Real Name: Princess Ilse Pterigil

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Dreolln) mutant

Occupation: Princess

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Defenders (Andromeda, Angel, Beast, Cloud, Gargoyle, Iceman, Valkyrie ),
her race (her mother, Sir Kaltenborn de Register-Cambric, many others), Kubik/Cosmic Cube, Seraph

Enemies: formerly the same as those under allies; Krugreppeans

Known Relatives: mother (unnamed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The planet Dreolln

Appearances: Defenders I#150 (December, 1985)

Powers: The Star-Thief possessed great, but untrained psychic powers, which allowed her to tap into and usurp the power of the Cosmic Cube. With this power, she could make her every wish a reality, and was limited only by her own scope and imagination. She was able to teleport entire stars into a pocket dimension. She could rearrange matter and energy to a vast degree. Her physical form was blind, and while her mind was outside her body in the form of the Star-Thief, it was comatose, as well.

What psychic powers she will develop on her own are uncertain, but she retains the potential to tap into the power of a Cosmic Cube.

Height: 4'8"
Weight: 87 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: Black

History: The Star-Thief was a young princess on an unnamed planet. Under unknown circumstances, a laser beam struck her eyes and penetrated into her brain, rendering her comatose. Having been used to getting anything she wanted, the princess was severely traumatized by being cut off from the outside world. Her mind reached across the vastness of space, and managed to tap into the power of the first Cosmic Cube from Earth, which had just begun its evolution into a sentient being. Now seeking vengeance on the "little light" which had injured her, she used her vast power to remove the stars from around her, leaving only her planet's own sun, which she saw as a different kind of light due to its proximity.

The Star-Thief continued to remove the stars from around her in an ever-expanding sphere. Some races were able to survive in small numbers by escaping in starships, but numerous races met their end when they suddenly lost all heat and light. A nebula in the proximity of the disappearing stars had somehow developed intelligence. This nebula sought to stop the deaths of the stars, which it saw as its brethren. The nebula tracked the Star-Thief's power source's origin to Earth, but a series of events robbed the nebula of its memory and resulted in a portion of it becoming Cloud, who ended up as a member the Defenders. Eventually Cloud regained its mind and purpose, and brought the Defenders into space with it to oppose the Star Thief.

The Defenders were aided by the intelligent Cosmic Cube, who led them to join with a fleet composed of the survivors of one of the planets that had lost its sun. The Star Thief threatened to destroy them, but its new perceptions had limited its ability to comprehend smaller levels of action, and it was unable to directly attack them. The Beast determined where the Star-Thief's home planet might be by finding the single star in the center of the empty space from where so many stars had vanished. The Defenders invaded that world, and the Cube guided them to the princess. Cloud allowed the Angel to mentally contact Star-Thief. Having been recently blinded himself, the Angel hoped the Star-Thief would relate to him best. Initially the Star-Thief feared his intrusion, and sought to lash out. She appreciated the scope of entire galaxies from the mind of the Angel, and threatened to begin wiping them out on that level. All of the Defenders, Seraph, Cloud, the Cube, and even the aliens who had lost their own Star-To the Star-Thief then joined together to mentally comfort the terrified girl. They succeeded in easing her fear and anger, and making her realize the effects of what she was doing, and the princess released a small bag that was a portal to the pocket dimension into which she had placed the stars. The Cube took the bag and returned the stars to their original locations.

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis and Don Perlin.

Star-Thief got a full entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook.

Thanks to Brandon Nash for pointing out her race's name from her profile in Defenders: Strange Heroes (2012).

Clarifications: Star-Thief should be distinguished from:

The Dreolln possess green skin, open nares (nostrils), and an enlarged cranium, but are otherwise grossly humanoid. They are scientifically advanced, possessing space-faring ships and energy weapons. They are ruled by a monarchy, and speak in a language similar to old English. The name of the race, its planet, and its galaxy, etc. are unrevealed.

Star Thief's mother was presumably the Queen of her race, and she spent most of her time caring for her comatose daughter.


Sir Kaltenborn de Register-Cambric flew a starship which encountered the race allied with the Defenders. He was overpowered by those who boarded his ship and forced to relay a message to call off the attack on the invading ship, claiming he had destroyed it. However, he set his own ship on self-destruct in an attempt to slay the invaders. He and his ship were destroyed, but the Defenders and their allies were saved by the Cosmic Cube.



The Krugreppeans that assisted the Defenders had originally been a happy, peaceful society. When the Star Thief wiped out their star, they used their starships to escape the darkness and cold that resulted. However, they possessed a limited number of ships, and only a very small number of them were able to take to the stars. The rest died on their planet.

They sought vengeance on the source of their plight, and eventually joined with the Defenders and the Cosmic Cube against the Star Thief. One of their ships brought them to Star Thief's world, and several of them participated in helping to calm Star Thief to prevent it from performing destruction on a larger scale. The name of the race, its planet, and its galaxy are not known. The galaxy is the same as that of Star Thief, and the Beast jokingly referred to their planet as Xiombarg.

The natives are covered with thick hair, have brown skin, and no visible nasal structure. Many are trained as warriors, and use both bladed and energy weapons. They possess space-faring ships and other advanced technology, but after superstitious enough to fear the Valkyrie as the Chooser of the Slain. The warriors are strong, possibly superhumanly so. They like to use the world "Hoopla" (or their languarge's equivalent) as an exclamation of some sort. None of them were known by name, but the Beast referred to several of them as Moe, Curly, and Shemp, after the Thre Stooges, of course.








(New) Defenders I#150 (December, 1985) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Don Perlin (penciler), Alan Kupperberg & Randy Emberlin (inkers), Carl Potts (editor)

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