I'm not positive, but I believe I wrote these profiles myself before making/launching the Appendix site, and then uploaded the list below all-at-once, with numbering/dating provided for those profiles coming after (9/1/2001). Actually, there were a few hundred more added, but Markus Raymond, our always-working and omni-valued editor, found those and added them to the bottom of our numbered list.

    We had that list down to 165 and figured we were close to the point when I launched the site. However, Markus then found 399 more profiles in my oldest profile folder ("Appendix") that had never been numbered. I did a further search and came up with 3 more, and Loki found another...which means our numbering count was off by AT LEAST 238. So, we'll move the profiles forward for new profiles starting with #11,451.

    I 'm pretty certain Aan Taanu was my first profile, after which I decided to start out covering every profile alphabetically. I backed up and covered Aalbort, but as I moved forward, I didn't cover most supporting characters, alternate reality character, and major characters likely to be covered in official handbooks or other unofficial websites.

    Around Abadon it occurred to me that it might be more efficient to cover groups of characters upon reviewing the issues in which those characters appeared, so I covered all of the Shadow Riders. And while covering all of those, I got antsy and wanted to cover more than one thing at once. And I progressively branched out and moved on in more than one direction. And the rest is lost to history and failing memory...

    As of those included on 1/31/2019, we have 403 from the initial upload. I suspect there's at least a few we missed. Let me know if you find a profile from the original Appendix folder (not Appendix2 - Appendix8+) that is not in the numbered list or on this page. To make it easier to search the profiles in the Appendix folder, check out this page that covers the first 3209 (+238) profiles on the website:

    The more we do, the more I realize there is to do.

    Anyway, for you pleasure (or annoyance at the older, less all-inclusive profile and lower number and quality of images) here's the list of the pre-numbered ones we've found thus far, in alphabetical order since we don't know the chronological order.

Aalbort (Aakon)

Aan Taanu (demon, Legion of the Night foe)

Aardwolf (mutant, Night Thrasher foe)

Abadon (Shadow Riders foe)

Abominatrix (She-Hulk foe)

Abraxas of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven foe)

Absorbascann (used by Everyman)

Absorbatron (Leader)

Accutech (Stark subsidiary)

Actor (Iron Man foe)

Acts of Vengeance (Loki & his unknowing allies)

Adametco (Adamantium)

Adap-Tor (Justin Hammer)

Adonis (Captain America foe)

Adrenazon (She-Hulk foe)

Aedians (xt, Silver Surfer)

Aesklos (Tigra foe)

Agathon (demon, Satana foe)

Agron of Earth-76216 (Captain America foe)

Alhazred, Abdul (Wolverine foe)

Alhazred's agents (Wolverine enemies)

Alioth (Avengers foe)

Allatou (demon)

All-Devourer (demon, Iron Man foe)

Amanda (mutant, encountered Daredevil)

Americop (Captain America "ally")

Ameridroid (Captain America foe)

Amphibion (Hulk "ally")

Andro (Dr. Doom foe)

Angel of Vengeance (Quasar "ally")

Angler (Quasar foe)

Anomaly (cosmic entity)

Anthropomorpho (Dimension of Manifestations) - by Snood & Prime Eternal

Apocalypse (Demon-Fire)

Aptak (Skrull)

Arachne (Demon-Fire)

Argus (Shang-Chi foe)

Asbestos Man (Human Torch foe)

Ash, Volcana of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven ally)

Assassin (Maria, Avengers foe)

Assassin (Committee for Free Emigration, Defenders foe)

Assault and Battery (SHIELD foes)

Asylum of Earth-691 (31st Century, Guardians of the Galaxy characters)

Atom Smasher (Ronald English, Black Goliath foe)

Atom Smasher (Iron Man foe)

Avant Guard("art attacks")

Avatar (princess Alaisa)

Axe of Violence (Lethal Legion)

Azunbulxibar (Starfox foe)

Ballantine, Kayla (Quasar supporting cast)

