Real Name: Ruthar

Identity/Class: Atlantean (Homo Mermani) technology user

Occupation: Pirate

Affiliations: Partner of Zoga, utilized a band of Atlantean pirates and a few unnamed human allies; Enemy of Namor the Sub-Mariner

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: The Dead Zone, a series of undersea caverns near the Bermuda Triangle. It is known to contain and release poisonous and/or mutagenic gases. Ruthar and Zoga's base was in a section free of those gases.

Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents#7/4 (Late November, 1988)

Powers: Ruthar had the normal abilities of an Atlantean male. He possessed superhuman strength (@ Enhanced Human to Class 10 ) and durabilty. He lived and was adapted to survive underwater, and could only survive for very short periods of time out of water. His natural lifespan would be roughly twice that of a human being.

Ruthar had access to a number of energy weapons, as well as poison darts, etc.

History: Little is known of the past life of Ruthar. He could easily be anywhere from 30-90 years old. In the modern era, he partnered himself with an Atlantean mutate, Zoga. The two formed a band of pirates who sank military freighters and stole the weapons they found within them. They also formed an alliance with an unnamed man, who, probably in exchange for pearls and other sunken treasures, deliberately led ships into the range of the pirates. Zoga and Ruthar made their base within a section of the Dead Zone free of toxic gases, in which the other Atlanteans could survive without harm.

One of their attacks was observed by Namor, who managed to follow the pirates back into the Dead Zone. Zoga sent his mutated sharks to attack Namor, but he managed to wound one, causing the others to attack it in a feeding frenzy. Namor was confronted by Ruthar, who threatened him with a laser gun. Namor blinded Ruthar by squirting a bitter seaweed spray in his eyes, and then easily overpowered and subdued him. Namor also managed to overcome Zoga. Namor left Zoga for dead among his mutated sharks, and then blew up his base. It is unknown whether Ruthar or any of the others managed to escape the base before its destruction.

Comments: Created by Steve Ditko and Hollis Bright.

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