandy

Purple Planet (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #98 (1963) Sector-35X, planet full of gold but residents don't speak Earth languages.

Pyraxlon (planet) Silver Surfer #38 (1990) Scientifically advanced world; populace tapped into the subterranean geo-thermal bands which crisscross the entire planet to solve their energy needs; inhabited by orange-skinned humanoids.

Quarrnians Hulk Comic #26 (1979) Large gray semi-humanoids, sought to conquer Earth, fled after encountering Hulk (Bruce Banner); identified members Erop, Garto, Krang, Voro

Queega Daredevil #28 (1967) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Queeg in the Quolan system; reptilian humanoids that can generate electricity; attempted to blind Earth in order to steal its mineral resources; worshipped Hadith; conquered by Skrulls.

Quinnten race Hulk #28 (2011) Sought to make an offering the to Red Hole/Omegex to spare their solar system. 

Quinzin Silver Surfer #71 (1992) Semi-humanoids wearing battle armor; energy traders that ambushed Firelord in attempt to use him as a profitable power source; fought off with assistance of Silver Surfer.

Quist X-Men #9 (1964) Milky Way race from Quistalium; aka Arcane; used Dominus computer to takeover other races; eventually enslaved by Dominus; identified members Dominus, Lucifer, Supreme One.

Quo Tales to Astonish #37 (1962) 30' tall humanoid natives, had recently entered spaceflight and were considering attacking their neighboring planet, Zenn. They easily repelled an assault by Zenn "Space Raiders."

Quo Modari Force Works #13 (1995) Tall, slim-bodied, purple-skinned semi-humanoids; masters of inter-species community; used for diplomacy; identified member Nohm.

Quon Fantastic Four #97 (1970) Milky Way race from planet Quon; amphibious, green-skinned semi-humanoids with superhuman strength and durability; use chemical to assume human form; identified members Bisq, Mowfus.

Qwrlln Alpha Flight #90 (1990) Indigenous life form to the seas of Ganymede; encountered and rebuilt James Hudson as cyborg @ 8000 BC after he was transported to them; planet attacked by Galactus.

Rack-Cats Captain Marvel #39 (1975) Large antlered felines from Watchers' homeworld; identified member Mad-Eye.

Radius Eighteen War of Kings #2 (2009) Kree planet; destroyed by Shi'ar Fleet with Nega-Bombs

Rajaki Tales of Suspense #57 (1964) Green-skinned semi-humanoids from an unidentified galaxy; majority slain when Ultimo decimated their planet; small number stored in inert form; plunder other planets of resources; identified member Sapper.

Randaa Hulk #34 (2011) planet; home of the Hedzek

Ravellians Captain America/Iron Man: Invasions Force! - Part One (1998; digital comic) Super-dense rhioceros-like bipeds; space-faring conquerors; identified members Mendak & Protoff

Recluses (Mentioned) She-Hulk #7 (2006); (seen) She-Hulk #20 (2007) Small, furred creatures with bat-like ears and clawed extremities; race discovered by Qyre the Watcher; demanded that he stopped watching them as they valued their privacy; She-Hulk allowed Qyre to watch them as long as he never shared his knowledge about them with anyone else including the other Watchers; used Recorder Zeta-9 to determine wether She-Hulk was a threat to the universe; slaughtered by Reckoning War instigator.

Redstone of Reality-791 Marvel Preview #18 (1979) Home to the Beast-Men; barren, rocky terrain.

Regulus (planet) Strange Tales #70 (1959) (Gyyypo, Knnj, Xmmp) giant, telepaths, pale yellow skin, colonized Earth but fled after exposure to Earth germs.

Reptoids (Earth-691) Giant-Size Defenders #3 (1975) Milky Way race from planet Tay; reptilian bipeds with superhuman strength and powerful tails; identified member Teju.

Rescorlans Solo Avengers #21 (1989) Grey-skinned semi-humanoids with snouts from planet Rescorla; prudish traders that wear grey cloaks; held Heater Delight prisoner; identified member Axel.

Rhianda 9 Annihilation #1 (2006) Kree system (Greater Magellanic Cloud)

Rhunians Thor #219 (1974) 300' tall creatures from the planet Mon (one of the "black stars"); use immense space warps to transport their star system throughout the galaxy; identified members Dracus, Kragonn.

Rigel-2 Gambit #5 (1999) Possibly a site to which X-Cutioner transported Rogue vs. just a name used in the coordinates

Rigel II (planet) of Reality-????? Mystical Tales #2 (1956) (Drina, Tundra)  unbreathable atmosphere but cosmic radiation can alter humans to breathe there.

Rigel-3 Thor #131 (1966) Original planet of the Rigellians, destroyed by Rhunians

Rigel-3 Thor #256 (1977) Rigellian homeworld following the Rhunians' destruction of Rigel-3; devastated by one of the Thanosi

Rigel IV Free Comic Book Day: Rocket Raccoon (2014) Referenced by Lord Dyvyne as a site on which Rocket had been active

Rigel VI
?Free Comic Book Day: Rocket Raccoon (2014)???

Rigel VII
Guardian of the Galaxy: Infinite Comic #2 () Blackjack O'Hare (posing as another being like Rocket (Racoon) had murdered Wheezey, apparently an agent of Funzel.

Rigel-18 Thanos #2 (2003) Destroyed by Galactus to generate energy to open dimensional portal, crashed into Rigel-3 by Thanos to destroy the interdimensional parasite Hunger

Avengers: Infinity#1 () Colony world destroyed by the Infinites. Although the Avengers convinced the Infinites to restore the planet itself, the lost Rigellians were not revived

Rigellian Colony World#827 Cosmic Powers Unlimited #2 (1995) Saved from the Dance by Sundragon

Rigellians Thor #129 (1966); (true form) Thor #131 (1966) Milky Way race from planet Rigel-3; semi-humanoids with enlarged skull with small frame; homeworld destroyed by Rhunians; possess advanced technology; established vast empire of planets in Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies; 88% exterminated by one of the Thanosi; identified members Arcturus, Cordon, Grand Commissioner, Gunthar, Mari, Nelet Pa, Pyo, Irani Rael, Tana Nile, Zygo.

Rigellian snakes Avengers: The Initiative #11 (2008) Possess fastest acting venom in the universe; venom injected into Komodo by KIA via Tactigon.

R'malk'i Warlock #15 (1976) Milky Way plant creatures from planet M'malk'z in the C'lehr'ee system; greedy, telepathic capitalists; insensitively exploitative; must take root in native soil to sleep; identified members Marr Garr, Beppe IIII, Cmar Har.

The Rock of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #15 (Dreadstar story; 1982) Empirical Galaxy; common name for Tortorelzor.

Roclites Iron Man #55 (1973) Milky Way race from planet Rocklon; reddish-brown semi-humanoids with superhuman strength; identified members Blood Brothers, Borgia, presumably Earth-829's Tark

Roxxians (Reality-53292) Astonishing #28 (1953) Planet Roxx; humanoid race ages in reverse; Zara married crashed astronaut Roger Dean, who died when he tried an age transfusion to make her return to closer to his age.

Rroosskkaa (planet) of Reality-???? Adventures into Weird Worlds #25 (1954) Circa 2000 A.D. , ordered to disarm by United Planets Organization.

Rrorgo (planet) Journey into Mystery #92 (1963) Monstrous creatures, telepaths, anyone who eats planet's fruit becomes one of them.

Ru-Bari of Reality-20110 Deadpool #1000 (2010) Cygnus system; celery-like in appearance; initially peaceful; dismissed as unimportant by the Nova Corps despite their musical and artistic talents. The formed the Corps du Chapeau and sent berets out into the universe to convert others to their cause, the berets turning the individual white and grey and making them drones. The Corps du Chapeau attacked Earth, converting the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor) to their evil ranks with berets. The Deadpool Corps attacked them and Headpool consulted with the Midgets of the Universe (some sort of knowledge system that he communed with) to learn about them. Deadpool was turned as well and called himself Mimepool. The Corps defeated him and fired him at the Ru-Bari’s home planet, destroying it.

Ruul - see Kree

Ruu'lto Venom Space Knight #4 (2016) Large panda-like creatures; Pik and Hilla Rollo were allied with Venom (Flash Thompson)

Ryas (Mentioned) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #3 (1983); (seen) Silver Surfer #32 (1989) Andromeda galaxy, home planet of the Druffs

Rylon-7 Howard the Duck #2 (2016) Linda and Shocket were scheduled to deliver an acquisition here.

Ryos Dr. Who Magazine #140 (1988)

R'zahnians Amazing Adventures #3 (1961) Milky Way race from planet R'Zahn; sought to invade Earth; possibly had base on Saturn; identified member Zamu.

Sacrosanct Guardians of the Galaxy #23 (2010) Planet of the Universal Church of Truth.

Sagittarians Incredible Hulk #111 (1969) Milky Way race from planet Berhart; grey-skinned humanoids; originally served Galaxy Master; utilized Hulk in battles against Galaxy Master; identified members Empress Daydra, Warlord Supreme.

Sakaarian Imperials Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Pink-skinned ruling race of Sakaar; most slain in warp core explosion of SHIELD ship; remainder joined Hulk's Warbound; identified members Angmo, Arkash, Arkis, Charr, Denebo, Denbo, Elloe Kaifi, Ronan Kaifi, Sharn, Lavin Skee, Primus Vand, Vandro.

Sakaarian Natives Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Four-armed sentient insectoid race from planet Sakaar; millennia ago ruled the planet; identified members Miek, Mung.

Salarians Silver Surfer #35 (1990) Small orange-skinned race from planet Salaria; gentle race without natural enemies on their planet.

Sarenta War of Kings #1 (2009) Kree planet; attacked by Shi'ar Fleet with Nega-Bombs

Sarks Strange Tales #179 (1975) Milky Way race from planet Sark; blue-skinned semi-humanoids; identified members Autolycus, Egeus, Levan.

Sartania (planet) Strange Tales #106 (1963) Green skin, webbed, anyone who takes their gold becomes Sartanian.

Satanians Astonishing #3 (1951) Space-faring humanoids from Satania; undermined Uranians' social stability; identified members Master of Satania, Princess Satana.

Satellite Men Sub-Mariner Comics#36 (1954) Inhabitants of traveling moon, inadvertently stole water from Earth's oceans; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner.


Saurians Avengers: Celestial Quest #1 (2001) Humanoid reptiles; identified members Raptra, Kid Syn.

Saurids X-Men #104 (1977) Shi'ar galaxy race from planet Timor; 9' tall, amphibious semi-humanoids adapted to surviving on the ocean floors; identified member Ch'od.

Scadamites Questprobe #1 (1984) Yellow-skinned semi-humanoids from planet Scadam; decimated by the Black Fleet; creators of the Chief Examiner; identified members Durgan Obisbo, Tuskar.

Scalleun Silver Surfer #62 (1992) Reptilian bipeds; enemies of the Kresh; left them alone after nearly exterminating them.

Scania Marvel Preview #11 (1977) Refugees settled Windhölme 300 years; slaughtered and enslaved by (Sparta?) Imperial starfighters; identified member Kip, Gunnar, & Marie Holme.

Scarvix of Reality-5555 "High Noon Tex" (1987) Robot world formerly used as a base by Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent); identified members Backbreaker, Tex

Scobsters Starjammers #1 (1995) Shellfish consumed by the Union of Intelligent Races.

Scorpian Skull the Slayer #4 (1975) Reptilian humanoids with grey skin from planet Pygram in the Scorpius (known to humans as Dschubba) system within the Milky Way galaxy; built robots; planned invasion of Earth when they ran out of tasks for robots; created Bermuda Triangle Time Warp and Tower of Time; identified member Slitherogue.

Scy'ar Tal X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1 (2007) aka M'kraan; grey-skinned semi-humanoid Shi'ar galaxy race; all members mentally linked to each other to transfer energy to the Eldest member; worshipped M'kraan Crystal; inhabited stallites around the M'kraan Crystal planet the World; driven off satellites by Shi'ar circa 11,000 BC; attempted to destroy the Shi'ar with weapon called Finality; mental link severed and exterminated with Finality by Vulcan; identified member the Eldest.

Scylla (planet) Mystery Tales #33 (1955) (Flame) "7th galaxy," dog-like, Flame became television star.

SELANDIAR - planet, base of the Intergalactic Council
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet

Sendak Rocket Raccoon #3 (2014) Maxo quadrant. Desert planet with four suns; Funtzel Intergalactic Towing and Recovery had a base here, which was the site for a battle between Rocket Raccon, Blackjack O'Hare, and the Ex-Terminators

Sephlods Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars (1978) Large, energy manipulating octopus-like race; could survive for centuries without any nourishment in a deep sleep; identified member Sh'mballah.

Serayn Cable #84 (2000) Orange-skinned semi-humanoid/arachnoid Milky Way race with tremendous intellect, but fragile bodies that made it unable for them to leave their world; created the Undying to pilot their indestructible spaceship Azazel; Unyding turned against them and exterminated the entire race over the course of 1000 years.

Serpus Mentoria (planet) Journey into Mystery #52 (1959) Large-headed humanoids, created artificial cloud being to possess an intelligent Earth being.

Shaa (planet) Astonishing #20 (1952) Inhabited world.

Sha'barri Fantastic Four #391 (1994) Green-skinned, mindless, tentacled creature with sharp teeth and one eye; one placed in Lyja's "egg" to attack Fantastic Four.

Shadow People Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Grey-skinned humanoid race from Sakaar; nomadic giants; identified members Caeiera, Hiroim.

Shard Nova #31 (2010) Giant Xenocellular Bloom (a massive tendrilled plant-like creature who hatched smaller versions of itself) attacked. They found a group of Kree scientists stranded. They successfully evacuated all but one, who found the Fraternity amulet of Gyre and transformed into a raptor. He disappeared with Nova and Darkhawk as the planet exploded. (An older Sphinx (Anath-Na Mut) was behind this).

Sharin - see Arena World

Shi'ar X-Men #97 (1976) Avian humanoids from Aerie; rule from Chandilar; one of the largest empires in the known universe; worship the marriage of their gods Sharra and K'ythri; identified members see here, here or All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Hardcover#10.

Shifters Ultraforce/Spider-Man #1A (1996) Metamorphs, attempted to manipulate Earth-93060 (Ultraverse) into a war with Earth-616, planting evidence of plots from each side. Plot thwarted by Ultraforce and Spider-Man-616, but members of Aladdin-93060 and SHIELD-616 were seen to have been infiltrated by the Shifters.

Shuki X-Men: Watchers on the Walls (2006) Milky Way galaxy; partially or completely composed of Chlorites; members Busa, Cal, Kussa

Sidri Uncanny X-Men #154 (1982) Semi-insectoid, black-skinned race with four appendages; capable of flight; shoot powerful energy blasts from their one eye; some worked for the Shi'ar to hunt down the Starjammers.

Silben Thing #14 (1984) Green-skinned semi-humanoids; some lived on Battleworld; rivals of the Turek.

Sin (planet) Wolverine & the X-Men #6 (2012) Planet-wide casino, includes the Bar Gosnell's

Sirians Avengers #36 (1967) Humanoid Milky Way race from planet Sirius IV; nearly exterminated in millennia-long war against unidentified foes; use Ultroids as soldiers; identified member and seemingly sole survivor Ixar.

Siris (disguised) X-Men #37 (1967); (true form) X-Men #39 (1967) Octopoid race from planet Yormot in the Sirius sytem; green-skinned with ten suction-cupped tentacles; ruthless and imperialistic; identified member Mutant Master.

Sirius (planet) Adventures into Weird Worlds #26 (1954) (Harry Burns, Rajac) Sent undercover agent to Earth who believed himself to be Harry Burns, Rajac retrieved him.

Sirius (planet) Journey into Unknown Worlds #29 (1954) (Drexel) Feathers and scales, Drexel spied on Earth.

Sirius (planet) of Reality-????? Mystic #50 (1956) Pale green skin, befriended Anton Dwolak.

Sirius II (planet) Astonishing #57 (1957) Kar and other criminals hid on Earth.

Sirius III (planet) Tower of Shadows #3 (1970) Disguised as wax mannequins.

Sirius 171 (planet) of Reality-????? Uncanny Tales #44 (1956) Colonized by Communists in 1977 A.D..

Siriusians Strange Tales #39/2 (1955) A humanoid agent from planet Sirius IV came to Earth to learn about humanity. Appearing human with a pronounced deformity on his head he tried to blend in but people shunned him for his freakish appearance. 

Sirusites Strange Tales #178 (1975) Humanoid Milky Way race from planet Sirus X in the Al'Ma'an system; identified member Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth in Reality-7528

Skas Journey into Unknown Worlds #31 (1954) Green skin, created human life as an experiment.

