Real Name: Agron

Identity/Class: Extratemporal/dimensional (Earth-76216) human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Captain America, Falcon, SHIELD

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A SHIELD I containment tube; Formerly Earth in a distant possible future

Appearances: Captain America I#204 (December, 1976)

Powers: Agron is composed purely of "free-flowing energy." It can enter and animate a human corpse, and possibly other living or dead forms as well. Its merging with a physical form grants it superhuman strength and durability, the extent of which is unknown. The form is animated purely by Agron's own energy and does not suffer from normal limitations. In addition, it can release blasts of destructive energy. Upon entering a form, it takes Agron a period of time, perhaps hours to days to acclimate to that form and gain full access to its abilities. Initially, it can only access mobility for brief periods of time, requiring long periods of rest.

Agron can also exist in its pure energy form without a host, but it apparently either needs or prefers to enter and animate a physical form. In its pure energy form, Agron has even greater access to its energy powers. Agron apparently has the capacity to travel through time under certain conditions. However, it can apparently not pass through solid matter, or at least not all forms of it. SHIELD's containment tube may have had an energy barrier to contain Agron.

History: Agron originates from a distant possible future of the final days of Earth, when both the moon and the sun (then a red giant) are about to collide with the planet. In this future, life has evolved into formless mental energy with great powers. It is uncertain how many other energy beings exist on that Earth, or whether they all possess Agron's level of power.

Fearing the imminent destruction of his world, Agron fled into his past, to the modern era, where it found and inhabited a human corpse in a mortuary. It left the mortuary and embarked on a rampage until it was captured by SHIELD I. However, it gradually increased its control over its powers and escaped its containment cell. Agron feared that it would either be destroyed or sent back to its future to die, so it naturally went on a rampage and attacked or destroyed everyone and everything in its path. Agron overpowered the Falcon, and a number of SHIELD agents. Captain America was also unable to stop Agron's rampage. However, SHIELD agents brought forth a containment tube, and Captain America and the Falcon were able to anger Agron sufficiently to decide to abandon its physical form to attack them with its full force. The Falcon duped Agron into chasing him, and fled through the containment tube, where the SHIELD agents trapped Agron.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby.

This would seem to be a natural foe for Cable. Surely someone will discover and inadvertently release Agron from its containment tube at some point, if the writers ever remember or care to do so.

Some people skills would have benefited Agron. If it would have just explained its predicament and sought sanctuary, rather than attacking everyone in sight, it probably wouldn't have been imprisoned. I guess behavior must be a little different a few billion years in the future.

Agron's origin reality was revealed in Falcon's entry in OHotMU A-Z Hardcover#4.

Captain America I#204 (December, 1976) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Frank Giacoia (inks)
Captain America I#205 (January, 1977) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), John Verpoorten (inks)

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