Real Name: Emil Vachon

Identity/Class: Human, martial artist

Occupation: Crimelord, ran Drug and Prostitution rings

Affiliations: Chung (enforcer), Dr. Hartmann

Enemies: Daughters of the Dragon (Misty Knight, Colleen Wing), Kenji Ozawa

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a hollowed out volcano fortress along the Chinese coast, south of Hong Kong. Vachon's base was equipped with ultra-modern technology, such as anti-gravity stair platforms (which Claremont used again in Forge's home)

First Appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#32 (January, 1977)




Powers: None. Vachon was a master martial artist, especially as a swordsman. His preferred weapon was the hook sword.
In addition, he had a legion of criminals, bodyguards, enforcers, etc. working under him.




History: Vachon ascended to the role of one of the head crimelords in Hong Kong.

(DHoKF#32(fb)-BTS) - Agent of Vachon assassinated Kenji Ozawa, the grandfather of Colleen Wing.

(DHoKF#32, 33) - Colleen Wing and Misty Knight traveled to Hong Kong to take down Vachon. Their investigations drew the attention of Vachon's agent, Chung, who brought a lot of heat down on the two of them. After being twice nearly overwhelmed by Vachon's forces, the Daughters of the Dragon blew up one of his ships in an effort to eliminate a number of his forces and give them time to escape. However, the explosion set up some nearby boats containing ammunition, and the resultant explosion knocked them both out. They were captured by Chung and brought to Vachon's base.
As punishment for attacking him, Vachon sought to force Colleen and Misty into service as his concubines. Knowing they would never do so willingly, he injected them with several doses of heroin. Colleen was quickly addicted to the powerful drug, but Misty had tricked Vachon's men into injecting the drug into her cybernetic arm. Thus unaffected, she awaited a time when they were not surrounded by legions of Vachon's men and broke them free. Misty managed to overpower Chung, but was taken out by Vachon. However, she gave Colleen time to meditate, overcome her addiction, and regain her strength and force of will. Colleen battled Vachon, and as she continued to regain her strength, she managed to overpower on him. She took her vengeance, samurai-style--slicing him open with her sword, killing him.


Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and Marshall Rogers.

I believe the name "Daughters of the Dragon" was first used in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#32.

Most of the magazines did not adhere to the Comics Code Authority Whatever Thingee. That being said, DHoKF#32+33 showed a little more of Colleen and Misty than one might see in the pages of Power Man and Iron Fist.

Suspension of disbelief and all that, but what kind of nimrod would not realize he was injecting an intravenous drug into a metal arm, which would be lacking blood vessels?

Just one note: If trying to decide if someone's a good guy or a bad guy, heroes named "Emil" are in a distinct minority in the Marvel Universe.

Vachon's private island was later shown as a base for Matsuo Tsurayaba's branch of the Hand in Uncanny X-Men I#255 (maybe he died owing them money?).
--Continental Op






Chung was Vachon's chief enforcer. He supervised the series of attacks on, as well as the ultimate capture of, Colleen and Misty. He fought Misty Knight when she escaped and was defeated by her, but revived in time to try to shoot Colleen in the back while she was battling Vachon. Misty shot him from across the room, glancing his head and knocking him out of Vachon's fortress, to a long fall to the ground far below.
He was also a master martial artist, specializing in the use of an Electronic Bola.
--DHoKF#32 (33






Dr. Hartmann




He was Vachon's head pharmacist, and was personally responsible for the addiction of the Daughters of the Dragon. After several doses had been given to them, he decided he would enjoy some private time with Colleen Wing, and attempted to rape her. Misty broke free and prevented this, by breaking Hartmann's neck.




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