Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (race unnamed, extinct)

Occupation: Former pilot and hunter; later Avenger

Affiliations: Enemy of another extra-terrestrial race; Opponent of the Silver Surfer

Known Relatives: children and parents (unnamed, deceased)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: unnamed planet; formerly own planet (destroyed)

Appearances: Silver Surfer III#23 (May, 1989); (23(fb), 23

Powers: The dragon possessed great strength (Class 90) and durability. It could discharge powerful bursts of flame-like energy from its mouth, sufficient to pain even the Silver Surfer. It could render itself invisible. He was approximately eight feet tall, and possessed four arms and four legs. It possesses razor-sharp teeth and claws, numerous tentacles, and large spikes arising from its back. These were apparently the normal abilities for one of its race.

History: The entity described only as the Dragon was, in fact, an intelligent member of a peace-loving race. Approximately 14 years ago, they were forced to flee their planet when their sun began to go nova. They set out in an immense armada of starships, which allowed virtually their entire race of four million to narrowly escape their dying planet.

The energy released in the explosion of their sun damaged the Cazalyte Crystals which they used to power their ships. Their energy dwindled and they feared that they would die in space when, in their last hours, they discovered another inhabited planet. They managed to land safely, explained their plight and their peaceful intent to the natives of that world, and petitioned them for Cazalyte. The natives gave them a mineral called Kortilon, which they said would work just as well. However, when the dragons tried the mineral, it began a protonic chain reaction that spread from ship to ship, engulfing the entire landing party in unquenchable fire. The entire race was rendered extinct in seconds, save for one member who had been sent on a hunting/scouting mission. That member returned to find his family, friends, and entire race dead. The natives were cheering their king who, having been fearful of the dragons appearance, had been completely aware of the reaction the Kortilon would have, and deliberately exterminated them. The sole surviving member swore vengeance, and for the next fourteen years he slew as many of the natives as he could.

In recent years the Silver Surfer came by that very planet, which in centuries past, he had spared from the hunger of Galactus, and found a significant portion of it engulfed in flames. Investigating the fires, the Silver Surfer found that the fires had been deliberately set by the natives, by igniting bonfires around the numerous volcanoes of the planet. They had done this for two reasons: They were willing to risk an explosion that could destroy their planet either to kill the Dragon which had been plaguing them, or to summon help from the silver man would had saved them in the distant past. The Silver Surfer met with the natives, who told him of the evil Dragon, which had slaughtered and preyed on them for years.

The Silver Surfer investigated the Dragon, and soon found himself in battle with it. The Dragon's powers proved to be a match for the Surfer's, and during a temporary stand-off, the Dragon explained the reason for its slaughter of the natives. Shocked and disgusted, the Silver Surfer was unwilling to condone the murdering of the natives, and attempted to subdue the Dragon, who claimed the only way to stop him was to kill him.

After another series of attacks, they reached another standoff, during which time the Surfer pleaded with him to surrender. The Surfer feared that because the Dragon's abilities were so alien to him, he might injure or kill him. The Dragon found the Surfer's powers alien as well, and turned back to the natives. The Surfer attempted to transform the Dragon, rendering its power benign, but inadvertently slew it in the process. The natives cheered the Surfer for slaying the hated Dragon, and he chided them for their fear, distrust, hatred, and violence means.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart and Ron Lim.

An excellent story about prejudice, fear, and ignorance. Highly recommended.

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