Skard She-Hulk #7 (2004) Orange-skinned semi-humanoid race from planet Skardon; decide all matters via fighting; planetary rule briefly usurped by the Champion.

Skelara-17 Captain Marvel #1 (1995) Referenced as a location by Genis-Vell

Skiddarian Soul Devils Astonishing X-Men#52 (2012) Compared to young girl Julia by the Shi'ar Warbird.

Skifflefuffles Young Avengers#7 (2013) Natives of Skifflefufflula, metamorphs, most natives are actors; six young natives emulated Skrulls in a desire to be more hardcore, pursued and assaulted the Young Avengers for months before being defeated and their true natures revealed after their shape-changing powers were neutralized.

Skriks Marvel Graphic Novel #6: Star Slammers (1983) Defeated by Star Slammers, turned over to the Citadel

Skrulls Fantastic Four #2 (1962) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Skrullos in the Drox system; shapeshifting reptilian humanoids; race split into three sub-sections by Celestials; Deviant Skrulls drove Eternal and Latent Skrulls to extinction; long at war with Kree; conquered various races; empire decimated by the Annihilation Wave; worship the ever-changing Sl'gur't and last Deviant Kly'bn; identified members see here, here or All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Hardcover#10.

Sligs Fantastic Four #209 (1979) Milky Way race from planet Ankara; insectoid, tentacle-like limbed; able to levitate; shrivel upon death; identified members Grogarr, Krogg.

Sligs West Coast Avengers #30 (1988) Purple-skinned insectoid semi-humanoids; sent Examiner to determine Earth's potential for conquer and the power of its defenders; scout team blew up due to attempts to give the Examiner sufficient power to defeat the West Coast Avengers, partial transmission sent that led them to believe there was a warrior race, each with the composite power of the entire team; identified member Supreme One.

Sloggs She-Hulk #7 (2004) Slow moving, tortoise-like race from planet Sloggo-Prime; pled case under She-Hulk to have the Blurzz removed from their world; identified members Agmar, Clorpo, Friggle, Rollo.

Slumbar 7 (Mentioned) She-Hulk #8 (2004) A world of sleepers; all court cases are tried in a collective subconscious of shared dreams; the Magistrati wear pajama-like robe and cap for cases on this world.

Sm'ggani Incredible Hulk #230 (1978) Milky Way race from planet M'ggani; 7' tall insectoid humanoids with superhuman strength; have suction discs on finger tips; planet's agricultural resources were depleted until Harvester used dirt from under Hulk's fingernails to refertilize planet; identified member Harvester from Beyond.

Snarks Power Pack #1 (1984) aka Zn'rx; reptilian bipeds with large tails from "Snarkworld;" ruled by clans; identified members Ankar, Awf, Bhadsha, Destrak, Geik, G'lm, Grung, Hadj, Jakal, Jenteel, Maraud, Padj, Repra, Rungar, Sgrod, Skratt, Snapf, Snark-7, Sobak, Zwrk.

Sneepers Tales of Suspense #49 (1964) Milky Way race from planet Sneep; green-skinned humanoids; small empire that sought to takeover Earth; observed humanity throughout its development, but lacked the power to reach Earth; assumed humanity would destroy itself after it developed nuclear weaponry; identified member Dibdeb.

Sof (planet) Silver Surfer #8 (2004) Paradise-like world to humans that live a thousand years and more; identified inhabitants Aman, Aumavi, Aya, Ayaman, Laliya.

Solon Fantastic Four #237 (1981) Milky Way race from planet Solon; 9' tall, blue-skinned humanoids; reproduce asexually by fission; possess mental powers that are used in place of many forms of equipment; named by function/position; become intoxicated in high oxygen atmosphere; identified members Pilot, Spinnerette, Stabilizer.

Souqlon Howard the Duck #2 (2016) Merchant world where the only rule is against stealing. Gatherer D-3X took the young Shocket and Linda there to escape the Collector's Gatherers, but one of the other Gatherers located them. After framing that gatherer, D-3X paid the rogue Space Phantom Multo to transport them into the past.

Space Beasts Tales to Astonish #29 (1962) (Luther Gorr) invaded Earth, failed when resisting humans discovered that their weapons only destroyed metal.

Space Seed Alpha Flight #47 (1987) Spores; upon arrival to Earth took over forms of human hosts; transforming them into humanoid tree creatures until fought off by Vindicator (Heather MacNeil Hudson); victims included Ramsey MacNeil.

Space Station Web Inhumans #10 (1977) Kree outpost in the Duggil system of the Milky Way galaxy.

Sparkitects Howard the Duck #9 (2016) Planet Sparkitron; purple-skinned humanoids, used sparktendril energy-manipulation technology to manipulated lives of others from afar to generate interest

Sparkitron Howard the Duck #9 (2016) Home planet of the Sparkitechts

Sparta of Earth-791 Marvel Preview #11 (1977) Home to the Spartans

Spartans of Earth-791 Marvel Preview #11 (1977) Humanoid race from Sparta; identified members Gareth, Jason, Peter Quill (a Human/Spartan hybrid).

Spartoi Inhumans #2 (2000) Humanoid race from planet Sparta (aka Spartax); sought alliance/marriage with Shi'ar Empire; disrupted by assassination attempt on Lilandra Neramani by Inhumans under control of Ronan; identified members Eson, Jason

spider-men Journey into Mystery #64 (1961) Giant six-limbed creatures with superhuman strength; generate webs that travel at the speed of light to allow them to travel across spce; project webs stronger than steel or in the form of gobs of electrical energy; identified member Rorrg.

Spikes Incredible Hulk #98 (2006) Cosmic energy absorbing race of unknown origins; migrated to new galaxies every few generations; assaulted Sakaar; could infect and take over others; used by Red King against the Hulk.

spores Iron Man #157 (1982) Small green energy beings; could combine to form a large energy creature; attacked Therhin race and Iron Man (Tony Stark).

Sprulku Hulk Annual 1985 (UK) Amorphous shapeshifters. identified member: Sharakan

Squealies Uncanny Tales #17 (1954) Red creatures, precognitive, one found on Mars by Burt Hansom.

S'raphh Defenders #103 (1982) Winged humanoid race that allegedly dwelled on Earth's moon in the distant past; explored the universe in search of the meaning of life; committed suicide upon failing to find it; sought vengeance on universe; collective unconscious formed Null the Living Darkness.

Sreneskians Omega the Unknown #1 (1976) Humanoid race, infiltrated by X3Z, instilled biospheric energy power. Identified member Mentor

Sssth Thor #212 (1973) Milky Way race from planet Sszardil; green-skinned reptilians with large tails; allied with Vrellnexians to enslave and sell intelligent beings from other worlds; used conquered planet "Golden Star" as base; kidnapped Odin while he was undergoing the Odinsleep; alliance destroyed by Asgardians and rebelling people; identified member Sssthgar.

stars Dr. Strange #22 (1977) Sentient stellar bodies; identified members Cloud, Apalla, Grand Nebular, possibly Master of the Sun (Marvel Preview #4 (1976) ).

Star Delta (planet) Reality-????? Spellbound #20 (1954) Found by Captain Ricky and married him but other humans didn't believe they were sentient, put them in zoo, committed suicide.

Star Patrol Tales to Astonish #28 (1962) Obscurred Earth with fog to protect it from the Mongoors.

Star People Marvel Tales #100 (1951) Protoplasmic, spaceship came to Earth, began assuming human forms.

Star Sharks Uncanny X-Men #162 (1982) Shark-like race enslaved by the Brood; outfitted with technology to make them functional as ships.

Starlings Journey into Mystery #20 (1954) osed as birds, actually alien invaders.

Stenth Inhumans #7 (1976) Milky Way race from planet Stent; yellow-skinned semi-humanoids; live in mobile cities which look like immense beetles; travel to find sources of water; identified members Flarn, Shreel, Shribe, Skornn, Warkon.

stone men Tales of Suspense #28 (1962) Soem crashed on Earth in centuries past; captain placed them into suspended animation and took human form while he repaired the ship but by the time he had done so he could no longer remember the incanation; found the parchment containing it in 1962 with the aid of Harry Dawes; took Dawes as a specimen after he tried to control them.

Stonians Strange Tales #74 (1960) Milky Way race from planet Stonus I-V; silicon based gargoyle-like flying creatures; some are giants; invaded Earth centuries past; dispersed across the globe; posing as decorations on buildings; discovered by David Hartnell; Gorgolla raised army, but the army destroyed him because they had learned peace while on Earth; Granitor led an invasion of Earth which was repelled by It the Living Colossus and Fin Fang Foom; identified members Crustor, Gorgolla, Granitor, Magnor, Strator.

Strillen-6 (planet) Thanos #5 (2017) Home to Daak. Referenced only

Strontians X-Men #107 (1977) Shi'ar galaxy race from planet Strontia; purple-skinned, long-lived humanoids with superhuman strength, durability and the ability to fly; joined Shi'ar Empire after the Shi'ar saved them from a Wraith plague; Kallark won competition to become Gladiator by slaying the Strontian Council of Elders; thei immense powers vain if they doubt themselves; identified members Harrald, Kallark (aka Gladiator), Tennet, Xenith (aka Strontian).

Studduj of Reality-5555 Death's Head #1 (1988) Planet of troll-like beings; was in the grips of a bloody revolution

Stumpadons She-Hulk #3 (2006) Quadruped creatures of Titan; after a young Thanos unintentionally slew one, Starfox used his powers to soothe Thanos' hatred of death.

Stygians X-Men #107 (1977) Shi'ar galaxy race from planet Stygia; mostly black skin with stars; identified members Neutron, Stygian Starbender; possibly Cosmo.

Stygians of Reality-5106 Space Squadron #1 (1951) Planet Stygia, unidentified galaxy; green-skinned humanoids; sought to destroy Earth as humanity began to explore space.

Sun People Spellbound #28 (1956) Society lives inside Sol itself.

Superius Rexians Journey into Mystery #54/2 (1959) Superius Rex, unidentified galaxy; advanced telepathic, ape-like creatures; captured and studied Dunstan Blake before returning him to Earth.

Swamp Creatures of Wundagore II Iron Man #111 (1978) Giant radiation-emitting praying mantis like creatures, existed prior to the arrival of the New Men, after which they were banished to the swamps.

SWARM race (Commander Tritt, Queen Brax) - extradimensional, co-habitate a world with the Bray, with whom they long warred; peace finally brought about via visiting Rogue (Anna Marie)
    hive-like mind, absorb others into their collective
    --X-Men Legacy I#271 (2012)

Syllth Annihilation: Prologue (2006) Space jellyfish; encountered by Silver Surfer; detected and fled from the approaching Annihilation Wave

Sylvari X-Men Legacy #257 (2012) Freighter encountered in Gul Damar's dockyard.

Symbiotes Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984) Bloodthirsty but otherwise emotionless race composed of viscous protoplasm; graft onto the adrenal and nervous system of other beings, using them as hosts; Symbiotes reproduce asexually by budding once per generation; noise and fire hurts them; identified members Carnage, Hybrid, Scream, Toxin, Venom, Zzxz.

Synaptic Leeches USAgent #2 (2001) Scorpion-like creatures; burrow under skin and place victim under the control of person in symbiosis with the mother.

Synergysts (Mentioned) Gun Runner#5 (1993); (full appearance) Gun Runner #6 (1993) Deep space aliens, able to create areas of pure order, worshipped and controlled by Cynodd

Tago III (planet) of Reality-????? World of Fantasy #17 (1959) Robot ran lighthouse nearby.

Takers Thing #11 (1984) Small-sized green-skinned race; Battleworld thieves; rode large flying reptiles; stole Thing's teleportation device; sanctuary invaded by him to retrieve it; forced to return dowry stolen from Llrrllllnnllyyrrl.

Tal Ba-Rii X-Men #9 (2020) Hive-species formerly experimented on by the Black Judges of the Kree with the goal of controlling them; the process failed, and the race eventually became extinct.

Takolian race Avengers #681 (2018) Fierce and foul semi-humanoid warriors.

tall ones Strikeforce: Morituri Reality-1287; mini-profile in Strikeforce: Morituri#13

Tamarata - strategic planet in defense plan of five warring federations, constantly under siege, temporary base of Infinity Gem of Power-augmented Champion (Tryco Slatterus) until he unwittingly destroyed it in battle with Thanos. Thanos Quest #1 (1990)

Tanusians Silver Surfer #106 (1995) Humanoid race from planet Tanus; in a state of riot due to exhaustion of planetary resources; planet destroyed by Doombot.

Tarsis Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1 (1997) Kree planet, consumed by Galactus.

Tartomites Ultimate Silver Surfer (1995) Home world consumed by Galactus; identified member Garalon merged into cyborg Jajuga.

Tau Sceptre (planet) Guardians of the Galaxy #13 (2009) Kree (possible colony) world, presumably destroyed via Nega-Bombs on the order of Vulcan

Taurians Thor #160 (1969) Milky Way race from planet Taur; semi-humanoids with thick orange skin and great strength; homeworld destroyed by Galactus; approximately 200,000 escaped planet; identified member Kehl.

Technarchy New Mutants #18 (1984) Techno-organic metamorphs from planet Kvch; created Phalanx to conquer planets for them; fathers face sons in combat over right to govern; composed of metal-like substance; feed by absorbing energy from various substances; infect others with transmode virus and consume their energy; identified members Magus, Tyro, Warlock.

Technos of Reality-7642 Marvel Premiere #32 (1976) Race with mechanical hearts; designed Monark Stalker's falcon Ulysses to act as his nervous system.

Tekron Motormouth #4 (1992) Visited by Motormouth and Killpower; things change all the time.

Tektons Fantastic Four #91 (1969) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Tekton; semi-humanoids with purple fur, superhuman strength and semi-prehensile tail; some used for gladiatorial combat on Kral by Skrulls; identified member Taxtor.

Tentaclones Marvel Comics Presents #1 (2007) Creation of the Doctopoids; enemies of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man; one impersonated Spider-Mech.

Tenuous Tales to Astonish #1 (1959) Two-dimensional extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings, attempted to invade Earth in 2008 by appearing on billboards, but plot realized by Mark Briton and they were captured by the US military; possibly only occurred in alternate reality, though sliding timescale will make this pre-modern (pre-FF#1) pretty soon

Terma Annihilation Conquest: Quasar #3 () Fourth planet of Morga, where Adam Warlock recovered following Annihilus' invasion.

Terminex Thor Annual #15 (1990) White-skinned semi-humanoids; exterminated by Celestials; created Termini.

Termini Fantastic Four #269 (1984) Artificially engineered 5 stages lifeforms created by the Terminex; stage 1: microbes; stage 2: evolved from resident life that consumed stage 1; stage 3: 10 feet tall superstrong semi-humanoids with group mind; stage 4: several stage 3 Termini merge into one 150' tall semi-humanoids; stage 5: created when 1 stage 4 consumes another one to turn into a 500' tall monster; identified member Terminus.

Tertius Major (planet) Tales to Astonish #10 (1960) Kartu tried to save Earth from runaway planet.

Teshtari race I am an Avenger#3 (2011)

Thantalis Groot II #1 (2023) Kree planet on edge of Kree Stellar Empire

Thayri Rom #16 () Galadorian colony world, former home to Terminator

Themax-2 (planet) Bloodseed #2 (1993) Site from which the Gene-Corps created the Genespawn

Therhin Iron Man #157 (1982) Pureley mechanical beings; peaceful society many galaxies away; attacked by spores

Thordalio Rocket Raccoon #1 (2014) Planet on which Rocket was wanted for criminal violations, possibly including this one: Posing as a bipedal raccoon, Blackjack O'Hare murdered someone here, framing Rocket.

Thorns Starjammers #1 (2004) Tree-like humanoid plants; Starjammers aided them in recovering the stolen Hyrax seeds, embryos of the Thorns, used as a drug by the Committee; identified members Grove of Elders, Hyrax, Kalyx.

Thornoids Rom #7 (1980) Giant mobile plants almost entirely covered with thorns; weapons/agents of Dire Wraiths; summoned, but not controlled by Dire Wraiths.

THRONEWORLD II - home for Kree-Skrull alliance, built upon ruins of Hala
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#13

Thrnn War of Kings: Warriors #1 (September, 2009) Planet Thrnn, bald green-skinned humanoids. Recently conquered by Shi'ar (or Kree), one attempted to assassinate Gladiator and was slain by him.

Thuvrians Rom #19 (1981) Milky Way race from planet Thruvia; humanoids living in medieval type society; acquired technology from and were deceived by Dire Wraith the Wise One; identified member Archon.

