Real Name: Sandy Vincent

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Former secretary and later public and covert agent for Roxxon Oil Company

Group Membership: Roxxon Oil Company

Affiliations: Roxxon Oil Company (especially Jonas Hale, former employer); Sunturion (Arthur Dearborn, former ally); "Babs" Bendix (confidant)

Enemies: Jonas Hale, Sunturion (Arthur Dearborn), Iron Man (Tony Stark, antagonist)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, California

Base of Operations: The Roxxon Monolith (corporate headquarters, San Francisco, California)

Education: College degree in political science

First Appearance: Iron Man Annual#9 (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Stratosfire had virtually identical powers to the Sunturion. She could harness microwave energy to fly, teleport herself and others, fire destructive energy blasts, siphon energy from other sources, transform completely into microwave energy, and others unrevealed.

Stratosfire's primary weakness was the Zed Control, placed within her as a control device by Roxxon. It could be activated by a remote signal from Hale to terminate her at his discretion. Over time, she learned how to block the signal, however, it could still be activated by direct contact.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Iron Man Annual I#9 (fb) - BTS/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#11 - Stratosfire) - Sandy Vincent was college room mates and close friends with fellow political science major "Babs" Bendix at UC Berkeley. Upon graduating, however, neither was able to obtain the job they had envisioned, and became part of the secretarial pool at Roxxon Oil Company. Vincent, however, proved to have the physical characteristics sought by Roxxon's research department, and she was selected to become their agent Stratosfire. Sandy was mutated by implantation of numerous microwave generation and manipulation devices, and given a costume to help her control the abilities. At the same time, she had the Zed Control implanted within in, which was a device through which her employers could remotely terminate her if she proved a threat to them.

Initially, Sandy was ecstatic, enjoying her new abilities, six-figure salary, and penthouse. She served as public spokesperson for Roxxon, and acted publicly as a superhero, improving the company's somewhat suspicious reputation. Covertly, however, she was also employed to destroy Roxxon's competitors abroad. While Sandy continued to enjoy her new role, even helping out and meeting other super heroes, such as Iron Man, her friend Babs worried about her. Babs questioned her change in personality, which was unbeknownst to her overheard by Sandy's superior, Jonas Hale. Fearing that Sandy was becoming involved in dangerous activities, she met with industrialist Anthony Stark, whose employee Diane Carruthers, was Babs' friend and had suggested that Stark may be able to help her. Unfortunately, Babs' had been followed by agents of Hale, who heard her exposing Roxxon activities, and had her terminated.

Upon learning of the death of her friend, Sandy was furious and instantly turned against her former employers, realizing they were responsible. Stratosfire destroyed a portion of Roxxon's headquarters and then turned to a new mission to make the world a better place. She destroyed the newly constructed Crown Rock nuclear facility, defeating Iron Man when he attempted to stop her. She attacked the San Diego naval shipyards, but fled under the combined attack of Iron Man and Sunturion.

Vincent next attacked Edwards Air Force base, attempting to stop a space shuttle from placing "Star Wars" satellites into place. Stratosfire was again opposed by Iron Man and Sunturion, but managed to stay one step ahead of both of them. Hale activated the Zed Control, but found it to be ineffective as she had learned how to block the transmission. However, as Sandy summoned the energy to destroy the shuttle, Sunturion appeared behind her and activated the Zed Control directly by reaching an immaterial hand inside of her. Stratosfire was apparently killed when the control overloaded her, and the shuttle was saved. Sunturion suffered temporary power loss from the energies released.

Comments: Created by David Michilinie, Mark Bright, and Bob Layton.

Anyone able to transform into energy has the ability to return in the Marvel Universe.

Stratosfire got a full entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook.







Iron Man Annual#9 (1987) - David Michelinie (writer), Mark Bright (pencils), Bob Layton (inks)

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