Band of the Bland (Howard the Duck foes)

Baroness (Captain America foe)

Bartak (skrull, Silver Surfer imposter)

Batragon (Godzilla foe)

le Beaver (Howard the Duck foe)

Beginagains (X-Factor associates)

Bermuda Triangle (Skull the Slayer)

Berserker (Avengers foe)

Berzerker (morlock)

B.E.S.T. (Bozoes Eagerly Serving Tyrants)

Beta Beast (Godzilla foe)

Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship (Legion of the Night foes)

Black Hole (Band of the Bland)

Black Tiger (Sons of the Tiger...sort of)

Blistik (Captain America foe)

Bloodhawk (Avengers associate)

Bloodstain (USAgent enemy)

Blood-Tide (Demon-Fire)

Blue Marvel (Quantum Banders)

Boot (Shadowriders)

Bora (Avant Guard)

Brotherhood of Judas (vampires, Morbius foes)

Bulk & Glow Worm (X-Factor character)

Camarilla of the N'Garai (Satana enemies)

Caprice (Scourge I-6)

Captain Rectitude (She-Hulk foe)

Caregiver (Elder)

Caretakers of Arcturus (Morbius foes)

Cassidy Crystals (used by Baroness)

Centipor (Godzilla foe)

Cerebrus of Earth-68091 (Iron Man foe)

Che (Warheads, Shadow Riders)

Chelm, George (Dracula foe)

Chickenwings (Morlock)

Children of Heaven (mutant runaways, X-factor characters)

Children of Satan (Morbius,satanic cult)

Children of the Comet (Caretakers)

Choate, Jody (Project: Glamor)

Chosen (X-Factor associates)

Clumsy Foulup (Silver Surfer "foe")

Cockroaches (She-Hulk foes)

Coldsteel (Lethal Legion)

Cold Warriors (Colossus foes)

Collection Agency (Silver Surfer foes)

Conquistador (el Aguila foe)

Conspiracy (Bloodstone foes)

Contemplator imposter (Silver Surfer & Quasar character)

Cossack (Daredevil foe)

Courier (German agent, Wolverine associate)

Crawlers (Avengers associates)

Crawling Unknown (Hulk foe)

Crazy Eight (Doc Samson associate)

Creatures from Kosmos (xd)

Crossbow (Daredevil foe)

Cyana (Lethal Legion)

Cyclops robot (Ant-Man foe)

Daemond (Morbius foe)

D'Alescio, Marguerite (Legion of the Damned)

Darkhold Redeemers

Dark Ones (xt, enemies of Synthia)

Death-Birth of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven foes)

Death-Flame (Demon-Fire, Morbius foe)

Defiler (Avengers West Coast foe)

Demetrius (Iron Man foe)

Demon (Project: Glamor)

Demon-Fire (Morbius foes)

Demon of the Mask (Dr. Strange foe)

Derath (Black Goliath ally)

Destroyer (communist)

Devil's Heart (Dracula foe)

Diabolique (Vengeance foe)

Diabolique's mother (demon)

Dimension Z (Living Eraser(s) )

Ditillio, Mickey (Project: Glamor opponent)

Doctor Angst (Band of the Bland)

Doctor Goodwrench (Avengers West Coast foe)

Doctor Reich (Howard the Duck foe)

Doctor Strange (Iron Man foe)

Domini (wife of Dracula)

Doppelganger (X-Factor foe)

Dorkham Asylum (She-Hulk foes)

Dovecote (Captain America foes)

Dragon (xt, Silver Surfer "foe")

Dwarf (Darkhold)

Dynamo City (xt, Silver Surfer foes)

Earth-A (Earth-721, Fantastic Four story)

Earth-Femizonia (Earth-715; pre-divergence) - 23rd Century

el Dorado (City of Gold)

Ember, Holly Ann (mutant, Aladdin Effect Graphic Novel)

Empathoid (Spider-Man foe)

Emperor (Fantastic Four foe)

Endotherm (Iron Man foe)