Tinas IV S.W.O.R.D. #2 (2010) Unidentified world; rendered dead in old war; victors retained as a memorial, losers hired Lothi to steal artifact, but it was recovered by Death's Head.

Tiran race Hulk #34 (2011) Planet Tiran, white-grey-skinned humanoid race

T'Naja Beasts Avengers: The Initiative #15 (2008) Creatures in Skrull Empire.

Toped Captain Marvel #3 (2003) Red-skinned, yellow-eyed humanoids with sharp warlike instincts; savage fighters with relatively primitive weaponry; planet Toped located in strategic site for Kree in relation to Skrull empire; many conquered and slaughtered by Genis-Vell in effort to bring order to the planet.

TOR'L - star associated with ancient Skrull myths, brightest in its constellation, used by Talonis along with Yrynn and M'ro to summon Dormammu to possess Ego the Living Planet
    "Ever-Shining Tor'l"--Guardians of the Galaxy VII#14

Tortorelzor - see The Rock

Torzians Journey into Unknown Worlds #26 (1954) Pink-skinnned semi-insectoid-humanoid creatures with beaks, sharp fangs, etc.; advanced technology and interstellar travel; whiled disguised as humanoid aliens, abducted human lovers Howard and Laura in hopes of learning of Earth's nuclear capabilities; they ejected Howard when he refused to aid them, but Laura agreed to aid them and accepted a marriage proposal, but was shocked upon arriving on Torz when they removed their disguise.

trader's world Uncanny X-Men #354 (1998) Inhabited by various races including the Barodi & Ursaa, all formerly trapped there by the Chnitt.

Tralfamadorians Squirrel Girl II#29-30 (2018) Apparently scammed by Silver Surfer imposter

translators Strikeforce: Morituri Reality-1287; mini-profile in Strikeforce: Morituri#13

Treen Eagle #30 (1950) Green-skinned, bald, large craniums. The Mekon was based on Venus since the 18th century, and encountered Dan Dare.

Trellions Marvel Team-Up #2 (2005) Semi-humanoid race from planet Trellion; conquered several planets; allied with Titannus, who betrayed their king and kidnapped his daughter; identified member Amissa.

Tribbitites Incredible Hulk #2 (1962) Milky Way race from planet Kroke; aka Toad Men; frog-like bipeds with long, sticky tongues; built Tribbit/Toadworld from stolen Kree plans and use it as capital of small empire; imperialistic race; identified members Amphos, Froja, Grodnik, Gridney, Helkooky, Toadius, Torrak, Torkon II.

Tribellians Original Sin #5 (2014) Assaulted Earth circa 1958, apparently exterminated following encounter with Nick Fury, Woodrow McCord, and Howard Stark.

Tribunal Defenders #87 (1980) Immensely powerful energy beings from unknown galaxy or planet; preside over events of cosmic significance; deceived original Defenders into breaking up; use Elf-like time agents. Most likely not xt!

Trill Quasar #2 (1989) Three-tentacled creatures; identified member Trantra.

"Trinity" (Reality-791) Marvel Preview #14 (1978) Planet Ferrol, alternate existence with "Dune Devils."

Trion Spaceknights #1 (2000) Humanoid race allied with Galador; briefly turned against them by Nazgoth; identified member Peirso.

Trisisions of Reality-52313 Adventures into Weird Worlds #3 (1952) Cephalopods with vast mental capabilities, including matter manipulation, ability to see astral forms, thought projection over vast distances, shape change, virtually immortal; "since time began, " they observed the development of other races; they instigated many wars on Earth, and in the 1950s, their leader, Trion, teleported large numbers of their people to Earth as Stalin and the entire Soviet army as prelude to an all-out invasion.
    it is as yet unrevealed whether a version of this occurred in Reality-616 or not.

Trizelle Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Three-legged land animal from planet Sakaar; live in herds; hunted for food by Natives and Imperials.

Tronik X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #1 (1990) Populated by mechanical lifeforms, covered with biometallic substance that painfully reflects telepathic probes, requires power source to activate mechanisms. Briefly powered by one of the map-pods to the Phalkon (Phoenix).

Troxx Silver Surfer: The Enslavers Graphic Novel (1990) Enslaved other races after leaving their dying world; identified members Kalldin-Zo, Mrrungo-Mu, Tnneya.

Troyjans Incredible Hulk #394 (1992) Intergalactic warrior race from an empire bordering the Shi'ar Empire; grey-skinned semi-humanoids with superhuman strength; identified members Armageddon, Trauma, Vittio.

Trrosstians Spellbound #10 (1952) (Grrugg) six arms and green skin.

Tryn Uncanny Tales #30 (1955) Mgyd was avid collector who stole buildings from Earth.

Tsiln Amazing Spider-Man #103 (1971) Milky Way race from planet Broi; several hundred feet tall, semi-reptilian anthropoids with long semi-prehensile tail; born prematurely and incubated until fully gestated; identified member Gog.

Tsomnaia of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. Doom 2099 #18 (1994) planet, home of the Tsomnai. Sound-sensitive crystal garden shaped by harmonic resonance of the airborne native Linstrea.

Tsyrani Spider-Woman #36 (1981) Shi'ar galaxy race from planet Tsorcherchii; humanoids with superhuman strength and durability; matriarchal monarchy under supervision of Shi'ar; great interest in arts and interstellar exploration.

Tultac (planet) Silver Surfer #97 () Gyddi system, desert, contained lost treasures, treasures destroyed by Silver Surfer to prevent Terrax from obtaining them

Turah (planet) World of Fantasy #8 (1957) (Mr. Bellows) Leo Judd brought to Turah instead of prison but resumed criminal acts on Turah.

Turanal Quasar #35 (1992) - BTS only. Planet, 4th from the sun in the Pama system.

Turek Thing #14 (1984) Yellow-skinned semi-humanoids; some lived on Battleworld; rivals of the Silben.

Tyjorian race of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #1 (1980) Native to Tyjor, orbiting Alpha Centauri; large, savage, cannibalistic anthropoid-like humanoids; entire planet consumed by ennergy released from the Infinity Horn. identified member Za

Tyrmean brain-stem parasites Force Works #15 (1995) Insectoid parasites that bond to back of hosts' necks; stimulated by ultrasound to cause great pain or even death; formerly used by Broker to control servants.

Tzin Captain America goes to War against Drugs (1990) Green-skinned, fanged semi-humanoids with tentacles all over their body; dealt with drugs on Earth; mutated drug addicted humans and made them addicted to their own durgs; used the addicts as superpowered agents; scheme stopped by Captain America and New Warriors.

U-235 Deadpool #33 (2011) Planet, composed largely of Uranium-235, consumed by Id.

Uboongs of Reality-????? Strange Tales #100 (1962) Ferocious creatures dwelling on planet Uranus, menaced Russians and USA astronauts.

Udayume Silver Surfer #9 (2004) Holy people that carve the ice every winter; sculptures dissolve in summer.

Ujor Ms. Marvel #2 (2006) Blue-skinned extraterrestrials with humanoid upper body and tentacles as lower appendages; enemies of the Brood; identified members Cru, Ost.

Ul'lula'ns Defenders #13 (1974) 10-foot-tall, semi-amoeboid creatures with six tentacles and vast psionic powers; could alter form to look humanoid; governed by High Tribunal of Judges; identified members Nebulon, Supernalia.

Uncreated (armored) Excalibur #88 (1995; (true form) Excalibur #90 (1995) Spiked, purple-gray-skinned semi-humanoids; artificially created by giant insectoid cosmic being; killed their creator; try to kill other races that utilize organized religion; known as the Works before killing their god.

Underdwellers Venom: Space Knight #3 (2016) Rock-beings with apparent magma-filled opening at top of head and within mouth; dwell within the Great Volcano; when Mercurio's agents planted a device within the Great Eye, causing its eruption, they blamed and attacked the Wugin until Venom (Flash Thompson) destroyed the Gramosian device.

Underwater world Incredible Hulk II#301 (1984) Home of giant squids, visited by Hulk from Crossroads

Undying Cable #79 (2000) Artificial beings of pure intellect and energy created by the Serayn; could meld their energy fields with the minds of any living creature; lived on spaceship Azazel; roamed the universe for millions of years devouring the death energies of numerous alien life forms; identified members Aentaros, Lothan, Semijan, Tiamet, Vaudois.

Unicorians of Reality-56729 Adventure into Mystery #2 (1956) Circa 2160 AD, the planet Unicore was the last outpost of (presumably human) civilization; with their needs met via their vast mental powers and technology and thus being unaccustomed to labor, they were unable to advance further or repair their infra-structure. Via time machines, they abducted the most brilliant scientists of the 1950s of Reality-616, but those scientists convinced them that removing them could alter/prevent their existence; they returned those scientists and removed their memories of their journey.

United Galaxy World of Fantasy #13 (1958) Human-like, wanted humanity to give up aggression.

United Planets Organization of Reality-????? Adventures into Weird Worlds #25 (1954) Member planets are Aka, Moonga, Venus and Earth.

Unoxxians Rocket #3 (2017) Planet Unox Major; sentient gas-beings, enter humanoid containment chambers to interact with physical beings; identified member Qgaxbq-4 (aka Gasbag)


Urg X-Factor #110 (1995) Large rock creatures able to control electricity.

Urlima Minor Annihilation #4 (2007) Destroyed by Thanos and Annihilus-controlled Galactus, energies fed into Annihilus' power-stores.

Urrpo-Fish Fantastic Four #11 (1963) Predatory creature with enormous mouth and web wings from planet Poppup.

Ursa Arida (planet) Journey into Mystery #51 (1959) (X233, X791) Robots, invaded Earth but had no experience with rainfall.

Ursa Centaurius (planet) of Reality-????? Strange Tales #95 (1962) (Shaggdorr) giant, circa 3061 A.D. captured Bruno Krugg.

Ursa Micronica (planet; Reality-59594) Tales to Astonish #3 (1959) Earth-like world with smaller natives, visited by a "giant" from Earth, whose efforts to help them advance were impeded by his clumsy destruction of property, until he departed.

Ursa Volans World of Fantasy #18 (1959) Planet familiar to XR79B, held unspecified conventions; dominated by the domed city Regulus; 470,000 light years from Earth.

Ursaa Uncanny X-Men #358 (1998) Orange-skinned, cowardly race; traveled in colonies; looters and thieves.

Urrulu Deadpool #34 (2011) Apparently uninhabited planet in D'Krian quadrant; colonized by unidentified race for terra-farming.

Urrulu, colonizers of Deadpool #34 (2011) Colonized Urrulu for terra-farming two generations ago; 3rd generation resented the hardwork; relocated to frozen wasteland by Deadpool to escape Id.

U'sr'prians Marvel Comics Presents #35 (1989) Semi-insectoid bipeds; formerly enslaved to maintain technology by U'Sr'Pr until overthrown by Her; attempted to worship Her as J'Ridia Starduster.

Uuchan Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (2008) Large, green-skinned herbivore quadripeds; identified member Gorani.

Uuex (planet) Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) Venom (Flash Thompson) dropped off YT-19 aliens here

Valgon race I am an Avenger#3 (2011)

Van'sa race Hulk #33 (2011)

Vassyr Gun Runner #1 (1993) Humanoid race, opposed the Cynodd, mutating certain members to become the Enhanced. identified members Brell (Gun Runner), Kay Glayvor (Lure), Oracle, Smith, Glora Teth (Heavy Duty)

"Vegans" (confirm name from comics?) Tales of Suspense #36 (1962) Ape-like technologically advanced race native to a planet orbiting Vega; one traveled to Earth, was mistaken for an escaped ape, and "returned" to the zoo. After ventriloquist Mike Mullins jokingly made it seem as if the "ape" was talking and told others it was an alien, the alien was released, after which he revealed Mullins' joke was true, and he took Mullins aboard his ship to return to his world for realizing his true nature.

Vegans Tales to Astonish #58 (1964) Milky Way race from planet Vega IV; thirty feet tall humanoids; empire of planets throughout Vega system; identified member Colossus.

Veluvia Thanos #3 (2004) Pip the Troll received a case of "Veluvian hand-rolleds" from Thanos as payment for bugging Galactus' ship.

Venturites Tales of Suspense #53 (1964) Plotted to conquer nearby Parthea, until a rogue asteroid approached their world, forcing superstitious warlord/leader Lokar (who had mistaken the bright light for a good omen) to leave behind all weaponry to get maximum citizenry aboard their ships as they fled to Parthea as refugees.


Vestas 203 (planetoid) World of Fantasy #16 (1959) Planetoid, home to a colony of Uranium miners, home to native creatures, including Dart Birds.

Viburnum (planet) Strange Tales of the Unusual #7 (1956) (Spirea) Blue skin, Spirea fled Viburnum, married a radio sound effects engineer.

Vintars (Mentioned) Captain Marvel #5 (1968) Creatures with amorphous forms from Galaxy 7; attacked Kree; vulnerable to x-rays.

Viscardi Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex Alpha#1 (2015) Semi-humanoid bipeds, the rest of whom were wiped out by Gara with the power of the Black Vortex

Visitors Marvel Knights 4#5 (2004) Insectoid creatures with large claws and slender bodies; claimed victims in New Jersey for some time; driven off by Fantastic Four.; identified members Adron, Gara

Vodan Namor: The Best Defense #1 () Alleged homeworld of Homo Mermani

Voort-3 (planet) Avengers: No Road Home#10 Orbited by Ricochet Bar

Vorm Avengers #123 (1974) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Vormin; large, dragon-like creatures; able to exist in vacuum; vulnerable to heat; identified members Star Stalker (Biawak), Star Stalker (Varanus).

Vorticons Squirrel Girl II#29-30 Apparently scammed by Silver Surfer imposter

Vrakanin New Mutants Annual #1 (1984) Green-skinned semi-humanoids with long ears, sharp teeth and claws; long hair from antebrachim and crus; one pursued Lila Cheney in attempt to steal Earth; identified member Charasulla.

Vralia (planet) Marvel Tales #150 (1956) (Mikail, Starvic) kidnapped Dr. Faust but he escaped.

Vrdasi X-Men Legacy#19 (2014) While being held in S.W.O.R.D. custody awaiting trial, a Vrdasi ate her husband during a conjugal visit. Mentioned only

Vrellnexians Thor #212 (1973) Milky Way race from planet Vrellnex; six-limbed semi-humanoid/insectoid; some are winged; partnered with Sssith in slave trading ring.

Vralia (planet) Marvel Tales #150 (1956) (Mikail, Starvic) kidnapped Dr. Faust but he escaped.

Vulcan Strange Tales #76 (1960) Large, living fire creatures; able to travel through space unaided; can spread heat across an entire planet; identified member Dragoom.

Vulcanians Journey into Mystery #101 Race from Vulcanus; went to war with many races; moved whole civilization to Idylica to wage war on Idylica; stuck due to their inferior space ships; Idylicans escaped to Vulcanus.

Vulto (planet) Journey into Mystery #26 (1955) (Nuglo) Nuglo studied Earth lifeforms, concluded ants were most advanced.

Warkalla Hulk #34 (2011) planet

Watchers Fantastic Four #13 (1963) Neutral humanoids with large cranium from Watcherworld; watch signifcant happenings throughout the universe and vowed to never interfere; disperesed throughout known universe and beyond; identified members Acba, Aron, Atul, Dark Counsel, Dimri (Earth-20051), Ecce, Edda, Egma, Emmu, Engo, He Who Summons, High Tribunal, Ikor, Ing, Otmu, Qyre, Talmadge, Ualu, Uatu, Uilig, Ute (Earth-374), Xecu, Zoma.

Watchers Amazing Adventures #5 (1961) (Tom Smith) benevolent helpers to humanity.

Waziliah Silver Surfer #6 (1987) Semi-humanoid with stocky legs; pronounced jowls; the Skrull Aptak impersonated one and was sent to their planet to spy on them.

were-fish Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) spaceborn carnivores

Wildebots Incredible Hulk #93 (2006) Mechanical beings of Sakaar given some degree of autonomy by Autocrons.

Wilameanis Incredible Hulk #137 (1971) Humanoids from planet Wilamean; identified members Arimathes (Earth-829; Olympian/Wilameanis hybrid), J'Webb, Captain Cybor, Layana Sweetwater (Earth-829).

Windhölme Marvel Preview #11 (1977) Frontier world located "just inside the rim," about a thousand parsecs out from Imperial Center (Sparta Empire?). A gentle rustic world, charted and settled by Scania refugees off Jaeger IV; residents slaughtered and enslaved by Imperial starfighters

Wing-Men of Mars Creatures on the Loose #16/1 (1972) Ancient winged warrior Martian race circa 1 billion years ago; gray-skinned with feathered wings, beak, head fin; racial purists; eventually befriended Gullivar Jones; identified members Chak, Gret.

