Real Name: Supramor

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (race unnamed) , technology user

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Loko (former servant), former pawn of the Kree/Ruul race

Enemies: Fenton Farnum, Giant-Man (Henry Pym) and Triathalon, criminal on his own world

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Supreme One

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; Formerly an intergalactic prison, an unidentified base in New York City, and an unidentified planet

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish I#67 (May, 1965)

Powers: Supramor did not appear to possess any superhuman powers of his own. He relied on his advanced technology and used a number of weapons derived from it. His primary weapon was his Green Ray, which could drain the power and abilities from its victim, and transfer those abilities into the Hidden Man. He used this power to temporarily steal the knowledge from a scientist, as well as some of the powers of Giant-Man. These abilities eventually return to their source, but it is uncertain if the Hidden Man retains any of the knowledge, abilities, or powers. The Green Ray could be fired from a specially outfitted station wagon (the Supra-mobile?), from his headquarters, or from a hand held ray-gun. The ray-gun required 5 minutes to recharge between uses.

Supramor was served by a human lackey, Loko (pictured above), who would do the field work for him. Loko used some of Supramor's technology, but demonstrated no special knowledge or abilities of his own.

Height: Apparently 6'
Weight/Eyes/Hair: Unrevealed

History: (Tales to Astonish I#67) - Supramor left his home planet and traveled to Earth under unknown circumstances. He obtained the services of a man known only as Loko, who served him out of fear. Supramor sent Loko out on missions to use his Green Ray to steal the abilities and knowledge of others in order to assist him in his planned conquest of Earth. Loko trained the Green Ray on Giant-Man, but initially Pym's great size and will to resist caused the Green Ray to "blow a fuse." Giant-Man subsequently captured the car from which Loko fired the beam, although Loko himself escaped.

Supramor had planned this, and used transmitters in the car to eavesdrop on Giant-Man and learn more about him and his plans. Giant-Man was training a bee to become a new steed for the Wasp, and so Supramor trained his Green Ray on Fenton Farnum, the world's greatest authority on bees. Henry Pym learned that several scientists had lost their knowledge after being bathed in a Green Ray. At the same time, Suprmaor trained his ray on the bee used by the Wasp, causing it to forget its training, and it stung her. While Pym (as Giant-Man) shrunk down to help her, Supramor trained the ray on him, stealing his shrinking ability.

Giant-Man used his cybernetic helmet to track the transmissions from Supramor's car back to his base. Supramor blasted Giant-Man with the Green Ray again as he approached, but his size again saved him and he was only briefly stunned. Loko smashed into Giant-Man with his car, but Giant-Man apprehended him and then chased him and caught Supramor as well. However, Giant-Man was then bathed by a green ray from above, which caused him to fall asleep. This ray was projected by other members of Supramor's race, who then captured Supramor and took him back to their world to punish him for trying to conquer a primitive planet.

(Maximum Security#2) - Supramor may have languished in a prison for years. When next seen, he was one of the inmates beamed to Earth by the Intergalactic Council during the events of Maximum Security. He apparently used his Green Ray in an effort to amass further knowledge and power, but was overpowered by the hero Triathalon. Several of the extra-terrestrials beamed to Earth and joined with the heroes of Earth to fight Ronan and the Kree/Ruul to break the barrier surrounding Earth. Supramor may have been involved in this, but was not seen. He was most likely extradited from Earth, but his subsequent fate is unknown.

(Nextwave#11 - BTS) - The Beyond Corporation somehow created duplicates of the Hidden Man and unleashed them on Nextwave when they invaded their State 51 base, but Nextwave made short work of them.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Bob Powell.

What is the deal with that symbol on his chest? It has some similarities to the emblem used by Eros, the Eternal of Titan, even before he became known as Starfox. Even weirder, it's the same symbol on the belt of the original Steel Serpent, and on the chest of Red Wolf of Earth-Hercules 2300...Any explanations or connections?

I think Supramor was only referred to as the Hidden Man on the cover of TTA#67. Loko referred to him as the Supreme One, his master. Giant-Man never called him anything besides "him", "he", or "my ex-captive" after he got away.

The Hidden Man is up there pretty highly on the Obscure-o-meter. It took me a few months to place him after seeing him in Maximum Security.

The Beyond Corporation used several of their own versions of the Hidden Man to protect State 51 against the Nextwave Squad in Nextwave#11.
--Markus Rayond

Hidden Man has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.

Hidden Man has no known connection to:

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(Hidden Man main image)
(Hidden Man VS Giant-Man)
(green ray gun)
Maximum Security#2, p5, pan1 (Hidden Man VS Triathlon)

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