Real Name: Lucius Farnsworth

Identity/Class: Human/Mutant

Occupation: Beekeeper, millionaire

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: George the gardener

Enemies: Eric, the Weed

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the Farnsworth estate

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#94 (March, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Lucius Farnsworth is a mutant with the ability to reduce himself and others in size, and to command others psychically.

History: (Strange Tales I#94)- One day on his estate, Lucius Farnsworth asked his gardener George why he didn't start a landscaping business of his own. George replied that he didn't have the desire to, and Farnsworth was disappointed in his lack of ambition. As he toured the gardens, Farnsworth came upon a weed which had been mutated by radiation into a powerful psychic entity. The Weed took command of Farnsworth's mind, and schemed to conquer the world, but it was cut down by George before it could achieve its goals. Farnsworth no longer looked down upon George for being a gardener.

(Tales Of Suspense I#32)- Eric, one of Farnsworth's employees working with his beehives, decided to rob Farnsworth while he was asleep. However, Farnsworth caught him in the act, and revealed to Eric that he was a mutant, able to control his mind. He forced Eric to hand him his gun, then took him to the beehives, where he reduced the two of them to the size of bees. Farnsworth then forced Eric to enter the beehive, where he set his loyal bees against him. Eric tried to escape the bees, but Farnsworth set them after him at every turn. At one point, he attempted to escape by riding upon one's back, but Farnsworth lassoed him with a blade of grass. The bees held Eric down, with a stinger in his face, until Farnsworth commanded them to stop. He then took Eric outside of the beehive and returned them to their normal sizes.

Back to normal, Farnsworth claimed that he had no powers-- that he merely used hypnosis to make Eric think they had changed sizes. But the miniature gun Eric found on the floor said otherwise...

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

The stories themselves make no link between the two Lucius Farnsworths seen, but since both were by the same creative team, both Farnsworths live in a scenic manor, and they look alike, I've decided for myself that they are, in fact, the same man.

Sources such as the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide have claimed that Farnsworth was a "prototype" Ant-Man, or that Stan Lee used the two stories "The Man in the Beehive" and "The Man in the Anthill" to gauge reactions and determine which should receive a strip of their own. This is all bunk. It's only gained acceptance among comic book circles because it helps drive up prices on back issues. Can you honestly say that Farnsworth would have fit the mould of an ongoing Marvel comics series? Well, I admit it would've been interesting to see...

by Prime Eternal

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