Witch-World Marvel Preview#7 (1976) Home of Kirke and her animal-men knights.

Wobb Incredible Hulk #137 (1971) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Wobb-lar; telepathic semi-humanoids with light purple skin, antennae, two fingers and toes; able to allow communication between different languages; identified member Cerexo.

Wobbows Tales to Astonish #51 (1964) Metamorphs from planet Draconius; considered dangerous and most avoid their planet; change themselves to appear as whatever bait is most attractive to their enemies; identified member Wibbow.

Wommellies of Reality-62933 Tales of Suspense #33 (1962) Planet Wommell; phase through solid matter, but otherwise human-like; in a distant future, the Wommellies invaded Earth but were easily repelled; one native crash-landed and avoided capture by the military due to his human appearance, but he then phased through a brick wall (and possibly became stuck?)

World of the Woods of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #1 (1980) Home to the winged Forest People, notably Cenzarr, Council of Sensitives, Gromlin, Whis'parr,

Wugin Venom: Space Knight #3 (2016) Red-skinned, serpent-haired matriarchal society living on a planet on which Mercurio's Gramosians sent a device that caused the Great Eye volcano to erupt; believing the Wugin had caused this eruption, the Underdwellers attacked them. Venom (Flash Thompson) destroyed the device. identified member Iqa

Wundagore II Tales to Astonish #94 (1967) Colonized by High Evolutionary and the New Men; home to insectoid swamp creatures.

Wy'nkar-7 Lunatik #1 (1995) Sentient planet whose plant species were devoured by the sole fauna, a being that became Lunatik.

Xaccans Strange Tales #93 (1962) Humanoids from planet Xaccus; bodies composed entirely of wax; society very similar to Earth.

Xaccus Strange Tales #93 (1962) Planet of the wax-like Xaccans

Xaccus New Avengers #4 (2016) Planet on which the Kree Soh-Larr and Skrull Ryga'a met to fight to the death during the Kree-Skrull war but instead fell in love and deserted the war

Xammus of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #80 (1962) Giant birds.

Xandar (planet) Nova #1 (1976) Former home of Xandarians, nearly destroyed by Zorr, spared by Watcher, saved as four major cities connected by tubing, later completely destroyed by Nebula, rebuilt by combined energy of Nova and Supernova, destroyed y the Annihilation Wave

Xandarians Nova #1 (1976) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Xandar; humanoid founders of the Nova Corps; Xandar controlled by collective intelligence of all deceased Xandarians known as the Worldmind; exterminated after attacks by Skrulls, Nebula and the Annihilation Wave; identified members Adora, Rieg Davan, Rhomann Dey, Kanan, Pyreus Kril, Gabriel Lan, Reban, Mexxa Rien, Thoran Rul, Garthan Saal, Starkross, Tanak Valt.

Xantareans Tales to Astonish #73 (1965) Milky Way race from planet Xantar; semi-humanoid, amphibious race with immense strength; civilization degenerated into chaos; identified member Amphibion.

Xantares - Milky Way planet, home to amphibious Xantareans, whose native Qnax (aka Amphibion and Xantarean) first appeared in Tales to Astonish I#73

Xanth - Milky Way planet, entire Xantha population shrunk to four inches tall with assistance from Reed Richards; fled planet in two immense starships to escape collision with asteroid--Fantastic Four I#7

Xantha Fantastic Four #7 (1962) Milky Way race from planet Xanth and later New Xanth; semi-humanoid, yellow-skinned race with large cranium; entire population shrunk to four inches tall with assistance from Reed Richards; fled planet in two immense starships to escape collision with asteroid; traveled to new home planet; identified member Kurrgo.

Xanthimi X-Men Legacy #254 (2011) Planet, exploded, seemingly taking with it the sole inhabitant, "some crazy anaphract from the Do Sha sect."

Xanu (planet) of Reality56989 Strange Tales #50 (1956) Invaders thwarted by fog surrounding Earth.

Xartans Journey into Mystery #90 (1963) Aka Carbon Copy Men; Fornax galaxy race from planet Xarta; semi-humanoid, yellow-skinned Deviant race created by Celestials ages ago with imperialistic system; metamorphs that were able to duplicate appearance and abilities of others; could turn invisible and withstand vacuum; four were transformed into trees loosing their sentience and the ability to return to their true forms; hunted by Skrulls; hid out by posing as D'bari outpost; seemingly wiped out by the D'bari's petrification effect; identified members Ugarth, Zano.

Xarth III Nova #8? (2008)
    per Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot - Steal the Galaxy: Dive-town, a minor suburb of the continent spanning supercity/starport cosmopolis of Lumina on the planet Xarth Three, which occupied a "sling-loop" orbit around the binary stars Fades Primary and Fades Secondary in the Xranek group; Class M world with a population of 9.9 billion and gross industrial export principally comprising...(cut-off)

Xarthians Nova #8 (2008) Purple-skinned race from planet Xarth III; protected by Luminals.

Xeccalenons Suspense #23 (1952) Hubdir lost a bet against Benny, saving the Earth.

Xem Journey into Mystery #62 (1960) Large, white-furred race with vast mental powers; Xemnu attempted to recruit humans to repopulate his planet; identified member Xemnu the Titan.

Xenians Amazing Adult Fantasy #9 (1962) Planet Xenia (or Xeman), interstellar travel, human in appearance; a native traveled to Earth and introduced himself as an ambassador from another planet, but he departed after no one believed him (as it was April 1st).

Xeno (planet) Men's Adventures #5 (1950) Scout's flying saucer crashed on Earth.

Xenon Major (planet) Strange Tales #73 (1960) Sent Robot 235 to set off nuclear bomb on Earth unless they surrendered, Robot 235 decided to spare Earth and destroy Xenon Major instead.

Xerces Avengers #685 (2018) Planet; drifted so close to its sun and was in a constant state of earthquakes; visited by Grandmaster and Va Nee Gast.

Xernes (planet) of Reality-????? Strange Worlds #1 (1958) 2035 A.D., humanity abandoned Earth to live on Xernes.

Xerolix Galaxy of Reality-8116 The Price (1981) Mentioned only; has a number of humanoid races, which "pepper the stars from the LX-7 Nebula to the Xerolix Galaxy"

Xeronians Incredible Hulk #103 (1968) Milky Way race from planet Xeron; orange-skinned semi-humanoids with one eye pointing in each direction; identified member Space Parasite (Randau).

Xitaung Infinity Countdown Prime#1 (2018) The Nova Corps formerly kept the Infinity Power Stone here. 

Xixix Fantastic Four #261 (1984) Red-skinned semi-humanoids from planet Xiv; planet consumed by Galactus; remnants of population survived in space arcs; identified member Xxan Xxar.

Xordu Marvel Tales #149 (1956) Planet Xordu, Third galaxy; canine humanoids lived existence comparable to humanity; talent agent Sam Thurber auditioned a pantomimer.

Xorri Thor #215 (1973) Alleged ancestors of all humanoid races; their creation Xorr the God-Jewel covered their planet with nuclear force shield to protect itself when its sun went nova six million years ago; planet drifted through space, contracted to a fraction of its former size; energy field converted it into crystalline body; planet absorbed life force of Xorri and became sentient; accumulated further energy by destroying worlds; planned to conquer universe, however, the life force of the nova reduced Xorr to drifting space debris, much of which was collected by the Gramosians.
--referenced in Marauders (2022-2023) as used by early Shi'ar to modify their forms

Xxmth (asteroid) Astonishing #20 (1952) Inhabited asteroid.

Xyli (planet) Mystery Tales #46 (1956) Inhabited by descendants of ancient Atlanteans.

Xyz (planet) of Reality-????? Strange Tales #26 (1954) (Hyzx, Zxh) Drove Milo insane, sent him back to Earth.

Yang Defenders #8 (2001) Grey-skinned semi-humanoids with large cranium from Yang, moon of the Delee system; attacked by Kree; helped by Silver Surfer.

Yirbek Avengers #14 (1965) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Yirb in the Bek system; reptilian bipeds; governed small empire in Andromeda galaxy until defeated in war with Skrulls centuries ago; take over by Skrulls and used as mercenaries in conflicts considered minor by galactic standards, including centuries-long siege of Kallu; recently took over Kallu and slaughtered most of the population.

Y'Lestja of Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D. Doom 2099 #15 (1994) Collective consciousness of energy creatures.

Yorites She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision #1 (2009) Red-skinned semi-humanoids from planet Yor; identified member Adula.and mother, Adulaysha

Yppplk'o Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) green skin, tentacles in place of left arm, shark-like teeth; identified member Gholar

Yrds Tales of Suspense #54 (1964) Draco galaxy race from planet Yrest; semi-humanoids with one foot long horn on head; observed dumping nuclear waste into space by a Watcher; identified member Yoof.

YRYNN - star associated with ancient Skrull myths, brightest in its constellation, used by Talonis along with Tor'l and M'ro to summon Dormammu to possess Ego the Living Planet
    "Star of Dreaming Fevers"--Guardians of the Galaxy VII#14

Zalgodians Warlock and the Infinity Watch #31 (1994) Extinct race; formerly held and utilized the Zalkor.

Zalthrosians Squirrel Girl II#29-30 (2018) Scammed by Silver Surfer imposter

Zanbora (planet) Mystic #51 (1956) (Princess Ursula) 50 light years from Earth, Erik exceeded speed of light to visit but aged rapidly.

Zanda (planet) Strange Tales of the Unusual #7 (1956) "Poker Face" won Earth in a poker game but it had no Atrion.

Zann X-Men: Watchers on the Walls (2006) Milky Way galaxy; partially or completely composed of Chloritessmall and pale with "four-fingered hands," beady eyes, no nose, four pairs of canine teeth, covered by keratinous spines; identified member Seden Karm (aka John Chang)

Zarkons Sun Girl #3 (1948) Race from planet Zarko; opposed by Sun Girl.

Zaros Nova #24 (2009) Natives sought by Nu-Xandar (Worldmind possessing/possessed by Ego) to expand Nova Corps.

Zenn Tales to Astonish #37 (1962) immense (taller than mountains) but otherwise humanoid race neighboring Quo; a group of "Space Raiders" hired by Zenogg assaulted Quo (due to plans of the Quo to invade Zenn) but were easily overwhelmed by the giant (but much smaller than the Zenn) Quo.

Zennan Wolverine #133 (1993) White-skinned humanoids from planet Zenna; could detach spirit from their corporal bodies to possess others; identified member Aria.

Zenn-Lavians (Silver Surfer) Fantastic Four #48 (1966); (Zenn-La) Silver Surfer #1 (1968) Milky Way race from planet Zenn-La; long-lived technologically advanced humanoid society; identified members Yarro Gort, Norrin Konn, Elmar Radd, Jartan Radd, Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer), Fennan Radd, Shalla Bal, Warlord.

Zeno (planet) of Reality-????? Uncanny Tales #48 (1956) Shapeshifters, mimicked Earth explorers.

Zenok II (planet) Journey into Mystery #65 (1961) Look like robots but are not, use robots that look like humans.

Zen-Whoberis Strange Tales #180 (1975) Green-skinned humanoids from planet Zen-Whoberi; Silican star system; peace-loving society attacked by Universal Church of Truth in Reality-7528; identified member Gamora.

Zeraphon Journey into Unknown Worlds #51 (1956) Planet Zeraphon (more than 2 million light years from Earth), ruled by tyranny & hate but otherwise highly developed in science, interstellar travel, and agriculture; green skin, averaged 6'9" tall, bald; 200 peace-loving exiles left Zeraphon and sought refuge on Earth in the US town of Lindville; representatives Neeg & Darg arranged for some vacant lots on the outskirts of town via real estate agent Henry Daniels, but they left Earth in search of a more tolerant planet after repeated persecution by bigots.

Zerba (planet) of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #42 (1956) Humans wanted to invade.

Zeta Two (planet) Death's Head and the Origin of Die-Cut #2 (1993) Starless world with frigid, snowy environment; Die-Cut used the programs of Matricca Scoppio's Orgolhuin/Black Museum to generate an enviro-ball mimicking this environment.

Zhalla'Klan Marvel Two-in-One #79 (1981) Humanoid race from planet Zhalla'Kla; capable of surviving in space without protection and able to move faster-than-light; identified member Shanga the Star-Dancer.

Zhynn (BTS) Starjammers #4 (2004); (seen) Starjammers #6 (2005) Energy beings; sought to unlock the secrets of the universe by breaking down matter; identified member K-zzat.

Z'lyztayans Fantastic Four #33 (2000) Semi-humanoid dinosaur race from planet Z'lyztaya; evolved from portion of mammalian genome; race slaughtered by Obliterator mothership; only four escaped destruction of planet; identified members Myranda, Quinn, Yssa, Zed.

Z'nox X-Men #65 (1970) Andromeda galaxy race from planet Z'noz; reptilian bipeds with planetwide dictatorship; shift entire planet into hyperspace to battle others; have conquered and plundered many planets.

ZOMPMUTT - extraterrestrial creature.
    Champion (Tryco Slatterus) noted that their prison smelled like a Zompmutt fart
    --[Thanos II#4]

Zoonga (planet) of Reality-????? Strange Tales #23 (1953) Cameras can alter reality.

Zorz (planet) Adventures into Weird Worlds #18 (1953) (Lolez) human-like faces but lizard-like bodies.

Zundamites Fantastic Four #270 (1990) Milky Way race from planet Zundam; yellow-skinned semi-humanoids capable to survive in virtually any environment; identified member Mizix.

Zygotean race of Reality-8116 Epic Illustrated #1 (1981) Slaughtered and conquered much of the Milky Way galaxy before the Orsirosians engineered the destruction of the galaxy to end their threat.

Zyndarians New Mutants #55 (1987) Pink-skinned humanoids with pointed ears; capable of flight (possibly due to wings on their costumes); identified member Rael.

unidentified Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #2 (1989) amorphous, able to extend pseudopodia. member: Agamotto's former disciple.

unidentified <mentioned only in> Quasar #17 (1990) (Architect) Otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Silver Surfer III #4 (1987) (Astronomer/Seginn Gallio) Humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Silver Surfer #105 (1995) Reptilian semi-humanoids; identified members the Bandits including Captain Hawmaw.

unidentified Claws of the Cat #3 (1973) Feline humanoids with aquatic base on Earth.

unidentified Godzilla #12 (1978) Immense Beta Beast slain by Godzilla.

unidentified Godzilla #12 (1978) Beta Beast pictured in battle with Mega Monster

unidentified Godzilla #12 (1978) Unidentified numbers of giant creatures from various worlds and used as Beta Beasts in war against Megans/Mega Monsters; history only

unidentified Captain Marvel #10 (2003) Blue-skinned semi-humanoids with pointed ears and green eyes; Tlaango was submissive part of psycho-sexual relationship with Master/Caffrey; he sought vengeance on Karl Coven after he killed Caffrey; Tlaango directed Ulzak's army to Coven; identified members Borozik clan including Tlaango & Ulzak.

unidentified Deadpool Corps #4 (2010) Broken Blade (master criminal)

unidentified Fantastic Four #521 (2005) Brüm Nebula race; purple-skinned humanoids; sought for alliance against Galactus by Human Torch (Johnny Storm).

unidentified Quasar #37 (1992) (Caregiver/Rubanna Lagenris Quormo) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified (planet) X-Factor #43 (1989) Home to Chosen, Rejects, and Beginagains, who united to drive off Celestials.

unidentified Marvel Two-In-One #7 (1982) (Champion/Tryco Slatterus) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Avengers #28 (1966) Humanoids from Cygnus X-1; identified members Collector (Taneleer Tivan), Carina, Matani.

unidentified Spider-Woman #7 (2000) Send the Cluster to test other worlds for suitability for conquering; unseen, unidentified

unidentified Marvel Treasury Edition: Captain America's Bicentennial Battles (1976) (Contemplator/Tath Ki) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Ms. Marvel #1 (2006) Blue-skinned semi-humanoid with tentacles as lower extremities; slaughtered Brood and sought power of Cavourite Crystals; bonded with Ms. Marvel (Danvers) and healed her repeatedly; identified member Cru.

unidentified Incredible Hulk Annual #12 (1983) Cygnet VII; torosaurus-like beasts used by the Greens in gladiatorial games/slaughters of the Reds.

unidentified Warlock & the Infinity Watch #38 (1995) Brown or grey-skinned semi-humanoids with white eyes; identified member Domitian.

unidentified Silver Surfer #23 (1989) Large green, dragon-like creatures, eight limbs, four eyes, spikes on back, tentacles, breathe fire; Cazalyte Crystal powered their engines, which were damaged by dying sun's radiation; landed on planet and asked natives for assistance; given Kartilon to sabotage their engines, destroying all their ships; only one survivor, who spent next 14 years attacking the natives; inadvertently killed by Silver Surfer.