Eternity Man (Jason Beere, Avengers foe)

Evans, Willie Jr. (mutant, with Grunt)

Examiner (creation of Sligs, Avengers West Coast foe)

Executioner (communist dictator, Thor foe)

Exiter (familiar to Satana)

Exo-Mind (Hellfire Helix, Bloodgem)

Explorer (Elder of the Universe)

Faceless Man (Dracula foe)

Faceless One (Kt'Kn, Dr. Doom foe)

Failure Five (Machine Man foe)

Fastforward (Quasar ally)

Fatima (SHIELD I ally)

Jason Faust (Dracula foe)

Fear-Eaters (xt, seen in Marvel Comics Presents)

Feathered Felon (Speedball foe)

Fifth Dimension (Xemu)

Fooferah (Galactic Marathon)

Forever Man (Dracula foe)

Four (demon-cult, Satana enemies)

Freak Quincy (Iron Man associate)

Freedom Science Studies Institute (Project: Glamor)

Fury (Captain Britain/X-Men foe)

Fusion (Fusser twins, Spider-Man foe(s))

Gael (IRA,Daredevil foe)

Galaxy Master (Hulk foe)

Gamma-Burn (Wonder Man foe)

Gargantus (Iron Man foe)

Gene Dogs (Marvel UK)

General Wo (Captain America foe)

Geometer (Quasar foe)

Gestalt (Hulk foe)

Ghilaron (Godzilla foe)

Gingerbread Man (Howard the Duck "foe")

Glom (Imperial Guard)

Godzilla Squad (SHIELD, Godzilla characters)

Gold, Martin (Legion of the Night)

Golddigger (Captain America foe)

Goodfellow (Shadow Riders)

Goody Two-Shoes (Thing foe, Assistant Editor's month)

Graves, Clifton (Dracula foe)

Grosgumbeekians (xt, Quasar)

Grunt (Shadow Riders)

Gzoom (Galactic Marathon)

Half-Man (SHIELD foe)

Hangman (Avengers West Coast foe)

Helleyes (demon, Morbius foe)

Hellfire Helix (Exo-Mind, Bloodgem)

Heron, Dr. Michael (Satana ally)

Hidden Man (Giant-Man foe)

Hijacker (Ant Man foe)

Hurricane (Marvel UK)

I the Great (Dynamo City)

Inquisitor (Wolverine foe)

Jack Serious (Dorkham Asylum)

Jaguar Priest (Bermuda Triangle)

Janus the Nega-Man (Fantastic Four foe)

Jessie ?? (mutant, Typhoid Mary ally)

Jinku (Lava Men)

Jinx (Darkhold Redeemers)

Katabolik (Demon-Fire)

Khoon (Silver Surfer foe)

Kidney Lady (Howard the Duck foe)

Kirigi (Hand)

Kosmos (Creatures)

Krollar (Mega-Monsters)

Krylla of Earth-68091 (Iron Man ally)

Kulla (Slaveworld)

Kurrgo (Master of Planet X)

LaPorte, Emma (victim of Rusty Collins, @ X-Factor)

Legion of the Damned (vampires)

Legion of the Night (occult warriors)

Lepirax (Godzilla foe)

Lethal Legion (agents of Satannish)

Lifestone (Dr. Demonicus)

Living Eraser (s) (Dimension Z)

Liuchow, Chan (Legion of the Night)

Living Rock (Lava Men)

Locust (Hulk and X-villain)

Loopner, Lexington (She-Hulk character)

Lost Boys (and Girls) (mutants, agents of Nanny)

Lupeski, Anton (Dracula foe)

Lynx (Wolverine ally)

Mad Pharaoh (Iron Man foe)

Madam Macabre (Giant Man/Wasp foe)

Madame X (Ant-Man foe)

Maddicks, Karl (Secret Empire, Artie's father)

Master (Frankenstein's monster foe)

McDonald (Project:Glamor)

McDowell, Derek (Frankenstein's monster foe)

Mega Monsters (Godzilla foes)

