Real Name: Ulysses Abboud

Identity/Class: Human, technology user, citizen of Morocco (or another Arabian country)

Occupation: Geneticist, Terrorist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: master of Half-Man; utilized army of servants; employer of Cedric Twigg-Smythe, Pierre St. Cyr, Tumumba,, Pepe Soulange, and Giuseppi Valenti (assassins)

Enemies: Nick Fury and SHIELD I

Known Relatives: Fatima Abboud (half-sister)

Aliases: The Supreme Power

Base of Operations: The Caves of Hercules, Cape Spartel (at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea)

First Appearance: Nick Fury, Agent of Shield I#8 (January, 1969)

Powers: Ulysses Abboud was a genius, specializing in genetics and various forms of technology. He was capable of splicing together the genes of different species (and even from different phyla or kingdoms) to create hybrid forms of life. He created the "Zombie-Gas," with which he could control the minds of individuals directly. He created another weapon, which maintained the heat of Summer across the planet in the autumn months.

As Supremus, he wore a 10' tall exoskeleton, which granted him superhuman strength (@ enhanced human) and durability. He utilized his own creation, Half-Man, as a warrior. In addition, he had a large number of mindless servants, controlled by his gas. These servants functioned both as workers and warriors as needed.

Height: 5' 6"; (armored) 10'
Weight: 80 lbs.; (armored) 495 lbs.
Eyes: Brown; (armored) Yellow
Hair: None; (armored) None

History: Ulysses Abboud was a genius, excelling in genetics and several other fields. However, he suffered from an incurable glandular anomaly, which made him weaken as he grew older, to the point that his muscles could no longer support him. His research was beyond most other geneticists, and many who read his papers said he was insane. Mocked as a cripple and ridiculed as a madman, he grew to hate his opponents, and eventually all of mankind.

Constructing and donning an exoskeleton to regain his mobility, Abboud's madness caused him to take an a new identity. As Supremus, he posed as a god-like giant and sought vengeance on all mankind. He created the servant Half-Man, and then enslaved a number of other men with his "Zombie-Gas" to become his servants. He built a large base in the Caves of Hercules, outside of Tangiers, and then placed large canisters of his gas in several spots across the planet. He also created a machine to cause the excessive heat of the summer to persist, heightening tensions across the entire globe. He did this because he felt that the extreme heat would wear mankind down to make them easier to control and arouse senseless anger. Ultimately, Supremus sought to wipe out humanity and replace it with a new race, which would worship him as a god.

Realizing the organization SHIELD I would oppose his plans, Supremus sent an assassin to kill Nick Fury, director of that organization. A Life Model Decoy (LMD) was killed in Fury's place, but Supremus, believing his agent had been successful, sent a video message commanding SHIELD to disband. Fury recognized the location of Supremus' base from his message and traveled there to confront him. Once Fury arrived, Supremus trapped him behind steel walls and sent Half-Man to slay him. Fury instead slew Half-Man, but was incapacitated by a gas attack. Fury was revived and freed by Supremus' half-sister, Fatima, who warned him of Supremus' plans to release his gas across Earth. Fatima led Fury to Supremus' control center, where he succeeded in destroying Supremus' exo-skeleton. Fatima removed Ulysses from the exo-skeleton, but he instantly died, apparently a result of electrocution from the destruction of the armor. Fury destroyed Supremus' base, and he and Fatima escaped.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Archie Goodwin, Ernie Hart, Frank Springer, Herb Trimpe, and John Tartaglione.

Supremus has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.

Clarifications: Supremus is not be confused with:

  • Suprema, aka Mother Night, @ Captain America I#123
  • Supremacy, the ruler of Dimension Z, @ Tales to Astonish I#49
  • el Supremo, a criminal from terranueva, @ Power Man and Iron Fist#70
  • Supreme One, aka the Hidden Man, @ Tales to Astonish I#67
  • Supremor, the android form controlled by the Supreme Intelligence, @ Captain Marvel I#46

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