unidentified Marvel Graphic Novel #20: Greenberg the Vampire (1986) The buxom alien Elvis Omus possessed the Key to the Riddle of the Universe and was trapped aboard an out-of-control ship with Thelonius Thussman, fleeing the Erac-Ondog.

unidentified Thanos #1 (2003) Space-born creatures ("exotic beasts") drawn to energy; existed in space around Rigel-3 (the one devastated by one of the Thanosi and the Mangog).

unidentified Quasar #47 (1993) (Explorer/Zamanathan Rambunazeth) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Deadpool Corps #4 (2010) Eyeball (a smuggler), directed the Deadpool Corps to the Broken Blade

unidentified ??? Extinct race formerly serving as Clerics to Rigellians; Recorders were based on them.

unidentified Marvel Premiere #28 (1976) Attacked Starseed's people in distant past and stole their mountain.

unidentified Silver Surfer: Danger Artifacts (1996) Brown-skinned race with large cranium; imprisoned elder demon millennia ago to use as their power source; eventually all passed onto a higher plane, except for one survivor who guarded the power source until killed by White Raven.

unidentified Tower of Shadows #6 (1970) Immense humanoids capable of limited space travel; identified members Fal Ton, Fan Ton.

unidentified X-Men #107 (1977) Feral humanoids; identified members Fang (and his many successors), Fang.

unidentified Captain America #383 (1991) (Father Time) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Quasar #58 (1994) Humanoid lagamorphs; vastly superhuman speed; identified member Fooferah.

unidentified Tales to Astonish#26 (1961) (Four-Armed Men) Four-armed humanoids, invaded and sought to conquer Earth, exposed by William Cartwright

unidentified Deadpool #33 (2011) (Funtzel and Orksa). Vaguely hippopotamus-faced, crustacean-clawed; if the two representatives seen are representative, females are much larger than males.

unidentified Marvel Comics Presents #69 (1991) Built semi-organic vessels capable of sentient thought and regenerative abilities.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #5 (1959) (Gammus) Orange-skinned semi-humanoid race with tentacles as arms; Gammus disguised as robot; rendered inert and placed in museum.

unidentified Marvel Team-Up #55 (1977) (Gardener/Ord Zyonz) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Silver Surfer Annual #3 (1990) (Garnok Rebbahn) Large and powerful pink-skinned, noseless being with prominent mandibular canine teeth. Conquerors who worship only the gods of war and death.

unidentified Silver Surfer #98 (1994) Gave power wristlets "of Sutnaqoccu" to Champion, slaughtered by him.

unidentified Captain Marvel #44 (1976) Yellow skin; the General, aka the Head, led the Underground of Deneb IV against the Null-Trons.

unidentified Quasar #51 (1993) Ten feet tall creatures covered in armor; extremely long-lived; capable of interdimensional travel and able to transform objects at their desire with metamorphic energies; identified member Geometer

unidentified <mentioned only in> Quasar #47 (1993) (Grand Astrogator) Otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Warheads #6 (1992) (Wizard Majestrix Ghenghis) Humanoid race; sword and sorcery race on low technology level; ruled by Wizard Majestrix from the Tower Palace.

unidentified Amazing Adventures #1 (1961) (Gjo, Vaag) Split by parasitic world-conquering Vaag sub-species and the Gjo that hunt down the Vaag to stop them from infiltrating other races.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #15 (1961) (Googam, Goom, Shivoor) Orange-skinned, giant, semi-humanoids; natives of Planet X; capable of flight and telekinesis.

unidentified Strange Tales #49 (1956) (Gorr, 4 others) Green-skinned, 4' tall, wore pressurized suits, shrill voices; abandoned plans of conquest after they failed to impress Vicki Lund; they were unaware she was blind and assumed them to have been children playing a game

unidentified World of Mystery #3 (1956) Immense giants to whom the crew of the Space Bird No. 1 were as small as bugs. Identified members: "Paw," "Boy"

unidentified New Mutants #66 (1988) (Gossamyr) Humanoid larval form, females are able to manipulate emotions of those around them; adults are immensely powerful gigantic creatures with power to destroy entire planets, require millennia of dormancy within cocoons or emerge as insanely destructive monsters, their cocoons are coveted due to value; Gossamyr's family was prematurely awakened by Spyder and destroyed when Lila Cheney teleported them to the surface of a star.

unidentified (Grand Procurer) Original Sin #5 (2014) Semi-porcine bipeds, seek out other races to feast upon; circa 1958 (or presumably not long after), Nick Fury assassinated their Grand Procurer when he targeted Earth.

unidentified Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #2 (1989) Ancient race, all or part possibly existing as the collective known as the Great Many.

unidentified world X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers#1 (1990) Dead world (described as a moon by some sources and a planet as others) in Grof system; former home to Vam and Mer; one of the map-pods to the Phalkon was transported here. 

unidentified Quasar #58 (1994) (Gzoom) Turtle-like extraterrestrials; participated in Galactic Marathon; sabotaged by Fooferah in initial race.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #37 (1963) (Haag) Green-skinned semi-humanoids twice a humans size; technologically advanced.

unidentified Starjammers #1 (2004) (Brom, Committee, Darby Hawk, Tolo Hawk, Lenise, Anazar Prime, Princess Sabra, Verdian Terce) Humanoid race from planet Kinshaa; highly advanced technology and military; monarchy threatend by subversive Committee; members of Union of Intelligent Races; in war with Thorns, whose seeds were used by Committee to gain superhuman powers; war with Thorns ended with help from Starjammers.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #67 (1965) (Hidden Man) Extraterrestrial semi-humanoids; Hidden Man used ray in effort to drain powers of others, sought size and power of Giant-Man, taken for punishment by race for attempting to conquer an inferior race; Hidden Man sent to Earth during Maximum Security.

unidentified Silver Surfer #23 (1989) (High Astronomer, High Sheriff) Humanoid race; spared from Galactus in past by Silver Surfer; sabotaged engines of race of dragons that landed on their planet; killed all but one, who took vengeance on them for 14 years; slew thousands before it was destroyed by Silver Surfer.

unidentified Avengers Spotlight #24 (1989) (Hji) Semi-humanoids with four tentacles as arms; Hji was a member of SHIELD (Society of Higher Interstellar Education and Logistical Development).

unidentified X-Men Legacy #220 (2009) brown monstrous humanoid with glowing eyes. identified member Horse

unidentified Tales of Suspense #6 (1959) ("Howler") Giant red-skinned semi-humanoid race; an infant threw extended tantrum on Earth until rescued by parents.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #84 (1962) ("Iceberg Alien") Pale skin, fish-like eyes; native came to Earth to help humanity, departed after natives failed to believe his existence.

unidentified X-Men #107 (1977) insectoid bipeds; possibly Ch"rp; one native was a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

unidentified Howard the Duck #2 (2016) (Jarax) rooster-combed, fanged snout.

unidentified X-Factor #110 (1995) (Jornik) Three-armed short semi-humanoids.

unidentified Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3 (1995) unidentified planet in Jubat system, reptillian fauna; some were used for fight training/practice by Ganymede and Persephone

unidentified Quasar #47 (1993) (Judicator) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #56 (1964) - actually an outpost of the Quist; kingdom of Queen Kalthea once threatened by barbarians; saved by Uatu, who spurned her affections due to his oath of non-interference.

unidentified Fantastic Four #520 (2005) (Karragan the Unforgiving) Planet consumed by Galactus; Karragan survived and sought vengeance, battled and nearly killed by the cosmic-powered Human Torch.

unidentified Astonishing #56 (1956) (Kartu Kon) Seemingly orange-skinned humanoids; four explorers crashed on fourth planet of Antares; took underground shelter to escape hostile environment.

unidentified Deadpool Corps #3 (2010) Keena (with Shwirzel, possibly a member of this or another race) allowed Deadpool to hitchhike with them to Glorfin's moon.

unidentified Force Works #15 (1995) (Kiwi) Semi-humanoids with pteranodon-like heads; live on planet Roost.

unidentified Uncanny X-Men #358 (1998) (Korel) Yellow-green skinned humanoids; peaceful race; planet razed by the Chritt.

unidentified Fantastic Four #564 (2009) - BTS, #565 (2009) (Korgo) Korgo protected Scotland town from all disease and illness for thousands of years, and in return demanding one child every 25 years for sustenance; Rhona had sacrificed her child last. When Korgo had demanded Angus, Hamish and Muriel instead brought in the FF, promising Korgo one of their children; Reed Richards built a preserve for Korgo.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #33 (1962) (Koru) Attempted to conquer Earth; Victor Marshall impersonated Koru and convinced the invaders to flee by telling them there was a lethal germ on Earth.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #48 (1963) (Kraddak), tall, pink skin, telepaths, Kraddak predicted Hans Hartog's future.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #65 (1961) (Kragoo) Green-skinned semi-humanoids; the mutated Kragoom were sent to conquer Earth in 1961, unwittingly trapped self within statue transfer self into another person or object once, from which point could have mesmerized the entire planet.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #78 (1962) Kraggoom disembodied on Earth since 16th century, trying to inhabit new body.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #31 (1961) (Kusoom) Four-armed, four-legged, green-skinned race; Kusoom used machine to impersonate Nikita Kruschev for the final two years of his rule.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #19 (1961) (Maaboo) Long-lived metamorph race; Maaboo came to Earth in the mountains of Burma years ago, forced natives to give him gold, told them he would be back for more, actually sought an example of humanity's worst to bring back to his world, abducted Dirk Collins.

unidentified Deadpool #32 (2011) (Macho Gomez) It is unrevealed whether Macho is a typical native or a mutate, unique creation, etc.

unidentified Thor #157 (October, 1968) Marauding race that nearly conquered Asgard, after which Odin trapped with Mangog as a living prison he created; restored to existence and returned to their world by Odin in recent years.

unidentified Fantastic Four #33 (2000) (M'yanda/Miranda, Quinn, Yssa, Zed/Howler) Dinosaur-like humanoids; planet and most of race destroyed @ 10 years ago by obliterator mothership; four survived and escaped to earth via wormhole, although Yssa died in the process; Zed was driven insane, and Miranda & Quinn posed as humans in town of Revelation in American midwest.

unidentified Legion of Monsters #1 (1975) (Manphibian) Amphibian semi-humanoids; arrived on earth over 1000 years ago, revived in 1975; Manphibian served in SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force.

unidentified Iron Man #33 (2000) (Maximus Power) Society based on mysticism, science is a crime; blue humanoid bipeds, elongated ear lobes.

unidentified Deadpool #22 (1998) (Council of Elders, Milos, Tiamat) Sent Tiamat to Earth 3000 years ago to prepare for destruction of S'met'kth/Messiah/Destroyer; blue-skinned, semi-humanoid, amphibious, telepathic.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #53 (1964) (Mingo) Conquered other races, such as Asikii and Deltonians until fought off by Colossus.

unidentified Quasar #58 (1994) (Miximixum) Centipede-like competitor in Galactic Marathon, tripped and taken out of the race by Fooferah.

unidentified Strange Tales #92 (1962) (Monster) Sent to Earth to study it, encountered the "weird old geezer"; alter appearance to appear human, fly, weakness to water.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #23 (1962) (Monster in the Iron Mask) Extraterrestrial, scout for invading force, proved immune to any attack except gas, from which his mask protected him, fled when a magician realized that he was not wearing any mask and convinced the army to threaten him with gas; superhuman strength, virtually invulnerable.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #18 (1961) (Monsteroso) Youthful extraterrestrial, rampaged through New York until parents came for him.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #23 (1961) (Moomba) Extraterrestrial wood creature, ruler of his race.

unidentified USAgent #1 (2001) (neurosynaptic lifeform) Maternal being allegedly arrived on Earth during events of Maximum Security; USAgent suspected it was genetically engineered by SHIELD.

unidentified Silver Surfer #6 (1987) (Nullet) Simian beings presumably native to one of the Kree Empire worlds.

unidentified Marvel Mystery Comics #42 (1943) (Notoi) Led people inhabiting a mobile asteroid in assault on Earth, apparently slain by Vision (Aarkus).

unidentified Deadpool #33 (2011) Obb. Four arms and one-eye.

unidentified Silver Surfer III #4 (1987) (Obliterator/Maht Pacle) Humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Fantastic Four #34 (2000) Long dead race; created Obliterator, an interstellar scourge, in distant past; Obliterator has eliminated numerous extraterrestrial races (including the Z'lyztayans), inadvertently summoned to earth by Reed Richards' interstellar transceiver, Reed destroyed the mothership by exploding a time crystal in it, which scattered its portions throughout the timestream; an immense mothership locates a planet and then sends a nearly invincible warrior to decimate it, contains thousands of inactive forms, which can be replaced as needed.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #27 (1962) Oog Incredibly large extraterrestrials; Oog's ship crashed on Earth ages ago, frozen in what would become the Arctic after etching the distress term "Oog" in the ice, discovered in 1962 and brought to the USA for study; ice thawed, revived, panicked and rampaged briefly before telepathically reassuring everyone and sending a message to his people, who came and retrieved him; super-size and strength, telepathy, telekinesis.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #39 (1963) (Ozamm) Orange-skinned, scaly race with advanced technology.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #1 (1959) (Ozt, Zak) Green-skinned semi-humanoids; plotted conquering Earth, abandoned plot after humanity overcame their phase 1 shrinking test.

unidentified Howard the Duck #2 (1976) (Phelch) Sole survivor of race of space-faring vegetables; briefly merged with Arthur Winslow as the Turnip-Man.

unidentified Thor #235 (1975) (Possessor/Kamo Tharnn) Humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Captain America Annual #3 (1976) Pursued Captive to Earth; sent Stalkers, Combatron & Magnoids, among others after him; sent Captive into Epsilon Four.

unidentified Strange Tales #78 (1960) Humanoid race; their Queen sought out ugly man on Earth due to boredom with the beautiful appearances of the people on her planet, proposed to the Gargoyle.

unidentified Marvel Two-In-One Annual#7 (1982) Four-armed insectoid-humanoid bipeds; Proja served as promoter supreme to the Champion (Tryco Slatterus).

unidentified Doom 2099 #15 (1994) Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D.; at war with themselves and potentially headed for an oblivion of its own making; achieved harmonious life after communed with Y'Lestja; in appreciation, some of this world's people became emissaries of the Y'Lestja, assuming the form of the chosen species to facilitate the Y'Lestja's arrival. Identified member: Radian (who had taken human form).

unidentified Human Torch Comics#35 (1949) (Red Star Man) - flaming extraterrestrial, sole survivor of "giant red star"; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

unidentified Warheads #13 (1993) Reptile men on swamp planet.

unidentified Silver Surfer #11 (1988) (Reptyl) Extraterrestrial, reptilian biped, native of race from within Coalsack Nebula.

unidentified Fantastic Four #521 (2005) Dragon race from planet Rohkyn III; visited by cosmic-powered Human Torch while seeking allies against Galactus.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #19 (1961) (Rommbu) Race from 4th galaxy; Rommbu led to a volcanic eruption by John Hunter, captured by Collector, freed by Mole Man, banished into the Negative Zone.

unidentified New Defenders #143 (1985) (Runner/Gilpetperdon) Semi-humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Iron Man #37 (1971) (S'tan'd'ard) Green-skinned semi-humanoids with suction cups; hired Worldform Inc. to terraform Earth.

unidentified Marvel Two-in-One #34 (1977) (Shambler) Shambler sought members of race who had crashed on Earth in 1908, revived in modern era by Kyle Richmond, mistaken for monster and slain by father of a girl it rescued; numerous tendrils able to heal others on contact, emit smoke from mouth that causes humans to sleep.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #54 (1964) (Shann the Conqueror) Humanoid race; their leader Shann became unpopular after conquering the Andromians caused taxes and work to raise to support them.

unidentified Quasar #48 (1993) (Skeletron) Mechanical race from Turgentine Techenium; last survivor Skeletron led Starblasters; brought Kayla Ballantine to the Stranger to have him locate her place of origin, sought to drain off all the Starbrand energy from Earth-New Universe, trapped in that dimension by Stranger, but that earth itself was brought into Earth-616 dimension.

unidentified U.S.Avengers #6 (2017) space cabbie transported Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) into Shi'ar space.

unidentified World War Hulk: World Breaker #1 (2007) Space scavengers, attempted to claim stone starship, slaughtered by Hulk.

unidentified Nextwave #4 (2006) (Spa-Fon, Squa-Tront) Granted power to the future Captain, beaten up by him.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #28 (1962) Pale yellow skin, bald; two members who were in the Star Patrol covered Earth in fog to hide/protect it from the Mongoors.

