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Real Name: Danny ??

Identity/Class: Human spirit (1950s)

Occupation: Cameraman

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsLorna Dee (lover), Jake (colleague)

EnemiesLee King (rival in love)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Broadway

First Appearance: Spellbound#12 (February, 1953)
    {prima apparizione italiana: Capitan America#77 Editoriale Corno (24 marzo 1976)}

Powers/Abilities: After dying Danny was able to appear, just once, in the place he wanted and operate a spotlight with his full physical skills.


(Spellbound#12/5) - Danny worked at Broadway and was in love with Lorna Dee.

   Sometimes Lorna acted as an extra; when Danny worked as spotlight man during Lorna's shows he pointed the light on Lorna instead of the star Lee King.

    One night after the show King found Danny in Lorna's room. King did not know about their relationship and was enraged by blind jealousy. Without understanding what he was doing King strangled Danny, who died.

    King was sentenced to death. The night before his execution he managed to escape from prison. He ran in the darkness through the courtyard of the jail, but a light found him and the guards shot him. Before dying King saw the face of the one, who had operated the spotlight: Danny.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and Paul Reinman (pencils and inks).

    I classified Danny as a ghost because of the title of the story: "My friend the ghost". It is likely that after having collected his revenge Danny rested in peace.

Profile by Spidermay.

Danny has no known connections to any other "Danny" character.

Lee King has no known connections to any other "King" character.

Lorna Dee has no known connections to

Hartman has no known connections to

Lee King

    Lee King was a very famous actor at Broadway and a renowned star.

    King met Lorna Dee at Broadway and helped her in her career because he liked her, but he didn't know she loved Danny, the cameraman.

    During some scenes Danny pointed the spotlight at Lorna instead of King and King got very mad at Danny for this. One night King summoned Danny to his room and menaced him. That same night King went to Lorna's room and overheard Lorna speaking with Danny, confessing that she was going out with King because of her career. King was taken by blind rage and jealousy and killed Danny.

    At the trial everybody was against King including Jake the machine driver and Lorna. King's lawyer, Hartman, asked for mercy, invoking a partial mental illness, but King was sentenced to death.

    The night of his execution King had his lawyer come to his cell. King stunned Hartman and wore his clothes. Using his acting skills King deceived the guard and he was almost out of jail when the guard became suspicious. King ran through the courtyard, in the darkness, when a light from a tower spotted him, the spotlight was operated by Danny! The guards shot at King killing him.


Lorna Dee

    Lorna Dee was a young actress at Broadway.

    Lorna was in love with Danny, the cameraman, but she hid their relationship from King.

    King liked her very much, but when he discovered that she loved Danny, King killed him.




    Hartman was a lawyer.

Hartman defended King during the trial. He asked for mercy for King, trying to prove that King's murder was not planned, but the jury decided otherwise.




    Jake worked at Broadway as a machine driver.

    Jake heard Lee King saying that he wanted to "fix" Danny and testified during the trial.



images: (without ads)
Spellbound#12/5, p5, pan7 (Danny, main image)
Spellbound#12/5, p3, pan2 (Danny, head shot)
Spellbound#12/5, p2, pan1 (Lee King)
Spellbound#12/5, p3, pan2 (Lorna Dee)
Spellbound#12/5, p3, pan7 (Hartman)
Spellbound#12/5, p3, pan5 (Jake)

Spellbound#12 (February, 1953) - Paul Reinmann (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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