Metazoid (Captain Mar-Vell foe)

Mikas (Iron Man foe...not a misspelling)

Minions of Mordo

Mint Julep of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven ally)

Mister Kline of Earth-71778 (Assassin, Daredevil/Iron Man foe)

Miximixum (Galactic Marathon)

Mole (Morlock)

Molto (Lava Men)

Mongu (Boris Monguski, Hulk foe)

Mongu (Sandt dimension, Hulk foe)

Monolith (Avengers foe)

Monster Ape (Captain America foe)

Monteiro (Project: Glamor)

Moomji, Indries (Tony Stark foe)

Moondancer (Imperial Guard)

Mop Man (Poison associate)

Moorlands Monster (Dracula character)

Morning Star (Avengers West Coast character)

Mortag (Black Goliath foe)

Motherboard (Silver Surfer foe)

Mourners (Quasar associates)

Necromon (Netherworld/Otherworld, Black Knight enemy)

Nenora (Skrull, Silver Surfer foe)

New Genix (Fortress)

Night Phantom (Iron Man foe)

Nosferata (She-Hulk ally)

Nowlan, Michael (mutant, X-Factor character)

Omen (Legion of the Night)

Omnivore (Quasar foe)

Onslaught (Imperial Guard)

Organizer (Daredevil foe)

Origin (Cosmic being, Quasar character)

Overrider (Captain America and SHIELD II foe)

Painter (of 1000 Perils, Human Torch and Spider-Man foe)

Paragon (Kismet foe)

Para-Man (Ant Man/Pym and Wasp foe)

Playmate (Diabolique creation)

Poison-Lark (Demon-Fire)

Possessor (Bloodstone foe)

Possessors (xd, Dr. Strange foes)

Power Platoon (Dakkamite Elect)

Primus (Flb'Dbi, Fantastic Four character)

Pro-Boscis (Pip the Troll foe)

Professor Jack (Human Torch and Thing foe)

Professor Zaxton (Thor foe)

Project: Glamor (Man-Thing foes)

Pro-Rata (Howard the Duck/Spider-Man foe)

Prosilicans (xt, resulted in the Watchers' oaths)

Protector (Ant-Man (Pym) foe)

Pseudo-Man (She-Hulk foe)

Psychobabble (Doc Samson/Vengeance foe)

Pyron the Thermal Man (Avengers foe)

Q7 Strikeforce (Marvel UK, enemies of Gene Dogs)

Quantum Banders (creations of Thanos)

Rabble Rouser (Human Torch foe)

Railsback, Dr. Laurence (Project: Glamor)

Raptor (Moon Knight foe)

Raptor (Avengers West Coast ally)

Rattack of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven foe)

Reaper (Demon-Fire)

Reaver (Captain Britain foe)

Reavers of Arcturus of Earth-691 (31st Century, Guardians of the Galaxy characters)

Red Barbarian (Iron Man foe)

Ree (Protector of the Universe)

Rejects (xt, X-Factor characters)

Resurrection Stone (magic item)

Revelation of Earth-93091 (Kang foe)

Reverend Yuc (Howard the Duck foe)

Reynolds, Katherine (Legion of the Night)

Rhiahn (Mega-Monster)

Rigor (Demon-Fire)

Roadie (Shadow Riders)

Roche (Wolverine foe)

Ruthar (Atlantean criminal)

Sabre of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven ally/foe)

Saint, Amanda (Morbius ally, Sister Saint's daughter)

Samurai Destroyer (Fantastic Four/Shogun Warriors foe)

Sandu (Thor foe)

S'Byll (Skrull empress)

Scarlet Beetle (old Ant Man I foe, if you don't know him, shame on you)

Schizoid Man (Spider-Man foe)

School (Atlantean criminals, Namorita foes)

Scully, Jim (aka. Blazing Skull and Skull the Slayer)

Selbert (Project: Glamor)

Sensors (agents of High Evolutionary)

Shadow Lord (Earth Lords, Avengers character)

Silent Ones (Sons of the Tiger foes)

Silver Surfer impostor (Bartak; Skrull)

Sister Saint (Demon-Fire)

Sitting Bullseye (Band of the Bland)

Skeletron (Starblasters)

Sky-Walker (Daredevil character, Most Obscure Ever!)