unidentified Thor #419 (1990) (Stellaris) Technologically advanced race; world judged unworthy and destroyed by Celestials; Stellaris seeks to destroy Celestials, killed Replicoid, inadvertently completed birthing of a Celestial in attempt to destroy them all.

unidentified Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts #1 (1996) (Survivor) Race that had harnessed an elder demon as their power source; last one killed by White Raven.

unidentified Silver Surfer #½ (1998) (Sympira) Forced to flee home planet centuries ago when Sympira forced their sun to go nova, settled on another planet.

unidentified Strange Tales 75 (1960) (Taboo) Peace-loving space travelers, reclaimed Taboo when he attacked Earth.

unidentified Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2 (2006) (Tama Maru, Tarq Maru) Race from Tercera Prime; sole survivor Tarq Maru saved from dying on his world by Silver Surfer, delivered to ship carrying survivors from other worlds.

unidentified Marvel Comics #1000 (2019) (Tana'ri Danae) Red-skinned, tentacles for arms and legs, pointed ears

unidentifed BattleTide #2 (1992) (Tasker) Green skin, four arms, possible scales.

unidentified Original Sin Annual #1 (2014) (Teraphin Mox) Light red skin, green eyes, webbed fingers and toes

unidentified Tales to Astonish #30 (1962) ("Thing from the Hidden Swamp") Large orange-skinned beings; could alter appearance of others; telepaths.

unidentified Strange Tales #81 (1961) ("Thing in Cell 13") Can take human form; one got arrested in Bort for walking the wrong way, his alien race took the entire prison in the process of rescuing him.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #16 (1961) (Thorg) Giant, long-lived, grey-skinned beings; heads resemble Easter Island statues; planted agents on numerous worlds, including Earth, over a million years ago, intending to activate them years later to conquer those worlds.

unidentified Conan the Barbarian #146 (1983) Three sisters (Ceres, Estrogone, Mala) temporarily trapped in Hyborian era; utilized Conan to obtain power ring of Quiquayquod to return home.

unidentified (BTS) Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1963); Captain Marvel #27 (1973) Green-skinned semi-humanoids; some served as Thanos-Thralls; Mysterio (Quentin Beck) likely used their likeness for disguises for his agents, initially in a plot involving the Tinkerer.

unidentified Amazing Adventures #1 (1961) (Torr) Large semi-humanoids with vast psychic powers; can exchange bodies with others; use spacecrafts for interplanetary flight.

unidentified Silver Surfer #4 (1987) (Trader/Cort Zo Tinnus) Humanoid race, otherwise extinct; one of the first races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #21 (1961) (Trull) unidentified planet and system, from Delta Centurius galaxy; Robotic bodies, able to transfer life essence into other mechanical forms upon death; advanced technology, warp drive starships, gamma antimatter rays that shrink objects, create pollens that grow plants at enormous rate and size.

unidentified Avengers #209 (1981) (Tus'au) On the very edge of the Milky Way galaxy; eons ago, their civilization thrived, wedding high science with high sorcery, bringing an epoch of peace and plentitude to the known worlds; greatest of the scientist-wizards, Tus'au created the Resurrection Stone, but its life-giving powers led to massive wars to possess it, eventually bringing ruin to a million planets; the gem was lost, left to legend until recent millennia.

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #10 (1962) Fifth galaxy; Unog recruited Karl Kragg to Mister Universe competition.

unidentified Howard the Duck #2 (2016) (Wez) Purple, bushy-headed

unidentified Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinite Comic#2 (2013) Purple-skinned bipeds with pointed ears and teeth; Wheezey was employed by Funtzel until slain by Blackjack O'Hare as part of a plot to frame Rocket (Raccoon).

unidentified Thor #23 (2000) Presumably yellow-skinned, minimal facial features, three fingers and no thumbs. X'Hoss was a sorcerer of unequalled skill "before time's measure"

unidentified Osborn #1 (2011) Semi-humanoid reptilian bipeds; Xirdal's ship was struck by an experimental US craft in early 1950s.

unidentified World of Fantasy #18 (1959) (XR79B) Apparently humanoid race of space travelers

unidentified Thor #428 (1991) (Zalaski) Extradimensional humanoids; planet temporarily subjugated by Juggernaut.

unidentified Astonishing #52 (1956) (Zealzodo) Apparently grossly human, sought to establish peaceful relationship with humanity.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #56 (1960) (Zog) Thousand feet tall, white-furred semi-humanoids; one became trapped on Earth, encased self within iceberg and inscribed the word "ZOG" on the surface (meaning SOS), discovered in 1960, released by Burton, encased self in another iceberg.

unidentified Secret Wars #4 (1984) (Zsaji) Humanoid race; can spend lifeforce to heal others; Beyonder used part of their homeworld to create Battleworld; encountered many Earth heros; Zsaji spent entire lifeforce to save heroes from Dr. Doom's attack.

unidentified (Zu'ub) U.S.Avengers #7 (2017) Grey skin, four-arms.

unidentified X-Men #107 (1977) tentacled cyclopeans; one native was a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

unidentified Hostess Ad, ie. Defenders #73 (1979) Pitted Torgo against the Thing.

unidentified Thor #314 (1981) Yellow creatures, telepathic, resembling jellyfish, live in hive, one attached itself to Drax's head after he penetrated the hive.

unidentified Fantastic Four #241 (1982) Green-skinned semi-humanoids; one native's ship crashed on Earth in past; encountered and killed by soldiers of Caligula; possessed armor with great energy manipulating powers which was then taken by Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa.

unidentified Marvel Graphic Novel#11: Void Indigo (1984) Technological wizards sent drones to battle Geburan fleet (including Jhagur) fleeing a dying star.

unidentified Marvel Comics Presents #21 (1989) Green-skinned, semi-humanoids with tails; intergalactic warriors that sought to use Earth as an armory; utilized humans as pawns; plans thwarted by Earth's heroes.

unidentified Warheads #3 (1992) Colonists crashed on planet of poison atmosphere, able to adapt to native form.

unidentified Warheads #4 (1992) Green skin, bald, pointy ears, serve Aeish.

unidentified Darkhawk #39 (1994) Armored semi-humanoids; attempted to steal Fraternity of Raptors amulet.

unidentified Spider-Man: Venom Factor (1994) Radiation-eating race.

unidentified Venom: Nights of Vengeance #1 (1994) Some took over bodies of mercenaries to form the Stalkers.

unidentified ClanDestine #8 (1995) Green insectoids; attempted takeover of Earth in 1615; fought off by Adam Destine.

unidentified Silver Surfer #39 (1990) Warring blue and yellow peoples served as the initial power source and inspired the race who developed into the Audience.

unidentified Silver Surfer #106 (1995) Humanoid race; planet consumed by Galactus.

unidentified Shadows and Light #3 (1998) Ancient race that created Kallreich the Unconquerable genetic construct.

unidentified of Reality-99315 Fantastic Four #16 (1999) Insectoid, brought to Earth by Acanti, and they wiped out most of humanity shortly after humanity had just taken Earth back from Kree rule.

unidentified Thor Annual 2001 (2001) Black-skinned humanoids; worshipped Pennsu & Tae.

unidentified Fantastic Four #530 (2005) Native condemned to death for discovering the secret of the universe, sent cosmic ray storm that empowered the Fantastic Four, traveled to Earth and led Reed Richards back to the Big Bang to guide the creation of the universe.

unidentified Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006) Mechanoid race; built Utopia Centres on Earth, intending to put an end to war, disease, and famine, but agents of GRAMPA destroyed them, because mankind thrived through adversity.

unidentified I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart #1 (2006) Native traveled to Earth in hopes of taking Lila Cheney's guitar for his fan club.

unidentified Big Hero Six #4 (2009) Diminutive, discovered by Big Hero Six, trapped deep within research facility while on field trip, freed by BH6, returned home to do homework.

unidentified Deadpool#900 (2009) Briefly kidnapped Deadpool while he was trying to deliver some dead Russians to Chico for disposal.

unidentified Deadpool Corps #5 (2010) Pre-dated the Big Bang; the Awareness was the sole survivor until it was executed by the Deadpool Corps

unidentified Nova: The Origin of Richard Rider #1 (2010) Ymir gas giant system? 4-armed green aliens, protected by Nova from giant red aliens

unidentified Nova: The Origin of Richard Rider #1 (2010) Ymir gas giant system? Giant red aliens fought by Nova to protect 4-armed green aliens

unidentified Deadpool #33 (2011) red-horned beings; some (or one?) was a leader in the Exto Clan

unidentified Deadpool #33 (2011) hammerhead beings; some were members in the Exto Clan

unidentified Deadpool #33 (2011) green cyclopean beings; some were members in the Exto Clan

unidentified Deadpool #33 (2011) pink curled head-projection beings; some were members in the Exto Clan

unidentified planet Deadpool #34 (2011) frozen wasteland to which the Ongulians and former colonizers of Urrulu were relocated by Deadpool to escape Id.

unidentified Astonishing X-Men #66 (2013) Tentacled creatures; a child fled to Earth to avoid transforming into monstrous form as an adult, transformed people around it into a zombie-like state; encountered X-Men, eventually returned to own world.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #1 (1956) Alien fleet invaded the Earth for slaves, commander persuaded to end the invasion.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #1 (1956) Appear in people's dreams to introduce themselves to humans but are disappointed at lack of response.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #1 (1956) Mariners, travel in a ship disguised as an iceberg, met Jeff Marlin.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #2 (1956) Inhabited body of scarecrow as "Straw Man" but frightened off by a stray cigarette.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #3 (1956) (Orkavo Risa Skara, Colonel Yubek, Count Yvar) Met Hugo Valgon who brought them weapons.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #4 (1956) Small green creatures, wanted to build robots to imitate humans for invasion.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #5 (1957) Invisible, crashed ship found by Mason.

unidentified Adventure into Mystery #7 (1957) Tried to invade Earth through Andrew Morris' screen.

unidentified of Reality-????? Adventures into Terror #8 (1952)  (James Jackson, Matilda, Dean Thorndike) Eliminated all humans except Professor Edson, duplicated him for food.

unidentified Adventures into Terror #10 (1952) Invasion fleet seen through telescope.

unidentified Adventures into Terror #31 (1954) Invaders seen by Colin Gentry

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #1 (1952) (Orko) Orko mistaken for mental patient, returned to homeworld.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #2 (1952) Giant creature came to devour Earth.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #4 (1952) Hunter came to Earth for human trophies.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #4 (1952) Man of unrevealed origins visited Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Earth via teleportation power.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #8 (1952) Form of a human child but killed anyone he touched.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #21 (1953) (Zor Krzzack) Zor killed by living trees.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #21 (1953) Living trees, killed Zor Krzzack for trying to plunder their planet

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #23 (1953) (Thea) fanged monsters, impersonated humans.

unidentified of Reality-????? Adventures into Weird Worlds #24 (1953) Look like Earth animals; two infiltrated Earth as Bruno's hunting dogs.

unidentified Adventures into Weird Worlds #25 (1954) Captured a human in their hospital.

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 (1961) Hypnotized spy, didn't remember his true identity (possibly Skrull)

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 (1961) Didn't speak English but befriended Bobby.

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #8 (1962) Monstrous creature, came to befriend humanity but chased off.

unidentified of Reality-????? Amazing Adult Fantasy #10 (1962) Living planets

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #11 (1962) (Zogg) shapeshifters, Zogg turned into housefly.

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #13 (1962) Amorphous creatures, disguised as television sets.

unidentified Amazing Adult Fantasy #14 (1962) Tried to ally with Jones but rebuffed.

unidentified Amazing Adventures #2 (1961) Prison escapee, had a Martian car.

unidentified Amazing Adventures #5 (1961) (Monsteroso) Giant misunderstood creatures.

unidentified Amazing Adventures #6 (1961) Yellow-skinned semi-humanoids; access to matter transmitters.

unidentified Astonishing #8 (1952) Shapeshifter, flesh eaters, devoured humans.

unidentified of Reality-????? Astonishing #14 (1952) After atomic war put surviving humans on exhibit.

unidentified Astonishing #16 (1952) (Kol) Monstrous appearance, healing power, Kol befriended Janie, healed her from fall but Jim blamed Kol and killed him, not realizing Janie was alive.

unidentified of Reality-????? Astonishing #30 (1954) Circa 2610 A.D., conquered the Earth.

unidentified Astonishing #32 (1954) (Dr. Barsh) Green skin, shapeshifting and invisibility powers, posed as humans.

unidentified Astonishing #36 (1954) (Thor) Visitor disguised as caveman, survived being frozen in ice.

unidentified of Reality-????? Astonishing #38 (1955) Wondered if humans were peaceful.

unidentified Astonishing #39 (1955) Man with rainmaking device was possibly alien.

unidentified of Reality-????? Astonishing #40 (1955) Circa 2301 A.D. met humans on planet rich in uranium, gave the humans ownership of the planet but it wasn't actually theirs.

unidentified Astonishing #42 (1955) Pink skin, beaks, came to conquer Earth but saw actors dressed as Saturnians and thought they were rivals.

unidentified Astonishing #42 (1955) Little furry creatures, telepaths, mistaken for Earth wildlife.

unidentified Astonishing #44 (1955) Disguised house as rocket to capture humans.

unidentified of Reality-????? Astonishing #46 (1956) (Junar) psychics, cast illusions of dinosaurs to frighten astronauts.

unidentified of Reality-????? Astonishing #49 (1956) Invisible, injected humans with chemicals to make them less arrogant.

unidentified Astonishing #50 (1956) (General Pzlp) invasion thwarted by Waldo Boggins.

unidentified Astonishing #51 (1956) Professor Loring discredited John Farrar's book about flying saucers.

unidentified Astonishing #53 (1956) Alien circus owner had a woolly mammoth.

unidentified Astonishing #54 (1956) Used healing ray to cure Earth people's ailments.

unidentified Astonishing #55 (1956) Ollie was spy on Earth.

unidentified Astonishing #56 (1956) Unseen alien presence emerged from fissure, controlled Ted Fraser's mind.

unidentified Astonishing #56 (1956) Bakor received transmissions from Earth but couldn't answer them.

unidentified Astonishing #62 (1957) (Billy Grayson) flight power, Billy raised as human to help prepare Earth to meet their species.

unidentified Astonishing #63 (1957) Alien lost his son's matter duplicator on Earth.

unidentified Cable #84 (2000) Green-skinned bipeds with two red eyes on each side of the head and prominent mandibles with sharp teeth; apparently exterminated by the Undying, with one being kept in stasis on the spaceship Azazel to serve as the host of Aentaros as needed to defend the ship; that form decomposed shortly after being revived and exposed to Earth's atmosphere.

unidentified Cable #84 (2000) Brown-skinned bipeds with horizontally-opposing separate hemi-mandiles; apparently exterminated by the Undying, with one being kept in stasis on the spaceship Azazel to serve as the host of Lothan as needed to defend the ship; that form decomposed shortly after being revived and exposed to Earth's atmosphere.

unidentified Cable #84 (2000) Amorphous creartures able to form tentacles and pseudo-pods; apparently exterminated by the Undying, with one being kept in stasis on the spaceship Azazel to serve as the host of Semijan as needed to defend the ship; that form decomposed shortly after being revived and exposed to Earth's atmosphere.

unidentified Cable #84 (2000) Large and powerful brown bipeds with separate hemi-mandibles; apparently exterminated by the Undying, with one being kept in stasis on the spaceship Azazel to serve as the host of Tiamet as needed to defend the ship; that form decomposed shortly after being revived and exposed to Earth's atmosphere.

unidentified Cable #84 (2000) Green creatures with multiple eyes and tentacles; apparently exterminated by the Undying, with one being kept in stasis on the spaceship Azazel to serve as the host of Vaudois as needed to defend the ship; that form decomposed shortly after being revived and exposed to Earth's atmosphere.

unidentified Chamber of Darkness #1 (1969) (Dr. Caruthers) Four-armed telepathic men, impersonated humans.

unidentified Contest of Champions #2 (1999) Present aboard Brood Imperiatrix's Acanti starship. Reptillian? creatures with fangs, clawed digits, prehensile tails

unidentified Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3 (1995) Conquered by Tyrant, used as his worldship's military protectors; he ripped the hearts of all of the males after one of his globes of power was stolen.

unidentified Defenders: From the Marvel Vault #1 (2011) After a planet-wide disaster of mysterious proportions, a refugee from this race's collective was set adrift and landed on Earth where it sought to establish a new colony, ensnaring all minds with happy dreams.

