Real Name: Rojahn Smythe

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-Hercules 2300) mutate/magic user; humanoid, though race of origin is unknown (presumably he is from one of the races native to the Andromeda Galaxy)

Occupation: Skrull killer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hercules, Talbosian race (all of Earth-Hercules 2300)

EnemiesBanak, Skyppi, Skrulls;
    formerly Hercules  (all of
Earth-Hercules 2300)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: mobile throughout the Andromeda Galaxy, Earth-Hercules 2300

First Appearance: Hercules II#2 (April, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Red Wolf has superhuman strength (Class 50-75) and durability. He uses an energy staff which allows him to fly and project energy blasts. He can detect the presence of a Skrull no matter what form it takes, and this prompts his transformation from his host, Smythe, into Red Wolf. As the manifestation of the collective vengeful spirits of the Talbosians, he possesses a pathological hatred for all things Skrull and is obsessed with killing every Skrull he encounters.

    Rojahn Smythe possesses none of Red Wolf's hatred or powers (though he does feel the presence of a Skrull as it awakens the Red Wolf), but he is incapable of stopping Red Wolf from appearing on influencing his actions in any way.

(Hercules II#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Red Wolf was the god to the Talbosians, a race of fierce lupine-humanoids.

(Hercules II#2 (fb) - BTS) <sometime in the late 21st Century>- In their quest to conquer the universe, Skrulls invaded the planet Talbos, and the Talbosians stood their ground, dying to the last being, but taking many Skrulls with them as well.

(Hercules II#2 (fb)) - Three hundred years later, Smythe was an archeologist who discovered the planet Talbos, which had previously only existed in rumors and legends in his time. Studying the ruins, he came across an icon of the Talbosian god, from which emanated an image of the god, Red Wolf, and the spirits of the Talbosians spoke to him, informing them that he would become their vessel of vengeance against the Skrulls: he would become the Red Wolf.

(Hercules II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Escaping Talbos, Smythe thought he must have dreamed the whole thing, until he encountered a disguised Skrull at a refueling starstation. He recognized the Skrull for what it was and, against his will, he transformed into the Red Wolf and murdered the Skrull. This process reoccurred every time Smythe came across a Skrull, no matter what form it was in.

(Hercules II#2) - On Starstation Philord, Smythe observed Banak, candidate for president of the local union#420, who was actually a Skrull. As always, he transformed into Red Wolf and slew the Skrull. He fought off several security agents, but was eventually incapacitated by a trio of energy blasts striking him simultaneously. He returned to the form of Smythe, but was imprisoned nonetheless; Banak was discovered to have reverted to Skrull form upon death. In the stockade, Smythe told his story to Hercules, who had been arrested as well. Hercules' friend Skyppi the Skrull came to rescue him, prompting the return of Red Wolf, who fought off Hercules when the demigod tried to reason with him. Red Wolf tracked down the fleeing Skyppi, but Hercules recovered and stopped him from killing his friend. As the two fought savagely, Red Wolf's energy blasts blew a hole into space, and Hercules was forced to save him from being pulled out by the explosive decompression. As thanks, Red Wolf offered Hercules any price he asked, and Hercules asked him to spare Skyppi. Red Wolf agreed, then fled as the security agents approached.

Comments: Created by Bob Layton

Red Wolf is yet another character with that commonly recurring face on his chest: Hidden Man, Eros/Starfox (even back before he became Starfox), Steel Serpent has it on his belt...

The Skrull Kill Krew should go forward in time and recruit this guy!

Could the Deltonians' Wolf God be the same Wolf God that powers the future alien Red Wolf?

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Red Wolf

The God worshipped by the Talbosians and the namesake for their avenger. Nothing else is known about him

--Hercules II#2 (2(fb)


















A fierce lupine-humanoid race, when they were attacked by the Skrulls in the late 21st Century, they fought back, dying to the last man, though they took many Skrulls with them. Three hundred years later their shrine to the Red Wolf was discovered by archeologist Rojahn Smythe, and the spirits of the Talbosians manifested themselves, merging with Smythe to form the instrument of their vengeance: the Red Wolf

--Hercules II#2 (2(fb)





A Skrull, he was a candidate for president of the local union#420. On spacestation Philord he was observed by Rojahn Smythe, who transformed into Red Wolf and slew him. In death he was revealed as a Skrull.

--Hercules II#2




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Hercules II#2 (April, 1984) - Bob Layton (writer/artist), Bob Budiansky (editor)

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