Slasher (agent of Mr.Kline)

Slaveworld (Kulla)

Slaymaster (Captain Britain foe)

Slitherogue (Bermuda Triangle)

Smokescream (SHIELD enemy)

Snowfall (Captain America ally)

Solar Wind (Imperial Guard)

SOOFI (Howard the Duck foes)

Sorcerer (Human Torch foe)

Soul-Eater (Quasar foe)

Space Parasite (Hulk foe)

Space Turnip (Howard the Duck foe)

Spanker (Band of the Bland)

Spark (Avant Guard)

Spider-X (Spider-Man/Midnight Sons foe)

Spindrifter (Spider-Man ally)

Starhawk's children of Earth-691 (31st Century)

Starseed (Legion of Monster character)

Star Thief (Adam Warlock foe)

Star-Thief (Defenders foe)

Steel Raven (Fortress)

Steel Serpent (Iron Fist foe, NOT DAVOS!!)

Stinger (Avengers foe)

S.T.O.R.M. (British Covert Intelligence)

Stranger (Shadow Riders)

Stratosfire (Iron Man character)

Stygian Starbender (Protectors of the Universe)

Sun-Stealer (Guna, Watcher character)

Supremus (SHIELD foe)

Surisha (Tigra foe)

Synn, Micah (Daredevil foe)

Synthia (Beast/Starfox associates)

Tanaka, Kenjiro (Quasar supporting cast)

Tara (Children of the Comet, Morbius character)

Taranith Gelstal (Negative Zone, Fantastic Four foe)

They (Wolverine foes)

Tiboro (Dr. Strange)

Tillie the Hun (Band of the Bland)

Timekeeper (AIM, Aladdin Effect Graphic Novel)

Time Master (Ant Man (Pym) foe)

Topographical Man of Earth-691 (31st Century, Guardians of the Galaxy foe)

Tordenkakerlakk (Spider-Man foe)

Torgo (vampire, Dracula foe)

Trago (Ant Man (Pym)/Wasp foe)

Trantra (Protector of the Universe)

Triax (Mega Monsters)

Triumvirate of Terror (Avengers foes)

Troll Associates (X-villains)

Turac, Elianne (Dracula foe)

Tykkio, Yorgon (AIM, Iron Man foe)

Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn (Bloodstone character)

Umbu the Unliving (Hulk foe)

Un-Being (Cosmic entity, Quasar foe)

Val-or (moloid mutant, X-Factor character)

Vangaard (Fantastic Force character, formerly Gaard)

Vaughn, Gilbert (Quasar's dad)

Vigilance (erased Vision's memory)

Viracocha (Bermuda Triangle)

Vorin (Shadow Riders)

Vulcan (Black Goliath foe)

Warlord Wrogg (Morani, Watcher foe)

Weathermen (Avengers foes)

Wesley, William (wore Quantum Bands)

wheelie (Galactic Marathon)

Whisperer (demon, Diabolique associate)

White Ninja (Spider-Man foe, ally of Baroness)

Widowmaker (Dovecote, Captain America foe)

Wildmoon (She-Hulk foe)

Wright, Ariann (Legion of the Night)

Wright, Caspar (Legion of the Night, Ariann's great-grandfather)

Xemu (Fifth Dimension, Fantastic Four foe)

Y'Garon (Elder Gods, Triad I, Dracula foe)

Zahner, Lloyd (Corndog, Project: Glamor)

Zaniac (Thor foe)

Zeaklar (Dynamo City, Silver Surfer ally)

Zoga (Atlantean mutate)

Zom (Dr. Strange foe)

Zoroaster (Diabolique creation)

Zyklon (Lethal Legion-Satannish)

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