unidentified Gambit #15 (2013) grey/whale-faced, tall, three-fingered aliens; brought to Earth by Gambit's criminal ally Kahlil who made illegal passports and promised the aliens sanctuary; when the Maggia opposed, Gambit arranged peace by agreeing to send the aliens to New Orleans to his allies

unidentified Giant-Size Chillers #1 (1975) (Lagoon Creature of Rising Sun) Spotted in 1969.

unidentified Incredible Hulk #112 (1969) Green, amorphous race with large eyes and many tentacles; created Galaxy Master, who slew the whole race.

unidentified Incredible Hulk #21 (2000) assigned to guard hybrid alien corn, opposed the Ancients; members known only as One & Two took form of two white males in black suits and ties

unidentified Journey into Mystery #12 (1953) human-like, child found by greedy couple, child's parents killed couple.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #14 (1954) led a farmer's son to their world to learn what Earth was like.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #16 (1954) (Adam) Adam tested youth serum which revealed he was alien in diguise.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #19 (1954) (Skaa) shapeshifters, Skaa assumed form of Elias but copied Elias' goodness and turned against invasion.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #21 (1955) (John Carter, Mary Carter) John and Mary were spies for invasion but grew to love Earth and thwarted invasion.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #22 (1955) Shapeshifters, asked a fantasy writer to explain human emotions to them.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #23 (1955) Giants, child stole Earth landmarks.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #25 (1955) Found by Charley Sims, altered his memories to forget them.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #29 (1955) (Clyx) Don't breathe oxygen, take elephants' corpses for disposal.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #30 (1956) (Dal, Jon) Jon raised on Earth, reunited with brother Dal when Dan led invasion.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #32 (1956) Spaceship mistaken for meteor, pilot reshaped it into elevator car form.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #34 (1956) Mistook humans' friendly overtures for danger.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #36 (1956) Sought to build hovering city on Earth.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #36 (1956) Apparently glimpsed by Ebenezer Prystone while he was supposedly traveling in time.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #38 (1956) (Stone Face) Stone Face was black magician buried on Earth, disappeared when Richard Dell refused to believe in him.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #38 (1956) Rescued ship caught in Sargasso Sea.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #39 (1956) Visitor found humans too fearful.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #41 (1956) Invisible, flying saucer, infiltrated humans.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #49 (1958) (Dr. Wallace) mirror-like face.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #49 (1958) (Agent X) tried to set bomb on Earth.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #50 (1959) Sent 3 spies to Earth but one rebelled and destroyed his people's weapons when he returned.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #50 (1959) Living asteroids.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #51 (1959) One-eyed, telepaths, primitive race, in 2705 A.D., projected images of spaceships to lure humans to their world.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #51 (1959) Couldn't speak English, decided Earth were too primitive and dangerous.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #55 (1959) Alien spore, grew on Earth but eaten by garter snake before it could grow larger.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #57 (1960) (Orogo) sent robot Orogo to attack Earth. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #58 (1960) Built toy robots to conquer Earth.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #59 (1960) (Shagg) Shagg lived on Earth as the Sphinx. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #61 (1960) (Gomdulla) massive aliens, Gomdulla garbed as mummy, gained Earth followers. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #63 (1960) Doll-like, healing touch, befriended Cathy Jones.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #67 (1961) (Gruto) red scales, Gruto came to befriend Earth but discouraged by Dan Mitchell's abuse. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #69 (1961) (Korilla) Korilla led Earth invasion using ray beam. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #70 (1961) (Sandman) sand-like, Sandman resided on Earth for centuries. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #72 (1961) (Glob) alien statue, brought to life by paint chemicals on Earth, inert after exposure to turpentine. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #74 (1961) Wax statues on Earth.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #74 (1961) (Z-4) Used tiny robot men to invade Earth.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #76 (1962) Savage creatures controlled by a robot on their world.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #77 (1962) 3 arms, ugly, mental powers, made themselves appear more handsome to humans.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #81 (1962) (Kunga) resemble gorillas, Kunga visited Africa. 

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Mystery #82 (1962) Circa 2962 A.D., humanity sought to conquer other alien race but Darius Zorr claimed planet was uninhabited to protect them.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #82 (1962) (Adam Able) Able was alien spy with robot chairs. 

unidentified Journey into Mystery #87 (1962) Sea serpents, child was lost on Earth, killed by a-bomb.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #89 (1963) Mechanic reconfigured car to fly to homeworld.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #91 (1963) Telepathic plants, grew on Earth, eaten by crows.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #100 (1964) Psychiatrist treated patient who dreamed of humans.

unidentified Journey into Mystery #102 (1964) Had device to make objects 2-dimensional, helped save Earth from another invading fleet.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #16 (1953) Green skin, shapeshifters, spray liquid over humans to kill them and assume their form.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #18 (1953) Green skin, killed human astronaut because they thought he was hideous.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #28 (1954) Giant, one visited Earth, killed by a frightened farmer.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #29 (1954) (Kayler, Voss) Homeworld destroyed, visited Earth in prehistoric times, killed by cavemen who wanted their weapons.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #33 (1955) (Aram) unsuccessfully tried to warn humans of Earth's destruction.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #34 (1955) Planet creates duplicates of everything, including visitors.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #35 (1955) (Bos) Thought dogs were dominant life on Earth.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #35 (1955) Green skin, one saw Meredith Moore in his mirorr and vice-versa.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #36 (1955) Created flying saucer rides as means to introduce humanity to his people.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #38 (1955) (One) plant people, don't breathe oxygen.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #39 (1955) White skin, captured Earth's test monkeys from rockets.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #42 (1956) (Xyli) Bird-like, spy disguised as human.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #42 (1956) BTS, left message warning other races to beware Earth.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #44 (1956) Robots, superior beings.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #45 (1956) Used Ferris wheel to return to homeworld.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #45 (1956) Human-like, brought humans from Space Station X-21 to "paradise."

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #46 (1956) Mistaken for organgutan, came to welcome humans into Great Galactic Government.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #46 (1956) (Jklywr Ngm) Jklywr accidentally dropped off on Earth.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #46 (1956) Giants, menaced John on their world.

unidentified of Reality-????? Journey into Unknown Worlds #47 (1956) Brought Christmas tree to humans who colonized their world.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #47 (1956) Robot-like, used human-like robots, humans mistook the robots for the masters.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #53 (1957) Dinosaur-like, eggs found on Earth.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #56 (1957) Ghost-like, brought to Earth by Martin.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 (2019) Parasites, infected humans.

unidentified Journey into Unknown Worlds #1 (2019) Put children into cocoons, transforming them into aliens.

unidentified Marvel Comics Presents #172 (1995) Primitive race native to Begot that the Silver Surfer referred to as Children.

unidentified Marvel Tales #95 (1950) unseen, drained people's life energies for sustenance.

unidentified Marvel Tales #101 (1951) (Frank Mills) antennae, assumed human forms but true appearance visible in silhouette.

unidentified Marvel Tales #122 (1954) (Mu, Vu) literal-minded aliens, can exist in vacuum of space.

unidentified of Reality-????? Marvel Tales #122 (1954) Aliens replaced all humans on Earth except Lee Baldwin.

unidentified Marvel Tales #125 (1954) Zirtalx took over human bodies for invasion.

unidentified Marvel Tales #126 (1954) Xyl crashed ship on Earth, created black pool that dissolves all matter.

unidentified Marvel Tales #128 (1954) Met Emily, gave her ring to identify her to be spared from coming invasion.

unidentified Marvel Tales #129 (1954) Animal-like, one cared for by a human but it thought of the human as its pet.

unidentified Marvel Tales #130 (1955) Arak used twister to capture things from Earth for study.

unidentified Marvel Tales #131 (1955) Sold Honest Ernest a car that could travel to other planets.

unidentified Marvel Tales #134 (1955) Four arms, peacefully greeted humanity in Nebraska.

unidentified Marvel Tales #134 (1955) Four arms, green skin, dumped convicts on Earth after wiping their memories; humanity was likewise descended from mindwiped alien criminals.

unidentified Marvel Tales #138 (1955) BTS, came to Earth in an asteroid, greeted Daniel Farley.

unidentified Marvel Tales #138 (1955) Were causing creation of midgets on Earth to make humans gradually smaller and easier to conquer, foiled by Frank Ferris.

unidentified Marvel Tales #139 (1955) Tol enjoyed watching Les Norton's clowning.

unidentified Marvel Tales #141 (1955) Wook human form to learn about emotions from a professor, when professor died they experienced grief.

unidentified Marvel Tales #142 (1956) Gave dictators soap that shrunk them.

unidentified Marvel Tales #143 (1956) Tried to capture a motorist in a repeating time loop.

unidentified Marvel Tales #143 (1956) Bell rang to warn of their invasion.

unidentified Marvel Tales #146 (1956) Bald, one visited Dr. Daniel Coleman and promised him they would be humanity's friends.

unidentified Marvel Tales #151 (1956) controlled by Anthony Ludlow mind control device, ending their invasion.

unidentified Marvel Tales #151 (1956) (Kraa) grew concerned when Mr. Collier wanted a monopoly on space flight.

unidentified Marvel Tales #156 (1957) (J. R. Alton) built 2-mile high skyscrapers to destabilize the Earth.

unidentified Marvel Tales #157 (1957) black blob recruited Herman Miller to steal Earth's secrets but both killed in radiation chamber.

unidentified Marvel Tales #157 (1957) orange skin, large, when humans weren't afraid of them they promoted peace.

unidentified Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7 (1982) Yellow-skin; one was selected to challenge the Champion of the Universe but was defeated.

unidentified Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7 (1982) Green-skin, approximately 11' tall, lean; one was selected to challenge the Champion of the Universe but was defeated.

unidentified Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7 (1982) Pink-skin, approximately 10' tall, horn on head?; one was selected to challenge the Champion of the Universe but was defeated.

unidentified Men's Adventures #21 (1953) flying saucers are actually aliens, like giant clams.

unidentified Menace #9 (1954) creatures possess human bodies.

unidentified Monsters on the Prowl #9 (1971) Neron-Alak posed as Egyptian deity.

unidentified Mystery Tales #24 (1954) Unseen, came in flying saucers, created Easter Island statues.

unidentified Mystery Tales #25 (1955) Unseen, polka-dot people, at war with striped people, sent recruiters to make humans like them.

unidentified Mystery Tales #27 (1955) Human-like, one masqueraded as Burke for science fiction league's party.

unidentified Mystery Tales #30 (1955) Unseen, sent meteors at Earth to prevent space travel.

unidentified Mystery Tales #31 (1955) (Jki, Ogo) Spider-like, brought Roger and Helen Knot to their world using imitator machine as lure.

unidentified Mystery Tales #32 (1955) Plant, grew on Earth, accidentally killed by Kim.

unidentified Mystery Tales #32 (1955) (Hank) Human-like but only 1/6th the size.

unidentified Mystery Tales #35 (1955) Shapeshifter, went to costume party to understand human appearances.

unidentified Mystery Tales #38 (1956) Green skin, hid in hurricanes while preparing for invasion.

unidentified Mystery Tales #39 (1956) (Franz Borak) Borak's invasion discovered when Jerry Fulton obtained telepathy.

unidentified Mystery Tales #41 (1956) (Oron) Oron worked in metal factory, built flying saucer to return home.

unidentified Mystery Tales #42 (1956) In past impersonated Sir Robert de Quincey and Richard the Lion-Hearted, visited again in 1950s, realized they were out-of-date.

unidentified of Reality-????? Mystery Tales #43 (1956) Green skin, telepaths, no mouths, captured human thieves on their world.

unidentified Mystery Tales #45 (1956) (Kor) Gills, breathe water, Kor stranded on Earth, dived for pearls.

unidentified Mystery Tales #47 (1956) Plant-like, 1-year lifespan, imitated humans, populated Smithtown.

unidentified Mystery Tales #48 (1956) Green skin, short, cannot speak, asked for Hank Mill's help in communication.

unidentified Mystic #5 (1951) Used magnetic ray to steal cities from Earth, sent fake city with h-bombs to destroy them.

unidentified Mystic #9 (1952) (Groorg, Teenor) Teenor as scout, convinced humans weren't ready for contact.

unidentified Mystic #24 (1953) (Orman) flying saucers are alien dishes thrown by Orman's wife.

unidentified Mystic #32 (1954) spread drug in water that turned humans into werewolves.

unidentified Mystic #34 (1954) sent scouting device to Earth to see if humans were smart enough to dismantle it.

unidentified Mystic #37 (1955) bright pink skin, pointed ears, spy was ready to recommend Earth's destruction until he experienced the joy of Christmas.

unidentified Mystic #39 (1955) (Bret Nevil) Nevil lived on Earth until aged 155 so he could collect on insurance policy before going home.

unidentified of Reality-????? Mystic #40 (1955) (Kab, Sko) 3268, Earth was a "satellite" experiment, cut Earth from its orbit when experiment ended.

unidentified Mystic #40 (1955) Left uranium on Earth as experiment to see what humans would do with it.

unidentified Mystic #45 (1956) (Peters) disguised as janitor Peters made suggestions to help humans.

unidentified Mystic #46 (1956) (Fran, Dr. Nordell) sent spies to Earth as scientists.

unidentified Mystic #48 (1956) creatures attempted to invade through portal in oil well.

unidentified Mystic #50 (1956) used hurricane as a cover for their invasion.

unidentified Mystic #53 (1956) convinced by President's daughter to spare Earth from destruction.

unidentified Mystic #59 (1957) froze ship at sea at start of invasion but then caught in hurricane and pulled underwater to destruction.

unidentified of Reality-????? Mystical Tales #1 (1956) pink skin, don't speak English, learned baseball as communication tool.

unidentified Mystical Tales #3 (1956) spotted over lighthouse.

unidentified Mystical Tales #4 (1956) green skin, tested Grover Hawkins to see if humans were ready for space travel.

unidentified Original Sin Annual #1 (2014) Semi-humanoid bipeds (also in loincloths and wielding knives) with a long thick tail and sharp talon fingers (perhaps only two fingers) on a rocky, mountainous terrain.

unidentified Original Sin Annual #1 (2014) Giant (perhaps 15' tall) cyclopean apparent robot, with some buildings and flying saucers in the background.

unidentified of Reality-93060 Prototype #5 (1993) Green, shape-shifting creatures, devour minds and bodies, invaded Russian space station, fought Prototype and Strangers; those on the station were apparently destroyed when Supra sacrificed herself to destroy the space station

unidentified of Reality-7711 Rampaging Hulk #4 (1977) Utopian world that degenerated into savagery after King Chen K'an's astral form was banished from his body by the dark sorceress Lyissa; after summoning the Hulk to aid him in confronting and slaying Lyissa, Chen K'an used the Star of Catalax to destroy his world, freeing its soul so that it could be born again.

unidentified Savage Sword of Conan #11 (1976) Three men seeking Jewel from Beyond came to Earth; mesmerize others, kill with a touch.

unidentified Silver Surfer #6 (1969) giant savages living on planet immediately next to Overlord's world, both of which were contained within a planetary ring/

unidentified of Reality-????? Spellbound #18 (1953) Invaded Earth, wiped out all humans.

unidentified of Reality-????? Spellbound #20 (1954) Circa 2025 A.D., visited Earth to learn how they killed Satan.

unidentified Spellbound #23 (1954) Arak befriended a dog; when humans killed the dog he told his people humans weren't worth keeping alive.

unidentified Spellbound #27 (1956) purple skin, tried to convert humans into robots.

unidentified Spellbound #29 (1956) came to buy human technology but paid with Confederate money.

unidentified Spellbound #29 (1956) refugees, worked for Dave Miller at Joyland Park posing as performers.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #6 (1955) befriended Inuit, turn men into totem poles.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #7 (1956) mutants, had Old John repair their spacecraft but he failed and it was destroyed.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #8 (1956) (Xac-Shon) used funhouse to test humans.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #9 (1956) pink skin, members of Galactic Empire, met Alvin Huntley.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #9 (1956) Potter posed as weatherman.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #10 (1956) tiny creature, built towers in the Black Forest, mistaken for an alien pet.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #11 (1956) in World War II tried to hypnotize PT boat crew.

unidentified Strange Stories of Suspense #16 (1957) giant insect, blots out the sun, possibly from macroverse.

unidentified Strange Tales #2 (1951) unseen, sent massive toxic egg to Earth as weapon.

unidentified Strange Tales #4 (1951) giant eye, kills those who look upon it, brought to Earth by Lyle Chambers to serve him, resented Chambers, killed him.

unidentified Strange Tales #4 (1951) assumed form of infant, killed adopted parents.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #6 (1952) Living moon, consumed astronauts.

unidentified Strange Tales #13 (1952) giants, captured humans, brought to their world, considered them "bugs."

unidentified Strange Tales #18 (1953) invaded Earth, driven off by farmer Lemuel.

unidentified Strange Tales #21 (1953) came in peace but killed by humans' atomic weapons.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #25 (1954) Circa 2500 A.D., creature wiped out humanity leaving only robots.

unidentified Strange Tales #30 (1954) (Knixe) invasion spotted by man who was out of phase with reality.

unidentified Strange Tales #34 (1955) flying saucers, altered Earth's oxygen pressure ahead of invasion.

unidentified Strange Tales #35 (1955) (Hoyt, Marla) raised Randy on their world, he returned to Earth.

unidentified Strange Tales #37 (1955) (Ogyx) pink skin, telepaths, temporarily gave Mark Dawes telepathy.

unidentified Strange Tales #40 (1955) visitor menaced by humans but helped by dog, spared Earth for the sake of dogs.

unidentified Strange Tales #41 (1955) utopian civilization, exiled their criminals to Earth 1000s of years in past.

unidentified Strange Tales #43 (1956) orange skin, tried to cure humanity's diseases, prevented by Lester Harmon.

unidentified Strange Tales #43 (1956) Ogu spied in form of infant but called off invasion thanks to Joe the clown.

unidentified Strange Tales #44 (1956) unseen presence, befriended Bobby.

unidentified Strange Tales #45 (1956) green skin, invasion thwarted by Felix Hunter.

unidentified Strange Tales #48 (1956) stole a skyscraper, replaced it with one of his buildings.

unidentified Strange Tales #49 (1956) spherical, thought dogs were highest form of life on Earth.

unidentified Strange Tales #51 (1956) human-like, spaceship disguised as temple.

unidentified Strange Tales #52 (1956) used hypnosis to appear human, thwarted because he wasn't interested in Janice Marley.

unidentified Strange Tales #57 (1957) (Carl) posed as radio ham on Earth, feared radio prank would spoil invasion.

unidentified Strange Tales #62 (1958) assumed form of leopard to turn animals against humans, killed by gorilla.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #69 (1959) Armada spotted by Charlie Brewster.

unidentified Strange Tales #70 (1959) rammed by Soviet submarine, kidnapped its crew.

unidentified Strange Tales #70 (1959) (Okzik, Zokae) invaded Egypt, driven off by the Sphinx.

unidentified Strange Tales #71 (1959) (Emperor Mool) Mool went undercover on Earth, fell in love with Anne, told fleet to cancel invasion.

unidentified Strange Tales #71 (1959) Charlie posed as Earth pilot to ward off flying saucer sightings.

unidentified Strange Tales #86 (1961) Invasion stopped by Mechano.

unidentified Strange Tales #87 (1961) Built beacon in Scotland in form of lighthouse, shut down by townsfolk.

unidentified Strange Tales #91 (1961) giants, invaded Earth but backed down when humans stood up to them.

unidentified Strange Tales #91 (1961) one posed as statue to see if humans would believe statues were moving.

unidentified Strange Tales #93 (1962) (Don Russell) posed as singer to control humans' minds but career ruined by Nan Miller.

unidentified Strange Tales #94 (March, 1962)

unidentified Strange Tales #95 (1962) (Two-Headed Thing) shapeshifter, assumed Eddie Kane's form.

unidentified Strange Tales #95 (1962) climbed into what he thought was missile but it was time capsule, burying him alive.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #95 (1962) Frightened when first humans landed on world.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #97 (1962) Circa 5000 A.D., observed humanity struggling as Earth cooled.

unidentified Strange Tales #98 (1962) Orange-skinned semi-humanoids with fin and tail; extremely long-lived; seen member alien champions.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #99 (1962) Circa 2090 A.D., driven off by Mr. Morgan's Monster.

unidentified Strange Tales #101 (1962) looked like flying saucers, unable to make contact on Earth.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #109 (1963) human-like, planet is paradise, astronauts who visited forced to remain due to possibility of alien germs.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Tales #110 (1963) telepaths, Sector X3B, appear to be cavemen, actually highly advanced.

unidentified Strange Tales #113 (1963) (Shanng) telepaths, Shanng landed on Earth, used telepathy to hide spaceship.

unidentified Strange Tales of the Unusual #1 (1955) grant Earth people's wishes to celebrate Earth's birthday.

unidentified Strange Tales of the Unusual #3 (1956) (Wohler) Wohler became astronomer on Earth rather than invader.

unidentified Strange Tales of the Unusual #5 (1956) orange skin, mining asteroid.

unidentified Strange Tales of the Unusual #5 (1956) telepaths, Yurka came from the future but stayed in the past too long, died.

unidentified Strange Tales of the Unusual #6 (1956) (Garth, Tor) telepaths, pointed ears, sent to hunt for humans but Garth accidentally snared Tor.

unidentified Strange Worlds #1 (1958) sentient flying saucers.

unidentified Strange Worlds #1 (1958) (Kara) defeated by Dr. Thorne's robot.

unidentified Strange Worlds #2 (1959) (Kloron, Ulthar) telepaths, put Bruno Storme in their zoo.

unidentified of Reality-????? Strange Worlds #5 (1959) Circa 3400 A.D., telepaths, captured Sandor and his pirates.

unidentified Super-Spider-Man and Captain Britian Weekly #233 (1977) Telepathic semi-humanoids with big cranium; sent scout for energy sources to Earth; created Loch Ness Monster robot and various other robots; seen member Alien Beneath Loch Ness.

unidentified Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain#233 (1977) Semi-humanoid with tentacles on head and psychic powers; require large amounts of energy; search universe for power sources; one traveled to Earth centuries ago and made plans to harness power of the sun; disguised ship to appear as pre-historic monster and hid within Loch Ness, attacked students of Thames University who investigated the loch, attempted to steal power of the Star-Sceptre.

unidentified Suspense #16 (1952) (Andora, Charles, Eric, John, Mary, Tom) human-like, utopia planet, use Earth as their prison world.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #1 (1959) Inhuman appearance, circa 2000 A.D., posed as human-like to befriend humans.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #2 (1959) human-like, 2026 A.D. unable to break inter-galactic barrier.

unidentified of Reality-59356 Tales of Suspense #2 (1959) (Kjem) Human-like; circa 2045 A.D. sought to conquer Planet X and were instead enslaved by its flora; witnessed the arrival of Josef Kluge's rocket; briefly served him and his men until they were enslaved as well

unidentified Tales of Suspense #3 (1959) from outside space-time continuum, presence on Earth made house seem haunted.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #3 (1959)  (Dhurk) spotted, tentacles, one eye, telepaths, circa 2058 A.D. invaded Earth but telepathic weapons could be defeated through mental resistance.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #4 (1959)  System 472, living plants, circa 2500 A.D. saved Jim Stack.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #8 (1960) friendly flying saucer visited Earth.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #10 (1960) tree-like, invaded Nightmare Valley in Himalayas, killed by volcano.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #12 (1960) (Gor-Kill) gaseous, Gor-Kill invaded Poland, slain by Hans Grubink.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #12 (1960) orange, hairy, met Rick Jordan on Midnight Island but he was afraid of it.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #13 (1961) friendly aliens near Cragmoor Castle, healed a novelist then returned home.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #17 (1961) unseen, spaceship disguised as mountain.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #20 (1961) sent capsule to welcome humans but all humans were afraid to enter.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #23 (1961) (Creature from the Black Bog) gifted John and Martha with youth for helping him escape bog.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #28 (1962) Look like rocket ships, chased Bruno Brugg.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #29 (1962) Flame-breathing dragon, circa 2088 A.D. helped astronauts repel meteors.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #33 (1962) Flying saucer found by Harry Grubb, tricked him into capture.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #34 (1962) Sector X330, planet surrounded by anti-mater mist, warned humans from entering it.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #34 (1962) Giants, 12th Galaxy, thought Earth was too small to conquer.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #36 (1962) Gave golden touch to Silvester J. Meek.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #37 (1963) Armada frightened off by billboards for "Behold the Monster."

unidentified Tales of Suspense #38 (1963) (Sgt. Ogg) Pirates fled to Earth posing as policemen claimed were pursued by pirates but Henry Matthews revealed they were the pirates.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #40 (1963) Green-skinned semi-humanoids with uni-brow, three fingers (including thumb), no nose and beak-like mouth; created Gargantus robot and sent it to take over the town of Granville; plot stopped by Iron Man (Tony Stark); later robot attack stopped by Captain America (Steve Rogers).

unidentified Tales of Suspense #46 (1963) Eighth Galaxy, flashlight allows wielder to fly through space.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #50 (1964) Human-like, welcomed Wilbur Weems.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #51 (1964) Ravaged by atomic war, tried to warn Paul Harding.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales of Suspense #52 (1964) Made Kenn Bentley and Valerie Reynolds their rulers for being selfless.

unidentified Tales of Suspense #55 (1964) (Skrang) Mistook Miss Hotchkiss as being more powerful than the Fox-People because of her fox collar.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales to Astonish #1 (1959) Yellow skin, circa 2095 A.D. Tom Jonson came for their atomic oil but oil behaved like living thing.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales to Astonish #2 (1959) Orange skin, short, in 2058 A.D. put Dunstan Craig in their zoo.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales to Astonish #2 (1959) Human-like but very short, 2087 encountered Harry Grant.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #5 (1959) Krag sent to conquer Earth but eaten by living starship.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #5 (1959) Living starship, consumed Krag when he tried to commandeer it.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales to Astonish #5 (1959) Reality-????? "Forbidden Planet," giant insects, visited by Tim Korey in 23rd century.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #6 (1959) Assumed forms of African wood carvings but frozen when varnish applied to them.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #7 (1960) Long-lived giant semi-humanoids with three-fingered claws, insect eyes and white fur; colonized worlds after the dominant race died out; identified member Anuxa.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #7 (1960) aka "Them." 4' tall, ridged noses; rescued from bog by Lem Whipple, gave him a chest containing their most prized possession (air), promised to invade Earth later.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #11 (1960) (Monstrom) monstrous, Monstrom evaded mobs until humans could accept his people.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #12 (1960) monstrous creature attacked Major Ford's space vessel.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #19 (1961) (Zomok) captured Bart Magor on hunting expedition.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales to Astonish #23 (1961) living asteroid from the Fourth Galaxy.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #25 (1961) Conquerors driven from Earth by Monstrollo, after which the more peaceful class rose up and took power; the new peaceful rulers traveled to Earth and rebuilt Monstrollo for Charles Hudson to restore his career.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #28 (1962) Benevolent, covered Earth in a thick fog to obscure them and prevent them from being destroyed by the Mong

unidentified Tales to Astonish #28 (1962) Tree-like, landed on Haunted Hill.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #31 (1962) Giant mummy, slumbered in pyramid, revived but couldn't breathe oxygen.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #31 (1962) Flying saucer dropped paintbrush, artist used it to alter reality, undone when owner reclaimed it.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #34 (1962) Came from world with no water, mistook Pacific Ocean for land, drowned.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #38 (1962) Posed as sculptor, thought his disguise didn't work when Gizzard criticized his sculptures.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #41 (1963) (the Beast) four armed gorilla-like, psychic powers, the Beast befriended Shorty, killed Bruno Storme.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #45 (1963) extremely smart, treated Boris Bronson as moron when he came to their world.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #48 (1963) asked Jasper Jenks to help repair his radio, improved his airplane.

unidentified of Reality-????? Tales to Astonish #52 (1964) Circa 3000 A.D., escapees took men's side in argument about jailing space travelers.

unidentified Tales to Astonish #55 (1964) Gorko posed as gypsy, took Baron Radzik as specimen for zoo.

unidentified (actually seven planets and races) Thor #406 (1989) Saved when Thor channeled the energies of the Null Bomb out of the Black Galaxy and into their previously dying sun, re-igniting it

unidentified Thor Annual 2001 (2001) Grey-skinned semi-humanoids; worshipped Kronitt and sacrificed their children to him; punished by him for insufficient worship; Desak empowered by Spirit to slaughter oppressive gods; identified members Almonnas Sterixian, Loatia Sterixian, Desak Sterixian.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #7 (1953) (Crisle) found Earth but couldn't breathe atmosphere.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #12 (1953) Befriended Jeb and Mamie Morner, gave Mamie six arms due to misunderstanding.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #14 (1953) Giant birds, killed Professor Gorey.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #15 (1953) Blue skin, tentacles, invaded Earth.

unidentified of Reality-????? Uncanny Tales #16 (1954) Civilization wiped out by plague.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #16 (1954) (Gorgo) giant, green skin, go fishing for humans.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #17 (1954) insectoid, took over Harry's body.

unidentified of Reality-????? Uncanny Tales #22 (1954) circa 2300 A.D., fought Earth's android army.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #23 (1954) (Peters) posed as magazine's assistant editor.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #25 (1954) (Bixx, Kel, Captain Skaa) prehistoric times crashed on Earth, inadvertently created humanity.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #25 (1954) yellow skin, invaders seen by Joe Ashton.

unidentified of Reality-????? Uncanny Tales #26 (1954) enormous creatures incubating inside worlds, Mercury's hatched.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #29 (1955) Miniature, mistaken for toy men.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #32 (1955) four arms, patient had dreams about Earth.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #32 (1955) (Mr. Jones) Mr. Jones tried to convince people he was alien but failed, disintegrated in Earth's atmosphere.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #33 (1955) (Lionel Abbot) four arms, Abbot became astronomer, tried to warn humans when his people invaded.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #34 (1955) tiny beings, mistook grass for a forest.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #34 (1955) shapeshifters, one came to Earth in peace but John Foster was afraid of it and killed it.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #35 (1955) Whit Clark riled up population against their flying saucers, they saved his life, he tried to call off attacks but was too late.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #38 (1955) mutants, resemble ants, spotted heading to Earth but decided to colonize a planetoid instead.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #39 (1956) green skin, welcomed Tom Simms into their ranks.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #45 (1956) invaders, Great Wall of China was built as defense against them.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #46 (1956) (John Simms) one posed as Simms, transmuted uranium into tin.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #48 (1956) gaseous beings, can assume solid form, thought dogs were highest form of life on Earth.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #49 (1956) green skin, telepaths, planet is rich with gold and diamonds.

unidentified Uncanny Tales #49 (1956) spy posed as mannequin.

unidentified Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) Green-skinned; blood can be used to create the drug YT-19; Venom (Flash Thompson) saved Cora and her wife and children after they had been abducted by Kio.

unidentified Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) Green-skinned; shark/kraken-like, tentacled arms; Gholar sold Cora to Kio.

unidentified Venom: Space Knight #1 (2016) Three pairs of eyes, pink-skinned. Kio attempted to deliver Cora and her family to Mercurio

unidentified Venus #12 (1951) Friendly aliens, brought Toby Martin to their world.

unidentified of Reality-????? Venus #16 (1951) (Querina, Raf) 1,000 years in future observed the destruction of Earth.

unidentified World of Fantasy #1 (1956) Weed, grew on Earth, plucked by the Meltons.

unidentified World of Fantasy #4 (1956) Henry Johnson's wife guided invasion fleet but will take them 2000 years to arrive.

unidentified World of Fantasy #4 (1956) (Tualco) Tualco was possibly an extraterrestrial who imparted knowledge to the Incans.

unidentified World of Fantasy #10 (1958) (Nargak) Nargak invaded Earth but killed by another alien.

unidentified World of Fantasy #10 (1958) Alien librarian.

unidentified World of Fantasy #12 (1958) disembodied aliens, tried to possess an insane man.

unidentified of Reality-????? World of Fantasy #16 (1959) Giant aliens on small planetoid, experience time differently, unable to detect Earth.

unidentified World of Fantasy #19 (1959) Put hypnosis inside meteorite - BTS only

unidentified World of Mystery #4 (1956) Inhabitants of the town Abbyville.

unidentified World of Suspense #2 (1956) Tiny aliens, hid inside Morton Jones' camera.

unidentified World of Suspense #3 (1956) (Carg) based on asteroid, sent Carg to learn about humans, he picked up smoking, accidentally blew up base due to high methane content.

unidentified World of Suspense #3 (1956) Human-like, met the Great Milo at Devil's Island.

unidentified World of Suspense #5 (1956) Visited Germany in 1700s, Luther Krohler is their descendant.

unidentified World of Suspense #5 (1956) (Zarki) can't breathe oxygen, Zarki's invasion thwarted when Joe Martel sang high note that broke invaders' helmets.

unidentified X-Men #40 (1968) Built Frankenstein Monster robot.

unidentified Uncanny X-Men I#125 (1979) humanoid, chalk-white skin, solid white eyes (no visible irises or pupils), large pointed ears, and hands which each had only three oversized(?) digits [two fingers plus a thumb]) ; identified members Arak and Arion.

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